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Full text of "Fasti ecclesiæ scoticanæ; the succession of ministers in the Church of Scotland from the reformation"

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The  Rev.  W.  S.  CROCKETT,  Minister  of  Tweedsmuir,  Convener  and  General  Editor. 

The  Plight  Rev.  Professor  JAMKS  COOPER,  D.D.,  D.Litt.,  D.C.L. 


FRANCIS  JAMES  GRANT,  W.S.,  Lyon  Clerk  and  Rothesay  Herald. 

The  Rev.  Professor  JAMES  MACKINNON,  Ph.D.,  D.T). 


Sir  JAMES  BALFOUI;  PAUL,  C.V.O.,  LL.D.,  Lord  Lyon  King-of-Arms. 

Tlie  Rev.  STEPHEN  REE,  B.D. 

The  Rev.  JAMES  SMITH,  R.I). 

The  Rev.  ROBERT  W.  WEIR,  D.I). 


The  Very  Rev.  Sir  JOUN  HERKLESS,  D.D., 
Principal  of  the  University  of  St 

The  Very  Rev.  DAVID  PAUL,  LL.D.,  Edin 

The  Rev.  JAMES  BREBNER,  D.D.,  Forgue 
The  Rev.  THOMAS  BURNS,  D.D.,  Edinburgh 
The  Rev.  W.  W.  COATS,  D.D.,  Brechin 

The  Rev.  R.  MENZIES  FERGUSSON,  D.D., 

The  Rev.  J.  KING  HEWISON,  D.D.,  Rothesay 
The  Rev.  J.  MITCHELL,  D.D.,  Mauchline 
The  Rev.  ROBERT  PRYDE,  D.T).,  Glasgow 
The  Rev.  G.  WALKER,  D.D.,  Edinburgh 
The  Rev.  J.  R.  AITKEN,  M.A.,  Edinburgh 
The  Rev.  WILLIAM  AULD,  B.D.,  Carnock 
The  Rev.  JAMES  W.  BLAKE,  M.A.,  Temple 
The  Rev.  JOHN  BURLEIGH,  Ednani 
The  Rev.  ANDREW  BURNS,  Fenwick 
The  Rev.  J.  A.  CAMERON,  B.D.,  Legerwood 
The  Rev.  A.  J.  CAMPBELL.  B.A.,  Glasgow 
The  Rev.  J.  T.  Cox,  B.D.,  Dyce 
The  Rev.  A.  A.  DUNCAN,  B.D.,  Auchterless 

The  Rev.  J.  E.  GILLESPIE,  Kirkgunzeon 
The  Rev.  A.  H.  GILLIESON,  B.D.,  Olrig 

The    Rev.    RICHARD    HENDERSON,    B.D., 


The  Rev.   GEO.  D.  HUTTON,   M.A.,   B.Sc., 

The  Rev.  J.  F.  LEISIIMAN,  M.A.,  Linton 
The  Rev.  A.  J.  MACDONALD,  Killearnan 
The  Rev.  A.  M.  MACGREGOR,  Lochryan 
The  Rev.  R.  D.MACKENZIE,  B.D.,  Kilbarchan 
The  Rev.  JOHN  MUIR,  B.D.,  Tester 
The  Rev.  J.  MUIRIIEAD,  B.D.,  Avendale 
The  Rev.  J.  W.  MURRAY,  B.A.(Oxon.),  Manor 
The  Rev.  W.  H.  PORTER,  Cults,  Pitlessie 

The  Rev.   HARRY  SMITH,  M.A.,  Old  Kil- 


The  Rev.  W.  STEPHEN,  B.D.,  Inverkeithing 

The     Rev.      D.     MACFARLANE     WILSON, 

The  Rev.  WM.  WILSON,  M.A.,  Trossachs 
C.  E.  W.  MACPHERSON,  Esq.,  C.A.,  Edin. 
THOMAS  REID,  Esq.,  M.A.,  Lanark 
J.  H.  STEVENSON,  Esq.,  Advocate,  Edin. 






HEW    SCOTT,    D.D. 


Revised  and  continued  to  the  Present  Time  under  the  Superintendence 
of  a   Committee  appointed  by  the  General  Assembly 









DELAY  in  the  publication  of  the  second  volume  oi'  the  Fa.Kfi  is  almost 
entirely  owing  to  the  abnormal  conditions  occasioned  by  the  War. 
During  the  past  year,  although  most  oi'  the  work  was  in  type, 
advantage  has  been  taken  to  incorporate  a  considerable  amount  of  fresh 
information,  and  this  has  been  continued  to  the  date  of  issue. 

The  Editorial  Committee  desire  to  acknowledge  dee})  indebtedness 
to  Clerks  of  the  different  Presbyteries,  for  much  valued  aid  in  the 
preparation  of  this  volume.  The  Committee  have  received  assistance 
also  from  a  multiplicity  of  sources  which  it  would  be  invidious — indeed 
impossible — to  detail.  Every  exertion  has  been  made  to  render  the 
work  as  complete  and  as  accurate  as  possible. 

•2lst  April  1917. 


ABBREVIATIONS            ...                        ...  viii 


I.  Presbytery  of  Duns                .....  1 
II.  Presbytery  of  Chirnside        .              .              .              .              .30 

III.  Presbytery  of  Kelso                .  08 

IV.  Presbytery  of  Jedburgh        .              .              .              .  <)S 
V.   Presbytery  of  Earlston,  sometime  called  Lander      .              .  146 

VI.   Presbytery  of  Selkirk,  formerly  Melrose      .              .              .  108 


I.   Presbytery  of  Lochmaben     .....  109 

II.   Presbytery  of  Langholm       .....  228 

III.  Presbytery  of  Annan,  formerly  Middlebie  .              .              .  241 

IV.  Presbytery  of  Dumfries         .                                          .              .  258 
V.   Presbytery  of  Penpont,  formerly  Sanquhar               .              .  809 


I.   Presbytery  of  Stranraer        .....  830 

II.   Presbytery  of  Wigtown         .....  859 

III.  Presbytery  of  Kirkcudbright             ....  385 



















pres.    . 

pro.    . 

N-V-      • 








witbout  issue 





THE  Synod  Kecords  from  April  16M9  to  April  1661,  in  three  volumes,  and  a 
volume  from  July  1690  to  October  1707,  were  destroyed  at  the  burning 
of  the  manse  of  Morebattle,  8th  Jan.  1727.  The  Kecords  are  complete 
from  6th  April  1708. 


[Proposed  to  be  erected  by  the  (General  Assembly,  1581.  The  Register  commences 
8th  Xov.  1659,  and  is  continued  to  the  present  time,  with  blanks  from  24th  July  1660  to 
7th  May  1661,  31st  July  1688  to  15th  Sept.  1690,  21st  Aug.  1733  to  14th  April  1735,  and 
6th  Oct.  1749  to  6th  March  1770.  From  7th  Aug.  1690  to  19th  Oct.  1698  this  Presbytery 
was  united  to  that  of  Chirnside.  Each  I'resbytery  has  a  copy  of  the  minutes  of  this 
period.  The  parish  of  Hilton  was  in  this  Presbytery  from  22nd  Oct.  1707  to  1719.] 


[These  two  parishes  were  united  .soon 
after  the  Reformation.  Abbey  St  Bathans 
is  named  from  its  patron,  Saint  Bathan, 
second  Abbot  of  lona.  There  being  a 
better  known  church  of  St  Bathan  at 
Yester,  this  one  came  to  be  called  Abbey 
St  Bathans,  i.e.  St  Bathans  belonging  to 
the  Abbey  of  Dryburgh,  which  had  ex 
tensive  possessions  in  the  neighbourhood. 
St  Bathan's  Well  was  near  the  church. 
Towards  the  end  of  the  thirteenth  century, 
Ada,  Countess  of  Dunbar,  a  natural  daughter 
of  William  the  Lion,  founded  here  a  priory 
of  Cistercian  nuns,  dedicated  to  St  Mary. 
Strafentain,  called  also  Trefontaine,  was 
evidently  dedicated  to  St  Fintan.  Its  two 
names  are  formed  from  his,  with  the  Cymric 
words  Ystred  and  tref,  both  meaning  hamlet 
(Ystred  Fintain  ;  Tref  Fintain).  In  1450 
Strafontain  was  made  a  prebend  of  the 

VOL.  II. 

Collegiate  Church  of  St  Mary  at  Dunglass. 
Xear  the  church  of  Strafontain  was  founded 
in  1218  the  hospital  of  Godscroft.] 

WILLIAM     COLYILL,    reader    in 
1567     1567. 

XICOL    SUDDIE    [SUTTIE],    reader 
1574     in   1574. 


MATTHEW  LIDDELL,  reader  at 
Whittingehame  and  Tynninghame 
in  1570 ;  min.  at  Cranshaws  in 
1572  ;  trans,  to  Ellem  in  1585 ;  trans,  and 
adm.  in  1591  :  on  7th  May  1608  he  granted 
a  discharge  to  John  llenton  of  Billie  for  34s., 
being  four  terms'  rent  for  the  Nunmeadow 
of  Billie  at  St  Bathans,—  [Reg.  Assiy.;  Milne 
Home  J/,S',S'.,  189.] 

1624  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  1st  Aug.  1590); 
min.  of  Ellem  in  1596 ;  trans,  to 
Bunkle  in  1599,  but  again  at  Ellem  in  1607. 
He  was  trans,  to  this  charge  by  1624,  and 
died  in  April  1628,  aged  about  58.  His 


widow  raised  an  action  against  his  successor 
as  to  the  aim,  when  the  Lords  found,  16th 
-Tune  1(529,  "that  the  late  niin.  having  died 
before  the  term,  no  part  of  the  stipend  was 
due  for  that  year,  and  could  not  be  claimed 
by  his  relict  and  bairns  but  as  ann  and  no 
otherwise,  and  that  they  should  seek  nothing 
of  crop  1(529."- -[Mat.  Reports,  1627  ;  Durie's 
Dec. ;  Morison's  Diet. ;  Reg.  Sec.  Ki<j.~\ 

THOMAS   SWINTON,  M.A. ;   prcs.  by 

1628     ^'narlcs  I-  31st  ^av  1628,  and  adm. 

soon  after  ;  trans,  to  Edrom  in  1649. 

GEORGE  POLLOK,  M.A. ;  min.  in 
1650.  He  conformed,  was  pres.  by 
Charles  II.  4th,  and  coll.  20th  Oct. 

1662 ;   trans,   to   Cockburnspath  2nd   Nov. 


JAMES  COCKBURN,  son  of  Henry  C., 
min.   of   Channelkirk ;  'M.A.  (Edin 
burgh,  May  1653) ;  licen.  by  George, 
Bishop  of  Edinburgh,  5th  Nov.  1662  ;  pres. 
by  Charles  II.    17th   Feb.,   ord.   and    coll. 
22nd  April,  adm.  and  inst.   26th   May,  all 
in   1664  ;   trans,  to  Pencaitland  after   21st 
May  1674. — [Min. -book  Reg.  Sec.  8ig.,  v. ; 
Apology  for  the  Clergy. J 

JAMES  DUNBAR,  grandson  of  Alex- 
-  75  ander  I),  of  Boath  ;  M.A.  (King's 
College,  Aberdeen,  1647) ;  chaplain 
to  the  Laird  of  Innes  in  1651 ;  tutor  to  the 
Master  of  Duffus  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Elgin 
29th  Aug.  1655 ;  became  min.  of  Watten 
before  1658 ;  of  Mertoun  after  1667 ;  pres. 
by  Charles  II.  16th  Sept.  1674 ;  adm.  12th 
Jan.  1675  ;  deprived  for  refusing  the  Test 
in  1681 ;  died  at  Edinburgh,  17th  March 
1684,  aged  about  65.  He  marr.  (1)  Kathe- 
rine  Brodie,  and  had  issue  —  Alexander, 
W.S.,  1682;  Mary  (marr.  6th  June  1703, 
David,  son  of  William  Monro  of  Cul- 
craigie) :  (2)  Lilias  Monro  (buried  in  Grey- 
friars,  7th  Aug.  1694),  and  had  issue — 
Lilias,  buried  1st  May  1693.  —  [Min.-book 
Reg.  See.  Sig.,  v. ;  Ellcm  Xess.  Reg. ;  Edin. 
Mar.  Reg.  ;  Gret/friars  llurials  ;  Geneal.  of 
D unbar  ;  Gen.  Reg.  Sas.,  xvi.] 

ROBERT  BOWMAKER,  probably  son 

1682     °^  James  -B.,  portioner  of   Hutton  : 

M.A.    (Edinburgh    1675);    pres.    by 

Charles  II.  17th  Feb.,  and  adm.  1st  June 

1682.  He  did  not  take  the  oath  to  the 
Government,  but  was  allowed  to  continue 
after  the  Revolution,  and  died  29th  May 
1697,  aged  about  42. — [Min.-book  Reg.  Sec. 
,%.,  v.  ;  Old  Dec.,  i. ;  MS.  Ace.  of  M/'n,, 

GEORGE  HOME,  M.A,  (Glasgow,  18th 
July  1672) ;  entered  the  Divinity 
Hall  there,  13th  Oct.  1692  ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Kelso  23rd  Jan.  1694;  ord.  to 
Selkirk  25th  Sept.  1694 ;  trans,  and  adm. 
28th  Feb.  1699  ;  died  22nd  Sept,  1705,  aged 
about  54.  He  marr.  Jean  Hamilton,  who 
died  22nd  Dec.  1719,  aged  64,  and  had 
issue — Ninian.  His  widow  left  1000  merks 
"  for  maintaining  a  schoolmaster  in  this 
place." — [Lander  Tests. ;  Tombst. ;  Boston's 

GEORGE  HUME  of  Abbey  St  Bathans, 
1707  probably  son  of  George  H.  of  the 
same  (who  died  July  1693),  and  his 
wife,  a  daugh.  of  Patrick  Hepburn  of  Nun- 
raw  ;.  M.A.  (Edinburgh  1683);  licen.  by 
United  Presb.  28th  May  1691  ;  called  to 
Ayton  18th  Sept.,  and  ord.  23rd  Oct.  1694. 
In  March  1698  he  was  called  to  Abbey  St 
Bathans,  but  this  was  departed  from.  He 
was  again  called  18th  July  1706;  adm. 
7th  Jan.  1707 ;  died  March  1718,  aged 
about  55.  He  marr.  Jan.  1700,  Rebecca 
Pow,  who  survived  him,  and  had  issue — 
John,  min.  of  Greenlaw  ;  Sophia ;  Jane. — 
[Lander  Tests. ;  Boston's  Memoirs,] 

JAMES  HALL,  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  llth 
1719  ^ay  1^04)  >  licen.  by  dissenting  mins. 
in  England  in  1714,  and  ord.  by  them 
in  1715  min.  of  a  Presbyterian  congregation 
there ;  had  a  testimonial  from  Presb.  of 
Edinburgh  in  Feb.  1717 ;  pres.  by  the 
Presb.  jure  devoluto,  and  adm.  28th  July 
1719 ;  suspended  for  having  a  penny 
wedding  in  his  house,  which  gave  great 
scandal  to  the  neighbourhood,  but  was 
restored  6th  July  1731;  died  19th  July 
1754.  He  marr.  Margaret  Johnston,  Abbey 
St  Bathans,  who  died  20th  May  1787,  and 
had  issue  • —  John  ;  George  ;  Janet ;  Mar 
garet  ;  James ;  Jean  ;  Marion  (marr.,  pro. 
13th  Aug.  1752,  John  Brodie,  farmer,  Old- 
hamstocks). — [Tombst. ;  Edin.  Mar.  Reg.] 



ALEXANDER  HUME,  ord.  9th   May 
1755  ;  trans,  to  Polwarth  30th  Nov. 




ADAM  MURRAY,  trans,  from  the  Low 

175g     Meeting,    Berwick-on-Tweed ;    pres. 

by  George  II.  6th  Dec.  1758  ;  adm. 

10th    May    1759;    trans,    to    Eccles    10th 

March   1774. 

JOHN  SKED,  Keen,  by  Presb.  of  Kelso 
1774  4th  Oct.  1763:  pres.  by  George  III. 
30th  March,  and  ord.  24th  Aug.  1774  ; 
died  23rd  Jan.  1813,  aged  76.  To  eke  out 
his  scanty  living  he  is  said  to  have  made  a 
basket  each  day  ;  and  a  local  poem  tells  how 
once  he  lost  count  of  the  days,  and  was 
found  busy  at  his  work  on  Sunday.  He 
marr.  9th  Feb.  1790,  Margaret  Renton,  who 
died  16th  Feb.  1796,  and  had  issue- 
Margaret,  born  9th  Feb.  1791  ;  William, 
born  21st  Sept.  1792.  Publication— Account 
of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's  Mat.  Ace.,  xii.). — 

Duns,  1752,  schoolmaster  at  Edrom 
from  1778 ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Chirnside  31st  March  1789;  ord.  Aug.  1790 
min.  of  the  Presbyterian  congregation  at 
Kirkley,  Northumberland  ;  trans,  to  Presby 
terian  Church  at  Wigton,  Cumberland  ;  pres. 
by  George  III.  16th  March,  and  adm.  3rd 
Aug.  1813 ;  died  unmarr.  23rd  Oct.  1822.— 

JOHN  WALLACE,  son  of  a  leather 
1823  manufacturer  in  Dysart,  Fife,  and 
brother  of  William  W.,  LL.D.,  Pro 
fessor  of  Mathematics  in  the  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Perth  30th  March 
1814 ;  pres.  by  George  IV.  Nov.  1822, 
and  ord.  26th  June  1823.  Joined  Free 
Church  in  1843 ;  mathematical  tutor  in 
Free  Church  College,  Edinburgh,  1844-55 ; 
died  2nd  Nov.  1866.  He  marr.  llth  March 
1825,  Christina  Young,  Edinburgh,  and 
had  issue — Alexander  William,  M.D.,  born 
18th  Feb.  1827.  Publication— Account  of 
the  Parish  (Neiv  Stat.  Ace.,  ii.). 

THOMAS  DAVIDSON,  born  20th  May 

1843     1815)  son  °^  Alexander  D.,  min.  of 

Slamannan ;   educated  at    Univ.   of 

Edinburgh;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Linlithgow; 

ord.  28th  Sept.  1843 ;  died  27th  Feb.  1873. 
He  marr.  22nd  Feb.  1848,  Henrietta  (died 
26th  Dec.  1906),  daugli.  of  William  Proud- 
foot,  min.  of  Avendale,  and  had  issue — 
Alexander,  banker,  South  Africa,  born  21st 
Jan.  1849  ;  Henrietta  Forrester,  born  3rd 
Aug.  1851  (marr.  1st  June  1875,  Robert  Roy 
MacGregor,  I.S.O.,  Secretary  of  the  Con 
gested  Districts  Board  for  Scotland),  died 
8th  Sept.  1906;  William  Proudfoot,  born 
18th  Sept.  1853,  died  in  Queensland,  29th 
Dec.  1914;  Christina  Simson,  born  10th  Jan. 
1856  (marr.  6th  June  1887,  William  Lelean, 
land  agent,  Surrey) ;  Robert  Forrester 
Proudfoot,  born  13th  Feb.  1858 ;  David 
Thomas,  born  2nd  May  1860,  accidentally 
killed  at  Burntisland  on  a  vessel  of  which 
he  was  captain,  9th  Dec.  1889;  George, 
born  2nd  Aug.  1863,  died  1865. 

PETER  CHRISTIE,  born  Perth  ;  edu- 
cated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Perth ;  assistant  at 
Keir  and  at  Channelkirk ;  pres.  by  Queen 
Victoria;  ord.  5th  Sept.  1873;  res.  16th  May 
1902;  died  at  Corstorphine,  20th  April 
1905.  He  marr.  26th  Nov.  1874,  Agnes 
(died  s.jt.  21st  May  1910),  daugh.  of  Thomas 
Cuthill,  Hamilton.  He  is  referred  to  in 
Thomas  Carlyle;s  Letters  as  "the  little 
curate."  Publications — Translated  Meyer's 
Commentary  on  the  New  Testament :  tit 
Matthew,  2  vols.  (Clark's  Foreign  Theological 
Library;  Edinburgh,  1877-89);  Schiirer's 
History  of  the  Jews,  Division  II.,  vols.  i.,  ii. 
(Edinburgh,  1885);  KeiFs  Manual  of  Biblical 
Arc/twoloy//,  vol.  i.  (Edinburgh,  1887). 

WALTER  STRANG,   M.A. ;  ord.   27th 

1902     Sept>  1902  ;  trans-  to  Wilton  Ghapel, 
Glasgow,  12th  Jan.  1910. 

1910  ^(-lillljU1'oll>  30th  March  1869,  son  of 
Lindsay  B.,  teacher,  Forgandenny ; 
educated  at  Univs.  of  Glasgow  and  Edin 
burgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Perth  1900 ; 
assistant  at  Forteviot,  Arbroath,  Kilsyth, 
Abernethy ;  ord.  to  Scots  Church,  Tweed- 
mouth,  24th  Oct.  1907  ;  trans,  and  adm. 
12th  May  1910.  Marr.  17th  Dec.  1907,  Alice 
Jessie  Chalmers,  and  has  issue — William 
Cow  Lindsay,  born  28th  June  1908;  Con- 



stance  Emelia  Rosa  I ):(  Hiveira,  liorn  2*th 
.lane  WO'.),  Leonard  Douglas  Graham 
Murray,  l>orn  4th  .March  1911  ;  Catherine 
Jane  Liddle  (low  Wilson,  bom  1st  March 


(These  parishes  were  united  by  the  I'resb. 
and  l>y  direction  ot'  Parliament  in  1021. 
Both  belonged  to  the  Bishopric  of  Dun- 
keld,  and  Bunkle  was  a  mensal  church  of 
the  Bishop.  In  1060  the  choir  was  in  ruins, 
and  no  communion  service  could  be  held. 
Bunkle  Church  was  used  for  service  till  the 
Synod  of  Dunkeld  ordered  service  to  be 
held  only  at  Preston,  which  order  was 
ratified  by  the  Commissioners  of  Teinds 
on  10th  February  lOGit.  The  people-  of 
Bunkle  refused  to  go  to  Preston,  and  at 
tended  conventicles:  in  1088  the  minister 
preached  alternately  in  the  two  churches. 
.In  1718,  after  an  extensive  repair,  Bunkle 
Church  was  recognised  as  that  of  the  parish. 
It  was  entirely  rebuilt  in  1820.  A  small 
semicircular  Norman  apse  marks  the  site 
of  the  ancient  building,  believed  to  be  of 
the  twelfth  century. 

Preston  Church  was  built  apparently  in 
the  thirteenth  century,  but  fell  into  ruin 
after  1718.  In  1071  the  minister  was  ordered 
to  hasten  the  completion  of  the  church. 
In  1683  the  windows  were  ordered  to  be 
"glassed."  It  is  said  that  the  bell  of  the 
church  was  thrown  into  a  pool  in  the 
Blackadder  by  the  people  when  they 
rabbled  Nieolson  in  1089.] 

JOHN  BLACK  [BLAKE],  exhorter  in 
1567  1567. 

WILLIAM  SINCLAIR,  reader  from  1574 
1674  *°  ^titi ;  pres.  to  the  vicarage  by 
James  VI.  12th  March  1582.  In  1585 
he  had  Preston  also  in  charge ;  removed 
there  in  1590,  but  returned  in  1597.  He 
officiated  at  Preston  up  to  1016.— [Calder- 
wood's  Jllst.,  iv.  604  ;  KW/v,,/'  J//.W/.] 

GEORGE  REDPATH,  M.A. ;  trans,  from 
Ellem  and  adm.  in  1599  ;  re  trans,  to 


Ellem  in  1007.     [!!«,.  ,-lxx/;/.] 

MATTHEW  CARRAIL,  min.  in  160 
1607     trans,  to  Edrom  in  1612. 


-JOHN  OA1TTIS  [G  ALT],  probably  son 

°^  l^rick  ^-'  nun>  °f  ^uns  ':  min.  in 
1614.  On  30th  Aug.  1640,  he  was  in 
the  Castle  of  Dunglass,  with  the  soldiers 
under  Thomas,  Earl  of  Haddington,  who  were 
guarding  the  communications  of  General 
David  Leslie,  and  the  Scottish  troops  serving 
in  England  against  Charles  I.  According  to 
Scotstarvet,  the  powder  magazine  was  wil 
fully  fired  by  an  English  page  boy,  the  com 
mander,  Gait,  and  about  sixty-six  others 
being  killed  and  thirty-three  injured.  He 
marr.  Agnes,  daugh.  of  Patrick  Cockburn 
of  Hlast  Borthwick,  and  had  issue  —  Isabel 
(marr.  William  Measser,  advocate).—  [AV;/. 
Axxt'/.  :  Balfour's  Hist.  ]]'<»•/>:*  ;  Stevenson's 
Ifi*t.  :  Lithgow's  (iuxhin<i  Terrr*  :  R<-<j.  of 
D/edv,  ccccxxxvi.,  25th  Nov.  1630  ;  (1  .  /,'. 
IFai-ninrix,  17th  April  1072.] 

ROBERT  COL  I)  EN,  M.A.  (St  Andrews 
1650  1^-6)  ;  had  been  a  min.  in  Ireland,  but 
was  forced,  through  cruelty  of  the 
Irish  rebels,  to  flee  from  that  country  with 
his  wife  and  children.  A  collection  for  them 
was  intimated  in  the  Church  of  Dunferm- 
line,  12th  March  1043.  He  became  min. 
here  in  1050,  and  died  after  29th  March 
1.004.  He  marr.  (1)  Helen  Aitchison,  and 
had  issue  —  Helen:  (2)  Anna,  daugh.  of 
•lames  Daes,  min.  of  Earlston,  and  widow 
of  .John  Trotter  in  Fogo  Bank,  who  sur 
vived  him,  and  had  issue  —  Robert,  bursar 
of  the  Presb.  of  Earlston,  1665-7  ;  Alex 
ander,  his  successor  here  in  1690,  after 
wards  min.  of  Ox.\i&m.—[Du)t/ermline  tiess. 
J\e;/.  ;  Lut/n'ait  Sipmd,  Jfa<l<H>i<jt<m  ,s>xx. 
AV/.  :  G.  A\  ItiJtil,.,  1  3th  May  1003:  '/'/(>• 
Session  Book  of  Jhinklc,  1899-1900. 

GEORGE  TROTTER,   M.A.  :   pres.  by 

1665     til0  curutol's  ot  James.  Marquess  of 
Douglas,  and  adm.  25th  July  1005  : 
trans,  to  Edrom  in  1077. 


Andrews.  25th  July  1671);  adm.  20th 
Aug.  1078.  Refusing  to  read  the 
Proclamation  of  the  Estates  or  pray  for 
William  and  Mary,  he  was  rabbled  and  the 
charge  declared  vacant  from  6th  July  1090. 



He  went  to  Hutton,  and  was  settled  in  the 
curacy  of  Holy  Island  20th  Aug.  170], 
where  he  died  31st  Aug.  1711,  aged  Gf>. 
He  carried  off  the  Session  Register,  which 
was  afterwards  in  the  hands  of  a  descend 
ant,  Nicolson  of  Loanend.  He  marr.  29th 
Oct.  1685,  Alison  Hume,  Gordon,  and  had 
issue  —  Margaret,  bapt.  30th  July  1G86  ; 
Elizabeth,  bapt.  14th  March  1G88  (marr. 
George  Nicolson  of  Loanend),  died  1721  ; 
Janet,  bapt.  2nd  Feb.  1690  (marr.,  pro.  10th 
Dec.  1738,  Robert  Murdoch,  merchant,  Edin 
burgh). — [Cordon  tfess.  Rc<j.  :  Tombst. ;  J/A'. 
Ace.  of  Min,,  1689;  Eclin.  Mar.  Reg.:  The 
Session  Book  of 


!  pres.  by  the  Duke  of  Douglas  before  24th 
Dec.  1761,  but  owing  to  dispute  as  to  right 
of  patronage,  not  adm.  till  19th  Sept.  1765  ; 
died  llth  April  1801.  He  marr.  25th  Jan. 
1757,  Christina  Margarita  Bakker,  a  Dutch 

;  lady,  who  died  8th  Feb.  1796,  aged  58,  and 
had  issue  an  only  child — Archibald,  captain 
in  43rd  Foot,  born  18th  Oct.  1757,  died 
at  Duns,  21st  March  1806.  Publication- 
Account  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace,, 

ALEXANDER  GOLDEN,  M.A.,  son  of 

the  above  Robert  C. ;  min.  at  Ennis- 
corthy,  Ireland  ;  adm.  7th  Aug.  1690: 
trans,  to  Duns  5th  Dec.  1693. 


NIXIAN  HOME,  MA.  ;  ord.  30th  July 
1696  :  trans,  to  Sprouston  29th  Nov. 


WALTER  HART,  son  of  James  H., 
provost  of  Jedburgh ;  M.A.  (Edin 
burgh,  13th  July  1695):  Keen,  by 
Presb.  of  Linlithgow  4th  Feb.  1702;  called 
20th  Nov.  1705  :  ord.  22nd  Aug.  1706  ;  died 
4th  June  1761.  In  the  Assembly  of  1733 
he  sympathised  with  the  four  Seceders, 
but  took  no  further  action.  He  marr.  (1) 
24th  Dec.  1706,  Ann,  daugh.  of  Alexander 
Daes,  merchant,  Edinburgh  :  (2)  26th  April 
1732,  Sarah  (died  19th  June  1772),  daugh. 
of  John  Ker,  surgeon,  and  had  issue — 
James,  licen.  by  the  Northumberland 
Classis,  approved  by  the  Presb.  of  Chirn- 
side,  and  became  a  min.  at  Doncaster. — 
[Lander  Tests.;  Acts  of  Ass.,  1747 ; 
Stevenson's  Hist.] 

[JAMES  BERTRAM,  pres.  by   George 
1761     III.  16th  Aug.  1761,  but  not  settled.] 


ROBERT  DOUGLAS,  born  Cumnock, 
1716,  son  of  Robert  D.,  merchant 
there ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Glas 
gow  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Ayr  23rd  Dec. 
1741  ;  ord.  by  it,  5th  Aug.  1747,  chaplain 
to  Lord  Drumlanrig's  Regiment  in  the 
service  of  the  States  General  in  Holland  : 


JOHN  CAMPBELL,  born  1772,  son  of 
James  C.,  Edinburgh  :  educated  at 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Edinburgh  30th  April  1800:  pres.  by 
Archibald,  Lord  Douglas  :  ord.  18th  March 
1802;  died  unmarr.  18th  July  1818.— 


ARCHIBALD  M'CONECHY,  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Glasgow  27th  March  1805  : 
schoolmaster  of  Erskine  ;  pres.  by 
Archibald,  Lord  Douglas,  Oct.  1818;  ord. 
18th  March  1819.  Joined  Free  Church 
1843  ;  dep.  by  Free  Church  Presb.  of  Edin 
burgh  ;  died  at  Musselburgh,  27th  Sept. 
1853.  He  man'.  3rd  Oct.  1809,  Jane 
M'Kean,  who  died  18th  Feb.  1849,  and 
had  issue — Jean  Forrester,  born  14th  July 
1810  (marr.  14th  April  1835,  Henry  Cun 
ningham  Graham,  W.S.),  died  llth  Dec. 
1839 ;  Agnes,  born  llth  Aug.  1812  (marr. 
George  Lawrie,  surgeon,  Provost  of  Mussel- 
burgh),  died  25th  Jan.  1890.  Publication 
— Account  of  the  Parish  (Neu>  fitat.  Ace.). 

JOHN  DUNLOP,  born  Flemington, 
Ay  ton,  1809,  son  of  George  D.  and 
Jane  Renton  Gibson ;  educated  at 

Ayton    School   and   Univ.   of   Edinburgh ; 

ord.  22nd  Dec.  1843 ;  died  at  Bournemouth, 

unmarr.,  19th  Jan.  1880. 

[ROBERT]     LUDOVIC    MAIR,    born 
Glasgow,  8th  Jan.  1853,  son  of  Hugh 
Mair  and  Marion  Young  Ronald,  and 
nephew  of  John  Mair,  D.D.,  min.  of  South- 
dean  ;  educated  at  High  School  and  Univ. 
of   Glasgow ;    licen.   by   Presb.   of   Paisley 
4th  July  1877  ;  ord.  to  Heatherlie  Church, 
Selkirk,  10th  Jan.   1878 ;  trans,  and  adm. 
(assistant   and    successor)   8th    Jan.    1880. 




Marr.  Mth  July  1880,  Jane,  daugh.  of 
Dr  Thomas  Miller  and  Jane  Barclay, 
and  has  issue-  Jane  Barclay  Miller,  l»orn 
Mth  April  1881  (marr.  20th  Aug.  1914, 
George  Morton  Cotton,  C.A.):  Minnie 
Ronald,  born  19th  Nov.  1882;  Lilian, 
born  9th  March  1885  (marr.  14th  July 
1910,  William  Stewart  Rutherford,  solicitor, 
I'aris).  Publications  —  7J«/?«'£  Elocution 
(London,  1880);  Rupert  Hor-ncHffSs  Mis 
sion.  (Glasgow,  1890);  Rrmli  Your  Boots, 
Sir?  (Glasgow,  1890);  /fan-;/  Jefre;/,  tin' 
Sc</>tic  (Glasgow,  1891);  Lac/iie  Wulson's 
\Vandi-i-iin_i  Wit  /i, iJ  Worldly  \Vixdnm 
(Leicester,  1903). 


[The  church  was  dedicated  to  St  Ninian. 
A  new  building  was  erected  in  1739,  at  a 
considerable  distance  from  the  older  site. 
This  church  was  restored  in  1900.  A 
sculptured  coat  of  the  royal  arms  transferred 
from  the  earlier  edifice  was  placed  there 
probably  because  the  Crown  had  anciently 
patrimonial  rights  in  the  parish.] 

NICOL  BUDDIE,  reader  in   1507;  re- 
1567    lnovc<1"  to    Abbey    St    Bathans    in 

MATTHKW      LIDDELL,     reader      at 

1572     Tynninghame  and  Whittingchame  in 

1570;  adm.  in  1572;  in  1574  Ellem 

and  Abbey   St  Bathans   were   also    in  his 

charge  ;  removed  to  Ellem  before  1585. 

ALKXAXDKi:  S \VIXTOX  of  Greenrig, 
1593  I'N'^Hv  son  of  John  S.,  sixteenth 
of  Swinton  ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  12th 
Aug.  1592) ;  pres.  by  James  VI.  before  2nd 
June  1593;  died  before  21st  Feb.  1595.— 
\_Rfi.l.  Ass i</.] 

JOHN    HEPBURN,   M.A.,  one  of  the 

1596  ()1'i«'illil1  students  at  the  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh;  min.  of  Glenholm  12th 
May  1592;  trans,  to  Mertoun  1594;  pres. 
by  James  VI.  21st  Feb.  1595,  and  adm.  in 
1590;  the  presentation  was  renewed  13th 
Feb.  1597.  In  1007  he  was  sent  to  Black 
ness  Castle  for  defying  the  Privy  Council. 
He  was  still  min.  ;in  1611.— [TtV/.  Assiy.  ; 
/'/•/'•//  Council  TiV/.,  viii.,  12.] 

MUNGO    DALZIEL,    M.A.    (Glasgow 

1615     lf"03)  :   mm-  m   1015;   he  was  pres. 

to  vicarage  of  Coldingham  by  James 

VI.  before  10th  April  1015,  but  continued 

here,  and   was  a  member  of  Assembly  in 

1045.     The  charge  was  vacant  in  Oct.  1052. 

-[AVf/.  ,sVr.  A' A/.  :  Mat.  Reports,  1027  ;  Arts 

of  Ass.] 

JOHN  FOORD  was  on  the  Exercise  at 
1655  Chirnside,  and  had  a  testimonial  to 
Presb.  of  Haddington  10th  May 
1037  ;  min.  here  in  1055.  He  conformed, 
and  was  coll.  17th  Aug.  1003  ;  died  between 
18th  Aug.  and  Nov.  1074.  He  marr.  8th 
April  1062,  Helen  Swinton,  Haddington, 
and  had  issue— John  ;  Robert ;  Alexander  ; 
William  :  Margaret.  —  [Haddinyton  Sets. 
Re<i. ;  Lander  Tests.  ;  Rerj.  Coll  at.] 

JOHN  SWINTON,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
1674  18th  July  1664);  licen.  by  George, 
Bishop  of  Edinburgh,  26th  March 
1005  ;  ord.  to  Wamphray  14th  Dec.  1665  ; 
trans,  and  adm.  21st  Oct.  1674;  died 
between  25th  March  1706  and  5th  Sept. 
1710.  He  marr.  Katherine  (died  in  Edin 
burgh,  25th  Aug.  1719),  second  daugh.  of 
George  Gray,  town  clerk  of  Haddington, 
and  had  issue— John  ;  Helen  (marr.  30th 
Nov.  1709,  James  Gray,  merchant,  Edin 
burgh);  Jean  (marr.,  pro.  23rd  May  1714, 
George  Syme,  slater,  Canongate)  ;  and  a 
daugh.  (marr.  Kirkwood).  —  [Ren. 

Col/at. ;  Haddinr/ton  Presb.  and  Test.  Re/js. ; 
El/em  Session  Retj.;  J/,S'.  Ace.  of  Min.]  Rule's 
Sec.  Vindication;  (,'.  R.  Sas.,  xxxiii.,  240.] 

JOHN  CAMPBELL,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
1706  28th  June  1697);  chaplain  to  Sir 
John  Swinton  of  that  ilk  in  1700; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Chirnside  4th  Nov! 
1701 ;  called  8th  Nov.  1705  ;  ord.  (assistant 
and  successor)  28th  March  1706  ;  died  16th 
Jan.  1759,  aged  83.  He  marr.  12th  June 
1707,  Elizabeth  Craig,  North  Berwick, 
and  had  issue.— [A'.  Berwick  Sess.  Reg.  • 
Lauder  Tests.] 

RICHARD    SCOTT,    ord.    20th    Sept. 
1759     1759 :  trans,  to  Ewes  17th  Sept.  1761. 




RALPH  DRUMMOND,  licen.  by  Presb. 

of  Edinburgh  25th  March  1761 ;  ord. 

6th  May  1762 ;  died  20th  March 
1784,  aged  65.  He  marr.  before  1754, 
Jean  Trail,  who  died  21st  July  1797,  and 
had  issue— Elizabeth,  born  9th  Oct.  1754, 
died  at  Edinburgh,  10th  July  1828 ;  John, 
born  16th  Nov.  1755  ;  Jean,  born  22nd  July 
1757,  died  30th  Aug.  1769;  George,  his 
successor;  Isobel,  born  16th  Aug.  1763, 
died  young. 

GEORGE  DRUMMOND,  son  of  pre 
ceding;  pres.  by  Charles  Watson  of 
Saughton  and  Cranshaws  in  1784 ; 

ord.  3rd  May  1785  ;   trans,  to  Mordington 

20th  April  1792. 

Charles   Watson   of    Saughton    and 
Cranshaws;   ord.   27th   Sept.    1792; 
trans,  to  Moffat  15th  Feb.  1801. 


DAVID  TOD  [TODD],  M.A.,  a  native 
of  Portmoak  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 
St  Andrews ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Kirkcaldy  24th  Nov.  1779  ;  went  to  London 
in  1788  as  assistant  to  John  Patrick,  D.D., 
min.  of  Peter  Street  Presbyterian  Church, 
Soho,  and  was  ord.  by  the  Scots  Presb. 
there,  3rd  Feb.  1790,  as  colleague  and  suc 
cessor.  He  res.  that  position  in  1794.  He 
was  presented  by  Charles  AVatson  of  Saugh 
ton  and  Cranshaws,  and  adin.  to  this  charge 
24th  Sept.  1801  ;  died  18th  Feb.  1813.  He 
marr.  18th  June  1807,  Elizabeth  Thomson, 
who  died  27th  Nov.  1857,  and  had  issue— 
Isobel,  born  5th  May  1808;  Robert,  born 
1st  Jan.  1811;  Janet,  born  26th  Jan.  1813.— 
[Wilson's  Dissenting  Churches,  iv. ;  P>lack's 
The  Scots  Churches  in  England,  229.] 

JAMES  HOPE  SIBBALD,  born  31st 
July  1787,  eldest  son  of  William  S., 
D.D.,  min.  of  Hacklington  ;  educated 
at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Haddington  20th  Oct.  1812  ;  pres.  by  James 
Watson  of  Saughton  and  Cranshaws,  and 
ord.  23rd  Sept.  1813 ;  died  3rd  March  1853. 
He  marr.  9th  June  1847,  Margaret  Ann 
(died  19th  April  1903),  daugh.  of  William 
Anderson,  Longformacus,  and  Ann  Philips, 
and  had  issue — John  Hope  Knox,  banker, 
Edinburgh,  born  27th  July  1848,  died  12th 

April  1875;  Wilhelmina,  born  24th  July 
1851  (marr.  23rd  Dec.  1892,  John  Dodds, 
schoolmaster  of  Bowden) ;  James  Hope 
(posthumous),  born  16th  Aug.  1853,  died 
25th  March  1856.  Publication  —  Account 
of  the  Parish  (New  Stat.  Ace.,  ii.). 

23rd  Sept,  1853;  trans,  to  Oldham- 
stocks  23rd  March  1876. 

JAMES  FORBES,  trans,  from  Milton, 
Kirkcaldy,  and  adm.  7th  Sept.  1876; 
trans,  to  Cults,  Fife,  4th  July  1879. 

ROBERT    BRIDGES     SMITH,    born 
Prestonpans   1st   Sept.   1845,  son  of 
Andrew  S.  and  Christian  Kent ;  edu 
cated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  MA.  (1873) ; 
missionary   at   Newcraighall ;   assistant   at 
Newington,  Edinburgh ;    ord.    13th    Nov. 
1879;  died  14th  July  1914.   He  marr.  9th Nov. 

1885,  Mary  Ann,  daugh.  of  Robert  Pringle, 
schoolmaster,  Cranshaws,  and  had  issue — 
Andrew   Robert   Bridges,    born    6th    Dec. 

1886,  died  llth  Aug.  1906  ;  Robert  Bridges, 
born  14th   July  1888;   Jane  Alston  Hum 
phry,     born      15th     April     1890;      Mary 
Christian     Kent,    born     6th     July     1893; 
Christian     Kent,    born     llth    Jan.    1896; 
Richard  Humphry,  born  20th  April  1898; 
Donald  David,  born  23rd  Oct.  1900. 

THOMAS  GILLIESON,  min.  of  Craig- 
millar  Chapel-of-Ease  (vide  Vol.  L, 
p.  174) ;  adm.  to  this  charge  6th  Nov. 

1914.    He  had  a  son,  Thomas  Lindsay,  born 

30th  Oct.  1915. 


[Became  in  1342  a  prebend  of  the  Col 
legiate  Church  of  Dunbar,  and  was  served 
by  a  vicar.  The  dedication  is  uncertain, 
but  the  fair  day  was  the  Monday  after 
Trinity  Sunday.  The  church  demolished 
in  1790  had  a  burgess  loft,  dated  1572.  It 
was  proposed  by  the  Synod,  10th  July 
1611,  to  make  Birkenside  a  separate  charge, 
but  this  was  not  carried  out.  Birkenside 
is  now  called  Chapel,  and  marks  the  site 
of  a  chapel  dedicated  to  St  Magdalene.  It 
was  formerly  the  kirklands  of  Ellem,  and 
was  perhaps  the  same  as  the  "  Bona  Hospi- 
talis  de  Duns."] 




JO  MX  YOrXG,  trans,  tmm  Xorth 
Berwick  in  Xov.  1508  :  trans,  to  .led 
burgh  i'iid  Aug.  1509. 

1569     reader. 

.IOHX  P.KXXETT,  min.  of  Ik-riot,  was 
1581  'I1VS-  ^  '';unes  ^TI-  -nil  May  1581. 
On  3rd  May  1582  he  gave  an  obliga 
tion  to  .lames  Colvill  of  Easter  Wemyss. 
in  acknowledgment  of  his  services  in  pro 
viding  him  to  the  parsonage  of  Duns,  vacant 
through  the  death  of  the  last  parson,  Sir 
Daniel  Home  of  Fishwick.  to  lease  to  him 
or  certain  others  the  teind  sheaves  and  the 
kirklands  of  Dims.  He  demitted  previous 
to  20th  .Ian.  1582-3.  and  remained  at 

1582  Abernethy  and  Abdie  as  min.  in  1507 : 
trans,  to  Edrom  after  1 1th  June  1573, 
having  also  'Duns,  Langton,  Fogo,  and 
Polwarth  in  his  charge.  Transferred  to 
Duns  about  1582,  and  pres.  by  James  VI. 
20th  -lime  1582.  In  1581  he  and  Clapper- 
ton  of  Coldstream  were  appointed  to  form 
a  Presbytery  in  the  Merse.  He  was  seized 
and  taken  to  Edinburgh  by  the  archers  of 
the  guard,  25th  May  158-4  :  still  min.  10th 
July  1011,  though  in  "inability  and  auld 
age."  He  man1.  Isobel  Gibb,  and  had  issue 
-Alexander,  min.  of  Polwarth  :  and  prob 
ably  John,  min.  of  Bunkle. —[Fife  Inhih., 
20th  Dec.  1590  ;  Jtrif.  Assi';/.  :  '  Dalkeith 
I'resh.  and  St  Ainli-eii:*  Si/nod  Keys.; 
Calderwood's  ///.<,  iv..  72:  Butler's  Al«-r- 
iiff/if/,  339.] 

AYTLLIAM     ArCHMUTIE,    M.A.,    is 
1585     mentioned  as  min.  of  Dims  in  1585. 


1585      TOX<    °f    tllC    fami'y    °f    TX   of  Co1- 
grain,  Dumbartonshire,  and  brother 
of  Sir  Robert  D.  of  Montjoy,  Conservator 
of  the  Privileges  of   the  Scots   Xation   in 
the  Low  Countries.     Three  persons  at  this 
time,  viz.,  Bennett,  Oaittis,  and  Danielston,  \ 
claimed    to   have    been    lawfully  provided  ! 
to  the  parsonage  and  vicarage   of   Duns. 
Danielston  obtained  a  decreet  of  the  Court 

of  Session  against  the  others,  and  the 
parishioners  were  ordered  to  pay  their  dues 
to  him.  Hi  Feb.  1585-0  the  parishioners  com 
plained  to  the  Court  that  they  were  being 
pursued  for  payment  not  only  by  Danielston, 
but  by  certain  assignees  of  Robert  Colvill 
of  Cleish,  who  had  a  lease  of  the  parsonage 
dues  from  Bennett  and  Gaittis.  The  Court 
remitted  the  matter  to  the  Commissioners 
at  Edinburgh  for  inquiries,  and  on  4th 
July  1587  it  was  settled  in  favour  of 
Danielston.  On  2nd  Feb.  1587-8  he  got  a 
Crown  charter  of  the  kirklands  of  Duns, 
called  Priestside,  and  other  lands.,  but 
certain  houses  and  lands  called  the  Teind- 
hill  were  reserved  to  the  minister  of  the 
parish.  He  had  sasine  in  these  lands  13th 
.Jan.  1588-9.  He  died  between  10th  Dec. 
1001,  when  he  sold  the  kirklands  to  Sir 
George  Home  of  Wedderburn.  and  20th 
Jan.  1002,  when  his  son  William  granted  a 
charter  of  them.  He  ma  IT.  Janet  Ramsay, 
and  had  issue  —  William.  —  [Re<t.  Assi;i. ; 
Milne  Home  JAS'.S'.,  74,  251  :  Reg.  ^f<^(|. 
Xi<j..  v.,  1447.] 

JAMES  GAITTIS,  trans,  from  Langton  : 
1607     adm.  in  1007 


JOHX     WEEMEN    [WEMYSS],   born 
about  1579,  only  son  of  John  W.  of 
Lathockar,  Fife:  M.A.  (St  Andrews 
1000):  min.  of  Mutton  in  1000:  trans,  and 
adm.  in  1013.    He  was  a  member  of  the  Perth 
Assembly  in   1018;    was  called  before  the 
Court  of  High  Commission  in  1020,  when 
he     had     a    conference    with    Archbishop 
Spottiswood,  and  maintained  that  kneeling 
at  the  Communion  was  "contrary  to  its  in 
stitution."     He  was  pres.  by  Charles  I.  on 
4th  May  to  the  second  prebend  of  Durham, 
and  installed  canon   7th  June  1034.     This 
he  held  in  conjunction,  probably  the  only 
instance    of    an    English     prebendal    stall 
being  held  by  a  min.  of   the  Church  of 
Scotland.    He  died  Xov.  1030.     He  marr. 
(1)  Margaret  Cockburn,  and  had  issue  — 
David  :   (2)   Janet   Murray,   and  had  issue 
— Tohn,  who  succeeded  to  Lathockar  ;  and 
a    daugh.,  who,  being  reduced   to  straits, 
received   £3  from   the  session    of   Tester, 
10th  April  1664.     Publications— The  Chris 
tian  Sijnagogue,  wherein  is,   contayned  the 




diverse  Reading,  the  ri(/ht  Poi/nting,  Trans 
lation,  and  Collation  of  Scripture  with 
Scripture,  etc.  (London,  1023:  4th  ed., 
1633);  The  Portraiture  of  the  Imaye  of 
Cod  in  Man  (London,  1027  :  3rd  ed.,  1636)  : 
An  Explication  of  the  Judicial  Lave*  of 
Moses  (London,  1632):  An  Explanation  of 
the  Ceremonial  Laves  of  Moses  (London. 
1032):  An  Exposition  of  the  Mora  II  La<«, 
or  Ten  Commandments,  etc.  (London,  1632)  : 
Exercitations  Divine,  containing  diver*- 
Questions  and  Solutions  for  the  rifjht  Under- 
standing  of  the  Scriptures  (London,  1634)  : 
Observations,  Naturoll  and  Mo-raff,  with  a 
short  Treatise  of  the  Numbers,  Weight*,  and 
Measures  ttsed  by  the  Ifi-brews  (London, 
1636);  see  The  Works  of  Mr  John  Weenies 
of  Lathockar,  4  vols.  (London,  1636).  — 
[E<fin.  Conn<\,  Iladdington,  Tester  Ses*., 
ami  Lander  Text.  Regs.  :  Wodrou'  MSS., 
and  MS.  liio'i.,  in.  :  Calderwood's  Hist., 
vii.  :  Douglas  /jaronar/e  :  Hutchinson's 
Durham,  ii.  :  Diet.  Nat.  J>io<j.~\ 


ANDREW  HOLLO,  M.A.,  inin.  in  1637  : 

was  ^ei''  ^'*V  ^ie  ^'en-  Assembly,  14tn 

Dec.  1638,  "for  signing  a  declinature 
of  their  authority  from  ignorance,  he  having 
been  brought  up  in  the  principles  of  the 
Episcopal  Church."  On  petitioning  (ap 
parently  on  the  same  day),  he  was  allowed 
to  delete  his  signature,  and  declare  his 
recantation  in  the  parish  church,  on 
which  he  was  reponed.  "One  Shepherd, 
a  inin.  about  Dundee,  came  in  that  day, 
as  the  other  one  Bollock,  inin.  at  Dunce, 
confessing  their  fault  and  ignorance  in 
subscryving  the  Assembly's  declinature, 
and  entreating  they  might  get  leave  to 
putt  out  their  own  names.  It  was  granted 
them  on  assurance  of  their  publick  repent 
ance  for  this  fault."  He  was  again  dep. 
by  the  Assembly  in  July  1649,  a  sentence 
which  was  recalled  by  the  Synod  of  Perth 
and  Stirling,  13th  Oct.  1652,  when  he  was 
adm.  to  Dunning.  —  [Baillie's  Letters  ;  Peter- 
kin's  Records  ;  Acts  of  Ass.  ;  Balfour's  Hist. 
Works  ;  Stevenson's  History.] 

ANDREW   FAIRFOUL,   M.A.  ;   trans. 
1Q52    from  North  Leith,   and   adm.   llth 
May     1652  ;     app.     Archbishop    of 
Glasgow  1661  (q.v.). 

ANDREW  COLLAGE,  M.A.  (King's 
1663  ^°l'e8'e)  Aberdeen,  1611);  min.  of 
Garvock  in  1615,  of  Ecclesgreig  before 
1619,  of  Dundee  in  1635  :  coll.  5th  Aug.  1663  : 
died  13th  Sept.  1664,  aged  about  73.  He 
niarr.  (cont.  19th  and  23rd  Nov.  1616) 
Janet,  daugh.  of  David  Lindsay,  min.  of 
South  Leith,  and  had  issue — Margaret. 
[P.  C.  Re<j.,  3rd  ser.,  viii.,  154.] 

WILLIAM  GRAY,  second  son  of 
1666  ^ TiHiam  (!.,  min.  of  Auchterless  ; 
M.A.  (Marischal  College,  Aberdeen, 
1638);  min.  of  Foulis  before  10th  March 
1658;  adm.  to  Auchterless  about  1660; 
coll.  1st  May  1666:  burgess  of  Aberdeen 
29th  April  1668:  deprived  by  the  Privy 
Council,  3rd  Sept.  1689,  for  failing  to  read 
the  proclamation  of  the  Estates  and  to  pray 
for  their  Majesties  William  and  Mary.  He 
died  in  Oct.  1689.  He  marr.  Ann  (bapt. 
21st  Aug.  1639),  tenth  daugh.  of  Sir  William 
Gray  of  Pittendrum,  and  had  issue — John, 
Keeper  of  the  Register  of  Sasines  in  the 
County  of  Berwick,  and  in  1724  Baron 
Bailie  of  Duns  :  William,  merchant,  Edin 
burgh  :  Margaret  (marr.  James  Haliburton 
of  Wattriebutts,  in  the  Carse  of  Gowrie,  son 
of  George  H.,  Bishop  of  Dunkeld). — [Key. 
Coll.  ;  Lander  Texts. ;  Peterkin'.s  Constitu 
tion  of  thi-  Church  :  MS.  Act-,  of  Min., 
168!):  /)></.  AW.  fr'eii.,  7338;  Aberdeen  Bnr- 
<jess  Roil ;  J//sc.  New  Spaldimj  Club,  ii., 
427  ;  Fonff/ce  J'rexb. 


ALEXANDER  COLDEN,  M.A.  ;  trans. 
from  Bunkle,  and  adm.  5th  Dec. 
1693  :  trans,  to  Oxnam  8th  May 


[The  parish  was  vacant  for  over  three 
years,  notwithstanding  several  presenta 
tions,  all  of  which  were  rejected.] 


burgh,    13th    July    1695);    licen.   by 

Presb.  of  Edinburgh  3rd  Sept.  1701  ; 

sometime  in   charge  of  the  meeting-house 

at   Haddington,    when    the    Episcopalians 

kept  possession  of  the  parish  church  there  ; 

called  18th  June,  and  ord.  24th  Sept.  1703  ; 

died  2nd  Sept,  1736,  aged  about  62.     He 

marr.  (1)  3rd    Feb.    1704,  Grizel,  daugh. 

of    Thomas    Hunter,    writer,    Edinburgh, 




and  had  issue — Elizabeth  (marr.  (1)  Alex 
ander  Spittall,  lieut.  2nd  Dragoons,  and  (2) 
10th  Aug.  1735,  David  Spens,  W.S.),  died 
23rd  June  1787  ;  Jean  died  2Gth  Aug.  1736  ; 
(2)  March  1731,  Jean,  daugh.  of  Alexander 
Trotter  of  Cattleshiel,  Longformacus,  who 
survived  him,  and  niarr.  llth  Aug.  1737, 
Martin  Eccles,  surgeon,  Edinburgh. — [  Wod- 
roic  J/XS'. ;  Laid/er  Tests.] 

ROGER  MOODIE,  eldest  son  of  George 
173g  M.,  min.  of  Fogo  ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
27th  May  1719);  Keen,  by  Presb.  of 
Duns  4th  Feb.  1724  ;  pres.  by  Robert,  Lord 
Blantyre  (who  had  obtained  a  disposition 
of  the  patronage  from  Hay  of  Drumelzier, 
who  did  not  qualify)  Feb.  1737.  Much 
opposition  was  shown  by  the  parishioners. 
On  appeal  the  Assembly  ordered  the  ordi 
nation  to  be  proceeded  with,  which  was 
done  under  protection  of  a  military  force, 
15th  March  1739.  This  led  to  the  forma 
tion  of  the  East  or  Antiburgher  Church  in 
the  town  in  1742.  M.  died  26th  April  1748, 
aged  about  47.  He  marr.  Grace  Venice 
(probably  a  sister  of  William  V.,  Keen,  by 
Presb.  of  Chirnside  in  1708) ;  she  died  30th 
Dec.  1788.— [Lauder  Tests.] 

ADAM  DICKSON,  M.A.  ;  pres.  by  John 
1750  Hay  of  Belton,  27th  Aug.  1748.  In 
opposition  to  this  presentation  a  call 
was  given  to  James  Lindsay,  min.  of  Dun- 
barney,  and  the  case  was  taken  to  the 
House  of  Lords.  On  a  decision  of  that 
Court,  the  Assembly  ordered  D.  to  be  ord. 
21st  Sept.  1750.  This  was  done  as  in  the 
previous  case,  under  the  protection  of  the 
military.  (The  Relief,  or  South  Church, 
was  formed  by  the  protesters) ;  trans,  to 
Whittingehame  22nd  June  1769. — [Morren's 
Ann. ;  Council's  Par.  Lai'1.] 

ROBERT  BOWMAKER,  born  1731; 
1769  Keen,  by  Presb.  of  Chirnside  2nd 
Aug.  1761  ;  ord.  with  the  view  of  pro 
ceeding  to  America ;  adm.  here  26th  Sept. 
1769  ;  D.D.  (St  Andrews,  25th  April  1781) ; 
died  llth  March  1797.  When  visiting  at 
Berrywell,  near  Duns,  Robert  Burns  heard 
B.  preach,  6th  May  1787.  He  had  selected 
a  text  which  contained  a  severe  denuncia 
tion  of  obstinate  sinners.  In  the  course  of 

the  sermon  Burns  observed  Miss  Ainslie  (his 
host's  sister)  turning  over  the  leaves  of  her 
Bible  with  much  earnestness,  in  search  of 
the  text.  He  immediately  wrote  the  follow 
ing  lines,  and  handed  them  to  her  : 

"  Fair  maid,  you  need  not  take  the  hint, 

Xor  idle  texts  pursue  : 
'Twas  guilty  sinners  that  he  meant, 
Not  angels  such  as  you." 

Of  Bowmaker,  Burns  writes  in  his  diary  : 
"  A  man  of  strong  lungs  and  pretty 
judicious  remark  :  but  ill-skilled  in  pro 
priety,  and  altogether  unconscious  of  his 
want  of  it."  He  marr.  Mary  Watson,  who 
died  at  Oatfield,  20th  Oct.  1816,  aged  79, 
and  had  issue— Jean,  born  19th  April  1768  ; 
Alexander,  wine  merchant,  London,  born 
31st  July  1777.  Publication — Account  of 
the  Parish  (Sinclair's  8tnt.  Ace.,  iv.). — 
[Tomlst.;  Wallace's  Burns,  ii.,  103.] 

GEORGE  CUNNINGHAM,  born  24th 
April  1766,  eldest  son  of  Andrew  C., 
gardener  to  Lord  Morton  at  Aber- 
dour  Castle  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh  ;  Keen,  by  Presb.  of  Kelso  7th  Sept. 
1790;  assisted  William  Shiels,  min.  of 
Westruther,  in  his  boarding  academy  there  ; 
assistant  at  Duns  ;  pres.  by  Robert  Hay  of 
Drumelzier  (after  ascertaining  the  desire  of 
the  people),  and  ord.  9th  Nov.  1797 ;  died 
suddenly,  9th  Jan.  1847.  He  marr.  (1)  24th 
Nov.  1797,  Hyndmer  (died  14th  Jan.  1806), 
daugh.  of  James  Barclay,  rector  of  the 
Grammar  School,  Dalkeith,  and  had  issue 
—Andrew,  born  13th  March  1800,  died  4th 
Nov.  1825  ;  George,  born  14th  Nov.  1804, 
died  in  Canada  :  (2)  14th  Nov.  1808,  Jane 
Johnston  or  Trotter  (died  2nd  Oct.  1836), 
and  had  issue — John  and  James,  who  died 
young.  Publication— Account  of  the  Parish 
(New  Stat.  Ace.,  ii.). 

1843  23rd  May  1789,  son  of  Henry  R., 
merchant,  Glasgow.  Originally  bred 
to  the  law,  and  adm.  W.S.  1811.  Conducted 
the  Marchmont  case  before  the  House  of 
Lords.  Licen.  by  Presb.  of  Selkirk  7th 
July  1829 ;  ord.  min.  of  Longformacus  6th 
Sept.  1830 ;  trans,  to  this  parish,  and  adm. 
(assistant  and  successor)  19th  Oct.  1843; 
died  15th  April  1862.  He  marr.  (1)  2nd 




Oct.  1818,  Agnes  (died  22nd  Feb.  1824), 
daugh.  of  Archibald  Gilchrist,  merchant, 
Edinburgh,  and  had  issue  —  Henry,  at  the 
English  Bar,  born  4th  May  1819  :  (2)  29th 
Nov.  1831,  Elizabeth  (died  27th  April  1885), 
daugh.  of  John  Home  of  Stirkoke,  and  had 
issue  —  Elizabeth,  born  22nd  March  1834, 
died  unmarr.  2nd  Sept.  1916;  John, 
Geelong,  Victoria,  born  18th  Feb.  1836; 
William,  planter  in  Tirhoot,  India,  born 
8th  May  1838  ;  James,  planter  in  Assam, 
born  28th  Dec.  1840.  Publication—  Account 
of  the  Parish  (New  Xtat.  Ace.,  ii.). 


JOHN   MACLEOD,   B.A.  ;  trans,  from 
Newton-on-Ayr,  and  adm.  18th  Sept. 
trang_  to  (jjovan  7th  Jan.  1875. 


ROBERT  STEWART,  M.A.,B.D.;  trans. 
from  Skehnorlie,  and  adm.  19th  Aug. 
1875  :  trans,  to  North  Leith  4th  Oct. 


WILLIAM  MEN7JES,  born  14th  Aug. 
1837,  eldest  son  of  Robert  M.,  D.D., 
1878  min.  of  Hoddom  ;  educated  at  Edin 
burgh  Academy  and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Annan  ;  app.  to  Kilmun 
1862 ;  ord.  to  Second  Charge,  Ayr,  7th 
May  1863 ;  trans,  to  Gladsmuir  20th  July 
1871 ;  trans,  to  Innerleithen  13th  Jan. 
1876 ;  trans,  and  adm.  21st  March  1878 ; 
died  13th  Sept,  1881.  He  marr.  30th  June 
1862,  Helen  (died  29th  Jan.  1885),  daugh. 
of  John  Clark,  D.D.,  min.  of  Dunoon,  and 
had  issue  —  Robert  William,  merchant, 
born  1st  April  1864,  died  in  London,  3rd 
Sept.  1915  :  Margaret  Helen,  born  29th 
Nov.  1866;  John  Clark,  born  26th  Aug. 
1869,  died  10th  Aug.  1872 ;  James  Morris, 
M.B.,  C.M.,  born  17th  Nov.  1871  ;  Joanna 
Clark,  born  4th  Oct.  1873,  died  22nd  Oct. 
1887  ;  Edward  Gordon  Dewar,  M.B.,  C.M., 
born  17th  Aug.  1876 ;  Catherine  Cowan, 
born  6th  July  1879,  died  3rd  Nov.  1890. 


Tannadice,  13th  Feb.  1849,  son  of 
William  H.,  schoolmaster,  and 
Margaret  Barren  ;  educated  at  Montrose 
Academy  and  Aberdeen  Univ. ;  M.A. 
(1868) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Aberdeen  1871 ; 
assistant  at  St  Mark's,  Dundee,  and  East 
Parish,  Aberdeen  ;  ord.  to  Lumphanan  12th 

Feb.  1875 ;  trans,  and  adm.  5th  May  1882  ; 
died  24th  Sept.  1906.  He  marr.  12th  April 
1883,  Florence  Elizabeth,  daugh.  of  Hugh 
Fenton,  Aston  Hall,  Hawarden,  Flintshire, 
and  had  issue — Vere  Fenton,  Adelaide, 
South  Australia,  born  15th  May  1889 ; 
Agnes  Govan,  hospital  nurse,  born  27th 
July  1890 ;  Arthur  Terrant  Ashby,  born 
13th  Aug.  1892  ;  James  Herbert  Grassland, 
lieut.  8th  Durham  Light  Infantry,  born  25th 
June  1894,  died  of  wounds  in  France,  24th 
Jan.  1916 ;  Sidney  William  Barron,  born 
15th  Feb.  1896 ;  Francis,  Edgar,  and  Cons 
tance,  who  all  died  young. 


Whangerai,  New  Zealand,  Kith  May 
1871,  son  of  John  W.,  min.  of  Glen- 
buck  ;  educated  at  Glasgow  High  School 
and  Univ.;  M.A.  (1895);  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Ayr  1895  ;  ord.  to  Patna  14th  May  1896  ; 
trans,  and  adm.  15th  March  1907.  Marr. 
14th  Aug.  1907,  Margaret  Rachel,  daugh. 
of  William  Kilpatrick,  and  has  issue — John 
Ewing,  born  16th  March  1911. 


[Built  in  1839  as  an  extension  church, 
George  Buchan  of  Kelloe  being  one  of  its 
chief  promoters.  In  1843  the  minister  and 
all  his  congregation  joined  the  Free  Church, 
retaining  the  building  as  their  property.] 

WILLIAM  COUSIN,  born  29th  Oct. 
1812  ;  son  of  John  C.,  builder,  Edin 
burgh  (descended  from  a  Huguenot 
family,  members  of  which  left  France  at 
the  Revocation  of  the  Edict  of  Nantes), 
and  Isabella  Paterson  ;  educated  at  Edin 
burgh  Academy  and  Univ. ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Edinburgh  ;  ord.  20th  March 
1840.  Joined  the  Free  Church,  and  be 
came  min.  of  Duns  Free  Church,  1843 ; 
of  Scots  Church,  Brompton,  London,  1844  ; 
of  Free  Church,  Irvine,  1850 ;  of  Free 
Church,  Melrose,  1859  ;  died  1st  Aug.  1883. 
He  marr.  1847,  Anne  Ross  (born  27th  April 
1824,  died  6th  Dec.  1906),  only  child  of 
David  Ross  Cundell,  M.D.,  Leith,  and  Anne 
Parker.  She  was  widely  known  as  authoress 
of  "  The  Sands  of  Time  are  Sinking,"  and 
other  hymns  (vide  Immanvel's  Land  and 



at  ln-r  y/m-.s),  and  had  issue  —  John  William, 
author  of  A  Short  .liioyrnphical  Dictionar;/ 
<>f  Kmjl'itli  Lif<',-<tti<r<',l)OYT\  13th  Felt.  isj(t, 
died  17th  Dee.  1910  :  David  Ross,  born  5th 
Sept.  1851  :  Anne  Parker,  born  :>th  Jan. 
1854;  George,  born  13tli  Get.  1858,  died 
22nd  Oct.  1880:  William  Victor,  fruit 
t'armiT.  born  iith  Nov.  I860:  Isabella  Wil- 
helinina,  born  3rd  Aug.  1864  (marr.  18th 
Dec.  188!),  James  Macdonald,  W.S.),  died 
.May  1890. 


[Prior  to  12-18  the  church  was  dedicated 
to  St  Cnthbert,  but  on  4th  Oct.  of  that 
year  Bishop  David  de  Bernham  consecrated 
i  new  church  in  honour  of  St  Andrew. 
This  was  rebuilt  and  enlarged  in  1774. 
The  parish  was  divided  of  old  into  four 
parts,  called  the  Quarters  of  Eccles.  St 
Andrew's  Quarter  in  the  west,  was  attached 
to  the  parish  church.  The  others  were 
connected  with  the  chapels  of  St  John,  on 
the  north  at  Mersington  :  Our  Lady,  on 
the  east  at  the  Chapel  Knowe  of  Leitholm  ; 
and  St  Magdalene  on  the  south  at  Birg- 
hain,  where  the  graveyard  has  remained. 
In  the  seventeenth  century  the  Indulged 
Presbyterians  used  the  ancient  chapel  of 
St  John  at  Mersington.  A  priory  of  Cis 
tercian  nuns,  dedicated  to  St  Mary,  was 
founded  at  Eccles  in  1156  by  Gospatrick, 
third  Earl  of  Dunbar.  It  was  burned  down 
by  the  Earl  of  Hertford  in  1545,  and  was 
not  restored.  Some  remains  of  it  can  be 
seen  at  Eccles  House.  A  tall  wheel-headed 
cross  stands  in  the  vicinity  of  Crosshall 

ROBERT  FRENCH,  probably  seventh 
1567  son  °f  Robert  F.  of  Thornydykes ; 
min.  in  1567  ;  pres.  to  the  vicarage 
of  Greenlaw  by  James  VI.  23rd  April  1573  ; 
trans,  to  Home  in  1574,  but  returned  in 
1596,  and  was  still  min.  in  1601.— [Key. 
Mi n.  ;  Key.  Assiy.~\ 

1574     1574  to  1576. 

WILLIAM   MURRAY,  reader,  1576  to 
1576     1580. 

[WILLIAM  WEMYSS,  M.A.  :  was  app. 

1607  to  1)e  :ulni-  3r(1  March  1607,  but 
nothing  further  was  done,  "be 
ressioun  that  the  parochineris  withstood 
his  admission/'''  He  was  afterwards  min. 
of  Roxburgh.— Jedhuryh  J'rert.  7iV/.] 

JAMES    KIJKXCH.   M.A. ;    trans,   from 
1607     I'ome    and    adm.    in    1607,  having 
Home  and   Stichill   also  in  charge  : 
returned  to  Home  in  1608. 

ALEXANDER     HOME,    pres.    to    the 
1609     vicara§c  ])y  Ja'»es   VI.  21st  March 
1609:   trans,  to  Ayton  in  1618. 

DAVID    HOME,    mentioned    as    "late 
1622     min."   17th   Sept.    1622.      He    marr. 
(name   unknown),   and   had    issue- 
Alexander.—  [Key.  Sec.  SlyJ] 

ANDREW  M  ELY  ILL,  M.A.  (St 
Andrews  1616);  mentioned  as  min. 
in  1622:  clem,  previous  to  22nd  Oct. 
1622,  and  perhaps  trans,  to  Banchory- 



HENRY  BLYTH,  M.A.  (St  Andrews 
]")9'^):  adm.  to  Second  Charge, 
Canon  gate.  6th  April  1598:  trans. 
to  First  Charge  about  1601  ;  deprived  by 
High  (  'ommission  26th  Jan.  1620  ;  pres. 
by  James  VI.  22nd  Oct.  1622,  and  again 
by  Charles  I.  29th  June  1633.  He  died 
at  Edinburgh  Feb.  1635,  aged  about  62, 
and  was  buried  in  Holyrood  Kirk.  He 
marr.  (1)  Katharine  Oliphant,  who  died 
before  1600,  and  had  issue  —  Frederick  ; 
Janet  ;  Margaret  :  (2)  23rd  May  1605^ 
Agnes  Hart,  who  died  9th  March  1649, 
and  had  issue—  John,  min.  of  Ochiltree  ; 
Helen,  bapt.  28th  March  1606;  Elizabeth; 
Agnes  ;  Christian  ;  Henry.—  [Key.  Sec.  Siy.  : 
OW  De-'.,  i.,  ii.,  iv.  :  Eclin.  Tests.  ;  Inq. 
Ret.  Gen.,  2117;  Row's  Hist.  :  Bannatmie 

JOHN  HOME,  son  of  David  H.  of 
1635  ^odsc1'01^  ;  was  probably  tutor  in 
the  family  of  John  Home  of  Black- 
adder  :  pres.  by  Charles  I.  2nd  March 
1635  ;  member  of  Glasgow  Assembly  in 
1638,  and  of  Commissions,  1642-6  ;  still 
min.  19th  Oct.  1647,  but  under  process, 




which  was  still  pending  in  1649.     In  1644 
he  and  his  sister  Anna  Home  published  at 
their  own   expense  their   father's  Jffxtori/ 
of   the    Douglases.      The   Earl    of    Angus  j 
obtained    an   injunction    against    its    sale,  j 
but  this  was   withdrawn  after   two  years,  j 
— [Re<j.   Sec.    Si<j. ;  Acts  of  Ays.  Comm/*., 
1646-7  ;   Bannatyne   Jlliscell.,  iii.  ;   Eraser's  j 
Douglas    Jjook,   i. ;     Maxwell's     House    of  \ 
Douglas,  ii.,  p.  192.] 


SAMUEL   DOUGLAS,  second   son    of 
Archibald  1).  of  Pittendreich  :  M.A. 
(Edinburgh,  26th   July  1634);   min. 
of  Coldingham  6th  May  1641  ;  dep.  in  1648  ;   ; 
reponed   in    16f>l  ;    adm.   after   Oct.    1652  ;  \ 
died  Dec.  following,   aged   about   39.     lie 
niarr.  Elizabeth,  daugh.  of  Henry  Home  of  i 
Kames,  and  had  issue — John,  bursar  of  the 
Presb.  ;  Alexander,  min.  of  Longformactis. 
D.'s  widow  and  children  had  £100  allowed 
by  Parliament  from  vacant  stipends,  27th   ; 
June    1661,  on   account  of  their  suft'erings  i 
in  the  royal   cause. — [Lander    Test*.:   A<-tx  , 
Parl,  vii.] 

JOHX  JAM1ESOX,  son  of  William  J., 
min.  of  Jedburgh  :  M.A.  (St  An 
drews,  llth  May  1(537);  produced  ! 
testimonials  from  Presb.  of  Jedburgh  5th 
May  1652,  and  from  Presbs.  of  Cupar  and 
Kirkcaldy,  and  Session  of  Mevtoun,  of  his  j 
sound  and  faithful  teaching,  and  godly  life 
and  conversation  ;  min.  in  1654 ;  deprived 
by  Act  of  Parliament  llth  June,  and 
Decreet  of  the  Privy  Council  1st  Oct.  1662. 
Publication  —  Reltellio  debellafa,  two  ser 
mons  (Edinburgh,  1661).— [Baillie's  Lett.  : 
Wodrow's  Hist.] 

[ANDREW  RUTHERFORD,  born  1029, 
second  son  of  George  R.  of  Fairning- 
ton,  and  Elizabeth,  daugh.  of  Andrew 
Ker  of  Littledean  ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  26th 
July  1649) ;  ord.  by  the  Protesting  brethren, 
probably  early  in  1655.  A  letter  was  laid 
before  the  Presb.  of  Jedburgh,  24th  Jan. 
1655,  "complaining  of  the  unrulie  and 
extraordinary  actings  of  some  of  their 
number  (James  Ker  of  Abbotrule,  and  John 
Scott  of  Hawick,  with  others),  at  the  pre 
tended  admission  of  A.  P>.,"  when  the 
Presb.  sustained  the  complaint,  John 

Livingston  of  Ancrum  dissenting.  R. 
seems  to  have  been  set  aside  by  the  Synod 
previous  to  the  Restoration ;  was  school 
master  of  Prestonpans  in  1662 ;  master  of 
the  Grammar  School  of  Jedburgh  ;  rector 
of  the  High  School  of  Edinburgh,  8th  Oct. 
1669,  where  he  died  in  May  1672.— [./«/- 
burgh  J'resb.  and  Edin.  Re<j.  (Bur.) ; 
Baillie's  Lett. ;  Steven's  High  School,  73  ; 
Watson's  Jedburt/h  Grammar  School.] 

JOHX  COOK.  M.A,  (St  Andrews  1648)  ; 

prcs.  by  James,  Earl  of  Home;  ord. 

and  coll.  21st  July,  and  adm.  25th 
Aug.  1663.  Deprived  by  the  Privy  Council, 
3rd  Sept.  1689,  for  neither  reading  the  Pro 
clamation  of  the  Estates,  nor  praying  for 
their  Majesties  William  and  Mary.  The 
Presb.  ordered  the  Laird  of  Tofts  to  de 
mand  the  keys  of  the  church  from  C., 
or  the  Countess  Dowager  of  Home,  'and 
this  demand  being  ignored,  the  doors  were 
opened  under  warrant  of  the  Sheriff.  C. 
died  in  1691,  aged  about  63.  He  raarr. 
Margaret,  daugh.  of  John  Home  of  Kelloe, 
who  survived  him. — [  Tests.  ;  Raj. 
Coltat.  :  Old  Dn:,  i. ;  MS.  Acr.  of  Min., 
1689 ;  Mem.  of  </.  J>r>/son ;  Peterkin's 
Constitution  of  the  Chwc/t.] 

JAMES  BALFOUR,a  native  of  Duns; 
1687  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  7th  Jan.  1681); 
attended  the  first  meeting  of  Presby 
terian  ministers  after  the  Toleration,  6th 
July  1687,  and  was  settled  in  the  meeting 
house  at  Mersington ;  was  one  of  the 
original  members  of  the  United  Presb.,  7th 
Aug.  1690,  and  a  member  of  the  first 
General  Assembly  after  the  Revolution,  but 
was  dep.  17th  Feb.  1691,  for  adultery.  He 
was  proposed  as  catechist  at  Duns  in  1700, 
but  not  appointed. — {Lothian  Syn.  Re<j. ; 
Boston's  Mem. ;  Re<j.  Gen.  Ass.,  1690;  Scot. 
I'resb.  Eloq.] 

JOHX   LAUDER,   probably  brother  of 
Alexander  L.,  min.  of  Mordington  ; 
called  14th  April,  and  ord.  28th  May 
1691.     While  Robert  Wilson,  min.  of  Mel- 
rose,  was  conducting  the  ordination  service, 
"  compeared  the  lairds  of  Kames,  Belchester, 
Xewland,     Xewtown,    and     others,    with 
Xinian     Mercer,    notary    public,     making 




public  interruption,  l>y  taking  instruments 
in  the  hands  of  the  fore.said  notary,  uttering 
reproachful    expressions    and    threatenings 
to    resist    in     case    of    procedure,    which 
occasioned  some  clamour  and  noise  amongs 
the  people,  upon  which  my  lord  Mersingtoi 
(Sir  Alex.  Swinton),  took  instruments,  not 
withstanding   of    all    which    the    minister 
present  proceeded   to  ordination,  after  tin 
people  settled  and  composed,  and  thereaftei 
appointed   collation   and  institution  to  be 
given    as    usual."     L.    got    the    stipend   oi 
Lilliesleaf  for  ] GOO,  having  served  there  01 
the    call    of    sundry    parishioners,    was    '< 
member    of   Assembly    in    1092,  and    dice 
in    July     1729.       He      marr.     (cont.     14th 
April  1710)  Margaret,  daugh.  of  Archibald 
Borthwick    of    Sauchnell    (who    marr.    (2), 
pro.  3rd  July   1731,  James   Ramsay,  min. 
of  Kelso),  and  had  issue— Margaret  (marr. 
April    1730,    Mark    Sandilands,    merchant, 
Edinburgh).  — [Lander    Text*.:    R<-<j.    (,'en. 
Ass.:  Old  Dec.,  i.  :   FountainhaH's  Dec.,  i.  ; 
Xe<i'  Stat.  Acr..  ii.] 

1731     son  °f  Jonn  D.,  min.  of  Colclingbam  ; 
M.A.  (( Jlasgow,  20th  Oct.  1724);  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  I'hirnside  28th  Oct.  1728  ;  pres. 
by  William,  Earl  of  Home,  and  by  George  II., 
Oth  Sept.  1729  :  had  his  settlement  approved 
by  the  Commission  of  Assembly  12th  Aug. 
1730,  and  was  ord.  4th  Feb.  1731.     He  as 
sumed  the  name  of  Sandilands  on  succeed 
ing  to  the  entailed  estate  of  Couston,  in 
right  of  his  mother,  who  was  a  daugh.  of  the 
Hon.  William  S.     He  was  one  of  those  who 
attended  the  theatre   on  the  first  produc 
tion  of  Doubts,  14th  Dec.  1756,  for  which 
lie  expressed  regret,  and  was  rebuked.     He 
died    13th   June    1773,  in   his    69th   year. 
He  marr.,  before  his  ordination,  Jean  (died 
Oth   April   1789),  daugh.  of   David  Hume, 
depute   clerk   of  Session,  and  had   issue- 
Matthew  of  Couston,  W.S.,  died  3rd  Aug. 
321  ;    Elizabeth   (marr.    Patrick    Smith) ; 
Mary;  John;  Jean  (marr.  10th  Jan.  1706^ 
James    Dickson    of    Antonshill ;    David; 
Frances  (marr.,  pro.  2nd  Jan.  1786,  Walter 
Home,  major  42nd  Reg.),  died   27th   Feb. 
1800;  Margaret.—  [Acts  of  Ass. ;  Douglas's 
Peerage,  ii.,  594  ;  Tombst.] 

ADAM  MURRAY,  teacher  at  Ladykirk 
in  1749  ;  licen.  by  the  Presbyterian 
Classis  of  Northumberland  5th  June 
1 754,  and  admitted  as  a  probationer  by  the 
Presb.  of  Kelso  2nd  July  following ;  ord. 
min.  of  the  Low  Meeting,  Berwick-on- 
Tweed,  10th  May  1756;  trans,  to  Abbey 
St  Bathans  10th  May  1759;  pres.  by 
George  III.  1st  July  1773;  trans,  and  adm. 
10th  March  1774;  died  19th  Jan.  1797,  in 
his  71st  year.  He  marr.  (1)  before  1759, 
Isobel  Marshall,  who  died  15th  Jan.  1771, 
and  had  issue— Thomas,  min.  of  Channel- 
kirk:  Ann,  born  27th  Dec.  1761,  and  Mar 
garet,  born  24th  Sept.  1762,  both  of  whom 
died  llth  Aug.  1764;  William,  born  24th 
Jan.  1707:  (2)  20th  Feb.  1779,  Christian 
Bell,  Fogo,  who  died  at  Birgham,  30th  June 
1818,  aged  90. 

JAMES  BAIRD,  trans,  from  Legerwood  ; 
1797     pres.  by  George  III.,  and  adm.  20th 
July  1797;   trans,  to   Swinton   18th 
April  1805. 

JAMES    THOMSON,  born   Crietf,  9th 
18Q5     May   1768.   second   son   of  John   T. 
and   Elizabeth   Ewan ;    educated   at 
the   parish  school  of   Crieft'  and  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Hadding- 
ton  6th  Aug.  1793 ;  assistant  to  his  uncle, 
John  Ewan,  min.  of  Whittingehame ;  pres. 
by  George  III.,  and  ord.  20th  Sept.  1805 ; 
D.D.  (St  Andrews,   16th   July   1842) ;   res. 
1847,  and  died  in  London,  28th  Nov.  1855. 
He  marr.  10th  Oct.  1805,  Elizabeth  (died 
7th    Aug.    1851),   eldest    daugh.   of    James 
Skene,  Aberdeen,  and   had  issue— Andrew 
Skene,    preacher;    Robert    Dundas,    M.D., 
F.R.S.,   Prof,   of   Chemistry,   St    Thomas's 
Hospital,  London,  born  21st    Sept.   1810, 
died  17th  Aug.  1864;  James,  chairman  of 
the    Government    Bank    of  Madras,  born 
17th  Aug.  1812  ;  Eliza,  born  1815.     Publica 
tions — The  Rise,  Progress,  and  Consequences 
of  the  J^cir  Opinions  and  Principles  latch/ 
'ntroduced  into  France  (Edinburgh,  1799); 
Expository    Lectures  on   St    Luke,  3   vols! 
Edinburgh,  1853);  Exposition  of  the  Acts 
>f  the  Apostles  (London,  1854);  "Sketch  of 
he  Present  State  of  Agriculture  in  Berwick- 
hire  "  (contributed  to  his  brother  Thomas 
Thomson's  Annals  of  Philosophy,  i.  ii.).     He 




edited  the  third  edition  of  the  Encyclopaedia 
Britannica,  writing  the  articles  on  "  Scrip 
ture,"  "  Septuagint,"  "  Superstition,"  etc.  ; 
and  prepared  an  edition  of  the  Spectator, 
with  biographies  of  the  contributors,  8  vols. 
(Newcastle,  1799).—  [Tomlst.  ;  Diet.  Nat. 
Biog.  ;  Literary  (,'aictte,  1  856,  p.  58.] 



born  EdinburSh>  13th  ^arch  1824, 
son  of  James  W.  and  Janet  Ruther 
ford  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  ;  pres.  by 
Queen  Victoria,  and  ord.  (assistant  and 
successor)  20th  April  1848  ;  clerk  of  Presb.  ; 
died  6th  Feb.  1891.  He  niarr.  14th  Nov. 
1848,  Emily  Farquhar  (died  17th  March 
1899),  daugh.  of  Peter  Drummond,  min. 
of  Kirkmichael,  Perthshire,  and  had  issue 
—  Katherine  Drummond,  born  20th  Oct. 
1849  ;  James  Hiram,  probationer  in  charge 
of  Cellardyke  Chapel,  author  [under  the 
name  of  "Andrew  Cheviot  "]  of  The  Provost 
of  St  Foins  ;  Trick,  Trial  and  Triumph  ; 
Slack  A<jnes,  etc.  ;  editor  of  Proverbs,  Pro 
verbial  Expressions  and  Popular  Rhymes 
of  Scotland  (Paisley,  1890),  born  27th  Oct. 
1852,  died  24th  Jan.  1903  ;  Jessie  Ruther 
ford,  born  llth  Sept.  1855. 

JOHN     JOHNSTON,    born     Kilbirnie, 

1891     2Gtli   1)ec>    1864'  son   of   Thonms  J> 
and  Margaret  Langwill  :  educated  at 

Dairy  School,  and  High  School  and  Univ. 
of  Glasgow;  M.A.  (1885),  B.D.  (1888); 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Irvine,  1888  ;  assistant 
at  Strachur,  and  at  St  Stephen's  Parish, 
Glasgow  ;  ord.  29th  July  1891.  Marr.  20th 
March  1900,  George,  daugh.  of  George  Greig 
of  Eccles,  W.S.,  and  Isabella  Richardson 


[Was  given  to  the  Abbey  of  Kelso  about 
1159  by  Gospatrick,  third  Earl  of  Dunbar. 
In  1683  the  church  was  in  great  disrepair. 
The  Harcarse  aisle  may  be  a  reconstruc 
tion  of  the  old  chancel.  There  was  in  the 
parish  a  chapel  of  St  Nicholas,  granted 
by  Patrick  Corbet  to  the  monks  of  Kelso 
between  1280  and  1297.  This,  called  the 
Chapel  of  the  Lord  William,  son  of  the 
Earl,  was  consecrated  by  Bishop  David  de 

Bernham,  2nd  April  1242.  The  parish 
church  was  consecrated  29th  March  1243. 
A  restoration  in  1755  destroyed  most  of  the 
antique  features  of  the  church.] 

DONALD  BALFOUR,  reader  from  1574 
1574     to  1590. 


WILLIAM  METHVEN,  son  of  John  M., 
citizen  of  St  Andrews.  He  was  at 
Hutton  in  1585  when  Horndean, 
Fishwick,  and  Swinton  were  all  in  his 
charge ;  trans,  to  Langton  in  1585  ;  pres. 
by  James  VI.  to  the  vicarage  of  Swinton 
23rd  May  1586;  dem.  before  27th  March 
1587 ;  aclm.  to  this  charge  after  158!), 
but  returned  to  Langton  in  1591  ;  was 
retrans.  in  1595  ;  was  a  member  of  As 
sembly,  1602,  1608  ;  pres.  by  James  VI. 
June  1614 ;  called  before  the  Court  of 
High  Commission  in  1620  ;  dem.  before  4th 
Aug.  1626,  and  died  in  1634,  aged  75.  He 
niarr.  before  Nov.  1591,  Agnes  Cockburn, 
widow  of  James  Craig,  sheriff  clerk  of 
Berwick,  and  had  issue — James,  his  suc 
cessor ;  Matthew,  apprenticed  8th  May 
1616  to  David  Lawson,  merchant,  Edin 
burgh  ;  Agnes  (niarr.  Robert  Home,  min. 
of  Greenlaw). — [Fife  Mas.,  vii.,  176;  Re<j. 
Assi'j. ;  Calderwood's  Hist. ;  Booke  of  the 
Kirk  ,  Milne  Home  J\ISS.,  55.] 

JAMES  METHVEN,  son  of  preceding; 

pres.  by  Charles  I.  4th  Aug.   1626; 

died  in  1660,  aged  74.  It  is  said 
that  descendants  of  his  were  living  in 
Manchester,  Burntisland,  and  Berwick-on- 
Tweed  in  1830. — [Re<j.  Sec.  Si<j. ;  Tombst. ; 
Stat.  Reports,  1627.] 

JOHN  PRINGLE,  only  son  of  George 
P.  of  Balrnungo,  major  in  the  service 
of  Gustavus  Adolphus,  and  Eliza 
beth,  daugh.  of  Sir  Patrick  Ruthven,  Earl 
of  Forth  and  Brentford  :  M.A.  (St  Andrews 
1645).  Conforming  to  Episcopacy,  he  was 
pres.  by  Charles  II.  in  1660  ;  was  coll.  26th 
Dec.  1664,  and  died  22nd  Feb.  1682,  aged  54. 
He  marr.  5th  Feb.  1662,  Jean,  daugh.  of 
John  Shaw,  min.  of  Selkirk,  and  had  issue 
— James  ;  Alexander  ;  John,  called  eldest 
son  and  heir  in  1687,  ancestor  of  the  family 
of  Whytbank  and  Yair ;  George  ;  Elspeth  ; 
Ann. — [Jnq.  Ret.  Fife,  874,  ami  G'eu.  6613  ; 




Douglas's   r,nr»na<je:    Louder  Tests.:  AV/.  him,  and   had  issue— Grisell   (marr.  April 

'ombst.:   epitaph  in   Robson:s  1760,   Andrew  Jollie,   tailor,    Edinburgh); 

Churches  and  Churchyards  of  />/vvV/>-/mr,  Andrew  ;   William.— (Tom^. ;  Marchmont 

11 3-1  :.  and  the  If  umes  of  Polwarth.} 

WILLIAM      METHVEX,      M.A.      (St 
1682     ^n^rcws-  24th  July  1609);  probably 
son  or  grandson  of  James  M.,  min. 
of  this  parish  :  bursar  of  Presb.  of  Duns  in 
1069;  ord.  and  coll.  to   Hilton  25th  March 
1675  ;    trans,    and     inst,    3rd    July    1082  : 
deprived  by  the  Privy  Council,  17th  Sept. 
1689,  for  not  muling  the  Proclamation  of 
the   Estates,  and  not  praying  for  William 
and  Mary.     Fie  was  allowed  to  occupy  the 
manse  for  some  years  afterwards.     Joined 
the  Church  of  England,  and   inst.   to  the 
curacy  of  Tweedmouth  and  An  croft,  North 
umberland,  19th  June  1703  ;  died  14th  April 
1731,    in    his   90th   year,    and    was    buried 
on  the  north   side  of  the  altar  at  Tweed- 
mouth.     He  marr.  Margaret.  !>  sprung  from 
a  worthy  and  ancient  house  in  Scotland  :; 
(surname   unknown),    who    died   9th   June 
1730,    aged    81,    and    had    issue— George  : 
Jean  ;  Isabel ;  James.— [St  Andrews  Tests.  : 
Peterkin's    Constitution    of     the.    Church  : 
MS.  Arc.  of  Min.,  1689;   Tombs!.:   Hutchin- 
son's  Northumberland,    ii.  ;    Haine's  North 

GEORGE  MOODIE,  M.A.  (Edinburgh 
1693  166y);  licen.  by  Alexander,  Bishop 
of  Edinburgh,  16th  April  1673;  ord. 
to  Fala  12th  May  1074 ;  deprived  for  re 
fusing  the  Test  in  1681  ;  received  into 
communion  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  before 
7th  March  1693;  called  before  14th,  and 
adm.  to  this  charge  27th  Sept,  1693 ;  died 
May  1721,  aged  76.  He  marr.  Elizabeth 
Calderwood,  and  had  issue  --  William ; 
Roger,  min.  of  Duns  ;  and  a  daugh.  (marr. 
-  Cowbary,  mason,  Queensferry).  - 
[Lander  Tests.:  Tombst.} 

WILLIAM  HOME,  born  Greenlaw,  1st 
1722     July    168G;    educated    at    Univ.    of 

Edinburgh  :  licen.  by  Presb.  of  . 
Chirnside  27th  Nov.  1716  ;  pres.  by  George  '. 
I.  26th  Sept.  1721:  ord.  8th  May  1722;  l 
died  18th  Nov.  1756.  He  marr.,  pro.  3rd  I 
Aug.  1729,  Isabella,  daugh.  of  William  j 
Oliphant,  min.  of  Smailhulm,  uho  survived 


WILLIAM     HOME,   bapt.    26th    Xov. 

171°>    tllird    son    of    Baiter   H.    of 
Bassendean,   and    Janet,   daugh.    of 
Gabriel    Seniple,  min.  of  Jedburgh  ;   licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Earlston  6th  Xov.  1733;  ord. 
min.    of    Polwarth    7th    Jan.    1735:    pres. 
by  George  II.  10th    Dec.  1756:   trans,  and 
adm.  2  1st    Sept.     1758:    app.   chaplain    of 
Edinburgh   Castle   in    1778,  but    did    the 
duty  by  deputy;  died  30th  Oct.  1784.     He 
marr.   19th  March    1737,  Mary  (died   10th 
,  Sept.  1788),  daugh.  of  Robert  Roddam  of 
Ewart,  Northumberland,  and  had  issue— 
Mary,  born  before   1741    (marr.    15th   July 
1770,  John  Home,  min.  of  Athelstaneford, 
:  author  of  Doi<<ila*j  :   Walter,  colonel  42nd 
Kegt.,  served   through  the  American   War 
of  Independence,  born  4th  Oct.  1742,  died 
before  27th  Feb.  1800;  Robert,  min.  of  Pol 
warth  :    Janet,  born   22nd  Dee.  1748,  died 
21th  March  1765;  Elizabeth,  born  19th  May 
1756  (marr.    19th   Sept.    1782,   Christopher 
Tait,  min.  of  Kincardine-in-Menteith),  died 
4th  Jan.  1806  ;  Roddam  of  Longformacus, 
Admiral  R.N.,  died  at  Inveresk  13th  Feb. 
1801  ;  Luke,  captain  16th  Foot,  died  about 
1/98;  John  of  Bassendean,  captain  H.E.I.C.S. 
—[Scots  May.,  xix.  ;  Morren's  Ann.,  ii.,  168  ; 
Carlyle's  A-utob.  ;  CvncaL  of  Home.} 

JOHX  TODD,  born  17th  Dec,  1743,  son 
1785  of.  John  T.,  min.  of  Ladykirk  ;  ord. 
min.  of  the  Presbyterian  congrega 
tion  at  Longframlington,  Northumberland, 
Nov.  1767;  pres.  by  George  III.  26th 
March,  and  adm.  21st  Sept,  1785;  died 
unmarr.  23rd  Jan.  1814,  aged  70.  Publica 
tion  —  Account  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's 
Stat.  Ace.,  xx.).—  [Tombst.} 

GEORGE  M'LEAN,  born  Dysart  :  son 
1814  of  A1«x"-nder  M.  ;  was  schoolmaster 
of  Coldstream  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Chirnside 
28th  March  1797;  pres.  by  George,  Prince 
Regent,  26th  Feb.,  and  ord.  1st  Sept.  1814; 
died  20th  Dec.  1840.  He  marr.  before  1787^ 
Alison  Johnston,  who  died  2nd  Feb.  1840,' 




and  had  issue-  Christian,  born  9th  July 
1788  (marr.  25th  June  1819,  Adam  Johnston); 
Margaret,  born  13th  July  1789  (marr.  18th 
Dec.  1823,  John  Turnbull  of  Humebyres) ; 
Esther,  born  28th  Sept.  1791,  died  unmarr. 
at  Kelso,  20th  April  1849.  Publication— 
Account  of  the  Parish  (Xei/<  Stat.  Ace.,  ii.). 

JOHN  BA1LLIE,  born  Fala  Hall,  Stow, 

1841     23rcl  Augl   181G'   son   of    Jamcs  B- 
(a  kinsman  of  Joanna  Baillie)  and 

Isabella  Harvey  ;  educated  at  Stow  Parish 
School,  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  (where  he  won 
six  gold  medals),  and  at  Gonvillc  arid  Caius 
College,  Cambridge;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Earlston  29th  June  1840;  assistant  at  St 
John's,  Leith ;  ord.  30th  July  1841.  Joined 
the  Free  Church  ;  min.  of  Free  Church, 
Linlithgow,  1843-53.  Joined  the  Church  of 
England  ;  min.  of  Percy  Chapel,  London, 
1857;  rector  of  Wyvenhoe,  Essex,  1867; 
D.D.  (Trinity  College,  Cambridge,  3rd  Feb. 
1876);  died  17th  June  189<».  He  marr.  (1) 
8th  Sept.  1847,  Anne  (died  April  1854), 
da  ugh.  of  Richard  Hough  ton,  Liverpool, 
and  had  issue  —  James  liichard,  Indian 
Civil  Service,  born  16th  June  1848;  Eleanor 
Jane,  born  Aug.  1849  ;  Richard  Houghton, 
M.D.,  bom  25th  Dec.  1850,  died  9th  April 
1897;  John  Harvey  Johnson,  M.D.,  born 
4th  April  1854,  died  31st  Jan.  1891  :  (2) 
1861,  Elizabeth  Clara  Chippendale  (died 
1889),  daugh.  of  General  Latter,  H.E.I.C.S., 
and  had  issue  —  Ernest  Cecil,  born  21st 
April  1864;  Algernon  Harold,  major  Nor 
folk  Regiment,  born  22nd  April  1866. 
Publications— Memoir  of  William  Hepburn 
llenitson  (London,  1851) ;  The  Missionar;/ 
of  Kilman]/  (Edinburgh,  1853);  Memoir  of 
Adelaide  Newton  (London,  1854) ;  Life 
Studies  (London,  1857);  Thoughts  and 
Aphorisms  on  the  Christian  Life  (London, 
1857);  An  Earnest  Ministry  (London, 
1857);  God's  Avenger,  or  England's  present 
Duty  in  India  (London,  1857);  Rivers  in, 
the  Dfsei't,  or  Mission  Scenes  in,  Burma)t 
(London,  1858) ;  tit  Augustine  :  a  Bio 
graphical  M^emoir  (London,  1859) ;  Memoir 
of  Captain  Jkite,  R.N.  (London,  1859) ; 
Scenes  of  Life,  Historical  and  Biographical 
(London,  1861);  Grace  Abounding  (London, 
1861);  Christ  Our  Life  (London,  1864); 

VOL.  II. 

The  Comforter  (London,  1866)  ;  Coming 
\  Events,  or  Thouglds  on  the  Anti-Christ 
|  (London,  1869);  Modern  Preaching  (Lon 

don,  1870):  Church-  and  State  in  England 
j  (London,  1872);  What  to  Preach,  avd 
'  /iota  to  Preach  (London,  1875);  Pleasant 
i  Mcmorii't  (London,  1878);  and  others, 
|  besides  several  works  of  which  he  was 

editor.—  [Private  information.] 

ANDREW    REDMAN    BONAR,    ord. 
22nd    Sept.  1843  ;   trans,  to   Second 
Charge,  Canongate,  Edinburgh,  13th 
|   March  1845. 


1845     F()OT>  boni  27th  Dec-  1817'  elde'st 
son  of  William  P.,  min.  of   Shotts, 

•  afterwards    of     Avendalc  ;     educated     at 

j  Strathaven  school  and  Univ.  of  Glasgow  ; 
B.A.  (1837);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Hamilton; 

;  assistant  at  Avendale  and  at  Gilmerton  ; 

I  ord.  to  North  Esk  5th  Jan.  1844  ;  adm.  to 
this  parish  4th  July  1845  ;  died  unmarr. 
5th  March  1891.  Publication—  "  Ministers 
of  the  Synod  of  and  Teviotdale," 
contributed  to  The  Berwickshire  News. 


born  10th  -July  1862,  son  of  James 
S.  S.,  min.  of  Eday  ;  educ.  at  Univs. 
of  St  Andrews  and  Edinburgh  ;  M.A.  (St 
Andrews  1«82)  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edin 
burgh  ;  assistant  at  Brechin,  Tranent,  and 
Lady  Tester's,  Edinburgh  ;  ord.  13th  Aug. 
1891  ;  died  4th  April  1913.  He  marr. 
27th  June  1893,  Marion  Ellison  Somer- 
ville,  daugh.  of  William  Cockburn  Stark, 
Edinburgh,  and  had  issue  —  Hester  Ada, 
born  6th  May  1894;  Wellesley  Sidney 
Cockburn  Cray,  born  18th  June  1900; 
Horace  Deans,  born  28th  Aug.  1905.  Pub 
lication—  I  W.s  Vitw  (Edinburgh,  1906). 



SON,  born  20th  Sept.  1884,  son  of 
Joseph  Sage  F.,  min.  of  Burnt- 
island  ;  educated  at  High  School  and 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh;  M.A.  (1906),  B.D. 
(1909) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Kirkcaldy  1909  ; 
assistant  at  Alloa  and  St  Stephen's, 
Edinburgh;  ord.  21st  Aug.  1913.  He 





raarr.  23rd  June  1914,  Evelyn  A'iolet 
Emily,  youngest  daugli.  of  James  Oliver. 


[Previous  to  the  Reformation  the  church 
belonged  to  the  Abbey  of  Kelso.  It  was 
dedicated  by  David  de  Bernham,  4th  April 
1242.  There  is  no  record  of  a  patron  saint, 
but  a  fair  was  held  here  on  St  Helen's  Day. 
The-  tower  was  built  originally  as  a  jail,  in 
1712.  In  a  charter  of  1159  chapels  at 
Lambden  and  llalyburton  are  mentioned. 
There  was  also  a  chapel  at  Rowiestone.] 


CHARLES  HOME,  reader  in  1507.     He 
held   also    the   chaplaincy   at  Haly- 




JOHN  AFFLECK,  last  of  the  Romish 
priests,  conformed,  and  was  reader 
in  1509. 

WILLIAM  ERASER,  reader  from  1570 
1570     to  1590. 


ROBERT  FRENCH,  pres.  to  the  vicarage 
^  ''ames  VI-  "23rfl  April  1573  ;  trans. 
to  Home  about  1574. 


DAVID  HOME,  younger  son  of  John 
^'  °^  ^meweHs  ,;  M.A.  (Edinburgh 
1588)  ;  orcl.  to  Chirnside  in  1593  ;  pres. 
by  Sir  George  Home  of  Greenlaw  ;  trans. 
and  adm.  before  March  1003.  He  was 
nominated  constant  Moderator  of  Presb. 
by  the  Assembly  at  Linlithgow  ;  was  a 
member  of  Assembly  in  1008  ;  acquired  a 
feu-right  to  the  lands  of  The  Tenandry  of 
Greenlaw  in  1017;  was  tutor  of  Xinewells 
in  1019  ;  was  called  before  the  Court  of 
High  Commission  in  1020,  and  died  in 
April  1037,  aged  about  09.  He  marr. 
Magdalen  Auchencraw,  "life-renter  of  a 
third  of  the  West  Mains  of  Chirnside," 
perhaps  as  widow  of  one  of  the  Spences 
of  West  Mains  and  Hardens.  She  pre 
deceased  him.—  [Milne  Home  Papers,  233  ; 
Re<j.  of  Assifj.  •  Reij.  Pr'nnj  Counc.  \  Jf(»j. 
of  Deeds,  ccclxxiii.,  232  ;  Gen.  Re<j.  of  Sa*., 
xxxviii.,  209  ;  Berwickshire  County  Records, 
Deeds,  Hi.,  159;  Louder  Tests.]  Row's  and 
Stevenson's  /fists.] 

DAVID  SPEXCE  is  referred  to  in  a 
1638  lhinutc>  dated  llth  Sept.  1055, 
quoted  at  a  visitation  at  Greenlaw 
on  28th  Xov.  1GG4.  He  is  then  described 
as  the  last  min.  there.  He  is  apparently 
the  same  as  D.  S.  of  Chirnside  West 
Mains,  and  Hardens.  He  marr.  before 
1035,  Barbara,  daugh.  of  Andrew  Logan  of 
Coitfield,  and  had  issue — Samuel  :  James. 


ROBERT  HOME  of  Greenlaw  Castle, 
descended  from  the  Homes  of 
Polwarth;  M.A.  (St  Andrews  1617) ; 
tutor  and  servitor  at  Redbraes,  1619-31  ; 
ord.  to  Ellem  in  1635 ;  trans,  and  adm.  in 
1645  ;  died  12th  Dec.  1673,  in  his  79th  year. 
He  was  one  of  those  appointed  to  revise 
the  metrical  psalms,  1650  edition.  He 
marr.  Agnes,  daugli.  of  William  Methven, 
min.  of  Fogo,  and  had  issue  —  William 
of  Greenlaw  Castle,  apprenticed  to  Robert 
Campbell,  apothecary,  Edinburgh,  30th 
Aug.  1654,  sometime  Sheriff-substitute  of 
the  county,  died  1703  ;  James,  apprenticed 
to  Thomas  Trotter,  cordwainer,  Edinburgh, 
2nd  June  1652  ;  Margaret  (marr.  28th  Oct. 
1603,  George  Holiwell,  min.  of  Polwarth). 
He  had  various  mortgages  on  land  in 
Berwickshire,  and  by  a  loan  to  Sir  Patrick 
Hume,  first  Earl  of  Marchmont,  he  acquired 
Greenlaw  Castle.  This  loan  was  repaid  by 
Alexander,  the  second  Earl,  sixty-four  years 
later.  [Among  the  descendants  of  his  son 
William,  were — Anne  Home,  minor  poetess, 
wife  of  John  Hunter,  the  anatomist ; 
Mary,  wife  of  Robert  Mylne,  architect ; 
Sir  Everard  Home,  Bart.,  a  distinguished 
surgeon  ;  and  Duncan  Charles  Home,  V.C., 
"  the  hero  of  the  Kashmir  Gate,''  at  the 
i  Siege  of  Delhi,  1857  (Lord  Roberts'  Forly- 
one  Years  in,  India}.'}  —  [Peebles  Prc*l>.  : 
Lander  Tests. ;  Reg.  Old  Dec.,  i. ;  Baillie's 
Lett.  :  Family  Papers.] 

JOHN   HOME,  eldest  son  of  John   II. 

|  of  Kelloe;  licen.  by  George,  Bishop  of 

Edinburgh,    17th   June   1073:    pres. 

by  Sir  Patrick  Hume  of  Polwarth,  Bart. ; 

adm.  10th  May,  and  coll.   llth  Aug.  1074; 

i  deprived  by  Privy  Council  17th  Sept.  1689, 

for  failing  to  read  the  Proclamation  of  the 

Estates  and  to  pray  for  William  and  Mary. 

For    some    years     he    ministered    in    the 




Episcopal  meeting  -  house  at  Eyemouth, 
but  was  dep.  by  Presb.  of  Chirnside,  20th 
April  1718,  for  baptizing  the  children  of 
persons  of  scandalous  character.  As  he 
continued  in  his  post  there,  the  Presb. 
appealed  to  the  Justices,  who  held  that  he 
came  under  the  Act  of  Toleration.  The 
Court  of  Justiciary  on  29th  May  1719  in 
hibited  him.  He  retired  to  Herdrig,  in 
Eccles  parish,  and  on  5th  March  1721  was 
warned  by  the  Sheriff  that  his  chapel 
would  be  shut  up  if  he  allowed  more  than 
eight  persons  beyond  his  own  family  to 
attend.  He  succeeded  to  Kelloe.  but  sold 
the  lands  in  1710.  He  died  in  1740.  He 
marr.  Rachel,  daugh.  of  James  Home,  nrin. 
of  Coklstream,  and  had  issue  —  Mar 
garet  (marr.  1st  June  1715,  John  Gow, 
student  of  divinity).  —  [Marchmont  and 
the  Humes  of  Pol  war  th  ;  Key.  Colt 'at. :  JAS'. 
Ace.  of  Mia.  ;  Sheri/ Court  Decree*,  1722-25, 
p.  3f>6  :  Lander  Tests.} 


called   Oct.    1692;   ord.    21st  March 
1693;     trans,      to      Polwarth     12th 
July  1709. 


DAVID    BROWX,     M.A.  ;    called    31st 
Oct.    1706  ;   ord.  (assistant  and  suc 
cessor)    4th    June    1707;    trans,    to 
Gordon  25th  Xov.  1708. 

-JAMES  GILLILAXD,  licen.  by 
of  Earlston  23rd  Jan.  1707  ;  assistant 

1 71 1 

at  Gordon;  called  5th  Sept.  1710; 
ord.  (5th  Feb.  1711;  died  Sept.  1724.  lie 
marr.  19th  May  1719,  Marjory,  third 
daugh.  of  Sir  Alexander  Purves  of  that 
ilk,  'Bart.,  and  had  issue— Helen  (marr., 
pro.  llth  Sept.  1743,  George  Home,  baker, 
Edinburgh) ;  James,  jeweller,  Edinburgh  ; 
Elizabeth. — [Douglas's naye  :  Lander 

THOMAS  TURXBULL,  pres.  by  Alex 
ander,  Earl  of  Marchmont,  and  ord. 
3rd  Aug.  1725  ;  trans,  to  Borthwick 
16th  June  1734. 

j   1724;   ord.   to  Polwarth   29th  Aug.    1727; 
trans,  and  adm.  26th  Sept.  1734:  died  13th 
I  Dec.  1777.     He  marr.  Charlotte,  daugh.  of 
;  Charles    Bellingham,    deputy    governor   of 
j  Dumbarton  Castle,  and  Lady  Julian  Hume, 
;  daugh.  of  Patrick,  first  Earl  of  Marchmont, 
and  had  issue — Alexander,  min.  of  Polwarth ; 
George,  lieut.  R.X.,  who  was  named  one  of 
the  heirs  in  the  will  of  Hugh,  last  Earl  of 
Marchmont ;  Julian  (a  daugh.).    Publication 
—  Se/'inons  -upon   Religious  and   Practical 
Si/lji'i-tx  (Edinburgh,  1775). — [Lauder  Tests.; 
.  ;    Marchmont  and    the    Humes    <>f 
tli.  163     Gibson's  An  Old  Ikrw'vk- 

JOHN   HUME   of  Abbey   St  Bathans, 
born    1700,    son    of    George    H.    of 
Abbey,  min.  of  Abbey  St  Bathans ; 
licen.   by    Presb.   of    Chirnside   27th    Oct. 

WILLIAM    SIMSOX,   pres.   by   Hugh, 
Earl    of   Marchmont,   and    ord.   3rd 
Dec.    1778;   trans,  to  Swinton   13th 
June  1799. 




JOHX  STEWAUT,  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Perth  31st  Aug.  1785,  and  ord. 
25th  Jan.  1797  chaplain  to  the  Fife 
Fencible  Cavalry ;  pres.  by  the  Trustee  on 
the  Marchmont  Estate,  and  adm.  26th  Sept. 
1799;  died  6th  Feb.  1804,  aged  42.  He 
marr.  15th  Aug.  1803,  Jane  Henderson, 
who  marr.  again  10th  Aug.  1807.— [See 
Autobiography  of  [his  grand-nephew]  AVr. 
William  Arnot,  Edinburgh.] 

JAMES  LUKE,  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dal- 
14  keith  24th  Xov.  1795  ;  assistant  to 
Hugh  Blair,  D.D.,  St  Giles,  Edin 
burgh  ;  morning  lecturer  by  appointment 
of  the  Town  Council  13th  March  1801  ; 
pres.  by  John  Wauchope,  Trustee  on  the 
Marchmont  Estate,  and  ord.  30th  Aug. 
1804  ;  died  from  the  effects  of  a  fall  from 
his  horse  (an  old  Waterloo  charger),  9th 
Sept.  1820.  He  marr.  4th  Oct.  1804,  Eli/a, 
youngest  daugh.  of  Adam  Keir,  baker, 
Edinburgh.  She  died  without  issue,  21st 
Sept.  1859.— [Tomlst.} 

ABRAHAM  HOME  of  Windshiel  and 
1821  ('unsoreen>  born  25th  Dec.  1775, 
son  of  George  H.,  min.  of  Ay  ton  ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Chirnside  25th  July  1797; 
ord.  to  Ay  ton  29th  Aug.  1799 ;  pres.  by 
Sir  William  Purves  -  Hume  -  Campbell  of 




Marchmont,  Hart.,  trans,  and  aclm.  29th 
March  1821  :  dem.  31st  May  1844.  He 
dem.  his  charge  at  Ayton  2!)th  March 
1«14,  expecting  to  become  the  heir  of 
George  Home  of  Paxton,  with  whom  he 
lived  for  a  time.  A  difference  arose  , 
through  his  refusal  to  marry  Home's  niece, 
Nancy  Stephen,  the  adopted  daughter  of 
Xinian  Home,  Governor  of  Grenada. 
Abraham  returned  to  the  ministry,  but 
retained  the  annuity  of  £300  given  him 
by  Home  of  Paxton  when  he  resigned 
Ayton.  He  died  at  Gunsgreen,  Eyemouth, 
3rd  May  185G.  He  marr.  30th  April  1821, 
Susan  (died  20th  March  1831),  eldest  daugh. 
of  Patrick  Anderson,  W.S.,  and  had  issue 
—George  ;  Patrick,  M.D. ;  Susan  ;  Anne 
Mary  ;  Margaret.  Publication  —  Account 
of  the  Parish  (Xew  Mat.  Ace.,  ii.). — 
[Memoirs  of  An  Aristocrat.] 


Kirkmahoe,  Dumfriesshire,  26th  June 
1800,  son  of  James  W.  ;  educated 
at  Edinburgh  Univ. ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Penpont;  ord.  to  Legerwood  17th  April 
1834 ;  trans,  and  adm.  2nd  Aug.  1844 ; 
died  26th  June  1881.  He  marr.  28th  Aug. 
1834,  Elizabeth  M'Feegan,  Keir,  who  died 
12th  Dec.  1870,  and  had  issue — Janet,  born 
9th  Aug.  1835  (marr.  21st  June  1870,  Robert 
Forrester  Hardy,  banker,  Duns),  died  18th 
Dec.  1914  [under  the  pen-name  of  "  Janet 
Gordon  "  she  wrote  The  Council*  of  Castle 
Connell,  Champion*  of  the  Reformation, 
The  Sjianisli  Inquisition,  Afloat  and  Ashore 
u'ith  Sir  Walter  Raleigh,  and  other  works] ; 
Elizabeth,  born  18th  Dec.  1836;  James,  min. 
of  Ghannelkirk  ;  Jane,  born  7th  Sept.  1840, 
died  unmarr.  30th  March  1908.  Publication 
— "  The  Town  and  Parish  of  Greenlaw  ;: 
(History  of  Berwickshire  Naturalists'  Chib, 

The  Hox.  ARTHUR  GORDON,  M.A. ; 
ord.  5th  Jan.  1882  ;  trans,  to  Kirk- 


newton  18th  May  1886. 

HUGH   MACCULLOCH,  born    Bally- 
barton,  Co.  Londonderry,  31st  March 
1851,  son  of  Hugh  M.  and  Margaret 
Campbell ;    educated    at    Magec    College, 
Londonderry,  Xcw  College    and  Univ.   of 

Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Glencler- 
mot,  Ireland,  1873;  ord.  to  Milford,  Co. 
Donegal,  1st  Oct.  1873  ;  trans,  to  Buncrana, 
Co.  Donegal,  25th  Jan.  1881  ;  adm.  to  St 
Paul's  Chapel,  Leith,  in  April  1883  ;  trans, 
and  adm.  23rd  Sept.  1886.  Marr.  21st  June 
1881,  Annie,  daugh.  of  Robert  Ross,  D.D., 
min.  of  Carlisle  Road  Church,  Londonderry, 
and  Margaret  Jane  Christie,  and  has  issue 
—Margaret,  born  13th  Oct.  1883  ;  Robert 
Ross,  solicitor,  born  4th  Oct.  1890. 

1916  GlasS°w>  14tl1  Aug.  1859,  son  of 
James  T.,  builder,  and  Margaret 
Reid ;  educated  at  St  Enoch's  School  and 
Univ.  of  Glasgow ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Glasgow ;  assistant  at  Kilbarchan  and  St 
Mark's,  Dundee ;  ord.  to  East  Parish, 
Greenock,  8th  Xov.  1887  ;  trans,  (assistant 
and  successor),  and  adm.  6th  Jan.  1916. 
Marr.  llth  May  1905,  Henrietta  Hamilton, 
third  daugh.  of  Matthew  Hill,  Greenock. 



[Founded  by  the  Original  Burgher 
Synod,  17th  July  1800.  In  1839  the  con 
gregation  joined  the  Church  of  Scotland. 
Having  taken  part  in  the.  Secession  of 
1843,  they,  along  with  other  parishioners 
of  Greenlaw,  formed  the  Free  Church  in 
the  parish.] 


JAMES  YOUNG,  ord.  3rd  June  1834. 
Joined  the  Church  of  Scotland  in 
1839  ;  dem.  in  1841.  He  served  for  a 
time  at  Berbice,  British  Guiana.  Having 
returned  to  Scotland,  he  eventually  resided 
at  Broughty-Ferry,  where  he  gave  occasional 
supply  in  the  Free  Church.  He  died  3rd 
Xov.  1882,  aged  82. 

JOHX  FAIRBAIRX,  born  Halyburton, 
1842  Greenlaw,  llth  Feb.  1808,  second  son 
of  John  F.,  farmer,  and  Jessie  John 
ston,  Middlestots ;  was  brother  of  Patrick 
F.,  Principal  of  the  Free  Church  College, 
Glasgow  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ; 
sometime  tutor  at  Cairnie,  Fife ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Cupar  in  1832 ;  app.  by  the 




Glasgow  Colonial  Society,  15th  March  1833, 
for  service  in  Canada ;  min.  at  Ramsay, 
Canada,  1833-42  ;  adm.  to  this  charge  9th 
July  1842.  Joined  the  Free  Church  ;  min. 
of  Greenlaw  Free  Church  1843-91  ;  died 
at  Dunbar,  3rd  April  1895.  Ho  marr. 

(1)  Mary  Wilson,  Campbellfield,  Glasgow, 
and   had    issue  —  John,   merchant,   Rock- 
hampton,  Queensland,  died  1st  Jan.  1901  : 

(2)  Agnes  Copland   (died   29th   July  1887, 
aged   7G),  daugh.    of  John   Turnbull,  Eye- 
mouth,  and  sister  of  John  T.,  rnin.  of  that 
parish.— [The  Harder  Almanw,  1896.] 


[Previous  to  the  Reformation  the  church, 
dedicated  to  St  Cuthbert,  belonged  to  the 
Abbey  of  Kelso.  The  original  edifice  stood 
in  the  old  churchyard,  near  Langton  House. 
A  church  was  built  in  1798  at  the  village  of 
Gavinton.  This  was  replaced  in  1872  by 
a  new  building.] 

JOHN  LEITCH,  reader  1574  to 
1574  1580. 

JOHN   HOME,  trans,  from   Hut  ton  in 
1585,  when  Fogo  also  was  under  his 
care  ;    trans,   to    Ay  ton    in    1586. — 
[Reg.  Assig.] 


WILLIAM  METHVEN,  trans,  from 
Hutton,  and  adm.  in  1586 ;  pres.  by 
James  VI.  to  the  vicarage  of  Swinton 
25th  May  1586;  clem,  before  27th  April 
1587  ;  trans,  to  Fogo  in  1590,  but  returned  in 
1591 ;  was  a  member  of  Assemblyiin  1593, 
and  again  trans,  to  Fogo  after  1595. — [Reg. 

JAMES  GAITTIS  [GALT],  trans,  from 
1596     Ellem  in  1596 ;  pres.  to  the  vicarage 
by  James  VI.  6th  Feb.  1601  ;  trans, 
to  Duns  before  1607.—- [Reg.  Assiy.] 

1Q08  burgh,  28th  July  1599) ;  pres.  to  the 
vicarage  by  James  VI.  23rd  Nov. 
1608  ;  summoned  before  the  Court  of  High 
Commission  in  1620 ;  died  in  1653,  aged 
about  74.  He  marr,  Maria  Turnbull  and 

had  issue— John,  apprenticed  to  Gilbert 
Muir,  merchant,  Edinburgh,  15th  March 
1643;  Robert.— [.Pro*.  £k.,  John  Hay,  ix., 
125,  26th  July  1625  ;  Reg.  Assig. ;  Old  Dec., 
ii. ;  Lander  Tests. ;  Stat.  Reports,  1627 ; 
Calderwood's  Hist.,  vii.,  425.] 


JOHN  BURNE,  born  1615  ;  M.A.  (Glas 
gow  1634).  He  was  settled  here  in 
1659.  He  refused  to  conform  to 
Episcopacy,  but  was  protected  by  Sir 
Archibald  Cockburn  of  Langton,  and  con 
tinued  till  his  death,  between  21st  Nov. 
1672  and  25th  March  1673.  In  Sept.  1668 
he  was  reported  to  the  Bishop  for  allowing 
John  Vcitch,  the  suspended  min.  of  West- 
ruther,  to  dispense  the  Communion  in  the 
parish  to  a  vast  assemblage  from  all  parts  of 
the  Border.  He  refused  the  Presbytery's 
offer  to  supply  his  pulpit,  and  permitted 
deposed  ministers  and  students  to  share 
his  pastoral  duties.  The  Presb.  complained 
that  "  great  crowds  with  itching  ears  flock 
to  hear  those  intruders,  to  the  contempt 
of  authority,  both  civil  and  ecclesiastical, 
and  to  the  no  small  scandal  of  all  well- 
affected  persons."  He  marr.,  and  had  issue 

William,  alive  in  1689  :  George,  appren 
ticed  to  James  Stewart,  druggist,  Edin 
burgh,  15th  Nov.  1665.— \Bunlde  Sess.  Reg.  ; 
Tombst.  :  Wodrow's  Hist.] 

ROBERT  HAPPER,  licen.  by  George, 
1677  Bishop  of  Edinburgh,  4th  May  1665  ; 
pres.  by  Sir  Archibald  Cockburn  of 
Langton ;  coll.  7th  and  adm.  27th  Feb. 
1677 ;  continued  1st  Nov.  1681,  and  was 
probably  deprived  on  account  of  the  Test. — 
[Reg.  Collat. ;  Tombst.] 

LUKE  OGLE,  M.A.,  born   1610,  eldest 

1679  son  °^  ^Ch0las  O->  °f  tnc  Eglingharn 
branch  of  this  widely-spread  North 
umberland  family ;  was  vicar  of  Ingram, 
from  which  he  was  driven  by  the  Act  of 
Uniformity.  He  became  lecturer  in  Ber 
wick,  but  was  ejected  along  with  Wressel 
the  vicar,  in  1662.  While  resident  in 
Berwick  he  served  in  the  ministry  at 
Ancroft,  but  was  seized  by  Lord  Wid- 
drington,  Governor  of  Berwick,  and  im- 




prisoned  for  six  weeks.  Being  admitted 
to  bail.  In1  was  released  and  confined  to  the 
town  and  its  liberties.  After  getting  free 
of  this  restraint,  he  visited  friends  in 
Kngland  and  in  Scotland,  where  he  often 
took  part  in  conventicles.  Many  gatherings 
were  held  at  this  time  at  Lintlaw,  Blanerne 
House,  the  house  of  the  Laird  of  Abbey, 
Duns  Law.  and  Xisbet,  where  John  Welch, 
"  so  much  talked  about/''  was  the  preacher. 
At  Langton  Ogle  preached  and  baptized, 
and  drew  great  crowds,  and  was  on  19th 
Sept.  1071  inhibited  by  the  Archbishop  of 
St  Andrews.  Returning  to  .Berwick,  he 
was  again  banished,  and  went  to  London. 
General  Monk  offered  to  procure  him  a 
bishopric  if  he  would  conform,  but  Ogle 
answered  that  ''  the  height  of  his  ambition 
was  only  to  live  <|iiietly  and  peaceably 
among  his  own  people.  If  that  could  not 
lie  obtained,  he  must  submit  to  "Providence." 
Auain  he  was  imprisoned  for  some  months, 
on  pretence  of  a  plot  being  discovered 
among  Presbyterians  in  the  south  of 
England.  He  retired  to  his  estate  of 
Bowsden,  where  he  conducted  meetings 
that  later  formed  the  beginning  of  the 
congregation  of  Barmoor  or  Lowick.  He 
was  indulged  here  by  the  Privy  Council, 
20th  Sept.  107!*,  and  officiated  in  the 
Langton  Byre  Hater  mistakenly  called  the 
Episcopal  Meeting-house),  in  1085  he  was 
a  prisoner  at  Wooler  for  five  weeks,  which 
nearly  cost  him  his  life.  On  the  Indulgence 
of  1087  he  returned  to  Berwick  and  mini 
stered  to  a  large  congregation.  This 
developed  later  into  the  High  and  the 
Low  Meetings,  and  is  now  represented  by 
St  Andrew's,  Church  of  Scotland.  He 
received  calls  from  the  parish  of  Kelso 
and  the  city  of  Edinburgh,  but  declined 
to  remove,  and  died  April  1090.  He  marr. 
(pro.  Feb.  1057),  Mary,  daugli.  of  Arthur 
Foster,  parish  of  Kirkandrews,  Cumber 
land,  and  had  issue— Samuel  of  Bowsden, 
who  sat  in  Parliament  for  Berwick,  and 
died  Commissioner  of  the  Revenue  for 
Ireland,  10th  March  1718.— [L'ennck  Jfe,/. 
(Bur.}  :  Fuller's  ;  Wodrow's  Hist.  : 
Calamy's  Ejected  J/™.,  ii. ;  Hutchinson's 
Northumberland;  Livingston's  Life; 

PATRICK  WALKER,  born  1053  ;  M.A. 
1682  ^  Andrews,  20th  July  1670) : 
passed  trials  before  the  Presb.  there, 
and  was  recommended  for  license  20th  Jan. 
1075  ;  was  a  bursar  in  1081,  and  on  second 
ary  trials  for  St  Monans  when  he  was 
pres.  to  this  parish,  and  adm.  28th  March 

i  1082  :  deprived  by  Privy  Council  3rd  Sept. 
1089,  for  neither  reading  the  Proclamation 

:  of  Estates,  nor  praying  for  William  and 
Mary  ;  lie  went  to  Oxford,  but  becoming 
chaplain  to  David,  Viscount  Stormont, 
returned  and  took  up  residence  at  Scone, 
where  he  was  served  with  a  libel  and 

:  inhibited  by  the  Presb.  13th  Sept.  1710. 
He  died  unmarr.  at  Comlongan,  Dumfries- 

i  shire,  28th  March  1727. — [Peterkin's  Con 
stitution  of  the  Clturch  :  MS.  Ace.  of  Miti., 
1089:  Tombst.] 

JOHN    DYSART,    M.A. :    trans,    from 

1691     i^ton,  Northumberland,  and  adm. 

30th  April  1091  :  trans,  to  Colding- 

ham,  by  advice  of  the  Privy  Council,  24th 

July  1094. 

JOHX  DAWSOX,  eldest  son  of  James 
1698  '  ^  *n  Harpertoun  :  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
9th  July  1094);  "preacher  of  the 
Gospel  in  the  parish  of  Edrom "  in  1698; 
ord.  14th  July  1098  :  died  Xov.  1726,  aged 
about  53.  He  marr.  (pro.  10th  April  1698), 
Elizabeth  Allan,  "attending  the  Countess 
of  Sutherland,"  and  had  issue— James,  his 
successor. — [Roxburgh  #«.«.,  vii.,  18  ;  L< 
Ti-xt*.  :  Boston's  .1 

JAMES    DAWSOX,   M.A.,  son  of  pre- 
ceding  :     pres.     by     Sir    Alexander 
Cockburn  of  Langton,  and  ord.  18th 
Aug    1727:  trans,  to  St  Cuthbert's  Parish, 
|  Edinburgh,  15th  Feb.  1734. 

JAMES  LAURIE,  M.A.  :   pres.  by  Sir 
1734     Alexander    Cockburn    of    Langton, 
Aug.  1733,  and  ord.  8th  Jan.  1734; 
trans,  to  Hawick  7th  Oct.  1757. 

DAVID    JOHNSTON,  ord.    nth   May 
1758     1758;    trans,    to   North   Leith    llth 
July  1765. 





born  1741,  son  of  William  S.,  prin 
cipal  clerk  of  Chancery,  and  Ann 
Drummond,  heiress  of  Concraig,  to  which 
estate  he  ultimately  succeeded  and  took 
the  name  of  Drummond ;  educated  at 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Edinburgh  25th  April  1764;  ord.  24th  July 
1766  ;  died  26th  Jan.  1789.  He  marr.  27th 
Dec.  1769,  Sophia  (died  20th  July  1803), 
claugli.  of  John  Gowdie,  min.  of  Earlston, 
and  had  issue — Catherine,  died  in  infancy  : 
William,  born  8th  May  1773  :  John,  born 
7th  Xov.  1774;  Andrew,  died  in  infancy: 
Walter,  born  12th  July  1777  ;  Ann  Drum 
mond,  born  12th  July  1779  (marr.  Thomas 
Thomson,  min.  of  St  James;  Place  Relief 
Church,  Edinburgh),  died  at  Polmont,  8th 
May  1848. 

ALEXANDER  GIRVAN,  tutor  in  the 
family  of  James,  Earl  of  Laudcrdale  ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Lander  5th  April 
1775  ;  ord.  to  Lunan  18th  April  1782  ;  pres. 
by  Miss  Elizabeth  Gavin  of  Langton  ;  trans, 
and  adm.  30th  Oct.  1789  ;  died  25th  June 
1809,  aged  57.  He  marr.  Isabella  Edmon- 
ston,  who  died  5th  May  1840,  and  had  issue — 
James  :  Andrew,  accountant  in  Edinburgh  ; 
Isabella,  died  1st  June  1827  ;  Mary,  died 
young.  Publication — Account  of  the  Parish 
(Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  xiv.). 

JOHN  BROWN,  born  9th  May  1778, 
only  son  of  Thomas  B.,  shoemaker, 
Glasgow  ;  educated  under  Prof.  Law- 
son  in  the  Associate  Burgher  Hall,  Selkirk  ; 
called  to  Chapel  Street  Congregation, 
Hamilton,  but  the  Presb.  refused  to  sustain 
the  call.  He  joined  the  Church  of  Scotland, 
and  was  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Glasgow  8th 
June  1803;  ord.  to  Gartmore  13th  June 
1805  ;  pres.  by  Mary,  Countess  of  Breadal- 
bane ;  trans,  and  adm.  28th  June  1810 ; 
D.D.  (Glasgow,  Nov.  1815).  Joined  the 
Free  Church  ;  min.  of  Langton  Free  Church 
1843-48  ;  died  25th  June  1848.  He  marr. 
Marjory  (died  7th  Oct.  1863),  daugh.  of 
George  Graham  of  Duniverig,  and  had 
issue  —  Elizabeth,  died  young;  Thomas, 
D.D.,  min.  of  Kinneff  and  of  Dean  Free 
Church,  Edinburgh,  Moderator  of  Free 
Church  Assembly  1890,  author  of  Annals 

of  the  Disruption,  born  23rd  April  1811, 
died  4th  April  1893;  Sir  John  Campbell, 
K.C.B.,  surgeon  -  general,  born  13th  May 
1813,  served  with  distinction  in  India,  died 
27th  July  1890;  Elizabeth  Gavin,  born 
20th  March  1815  (marr.  John  Thomson, 
min.  of  Mariners'  Church,  Leith) ;  Janet, 
born  Kith  Jan.  1817;  Marjory,  born  9th 
Feb.  1819 ;  Agnes,  born  31st  July  1821  ; 
Margaret,  born  27th  Aug.  1823;  George, 
born  13th  June  1825;  Graham,  born  f>th 
March  1829;  -lane  Anne,  born  13th  Jan. 
1832.  Publications — Vindication  of  the 
Presbyterian  Form  of  Church  < Internment 
(Edinburgh,  1805) ;  Exercises  for  the  Young 
(Edinburgh,  1824) ;  The  Testimony  of  Ex 
perience  to  the  Utility  and  Necessity  of 
Sabbath  Schools  (Edinburgh,  1826);  Ait 
Examination  of  the  Sentiments  of  /Socinians 
and  Arians,  respecting  the  meritorious  cause 
of  the  Forgiveness  of  Sin  (Edinburgh, 
1827) ;  Letter  to  Dr  Chalmers,  on  the  extent 
of  the  powers  which  ought  to  be  vested  in 
the  people  in  the  Settlement  of  Ministers 
(Edinburgh,  1833) ;  The  Exclusive  claims  of 
Pmeyite  Episcopalians  to  the  Christian 
Ministry  hi<lefensille  (Edinburgh,  1842) ; 
l>ri<f  Statement  of  Facts,  respecting  certain, 
interview*  with  Her  Majesty's  Ministers 
(Edinburgh,  1842) ;  many  contributions  to 
the  Edinburgh  Christian  Instructor ;  Ac 
count  of  the  Parish  (New  Stat.  Ace.,  ii.). 
—[Diet.  Nat.  Biog.~\ 


DAVID  DUNLOP,  probably  son  of 
David  D.,  Kilpatrick ;  educated  at 
Univ.  of  Glasgow  and  United  Seces 
sion  Divinity  Hall.  Joined  the  Church  of 
Scotland;  ord.  1st  March  1844;  died  un- 
marr.  4th  April  1864. 

born  30th  Aug.  1836,  son  of  James 
1864  Stormonth  D.  of  Lednathie,  W.S., 
Kelso,  and  Elizabeth  Moir,  daugh.  of 
James  Tod  of  Deanston ;  educated  at 
Edinburgh  Univ.;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Kelso  12th  July  1859;  ord.  18th  Aug. 
1864  ;  died  unmarr.  5th  July  1867.  Publi 
cation—  Sermons  preached  in  the  Church 
of  a  Country  Parish,  posthumous  (private 
circulation  :  Kelso,  1869.) 




JAMES  LARGIE  BLAKE,  born  Aber 
deen.  2:2 ml  Xov.  1820,  son  of  James 
15.  and  Jessie  Largie  ;  educated  at 
Grammar  School  and  Marischal  College, 
Aberdeen:  M.A.  (1810);  schoolmaster  of 
Monymusk,  1813-0:  liccn.  by  Presb.  of 
Garioch  7th  May  18  10  ;  assistant  at 
Invercsk  ;  ord.  to  Stobo  19th  July  1850; 
trans,  and  adin.  10th  Oct.  1807  ;  died  14th 
May  1892.  lie  marr.  17th  Oct.  1850, 
.lanettr  (died  ]2th  March  1*92).  daugh.  of 
\Villiam  Bryce,  D.D.,  min.  of  Aberdour, 
and  had  issue — Jane  Graham,  l>orn  23rd 
Sept.  1851  ;  James  William,  min.  of  Temple  : 
George  Alexander  Bryce, merchant,  America, 
born  30th  Jan.  1855;  Isabella  Elizabeth 
Janette,  horn  8th  Aug.  185*  (marr.  William 
Johnstonc  Walker).  Publications  —  Eng 
land  tfixf  S<-<,t1an<l  ax  hitlitoiced  hi/  tlie 
Reformation,  Blackwell  Prize  Kssay  (Kdin- 
burgh,  1875)  ;  Accent  and  Rhythm  e.>']>l«rn<-d 
l>y  the  Law  of  Monoprewures  (Part  I., 
1888);  sometime  editor  of  the  J/?Wo/m/-y 
Record  of  the  Church  of  Scotland. 


JOHX  PEATTTE,  born  stli  July  1858, 
son  of  John  P.,  Edinburgh ;  educated 
at  Edinburgh  Univ.  :  M.A.  (1885) ; 

licen.   by    Presb.  of    Edinburgh   in    1887  ; 

assistant  at  Alloa:   orcl.    14th  Sept.  1892. 

Marr.  28th   Felt.    1893,  Margaret  Crombie 

( Irant,  Alloa. 


[The  church  of  Longformacus  was  dedi 
cated  by  Bishop  David  cle  Bernham,  llth 
March  1243.  In  1667  the  choir  was  in 
ruins,  the  church  itself  being  "very  ruinous." 
It  was  rebuilt  on  the  old  foundations  in 
1730.  and  a  thorough  renovation  was  made 
in  1895.  Our  Lady's  Well  is  on  the  Dye 
Water,  about  a  quarter  of  a  mile  east  of 
the  village.  The  parish  was  long  united 
to  Mordington,  but  was  disjoined  in  1666. 
Longformacus  and  Ellem  were  united  in 
1712.  and  Ellem  church  was  disused.] 

JOHX    SPOTTISWOOD,  younger  son 

1585     °f  Da.vid  8'  of  that  ilk  '>  mentioned 
as    min.    in    1585    (Arfs    and    Dec., 
clviii.,  110).     See  Mordington. 

JOHX  DOUGLAS,  M.A. ;  settled  here 
in  1594 ;  trans,  to  Canonbie  in  1600. 


GEOBGE  RULE,  brother  of  Robert  R. 

of     Peel  walls,     Ay  ton ;      M.A.     (St 

Andrews    1000);    adm.   before    27th 

May  1007  ;  a  member  of  Assembly  in  1638  ; 

pres.  to  Lennel  by  Charles  I.,  1st  Oct.  1041, 

but  not  settled.    The  parish  was  vacant  by 

Oct.  1052.     He  marr.  Anna  Johnston,  and 

had  issue— Gilbert  [it  is  not  unlikely  that 

this  was  Gilbert  Rule,  afterwards  Principal 

'  of  Edinburgh  Univ..  though  some  accounts 

i  give   Elgin  as  his  birthplace] ;   Archibald, 

:  probably  bailie  in  Edinburgh  ;  Isobel;  Anna 

(marr.,   cont.    27th   Sept.    1000,   Alexander 

Hume  of  Abbey  St  Bathans). — Reg.   Sec. 

Si'.l.  :    Gen.    Raj.   />«.<.,   Hi.,    254 ;    llerti'id- 

Sat.,  i.,  330  :  Milne  Home  MSS.,  70.] 

THOMAS  WOLFE,  M.A.  (St  Andrews 

1025);     assistant    to     preceding    in 

April  1040  ;  licen.  by  George,  Bishop 

of   Edinburgh,    7th   Xov.    1002  :    ord.   and 

coll.  10th  Jan.,  and  adm.  2nd  Feb.  1668  ; 

was  still  in  the  charge  24th   Oct.  1071.— 

[Innenvick  Sexs.  Reg.  ;  Re<j.  of  C'oUat.} 

16?2     24th  Oct.,  and  coll.   7th   Dec.  1672  : 
trans,  to  Coldingham  in  1077. ~[AV/. 
of  Co! laf.] 

JOHX  BROWN,  M.A.  :  adm.  24th  Sept. 
1678     1678  ;  trans,  to  Ellem  1st  March  1684. 


ROBERT  SMITH,  born  1660,  son  of 
William  S.,  portioner  of  Monkton- 
liall,  and  Margaret  Carse ;  M..A. 
(Edinburgh,  4th  Aug.  1677) :  tutor  in  the 
family  of  Robert,  Viscount  Oxfuird  ;  passed 
trials  for  license  before  Presb.  of  Dalkeith, 
and  was  recommended  to  the  Bishop  4th 
Oct.  1683;  pres.  July  1684;  clem.  10th 
June  1714,  when  he  retired  to  Dunbar. 
He  marr.  Janet  Taylor,  and  had  issue- 
John,  min.  of  Kincardine  -  in  -  Menteith  ; 
William,  min.  of  Cranstoun.  —  [Dunlar 
Presb.  Reg.;  JAS'.  Ace.  of  Min.;  J/,S'.  Pedigree 
Li/on  Office;  A"./>.  Advertiser,  20th  Xov. 




DANIEL  SINCLAIR,  M. A.  (Edinburgh, 
2nd  April  1705) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Caithness  30th  May  1711  ;  pres.  by 
Sir   Robert   Sinclair   of   Longformacus    in 
Dec.  1714;  ord.  5th  May  171,");  died  25th 
Nov.  1734,  aged  about  48.     He  marr.  Feb. 
1729,  Elizabeth,  daugh.  of  Robert  Hamilton 
of  Airdrie,  who   survived    him. — [Lawler 
Tests.  ;  Tombst.] 

ROBERT  MONTEITH,  born  1707,  son 
of  James  M.,  min.  of  Borgue ;  M.A. 
(Glasgow,  29th  April  1726):  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Kirkcudbright  7th  July  1731 ; 
called  31st  March,  and  ord.  12th  June  1735  ; 
died  11  th  Dec.  1776.  He  is  frequently 
mentioned  in  the  Autobiography  of  Carlyle 
of  Inveresk,  while  his  conduct  as  a  volunteer 
at  Prestonpans  is  sarcastically  described  in 
Skirving;s  ballad  of  "Tranent  Muir."  He 
marr.  21st  March  1744,  Mary  (died  Feb. 
1795),  daugh.  of  John  Scott,  attorney  in 
Berwick,  and  had  issue — Basil,  bom  28th 
Feb.  1745 ;  Agnes,  born  27th  Oct.  1747 ; 
Mary,  born  24th  Nov.  1748  (marr.  6th  Nov. 
1774,  Thomas  Clark,  tenant  in  Tiptoe, 
Northumberland)  :  Sinclair,  born  20th  July 
1750 ;  James,  born  30th  Oct.  1751 ; 
Christian,  born  18th  Oct.  1753 ;  Alex- 
andrina,  born  30th  Nov.  1754,  died  15th 
June  1762;  Henry,  born  6th  July  1756; 
David,  born  28th  Dec.  1761.  Publication— 
The  Eights  of  the  Clergy  to  Ajq>ear  in 
Defence  of  the  Liberties  of  their  Country,  a 
sermon  (Edinburgh,  1747).—  [Tombst.  \  Car- 
lyle'.s  Autob. ;  Hogg's  Jacobite  Belies,  ii.] 

SELBY  ORD,  min.  for  eleven  years  of  a 
Presbyterian  congregation  at  Cocker- 
mouth  ;    pres.  by  Thomas   Rait    of 
Longformacus,  and  adm,  25th  July  1777  ; 
died  10th  July  1814,  aged  72.    He  had  con 
siderable  medical  knowledge,  which    was 
useful  to   his    people.    He    marr.    Esther 
Sergant,   who  died   20th    Sept.    1787,   and 
had  issue — Nancy  or  Ann,  born  24th  June 

1772  (marr.  8th  April  1806, Houliston) ; 

Margaret,  born  1775  (marr.  28th  July  1808, 
John  Dods,  farmer,  Stoneypath) ;  Edward, 
born  20th  Aug.  1779,  joined  the  army,  died 
18th  Dec.  1807  ;  Thomas,  born  1785,  died  at 
Biggar,  27th  Dec.  1859,  was  widely  known 

as  a  circus  proprietor  and  equestrian.  It 
is  stated  that  he  always  conducted  his 
troupe  in  a  body  to  the  parish  church  in 
the  place  they  happened  to  be  of  a  Sun 
day.  Publication— Account  of  the  Parish 
(Sinclair's  Mat.  Ace.,  i.).— [Scottish  Notes 
and  Queries,  2nd  scr.,  ii.,  107  ;  A  Sketch  of 
the  Life  of  Thomas  Ord,  1902.] 


GEORGE  BELL,  born  1788,  son  of 
George  B.,  Cummertrees ;  became 
schoolmaster  of  Kirkmahoe ;  tutor 
in  the  family  of  Professor  James  Home, 
M.D.,  of  Cowdenknowes,  Earlston  ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Laucler  23rd  Sept.  1813  :  pres. 
by  John  Home  of  Longformacus,  and  ord. 
llth  Feb.  1815  ;  died  8th  Feb.  1830.  He 
marr.  22nd  June  1818,  Elizabeth  Easton  or 
Watson,  a  widow,  who  died  15th  Aug.  1871, 
and  had  issue — Margaret,  born  25th  April 
1819 ;  Elizabeth,  born  25th  Nov.  1820 ; 
Susan  Greig,  born  7th  June  1822  ;  George, 
born  19th  March  1824  ;  Walter,  born  4th 
May  1826  ;  Robert,  born  3rd  March  1828. 

HENRY  SCOTT  RIDDELL,  pres.  by 
John   Home  of  Longformacus,  and 
ord.  6th  Sept,  1830  :  trans,  to  Duns 
19th  Oct.  1843. 


WALTER  WEIR,  born  2nd  March  1796, 
son  of  Robert  W.,  merchant,  Leith, 
and  Margaret  Main ;  educated  at 
Leith  High  School  and  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh  ;  was  in  early  life  a  merchant  in 
Leith  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Lochcarron  10th 
July  1832 ;  assistant  at  Innerwick  and  at 
Cupar-Fife;  ord.  to  Walls  and  Flotta, 
Orkney,  19th  July  1837  ;  trans,  and  adm. 
25th  Jan.  1844  ;  died  10th  April  1871.  He 
marr.  1st  Oct.  1839,  Jane  M'Cormick  (died 
25th  Sept.  1880),  daugh.  of  Henry  David 
Hill,  D.D.,  Prof,  of  Greek  in  the  Univ.  of 
St  Andrews,  and  sometime  min.  of  North 
Berwick,  and  had  issue — Robert  Walter, 
D.D.,  min.  of  Greyfriars,  Dumfries. 
Publications— The  Highway  of  Holiness 
(Edinburgh,  1849) ;  The  Hidden  One  (Edin 
burgh,  1858);  The  First  Fruits  of  Europe 
unto  Christ  (Edinburgh,  1870).  —  [Vide 
Glimpses  into  the  Fast  in  Lammermuir, 
p.  128.] 


GEORGE  COOK J.orn  30th  An-.  ]«-lO, 

1871  son  °^  *'eorov  ^'-)  I*-"-,  '"in.  of 
Borgue  ;  educated  at  Academy  and 
Tniy.  of  Edinburgh  :  M.A.  (1866),  B.D. 
(1869);  licen.  l»y  Presb.  of  Kirkcudbright 
1809;  assistant  at  Ihvncss  and  at  Newton- 
on-Ayr  :  ord.  7th  Sept.  1871;  died  25th 
March  1801.  He  marr.  !)th  March  1875, 
llelfii,  daugh.  of  Walter  Scott  Lorrain 
of  Loaningdale,  Biggar,  and  had  issue — 
George,  tea  planter,  Ceylon,  born  17th 
March  1870,  died  Oth  June  1915:  Walter 
Lorrain,  Canadian  Pacific  Hallway,  born 
18th  Nov.  1880:  Henry  Pattullo,  M.B.. 
I. M.S.,  born  13th  Xov.  1882.  Publication 
—Ed.  fifth  edition  of  his  uncle  I  )r  John 
Cook's  ,sV///Vs  of  jr/v'/.v,  efi:  (Edinburgh, 

L891     -^•^•>   P'-D-j  assistant  to  preceding; 
ord.    10th    July    1891  ;   trans,   to   St 
Bernard's,  Edinburgh,  22nd  Oct.  1897. 

1898  ^>orn  Coatbridge,  1st  July  1870,  son 
of  Thomas  White  H.  and  Elizabeth 
Burn  Davidson  ;  educated  at  Hutcheson's 
Grammar  School  and  Univ.  of  (Glasgow  : 
M.A.  (1890);  Keen,  by  Presb.  of  Glasgow 
Oth  May  1890;  missionary  at  Arcllui  ; 
assistant  at  St  Enoch's  Parish,  Glasgow: 
ord.  11  th  March  1898:  dem.  24th  Nov. 
1910:  settled  in  British  Columbia  as  a 
real  estate  agent.  Marr.  5th  June  1900, 
Frances,  claugh.  of  John  Baird  and  Elizabeth 
M'Laws,  and  has  issue — Francis  William, 
born  20th  Oct.  1901  ;  Evan  Thomson 
Davidson,  born  6th  March  1905  ;  James 
Alexander,  born  8th  Aug.  1907. 


19U     MADILL,   B.A.;  ord.    9th    March 

1911 ;     trans,     to  Second     Charge, 
Elgin,  8th  April  1910. 

1916  Lowick,  Northumberland,  24th  April 
1886,  son  of  John  Brotherston  K. 
and  Roberta  Spence ;  educated  at  George 
Watson's  College,  Edinburgh,  and  Edin 
burgh  Univ.;  M.A.  (March  1911);  Keen, 
by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  Oth  May  1914  : 

assistant    at    St    George's  -  in  -  the  -  Fields, 

Glasgow;  ord.  2Gth  July,  1910. 


[Of  the  church  dedicated  by  David  de 
Rcrnham,  llth  March  1243,  little  more 
than  the  foundations  now  remain.  Tho 
parish  was  united  to  Longformaeus  by  the 
Commissioners  of  Teinds,  ]3th  Feb.  1712.J 

IJ.()BEirr  FLINT,  reader  from  1507  to 
1567  1585. 

MATTHEW  LIDDELL,  trans,  from 
1585  Cranshaws,  and  adm.  in  1585, 
having  also  Cranshaws  and  Abbey 
St  Bathans  in  charge,  but  in  1590  only  the 
latter  :  trans,  to  Abbey  St  Bathans  in  1591. 
— [/fy/.  A*s!<i.~\ 


ROBERT  LIVINGSTON,  mentioned  as 
min.  in  1594;  trans,  to   Drumelxier 

in  1595.— [fiey.  Assi'/.] 

JAMES    GAITTIS    [GALT],    min.    in 
1595     159f)j    trans,   to    Langton    that     or 
following  year.   -[/.V.v.  Js.-vV/.] 


GEORGE  REDPATH,  M.A.  ;  took 
charge  in  1590  ;  trans,  to  Jiunkle  in 
1599,  but  returned  previous  to  1008  : 

trans,  to  Abbey  St  Bathans  before  1024.— 

[/rV/.  A ***<(.-] 

LEONARD    HOUSTOUN,    previously 

1624     schoolmaster    at    Ayton  ;     min.    in 

1024:    still   min.  in    1030.—  [Re<j.  of 

Deeds,    cccxcviii.,   19th    Sept.    1027:    Acts 

and  Dec.,  cccxxxvii.,  205.] 

ROBERT  HOME,  M.A.  ;  min.  in  1035  ; 
1635     trans,  to  Greenlaw  before  1645. 

PATRICK  HOME,  M.A.,  min.  in  1047  ; 

1647     was  Pro^alt)ly   trans,   to   Hutton   in 

WILLIAM  HOME,  pres.  to  Edrom  22nd 
1662     May  1648  ;  adm.  here  in  1652  ;  still 
min.  17th  March  1653  ;  shortly  after 
wards  he   was   trans,   to  Avton, 




ZACHARY  WILKIE,  son  of  Robert  W., 
4  min.  of  the  College  Kirk,  Glasgow, 
and  brother  of  John  W.  of  Broom-,  ancestor  of  the  Foulden  family  : 
M.-A.  (Glasgow  1644).  He  was  named  after 
Zachary  Boyd,  min.  of  the  Barony  Parish, 
Glasgow,  who  left  him  a  legacy  of  100 
merks,  loth  Jan.  1652.  He  became 
chaplain  to  George,  Karl  of  Linlithgow, 
with  whom  he  was  residing,  20th  Sept. 
1641) ;  adm.  to  this  parish  13th  April  1654  ; 
conforming  to  Episcopacy,  he  was  coll. 
18th  June  1663,  and  died  Dec.  1683,  aged 
about  60.  He  marr.  (1)  Margaret  ( 'ockburn, 
whose  will  is  dated  1657  :  (2)  April  1669, 
Margaret  Sim  son  of  Innerwick. — [Dall^itli 
Prfsb. ',  Innerwick  »SV»x  Reg.:  L<tn<l>-r 
Tests.-.  Reg.  Coll  at.} 

JOHN  BROWN,  M.A.  (Edinburgh 
1684  1^73);  adm.  to  Longformacus  24th 
Sept.  1678  ;  trans,  and  adm.  1st 
March,  and  inst.  3rd  April  1684;  died 
between  21st  Oct.  1713  and  1st  June  1714, 
aged  about  61.— [JAS'.  Ace.  of  If  in.,  1689  : 
Rule's  Sec.  Vindication} 


[A  church  was  built  here  about  the  year 
900.  On  7th  April  1242  a  new  church, 
dedicated  to  St  Mungo,  was  consecrated 
by  Bishop  David  de  Bernham.  it  was  re 
built  in  1378,  and  again  in  1703.  by  Sir 
Patrick  Hume,  first  Earl  of  Marchmont. 
There  still  remains  under  the  east  end 
the  vaulted  burial  aisle  where  Sir  Patrick 
was  concealed  in  1684.  The  pulpit  frontal 
was  the  work  of  his  daughter,  Lady  Grisell 

ADAM  HUME,  third  son  of  Sir  Patrick 
15QO  H.,  fourth  of  Polwarth,  and  Eliza 
beth,  daugh.  of  Sir  Patrick  Hepburn 
of  Waughton ;  was  rector  at  the  Reforma 
tion.  He  conformed  to  the  Protestant 
faith,  and  died  in  1593.  He  marr.  Christian 
Stewart,  and  had  issue — Alexander,  died 
30th  Nov.  1637 ;  Patrick,  apprenticed  to 
Thomas  Admistoun,  merchant,  Edinburgh, 
17th  April  1605  ;  Margaret  (marr.  (1),  cont. 

llth  July  1586,  Patrick  Hepburn  of  East 
Craigs,  and  (2)  Richard  Admistoun  of  that 
ilk) ;  Helen  (marr.  Alexander  Cass,  min.  of 
this  parish).-- {/fty/.  of  Deeds,  xii.,  xxxviii., 
ccxc.,  153 ;  Scots  Peerage,  vi.,  7  ;  Tomlst.  ; 
Marchmont  Peerage  Case} 

1567     1580. 

BELL,      reader,     1567      to 


DAVID  FORSYTH,  trans,  from  Bolton  ; 
adm.  about  1585  ;  trans,  to  Logenvood 

about  1592.— [Reg.  Assig.} 

ALEX  AN1  )E1 !      GATTT  IS      [G  ATES, 

GALT],  son  of  Patrick   (!.,   miu.  of 

Duns:  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  12th  Aug. 

1591) ;    min.    here    in     1593 ;    member    of 

Assembly  in    1602 ;   died    6th   Nov.   1603, 

aged  about  32. — [Milne  Home  J/,S'*S'.  ;  Key. 

Assig.  ;  Edin.  Tests.  ;  Rooke.  of  the  Kirk} 

[COLIN  ROW,  min.  of  Drumekier,  was 
allowed    to    demit    that    parish    on 

1  £>O4 

account  of  insufficiency  of  stipend. 
When  the  Presbytery  met  to  examine  him 
with  a  view  to  settlement  here,  an  anony 
mous  letter  was  read,  dated  5th  Nov.  1604  : 
"There  are  reports  that  another  is  being- 
pushed  for  the  place,  and  R.'s  modesty 
may  prevent  him  doing  justice  to  himself, 
yet  Demosthenes  in  his  youth  stood  dumb 
before  the  people.  As  the  Lord  will  reward 
you,  have  regard  to  the  honest  innocency 
of  that  simple  soul."  This  appeal  was  un 
successful,  but  he  was  settled  at  St  Quivox 
soon  afterwards. — I* relies  P resit.  Reg} 

ALEXANDER  CASS  [CASE],  son  of 
William  C.,  portioner  of  Monkton- 
hall,  and  uncle  of  Robert  Carson, 
min.  of  Newton  ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  29th 
July  1600) ;  min.  in  1604  ;  was  a  member 
of  the  Glasgow  Assembly  in  1638  :  also 
of  the  Commission  of  Assembly  in  1644, 
1646.  He  died  2nd  Aug.  1651,  in  his  74th 
year.  He  marr.  Helen,  daugh.  of  Adam 
Hume,  min.  of  this  parish  in  1560,  and  had 
issue— Agnes,  "gudwyfe  of  the  Rig,"  who 
probably  marr.  in  1645  Ninian  Home  of 
Kennetsidehead.  —  [Reg.  Assig.;  Lauder 
Tests. ;  Tonibst.,  Baillie's  Letters  ;  Steven 
son's  Hist. ;  Peterkin's  Records.} 



DAVID    ROBERTSON,    M.A.;    trans, 
from  Dunbar  ;  adm.  before  18th  June 

'  .  . 

1652 ;  conforming  to  Episcopacy,  nc 
was  coll.  10th  Oct.  1662;  trans,  to  Lennel 
between  25th  Aug.  and  29th  Dec.  1603. 

GEORGE  HOLIWELL,  was  son  of 
1664  Thomas  H.,  bailie  of  Selkirk  : 
tutor  to  Sir  Patrick  Hume,  after 
wards  Earl  of  Marchmont ;  M.A.  (Edin 
burgh,  23rd  July  1648):  coll.  to  Hilton 
16th  Oct.  1662  ;  ])res.  by  Sir  Patrick 
Hume  ;  trans,  and  inst.  10th  May  1664  : 
died  24th  Aug.  1701  (the  age  [67]  given 
on  his  tombstone  is  probably  a  mistake). 
He  marr.  28th  Oct.  1663,  Margaret,  daugh. 
of  Robert  I  fume,  min.  of  Greenlaw,  and 
had  issue — seven  sons,  among  whom  were 
Robert,  vicar  of  Limber  Magna,  Lincoln 
shire  ;  Walter,  periwig-maker,  1  )uns ;  and 
four  daughs.  A  portrait  of  George  Holi- 
well  was  in  possession  of  his  descendant, 
John  Ford,  provost  of  Duns,  1916.— 
[Lander  Tests.  ;  Polmartk  Reg.  (Bapt.} ; 
Tomlst.;  MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689;  Rule's 
Sec.  Vindication ;  Craig-Brown's  Selkirk 
shire  :  Maddison's  Lincolnshire  Pedigrees.] 

son  of  Andrew  B.  of  Sauchnell ; 
M.A.  (Edinburgh,  14th  July  1659); 
licen.  after  6th  July  1687  ;  ord.  to  Green- 
law  21st  March  1693 ;  chaplain  to  Lord 
Polwarth's  Dragoons  in  1708;  trans,  and 
adm.  25th  Aug.  1709;  died  March  1727, 
aged  about  88.  He  marr.  (1)  (name  un 
known),  and  had  issue — Patrick,  merchant, 
Leith,  <le  jure  sixteenth  Lord  Borthwick, 
(whose  great-grandson,  Cunninghame  B., 
successfully  claimed  the  peerage  before 
the  House  of  Lords  in  1870),  died  6th  Oct. 
1772;  Elizabeth  (marr.  Robert  Davidson 
of  Marchcleuch)  :  (2)  17th  Jan.  1701, 
Catherine,  daugh.  of  James  Lawson  of 
Cairnmuir,  and  had  issue— Barbara,  bapt. 
9th  Sept.  1703  (marr.  12th  March  1732, 
Patrick  Hepburn,  writer,  Edinburgh); 
Catherine,  who  died  young. — [Edin.  Mar. 
Reg. ;  Scots  Peerage,  ii.,  103.] 

JOHN  HUME  of  Abbey  St  Bathans, 
1727     Pres-  by  Alexander,  Earl  of  March 
mont,    and    ord.    29th    Aug.    1727; 
trans,  to  Greenlaw  26th  Sept.  1734. 

WILLIAM  HOME,  ord.  7th  Jan.  1735 ; 
1735     trans,  to  Fogo  21st  Sept.  1758. 


ALEXANDER  HUME,  son  of  John  H. 

of   Abbey  St   Bathans,  min.    here ; 

educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Duns  in  1753;  ord. 
to  Abbey  St  Bathans  9th  May  1755; 
trans,  and  adm.  30th  Nov.  1758 ;  died 
30th  July  1768.  He  marr.  (1)  4th  Oct. 
1755,  Agnes  (died  29th  Dec.  1764),  daugh. 
of  William  Bryden,  baxter  burgess,  Edin 
burgh,  and  had  issue  —  Elizabeth,  born 
15th  Sept.  1756  ;  Charlotte,  born  9th  Oct. 
1758 ;  Jean,  born  9th  Nov.  1759 ;  Ann, 
born  27th  April  1763,  died  25th  Jan.  1764  ; 
John,  born  1st  Dec.  1764  :  (2)  22nd  July 
1765,  Janet,  daugh.  of  James  Jamieson, 
tenant  in  Easter  Gamelshiel,  and  had 
issue— Elspeth,  born  21st  Feb.  1767;  Alex 
ander  (posthumous),  born  3rd  Sept.  1768. 
She  marr.  again  in  Oct.  1779,  Thomas 
Jeffrey,  in  Whitsome  Parish,  and  in  1783 
raised  an  action  of  declarator  of  nullity 
of  marriage,  but  was  unsuccessful.  Up  to 
Whitsunday  1782  she  had  imposed  on  the 
Ministers'  Widows'  Fund  by  drawing  an 
annuity  as  a  widow ;  and  to  prevent 
similar  frauds,  an  action  was  raised  by 
the  Collector  against  her  and  her  husband, 
who  were  found  liable  in  reparation  by  the 
Lord  Ordinary  (Gardenstone).  —  {Consist. 
Processes,  &c.,  Scot.  Record  Soci/.,  No.  776  ; 
Lander  Tests. ;  Trustees'  Reports.] 

ROBERT  HOME,  born  30th  Oct.  1744, 
son  of  William  H.,  min.  of  this 
parish  in  1735,  and  afterwards  of 
Fogo ;  educated  at  Edinburgh  Univ. ; 
called  20th  April,  and  ord.  21st  Sept.  1769  ; 
was  chaplain  of  Edinburgh  Castle,  but 
discharged  the  duties  by  deputy;  died 
FATHER  OF  THE  CHURCH,  25th  March  1838. 
He  marr.  25th  Dec.  1777,  Elizabeth  (died 
27th  April  1822),  daugh.  of  James  Murray 
of  Wooplaw,  and  had  issue  —  Margaret, 
born  24th  Jan.  1779  (marr.  4th  Dec.  1798, 
John  Murray  of  Mitchelston  and  Torquhan, 
Stow),  died  9th  March  1801 ;  Joan,  born 
in  or  about  1780  (marr.  25th  Dec.  1806, 
Carlyle  Bell,  W.S.),  died  6th  Jan.  1820; 
Mary,  born  15th  May  1781,  died  unmarr. 
14th  Nov.  1851 ;  Janet  Gullan,  born  10th 





April  1785,  died  unmarr.  1808  ;  Sarah  Rod- 
dam,  born  25th  April  1787,  died  unmarr. 
1811 ;  Frances  Dysart,  born  20th  July 
1789,  died  unmarr.  12th  Aug.  1820  ;  Grisell 
Scott,  born  30th  Oct.  1791,  died  unmarr. 
1831  ;  Elizabeth  Murray,  born  16th  April 
1793,  died  unmarr.  7th  Dec.  1825  ;  William, 
midshipman  R.N.,  born  24th  July  1794, 
died  8th  June  1816,  as  the  result  of 
exposure,  at  the  siege  of  New  Orleans ; 
James  Gabriel  Murray,  captain  22nd  Bengal 
Native  Infantry,  born  15th  Sept.  1795,  died 
at  St  Helena,  3rd  May  1826;  Charlotte 
Dorothea,  born  7th  Feb.  1797,  died  un 
marr.  8th  Feb.  1859;  Walter,  his  suc 
cessor  ;  James  Murray,  brevet-major  36th 
Foot,  born  4th  Oct.  1799,  served  in  Lower 
Canada  Campaign,  1814,  retired  1852,  be 
came  agent  on  the  Irish  estates  of  the 
Earl  of  Listowel,  and  died  at  Dumfries, 
21st  Feb.  1868  ;  Luke  Roddam,  captain  7th 
Bombay  Cavalry,  born  15th  Dec.  1800,  died 
at  sea,  near  Madagascar,  26th  March  1826  ; 
Robina,  born  23rd  Nov.  1802,  died  unmarr. 
1829.  Publication — Account  of  the  Parish 
(Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  xvii.). 

WALTER  HOME,  born  30th  June  1798, 
1823  tnircl  son  °f  preceding;  educated 
at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Duns  7th  May  1822 ;  pres.  by  Sir 
William  Purves  Hume  Campbell  of  March- 
mont,  Bart.,  and  ord.  (assistant  and  suc 
cessor)  17th  April  1823;  res.  25th  Oct. 

1881 ;  died  FATHER  OF  THE  CHURCH,  at 
Edinburgh,  17th  Oct.  1886.  He  marr.  10th 
Jan.  1839,  Mary  (born  1st  May  1809,  died 
29th  Oct.  1902),  youngest  daugh.  of  John 
Murray  of  Wooplaw,  and  had  issue — Robert, 
min.  of  Swinton ;  John  Murray,  banker, 
Edinburgh,  born  25th  Feb.  1842,  died  18th 
May  1912;  Margaret  Gairdner,  born  13th 
July  1844,  died  unmarr.  29th  Jan.  1878; 
Elizabeth  Murray,  bora  9th  Feb.  1847, 
died  unmarr.  22nd  March  1877 ;  Mary, 
born  14th  April  1849,  died  unmarr.  1st 
Feb.  1883.  Publication— Account  of  the 
Parish  (New  Stat.  Ace.,  ii.). — [Geneal.  of 
Hume ;  Border  Almanac,  1887.] 


CHARLES  JAMES  WATT,  born  18th 
Feb.  1850,  son  of  William  Strachan 
W.,  min.  of  Foveran ;  educated  at 
Univs.  of  St  Andrews  and  Aberdeen ; 
M.A.  (St  Andrews  1870) ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Aberdeen  in  1874 ;  assistant  at  St 
Mary's,  Dundee,  St  Columba's,  Oban, 
and  at  Govan ;  ord.  (assistant  and  suc 
cessor)  to  Durris  llth  April  1878  ;  trans, 
and  adm.  21st  March  1882 ;  clerk  of 
Presb.  1891.  Marr.  28th  April  1891, 
Margaret,  daugh.  of  John  Dick  Mathie, 
writer,  Stirling,  and  has  issue — Charles 
Cecil,  lieut.  K.O.S.B.,  born  8th  Feb. 
1895;  Francis  Clifford,  lieut.  K.O.S.B., 
born  20th  July  1896;  Margaret  Evelyn, 
born  27th  May  1898,  died  23rd  Jan. 


[Proposed  to  lie  erected  by  the  General  Assembly,  15S1.  From  7th  Aug.  1690  to 
1 9th  Oct.  1098  this  Presbytery  was  united  to  Duns.  The  Register  begins  7th  Aug. 
1090,  and  is  continued  to  the  present  time,  the  only  blank  being  from  7th  Jan.  to  27th 
March  1694.  The  Registers  previous  to  1690  were  carried  oft'  at  the  'Revolution  by 
some  of  the  outed  ministers,  and  were  never  recovered.] 


[A  church,  dedicated  to  St  Denys, 
existed  here  before  the  close  of  the 
twelfth  century.  St  Ebba's  Well  is  near. 
Lamberton,  united  to  Ayton  in  1627,  Avas 
annexed  to  Mordington  in  1050.  A  hand 
some  church  was  built  at  Ayton  in  1805, 
at  the  expense  of  Alexander  Mitchell-Innea 
of  Ayton.] 


JOHN  FLINT,  reader.  He  frequently 
appears  as  a  witness  to  charters  of 
the  Prior  of  Coldingham  from  1552 
onwards,  and  signs  as  ''  priest  of  the  Diocese 
of  St  Andrews."  In  1574  he  was  vicar 
pensioner  of  Ayton.  and  was  summoned 
for  irregularities  in  connection  with  the 
administration  of  the  sacraments.  He 
compeared  before  the  Assembly,  and  was 
ordered  to  abstain  from  all  functions  within 
the  kirk  "  till  the  Superintendent  of  Lothian 
try  his  ability  and  learning."  He  continued 
reader  until  1580. 

ROBERT   HISLOP,  pres.  to  the  vicar 
age  by  James   VI.  (with  Lamberton 

lOOO  1  11-  \  11-11 

also  under  his  care)  28th  reb.  1585; 
trans,  to  Whitsome  in  1586. 


JOHN  HOME,  trans,  from  Langton ; 
pres.  to  the  vicarage  by  James  VI. 
10th  Nov.  1586;  dem.  12th  Feb. 
min.  of  Ladykirk  in  1007. 


WILLIAM  HOGG  [HOG],  son  and  heir 
1601  °^  Thomas  H.,  burgess  of  Canongate, 
Edinburgh  :  M.A.  (Edinl>urgli,  12th 
Aug.  1592);  pres.  to  the  vicarage  of  Gala- 
shiels  by  James  VI.  Jlth  Nov.  1599;  pres. 
to  the  vicarage  of  this  parish  by  James 
VI.  l*th  Feb.  1001,  and  again  23rd  Jan. 
1011.  He  was  one  of  forty-two  who  signed 
the  Protest  against  the  introduction  of 
Episcopacy,  1st  July  1606.  In  June  1609 
he  was  a  witness  at  the  trial  of  Logan  of 
Restalrig.  He  died  Dec.  1610,  aged  38. 
He  marr.  (name  untraced),  and  had  issue — 
William  of  Bogend.  advocate,  ancestor  of 
the  Hogs  of  Harcarse  and  of  Newliston, 
died  21st  Nov.  1065;  James,  apprenticed 
to  John  Cor,  tailor,  Edinburgh,  24th  June 
1629.  —  [Key.  .SVc.  Si;/.  :  Pitcairn's  Crim. 
Trials,  ii.  ;  Acts  of  J'arl.  ;  Carr's  Colluiy- 
Itn.iu  :  Row's  Hist.  :  Forfar  Inhih.,  17th 
Dec.  1597  ;  Nisbef's  Ihmldic  Plates.'] 


ALEXANDER  HOME,  M.A.,  probably 
son  of  David  H.,  min.  of  Colding 
ham  ;  pres.  by  James  VI.  to  the 
vicarage  of  Eccles  21st  March  1609  :  pres. 
by  James  VI.  20th  Feb.  1617;  called 
before  the  Court  of  High  Commission  in 
1620  ;  died  in  1626.  He  marr.  Jean,  daugh. 
of  Alexander  Home,  Crossgait  of  Colding 
ham,  who  succeeded  him  in  lands  that  had 
belonged  to  the  chaplaincy  of  the  Virgin 
Mary  there,  and  in  other  properties.  Their 
son,  James,  was  min.  of  Coldstream.—  [(,'. 




R.   Inhilj.,   27th  March    1616,   19th   Sept. 

GEORGE  HOME,  M.A.  (St  Andrews 
1627  1615) ;  was  on  the  exercise  at  Had- 
dington  12th  July  1626 ;  pres.  by 
Charles  I.  26th  Jan.  1627  ;  dep.,  and  the 
parish  vacant  8th  Feb.  1650.  Contribu 
tions  were  made  on  his  behalf  by  the 
Sessions  of  Smailholm,  23rd  July  1654,  and 
Tranent,  llth  Nov.  1655.  He  was  im 
prisoned  for  debt  in  the  Edinburgh  Tol- 
booth,  but  released  19th  Jan.  1658.  An 
Act  of  Parliament,  18th  June  1661,  ordered 
a  year's  stipend  of  Foulden  to  be  paid  for 
his  service  there,  from  1st  Dec.  1659  to  31st 
Aug.  1660.  He  marr.  Grizel,  only  daugh. 
of  Alexander  Hamilton,  Prestonpans,  and 
had  issue — George,  eldest  son,  who  had  a 
charter  of  the  waulk  mill  of  West  Reston, 
6th  March  1645  :  Alexander  :  Robert  ;  Mar 
garet. — [Ifaddiityton  and  jUa?ke/'t/i  Presb. 
Reys.  ;  Smailholm  and  Tranent  >Sesa.  Reys.  ; 
Reg.  >SVc.  Siy.  \  Act*  ParL,  vii. ;  Rey.  of 
Deed*,  xx.,  63  ;  Old  Edin.  Ch<l>  Book,  1912, 
p.  120;  Rey.  May.  Siy. ;  JJcrwicJc  Max., 
iv.,  13;  0.  R.  Horniny^  7th  Oct.  1669.] 

ALEXANDER  GIBSON,  of  the  family 
1652  °^  Gibson  of  Durie  ;  M..A.  (Edinburgh, 
4th  July  1630);  Keen,  by  Presb.  of 
Dalkeith  28th  March  1633;  adm.  to  the 
Second  Charge  of  South  Leith  in  1640.  The 
Kirk-session,  6th  Jan.  1646,  petitioned  the 
Presb.  to  use  its  influence  with  the  patron, 
Lord  Balmerino,  to  advance  him  to  the 
First  Charge.  The  Commission  of  As 
sembly  reminded  them  that  they  had  no 
right  to  interfere  with  the  patron's  choice. 
For  two  years  he  discharged  all  the  duties 
of  the  First  Charge,  and  "because  of  his 
extraordinary  pains  during  the  pestilence," 
the  Session,  on  9th  May  1647,  presented 
him  with  800  merks  in  addition  to  his 
regular  stipend.  When  the  English  took 
possession  of  Leith  in  1650,  he  removed, 
and  was  app.  to  supply  Dunblane  "until 
it  sal  please  God  he  get  back."  He  was 
adm.  to  this  charge  after  12th  March  1652, 
and  died  in  Oct.  of  the  same  year,  aged 
about  42.  He  marr.  9th  April  1646,  Jean 
(dead  before  llth  Oct.  1652),  daugh.  of 
William  Meiklejohn,  tailor,  burgess  of 

Edinburgh,  and  had  issue — an  only  daugh., 
Jean  (marr.  2nd  Jan.  1666,  Hugh  M'Cul- 
loch,  writer,  Edinburgh). — [Y/.  7i'.  InMb., 
30th  Oct.  1666  ;  Print/  Seal  Eny.  Rey.,  i., 


WILLIAM  HOME,  trans,  from  Ellem, 
and  adm.  after  17th  March  1653  : 
conforming  to  Episcopacy,  he  was 

pres.   by  Charles  II.  4th  Oct.   1662  ;   coll. 

20th  Jan.   1663;    trans,   to   Loudoun    13th 

Oct.  1664. 

1667  na^ve  °f  Ross-shire  :  M.A.  (King's 
College,  Aberdeen,  13th  July  1658); 
licen.  by  George,  Bishop  of  Edinburgh, 
18th  Aug.  1665;  ord.  and  coll.  29th  March 
1667  :  pres.  by  Charles  II.  3rd  April  1668  ; 
deprived  by  the  Privy  Council,  12th  Sept. 
1689,  for  neither  reading  the  Proclamation 
of  the  Estates,  nor  praying  for  William  and 
Mary,  but  for  King  James,  and  for  not 
observing  the  Thanksgiving.  He  wrent 
afterwards  to  Ireland.  —  [AV</.  Coll  at-.  ; 
Min.  -  book  R c,'/.  >SVr.  *SV;/.,  v.  ;  Lander 
Tests.  :  J/X  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689.] 

GEORGE  HUME  of  Abbey  St  Bathan.s, 
M.A.  :    called   18th    Sept.,   and   ord. 
23rd    Oct.    1694  :    trans,   on   second 
call,  to  Abbey  St  Bathans  7th  Jan.  1707. 


THOMAS  ANDERSON,  licen.  by  Presb. 

1712  of  Dalkeith  24tn  ^ePt-  170°  ;  orcl-  to 
Eclrom  25th  Sept.  1701  ;  called  20th 
Nov.  1711;  tran.s.  and  adm.  27th  March 
1712  :  died  llth  March  1751.  He  marr.  4th 
June  1702,  Christian  (died  22nd  June  1759), 
daugh.  of  Henry  Ferguson,  bailie  of  Edin 
burgh,  and  had  issue — Henry ;  John,  died 
in  East  Indies  ;  Isobel ;  Christian  ;  Eliza 
beth.—  [Edin.  Rey.  Mar.] 

PATRICK  HEPBURN,  son  of  William 

H.,  min.   of   Foulis-Wester  ;   app.   a 

teacher  in  George  Heriot's  Hospital, 

|   Edinburgh,  25th  May  1725  ;  ord.  to  Walston 

I   14th  Aug.  1734  ;  pres.  by  the  Presb.  Jure 

devoluto  17th  Nov.  1752;  trans,  and  adm. 

14th  June  1753 ;  died  15th  Aug.  1772,  aged 

71.     He  marr.  16th  Dec.  1734,  Mary  (died 

,   6th  Feb.  1792),  daugh.  of  William  Oliphant, 


[t'KESR.  OF 

inin.  of  Smailholm,  and  had  Issue  —  Mary  ; 
William:  Isobcl  (marr.  James  Hart,  min. 
at  Doneaster,  Yorks,  son  of  Walter  II..  min. 
of  Bunkle):  Jean.  [7WW.] 

(ir-X)TIGE     HOME    of    Cunsgreen    and 

Monkrig,  born   12th   Dec.   1749,  son 

of  Abraham  H.,  min.  of  Whittinge- 

hame  :  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Duns   1st  Dec. 

1771  :     iires.    by    George    TIT.     loth    Sept. 

1772  :    orcl.    13th    May    1773:    dem.    25th 
June    1816  :   died   at   Gunsgreen    1st  Sept. 
1830.     He  marr.  7th  Oct.  177-1,  his  cousin, 
Margaret  (died  2nd    Dec.    1828.  aged    81). 
daugh.  of  Robert  llobertson  of  Prenderguest 
and  Brownsbank,  and  had  issue — Abraham. 
his   successor  :    Margaret   Ann  :   Elizabeth, 
liorn  6th  May  1778  (marr.   George  Tough, 
min.  of  this  parish) :  Hay,  born  13th  Nov. 
1779,  died  unmarr.  ;  Jean,  born  2.">th  May 
1782   (marr.   .Jan.    1811,    William    Forman 
Home    of     \Yeclderburn).      Publication  — 
Account    of    the    Parish    (Sinclair's    Xfaf. 
Ace.,  i.). 

A 1MI A I  [AM    HOME  of  (Junsgivui,  son 

I79g     of  preceding;   pres.  by  George  III., 

and   ord.    (assistant   and    successor) 

29th   Aug.    1799;   dem.  29th  March    1814. 

In  1S21  he  was  settled  at  ( ireenlaw. 

(iKOIiCE  TOUCH,  born  1774,  a  native 
1814  °^  ^iuburgh  >  licen.  by  that  Prcsb. 
28th  Nov.  1798;  ord.  by  North 
umberland  Presbyterian  Classis  17th  March 
1802;  min.  of  the  High  Meeting,  Berwick  - 
on-Tweed ;  adm.  min.  of  Beath  17th  July 
1812  ;  pres.  by  (ieorge,  Prince  Regent,  15th 
April,  and  adm.  (assistant  and  successor) 
13th  Oct.  1814  ;  died  at  Edinburgh,  29th 
July  1842.  He  showed  considerable  in 
genuity  as  a  mechanic,  and  made  an  orrery 
on  an  improved  plan,  which  was  presented 
to  (ieorge  IV.  on  his  visit  to  Edinburgh, 
26th  Aug.  1822.  He  marr.  12th  Feb.  1814, 
Elizabeth  (died  at  Edinburgh,  9th  June 
1849),  daugh.  of  (ieorge  Home,  min.  of 
this  parish,  and  had  issue  -  Margaret  Hay 
Home,  authoress  of  The.  Ojt'criny  (Edin 
burgh,  1851),  Slathered  Fragments  (Edin 
burgh,  1864),  and  other  poems,  died  21st 
July  1863  ;  Mary  Anne,  born  5th  July  1814 
(marr.  Piobert  Lorimer,  M.D.,  1  laddington). 

Publications — Britain's  Borrow  and  Con- 
solation,  a  sermon  (Edinburgh,  1820); 
Account  of  the  Parish  (Xeic  titat.  Ace., 
ii.). — [Tonibst.  n}  Ediii.  Philosaph.  Trans.; 
Roi/al  Visit;  Modern  Scottish  Poets,  v.,  286.] 


DANIEL  CAMEKON,  born  180G,  son 
of  Duncan  C.,  Glasgow,  and  Agnes 
Cameron  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 
(ilasgow;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Glasgow  1st 
Oct.  1834 ;  ord.  to  Bridgegate,  Glasgow. 
21st  April  1836;  trans,  and  adm.  13th 
April  1843;  died  22nd  May  1882.  He 
marr.  12th  Dec.  1836,  Amelia  Xisbett  or 
Henderson,  ('ilasgow,  who  died  8th  Aug. 
1874,  and  had  issue  —  Amelia  Nisbett, 
died  1st  Jan.  185"):  Daniel,  min.  of 
Heriot. —  ['/'//<•  Wheat  and  the  Chaff,  29.] 


AIKEN,  born  Old  Machar,  22nd 
Jan.  1857,  son  of  James  A.  and 
Ann  Isabella  Keid  :  M.A.  (Aberdeen  1877), 
B.D.  (Edinburgh  1880) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Edinburgh  in  1880;  some  time  a  private 
tutor :  assistant  at  Angle  Park  Chapel, 
afterwards  St  Michael's,  Edinburgh  :  ord. 
30th  Nov.  1882  ;  secretary  of  the  Berwick 
shire  Naturalists''  Club,  1903.  Publications 
-—Ed.  ///Wo/-//  [Proceedings]  of  the  Bcnvick- 
thire  Naturalists'  Cl-ub,  from  1903. 


[Originally  a  prebend  of  the  collegiate 
church  of  Dunbar,  and  afterwards  of  that 
of  Dunglass.  Of  the  church  built  about 
1150,  the  fine  Norman  doorway  and  part  of 
the  south  wall  have  survived  many  changes. 
An  old  tower  with  vaulted  chambers  was 
taken  down  in  1750.  In  1907  the  church 
was  the  subject  of  an  extensive  restora 
tion,  when  a  tower  and  hall  were  added 
by  Edward,  second  Lord  Tweedmouth,  in 
memory  of  his  wife,  Lady  Fanny  Churchill. 
In  1912  the  third  Lord  Tweedmouth  erected 
an  ornamental  gateway  to  the  churchyard, 
in  memory  of  his  father.] 

NINIAN  FORMAN,  reader,  1567  to 
1567  1591. 




THOMAS    STORIE    had    at    different 
times  Bunkle,  Preston,  Foulden,  and 
Hutton  under  his   charge.     He  re 
sided  here  from  1578    to    1585,   when  he 
returned  to  Foulden. 

THOMAS  CRANSTOUN,  mentioned  as 
min.  in  1585.  In  1590  the  parsonage 
was  vacant  by  non-residence. — \_K<'(l- 


CHARLES    HOME,   styled   prebendary 
.  in  158(5.     He  was  probably  the  C.  H. 

wlio   was   reader   at   Home    1571-4, 
and  again  1578-85. 

DAVID   HOME,   M.A.  :    adm.   min.   in 
1593     1593;  trans,  to  Oreenlaw  in  1(503. 

1607  ^01  many  years  in  the  family  of 
Itobert  Logan  of  Restalrig  ;  min.  in 
1007.  In  June  1009  he  was  a  witness  at 
the  trial  of  Logan  for  high  treason,  llr 
was  called  before  the  Court  of  High  Coin- 
mission  in  1020.  He  was  dead  by  7th 
April  1049,  aged  70.  He  marr.  before 
June  1009,  Janet  Craw  or  Auchincraw 
(died  Nov.  1035),  sister  of  Patrick  C., 
"above  the  gate  of  Swynewood,"  and  of 
Elizabeth,  wife  of  Peter  Home  of  Ayton, 
and  had  issue — Patrick  :  John  :  Margaret ; 
Euphan  :  Mary. — \_Ke<j.  Assiy.  :  Key.  Old 
Dec.,  iv.  ;  Cromarty's  Hist.  Ace. ;  Pitcairn's 
Grim.  Trials,  ii. ;  Lander  Tests. ;  Carr's 
Coldinyham  ;  Calderwood's  Hist. ;  Council 
on.  Tithes,  iii.  ;  Milne  Home  JAS'/S'.,  230, 
239  :  fr'cn.  Key.  Xas.,  xxx.,  100.] 

PATRICK  SMITH,  son  of  preceding, 
1645  with  whom  he  was  conjoined  as  min. 
in  1045  :  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  22nd  July 
1037).  The  Assembly  of  1049  approved 
of  a  sentence  of  suspension  passed  upon 
him.  In  1047  and  1049  he  was  served 
heir  to  lands  in  West  Keston  belonging 
to  his  mother. — [Peterkin's  Records  ;  Milne 
Home  MSS.,  236.] 

FRANCIS  CROW  [CRAW],  born  1027, 
-          son  of  Patrick  C.  of  Heughhead,  and 
Elizabeth,  daugh.  of   John  Clapper- 
ton,    min.    of     Coldstream  :     educated    in 

VOL.   II. 

France  under  Louis  du  Moulin  :  was  for 
a  time  usher  under  Webb,  a  schoolmaster 
in  Berwick,  and  graduated  M.A.  at  St 
Andrews,  22nd  July  1047.  He  was  min. 
of  this  parish  in  1053,  and  belonged  to  the 
Protesting  party.  He  confessed  himself 
guilty  of  immorality,  and  fled  the  country 
in  1058.  Some  time  afterwards  he  wa.s 
presented  to  the  vicarage  of  Hundon  in 
Suffolk,  but  was  ejected  in  1002,  under 
the  Act  of  Uniformity.  He  then  preached 
at  Ovington  in  Essex,  Clare  in  the  same 
county,  and  Bury  St  Edmunds,  sometimes 
every  day  in  the  week.  Having  suffered 
persecution,  he  emigrated  to  Jamaica  in 
1080.  Under  the  Act  of  Toleration  he 
returned  to  England  and  resumed  his 
labours  at  Clare,  where  he  died  in  1092. 
Publications — The  Vanity  and  Impiety  of 
Judicial  Astrology  (London,  1690);  Men- 
sal  ia  tiao'd,  or  Meditations  on  the  Lord's 
Xni»j>er.,  Wherein  the  Nature  of  the  Holy 
Sacrament  is  explained.  .  .  .  To  ichic/t  is 
jn'fji.i't  a  brief  account  of  the  author's  life 
and  death  (London,  16Q3).—[Da/keith  2'resl. 
llcy. ;  Lament's  Diary  ;  Calamy's  Noncon 
formist's  Memorial  (Palmer'),  iii.,  200-70; 
Diet.  Nat.  Jjioy.] 

in  1059.  Conforming  to  Episcopacy, 
he  was  coll.  25th  Nov.  1002  ;  was 

proposed    for    Tranent     15th    Dec.    1005 ; 

trans,  to  Morebattle  after  Feb.  10(59. 

JAMES  LAWTIE,  son  of  Alexander  L. 

of  Killhill ;  pres.  in  April,  coll.  12th 

and  adm.  26th  Aug.  1009 ;  deprived 

by  the  Privy  Council  10th  Sept.  1089,  for 

not  reading  the  Proclamation  of  the  Estates, 

nor  ] >raying  for  King  AVilliam  and  Queen 

!   Mary.     He  carried  off  the  kirk-session  books 

and  the  keys  of  the  kirk  box,  and  these 

'  were   recovered   only  under  order    of   the 

i  Sheriff.     He  opened  an  Episcopal  meeting- 

i  house  in   Eyemouth,  and  died  there,  Jan. 

1694.     He  marr.  (1)  Jean  Home,  and  had 

issue — Margaret ;  Marion  ;  Alexander  :  (2) 

in  Dec.  1679,  Anna,  sister  of  AVilliam  Blair 

of   Balgillo,  and  had  issue — lean ;  Anna ; 

James  ;  Isobel ;  Elizabeth  ;  Helen  ;  Kathe- 

I  rine,    three   of    whom    were    served    heirs, 




22nd  July  1097. — [Duns  l'i-a-,1.  ll«j,':  L<tn<lcr 
Texts.  ;  Roj.  <if  ('ollnf.\  In'/.  l!<'t.  d'cv.. 
7875;  J/X.  A<r.  of  Min.,  1089;  Carr's 
Col<ti)i<ili<tni  (where  he  is  culled  John}.  107  : 
(,'.  R.  Sat.,  xli.,  343  :  G.  If.  InhH>.,  22nd 
-Ian.  1081:  Morrison's  Dirt.,  xviii.] 


1)0rn  23ic*  ^u"'  1(;24)  at  I)rylmrsn, 

parish  of  Mertoun  ;  a  younger  son 
of  Ralph  E.  of  Shielfield,  Channelkirk,  by 
his  second  wife,  Janet  Wilson.  [Ralph  of 
Shielfield  was  grandson  of  James  E.  of 
Balgonie,  brother  of  the  fourth  Lord 
Erskine,  ancestor  of  the  Earls  of  Mar.  | 
He  studied  at  Edinburgh  Univ.,  gradu 
ated  M.A.  15th  April  1045,  and  was  prob 
ably  licen.  by  Prcsb.  of  Earlston.  In  10-19 
(or  according  to  Calamy  and  Palmer  in 
1659)  he  was  ord.  to  Cornhill,  in  North- 
umberland,  but  was  ejected  by  the  Act  of 
Uniformity  on  St  Bartholomew's  Day,  25th 
Aug.  1002.  lie  resided  for  some  years  at 
Dryburgh,  exercising  his  ministry  as  oppor 
tunity  offered,  till  April  1082,  when  he  was 
seized  by  Urquhart  of  Meldrum,  leader  of 
the  troops  on  the  Borders,  and  imprisoned 
successively  at  Melrose,  Jedburgh,  and 
Edinburgh.  Arraigned  before  the  Privy 
Council,  he  was  asked  by  Sir  George 
Mackenzie  if  he  would  give  his  bond  to 
cease  preaching  at  conventicles.  His  reply 
was  :  "  My  Lord,  I  have  my  commission 
from  Christ,  and  though  I  were  within  an 
hour  of  my  death  I  durst  not  lay  it  down 
at  any  mortal  man's  foot/'  He  was  fined 
5000  merks,  and  condemned' to  the  Bass  till 
payment  of  the  fine.  As  his  health  was 
bad,  he  requested  leave  to  go  out  of  the 
kingdom,  and  gave  security  for  the  money. 
He  then  spent  two  years  and  a  half  with 
his  family  at  Parkridge,  near  Carlisle,  after 
which,  on  the  invitation  of  Philip  Grey  of 
Preston,  he  went  to  reside  at  Monilaws, 
near  his  former  charge  of  Cornhill.  In 
1685  he  was  imprisoned  with  Luke  Ogle  at 
AVooler  and  at  Newcastle,  but  was  freed 
shortly  after  by  the  passing  of  the  Act  of 
Indemnity.  He  took  up  residence  at  New 
ton,  or  Ravelaw,  in  Whitsome  Parish,  and 
ministered  there  for  a  time,  when  young 
Thomas  Boston  was  one  of  his  hearers. 

He  was  called  to  this  charge,  and  adm.  18th 
Sept.  1690.  He  died  10th  Aug.  1696.  He 
marr.  (1)  1652,  Jean  (died  9th  March  1070), 
daugh.  of  David  Brown  of  Park,  Earlston, 
and  had  issue — Jean,  born  at  Oalashiels, 
2,8th  June  1053  (marr.  17th  Dec.  1086, 
George  Balderston,  surgeon,  Edinburgh); 
Elizabeth,  born  at  Wooler,  1st  May  1655, 
died  young:  Philip,  rector  of  Knaresdale, 
Northumberland,  born  at  Wooler,  27th 
Dec.  1657:  Katherine,  born  at  Cornhill, 
12th  Aug.  1659:  Elizabeth,  born  7th  Feb. 
1000;  John,  born  at  Dryburgh,  29th  April 
1003  :  Rachel,  born  at  Dryburgh,  2nd  Nov. 
1665  :  William,  born  at  Dryburgh,  8th  Oct. 
1669:  (2)  1st  Sept.  1674,  Margaret  (died 
14th  Jan.  1725),  daugh.  of  Hugh  Halcro, 
Fsle  of  Weir,  Rousay,  Orkney,  and  Margaret 
Stewart,  and  had  issue — Ebenezer,  min.  at 
Portmoak,  born  at  Dryburgh,  22nd  June 
1680,  and  Ralph,  min.  of  Dunfermline, 
born  at  Monilaws,  15th  March  1085, 
Founders  of  the  Secession  Church  (1732); 
Margaret,  born  at  Carlisle,  17th  Jan.  1683. 
— [A'elso  Pi'exli.  Ri'<j*. ;  Christian  M<i;/.,  vii.  : 
Calamy :s  Contimiation,  ii. ;  Eraser's  Lire* 
of  E.  nnil  R.  ErsJiinc ;  Brown's  Gospel 
Trutk;  Dirt.  Xnt.  ]>ioy.\  MacEwen's  T/ir 
AY,s/r//<r,s ;  E.  E.  Scott's  Erskine-IIalcro 
Genealogy;  Taits  Harder  Clnwh  Life,  ii., 
69;  J.  Wood  Brown's  Covenanters  of  the 

WILLIAM  MILLER,  M.A.;  called  27th 

trans,    to    Meigle    1702.  —  [A  eta    of 
Ass.,  1701,  1702.] 


:  ]-:()lJ(.JE  HOME  of  Broadhaugh,  second 
son  of  Alexander  H.  of  Kennetside- 
head,  who  was  put  to  death  as  a 
Covenanter  in  1082,  and  Jean  Home;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Duns  Gth  Oct.  1702:  called 
18th  Oct.  1703,  and  ord.  13th  March  1704  ; 
died  5th  Oct.  1755.  He  marr.  19th  Aug. 
1706,  Catherine  (bapt.  20th  -Jan.  1678,  died 
17J5),  daugh.  of  -John  Home  of  Ninewells, 
and  aunt  of  David  H.,  the  historian,  and 
had  issue  —  Alexander,  min.  of  Stichill  ; 
Abraham,  his  successor;  Rachel,  bapt.  llth 
-Ian.  1713:  Joseph,  bapt.  26th  Feb.  1714; 
George,  baker,  Edinburgh,  bapt.  7th  June 



1716;  Margaret,  bapt.  25th  March  1718 
(marr.  23rd  Nov.  1743,  Robert  Robertson 
of  Prenderguest),  died  30th  July  1780. 
After  his  death  a  dispute  arose  between 
his  executors  and  Walter  Anderson,  his  suc 
cessor,  concerning  the  half-year's  stipend, 
it  being  argued  that  but  for  the  change  in 
the  calendar  in  1752  II.  would  have  died 
before  Michaelmas.  The  Lords  of  Session 
decided  that  the  old  calendar  ruled,  and 
that  H.  died  before  Michaelmas  according 
to  that  style. — [Lander  Test*.;  Morrison's 
Dec.,  xvii.] 

ABRAHAM  HOME,  son  of  preceding: 
17  ^  ord.  (assistant)  17th  Feb.  1741.  The 
patron,  William  Hall  of  Whitehall, 
raised  an  action  in  the  Court  of  Session 
against  the  Presb.,  which  was  settled  by 
the  minute  being  altered  to  state  that  he 
had  been  ord.  assistant  only.  I  )espite  this, 
he  sat  and  voted  regularly  at  the  Presb. 
meetings,  even  when  his  father  also  voted. 
He  was  trans,  to  Whittingehame  23rd 
March  1748. 


burgh,  18th  March  1742) :  licen.  by 
I'resb.  of  Duns  5th  Xov.  1744; 
assistant  at  Chirnside  in  1750:  pres.  by 
William  Hall  of  Whitehall,  and' ord.  l.'Uli 
May  1750 ;  D.D.  (Marischal  College,  Aber 
deen,  1769)  ;  died  unmarr.,  2nd  June  1800. 
Publications — The.  History  of  Crucsm,  Kitnj 
of  Ltjdia,  in  four  parts  (Edinburgh,  1755): 
The  History  of  France  duriny  the  Rcirjns 
of  Fraud*  II.  and  Charles  IX.,  2  vols. 
(London,  1769);  The  History  of  France 
from  the  Commencement  of  the  Reign  of 
Henri/  III.,  and  the  Rise  of  the  Catholic 
League  to  the  Peace  of  Vervins  and  the. 
Establishment  of  the  Famous  Edict  of 
Nantes  in  the  Rcvjn  of  Henri/  IV.,  and 
from  the  Commencement  of  the  Revjn  of 
Louis  X1I1.  to  the  (General  Peace  of 
Minister,  3  vols.  (London,  1775-83);  The 
Philosophy  of  Ancient  Greece  Investi 
gated  (London,  1791) ;  Lectures  on  Parts 
and  Portions  of  the  Psalms  of  David 
(Edinburgh,  1797):  Account  of  the  Parish 
(Sinclair's  Xtat,  Ace.,  xiv.). — [Morrison's 
Dec.,  xvii. ;  Scots  Ma<j.,  xix. ;  Diet.  Nut. 


THOMAS  LOGAN,  a  native  of  Carn- 
wath  ;  M.D.  (Edinburgh  1799) ;  was 
the  friend  and  associate  of  John 
Leyden,  Brougham,  Thomas  Brown,  and 
others,  who  formed  a  society  known  as  the 
Academy  of  Physics,  of  which  Logan  was 
joint  secretary  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Lanark 
30th  July  1800 ;  pres.  by  Sir  James  Hall  of 
Dunglass,  Bart.,  and  ord.  16th  April  1801  ; 
died  30th  Jan.  1838,  aged  61.  He  marr. 
27th  March  1804,  Agnes  Watt,  Symington, 
Lanarkshire,  who  died  21st  Aug.  1813,  and 
had  issue — James,  min.  of  Swinton  ;  Eliza 
beth  ;  Agnes;  Euphemia.  Publication — 
Diaxertatio  mediea  inauffuralis  de  Dys 
pepsia  (Edinburgh,  1799).  —  [Chambers's 
liioij.  Diet.] 

JAMES    WILSON,  born   23rd  June 

1838     1809'    fiftl1     son     of     (;eol'Se     W-> 
fanner,  Chapelhill   and   Cockburns- 

path  Tower ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Glas 
gow  :  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dunbar  3rd  April 
1833 ;  assistant  to  preceding ;  pres.  by  Sir 
John  Hall  of  Dunglass,  Bart.,  and  ord.  14th 
May  1838  ;  died  unmarr.,  8th  May  1870. 


born  Fraserburgh,  Oth  March  1834, 
son  of  John  S.,  Elgin,  and  Elizabeth 
Williamson  :  educated  at  Elgin  Academy 
(dux  1851),  at  King's  College,  Aberdeen, 
and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh;  schoolmaster  of 
Alves,  1854-0  :  assistant  to  Professor  of 
Humanity  at  Edinburgh  Univ.  in  185S ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Elgin  llth  May  1804; 
Inspector  of  Church  Schools  in  Scotland  in 
18(55  (of  which  he  reorganised  250);  pre 
pared  for  the  S.P.C.K.  the  statement  for 
them  on  their  schools  presented  to  Com 
mission  to  enquire  into  Scottish  Schools  in 
1807 ;  pres.  by  Alexander  Mitchell-lnnes 
of  Ayton,  and  ord.  30th  Sept.  1870;  retired 
to  Edinburgh  in  1909. 

ALFRED  M'KEACHIE,  born  Newton- 

1909  ^tewart> 4tl1  July 1882>  son  of  Alex" 

ander  M.  and  Jean  Goudie  ;  educated 
at  Ewart  High  School,  Newton-Stewart ; 
M.A.  (St  Andrews  1904);  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  St  Andrews  25th  May  1906  ;  missionary 
at  Blairmoor,  Alberta,  Canada ;  assistant 
at  Inveresk  ;  ord.  (assistant  and  successor) 



3rd  Sept.  1909.  Marr.  30th  April  1912, 
Sybella  Leonore,  daugh.  of  David  Hunter 
and  Elizabeth  Graham,  and  widow  of 
George  J)uncan  Sloan,  M.F..,  Ch.B.,  and 
has  issue— Moira  Scott,  born  12th  Aug. 
1914  ;  Kenneth  Alfred  Alexander,  born 
2nd  Xov.  191 G. 


[The  church,  dedicated  to  St  Mary, 
belonged  to  the  Priory  of  Coldingham  till 
the  Reformation.  On  the  high  promon 
tory  of  St  Abb's  Head  in  this  parish,  St 
Ebba,  daughter  of  Ethelfrith,  King  of 
Northumberland,  and  sister  of  St  Oswald, 
founded  a  double  convent  of  monks  and 
nuns.  This  she  ruled  as  abbess  till  her 
deatli  in  683.  Some  years  later  the  build 
ing  was  destroyed  by  fire.  In  1090  King 
Edgar  founded  a  Benedictine  priory,  dedi 
cated  to  the  Virgin  Mary,  St  Cuthbert, 
and  St  Ebba,  It  was  built  at  Coldingham, 
over  two  miles  inland,  from  the  remains 
on  St  Abb's  Head.  In  1509  the  monastery 
passed  under  the  rule  of  the  Abbey  of 
Dunfermline,  After  the  Reformation  the 
priory  church  was  used  for  parochial  pur 
poses,  and  much  of  the  ancient  structure 
survives  in  the  existing  parish  church.] 

WILLIAM  LAMB,  one  of  those  whom 
the  first  General  Assembly  of  the 
1567  Reformed  Church,  20th  Dec.  1560, 
thought  "  apt  and  able  to  minister  " ;  adm. 
in  1567.  In  1574  Ayton  and  Lamberton 
were  in  the  charge.  He  died  llth  March 
1583,  and  in  his  will  he  commends  "his 
spirit  to  God,  his  bodie  to  be  erdit  in  the 
kirkyaird  of  C.,  willing  and  beseking  the 
parochinars  thereof  to  ordour  that  place 
to  be  mair  cumlie  and  decentlie  kept  then 
it  hes  been  in  tyme  bygane." — [JJooke  of 
the  Kirk;  Reg.  Min.  and  Assi'j. ;  Keith's 
Hist. ;  Calderwood's  flist.,  ii.,  45]. 

DAVID  FORSYTH,  reader;  trans,  to 
1571  Bolton  in  1580. 

DAVID    HOME,  min.   of    Foulden    in 

1567,  of   Oldhamstocks   in   1569,  of 

1584     Aldcambus    in    1580,    and     of    this 

charge  in    1584.      He  was   a   member  of 

Assembly  May    1586,  and    dissented    from 

the  annulling  of  the  sentence  of  excom 
munication  against  Archbishop  Adamson. 
He  was  pres.  to  the  vicarage  before  14th 
June  1592,  and  was  dead  by  1600.  He 
marr.  Janet  Hopper  [Happer],  who  in 
1600  occupied  a  cottage  and  two  acres  in 
Coldingham,  and  had  issue — David,  M.A. ; 
Alexander,  M.A,,  Commendator  of  Eccles, 
probably  also  min.  of  that  parish  ;  Thomas  ; 
William,  lessee  of  the  teinds  of  Eccles  in 
1620.  Publication  —  Three  Letters  (vide 
}Vodrow  M~iscelL). — [Jjerwick  .S'a.s.,  iv.,  94  ;. 
Key.  Astiy.  :  Rey.  of  Deeds,  xxxi. ;  Row's 
and  Calderwood's  llixts.  ;  Milne  JFom< 
MSS.)  54,  196:  Eeij.  of  Deeds,  civ.,  6th 
Feb.  1605.] 


Andrews  1582);  schoolmaster  of  this 
parish  in  1590 ;  min.  in  1593  :  with 
Smith  of  Chirnside  and  Home  of  Ayton 
he  was  a  witness  at  the  trial  of  Logan  of 
Restalrig,  1609,  and  was  then  aged  50.  He 
was  pres.  to  the  vicarage  by  James  VI. 
before  7th  June  1611,  and  died  before  1630. 
He  marr.  Christian  Lichtharnes,  who  sur 
vived  him,  and  had  issue  —  Alexander, 
apprenticed  to  Moses  Wallace,  skinner, 
Edinburgh,  8th  Xov.  1609  :  Alison  (marr., 
cont.  26th  March  1630,  Robert  Air  in 
Renton). —  [AVv/.  Atsiy.;  Pit  cairn's  (Jriin. 
Trials,  ii.  ;  Carr's  Hist.  :  liey.  of  Deeds, 
cccclviii.,  244.] 


WILLIAM  DOUGLAS  of  Stoneypath, 
\Vhittingehame  ;  pres.  to  the  vicar 
age  by  James  VI.  7th  Feb.  1615 ; 
was  one  of  fifty  mins.  who  signed  a  Pro 
test  to  Parliament  in  favour  of  the  Liber 
ties  of  the  Kirk,  27th  June  1617  :  trans, 
to  Whittingehame  in  1621,  but  apparently 
not  settled  there  until  1627.  —  [Calder 
wood's  Hist.,  ii.,  126  :  iii.,  675  ;  iv.,  649.] 


wood,  eldest  son  of  Christopher  K. ; 
M.A,  (Edinburgh,  25th  July  1612); 
min.  of  Spott  in  1618  ;  pres.  by  James  VI. 
22nd  Jan.  1622 ;  dem.  before  10th  Jan. 
1639.  His  demission  was  refused,  and  he 
was  dep.  before  6th  May  1641  for  adultery. 
He  died  before  1646.  He  marr.  (1)  24th 
May  1617,  Marion,  daugh.  of  Edward 




Hepburn,  min.  of  Prestonkirk,  and  had 
issue— Anna  (marr.  William  Paxton,  por- 
tioner  of  West  Reston) ;  Alison  ;  Margaret : 
(2)  27th  June  1039,  Agnes,  daugh.  of 
Thomas  Mawer,  advocate,  and  had  issue 
— Patrick  ;  Christopher.— [Reg.  Sec.  Sig.  ; 
Edin.  Marr.  Rey.  :  Acts  Part.  ;  Baillie's 
Lett. ;  Stevenson's  Hist. ;  Milne  Home, 
MSS.,  193 ;  Gen.  Rey.  Sets.,  xli.  174,  xlix.  44  : 
G.  K.  Tnhib.,  14th  Jan.  1605,  24th  Aug. 
1GGG,  and  21st  Dec.  1007.] 

[ALEXANDER  BURNET,  M.A.,  tutor 
to  John,  Lord  Linton  ;  afterwards  Arch 
bishop  of  Glasgow  and  of  St  Andrews  ; 
was  pres.  by  Charles  I.,  10th  Jan.  1039,  but 
not  settled.— Rey.  Sec.  Sig.] 

SAMUEL  DOUGLAS,  M.A. ;  pres.  by 

Charles  I.  Gth  May  1041  ;  suspended 

June  1048,  and  dep.  by  the  Presb. 

On  the  recommendation  of  the  Assembly, 

the   Commission   on   14th   Feb.    1051    "do 

open  his  mouth  and  declare  him  to  be  in 

capacity  for  the  ministry  "  ;  trans,  to  Eccles 

after  Oct.  1052.— [Key.  Sec.  Sig.:  Ifaddiiigf»,i 

Pre&b.  Rey.  ;  Acts  of  Ass. ;  Baillie's  Letters.] 

DAVID  HUME,  son  and  heir  of  James 
H.   of    Whitsomehill ;    M.A.  (Edin 
burgh,   30th    July   1646);    adm.    in 
1658;  deprived  by  Act  of  Parliament  llth 
June,  and  Decreet  of  Privy  Council    1st 
Oct.  1662.     He  preached  in  the  house  of  a 
Mrs  Paton,  Edinburgh,  in  the  beginning  of 
1669  ;  for  this  the  Provost  and  Magistrates 
were  fined  £50.    A  warrant  was  issued  for 
his  apprehension  by  the  Privy  Council,  4th 
June  1674,  and  letters  of  intercommuning 
were  passed  against  him  3rd  Aug.  1676. 
He  opposed  the  Indulgence,  and  joined  the 
field  preachers  in  1679,  but  did  not  go  to 
an  extreme  length.     He  was  one  of  two 
deputies    who    interviewed   the    Duke    of 
Monmouth   before  the  battle  of  Bothwell 
Bridge.      After    the    defeat    of    the    Cov 
enanters,  he  took  refuge  in  Holland,  and 
appeared  in  a  long   list   of  those  declared 
fugitive,  5th  May  1684.    He  returned,  and 
died  at  Edinburgh,  15th   Dec.  1687,  aged 
about  62.     He   was  buried   in  Greyfriars. 
He  marr.  (name  unknown),  and  had  issue 
— a  son,  James,  apprenticed  to  Jamos  Home, 

merchant,  7th  Feb.  1677  ;  Catherine,  buried 
22nd  Nov.  1670.  He  left  a  journal  in  MS. 
which  has  not  been  recovered. — [Berwick 
Sas.,  iv.,  94 ;  Wodrow's  Hist.,  ii.  234.  iii. 
106 ;  Edin.  Guild  Reg. ;  Acts  Parl.,  vii. ; 
Inq.  Ret.  Gen.,  4804 ;  Brown's  Covenanters 
of  the  Merse.] 

ALEXANDER  HEWAT,  M.A. ;  min.  in 
1663     1003  ;  trans,  to  Eclrom  in  100"). 

1665  TYNE],  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  23rd  July 
1025) ;  passed  trials  before  the  Presb. 
and  got  a  testimonial  for  license  3rd  Oct. 
1627  ;  pres.  to  Garvald,  and  inst.  13th  Sept, 
1637  ;  dep.  4th  Oct.  1649  for  "  profanation 
of  the  name  of  God,"  etc.  He  intruded  at 
Drumoak  in  1053,  but  was  rcponed  to  the 
ministry  2nd  Feb.  1054,  on  condition  that 
he  should  not  accept  a  charge  without 
special  consent  of  the  Presb.  He  was 
pres.  to  Edrom,  and  coll.  there  llth  Nov. 
1662.  In  the  following  year  he  exchanged 
with  the  min.  of  this  charge ;  was  pres. 
by  Charles  II.  17th  Feb.  1604  ;  adm.  in 
1005,  and  was  still  min.  llth  Oct.  1GG8. 
He  marr.  before  3rd  Jan.  1044  (name  un 
known),  and  had  a  son,  James,  who  received 
300  merks  under  the  will  of  his  relative, 
Thomas  Bannatyne  of  Newhall,  30th  Nov. 
1044.— \_Rey.  See.  Sig. ;  Ilutton  Sess.  Rey.  ; 
Haddinytoii  Pres//.  Rey.'] 

Samuel  D.,  min.  here  in  1041  ;  M.A. 
(Edinburgh  1GG9) ;  adm.  min.  of 
Longformacus  in  1G72 ;  pres.  by  Charles 
II.  15th  Oct.  1077  ;  deprived  by  the  Privy 
Council,  8th  Sept,  1689,  for  not  reading  the 
Proclamation  of  the  Estates,  nor  praying 
for  William  and  Mary.  He  was  accused 
of  taking  away  the  Presb.  Records.  He 
died  Jan.  1704,  aged  about  55.  He  marr. 
Margaret  Bannatyne,  probably  daugh.  of 
his  predecessor,  and  had  issue  — Samuel 
of  Burnhouses ;  Helen  (marr.  27th  Dec. 
1729,  John  Johnston,  writer,  Edinburgh) ; 
Katherine  (marr.  July  1735,  Yaxly  David 
son,  merchant,  Edinburgh).  —  [Min.-book 
Rey.  Sec.  Sir/.,  v. ;  MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689 ; 
Edinburgh  Marriage  Reg. ;  Treasury  Sed. 
Rook,  22nd  July  1696.] 



[The  parish  w;is  vacant  for  several  years, 
the  majority  of  the  heritors  being  in 
sympathy  \vitli  the  Episcopal  mins.  who 
conducted  services  at  Coldingham  and 
Eycmoutli.  Ultimately  the  Synod  sent 
assessors  to  assist  the  1'ivsb.  in  their  choice 
of  a  minister.] 


JOHN  DYSART,  born  1660:  M.A. 
((ilasgow  1080):  ord.  min.  of  a 
Presbyterian  congregation  at  I  hdton, 
Northumberland,  1080  :  adm.  min.  of  Lang- 
ton  30th  April  1091  ;  elected  by  the  Presb. 
jure  <?e>'o/i(to  1st  May,  trans,  and  adm.  24th 
July  1 694 .  It  was  necessary  to  call  a  military 
force  to  prevent  a  riot  at  his  settlement, 
and  for  some  time  afterwards  he  carried 
two  pistols  to  the  pulpit,  which  he  laid 
down  openly  on  each  side  of  him.  He 
died  before  Jan.  1720,  leaving  £200  to  the 
poor  of  the  parish.  He  was  a  man  of  great 
force  of  character  and  strength  of  will,  and 
a  resolute  defender  of  the  Presbyterian 
cause.  During  his  ministry  he  held  1169 
meetings  of  his  Kirk-session,  and  most  of 
the  leading  men  of  his  parish  were  at  one 
time  or  other  brought  before  it.  By  the 
close  of  his  ministry  he  had  made  himself 
a  power  in  the  district,  and  even  those 
opposed  to  his  church  views  recognised  his 
sincerity  and  courage.  He  marr.  (1)  17th 
Jan.  1699,  Elizabeth  (died  May  1702), 
daugh.  of  John  Bishop,  Cockburnspath, 
and  had  issue — John  ;  Elizabeth  (marr.  her 
father's  successor) ;  a  son,  who  died  at  birth, 
1702:  (2)  31st  Dec.  1703,  Mary,  daugh.  of 
the  Hon.  William  Sanclilands  of  Couston, 
son  of  John,  fourth  Lord  Torphichen,  and 
widow  of  Major  Menzies  of  Culdares.  and 
had  issue— Matthew,  min.  of  Eccles.  l).;s 
widow  gifted  to  the  Kirk-session  a  silver 
cup  and  a  pewter  baptismal  basin,  7th 
April  n%<o.—[Edin.  Marr.  and  Set*.  Key*.  : 
Boston's  Jfem.;  Carr's  Hist.;  Murray's  Blot/. 
Ami.  :  Thomson's  Coldinr/ham  ;  Notes  !»/ 
C.  ft.  Romanes.] 


ROBERT  BRYDONE,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
21st  April  1709):  liccn.  by  Presb.  of 
Edinburgh  3rd  June  1719;  elected 
by  the  Town  Council  of  that  city  conjunct 
preacher  at  Skinner's  Hall  (Chapel-of-Ease) 

in  Dec.  following;  called  to  this  parish 
15th  Sept.  1724:  pres.  by  George  I.  31st 
Jan.,  and  ord.  (colleague  and  successor) 
nth  May  172.1:  died  17th  March  1761, 
aged  74.  He  marr.  3rd  June  1727,  Eliza 
beth  Dysart  (died  20th  May  1764),  only 
daugh.  of  his  predecessor,  and  had  issue — 
nine  children,  who  all  died  in  comparative 
youth,  except  John,  born  9th  Jan.  1730, 
died  17;").")  ;  Matthew,  merchant,  Berwick, 
born  3rd  Feb.  1731  :  Patrick,  F.P..S., 
author  of  A  Tour  throuyh  Xicili/  anil 
Ma/fa,  born  5th  Jan.  1736,  died  19th 
June  1818;  Robert,  born  23rd  March  1740. 
[Patrick  B.  marr.  Mary,  eldest  daugh.  of 
Principal  Roller tson  of  Edinburgh  Univ., 
and  by  her  had  three  daughs.— Mary,  wife 
of  the  second  Earl  of  Minto  ;  Elizabeth, 
wife  of  Admiral  Sir  Charles  Adam  of 
Blairadam ;  Williamina.  who  marr.  Gilbert 
Elliot,  D.D.,  Dean  of  Bristol.  He  is 
thus  alluded  to  in  Marmion,  canto  vi., 
stanza  18 — 

"  Hard  by  in  hospitable  shade  [Lennel  House] 
A  reverend  pilgrim  dwells. 
Well  worth  the  whole  Bernardino  brood 
That  ere  wore  sandal,  frock,  or  hood." 

Robert  Burns  visited  Patrick  Brydone  at 
Lennel,  7th  May  1787,  and  wrote  of  Mrs 
B.  as  "a  most  elegant  woman  in  person 
and  manner,  and  the  tones  of  her  voice 
remarkably  sweet."]— [Tomlst. :  Carr's  I  fist.-. 
Murray's  Bio<j.  Ann.  ;  Diet.  Nat.  Bio<j.  : 
Wallace's  Burns,  ii.,  104.] 

JOHN  JOLLY,  liccn.  by  Presb.  of 
1761  Chirnside  4th  Jan.  1757  ;  ord.  min. 
of  Simprin  12th  May  1757 ;  pres. 
by  George  III.  1st  May,  and  trans,  and 
adm.  17th  Sept.  1761  ;  died  9th  Nov.  1792, 
aged  60.  He  marr.  (1)  27th  Oct.  1757, 
Jean  Waddell,  who  died  without  issue,  31st 
Dec.  1783:  (2)  18th  Sept.  1787,  Elizabeth 
Paxton,  .Berwick,  who  died  without  issue 
at  Lochcarron,  18th  Dec.  1829,  aged  73. — 

JAMES  LANDELL,  born  1756,  son  of 
1793  "WMiara  L.,  farmer,  Coldinghamlaw ; 
M.A.  (Edinburgh);  licen.  by  the 
Northumberland  Classis  in  1781,  and  ord. 
by  it  8th  March  1787,  min.  of  the  Scots 
Church,  Widdrington  ;  pres.  in  April,  and 




adm.   13th  Aug.   1793;    killed   by   &    fall 
from  his  horse,  18th  April  1827.    He  was 
a  cultured  musician,  and  the  composer  of 
Coldinrjhwn,  and  other  psalm  tunes.     He 
marr.  6th   Jan.  177G,   Janet  Harriot,  who 
died  15th  Aug.  1840,  and  had  issue— Grace, 
born   14th  Oct.   1776;  William,  bora  6th 
July  1778,  educated  for  the  ministry  and 
applied    for    license,    but    withdrew    and 
became   Supervisor  of  Excise;    Margaret,  j 
born  26th  Sept.  1780  (marr.  David  Walker,  ! 
schoolmaster  of  Earlston),  died  31st  Oct.  1 
1852;   James,  lieut.   60th   Foot,   born   9th  j 
Nov.    1783;    George   Richardson,  lieut.   of  '. 
Marines,  lost  his  right  arm  at   Trafalgar, 
born  2nd  May  1785;   Thomas,  born   23rd 
Dec.  1786 ;  Harriet,  born  18th  April  1788 
(marr.    2nd    July    1810,    William     Hose); 
Alexander  Renton,  born  13th  Sept.  1792; 
Jane  Home,  born   24th   Sept,  1796   (marr. 
Samuel  Watson).— [Tombst.] 

son  of  Alexander  R.  of  Frcnderguest, 
and  Philadelphia,  daugh.  of  Robert 
Lambe,  vicar  of  Norham ;  educated  at 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Chirnside  10th  Aug.  1824  ;  pres.  by  George 
IV.  28th  May,  and  ord.  20th  Sept.  1827; 
died  6th  July  1847.  He  marr.  17th  Feb. 
1829,  Jane  (died  20th  Dec.  1843,  aged  38), 
eldest  daugh.  of  John  Dickson  of  Peelwalls, 
Ayton,  and  had  issue— Alexander  Phila 
delphia  Lambe,  M.D.,  bom  25th  Dec.  1829  ; 
John  Dickson,  born  1st  Aug.  1831 ;  George 
Hogarth,  born  30th  Aug.  1834. 

DAVID  MUNRO,  born  St  Andrews, 
2nd  Oct.  1817,  son  of  Alexander  M. 
and  Isabella  Walker  ;  educated  at 
Univ.  of  St  Andrews;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  St  Andrews  1839 ;  assistant  at  Ceres, 
Muthill,  Drainie;  ord.  to  Scots  Church, 
Tweedmouth,  17th  April  1845;  pres.  by 
Queen  Victoria ;  trans,  and  adm.  5th  Nov. 
1847  ;  died  24th  Oct.  1902.  He  marr.  31st 
Oct.  1854,  Margaret  (died  at  Dunbar,  14th 
June  1909),  daugh.  of  Robert  Stevenson, 
farmer,  Lowick,  and  Dorothy  Main,  and 
had  issue— Isabella  Walker,  born  19th  Aug. 
1855  (marr.  1880,  Thomas  Cormack,  captain 
in  the  Merchant  Service) ;  David  Alexander 
Stevenson,  born  29th  Jan.  1857;  Robert 

Stevenson,  born  19th  Feb.  1859 ;  Thomas 
Murray,  born  2nd  Aug.  1863;  Sarah 
Margaret,  born  30th  July  1865  (marr.  1896, 
James  Purves,  tea-planter,  India);  Mary 
Ann  Helena,  born  19th  May  1867  ;  William 
Lockhart,  born  7th  June  1872,  died  27th 
Sept,  1876  ;  Edith  Grace,  born  4th  Sept. 




born  Edinburgh,  1st  March  1872, 
son  of  Donald  L.,  Surveyor  of  Taxes, 
Argyllshire,  and  Catherine,  daugh.  of 
Thomas  Alexander,  farmer,  Aberdeenshire  ; 
educated  at  Edinburgh  Academy;  M.A. 
(Edinburgh  1891),  B.D.  (1896);  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Edinburgh  May  1896  ;  assistant 
at  St  Cuthbert's,  Edinburgh ;  ord.  (assist 
ant  and  successor)  4th  Nov.  1898.  Marr. 

(1)  10th  April  1901,  Edith  Home  (died  9th 
Jan.  1902),  youngest  daugh.  of  Sir  Samuel 
Stirling,    Bart,,    of    Glorat    and    Renton  : 

(2)  6th  Sept,  1904,  Annie,  daugh.  of  George 
Gilchrist,  farmer,  Coldingham,  and  Jessie 
Lyon  Dunlop,  and  has  issue— Allan  Donald, 
born  3rd  Dec.  1907;  Jessie  Dunlop,  born 
15th  April  1910  ;  Sheila  and  Eileen  (twins), 
born  7th  Oct.  1913. 


[A  priory  of  Cistercian  nuns  was  founded 
at  Coldstream  in  1125,  by  Gospatrick,  third 
Earl  of  Dunbar.  To  it  belonged  the  Parish 
Kirk  of  Lennel  and  the  chapels  of  the 
Hirsel  and  St  Mary;s,  Bassendean  (in  West- 
ruther).  This  convent  was  destroyed  by  the 
English  in  1 545.  Its  lands  were  afterwards 
alienated  by  royal  grants.  The  church  of 
Lennel  was  dedicated  by  Bishop  David  de 
Bernham,  31st  March  1243.  The  chapel 
of  the  Hirsel  disappeared  before  1627, 
and  was  never  afterwards  rebuilt.  The 
church  of  Lennel,  of  twelfth-century  work, 
was  for  long  the  parish  church.  In  1705, 
because  the  building  was  ruinous  and  too 
small,  a  new  church  was  erected  at  Cold- 
stream  by  Charles,  Earl  of  Home.  The 
Earl  of  Haddington  and  Ker  of  Graden  in 
the  Merse  repaired  the  old  church  at  Lennel 




and  removed  the  stone  roof,  but  in  1718  the 
new  building  in  Coldstream  was  declared 
the  parish  church.  A  new  church  was 
erected  in  15)09.] 

1574     JOHN  LYCHTBODTE,  reader. 

JOHN  CLAPPERTOX,  a  native  of  the 
1576     county,    was    in     1570    exhorter    at 
Livingston  ;     trans,    to    Jfutton     in 
l.")71  :     ti-an.s.    and    adni.    in     1570,    when 
Simprin  also   was  in  the  charge  ;   app.  by 
the  Ceneral  Assembly  that  year  as  Visitor 
of     Merse    and    Laininennuir :     this     was 
several    times    renewed:    in   1583   his   dis 
trict  extended  from  the  Forth  to   Berwick, 
lie   was  apprehended,  25th  May   1584,  by 
two   archers  of   the  Guard,  and   taken   to 
Edinburgh.      He    was    charged,   7th   Dec. 
following,   with   not   giving    obedience    to 
his  Ordinary,  and  was  one  of  those  who 
signed    an    address    to   the    King   on    that 
matter.      At     the     Assembly,     1586,     he 
dissented    against    annulling   the   sentence 
which  had  been  passed  upon   Archbishop 
A  damson.      While   acting  as    one   of    the 
Commissioners  of   the  Assembly  at  Edin 
burgh,   he   was   ordered   by   His    Majesty, 
21th  Nov.  155)0,  to  leave  within  twenty-four 
hours    and    attend   his    congregation.      By 
the  Assembly,  1000,  he  was  appointed  con 
stant  Moderator  of  the  Presb.,  which  was 
enjoined  by  the    Privy  Council,   17th  Jan. 
thereafter,  to  receive  him  as  such    within 
twenty-four  hours  after  notice,  under  pain 
of  rebellion.      Charged    by   the   Synod   to 
demit  that  office,  he  did  so,  for  which  he 
was  called  before  the  Privy  Council,  where 
he   expressed   his   readiness   to    accept    it 
of   new.     After   this   he   appears   to  have 
been   wholly   submissive   to   the   measures 
of  the  Court.     He  died  in  1017.     He  was 
a    member    of    at    least    sixteen    General 
Assemblies.      Calderwood     says     of    him, 
"The   man  was  ambitious,  and   readie   to 
embrace  any   preferment.''"     He   marr.   (1) 
1574,  Joanna   Spence,  Chirnside,  and   had 
issue  —  Samuel    Spence,   colonel    of    horse 
under   C-ustavus   Adolphus,  and  Governor 
of    Finland,   born    1570,   died    at    Womer, 
1022  ;    Christian,   born    1580    (marr.    1600,' 
Alexander  Lander   of  Gunsgreen) ;   Anne,' 
bapt.  at   East   Xisbet  Chape],  1585   (marr! 

1604,  Kobert  Brounfield  of  Todridge) ;  Mar 
garet,  born  1589  (marr.  1010,  Robert 
Lauder,  W.S.,  Edinburgh);  Elspeth,  born 
1592  (marr.  1013,  Patrick  Craw  of  Heug- 
head);  John,  min.  of  Ednam ;  George, 
born  1598  :  (-2)  1011,  Barbara  Seton  of 
Xottridge,  near  ITaddington,  and  had 

!   issue— William,  min.  of  Coldstream;  Pat- 

I  rick,  born  1015.  His  widow  survived  him 
and  marr.  secondly,  Andrew  Ramsay,  min. 
of  Eyemouth,  and  thirdly,  John  Poole  in 

,  Tranent).  —  [Reg.  Assiy.  :  Reg.  of  Deeds, 
xxxi.,  xxxvi.  ;  Reg.  Priri/  Count-.  :  tit 
Amlreu's  >'////.  mid  Test.  Regs.:  Hook?  <>j 
tin  Kirk ;  Calderwood's  /fist.,  iv.,  72 : 
Pitcairn's  Ciim.  Trials,  ii. ;  Inq.  R(<t.  G'en., 
1097  ;  Re*,,  of  Deed*,  ccccx.,  370  :  -/.  R. 
Jtdtll.,  10th  Dec.  1017:  Act*  niid  Dee., 

\  cccxxxii.,  372.] 

FRANCIS  HEPBURX,  son  of  Francis 
161?  H.  and  Margaret  Cockburn ;  M.A. 
(Kdinburgh,  25th  July  1012);  pres. 
by  James  VI.  18th  Nov.  1017;  was  still 
min.  23rd  Nov.  1038,  but  subsequently 
deprived.  He  had  issue— Thomas,  eldest 
son.— [AVf/.  See.  tiif/.  :  tied.  Hool;  of  Te'nuh  : 
Stat.  Rep.,  1027  ;  Re<j.  of  Dee<h,  dxxx.,  113  ; 
(,'.  It.  Inhih.,  Oth  Sept,  1037.] 

A\'TLLTAM  CLAPPEHTOX,  born  1613  : 
son  of  John  C1.,  who  was  min.  in  1570, 
mentioned  as  min.  in  1035).  Pie  died 
before  19th  Jan.  1642.  His  brother  Patrick- 
was  his  heir.—  [Gen.  Reg.  tins.,  1.,  343.] 

THOMAS    HEPBURX,   M.A.,  min.   in 

1641  1G41  J    trans,    to    Oldhamstocks    in 
1042.-[AV/.  Sec.  Sic/.} 

JAMES  HOME,  son  of  Alexander  H., 

1642  min<  of  Ayton;  pres.  by  Charles  1. 
1st  Dec.   1041  ;   adm.  in   1042 ;   still 

min.  in  1053,  but  was  probably  deprived  ; 
died  before  14th  Jan.  1071.  He  marr. 
Janet,  daugh.  of  John  Arnot  of  Hoprig, 
and  had  issue— James,  writer,  Edinburgh, 
his  heir;  Margaret,  died  1700;  Jean  (marr. 
Alexander  Kinnear,  writer,  Edinburgh); 
Rachel  (marr.  John  Home,  min.  of  Greeii- 
law).— [Reg.  Sec.  Sig. ;  Peebles  Presb.  Reg.\ 
Inq.  Ret.  Gen,,  5387,  and  Henrick,  381; 
G.  R.  Sns.t  Iv.,  395.] 





WILLIAM  JOHNSTONE  of  Laverock- 

1659  *AW)  ^"^'  ^t  Andrews,  r)tn  June 
1638):  ord.  to  Lander  in  1652; 
trans,  and  adm.  in  1659 ;  deprived  by  Act 
of  Parliament  llth  June,  and  Decreet  of 
Privy  Council  1st  Oct.  1662  ;  died  before 
2nd  April  1685.  He  marr.  Isabel  Mait- 
land,  probably  of  the  Lauderdale  family, 
and  had  issue — James,  his  heir  ;  Margaret, 
assisted  by  the  Presb.  in  1700  as  "the 
daughter  of  an  outed  minister";  William, 
buried  in  Greyfriars,  Edinburgh,  17th 
March  1692.  —  [>'//«,  (Keho  Presl.)  fief/.; 
Lothian  Xyn.  Rey. ;  Edin.  Rey.  A'ax.  :  Wod- 
row's  Hint. ;  Inq.  Ret.  (Jen.,  Berwick,  420, 
and  (!en.,  6634.] 

DAVID  ROBERTSON,  son  of  James 
.  _  R.,  min.  of  Cranstoun ;  M.A.  (St 
Andrews,  2nd  May  1639) ;  adm. 
(assistant)  at  Dunbar  19th  April  1644 ; 
trans,  to  Folwarth,  and  adm.  before  18th 
June  1652  ;  conforming  to  Episcopacy,  he 
was  coll.  16th  Oct.  1662 ;  trans,  and  adm. 
after  25th  Aug.  1663;  died  May  1685. 
Ho  marr.  Agnes  (died  29th  May  1694), 
daugh.  of  Andrew  Stevenson,  min.  of  Dun- 
bar,  in  whose  right  he  entered  burgess  and 
guild-brother  of  Edinburgh,  10th  April  1678, 
and  had  issue— Andrew ;  Patrick,  min.  of 
of  Eclrom,  ultimately  vicar  of  Berwick-on- 
Tweed,  who  was  served  heir  26th  Jan.  1700. 
— [Duns  Presb.  and  Edin.  Guild  Regs.  ;  : 
Lander  Tests.;  Greyfriars  Burials;  Inq.  \ 
Ret.  Gen.,  8200.] 

THOMAS  BLAIR,  M.A.  (St  Andrews, 
1686  14th  March  1672) ;  was  a  preacher 
13th  June  1680 ;  inst.  to  Tynning- 
hame  26th  May  1684 ;  trans,  and  adm. 
before  19th  Jan.  1686 ;  deprived  by  the  ' 
Privy  Council,  26th  Sept.  1689,  for  not 
praying  for  King  William  and  Queen 
Mary,  nor  reading  the  Proclamation  of  the 
Estates.  In  1713  he  was  in  charge  of 
Cornhill,  Northumberland,  and  in  1728  he 
was  inst.  to  the  united  curacies  of  Cornhill 
and  Branxton ;  died  23rd  Aug.  1736,  aged  j 
about  85.  He  marr.  Christian  (died  23rd  i 
June  1729),  daugh.  of  Sir  William  Eliott 
of  Stobs,  Bart.,  and  had  issue — David, 
bursar  of  Theology,  Presb.  of  Kirkcaldy, 

1692,  1693.—  [T'l/nninnJiame  and  Scoonie 
Sess.  Regs.;  Cornhill  Reg.  (Bur.)  ;  Hutchin- 
son's  Northumberland,  i.  :  MX.  Ace.  of 
Min.,  1689 ;  Peterkin's  Gonstit.  of  the 


JAMES  ARMSTRONG,  mentioned  as 
min.  when  first  meeting  of  Presb. 
is  recorded  7th  Aug.  1690  ;  trans,  to 

Canonbie    21st   March    1694.—  [Rey.    Gen. 

Ass.,  1690,  1692.] 

JOHN  POW,  son  of  Robert  P.,  notary, 
1694  Eycmouth;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  9th 
July  1688);  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Chirnsidc,  and  ord.  7th  Aug.  1694  ;  died 
5th  Jan.  1735,  aged  about  67.  He  marr. 
Jean  Marjoribanks,  who  died  3rd  Feb. 
1763,  and  had  issue — Robert,  merchant, 
and  bailie  of  Coldstream ;  John,  M.A., 
licen.  1729 ;  Elizabeth,  born  1723  (marr. 
John  Forman,  ancestor  of  the  Formans  of 
Craigpark,  Ratho).  William  Pow,  licen.  in 
1745,  was  probably  a  son. — [Lander  Tests.  ; 
Boston's  Mem.] 

WILLIAM  WILSON,  a  teacher  in 
George  Heriot's  Hospital  20th  June 
1720;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  13th  Dec. 
1720);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Hamilton  31st 
Oct.  1732  ;  pres.  by  Thomas,  Lord  Binning, 
and  ord.  30th  Oct.  1735  ;  died  16th  June 
1777.  He  marr.  9th  June  1737,  Agnes 
(died  7th  July  1784),  daugh.  of  Thomas 
Chatto  of  Mainhouse,  and  had  issue — 
John,  born  18th  April  1738;  Thomas, 
born  19th  Sept.  1739;  Janet,  born  22nd 
Nov.  1741  ;  Andrew,  born  30th  Jan.  1744  ; 
Mary,  born  30th  Oct.  1745,  died  19th  Oct. 
1763;  Charlotte,  born  llth  Nov.  1752; 
Jean,  died  26th  June  1815. — [Steven's  Mem. 
of  HeriotJ] 

JAMES  BELL,  born  1742,  son  of  Robert 
B.,  min.  of  Avendale,  and  nephew 
of  James  Thomson,  author  of  The 
Seasons,  whom  he  succeeded  in  the  small 
estate  of  Wideopen,  which  he  afterwards 
sold.  He  was  educated  by  his  uncle, 
Robert  Thomson,  schoolmaster  of  Lanark, 
and  at  the  Univ.  of  Glasgow ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Hamilton  25th  Feb.  1766;  app. 




preacher  ID  Univ.  of  Glasgow:  pros.  l>y 
Thomas,  Marl  of  Haddington,  Aug.  1777. 
Delay  was  occasioned  by  a  competing 
presentation  from  the  Crown  in  favour 
of  Alexander  Cirvan.  afterwards  min.  of 
Langton.  The  Lords  of  Session  decided 
in  favour  of  B.,  and  he  was  ord.  24th  Sept. 
177S:  J).|).  (Glasgow,  4th  Dec.  1789):  died 
!)th  Aug.  17!)4.  He  marr.  !)th  April  1779, 
Annie  (died  17th  Oct.  1820,  aged  74), 
sister  of  Thomas  Clark,  min.  of  Eagles- 
ham,  and  had  issue  —  Robert,  born  5th  Feb. 
1780  ;  Thomas,  born  4th  May  1781  ;  James 
Thomson,  born  28th  June  1782:  Carolina 
Home,  born  29th  Aug.  1784  ;  Margaret, 
born  27th  Oct.  1785;  Elizabeth,  born  30th 
Jan.  1787,  died  unmarr.  1876  [vide  Joid'nnl 
of  Sir  Walter  Scott,  7th  March  1828]: 
Charles  Hamilton,  born  17th  April  1789: 
John,  major  H.E.I.C.S.,  born  3rd  Jan. 
1791  ;  Beatrix,  born  2nd  June  1792.  Publi- 
cations  —  Sermons  prat  died  before  the  U/rit>. 
<>f  (,'las.ijow  (revised  by  Principal  Robert 
son  ;  London,  1790)  ;  Account  of  the  Parish 
(Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  iv.).—  [Scottish  .AV/., 
iii.  ;  Cleland's  Ann.,  i.] 

ROBERT  SCOTT,  bred  a  tailor;  edu- 
17gs  cated  at  the  parish  school  of  Temple 
and  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Chirnside  31st  Jan.  1786  :  ord. 
min.  of  Legerwood  9th  May  1793  ;  pres.  by 
Charles,  Earl  of  Haddington,  25th  Nov. 
1794  ;  adm.  3rd  July  1795  ;  died  unmarr. 
17th  Jan.  1830,  aged  77. 

(Edinburgh,  1840);  Account  of  the  Parish 
(Setf  Stat.  Ace.,  ii.) 


THOMAS  SMITH  GOLDIE,  born  15th 

^u"-  1798'  son  °^  tleorge  G.,  min. 

of  Athelstaneford  ;  educated  at  High 
School  and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  :  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Dunbar  5th  Dec.  1821  ;  assistant  in 
Tron  Parish,  Edinburgh  ;  pres.  by  the  Com 
missioner  of  Thomas,  Earl  of  Haddington, 
30th  Jan.,  and  ord.  14th  May  1830  :  died  at 
Edinburgh,  5th  July  1859.  He  marr.  5th 
Feb.  1833,  Jane  Gilloch  Morgan,  who  died 
15th  May  1858,  aged  45,  and  had  issue  — 
George  Morgan,  born  6th  Feb.  1834  ; 
Margaret  Gibson,  born  4th  Oct.  1836,  died 
31st  Oct.  1844.  Publications  —  A  Sermon 
Breached  at  Coldstream  (Edinburgh,  1831)  ; 
Prayers  for  the  IT^-  of  his  Parishioners 


ARCHIBALD  XISBET,  born  about 
1827,  son  of  Archibald  X.,  min.  of 
the  Chapel-of-Ease,  Xorth  Albion 
Street,  Glasgow ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 
Glasgow  :  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Glasgow  ;  ord. 
to  St  Stephen's  Parish,  Glasgow,  24th  March 
1853  ;  pres.  by  George,  Earl  of  Haddington  ; 
trans,  and  adm.  26th  Jan.  1860;  died  7th 
July  1898.  He  marr.  12th  June  1855, 
Mary  Eliza  (died  26th  April  1895),  daugh. 
of  John  Allan,  writer,  Glasgow,  and  had 
issue — Archibald,  born  2nd  April  1856; 
Alexander  Allan,  born  2nd  March  1862  ; 
Helen  Christina  Margaret,  born  16th  May 
1865  :  Francis  Walter,  born  21st  Oct. 

ord.  23rd  Dec.  1898  ;  trans,  to  Elder 
Park  Parish.  Govan,  16th  Mav  1912. 


Glasgow,  12th  April  1887,  son  of 
David  T.  and  Isabella  Fraser  ;  M.A., 
B.D.  (Aberdeen);  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Glasgow  in  1910;  assistant  at  Maxwell 
Parish,  Glasgow;  ord.  20th  Sept.  1912; 
lieut.  llth  Black  Watch,  and  saw  service 
in  France,  1914-16. 


[The  church  was  granted  to  Coldingham 
Priory  by  Earl  Gospatrick  in  1139.  There 
were  subordinate  chapels  at  Kimmerghame, 
Blackadder,  East  Nisbet,  and  Earlston. 
By  1450  land  at  Kelloe  was  granted  to 
found  the  prebend  of  Kelloe  in  the  col 
legiate  church  of  Dunglass,  and  a  papal 
bull  of  1459  gave  to  Dunglass  the  vicarage 
of  Edrom.  The  old  Norman  church  was 
taken  down  in  1737,  all  that  survives  being 
a  fine  doorway,  and  a  transept  chapel 
built  in  1499  by  Robert  Blackadder,  Arch 
bishop  of  Glasgow,  whose  ancestors  held 
the  lands  of  Blackadder  in  the  parish.] 

JAMES  COSTRANE,  reader  in 
1570  1570. 




PATRICK    GAITTIS    [GALT],    trans. 

from    Abernethy  after     llth    June 

1573,  when    Duns,    Langton,  Fogo, 

and  Pohvarth  were  also  in  the  charge.     He 

removed  to  Duns  between  1580  and  1582. — 

[Rey.  Assi'y.] 

WILLIAM   CABEAIL,  reader,  1574  to 

1580 ;  min.  in  1583  ;  died  previous  to 

12th   July   1612.      He   marr.   (name 

unknown),  and   had    issue — Matthew,  his 

successor ;     Patrick,     wright ;      Christian 

(marr.  Robert  Mackie). — [Rey.  Min. ;  .Key. 

Assiy.  ;   Rey.  of  Deeds,  cclxxxv.,  15th  July 

1619  ;  <Y.  R.  Has.,  xlvii.,  183.] 

MATTHEW  CARRAIL,  son  of  preced 
ing  ;  adm.  to  P>unkle  in  1007  ;  pros. 
by  James  VI.  8th  July  1012,  and 

adm.    soon   after ;    clerk    of   Presb.    1C42 ; 

died  before  20th  Aug.  1G4C.    He  marr.  8th 

April    1007,    Elizabeth     Adamson.  —  [Re-y. 

Assiy.  :  Old  De<\,  ii.  ;  Rey.  Sec.  Siy.  :  Edin. 

Marr.  Rey.] 

JOHN  HOME,  min.  of  Eyemouth  in 
1027  ;  prcs.  by  Charles  I.  20th  Aug. 
1646  1040,  and  adm.  soon  afterwards ; 
died  in  April  10-18.  He  marr.  (1)  Barbara 
Home  :  (2)  before  1042,  Jean  Home,  who 
survived  him,  and  had  a  "house  at  Eye- 
mouth  bought  with  her  a  win  money/'' 
They  had  a  son,  John,  whom  he  designed 
"to  be  brought  up  at  the  schools/' — [Key. 
Sec.  Siy. ;  Lander  Tests. ;  Berwick  Has.,  iii., 
192,  1035,  and  365,  1642.] 

[WILLIAM  HUME,  pres.  by  Charles  I. 

22nd  May  1648.     On  24th  May   he 

was    apparently    under    scandal,   as 

the   Presb.  of   Chirnside   was   warned   not 

to  put  him  on  the  leet  for  any  kirk  until 

he  should  be  tried  and  cleared.    He  was 

probably  never  settled  in  this  charge,  and 

may  be  the  W.  H.  who   was   collated   to 

Ayton  in   1663,  and  min.  of  Loudoun  in 

1664. — Rey.  Sec.  Siy.  ;  Peterkin's  Records.] 

164g  burgh,  25th  July  1618)]  min.  of 
Abbey  St  Bathans  in  1628 ;  trans. 
and  adm.  in  1649 ;  died  in  1661,  aged  about 
64.  He  marr.  Isabella,  probably  daugh.  of 
George  Dunbar  of  Avache,  who  survived 

him.  —  [Acts   of   Ass.;    Edin.    Rey.    Sas.; 
Tomlst.\  Rey.  Sec.  Siy.  :  Morrison's  Dec.,  x,] 

ANDRE  W  B  A  X  N  A  T  Y  N  E;  M.A., 
formerly  of  Garvald ;  pres.  by 
Charles  II.  25th  May  1661,  22nd 

Feb.  and  4th  Oct.  1662;   coll.   llth  Nov. 

following ;    again   pres.    Oth    March    1003. 

He  exchanged  with  the  min.  of  Colding- 

ham,   and   removed   there   in    1005.—  [Key. 

Sec.  Siy.  •.  Rey.  Co!/.] 

ALEXANDER     HEW  AT,    M.A.      (St 

Andrews   1051) ;    min.    of    Colding- 
ham  in  1003:  prcs.  by  Charles   II. 

17th  Feb.  1004;  coll.  3rd  Feb.  1065;  died 

April    1077,    aged    about    46.     He    marr. 

Anna    Home,    who    survived    him. — [Rey. 

Sec.  Siy.  ;  Rey  CoHat.  ;  Lander  7V.<?/x.] 

GEORGE    TROTTER,     M.A. ;     trans. 

from     Bunkle  ;     pres.     by     Charles 

II.   7th   May    1677,   and   adm.   soon 

afterwards  :  trans,  to  Second  Charge,  Tron 

Parish,  Edinburgh,  1082.— [Min. -look   Rey. 

Sec.  Siy.,  v.] 


PATRICK  ROBERTSON,  son  of  David 
]{.,  min.  of  Coldstream  ;  M.A.  (Edin 
burgh  1603) ;  adm.  min.  of  Cumbrae 
in  1682  ;  pres.  by  Charles  II.  5th  June  1082, 
and  adm.  soon  afterwards.  He  was  inst. 
vicar  of  Berwick-on-Tweed  29th  July  1080, 
and  died  unmarr.  after  26th  Jan.  1700, 
aged  about  59. — [Min.-look  Rey.  Sec.  Siy. ; 
Fuller's  and  Scott's  Hist.*,  of  Berwick ; 
Berwick  Rey.  Burials;  Liq.  Ret.  Gen.,  8200.] 

JOHN  BARCLAY,  pres.  by  James  VII. 

7     21st  April  1687 ;  deprived  by  Privy 

Council,  8th  Sept.  1689,  for  neither 

reading  the  Proclamation  of  the  Estates, 

nor  praying  for  William  and  Mary,  but  for 

James    VII.— [MS.    Ace.    of   Min.,    1689 : 

Peterkin's  Constitution  of  the  Church.] 

ANDREW  GUTHRIE,  ord.  10th  Oct. 
1690;  trans,  to  Peterhead  19th 
April  1699. 

[JOHN  DAWSON,  M.A.,  described  as 
"preacher    of    the    Gospel    in    the 
parish  of  Edrom  in  1098 ;;  ;  min.  of 
Langton  that  year.] 





THOMAS     ANDERSON,     called 

Juno'    ani1    ord'    25th    |Sel't-    1701  ; 
trans,  to  Ayton  27th  March  171-2. 

ALFA  AN  DEI  I  TROTTER  of  Leetbrae, 
Colclstream,born  1077,  son  of  Captain 
Alexander  T.,  who  fought  at  Killic- 
crankie  (of  the  old  Merse  family  of  T.  of 
Printonan):  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  29th  April 
1701).  In  1704  he  was  a  teacher  at  Cold- 
stream  :  liccn.  by  of  Chirnside  29th 
.luly  1712  ;  pres.  by  the  Presb.  t////r  devo/ttto 
2Sth  July,  and  ord.  10th  Sept.  1713;  died 
29th  Dec.  1758.  He  marr.  (pro.  3rd  July 
1720),  Helen,  eldest  daugh.  of  John  Tulli- 
delph,  min.  of  Dunbarney,  and  had  issue  — 
Alexander,  born  4th  Dec.  1724;  Catherine 
(marr.  James  Thomson,  min.  of  Kin- 
goldrum)  :  Margaret  (marr.,  pro.  19th  Aug. 
1764,  William  Smith,  merchant,  Dundee).  — 
[Memoir  of  7?.  Trotter  :  Isabella  Trotter's 
Family  Memoirs  ;  Ea*t  Galloway  Skctdien  : 
E'Hn.  Test*.  :  E<lhi.  Marr.  AV;/.] 

175_  born  1730,  third  son  of  George  R., 
min.  of  Ladykirk  ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Kelso  4th  Oct.  1757;  pres.  by  George 
II.  16th  April,  and  ord.  27th  Sept.  1759; 
died  10th  Sept.  1797.  He  marr.  26th 
March  1766,  Sarah  (died  17th  Dec.  1777), 
probably  daugh.  of  Walter  Hart,  min.  of 
Bunkle,  and  had  issue  —  George,  born  22nd 
March  1767;  \Valter,  born  16th  Dec.  1768  ; 
Philip,  born  llth  Sept.  1770;  'William 
Alexander,  born  5th  Dec.  1773  ;  Alex 
ander,  born  16th  July  1777.  Publication  — 
Account  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's  Stat. 
Ace.,  i.).  —  [Tombst.~] 

JOHN  HASTIE,  born  1762,  son  of  John 
17g7  H.,  Dunsyre  ;  became  schoolmaster 
of  Dunsyre,  and  was  subsequently 
tutor  in  the  family  of  George  Buchan  of 
Kelloe  :  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Duns  2nd  Sept. 
1788  ;  pres.  by  George  III.  Nov.  1796  ;  ord. 
(assistant  and  successor)  23rd  Feb.  1797  ; 
died  suddenly,  20th  Nov.  1822.  He  marr. 
3rd  June  1803,  Sarah  (died  19th  Nov.  1842), 
daugh.  of  John  Logan  of  New  Edrom,  and 
had  issue  —  Helen,  born  25th  Aug.  1804  ; 
Elizabeth,  born  30th  Nov.  1807  (marr. 
David  Logan,  Forney  Castle)  :  Sarah,  born 

13th   Dec.  1810;   John   Logan,  born   18th 
July  1813.— [7  Ww.] 

1823  *n  i^;  fourth  son  of  James  (•., 
fanner,  Kilmaurs ;  M.A.  (Glasgow 
1811);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Irvine  6th  May 
1817 ;  assistant  at  Jedlmrgh ;  pres.  by 
George  IV.  in  Feb.,  and  ord.  21st  Aug. 
1823;  died  31st  May  1849.  He  marr. 
27th  Nov.  1845,  Esther  Bell,  who  marr. 
again  15th  June  1852.  Publication— Ac 
count  of  the  Parish  (S'ew  S'tat.  Ace.,  ii.). 

JAMES  WILSON,  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
184g  Edinburgh  ;  assistant  at  Greenside  : 
ord.  to  the  Chapel-of-Ease,  New 
Rothesay,  1847  ;  pres.  by  Queen  Victoria, 
trans,  and  aclm.  23rd  Nov.  1849  ;  clem. 
16th  May  1872  ;  died  uninarr.  in  Australia, 
15th  Aug.  1895. 

ant   and  successor  at  West  Linton  ; 
pres.   by  Queen  Victoria,  and  aclm. 
5th    Sept.    1872;     trans,     to    St    George's 
Parish,  Glasgow,  27th  July  1882. 

MACDUFF  SIMPSON,  born  Johns- 
1883  town>  C°-  Kildare,  9th  July  1849, 
son  of  Joseph  S.,  C.E.  ;  educated 
at  Belfast,  Princeton  Univ.,  U.S.A.,  and 
Edinburgh  Univ.;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Lexington,  Virginia,  1875;  ord.  to  Church- 
ville,  Virginia,  9th  Oct.  1875 ;  min.  of 
Pvichmond  Church,  Philadelphia,  1877-81  ; 
aclm.  a  min.  of  the  Church  of  Scotland 
in  1881 ;  min.  of  St  Paul's  Chapel,  Leith, 
1881 ;  adm.  to  this  charge  3rd  Jan.  1883. 
Marr.  (1)  5th  April  1876,  Mary  (died  27th 
Jan.  1912),  daugh.  of  Henry  Henderson, 
min.  of  Kinclaven,  and  has  issue — Henry 
Henderson,  lecturer  at  Dundee  Technical 
College,  born  23rd  Jan.  1877  ;  David  Mac- 
duff  Frederick,  Director  of  Education, 
Soudan  Government,  Egypt,  born  9th  Dec. 
1878 ;  Isabella  Mary,  born  8th  Jan.  1882  : 
(2)  20th  Aug.  1913,  Elizabeth  Jackson. 

1911     01C^  (ass^stant  and  successor)   15th 
Dec.  1911 ;  trans,  to  Second  Charge, 
St  Andrews,  6th  Jan.  1916. 





ANDREW  RAMSAY,  pros,  by  -lames 
VI.  7th  Feb.  1015;  died  between 
20th  Nov.  1623  and  31st  Oct.  1027. 
He  marr.  Barbara  Seton  (widow  of  John 
Clapperton,  min.  of  Coldstream,  \vlio  sur 
vived  him,  and  marr.  (3)  John  Poole  in 
Tranent),  and  had  issue — Robert,  servitor 
to  George, 'Earl  of  Winton.— [Rey.  Sec.  Siy. ; 
Prestonpans  ties*.  Rey. ;  Lander  Tests.  ',  Imj. 
Jiet.  Gen.,  3271  ;  Milne  Home  MSS.  (Hist. 
MS.  Com.,  92).] 

JOHN   HOME,  trans,   from  Ladykirk ; 
i«27     l)rcH-   UY  Charles  1.  31st  Oct.   1627; 
trans,  to  Edrom  in  1G4G. 

JAMES  STRATON,  M.A. ;  pres.  by 
Charles  I.  8th  Nov.  1647 ;  trans,  to 
Gordon  in  1662. 

JOHN     MACKECHNIE,   born    Oban, 

1916  5^1  April  18G'i'>  son  °f  Alexander  M. 
and  Christina  Maccoll  ;  educated  at 
Univs.  of  Edinburgh  and  Glasgow  ;  licen.  j 
by  Presb.  of  Dunblane  1895 ;  assistant 
at  Middle  Parish  Paisley  ;  ord.  to  Beach 
Mission,  Broughty  Ferry,  28th  Dec.  1899  : 
adm.  to  Buckhaven  23rd  Feb.  1905  ;  trans, 
to  Stronsay  (assistant  and  successor)  17th 
Dec.  1907  ;  trans,  to  Lairg  2nd  Aug.  1912  ;  j 
trans,  and  adm.  (assistant  and  successor) 
22nd  May  1916.  Marr.  1st  June  1905, 
Elizabeth  Skene  Blacklaws,  and  has  issue 
— Elizabeth  Christina  Kennedy,  born  12th 
March  1907  j  Mabel  Mary  Watson,  born 
13th  March  1909. 


[Disjoined  from  Coldingham  and  erected 
by  James  VI.  27th  Jan.  1G1«.  A  new 
church  was  built  in  1812,  and  repaired 
in  1902.] 

JOHN  JOHNSTON,  chaplain  in  1597. 
1597  He  marr.  Katherine  Mitchelson. 

JAMES  BANNATYNE,  M.A.,  probably 
son  of  Andrew  B.,  min.  of  Colding 
ham  ;  pres.  by  Charles  II.  9th  June, 
ord.   and   coll.    llth   Sept.    1665 ;    died  in 


[Min.-lf>ok    Rey.    Sec.    Siy.]    Key. 

GILBERT  INNES,  son  of  James  limes 
of  Tillouries ;  M.A.  (Marischal  Col 
lege,  Aberdeen,  1669) ;  Johnston 
divinity  bursar  there,  1669-73 ;  pres.  by 
Charles  II.  6th  June,  ord.  and  coll.  23rd 
Sept.  1673.  The  parish  was  vacant  by 
1677  ;  no  reason  is  stated  in  the  Presb. 
Register.— \_Rcy.  Sec.  Siy.,  v. ;  Rey.  Collat.] 

JOHN  AVILKIE,  probably  a  member  of 
the  Foulden  family  ;  chaplain  to 
Lady  Khmoull  ;  entered  on  trials 

for  license  before  Presb.  of  Perth  10th  Jan. 

1665  ;  coll.  14th  May  1669  to  Kirknewton  ; 

trans,  to  Ratho  in  1674  ;  pres.  by  Charles  II. 

23rd  March  1677,  and  adm.  soon  after  ;  died 

in    1683.  —  \_Rey.    Collat.;    Lanark    Fresh. 

l\«j.\  .Ifin.-l/ooJi  L'et/.  1'riv.  Seal,  v.] 

DAVID  STIRLING  of  Rranxton, 
less  Cockburnspath :  M.A.  (Glasgow 
1653);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dum 
barton  :  assistant  at  Dunbar  5th  July 
1659;  ord.  to  Foulden  after  nth  July 
1660  ;  conformed  to  Episcopacy,  and  coll. 
27th  Oct.  1662 ;  trans,  to  Greyfriars,  Edin 
burgh,  1664  ;  clem,  in  1669 ;  coll.  to 
Cockburnspath  after  27th  Sept.  1671  ; 
deprived  in  1681  for  refusing  the  Test ; 
pres.  to  this  charge  by  Charles  II.  14th 
Sept.  1683  ;  deprived  by  the  Privy  Council, 
12th  Sept.  1689,  for  not  reading  the 
Proclamation  of  the  Estates,  etc.  He  was 
dead  in  1699.  He  marr.  Margaret  Law, 
and  had  issue — Margaret  (marr.  13th  June 
1682,  Robert  Lawson,  min.  of  Libberton, 
Lanarkshire) :  David  ;  Archibald,  bursar  of 
Presb.  of  Dunbar  4th  April  1682,  died 
1683  ;  Thomas  ;  Ann.  —  [Min.-book  Rey. 
Sec.  Sly.,  v. ;  J/,S'.  Ace.  of  Min.,  Ki89  ;  (,'.  It. 
Sas.,  Ixxv.,  81  ;  D unbar  Prcsb,,  Cockburm- 
path,  Wkittinyeliame,  and  liinerwick  Sess. 
Reys. ;  Edin.  ttapt.  Rcy-~\ 

JAMES  RAMSAY,  M.A.;  called  7th 
March,  and  ord.  9th  May  1693  ;  trans, 
to  Kelso  24th  Sept.  1707. 


17th  June,  and  ord.  2nd  Sept.  1708  ; 
trans,  to  Hunibie  28th  June  1715. 





JAMES  [or  WILLIAM]  ALLAN,  a  near 
relative  of  .lohn  Simson,  Professor  of 
Divinity  at  <  llasgow  ;  educated  at 
Glasgow  Univ.:  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Duns 
Gth  June  170-1  :  ord.  to  Siinprin  '23rd 
Se])t.  1707  :  pres.  by  the  Presb.  jure 
ilrrvluto  31st  Jan.,  trans,  and  adm.  15th 
March  1716  :  died  3rd  Jan.  1737.  aged  58. 
He  niarr.  Sarah  Watson,  who  died  23rd 
Jan.  175(1.  and  had  issue— James,  his  suc 
cessor;  Margaret  (marr.  George  Craw  of 
Xetherbyres)  ;  Grace  (marr.  Andrew  Edgar, 
merchant,  Eyemouth). 


JAMES  ALLAN,  born  1713,  son  of 
preceding:  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  12th 
May  1732);  licen.  by  Presb.  31st 
Aug.  1736;  pres.  by  George  11.  23rd  March, 
and  ord.  18th  Aug.  1737  ;  died  unmarr. 
7th  May  1767.  Publication — Moderation 
Explained  <nul  Recommended,  a  sermon 
(Edinburgh,  1749). 

THOMAS  TAIT,  a  native  of  Whitsome  ; 

licen.   by   Presb.   of   Chirnside   25th 

1767     March    17(50:     pres.    by   George   II. 

26th  May,  and  ord.  24th  Sept.  1767;  died 

unmarr.  25th  Jan.  1776. 


JAMES  WILLIAMSON,  min.  of  the 
High  Meeting,  Berwick-on-Tweed  : 
pres.  by  George  IIJ.  21th  Feb., 
trans,  and  adm.  16th  Aug.  1776  (in  the 
churchyard,  owing  to  the  great  crowd 
present) ;  trans,  to  AVhitekirk  7th  April 


GEOHGE  TODD  [TOD],  ord.  to  the 
Scots  Church,  Tweedmouth,  16th 
May  1783;  pres.  by  George  III. 
30th  April,  and  adm.  15th  Sept.  1785  : 
trans,  to  Ladykirk  17th  Sept.  1801. 

JAMES    SMITH,    licen.   by    Presb.    of 
Dunblane    26th    March    1793;    ord. 
802     (by  Presb.    of  Chirnside)  29th   Aug. 
L797  min.  of  the  Low  Meeting,  Berwick-on- 
Tweed  ;  pres.  by  George  III.  20th  March, 
and  adm.  6th  May  1802  ;  D.D.  (Edinburgh, 
16th  Sept.  1809) ;  died  9th  Oct.  1825.     He 
was   an  accomplished   ( Ireek  scholar.     He 
marr.    14th    May    1805,    Jane    FTome   (died 
4th    Dec.    1841),   niece   of    his   predecessor 

and  daugh.  of  John  Forman,  attorney, 
Berwick,  and  sister  of  John  and  William 
Forman  Home  of  Wedderburn.  Publica 
tion  -  Edited  and  revised  Schrevelius' 
Lc,i'!c<jii  Manuale  (!r<wu  -  Latimim  <•> 
Latino-Grax-um  (Edinburgh,  1810). 


JOHN"  TUKXBULL,  born  in  or  about 
1797,  son  of  John  T.,  merchant, 
and  Catherine  Martin:  educated  at 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Chirnside  13th  June  1820  :  pres.  by  George 
IV.  26th  March,  and  ord.  (assistant  and 
successor)  9th  May  1822.  Joined  the  Free 
Church;  min.  of  Free  Church,  Eyemouth, 
1843:  died  3rd  March  1870.  He  marr. 
6th  Sept.  1855,  Christina  Short  Keid,  who 
died  12th  April  1868,  aged  55.  Publica 
tion — Account  of  the  Parish  (A~tw  Stat. 

J(r.,  ii.). 

JOHN    MURDOCH,   pres.    by    Queen 
Victoria,    and  ord.    12th    Jan.   1844: 
trans,  to   Kirkpatrick-Fleming,  21st 
April  1845. 

STEPHEN  BELL,  son  of  John  B., 
845  Supervisor  of  Excise,  and  J  ane  Shaw; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  ( Jreenock ;  assistant  at 
Brydekirk;  pres.  by  Queen  Victoria,  and  ord. 
31st  July  1845  ;  died  20th  Dec.  1881.  He 
marr.  5th  Aug.  1862,  Margaret  Thomson 
(born  4th  May  1833,  killed  in  a  carriage 
accident  at  Haslemere,  Surrey,  9th  Aug. 
1890),  younger  daugh.  of  Henry  Beveridge, 
advocate,  of  Inzievar,  Torryburn,  Fife. 
See  Poems  ami  Otlicr  Pieces,  by  Margaret 
T.  Bell  ["E.V.O.E.;;]  (London,  1894).  He 
distinguished  himself  by  his  exertions  for 
the  widows  and  orphans  of  those  drowned 
in  the  memorable  fishing  disaster  of  14th 
Oct.  1881,  when  189  fishermen  were  lost 
in  a  great  storm  off  the  Berwickshire  coast, 
of  whom  129  belonged  to  Evemouth. 


Bury,  3rd  Nov.  1841,  son  of  Andrew 
M.  and  Jemima  Dempster  ;  educated 
at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Edinburgh ;  ord.  to  the  Gaelic  Parish, 
Greenock,  19th  Nov.  1878  ;  trans,  and  adm. 
16th  May  1882 ;  died  25th  Feb.  1899.  He 




marr.  12th  Nov.  1874,  Agnes  Jane  Balfour 
Oregor,  born  17th  Feb.  1846. 

JAMES  WALLACE,  M.A.,  B.l). ;  ord. 

1899      4tl1    AUS>     18";     trailS<    t0     >Second 
Charge,  St  Andrews,  25th  June  1003. 

Paisley,  16th  March  1863,  son  of 
John  K.  and  Williamina  Black  ; 
educated  at  public  school  and  Philp:s 
Institution,  Kirkcaldy  ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh 
1886),  B.D.  (1889) :  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edin 
burgh  May  1889  ;  assistant  at  Ferintosh 
and  at  Earlston  :  ord.  by  Presb.  of  Earl- 
ston,  3rd  Sept.  1893,  chaplain  at  Belgaum, 
India,  under  the  Colonial  Committee;  res. 
Oct.  1895  ;  app.  to  St  Stephen's  Chapel-of- 
Ease,  Inverness,  1897  ;  adm.  to  Logie- 
Almond  25th  Jan.  1900  ;  trans,  and  adm. 
20th  Nov.  1903.  Marr.  (1)  10th  Sept. 
1893,  Jessie  (died  2«th  Feb.  1896),  daugh. 
of  James  Dougall,  min.  of  Stoneykirk, 
and  has  issue  Norman  Dougall,  2nd  lieut. 
K.O.S.15.,  born  22nd  Nov.  1895:  (2)  4th 
July  1900,  Helen,  daugh.  of  James  Mac- 
donald,  Morayston,  Inverness. 


[The  parish  of  Foulden  belonged  to  the 
Priory  of  Coldingham  until  the  Reforma- 
tion.  The  church  was  rebuilt  in  178(5. 
Nunlands,  in  the  parish,  was  long  held  by 
Dryburgh  Abbey.  The  Commissioners  of 
the  two  kingdoms  met  in  the  church  of 
Foulden  on  24th  March  1587,  to  discuss 
the  recent  execution  of  Mary,  Queen  of 

ALEXANDER    RAMSAY,     rector     in 

1563  15fi3>  iinc*  cnaPlain  of  St  Leonard's 
Chapel,  near  Lasswade.  He  was 
still  referred  to  as  "  parson  ;;  in  1593.  His 
son  George  was  min.  of  this  charge  in  1574. 
—[Prot.  JJk.  of  Uilbert  G'rote,  246.] 

DAVID  HOME,  min.  in  1567;  trans,  to 
1567  Oldhamstocks  1st  May  1569.— [AV/. 

GEORGE  JOHNSTON,  adm.  at  Lam- 

1572     nuis  *n  1;"^2  '  trans-  to  Ancrum  Nov. 
following. — [Beg.  Min.] 

1574     AYILLJ  AM  CROMBIE,  reader. 


(GEORGE  RAMSAY,  trans,  from  Car- 
rington,  when  Chirnside  and  Preston 
were  in  the  charge.  In  the  General 
Assembly  1575  he  was  accused  of  non- 
residence,  but  was  trans,  to  Dalkeith  that 
year.  —  [Key.  Assi<j.\  Calderwood's  /fist., 
iii.,  350.] 


THOMAS  ST01ME,  min.  in  1576  ;  trans. 
to  Chirnside.  He  returned  about 
1585  :  still  min.  in  1594,  having 
Hutton  also  in  charge,  with  Fishwick 
added  in  1595;  trans,  to  Hutton  in  that 
or  following  year.  —  [7iV/.  Assiy.  ;  Calder- 
wood:s  //V.s'f.,  i\-.,  72,  424;  vii.,  105.] 

TOBIAS  RAMSAY,  brother  of  William 
1596  ^'  °^  ^"unlands  :  was  min.  in  1596, 
and  a  member  of  Assembly  10th 
Nov.  1602;  app.  Moderator  of  the  Synod 
at  I  )uns  Oct.  1607,  contrary  to  the  Act  of 
Assembly  of  1606,  which  enacted  that  a 
constant  Moderator  should  be  appointed. 
For  this  lie  and  the  clerk  of  Synod  were 
ordered  by  the  Privy  Council  to  repair  to 
Blackness  within  forty  -  eight  hours,  but 
they  preferred  to  withdraw  themselves  for 
a  time.  He  was  still  min.  in  1611. — [(/.  A'. 
Jtiliili.,  2nd  series,  vi.,  203;  Rf<j.  Asxi-</. ; 
Calderwood's  Hist.,  vi.,  681 ;  Melvill's 
A  ittob.] 

OLIYER  COLT,  eldest  son  of  Oliver  C., 
1614  a(lvocate>  an(l  brother  of  Adam  C., 
min.  of  Inveresk  (ancestor  of  the 
Colts  of  Inveresk  and  Gartsherrie)  ; 
Regent  of  Humanity  in  the  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  30th  July 
1597)  :  adm.  min.  of  the  Second  Charge, 
Holyroodhouse  [Canongate],  1611  ;  trans, 
and  adm.  in  1614 ;  pres.  to  the  vicarage 
of  Lamberton  by  James  YI.  loth  Dec. 
1616;  "died  in  peace,  after  many  labours," 
1631.  He  marr.  Helen,  eldest  daugh.  by 
second  marriage  of  William  Kellie  of  East- 
barns,  Dunbar,  W.S.  (who  survived  him, 
and  marr.  secondly,  her  husband's  sue- 




ressor),  and  had  issue— William,  his  heir  : 
Robert.-  [Crawfurd's  T/'/''.  of  Edin.  j  AV;/. 
Ass///.  ;  AV''/-  Sec.  Si'/.  :  Ifistory  of  the.  Colt 
Familit,  pp.  96-125:  I 'rot.  J>k.  of  A. 
Cuthrie,  iii.,  159.] 

THOMAS  RAMSAY  of  Nether  Mord 
ington,  of  the  family  of  Ramsay  of 
Edington,  was  an  expectant  in  the 
Synod  of  St  Andrews  4th  Sept.  1611,  and 
settled  here  in  1630;  member  of  Assembly, 
1638,  1639,  and  1645  ;  died  Sept.  1650.  He 
marr.  Helen  Kellie,  widow  of  his  pre 
decessor,  and  had  issue— Thomas,  min.  of 
Mordington:  Robert:  Jean:  Helen  (marr. 
23rd  Oct.  1667,  James  Aitkenhead.  apothe 
cary),  buried  in  Greyfriars,  Edinburgh,  3rd 
May  1685.— [St  Andrews  S//n.  R<'<j.  :  Edin. 
JJaj>t.,  .Marr.,  and  liur.  Jtegs. ;  Old  Dec., 
ii. ;  Edinburgh  and  Lander  Tests.:  Acts 
of  Ass.  :  Fountainhall's  Dec.,  i. ;  In//.  Ret., 
Berwick,  291,  Jfaddnigton,  450,  457,  and 
(,'en.,  1783:  Assembfi/  Com.  Records,  1646-7 
(Scot.  Jlist.  Soc.).] 

JAMES  TWEEDIE,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
July  1643).     In  1650  the  Commission 
of  Assembly  appointed  him  chaplain 
to  the  garrison  at  Stirling ;   adm.  to  this 
charge  in  1652.     He  joined  the  Protesters, 
and  died  1659,  aged  about  36.      He  marr. 
(name  unknown),   and    had    issue — Eliza 
beth,  only  daugh.— [Dalkeit/t  2'rcsb.   Re,j. ; 
Livingston's    Life;    Acts  of  Part.;    <!.  R. 
liiltib.,  25th  Aug.  1674.] 

GEORGE  HOME,  formerly  at  Ay  ton, 
served  here  from  1st  Dec.  1659  to 
31st  Aug.  1660,  and  obtained  an  Act 

of  Parliament  for  a  year's  stipend,  18th  June 

1661.— [Acts  of  Par/.,  vii.] 

DAVID  STIRLING,  M.A,;  ord.  after 
llth  July  1660 ;  conformed  to 
Episcopacy ;  was  coll.  27th  Oct. 

1662  ;  trans,  to  Greyfriars,  Edinburgh,  in 

1664.  -[AV/.  of  Col  la  t.] 

PATRICK     SHARPE,    eldest    son    of 

Patrick  S.,  min.  of  East  Kilbride,  and 

Janet  Wilkie  of  the  Foulden  family  ; 

educated  at  Univ.   of  Glasgow;   ord.   and 

coll.   15th  Sept.  1665;  probably  deprived 

for   refusing   the   Test    in    1681.      He   was 

alive  Sept.  1692,  when  he  had  sasine  of 
land  at  Limekilns.-  [AV/.  Sas.  :  Lanark 
(Xctln-r  Ward)  :  AV/.  Collat.} 

THOMAS     THOMSON,    M.A.    (Edin 
burgh  1674) ;  schoolmaster  of  Airth  ; 
was  inst.  13th  April  1682:  deserted 
his   charge   Ang.    1696  :    went   to  England 
and  obtained  a  parochial  cure.     He  marr. 
Agnes,   sister    of    William    Methven,    min. 
of   Fogo,   and    had    issue— David  :   Agnes: 
William  :     Janet  :     Margaret.  —  [Stirl/ii'j 
/'/•<'.</,.    /I'c't.:    Laader  Te*t*.\   MS.  Ace.   of 
J//«,,  1689.] 

11OBEUT  PA1  IK,  educated  at  Univ.  of 
Glasgow ;    called    15th    Nov.    1698, 
and  ord.  19th  Sept.  1699;  died  25th 
Dec.    1754.     He   marr.    Sept.    1729,   Eliza 
beth,   daugh.   of    James   llamsay,   min.   of 
Kelso  :  she  survived  him,  marr.  again,  and 
died  19th  June  1780.— [Boston's  Mem.] 

JOHN  BUCHANAN,  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Lanark:  assistant  to  preceding 
in  1751  :  pres.  by  James  Wilkie  of 
Foulden,  and  ord.  18th  Sept.  1755.  Before 
ordination  he  gave  a  written  promise  to 
Mr  Wilkie  to  be  content  with  any  repairs 
done  by  him  upon  the  manse,  and  for  this 
he  was  suspended  by  the  Presb.  for  one 
month.  During  his  ministry  there  were 
repeated  visitations  by  the  Presb.,  and 
appeals  to  the  civil  courts.  The  heritors 
were  finally  forced  to  build  a  new  church 
and  manse,  furnish  a  grass  glebe,  and 
augment  the  stipend.  On  one  occasion  the 
General  Assembly  allowed  13.  a  sum  of  £10 
towards  his  legal  expenses.  He  died  9th 
June  1785,  in  his  78th  year.  He  marr.  16th 
Dec.  1758,  Jane  (died  19th  Feb.  1823), 
daugh.  of  Richard  Bell,  min.  of  Mording- 
ton,  and  had  issue — Richard,  D.D.,  min.  of 
the  English  Presbyterian  Church,  Amster 
dam,  born  21st  Oct.  1759,  died  1794;  Helen, 
born  30th  Nov.  1760  :  John,  bom  18th  Sept. 
1763;  Jean,  born  1765,  died  young;  Jean, 
born  8th  May  1767. 

DAVID    YOUNG,   born    1751:     M.A. ; 
ord.    by   Presb.    of   Edinburgh   12th 
May   1784,  as   min.   of   the   Presby 
terian    congregation     at    Glanton,    North- 




umberland  ;  pres.  to  this  parish  by  James 
Wilkie  of  Foulden  Nov.  1785  ;  adm.  23rd 
March  1786;  died  6th  July  1812.  He 
inarr.  20th  May  1770,  Jane  Davidson, 
who  died  6th  Oct.  1836,  and  had  issue- 
Catherine,  born  26th  Aug.  1771 ;  George, 
born  26th  June  1774 ;  John,  born  4th 
Aug.  1775 ;  Jean,  born  2nd  Sept.  1776 ; 
David,  born  Gtli  Jan.  1780 ;  Alexander, 
born  15th  Feb.  1782;  Richard,  born  16th 
Nov.  1785  ;  Elizabeth,  born  15th  Dec.  1787  ; 
Robert,  born  3rd  Aug.  1789;  Christian, 
born  27th  April  1791  (marr.  llth  Nov.  1813, 
Peter  Macgregor,  merchant,  Edinburgh) ; 
Andrew,  H.E.I.C.S.,  born  13th  Feb.  1793 ; 
Mary  (marr.  18th  March  1825,  Robert  Bruce 
of  Burravoe,  Shetland) ;  Eliza  (marr.  1st 
Aug.  1825,  Alexander  Gilkie,  surveyor, 
Edinburgh).  Publication— Account  of  the 
Parish  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Acc.).~[7'ombst.] 

JOHN     EDGAR,    M.A. ;    trans,    from 

1813     Symington,   Lanarkshire ;    pres.    by 

James  Wilkie  of  Foulden,  and  adm. 

24th   June   1813;    trans,   to   Hutton    10th 

May  1821. 


1821  18t^  '^U^  ^97,  son  °f  Alexander  C. 
(a  native  of  Aldcambus),  Professor 
of  Humanity  in  the  Univ.  of  Edinburgh, 
was  twin  brother  of  Sir  Robert  C.,  Bart., 
Professor  of  Materia  Mcdica  in  the  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh ;  educated  at  High  School  and 
Univ.  there ;  Keen,  by  Presb.  of  Chirnside 
8th  Aug.  1820;  pres.  by  the  trustees  of 
James  Wilkie  of  Foulden,  and  ord.  20th 
Sept.  1821 ;  died  20th  May  1874.  He 
marr.  (1)  7th  June  1825,  Helen  (died  21st 
Feb.  1839),  youngest  daugh.  of  William 
Cameron,  min.  of  Kirknewton,  and  had 
issue  —  Alexander,  born  17th  April  1826, 
died  in  Australia  (date  unknown) ;  William 
Cameron,  born  18th  June  1827,  drowned  in 
Queensland,  3rd  Feb.  1874  ;  Agnes  Mont 
gomery,  born  26th  Feb.  1829  (marr.  John 
Beddoe,  M.D.),  died  6th  Nov.  1914 ;  Mar 
garet,  born  1st  March  1831  (marr.  William 
Sillar),  died  27th  March  1901 ;  John  Robert, 
born  28th  May  1832,  died  at  sea,  14th  Jan. 
1849  ;  Thomas  Macknight,  born  22nd  Nov. 
1833,  died  10th  May  1834 ;  Thomas  Mac- 
knight  Cameron,  sheep  farmer,  born  15th 

VOL.  II. 

April  1835,  died  in  Australia,  1886  ;  Robert, 
a  successful  Queensland  pioneer,  born  8th 
Jan.  1837,  died  at  Burwell  Park,  Louth, 
Lincolnshire,  25th"  October  1915  [he  gave 
£200  to  supplement  the  stipend,  in  memory 
of  his  father] ;  Cameron,  born  30th  Jan. 
1839,  killed  by  pirates  in  China  :  (2)  28th 
April  1843,  Isabella  (died  23rd  Jan.  1883), 
daugh.  of  James  Simson,  Manchester,  and 
widow  of  Charles  Brown,  Foulden  West 
Mains,  and  had  issue — Eliza  Isabella,  born 
loth  April  1844,  died  21st  March  1869. 
Publication  — Account  of  the  Parish  (Nevj 
Stat.  Ace.,  ii.).— [Steven's  High  School,  99  ; 
Carr's  Coldinghcyn ;  Tomlst.] 

ARCHIBALD   BISSET,  ord.  21st  May 
1874     1874  ;  trans,  to  Ratho  17th  Nov.  1876. 

1877     ord.  10th  May  1877  ;  trans,  to  Craigie 
17th  Jan.  1883. 

JOHN  DONALD  DOUGLAS,  ord.  9th 

1883     May  1883>   trans-   to  Bellahouston, 
Glasgow,  29th  June  1886. 

JOHN  REID,  born  Edinburgh,  17th 
Jan.  1857,  son  of  John  R.,  leather 
merchant,  and  Mary  Brown ;  M.A. 
(Edinburgh  1880) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edin 
burgh  1883 ;  assistant  at  Strathmiglo  and 
Corstorphine ;  ord.  21st  Sept.  1886.  Marr. 
24th  Nov.  1886,  Martha  Craig,  daugh. 
of  John  Gilchrist,  Virginia  City,  Nevada, 
U.S.A.,  and  Mary  Craig,  and  has  issue — 
John  Stewart  Gilchrist,  lieut.  R.N.,  born 
22nd  Aug.  1887 ;  William  Leonard,  capt. 
2nd  Dorsetshire  Regiment,  born  28th  May 
1889,  killed  in  action  at  Shaiba,  Lower 
Mesopotamia,  14th  April  1915 ;  Charles 
Barrington  Balfour,  corporal  R.E.  (T.), 
born  18th  June  1892 ;  Robert  Payton,  2nd 
lieut,  K.O.S.B.,  born  31st  July  1897; 
Alexander  Chalmers,  born  30th  March 
1901  ;  George  Cecil,  born  28th  Sept.  1905, 
died  25th  Jan.  1907.  Publication— Eila, 
and  Other  Poems  (Glasgow,  1912)  [Modern 
Scottish  Poets,  iv.]. 


[In  early  times  the  Priory  of  Coldingham 
had  a  chapel  at  West  Ren  ton,  dedicated  to 






St  Nicholas.  But  no  services  were  after 
wards  available  for  the  western  portion  of 
Coldingham  Parish  till  1790,  when  Sir  John 
Stirling  of  Glorat  and  Renton  proposed  that 
his  chaplain  should  preach  at  Renton.  A 
chapel-of-ease  was  opened,  26th  Jan.  1794. 
In  1836  a  church  was  built  at  Houndwoocl, 
and  this  parish  was  erected  by  the  Court 
of  Teinds,  9th  July  1851.  The  church 
was  renovated  and  considerably  enlarged 
in  1900.] 


licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  25th 
Aug.  1790 ;  tutor  and  chaplain  in 
the  family  of  Sir  John  Stirling  of  Glorat, 
Bart.  ;  called  6th  Feb.,  and  ord.  llth  Sept. 
1794;  dem.  in  order  to  go  as  a  missionary 
to  Jamaica,  under  the  Edinburgh  Mission 
ary  Society,  24th  Sept.  1799;  died  at 
Kingston,  5th  June  1800.— [Dickson's  Serm., 
1799  ;  Missionary  Mag.,  v.] 

GEORGE  MARSHALL,  ord.  26th  June 
1800;  trans,  to  Bressay,  Shetland, 
14th  May  1811. 


JOHN   DUNCAN,  app.   to  Ken  ton  in 
1832;  ord.  15th  Dec.  1836;  trans,  to 

Ceres  7th  Nov.  1837. 


JOHN   ROBERTSON,  ord.   llth   May 
1838 ;  trans,  to  Whitsome  2nd  Nov. 


[From  1843  to  1851  the  chapel  was 
served  by  licentiates,  and  by  the  minister 
of  Coldingham.] 

DAVID  DRUMMOND,  born  Leven, 
Fife,  27th  June  1820,  son  of  Andrew 
D.  and  Margaret  Elder  ;  educated 
at  Univ.  of  St  Andrews ;  ord.  first  min. 
of  the  Relief  Church,  Largs,  22nd  April 
1845.  He  res.  in  the  following  year  and 
joined  the  Church  of  Scotland ;  adm.  min. 
of  the  Scots  Church,  Tweedmouth,  29th 
March  1848 ;  adm.  to  this  charge  14th  Oct. 
1S51  ;  died  25th  Sept.  1879.  He  marr.  6th 
Jan.  1846,  Isabella  Samson,  who  died  9th 
Oct.  1894,  and  had  issue — Andrew,  born 
18th  June  1848 ;  John  Samson,  born  19th 
April  1850,  died  16th  Aug.  1853;  David, 

born  21st  March  1854  ;  Charles,  born  18th 
Dec.  1855;  Catherine  Murdoch  Samson, 
born  19th  March  1858 ;  James,  born  llth 
June  1860. 


born  Inverness,  21st  Nov.  1852,  son 
of  John  B.  and  Catherine  Ross ; 
M.A,  (Aberdeen  1873),  B.I).  (1876);  assist 
ant  at  Peterhead  and  at  Trinity  Parish, 
Edinburgh;  ord.  30th  March  1880;  died 
llth  July  1898.  He  marr.  30th  March 
1881,  Mary  (died  29th  May  1903),  daugh.  of 
John  M'Ewen,  min.  of  Dyke,  and  had  issue 
—John,  born  14th  March  1882;  George, 
born  9th  Feb.  1884,  died  23rd  June  1898  ; 
Henry,  born  llth  March  1886;  Mary 
Grisell,  born  9th  April  1888  (marr.  4th 
Aug.  1910,  Andrew  William  Lehmann, 
engineer,  Chili). 

B.D. ;  ord.  9th  Dec.  1898 ;  trans,  to 
Callander  27th  Feb.  1903. 

MILLER,    M.A.,    B.D. ;    ord.    llth 
Sept.    1903 ;   trans,   to   Helensburgh 
29th  June  1909. 


THOMAS  CALDWELL,  born  Gala- 
shiels,  18th  March  1883,  son  of  John 
C.  and  Euphemia  M'Lachlan  ;  edu 
cated  at  Galashiels  Academy  and  Univ.  of 
St  Andrews;  M.A.  (1904),  B.D.  (1907); 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Selkirk  14th  May  1907  ; 
assistant  at  Alloa ;  ord.  10th  Dec.  1909; 
trans,  to  Aberlady,  and  adm.  10th  Dec. 
1914.  Marr.  7th  Oct.  1911,  Mary  Dishart, 
daugh.  of  Charles  Ness,  St  Andrews,  and 
Mary  Anderson  Smith. 

Steinmanhill,  Fy vie,  2nd  April  1888, 
son  of  John  D.,  F.E.I.S.,  and  Mar 
garet  Hunter ;  educated  at  Fyvie,  Falkirk 
High  School,  and  Univ.  of  Glasgow; 
M.A.  (1908),  B.D.  (1911);  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Stirling  1911 ;  assistant  at 
Forfar  and  Riccarton  (Kilmarnock) ;  ord. 
30th  April  1915.  Marr.  14th  July  1915, 
Jessie,  younger  daugh.  of  Bruce  Doig, 





[These  two  parishes  were  united  in  1614. 
Hutton  Church,  dedicated  by  Bishop  David 
de  Bernham,  6th  April  1243,  was  rebuilt  in 
1785.  A  new  church  was  erected  in  1820. 
The  church  bell  is  dated  1661.  The  Hos 
pital  of  St  John  the  Evangelist  at  Hutton 
is  mentioned  in  the  thirteenth  century. 
Fishwick  was  granted  to  the  monks  of 
St  Cuthbert,  at  Durham,  by  King  Edgar, 
between  1098  and  1107,  and  is  named  in 
the  charter  of  confirmation  by  David  I. 
in  1126.  Fishwick  church  stood  in  the  old 
churchyard  on  the  banks  of  the  Tweed. 
It  was  replaced  about  1825  by  a  mortuary 
chapel  for  the  proprietors  of  Broadmeadows 
and  Fishwick.] 

HUBERT  DOUGLAS,  exhorter  at  Fish 
wick     and     at    Horndean     1567    to 



1568     HUBERT  FYNNIE,  reader. 

JOHN  CLAPPERTON,  trans,  from 
Livingston,  entered  Feb.  1571  ;  in 
1574  Horndean,  Lennel,  arid  Up 
setlington  were  all  in  the  charge ;  trans. 
to  Coldstream  [Lennel]  about  1576. 

1574     GEORGE  SIMSON,  reader. 

1574     CHESTER],   min.    of    Fishwick   in 
1574 ;     returned     to      Upsetlington 
[Ladykirk]  in  1576. 

JUHX  HUME,  with  Horndean  and 
Fishwick  in  his  charge  ;  min.  in  1578  ; 
trans,  to  Langton  about  1585. 

WILLIAM  METHVEN,  min.  in  1585; 
Swinton  and  the  others  above  named 
were   also   in   his   charge  ;   trans,  to 
LangtOB  by  1586. 


1586  in  1586 ;  was  pres.  to  Yetholm  by 
James  VI.  Before  4th  May  1594,  but 
not  settled.  The  General  Assembly  of  that 
month  appointed  him  to  reside  with  Alex 
ander,  Lord  Home,  "  as  his  ordinarie  pastor," 

to  convert  him  from  Romanism  ;  trans,  to 
Smailholm  about  1594. 


THOMAS  STORIE,  trans,  from  Foulden, 
and  adm.  about  1596  ;  trans,  to  Bas- 

sendean  [Westruther]  about  1597. 

Andrews  1591);  went  to  Aldcambus 
in  1595  ;  adm.  here  about  1599  ;  still 
min.  in  1607. — [Key.  Assiy.] 

THOMAS  OGILVIE,  probably  tutor  to 
Lord  Home  at  St  Andrews,  from 
whom  he  received  the  prebend  of 
Upsetlington  in  1570,  which  he  held  till 
1578,  when  it  was  awarded  to  Patrick 
Home.  In  1585  he  was  min.  of  Whitsome, 
with  Upsetlington  also  in  the  charge.  He 
is  said  to  have  been  min.  here  in  1607, 
and  was  alive  6th  July  1614,  when  he  drew 
a  portion  of  the  stipend  of  this  parish. — 
[Key.  Assiy. ;  Milne  Hoine  M88.,  48.] 

JUHN  WEMYSS,  M.A. ;  min.  in  1608 ; 
1608     trans,  to  Duns  in  1613. 

ALAN  LUNDIE,  M.A.  (St  Andrews, 
10th  Dec.  1586) ;  pres.  to  the  vicarage 
of  St  Boswells  by  James  VI.  7th 
April  1596.  He  was  charged  by  the  Presb., 
20th  Sept.  1606,  "with  negligence  in  his 
calling,  and  not  administering  the  com 
munion,  overstrait  in  exacting  the  vicar 
age,  ane  player  at  cairdis,  blamet  with 
bearing  companie,  and  impatient  of  re 
proof  and  admonition."  He  was  again 
admonished,  3rd  April  1610,  to  "attend 
his  ministrie  and  increase  in  diligence " ; 
trans,  to  Hassendean  in  1610 ;  to  Channel- 
kirk  after  llth  June  1611 ;  pres.  by  James 
VI.  15th  April  1614  ;  dem.  previous  to  28th 
Sept.  1636,  and  was  alive  5th  Aug.  1644. 
He  marr.  Agnes  Trotter,  and  had  issue — 
James,  his  successor ;  John  of  Todrig ; 
William  ;  Andrew. — [Rey.  Assiy. ;  Reg.  Sec. 
tiiy.;  Acts  of  Part.;  G.  R.  Sas.,  lv.,  171;  Ber 
wick  Sas.,  ii.,  125  ;  (!.  R.  >S'««.,  xxxix.,  32.] 

JAMES  LUNDIE,   son    of    preceding; 

1636  I)res>  by  Charles  L  28t}l  SePt-  1636 ; 

dep.  in  1649.  He  died  before  15th 
March  1692.  He  marr.  Katherine,  daugh. 
of  James  Hume  of  Abbey  St  Bathans,  and 




had  issue  —  James  of  Tlutton  -  Spittal,  a 
property  still  held  by  his  descendants. 
— \_Rc<J.  8ec.  <SV;/.  ;  Itiijyar  Fresh.  Reg. ; 
Lander  Tests.  ;  Peterkin's  .Records.'] 

PATRICK  HOME,  trans,  probably  from 
1649  Ellemford,  and  adm.  before  24th  -I  um> 
1649  :  conformed  to  Episcopacy,  and 
coll.  -2nd  Dec.  1002;  died  Feb.  1079.  He 
marr.  Nov.  1049,  Margaret,  daugh.  of  Alex 
ander  Kinnear,  min.  of  Whitsome,  and  had 
issue— Alexander,  M.A.;  William;  Margaret 
(marr.  George  Davidson,  min.  of  Whit 
some).— [/iVy.  ,SVv.  Si</. ;  Lander  Tests.,  Rea. 
of  Collat. ;  G.  R.  InJnb.,  27th  Jan.  1675.] 

JOHN   ORR.  pres.  by  Charles  II.  12th 

1680   Dec- 1GT9  >  ord- in  168° ;  dei>-  ljy  the 

Synod  for  drunkenness,  and  died  at 
the  end  of  Jan.  1694,  while  his  appeal  to 
the  Assembly  was  still  unheard.  He  marr. 
Elizabeth  Pearson,  who  survived  him.  and 
had  issue.— [Reg.  Sec.  My. ;  Tombst.  ;'  J/,V. 
Ace.  of  Min.  :  Treat.  Re>/.,  iv.,  269.] 

GILBERT  LAURIE,  of  Crossrig,  M.A. 
1693  (Edinburgh  1673);  took  refuge  in 
Holland;  ord.  by  Scots  Presb.  of 
London  in  1686;  went  to  America,  but 
returned,  and  became  colleague  to  Luke 
Ogle  at  Berwick-on-Tweed ;  adm.  to  this 
parish  19th  Dec.  1693;  died  3rd  Sept.  1727, 
aged  about  75.  He  marr.  (1)  Katherine 
Home,  who  died  in  1695,  and  had  issue 
—Gilbert  of  Crossrig,  surgeon,  Edinburgh, 
died  15th  Sept.  1744  :  (2)  (name  unknown), 
who  died  18th  April  1721,  and  had  issue 
—  Sarah  (marr.  James  Christie,  min. 
of  Simprin);  Andrew;  Katherine  (marr. 
Robert  Lamb,  younger  of  Old  Green- 
law);  Marjory;  George;  Rebecca  (marr. 
19th  Aug.  1710,  George  Balderston,  surgeon, 
St  Christophers).— [Tombst.] 

ROBERT  WAUGH,  chaplain  to  Mrs 
1730  Sydserff  of  Ruchlaw,  and  to  Sir 
Francis  Kinloch  of  Gilmerton  ;  Keen 
by  Presb.  of  Dunbar  1st  April  1713  :  chap 
lain  at  Hutton  Hall ;  pres.  by  George  II 
29th  Dec.  1727,  and  by  William,  Earl  of 
Home,  Jan.  1728.  The  presentation  was 
opposed  for  two  years  and  a  half  by  the 
Presb.  and  by  almost  all  the  parishioners 

but  the  Assembly  peremptorily  ordered 
his  settlement.  He  was  ord.  23rd  June 
1730,  under  protection  of  the  Sheriff  and 
a  force  of  military,  despite  the  barricading 
of  the  church  doors.  A  Burgher  church 
formed  at  Horndean  was  a  result  of  this 
appointment.  He  died  23rd  Feb.  1756, 
aged  71.  He  marr.  23rd  April  1733,  Isobel 
(died  without  issue,  22nd  Sept.  1703), 
daugh.  of  John  Murray  in  Stenton  Parish. 
—  [Lander  Teats.  :  \Vod row's  Anal,  and 
Corresp.;  Tombst.;  Act*  of  Ass.,  1728-30.] 

[GEORGE  BELL,  a  relative  of  Thomas 
Ker  of  Broadmeadows ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Chirnside  27th  Sept.  1737;  pres.  by 
William,  Earl  of  Home,  June  1756.  After 
three  years'  delay  in  the  law  courts,  the 
right  of  patronage  was  declared  to  belong 
to  the  Crown.] 


born  1721,  second  son  of  George  R., 
min.  of  Ladykirk  ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Kelso  2nd  July  1745  ;  pres.  by  George 
II.  30th  July  1756;  ord.  3rd  May  1759; 
died  18th  May  1788.  He  marr.  13th  Oct. 
1768,  Alison  Hume,  who  died  7th  Aug. 
1790,  s.j).  Publications — Bodkins'  Consola 
tions  of  Philosophy,  translated,  with  notes 
and  illustrations  (London,  1785).  He  re 
vised  his  brother  George's  Border  History 
(London,  1776).-  [Tombst.;  Diet.  Nat.  JJioy.; 
Notes  and  Queries,  2nd  series,  viii.,  227.] 

ADAM    LANDELLS,    min.    at    Etal ; 
pres.  by  George  III.  1st  Nov.  1788  ; 
adm.    19th   March    1789;    trans,   to 
Whitsome  8th  Feb.  1821. 


JOHN  EDGAR,  born  19th  May  1785, 
son  of  Andrew  E.,  Eyemouth,  a 
cadet  of  Wedderlie,  and  Alison 
Bogue;  M.A.  (St  Andrews);  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Chirnside  12th  Aug.  1808 ; 
assistant  at  Dunbar;  ord.  to  Symington, 
Lanarkshire,  26th  April  1810;  trans,  to 
Foulden  24th  June  1813 ;  pres.  by  George 
IV.,  trans,  and  adm.  10th  May  1821 ;  died 
2nd  April  1858.  He  marr.  7th  June  1814, 
Jessie  (died  23rd  Oct.  1868),  daugh.  of 
Abraham  Logan,  Lintlaw  and  Burnhouses, 
and  had  issue— Andrew,  studied  divinity, 



but  became  a  barrister  of  the  Inner 
Temple,  author  of  The  Scottish  House  of 
Edgar,  LL.D.  (Edinburgh  1867),  born  9th 
Aug.  1815,  died  in  or  about  1885  ;  Abraham, 
merchant,  Glasgow,  born  13th  Dec.  1816 ; 
James,  born  20th  Aug.  1818  ;  Janet,  born 
23rd  Oct.  1820  ;  Alice,  born  6th  Feb.  1822  ; 
John  George,  miscellaneous  writer,  editor 
of  Every  Boy's  Magazine,  born  29th  April 
1827,  died  22nd  April  1864  ;  Elizabeth,  born 
30th  March  1829 ;  Patrick,  born  18th  Aug. 
1831  ;  Georgina,  born  18th  Aug.  1833  (marr. 
Charles  Stuart,  M.D.,  Chirnside) ;  Kichard 
David,  born  12th  Jan.  1836.  Publications 
—  A  Sermon  preached  in  the  Church  of 
Symington  (Edinburgh,  1812) ;  Account 
of  the  Parish  and  General  Observations 
on  the  County  (New  Stat.  Ace.,  ii.). 

ROBERT  KIRKE,  born  Cainiesburn, 
New  Kilpatrick,  26th  Sept.  1820, 
1858  son  of  Thomas  K.  and  Mary  Kin- 
loch  ;  educated  at  Glasgow  Univ. ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Dumbarton  May  1845 ;  ord. 
by  Presb.  of  Greenock  to  Newark  Chapel, 
Port-Glasgow,  llth  Sept,  1845 ;  inducted 
to  Middle  Parish,  Paisley,  3rd  April  1849 ; 
trans,  and  adm.  6th  Oct.  1858;  D.D. 
(Glasgow  1872);  died  at  Devon  Lodge, 
Dollar,  14th  Jan.  1907.  He  marr.  9th 
Dec.  1847,  Margaret  Williamson  (born  21st 
Feb.  1827,  died  22nd  Dec.  1910),  daugli. 
of  Andrew  Nicol,  Carnwath,  and  had  issue 
— Mary  Janet,  born  21st  July  1849  (marr. 
(1)  Colin  M'Isaac,  M.A.,  headmaster  of 
Government  Provincial  School,  Calicut, 
Madras  ;  (2)  Joseph  Burnet,  chaplain  of  St 
Andrew's  Church,  Colombo) ;  Robert,  born 
19th  Nov.  1850,  studied  at  Glasgow  Univ., 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Chirnside,  elected  min.  of 
Roxburgh  27th  Sept.,  but  died  before  ordina 
tion,  10th  Oct.  1875  ;  Margaret  Williamson 
Nicol,  born  2nd  Oct.  1852  (marr.  Michael 
Cochran,  Professor  of  Chemistry,  Ceylon 
Medical  College) ;  Helen  Elizabeth,  born 
4th  Sept.  1859  (marr.  Alexander  Milne, 
min.  of  Gourock).  Publication  —  How  to 
Train  Up  a  Child. 

DAVID  SMITH  LESLIE,  born  Luthrie, 
Creich,  Fife,  20th  Sept.  1879,  son  of 
George  Ireland  L.,  schoolmaster,  and 
Elizabeth  Smith  ;  educated  at  High  School, 

Dundee ;  M.A.  (St  Andrews  1901) ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Cupar  1904  ;  assistant  at  West 
Parish,  Aberdeen,  and  at  Lady  Glenorchy's, 
Edinburgh ;  ord.  (assistant  and  successor), 
llth  May  1906. 


[The  church  of  St  Mary  at  Ladykirk  was 
built  by  James  IV.  in  1500,  as  the  result  of 
a  vow  made  by  him  when  nearly  drowned 
in  the  Tweed.  The  Royal  Treasurer's 
Accounts  between  1500  and  1513,  the  year 
of  Flodden,  contain  entries  of  many  valu 
able  gifts  from  the  king,  who  was  a 
frequent  visitor  to  Our  Lady  Kirk  of  Steill, 
as  the  church  was  called — "  steill ';  being  the 
term  applied  to  the  deep  salmon  pools  in 
the  river,  in  which  the  royal  founder  had 
almost  lost  his  life.  The  church  was  a 
constant  meeting-place  for  the  Wardens 
of  the  Marches,  and  the  last  treaty  between 
Scotland  and  England  was  signed  within 
its  walls.  It  was  restored  in  1743,  and 
again  in  1861,  and  except  for  a  four-sided 
dome  with  belfry  added  to  the  tower  at 
the  former  date,  the  building  is  little 
altered  from  its  original  appearance.  The 
church  of  Horndean  was  dedicated  by 
Bishop  David  de  Bernham,  4th  April  1243. 
After  1600  Upsetlington  and  Horndean 
were  united.  At  the  Chapel  Park  stood 
the  ancient  church  of  Upsetlington,  while 
near  Horndean  Church  Robert  Bisset  of 
Upsetlington  founded,  in  the  twelfth  cen 
tury,  a  Hospital  of  St  Leonard.  Wells 
dedicated  to  St  Mary  and  to  St  Anne  are 
in  the  parish.] 

CHESTER],  reader  Nov.  1570  ;  adm. 


min.  in  1576 ;  trans,  to  Hilton  about 


JAMES  ROSS,  reader  at  Horndean  1st 
1575     May  1575,  and  still  there  in  1591. 

JOHN     HOME,    formerly     of    Ay  ton ; 
adm.   in   1607 ;   trans,  to  Eyemouth 
7     in  1627. 



DAVID  HOME,  son  of  James  II.,  min. 
16g4  of  Hilton  :  M.A.  i,St  Andrews  1625); 
min.  in  1634  ;  died  before  -24th 
March  1650,  aged  45.  He  left  an  only 
daugh.  Margaret.  —  [Haddington  7Vt>>;'.  ; 
/iV/.  i»r'  Deeds,  cccexiii..  39  :  Lander  Tests.  : 
Mel  rose  Par.  Reg.} 


burgh,  loth  July  1641)  :  of  the  house 
of  Fedderate.  in  Ruehan  :  was  a 
candidate  for  the  office  of  Regent  of 
Humanity  in  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  in  1644  : 
adm.  in  1651  :  conforming  to  Episcopacy, 
he  was  coll.  in  1662  :  dep.  28th  Aug.  1690.' 
The  Assembly.  13th  Nov.  following,  re 
ferred  his  case  to  the  Commission,  in  order 
"  to  procure  him  some  livelihood  because 
of  his  age  and  infirmity,"  and  at  the  settle 
ment  of  his  successor  the  Presb.  allowed 
him  200  merks  yearly  out  of  the  stipend  ; 
he  died  in  1695,  aged  84.  He  marr.,  and 
had  issue— William,  apprentice  to  David 
Lindsay,  merchant.  Edinburgh.  21st  June 
1682.  —  [Craufurd's  Edin.  Univ.;  Edin. 
fr'uild  Reg.  :  J/>'.  Ace.  or'  Min..  16S9  : 
Fountainhall's  Dec.  :  Macfarlane's  MSS.  : 
Hist.  Ace.  Gen.  Ass.,  1690:  Rule's  Sec. 
Vindication  :  Sage's  IVorks,  i.] 

WILLIAM  GULL  AX,  appears  on  the 
169-1  P°rteous  R°U>  along  with  his  wife,  as 
residing  at  Coldingham  Loanhead. 
He  gave  a  bond  of  £100  not  to  attend 
conventicles.  In  June  1692  he  was  called 
to  Dunfermline,  and  ord.  24th  Aug.  :  he 
was  adm.  here  4th  Dec.  1694  ;  killed  by  a 
fall  from  his  horse  March  1697.  He  marr. 
Janet,  probably  daugh.  of  Alexander  Home 
of  Houndwood  and  Fernyside,  and  grand- 
daugh.  of  Alexander  H.  of  Houndwood, 
min.  of  Dunbar,  and  had  issue  — John. 
Presb.  bursar,  6th  April  1697  :  Gabriel,' 
min.  of  Dryfesdale.  —  [Eurhton  Presb. 
Reg.:  Macfarlane  G'eog.  Coll.,  i.,  380.] 

1697  burSh  1688)  -:  licen-  by  Presb.  of  Lin- 
lithgow  17th  June  1696  ;  called  29th 
June,  and  ord.  16th  Sept.  1697 ;  died  29th 
Jan.  1711,  aged  about  63.  His  wife  died 
before  10th  May  1723.  and  had  issue- 

John:  Hugh:  Jean.— [Stctnton  Sess.  Reg.  : 
Lander  Tests.  :  .Mac/arlane  f?eog.  Coll..  i., 

1712  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  26th  June  1699): 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Duns  23rd  April 
1706:  called  18th  March,  and  ord.  19th 
June  1712  :  died  31st  Aug.  1740.  aged  about 
62.  He  marr.  Ann  Watson,  who  died  22nd 
Feb.  1765,  and  had  issue — George,  min.  of 
Stiehill  :  Philip,  min.  of  Hutton  :  William, 
min.  of  Edrom  :  Elizabeth.— [Lander  Tests.] 


JOHN  TODD  [TOD],  tutor  in  the  family 
of  Ninian   Home  of   Billie,  min.  of 
Sprouston  :  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Duns 
6th  April  1736:  pres.  by  William,  Earl  of 
:   Home,   and  by   Ueorgv   II.   6th   Feb.,   and 
adm.  9th  July  1741  :  died  29th  Sept.  1786. 
He   marr.   at    Etal.   4th   June    1741,   Jean 
(died   26th   March    1794\  youngest    daugh. 
of  Ceorge  Home  of  Wedderburn.  and  had 
issue— John,  min.  of  Fogo  :    George,    born 
19th    March   1746.  died    17th    Sept.    1746: 
James  (a  twin),  succeeded  to  Wedderburn 
and  assumed  the  name  of  Home,  born  19th 
j   March   1746,  died    llth    May    1821  :    Mar- 
;.  garet,  born  24th  March  1747    (marr.   1779, 
John  Forman,  mason,  Xorham).  died  1820 
[their   son  William   succeeded  to  Wedder 
burn,  Billie,  and   Paxton]  :  George,  a  suc 
cessor    in    this    parish  :    Jean,   born    22nd 
March    1751.      T.    was   the   hero   of   Lady 
Xairne's     song.    "John     Tod."  —  [Xisbet'.s 
Heraldic  Plates  :  Burkes  Landed  Gentry  ; 
Milnt  Homt   J/,»'.,  12;  Henderson's  Ladii 
Xairne  and  Her  Songs,  46.] 

[ROBERT   PEARSOX,  M.A.  :    min.   of 

1787  BiS§ar  •  Pres-  by  George  III.  March 
1787:   died    1st    Aug.   1787,  without 

being  settled.] 

THOMAS  MILL,  born  1755,  son  of  John 

1788  M.,  schoolmaster  of   Earlston  ;  edu 
cated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  licen. 

by  Presb.  of  Lauder  4th  Sept.  1781 ;  pres. 
by  George  III.  6th  Oct.  1787  ;  ord.  1st  May 
1788  ;  dep.  2nd  Oct.  1800,  for  non-residence 
and  neglect  of  his  official  duty.  He  resided 
afterwards  at  Coldstream,  and  was  in  the 
habit  of  celebrating  marriages  on  the  Border. 




He  died  in  poverty  20th  March  1800.  Pub 
lications—  Two  .single  Discourses  On  1.1  w 
Immutability  of  Jwus  Cltrixt  (Edinburgh, 
1  800;;  Upon  Tkouyhtawl  KeJlection(BeTV/i<k  , 
1802);  Account  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's,^/./. 
A  cc.  ,  vi  i  i  .  ).  [Coldxtrmm  .SV.s.s.  AV/.  | 

aKOHOETOI)D[TOD],born  20th  F<-b. 
1710,  fourth  son  of  John  T.,  iriin.  in 
1741  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh  ;  licen.  by  1'resb.  of  Chirnside  30th 
Aug.  1771  ;  f>rd.  niin.  at  Kirkley  or  Thorny- 
ford  Northumberland,  10th  Aug.  177",; 
trans,  to  Tweedmouth  10th  May  1783  ;  adm. 
to  Eyeinouth  15th  Sept.  1785;  pres.  by 
George  111.  12th  March,  trans,  and  ad  in. 
to  this  charge  17th  Sept.  1801  ;  died  un- 
rriarr.  22nd  March  1810.  Dr  Hew  Scott  of 
the  l'"<ixti,  was  his  assistant  for  a  time. 
[Memoir  of  l!ol,<-rt  Xlnri/  of  AVs//«//A,  35.  | 


Edinburgh,  10th  Dec.  1700,  third  son 
of  Alexander  It.  of  Prenderguest,  and 
Philadelphia,  only  child  of  Robert  Lambc, 
vicar  of  Xorham  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh;  licen.  by  I'  of  Chirnside 
8th  June,  pres.  by  George,  Prince  Regent, 
same  month,  and  ord.  23rd  Sept.  1810: 
died  at  Dumfries,  12th  Jan.  1842.  He 
rnarr.  Oth  Dec.  1820,  Elizabeth  (died  7th 
Jan.  1887),  daugh.  of  Charles  Kennedy,  of 
St  Catherine's,  Midlothian,  and  had  issue 
—Margaret,  born  22nd  April  1822  (rnarr. 
(1)  •  -  Mitchell;  (2;  William  Mackay); 
Alexander  Keith,  born  Oth  Feb.  1*25, 
killed  at  Harper's  Ferry,  U.S.A.,  1805; 
George  Andrew,  born  Oth  Nov.  1*32.  Pub 
lications  Remark*  on,  the.  ,S'oo><//  lately 
established  for  Imi>romn<j  the.  Hyste.m  of 
Church  Patronage.  in  Gotland  (Edinburgh, 
1820);  Account  of  the  I'arish  (New  MM. 
4  <T.,  ii.). 

Argyllshire,  1814,  son  of  Duncan 
M.;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Glasgow;  ord.  18th  Aug. 
1842  ;  died  10th  Feb.  1855.  He  marr.  10th 
Oct.  1844,  Esther  (died  20th  Dec.  1857, 
aged  34),  daugh.  of  Thomas  Douglas,  Cold- 

JOHN    STEVKNSON,    born    3rd    Nov. 
1708,     eldest     son     of     William     S., 
1855     farmer,     parish      of     Campsie,     and 
Marjory,    daugh.     of     William     Ferrie     of 
Newlands;    M.A.    (Glasgow    1810):    licen. 
by    Presb.    of    Glasgow    10th    June    1818  : 
ord.    by   Presb.    of   Glasgow   as  missionary 
of     the     Scottish     Missionary    Society    at 
Bombay    in    1823;    missionary    at    Hurnee 
and    Poona;    pres.    by  the    High  Court   of 
Directors   H.K.I.C.,  and  adm.  junior  chap- 
Iain,   Bombay,  30th   April    1831;    D.D.  (St 
Andrews    10th   Jan.   1830;;    pres.  to  senior 
chaplaincy   in    1811;    dern.    in    1854;    adm. 
to    this  charge   5th    July   1855;    died    llth 
Aug.   1858.     He  was  a  /ealous  missionary, 
a   distinguished  Sanskrit  scholar,  and  one 
of    the    pioneer  editors   and  translators  of 
Vedic  literature  ;  a  founder  of  the  liombai/ 
(;aze,t,te,M\(\  joint  editor  for  its  first  three 
years;   intimately  acquainted    with   native 
thought  and  native  languages  and  dialects  ; 
was  President  of  the  Royal  Asiatic  Society 
(Bombay    Branch;,    and     of     the    Govern 
ment  Committee  for  examining  Officers   of 
the   United    Services  in    native    languages. 
A    "Stevenson    Scholarship"   was    founded 
at   the  General    Assembly's    Institution    at 
Bombay  on  his  departure  from   India.     He 
marr.  20th   Aug.    18^3,  Laura  Turton  (born 
20th  Jan.    1700,  died  at   Mofl'at,  25th   July 
1870;,    second    daugh.    of   John    Gordon   of 
Renn'yhill,  Lanarkshire,  and   Helen,  daugh. 
of    Captain    Pelharn   Maitland  of  Belrnont, 
arid    had    issue       Helen,    born    Sept.    1825 
(marr.    Major,    afterwards    Lieut. -gen.    Sir 
George     Inglis    Jarnieson,     K. C.S.I.;,   died 
Feb.  1854:   Henry   Maithnd  Gordon,  licen 
tiate    of    the    Church    of    Scotland,    born 
14th  Oct.   1820,  died   urirnarr.,   1808;    John 
Gordon,  student  in  arts,  Edinburgh,  born 
llth    Jan.    1831,  died   unrnarr.,  22nd   May 
1840;  William  Ferrie,  lieut.  Bombay  Artil 
lery,  born   14th    June    1832,  died    unrnarr., 
1850  ;  Alexander  Joseph  Wolfe,  ensign  18th 
Bombay     Infantry,    born     3rd    Aug.     1833, 
drowned  off  Aden,  27th  Dec.  1855;   Pobert 
James,  rriin.  of  Dolphinton  ;  Marjory  Mary, 
born  25th  Oct.  1830,  died  uniriarr.  ;  Laura 
Turton  Gordon,  born  2nd  Sept.  1841  (rnarr. 
-   Neithardt,    Dresden);    also  two   sons 
named  William,  who  died  in  infancy.     Dr  S. 



was  conversant  with  twenty-two  languages  ; 
his   eldest   claugh.    Helen   was    acquainted 
with   twelve.     Publications— Dialogues   le- 
ti/'een    certain    tirahmant,   Mcwattas,    and 
Others,  ami  a  Christian,  on  the  Hindoo  and 
Christ  in, i    Kelly  ions  .   .  .    Tram,  from,  the 
Maratta    (London,    1830);     The    Threefold 
Science,  or  Snnhitd  of  the  lU>j-i<eda,  trans 
lated,    with    the   original    Sanskrit    (Bom 
bay,    1833);    Principles    of    the.    Mahratti 
Grammar  (Bombay,  1833)  •  Translation  of 
the    Sanhitd   of  the   Mma-reda   (London, 
1842) ;  Sama-veda,  edited  from  J/,SW.  (1843); 
Kali>a  Sutra  and  Navti  Tatva,  illustrative 
of  the  Jain  religion  and  philosophy  (1848) ; 
Hindoo  Caste  .  .  .  and   the   Connection  of 
Caste    with    the    Sepoy    Mutiny   (London, 
1858).      Papers   on   the   "Kanheri.   Nasik, 
and  Sahyadri  Inscriptions  of  the  Bombay 
Presidency,"    and    on    the    "Comparative 
Vocabulary  of  the  Non-Sanskrit  Vocables 
of   the    Indian    Vernacular   Languages. " 
[Buckland's  Diet,    of   Indian    Bio 

WILLIAM    DOBIE,   born    22nd    Sept. 
1859     1824>  son  of  Thomas  D.,  Lockerbie 
and  Catherine   M'Gregor ;   educated 
at  Univ.  of  St  Andrews  •   licen.  by  Presb 
of   Cupar  :   ord.  to   North  Esk  Chapel-of- 
Ease,  15th  Dec.  1853  :  adm.  to  this  charge 
17th    March     1859;     died    at    Crieff,    2nd 
Aug.    1904.     He  marr.   (1)  4th  July   1854 
Martha   Ann   Scott   (died  5th   Feb.  1864)' 
daugh.  of  William  Cruickshank,  Trailflat, 
Lochmaben,  and  Elizabeth  Carruthers,  and 
had  issue- William  Cruickshank,  born  26th 
June  1857  ;  John,  M.A.,  B.D.,  Professor  of 
Hebrew  and  Oriental  Languages,  Univ  of 
Edinburgh  (y.y.);   David  Robertson,  M.D 
F.R.C.S.E.,  born  9th  Jan.  1861  ;  Elizabeth 
Catherine  M'Gregor,  born   19th  Dec,  1863 
(marr.  (1)  David  Ross  Stewart,  advocate  • 
(2)   2nd    Nov.   1905,  A.   Lome   Campbell' 
architect,  Edinburgh) :  (2)  28th  Aug  1877' 
Janet   Stuart  (died  17th  Nov.  1906)   only 
daugh.    of    John    Cleugh,    Musselbur-h 
Publications- "On    Skeletons    found    at 
Ladykirk  Church";  "On  an  old  Grave  at 
Ladykirk  Church";   "Notes  on  Ladykirk 
Parish''  (Hist,  of  JJennd-shire  Nat    Chtl, 
1879-81,  1885-86,  1890-91  ) 

1905  14th  Ju]y  186~,  son  of  John  M., 
min.  of  Kippen;  educated  at  High 
School,  Univ.  of  Glasgow,  and  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh 
14th  May  1890;  assistant  at  Eurobank, 
Keith,  Peebles,  and  East  Parish,  Aberdeen  ; 
ord.  17th  March  1905.  Marr.  29th  June 
1909,  Alice  Paxton,  daugh.  of  William 
Barrow  Macqueen,  Procurator  -  Fiscal  of 
I  Berwickshire,  and  Mary  Ewart,  daugh.  of 
James  Paxton,  Dundee,  and  has  issue  - 
Alice  Mary,  born  3rd  Dec.  1910.  Publica 
tion-"  Ladykirk,  or  the  Kirk  of  Steill, 
Berwickshire'"  (Tram.  Scot.  Ecclesiolomcal 
AV.,  1915). 


.—  Longformacus,  seventeen 
miles  distant,  was  conjoined  with  Mording- 
ton  for  a  time,  but  the  two  became  separate 
parishes  in  1666.  The  patron  proposed  to 
unite  Mordington  to  Foulden  in  1719,  and 
the  Court  of  Session  approved,  but  no 
urther  steps  were  taken.  Another  abor 
tive  attempt  was  made  to  unite  these  two 
parishes  in  1750.  The  ancient  church  is 
now  represented  by  a  burial  vault  in 
a  disused  churchyard  near  Mordington 
House.  A  new  church  was  built  in  1869. 
Bernard  de  Linton,  Chancellor  of  Scot 
land,  was  rector  of  Mordington  circa 

Lamberton.—  Originally  a  chapel  of  Cold- 
mgham,  was  united  to  Foulden  in  1616  to 
Ayton  in  1627,  and  finally  to  Mordington 
8th  Feb.  1650.  The  church  was  dedicated 
to  St  Lambert.  Here  in  1502  the  Princess 
Margaret,  daugh.  of  Henry  VIII.,  was  re 
ceived  by  the  Scottish  Commissioners  on 
her  entry  into  Scotland  previous  to  her 
marriage  to  James  IV.  The  ruins  of  the 
church  are  visible  in  an  old  churchyard 
close  to  the  boundary  of  the  Liberties  of 

ROBERT  FYNNIE,  reader  here  and  at 
1568    Hut  ton. 




ROBERT   DOUGLAS,    vicar    and    ex- 

horter  at  Fishwick  and  Horndean, 

1567-72  ;  adm.  by  John,  Archbishop 

of  St  Andrews,  in  1573,  Longformacus  being 

in   the   charge   in  1574.     He   was   charged 

with    non-residence    by    the   Assembly   in 

1575,  and   died   before  llth  April  1581.— 

[Booke  of  the  Kirk  ;    Calderwood's   Hist., 

iii.,  303  ;  Reg.  Min.  ;   Wodrow  Miscell.] 

THOMAS  JANE,  reader  at  Lamber- 
1574  ton. 

JOHN    SPOTTISWOOD,   trans,    from 

1581     ^ramond  ;     pres.    to    Longformacus 

and  Mordington  by  James  VI.  llth 

April  1581  ;  trans,  to  Nenthorn  15th  May 


ROWLE  [RULE],  vide  Longformacus.  In 
1627  the  number  of  communicants  was 
"ane  hundrethe  or  thairby,"  with  "great 
necessitie  of  ane  skule,  for  not  ane  of  the 
paroche  can  reid  nor  wryt  except  the 
minister."  —  Stat.  Reports,  1627.] 


THOMAS  RAMSAY,  eldest  son  of 
Tuoraas  ft->  m^n-  °f  Foulden  ;  M.A. 
(St  Andrews  1642)  ;  adm.  March 
1648.  He  joined  the  Protesters  ;  with 
Guthrie  and  others  he  was  seized  at  a 
private  meeting,  and  committed  to  Edin 
burgh  Castle,  23rd  Aug.  1660,  but  was 
liberated  shortly  afterwards  in  a  state  of 
mental  derangement.  His  stipend  was 
sequestrated  by  the  Committee  of  Estates, 
25th  Sept.  following,  on  the  ground  that 
he  had  subscribed  "  ane  dangerous  and 
seditious  paper  tending  to  the  disturbance 
of  the  peace  of  the  kingdom.'1  He  refused 
to  conform  to  Episcopacy  in  1662,  but  was 
allowed  to  remain  in  his  charge,  "  it  being 
one  of  the  smallest  charges,  not  sixty  com 
municants  and  not  a  hundred  persons,  and 
one  of  the  smallest  stipends.'"  Owing  to 
his  having  permitted  "several  vagrant 
preachers  and  indulged  ministers  to  occupy 
his  pulpit,"  the  Privy  Council,  4th  April 
1679,  ordered  him  to  be  ejected.  He  was 
imprisoned  in  Edinburgh  Castle  in  1680, 
but  released  on  account  of  sickness,  and 
refusing  to  take  the  Test,  was  deprived  in 

1682.  He  petitioned  the  Committee  of 
Estates  in  1689,  and  was  restored  to  his 
ministry  ;  was  a  member  of  Assembly  in 
1690,  and  died  June  1695.  He  marr.  and 
had  issue  —  James,  bursar  in  divinity ; 
William,  bursar  in  philosophy ;  Rachel ; 
Jean,  who  died  at  Duns  in  1729,  having 
from  1710  received  help  from  the  Presb. ; 
Margaret  (marr.,  cont.  16th  Nov.  1674, 
Patrick  Temple,  portioner  of  Linton) ; 
Elizabeth  (marr.  a  surgeon  in  the  king's 
service).— [Acts  of  Parl.,  vii.,  ix. ;  Nicoll's 
and  Lament's  Diaries ;  Baillie's  Lett. ;  Wod- 
row's  Hist.  ;  Inq.  Ret.,  Berwick,  291  ; 
Church  of  Scotland  Commission  Records, 
1646,  1649-50 ;  Lander  Tests.  ;  Edin.  Reg. 
Bur.;  Boston's  Memoirs;  Scot.  Presb.  Eloq.; 
Haddington  Inhib.,  xviii.,  102  ;  Charity 
Roll,  1696.] 

GEORGE  BARCLAY,  a  native  of 
Buchan;  M.A.  (King's  College,  Aber 
deen,  1677);  pros,  by  the  creditors 
of  James,  Lord  Mordington,  1682  ;  de 
prived  by  the  Committee  of  Estates,  6th 
May  1689,  for  not  reading  the  Proclama 
tion  of  the  Estates  ;  he  had  an  Exchequer 
pension  of  £25  from  the  rents  of  the 
Bishopric  of  Ross,  21st  Oct.  1712,  and 
another  of  £100  stg.  after  the  death  of 
Bishop  Rose  of  Edinburgh,  12th  Sept. 
1716;  died  in  Edinburgh,  6th  Feb.  1724, 
aged  63.  He  marr.  (name  unknown),  and 
had  issue— Cecilia,  born  31st  Dec.  1689 
(marr.  Arthur  Irvine  in  Milton  of  Drum), 
died  29th  Nov.  1775;  Christian,  died 
before  1740. 

THOMAS  RAMSAY,  M.A.,  above  men- 
1689     tioned  (q.v.). 

brother  of  John  L.,  min.  of  Eccles ; 
M.A.  (Edinburgh,  2nd  July  1684); 
ord.  29th  Oct.  1695  ;  died  at  Edinburgh, 
27th  June  1719,  aged  51.  Publications— 
The  Ancient  Bishops  considered,  both  with 
respect  to  the  extent  of  their  Jurisdiction 
and  nature  of  their  Power  (Edinburgh, 
1707);  The  Divine  Institution  of  Bishops 
having  Churches  consisting  of  many  Con 
gregations,  examined  by  Scripture  (London, 
1711);  A  Vindication  of  the  Ministers  and 





ii'j  Elders  i/'ho  have  taken  tlie  Abjura 
tion  (anon.  ;  Edinburgh,  1712). — \_Edin.Reg. 
Jim:;  Jlosfo/t  .Vein.:  Wodrow's  Anal,  and 

JOHN  LAW  [LOW],  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
1721  Peebles  28th  July  1703;  ord.  10th 
Sept.  1706  min.  of  a  Presbyterian 
congregation  at  Newcastle ;  pres.  by 
rrhomas  Hay  of  Mordington  29th  April, 
and  adm.  16th  Xov.  1721  ;  died  2 nth  Dec. 
1735.  Ife  marr.  Jane  Mitchell,  who  died 
1st  Dec.  1762,  and  had  issue — William; 
Katherine  ;  Jane.-  [Lander  Tests.] 

RICHARD  BELL,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
1786  9th  May  1722):  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Kelso  3rd  Jan.  1727 ;  pres.  by 
Thomas  Hay  of  Mordington,  and  ord.  6th 
June  1736;  died  8th  Jan.  1773,  aged  72. 
He  marr.  21st  June  1733,  Helen,  daugh.  of 
Malcolm  Macfarlane,  tailor,  Edinburgh, 
and  had  issue— Jean,  born  llth  April  1734 
(marr.  John  Buchanan,  min.  of  Foulden) ; 
Margaret,  born  17th  March  1735;  Cecil, 
born  4th  March  1736;  Thomas,  born  2nd 
June  1737  :  John,  born  30th  .Sept.  1739, 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Chirnside  31st  Aug. 
1762;  Mark,  born  10th  June  1743,  died 
10th  Feb.  1749;  Pilchard,  born  21st  June 
1745  ;  Helen,  born  1st  June  1746,  died  14th 
Feb.  1749 ;  Susan,  born  10th  Jan.  1749  : 
Robert,  born  26th  May  1753.  His  widow 
marr.  again,  and  died  19th  June  1780. 

JAMES  SMITH,  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
1773  Chirnside  25th  June  1771  ;  pres.  by 
Alexander  Hay  of  Mordington,  and 
ord.  23rd  Sept.  1773;  died  1st  .July  1791, 
aged  54.  He  marr.  25th  April  1785,  Isobel 
Dewar,  who  died  6th  April  1828,  aged  83. — 

GEORGE    DRUMMOXD,    trans,   from 

1792     Cranshaws ;     pres.     by     Alexander 

Renton    of    Lamberton,    and    adm. 

19th  April  1792  ;  trans,  to  Whitsome  13th 

Nov.  1800. 

WILLIAM  DAVIDSON,  born  1736,  son 

1801     of   Edward   P.,  min.  of  Castlegarth 

Presbyterian     Church,     Newcastle ; 

licen.  by  Presb.  of  Kelso  1760;   ord.  min. 

of  Castlegarth  Presbyterian  Church,  New 

castle,  10th  Nov.  1762;  adm.  to  this  parish 
14th  May  1801  ;  died  24th  June  1804.  He 
marr.  7th  June  1777,  Jane  (died  in  1821), 
daugh.  of  Edward  Aitken,  min.  of  Castle 
garth  Church,  Newcastle,  and  had  issue  — 
an  only  son,  Edward  Aitken,  born  4th 
April  1778,  who  was  grandfather  of  Sir 
Thomas  Milvain,  K.C.B.,  K.C.,  M.P.,  Judge 
Advocate-General. — [TomJ>sf.] 

GEORGE  CHALMERS,  educated  at 
isos  ^Tniy-  °f  Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Dalkeith  24th  Nov.  1795;  pres. 
by  Alexander  Renton  of  Lamberton,  and 
ord.  2nd  May  1805;  died  21st  Feb.  1831, 
aged  64.  He  marr.  13th  June  1809,  Mary 
Caddy,  who  died  20th  Pec.  1872,  without 

GEORGE    FULTON    KNIGHT,    born 

1832  1808 >  son  °^  George  K.,  teacher, 
Edinburgh;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  12th 
April  1828);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Hadding- 
ton  8th  July  1831  ;  pres.  by  Trustees  of 
Alexander  Renton  of  Mordington.  The 
settlement  was  delayed  in  consequence  of 
an  opposing  presentation  by  Alexander 
Campbell  Renton,  with  consent  of  his  father, 
to  John  Robertson,  probationer,  but  the 
Court  of  Session  preferring  that  of  the 
Trustees,  K.  was  ord.  6th  Sept.  1832.  Joined 
Free  Church  ;  min.  of  Free  Church,  East 
Wemyss,  14th  March  1844  ;  died  12th  April 
1891.  He  marr.  12th  March  1834,  Jessie 
(died  29th  Nov.  1893),  daugh.  of  William 
Angus,  teacher,  Glasgow,  and  had  issue- 
George  Halley,  born  28th  Feb.  1835 ; 
William  Angus,  LL.D.  (Glasgow),  Prof,  of 
Moral  Philosophy,  Univ.  of  St  Andrews, 
1876-1902,  editor  and  biographer  of  Words 
worth,  born  22nd  Feb.  1836,  died  4th 
March  1916 ;  Elizabeth  Bannerman,  born 
3rd  July  1837  (marr.  Thomas  Bywater, 
factor  on  Wemyss  Estate),  died  12th  Dec. 
1915 ;  Helen  Hunter,  born  3rd  Jan.  1839 ; 
Andrew  Halley,  born  30th  March  1840; 
Alexander  Angus,  M.P.,  Keswick,  born  7th 
Oct.  1842  ;  Adam  Cairns,  born  1845. 

CHARLES   BLAIR,  born   1797,  son  of 

Andrew  B.,  farmer,  and  Helen  Ducat ; 

educated  at  Univ.  of  St  Andrews  ; 

licen.  by  Presb.  of  Meigle  ;  tutor  in   the 



family  of  Campbell  Renton  of  Mording- 
ton  ;  pres.  by  John  Campbell  Renton  of 
Mordington,  and  ord.  31st  Aug.  1843  ;  died 
unmarr.,  21st  Nov.  1870. 

DAVID   MILLAR,  M.A.,  B.D.,  LL.B. ; 
trans,  from  Inverteil,  and  adm.  22nd 
June    1871  :    trans,   to    Queensferry 
3rd  Dec.  1884. 



HUGH  FLEMING,  born  9th  Dec.  1855, 
second  son  of  Andrew  F.,  farmer, 
Calla,  Carnwath,  and  Helen  Val- 

lance ;  educated   at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ; 

Keen,     by     Presb.     of     Edinburgh     1880; 

assistant  at  Dalserf  and  at  Hamilton  ;  ord. 

12th  May  1885  ;  clerk  of  Presb.  190G. 


[The  whole  manor  of  Swinton  was  part 
of  a  gift  by  King  Edgar,  for  the  endow 
ment  of  Coldingham  Priory,  about  1100. 
The  church,  dedicated  to  St  Mary,  and 
built  shortly  after  that  date,  was  held  by 
Coldingham  ;  portions  of  the  east,  south 
and  west  walls  belong  to  the  original 
edifice.  A  feuars'  aisle  was  added  in 
1782,  and  alterations  were  made  in  1792 
and  1800.  In  1909  the  church  was  largely 
rebuilt.  A  very  ancient  effigy  in  it  is  held 
to  represent  Sir  Alan  de  Swinton,  who 
died  about  1200.  The  bell,  in  use,  is  dated 
1499,  and  is  inscribed  Maria  est  nomen 
meum.  Simprin  was  united  to  Swinton 
in  1761.] 

JOHN   FORREST    [FORRET],   reader 
and  vicar    from   1567   to  1576.     In 
15617     1569   he  was  summoned  before  the 
Privy  Council. 

ROBERT  LANDELS,  reader  from  1579 
1579  to  1580. 


ROBERT  HISLOP,  trans,   from  Whit- 
some,   and   adm.   1590  ;    retrans.    to 
about  1595.—  [Reg.  Assig.} 

ANDREW     ARBUTHNOT,    min.     in 
1595;  pres.  by  James  VI.  30th  Jan. 
160-.  .   (jem>  between   1st   June  and 
Gth  July  1632.     A  decree   against  him  as 


a  "userer"  was  pronounced  by  the  Privy 
Council  16th  July  1642.  He  marr.,  and 
had  issue— George,  apprenticed  to  William 
Wilands,  lorimer,  Edinburgh,  14th  Dec. 
1608;  Isobel,  second  daugh.  (marr.  John 
Cass  in  Swinton).— [Reg.  Assig.;  Lander 
Tests. ;  Bannatyne  MiscelL,  iii. ;  Mat.  Re 
ports,  1627 ;  Rey.  of  Deeds,  cclxxxv.,  18th 
June  1619.] 

WALTER  SWINTON,  perhaps  a 
brother  of  John  S.  of  that  ilk; 
1632  M.A.  (St  Andrews  1616);  pres.  by 
Charles  I.  6th  July  1632  ;  member  of  As 
sembly  in  1638  :  died  after  2nd  Sept.  1647, 
aged  about  54.  He  marr.  Jean  Cockburn. 
— [Reg.  Sec.  tii<j. ;  Acts  of  Ass. ;  Stevenson's 
Hist. ;  Su'intons  of  that  Ilk,  55  ;  Reg.  of 
Deeds,  13th  Nov.  1663.] 

EDWARD  JAMESON,  M.A. ;  min.  in 
1647.  He  joined  the  Protesters  in 
1647  1651.  In  1654  he  was  appointed  a 
Commissioner  by  the  Privy  Council  of 
England  for  authorising  admissions  to  the 
ministry  in  the  provinces  of  Lothian,  Merse, 
and  Teviotdale  ;  dep.  in  1661  for  his  op 
position  to  the  Government,  A  decreet 
was  passed  against  him  and  others,  16th 
July  1671,  for  preaching  at  conventicles, 
on  which  he  was  outlawed,  3rd  Aug.  1676. 
In  1679,  when  many  Presbyterians  were 
confined  for  not  condemning  the  Rising 
at  Bothwell,  or  the  murder  of  Archbishop 
Sharp,  he  reasoned  with  them  and  got 
several  of  them  liberated,  on  their  signing 
a  bond  not  to  take  up  arms  against  His 
Majesty  in  future.  He  returned  in  1687. 
—[Tombst.;  Livingston's  Life;  WTodrow's 
Hist,  and  Anal.;  Nicoll's  Diary;  Kirkton's 

PATRICK  SWINTON,  a  cadet  of  the 
Swintons  of  that  ilk;  M.A.  (Edin 
burgh,  15th  June  1651);  licen.  by 
George,  Bishop  of  Edinburgh,  27th  Feb. 
1663;  passed  trials  for  ordination  before 
the  Presb.  of  Duns  21st  April  that  year; 
ord.  to  Crossmichael  in  1663;  trans,  to 
Borgue;  pres.  by  Charles  II.  12th  Feb., 
and  coll.  14th  March  1668 ;  still  min.  20th 
Oct.  1685,  but  the  charge  was  vacant  in 
1689.  He  marr.  Isobel  Home,  and  had 




issue— Patrick,  M.A. ;  Thomas  ;  Alexander ; 
Agnes;  Tsobel,  bapt.  20th  Oct.  1667.— 
[Miii.-book  Ji'c;/.  ,SVc.  Sit/.,  v.  ;  Rfij.  Co/ fat.  ; 
01<1  Dec.,  iii.  ;  Tombtt.  :  lFa<ll!ii.<itoii,  Presb. 
Jifj.  ;  J//5.  Ace.  of  Mfit.  liaj.  of  Deeds, 
Durie,  17th  Jan.  1089;  Edin.  7>a/tt.  .Reg.] 


EDWARD  JAMESON,  M.A.,  above 
mentioned  ;  returned  and  attended 
the  first  meeting  of  Presbyterian 
mins.  after  the  Toleration  Gth  July  1087  ; 
he  was  restored  by  Act  of  Parliament  25th 
April  1090.  He  dem.  9th  April  1691,  and 
was  afterwards  niin.  of  Monimail. 

ROBERT    SAXDILAXDS,    ord.    24th 

1691     8ept- 1691  >  trans-  to  Xewbattle  18th 
April  1095. 

[CHARLES  LITHGOW,  M.A.,  who  had 

forged  testimonials  of  license  from  the 
united  Presb.  of  Kirkcaldy  and  Duuferm- 
line,  was  called.  When  this  was  dis 
covered,  the  General  Assembly  on  31st 
Dec.  1695  app.  him  to  be  censured  by  the 
Presbs.  of  Duns,  Chirnside,  and  Selkirk. 
This  was  done  from  the  several  pulpits 
of  those  Presbyteries,  12th  Jan.  1696.— 
Acts  of  Ass.,  1095.] 

JOHX  LITHGOW,  probably  of  the 
1696  family  of  Lithgow  of  Drygrange; 
studied  at  the  Univ.  of  Utrecht; 
licen.  and  ord.  by  the  Scots  Presb.  in 
London  ;  called  to  this  parish  26th  March, 
and  adm.  20th  April  1696  ;  died  9th  April 
1711.  He  marr.  Anne,  daugh.  of  James, 
second  son  of  Alexander  Home  of  Bassen- 
dean,  and  had  issue  —  Janet  (marr.  12th 
Sept.  1718,  James  Davidson,  bookseller, 
Edinburgh);  Anne  (marr.  7th  April  1726, 
Henry  Robertson,  apothecary,  Edinburgh). 
—[Duns  Presb.  Key.;  Boston's  Mem.] 

HEXRY  VETTCH,  second  son  of 
1712  ^illiam  V.,  tenant  in  Redpath, 
Earlston,  a  cadet  of  Dawyck  ;  M.A. 
(Edinburgh,  llth  May  1704);  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Chirnside  20th  May  1712;  called 
31st  May,  pres.  by  Presb.  jure  devohito 
4th  Nov.,  and  ord.  2nd  Dec.  1712:  died 
25th  Nov.  1753,  aged  09.  He  marr.  (1) 
29th  June  1721,  Martha,  daugh.  of  John 
Gardner,  merchant  burgess  of  Edinburgh, 

and  had  issue— William,  died  1726 ;  John, 
writer,  Edinburgh,  ancestor  of  the  Eliock 
family ;  James,  tenant  in  Mersington  : 
(2)  25th  April  1728,  Frances  (died  14th 
Sept.  1741),  only  surviving  child  of  Sir 
John  Swinton  of  that  ilk  by  his  first  wife, 
Sarah  Welsh,  and  had  issue  —  Frances, 
born  26th  Aug.  1733  (marr.  29th  Oct. 
1751,  John  Watson  of  Overmains).  —  [St 
Cutkbert'sRey.  (Marr.  and  Bapt.)  ;  Lander 
Tests.;  Burke's  Landed  Gentry;  Xwintons 
of  that  Ilk,  77.] 

GEORGE  CUPPLES,  born  1727,  son  of 
1754  Wiliiam  C.,  min.  of  Kirkoswald; 
M.A.  (Glasgow  1746);  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Dalkeith  1st  Sept.  1752;  pres. 
by  George  II.  25th  March,  and  ord.  22nd 
Aug.  1754;  died  14th  Sept.  1798.  He 
marr.  26th  June  1760,  Isabella  (died  at 
Legerwood,  12th  Dec.  1817),  only  daugh. 
of  John  Waugh,  min.  of  Whitsome,  and 
had  issue— Mary,  born  8th  April  1707,  died 
4th  Oct.  1779;  William,  born  7th  Feb. 
1709,  died  young;  John,  born  24th  Dec. 
1770,  died  while  a  student  at  Glasgow 
Univ.,  24th  May  1788  ;  Jean  Kennedy, 
born  31st  Aug.  1772  ;  Margaret  Mitchelson, 
born  25th  March  1774;  Henrietta  Camp 
bell,  born  18th  Nov.  1770;  William,  born 
llth  Jan.  1779;  Charles,  born  20th  April, 
died  29th  Dec.  1780;  Charles,  born  12th 
March  1782;  Robert,  born  13th  Jan.  1784; 
George,  min.  of  Legerwood,  afterwards  of 
Stirling,  born  15th  July  1780.  Publica 
tions—Accounts  of  Swinton  and  Simprin, 
and  of  Whitsome  and  Hilton  (Sinclair's  Stat. 
Ace.,  vi.,  xvi.).— [Tomlst. ;  Carlyle's  Autob.] 

WILLIAM  SIMSOX,  born  1747,  son  of 
1799  -^atthew  S.,  merchant,  Glasgow; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow  ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Chirnside  24th  Feb.,  and  ord. 
to  Greenlaw  3rd  Dec.  1778  ;  pres.  by  George 
III.  Feb.  1799 ;  trans,  and  adm.  13th  June 
1799;  died  unmarr.,  20th  Sept.  1804.  Pub 
lication—Account  of  Greenlaw  (Sinclair's 
Mat.  Ace.,  xiv.).~[Tombst.] 

JAMES  BAIRD,  probably  son  of  Thomas 

1805     •^•'  Eastwood ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 

Glasgow;    licen.    by    Presb.   of  Ayr 

28th  July   1784;   ord.  to  Legerwood    17th 


Sept.  1795;  trans,  to  Eccles  20th  July 
1797  ;  pres.  by  George  III.,  trans,  and  adm. 
18th  April  1805;  died  llth  Feb.  1814.  He 
marr.  25th  Dec.  1795,  Sarah  Nicholls,  who 
died  20th  Dec.  1838,  and  had  issue— Eliza 
beth,  born  10th  Oct.  1796;  John,  rain,  of 
Yetholm;  Andrew,  min.  of  Cockburnspath; 
James,  born  25th  Nov.  1801  ;  William, 
M.D.,  F.R.S.,  Curator  of  the  Zoological 
Department  in  the  British  Museum,  author 
of  Cyclopaedia  of  the  Natural  Sciences,  and 
Memoir  of  his  brother  John,  born  llth  Jan. 
1803,  died  27th  Jan.  1872.— [Hist.  Berwick 
shire  Nat.  Club,  1869-72  ;  Diet.  Nat.  Bioy.} 

JOHN    HUNTER,    pros,    by    George, 
Prince  Regent,   and  ord.  28th  Sept. 
1814  ;  trans,   to  Iron  Parish,  Edin 
burgh,  27th  Sept.  1832. 


JAMES  LOGAN,  born  10th  Jan.  1805, 
1833  only  son  °^  Thomas  L.,  M.D.,  min. 
of  Chirnside ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh;  Keen,  by  Presb.  of  Chirnside 
27th  June  1826  ;  pres.  by  William  IV.  26th 
Nov.  1832;  ord.  7th  March  1833;  died 
unman-.  17th  May  1868.  Publication- 
Account  of  the  Parish  (Neu>  Stat. 
Ace.,  ii.). 


ROBERT  HOME,  born  6th  Nov.  1839, 
eldest  son  of  Walter  H.,  min.  of 
Polwarth ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Duns  ;  ord. 
(assistant  and  successor)  at  Glencairn  7th 
July  1864  ;  trans,  and  adm.  8th  Oct.  1868  ; 
died  7th  Nov.  1877.  He  marr.  26th  April 
1871,  Annie  Lydia  Keith  (died  9th  Sept. 
1875),  daugh.  of  Archibald  Adam  Swinton, 
I.C.S.,  and  sister  of  Captain  George  Her 
bert  Tayler  Swinton  of  Swinton,  and  had 
issue — Walter  Gabriel,  major  6th  Dragoon 
Guards,  served  in  South  Africa,  born  25th 
Oct.  1872,  died  of  wounds  in  France,  15th 
Nov.  1914;  George  Archibald  Swinton, 
lieut.-colonel  5th  Dragoon  Guards,  served 
in  South  Africa  and  France,  born  25th 
April  1875. 


ALEXANDER  MILNE,  trans,  from  St 
Andrews,  Dundee,  and  adm.  13th 
June  1878;  trans,  to  Gourock  24th 



22nd     July     1860,    son     of    Thomas 
Gordon,    D.D.,   min.  of   Newbattle ; 

educated    at   Univ.    of   Edinburgh ;    M.A. 

(1880);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dalkeith  1883; 

assistant   at  Bothkennar ;    ord.   10th    Feb. 

1885  ;  died  unmarr.  6th  Aug.  1891. 


July  1884. 

MACDONALD,  born  Fashodale, 
Ardnamurchan,  27th  May  1857,  son 
of  John  M.  and  Christina,  daugh.  of  John 
Farquharson;  educated  at  Sharped  Institu 
tion,  Perth  ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh  1885) ;  tutor 
to  the  family  of  the  Duke  of  Atholl  1882-5  ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  April  1886; 
assistant  at  West  Coates,  Edinburgh ;  ord. 
to  Second 'Charge,  Cupar,  Fife,  12th  April 
1888  ;  trans,  and  adm.  6th  Feb.  1892.  Marr. 
1st  Aug.  1888,  Eleanor  Emma  (died  31, st 
Dec.  1916),  daugh.  of  William  M'Corquodale 
and  Margaret  Farquharson,  and  has  issue 
—Ian  Farquharson,  lieut.  R.F.A.,born  28th 
April  1889 ;  Eleonora  Margaret,  born  15th 
Aug.  1891  (marr.  27th  June  1916,  Thomas 
Sinclair,  Lieut.  R.N.V.R.).  Publications — 
Ed.  Boston's  Soliloquy  on  the  Art  of  Man 
Fishing  (Paisley,  1890);  The  Colonel  and 
the  Clachan  ;  contributor  to  Hastings'  Dic 
tionary  of  Texts. 


[Previous  to  the  Reformation  the  church, 
dedicated  by  Bishop  David  de  Bernhain, 
25th  June  1247,  belonged  to  the  Abbey  of 
Kelso.  It  fell  into  ruin  after  the  parish 
was  united  to  Swinton,  27th  Sept.  1761.] 

1576    THOMAS  WATSON,  reader. 

JAMES  SIM  SON,  reader  from  1578  to 
1578  1580. 

THOMAS  BONAR,  M.A.  (St  Andrews); 
min.  of  Aldcambus  in  1599  ;  pres.  to 
the  vicarage  of  Simprin  and  Ald 
cambus  by  James  VI.  7th  Feb.  1606 ;  died 
before  7th  April  1632.— [Rey.  8ec.  8ig.;  Reg. 
Assiy. ;  Bannatyne  Miscell.,  iii.] 

JOHN  MACMATH,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 

24th   July   1619);    pres.  by  Charles 

I.   7th   April    1632;    dep.   4th   Sept. 

1638  (sentence  confirmed  by  Assembly  llth 





JAMES  SANDERSON,  a  native  of 
Coldstream,  where  lie  succeeded  as 
heir  to  houses  and  lands  (perhaps 
Whitrig,  where  there  was  a  family  of  his 
name);  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  27th  July  1663); 
licen.  by  George,  Bishop  of  Edinburgh,  2nd 
Jan.  1666 ;  ord.  and  coll.  22nd  Oct.  1668  ; 
died  June  1671,  aged  about  28.  He  marr. 
Bessie  Craw,  and  had  issue  —  Robert ; 
Isobel. — [Reg,  Coll  at.  ;  Lander  Tests.] 


GEORGE   WILSON,  formerly  of  Kil- 
lellan,  Renfrewshire  ;  coll.  12th  Sept. 
1672;  trans,  to  Westruther  in  1683. 
— [Keg.  Collat.] 

JAMES  ADAMSON,  son  of  James  A. ; 

M.A.  (Edinburgh,  27th   July  1663); 

ord.    to    Kelton    29th    April    1668; 

outed  by  the  rabble  in  1689.     He  came  to 

Dec.  following),  for  deserting  his  parish, 
declining  the  authority  of  the  Presb., 
teaching  Arminian  doctrines,  etc.  He  had 
£100  stg.  out  of  the  vacant  stipends  allowed 
by  Parliament,  21st  June  1661.  In  1664 
he  was  chaplain  to  the  Earl  of  Home. — 
[AV/.  Sec.  <SY;/. ;  Old  Dec.,  ii.  ;  Acts  of  Par/., 
vii.  ;  Baillie;s  Lett.,  Stevenson's  Hist.'] 

ROBERT  MELYILL,son  of  Sir  Andrew 
M.  of  Woodend  and  Garvock,  and 
brother  of  Sir  James  M.  of  Hall- 
hill,  Fife ;  was  assistant  to  Robert  Col- 
vill,  min.  of  Culross,  Nov.  1629 ;  pres.  by 
Charles  I.,  and  adm.  to  this  parish  previous 
to  llth  Oct.  1641  ;  was  chaplain  with  the 
Scottish  army  at  Newcastle  in  1644  ;  died 
between  1652  and  25th  Aug.  1654.  lie 
marr.  Catherine  Melvill,  who  survived 
him,  and  had  issue — John,  apprenticed  to 
Robert  Aitchison,  merchant,  Edinburgh, 
28th  June  1648  ;  Margaret.— [Livingston's  > 
Charac.  ;  Re<j.  tiec.  Si'j.  ',  Raith  Papers  ; 
Burntisland  Sess.  Rey.]  Lander  Tests.; 
Row's  and  Stevenson's  Hists. ;  Aiton's 
Life  of  Henderson.] 

JAMES  GIBSON,  M.A.  (Glasgow  1657) ; 
mentioned  as  min.  in  1668  ;  died  2nd 
March  1668,  aged  about  32.  He 

marr.  (name  unknown),  who  survived  him. 

— [  Tombst.] 

this  parish  that  year,  but  was  deprived 
3rd  Sept.  by  the  Privy  Council,  for  not 
reading  the  Proclamation  of  the  Estates, 
nor  praying  for  William  and  Mary,  but  for 
James  A'll.  He  was  one  of  those  who 
conducted  Episcopal  services  at  Ayton  and 
Coldingham,  and  was  dep.  10th  Nov.  1696. 
He  died  at  Edinburgh,  llth  Aug.  1713,  aged 
64.  He  marr.  Jane  Rigg,  and  had  issue — 
Samuel,  eldest  son;  Henrietta.—  [J/,V.  Ace. 
of  Min.,  1689  ;  Dumfries  8as.,  i.,  270  ;  Re<j. 
of  Deeds,  Mack.,  23rd  Feb.  1709;  List  <>j 
Disorderly  Persons.] 

JOHN  MOIR,  son  of  Alexander  M., 
1691  sniith,  Aberdeen ;  M.A.  (Marisehal 
College,  Aberdeen,  1685) ;  became 
.schoolmaster  of  Wemyss  :  having  acknow 
ledged  his  fault  in  taking  Episcopal  orders 
as  a  deacon,  he  was  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Kirkcaldy  14th  July  1691,  and  ord.  24th 
Dec.  that  year :  died  after  14th  Nov. 
1693.  He  marr.  Elizabeth  Erskine  (alive 
in  1711),  and  had  four  children.  In  April 
1700  his  widow  had  £30  allowed  her  by 
the  Synod  out  of  the  Centesima  Fund. 
— [Charity  Papers  ;  Anderson's  Fasti  A  cad. 
Mariscall ,  ii.,  252.] 

THOMAS  BOSTON,  M.A. ;  called  llth 
1699     Aug.,    and    ord.    21st     Sept.    1699; 
trans,  to  Ettrick  1st  May  1707. 

JAMES  [or  WILLIAM]  ALLAN,  called 

17()17     10th  July,  and  ord.  23rd  Sept.  1707  ; 

trans,  to  Eyemouth  15th  March  1716. 

JAMES    CHRISTIE,   M.A. ;    called   in 

1717     Oct.    1716 ;     pres.    by    Presb.    jure 

devoluto    6th    Nov.     following,    and 

ord.  19th  March  1717  ;  trans,  to  Morebattle 

4th  March  1725. 

JAMES  LANDRETH,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
1725  12th  April  1715) ;  chaplain  to  Sir 
James  Stewart  of  Goodtrees ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Hamilton  26th  May  1724  ; 
pres.  by  Sir  Archibald  Cockburn  of  Lang- 
ton  31st  Aug.  1725 ;  called  16th,  and  ord. 
23rd  Sept.  1725 ;  died  unmarr.  3rd  Oct. 
1756,  aged  64.  He  was  clerk  of  the  Synod. 
He  established  one  of  the  earliest  Sunday 


Schools  in  Scotland,  and  he  is  frequently 
referred  to  in  Dr  Alexander  Carlyle's  Auto 
biography  as  "  Honest  James. ;'  —  [Lander 
Tests. ;  Tombst.  ;  Carlyle's  Avtob.] 

JOHN  JOLLY,  pres.  by  George  II.  4th 
March,  and  ord.    12th    May   1757; 
trans,    to    Coldingham     17th    Sept. 


[A  church,  which  stood  in  the  church 
yard  of  Whitsome,  was  repaired  in  1718. 
Its  choir  and  nave  were  both  thatched. 
In  1803  a  new  church  was  built  on  the 
western  slope  of  Hardie's  Hill.  A  chancel 
was  added  in  1912,  and  other  improve 
ments  were  made.  A  building  at  Rave- 
law,  or  Old  Newton,  was  used  as  a 
meeting-house  by  Henry  Erskine  from  1087 
to  1(590.] 

WILLIAM  CHISHOLM,  parson  in 
1552  1552 ;  continued  probably  to  1560. 

JAMES   SETON,  mentioned  as  min.  in 

1562     1562    anc*    15<78<       ^-e    had    a    son, 
George,  apprenticed  to  John   Dun 
can,  goldsmith,  Edinburgh,  13th  June  1578. 
—[Milne  Home  MSS.,  42,  48,  239.] 

HUGH  HUDSON,  who  held  the  prebend 
of  Upsetlington  in  the  collegiate 
church  of  Dunglas  from  1556  to 
1589,  was  reader  here  in  1567,  and  exhorter 
in  1574.  He  was  probably  min.  till  1585.— 
[Milne  Home  MSS.,  42,  47,  239.] 

THOMAS  OGILVIE,  probably  min.  in 

1585  1585,   when   Upsetlington    also   was 
in   his   charge;    afterwards   min.   of 

Hutton. — [Rey.  Assiy.] 

ROBERT  HISLOP,  min.   of  Ayton   in 

1586  1585  >    ac^m-    nere    in    1586 ;    trans, 
to  Swinton  in    1590,  but   returned 

in    1595,    and    died    25th    June    1607.— 

\_Re<j.    Assifj. ;      Calderwood's    Hist.,    iv., 

160g  burgh,  26th  July  1600);  pres.  by 
Lord  Scott  of  Buccleuch  in  1608  ;  he 
was  called  before  the  Court  of  High  Com 
mission  in  1619  and  1620 ;  was  one  of  the 
commissioners  for  maintenance  of  church 
discipline  21st  Oct.  1634 ;  was  a  member 
of  Assembly,  1645  and  1646  ;  died  before 
17th  Sept.  1647.  He  marr.  Nicolas,  sister 
and  heir  of  John  Eclington  of  Harcas,  and 
had  issue — James,  apprenticed  to  Patrick 
Forbes,  merchant,  Edinburgh,  24th  March 
1629 ;  John,  his  heir ;  Margaret  (marr. 
1649,  Patrick  Hume,  min.  of  Hutton),  re 
commended  for  charity  by  the  Synod  13th 
April  1680.  He  was  owner  of  lands  in 
Hutton  Parish,  as  appears  from  a  charter 
of  Sir  David  Home  of  Wedderburn,  1645. 
— [Rey.  Assiy.  :  Stat.  Reports ;  Privy 
Comic.  Rey.,  2nd  series,  iv.,  519 ;  G.  R. 
Sas.,  Ivii.,  212 ;  Rey.  of  Deeds,  cclviii.,  7th 
Feb.  1617  ;  Inq.  Ret.  Gen.,  3922  ;  Maitland 
MiscelL,  ii.  ;  Milne  Home  M8S.,  233.] 

1658  Andrews,  llth  May  1637):  min. 
in  1658:  died  March  1067,  aged 
about  50.  He  marr.,  and  had  issue  — 
an  only  daugh.,  Janet,  to  whom  Peter 
Hay  of  Muirtoun  was  trustee  as  near 
est  of  kin.  —  [Hutton  Sess.  Rey. ;  Lander 
Tests. ;  Inq.  Ret.  de  Tut.,  925.] 


GEORGE  DAVIDSON,  probably  son  of 
John  D.,  portioner  of  Upsetlington, 
who  was  a  witness  to  the  charter  of 
Sir  David  Home  in  1645,  mentioned  above  ; 
M.A.  (Edinburgh,  30th  June  1658)  ;  became 
min.  of  Rerrick  before  1664;  trans,  to 
Anwoth  in  1666 ;  trans.,  ord.,  and  coll.  24th 
Jan.  1668  ;  died  before  5th  Feb.  1686,  when 
his  forfeited  estate  was  granted  to  Alex 
ander  Davidson,  vicar  of  Norham.  He 
marr.  July  1669,  Margaret,  daugh.  of  Patrick 
Hume,  min.  of  Hutton,  and  had  with 
other  issue  —  Margaret,  recommended  for 
charity  by  the  Synod,  9th  Oct.  1686.— 
[Rey.  Collat. ;  Rey.  Sec.  Siy. ;  Pearce's 
Sons  of  the  Clergy,  158.] 




ADAM  WADDELL,  probably  son  of 
Richard  \V.,  min.  of  Kelso:  M.A. 
(Edinburgh,  18th  Dec.  1678);  pres. 
by  George  Home  of  Wedderburn  6th 
March,  and  coll.  before  20th  Oct.  1685. 
He  died  in  1713,  aged  about  55.  He  marr. 
Katherine  (died  at  Edinburgh,  19th  Feb. 
1748),  daugh.  of  David  Swinton  of  Loch- 
toun,  merchant,  Edinburgh,  and  had  issue 
— Agnes  (marr.  Alexander  Pollock,  surgeon, 
Dundee)  :  Margaret  (marr.  19th  Oct.  1735, 
Thomas  Mabon,  preacher,  probably  son  of 
Thomas  M.,  min.  of  Gordon). — \_IIaddiiiy- 
t(»i  PrcKb.  Rc<j.  ;  JAS'.  Ace.  of  Min. ;  Edin. 
Marr.  AV/.l 


[HEXRY  KPvSKIXE,  M.A.,  called  after 
the  Toleration  to  the  meeting-house 
at  Old  Xe\vton,  or  Ravelaw,  and  adin. 

•Sept.  1687  ;  trans,  to  Chirnside  18th  Sept. 



JOHN  VEITCH,  grandson  of  William 
\7.,  min.  of  Westruther  ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Jedburgh  25th  Jan.  1710; 
assistant  to  William  Veitch,  min.  of  Dum 
fries,  probably  a  relative'  :  pros,  by  George 
Home  of  Wedderburn  24th  May,  and  by  the 
Presb.  jure  dc^oluto  7th  Sept.  1714  ;  ord. 
14th  April  1715  ;  died  May  1722.  He  marr. 
July  1717,  Elizabeth  Blair,  who  died  Dec. 
1746,  and  had  issue  —  a  daugh.  who  is 
mentioned  in  the  register  as  Peggie.  — 
\_Lauder  Tests.  ;  Mem.  of  Wm.  Vcitcli  ; 
Kirkcwlb  right  Executry  Papers,  22nd  May 

JAMES  COL  DEN,  born  1696,  son  of 
1723  ^"ex;inder  C.,  min.  of  Oxnam  ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh  4th  April 
1722;  pres.  by  Xinian  Home  of  Wedder 
burn  30th  Oct.  1722  ;  ord.  10th  Sept.  1723  ; 
died  20th  Sept.  1754.  He  marr.  19th  March 
1724,  Lilias  (died  10th  Jan.  1768),  eldest 
daugh.  of  George  Byers,  min.  of  St  Boswells, 
and  had  issue  —  Alexander  ;  George,  died  in 
1750;  Katherine,  born  19th  April  1732; 
John,  born  28th  April  1733;  Jean,  born 
16th  April  1735  :  Elizabeth,  born  28th  June 
1737  ;  William,  born  17th  Oct.  1740  :  Lilias, 
born  19th  Xov.  1743,  died  13th  Dec.  1745. 
—  \_Lauder  Tests.] 

JOHN  WAUGH,  a  native  of  Berwick- 
shire,  nephew  of  Robert  W.,  min.  of 
Hutton  ;  licen.  by  L'rosb.  of  Earlston 
3rd  April  1739;  ord.  in  1743  min.  of 
Presbyterian  Church  at  Alnwick ;  pres. 
by  Captain  George  Johnston  of  Kimmer- 
ghame  Nov.  1754:  adin.  16th  May  1755; 
died  26th  June  1800,  aged  87.  He  marr. 
3rd  Oct.  1744,  Mary  Mason,  who  died 
15th  Dec.  1784,  and  had  issue— Isabella, 
born  28th  July  1748  (marr.  26th  June  1766, 
George  Cupples,  min.  of  S  win  ton) ;  Robert, 
surgeon,  93rd  Foot,  born  5th  June  1750; 
John,  min.  of  Menmuir,  born  9th  Jan. 

GEOIIGE     DRUMMOND,    born    1760, 

1800  'son  °^  K'alph  D.,  min.  of  Cranshaws  ; 
ord.  min.  of  Cranshaws  3rd  May 
1785;  trans,  to  Mordington  20th  April 
1792  ;  pres.  by  Francis,  Earl  of  Wemyss, 
trans,  and  adm.  13th  Nov.  1800  ;  died  7th 
Aug.  1820.  He  marr.  17th  April  1810,  Mar 
garet  (died  without  issue,  28th  Dec.  1822), 
daugh.  of  Andrew  Cunningham,  gardener 
to  Lord  Morton  at  Aberdour  Castle,  and 
sister  of  George  C.,  min.  of  Duns.  Publi 
cations  —  Account  of  Cranshaws  and  of 
Mordington  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  vi., 

ADAM  LAN] JELLS,  licen.  by  North- 
1821  uinberland  Presbyterian  Classis  and 
Presb.  of  Duns;  ord.  10th  Oct.  1776, 
min.  at  Etal :  trans,  to  Hutton  19th  March 
1789;  pres.  by  William  Berry  of  Whitsome 
Hill,  Dec.  1820 ;  adm.  8th  Feb.  1821  ;  died 
25th  May  1838,  aged  90.  He  marr.  20th 
Jan.  1779,  Christian  Watherstone,  who  died 
s.p.  5th  May  1841.  Publication — Account 
of  Hutton  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  iv.). 

[JOSEPH  STEVENSON,  born  Berwick  - 
on-Tweed,  27th  Nov.  1806,  eldest  son  of 
Robert  S.,  surgeon,  and  Elizabeth  Wilson  : 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Chirnside  8th  Sept.  1829 ;  em 
ployed  in  the  MS.  department  of  the 
British  Museum,  1831-4,  and  a  subcom- 
missioner  of  the  Public  Records,  1834-8  ; 
pres.  by  John  Wilson  of  Whitsome  Hill  in 
1838.  Objection  to  his  appointment  was 




taken  by  George  Fulton  Knight,  inin.  of 
Mordington,  on  the  ground  that  several  of 
S.'s  children  had  been  baptized  by  clergy 
men  of  the  Church  of  England.  The  Synod 
ordered  the  Presb.  to  proceed  with  the 
ordination.  Letters  in  S.'s  favour  were 
produced  from  Sir  Henry  Ellis,  Prof.  Fraser- 
Tytler,  and  many  well-Known  men.  On  a 
second  appeal  being  begun  by  Knight,  S. 
withdrew  from  the  presentation.  In  1839 
he  entered  the  Church  of  England  ;  was 
librarian  to  the  Dean  and  Chapter  of 
Durham  in  1841  ;  honorary  MA.  (Durham 
1844) ;  curate  of  St  Giles,  Durham,  1847  ; 
vicar  of  Leighton-Buzzard,  Bedfordshire. 
1849-02.  In  1863  he  joined  the  Church 
of  Rome,  and  was  a  priest  in  1872.  From 
1872  to  1876  he  studied  the  Archives  in  the 
Vatican  Library  at  Home.  In  1877  lie 
entered  Roehampton  College  as  a  Novice 
of  the  Society  of  Jesus,  and  in  1885  became 
professed  of  the  three  vows  ;  LL.D.  (St 
Andrews  1893);  died  at  London,  8th  Feb. 
1895.  He  marr.  19th  Sept.  1831,  Mary  Ann 
(died  llth  July  1869),  daugh.  of  John  Craig, 
Mount  Florida,  Glasgow,  and  had  issue. 
He  was  an  archivist  and  historical  writer 
of  much  distinction,  whose  pen  for  more 
than  sixty  years  was  never  idle.  He  did 
important  work  for  the  Rolls  Series,  and 
edited  numerous  volumes  for  the  Bannatyne, 
Maitland,  and  Roxburghe  Clubs,  as  well  as 
the  Surtees  and  other  learned  Societies.  The 
Diet.  j.Yat.  Bioy.  furnishes  a  complete  list  of 
these.—  Vide  Pollen's  "Memoir" in  The  Month 
(March  and  April  1895);  The  Tablet,  16th 
Feb.  1895  :  The  Athenwnm,  16th  Feb.  1895.] 

ROBERT  CO  WE,  born  Bunimoutli,  1st 
1839  Dec.  1804,  son  of  Henry  C.  ;  edu 
cated  at  Berwick  Grammar  School 
and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  M.A.  (22nd  April 
1826);  tutor  in  the  family  of  Angus 
Makellar,  D.D.,  min.  of  Pencaitland  ;  Keen, 
by  Presb.  of  Chirnside  28th  Sept.  1830  ; 
assistant  at  Whitsome  :  ord.  (at  Huttonj 
19th  April  1832,  min.  of 'the  High  Meeting, 
Berwick-on -Tweed ;  pres.  by  John  Wilson 
of  Whitsome  Hill:  trans,  and  adm.  28th 
March  1839.  Joined  the  Free  Church; 
adm.  min.  of  the  Free  Church,  Portobello, 
2nd  Nov.  1843;  trans,  to  St  Andrew's 

VOL.  II. 

Presbyterian  Church,  Manchester,  5th  Nov. 

|  1845,  and  to  Free  St  Stephen's,  Glasgow, 

<  17th  May  1849;  died  20th  Oct.  1867.    He 

marr.  3rd  Aug.  1852,  Hannah  Watson,  who 

died  26th  Dec.  1886,  and  had  issue — Henry, 

;  died  aged  17  ;  Hannah  (marr. Kirkland, 

Oregon,  U.S.A.).  Publications— Ao  Truth, 
^Y<j  A?/V(Edin.,  1849);  The  Gift  and  theGauge 
(Edin.,  1855);  Christian  Responsibiliti/, 
Memoir  [by  James  Freer]  (Glasgow,  1868). 

JOHN    ROBERTSON,  born  2nd   Jan. 

1843  18u0'  son  of  Jolm  1>l">  farmei'5  Wincl- 
shiel,  and  Margaret  Edington ;  edu 
cated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  :  licen.  by 
'<  Presb.  of  Duns  4th  April  1825  ;  assistant  at 
:  Dunbar,  1825-33;  ord.  to  Houndwood  llth 
i  May  1838  ;  trans,  and  adm.  2nd  Nov.  1843  ; 

died  27th  Oct.  1865.    He  marr.  (1)  25th  Dec. 

1833,  Margaret  (died  6th  Aug.  1839),  daugh. 
;  of  AVilliam  Sibbald,  D.D.,  min.  of  Hadding- 

ton,  and  had  issue — Elphinstone  Margaret, 
1  born  19th  Oct.  1834  (marr.  James  Heriot 

of  Beriotbank),  died  10th  July  1914  ;  John 
•  Alexander,  his  successor :  (2)  22nd  Dec. 

1841,  Catherine  (died  5th  Nov.  1867),  daugh. 
i  of  George  Logan,  Edrom,  and  widow  of 

Thomas  Logan,  Whitsoinelaws. 


1866     k°rn  19tn  ^Prtf  183C>  S0il  °f  preced 
ing  ;  educated  at  Edinburgh  Univ.  : 
licen.    by    Presb.    of    Chirnside    in    1859  ; 
assistant    at   Old    Greyfriars,   Edinburgh ; 

j  ord.  2nd  Aug.  1866  ;  clerk  of  Presb.  1870 ; 

!  clerk   of    Synod    1899.      Marr.   27th  Aug. 

!  1867,  Helen  Stenhouse,  who  died  26th 
Jan.  1911,  and  had  issue— John  Alexander, 
M.D.,  born  29th  Aug.  1868,  died  at  Matjes- 
fontein,  Cape  Colony,  22nd  Sept.  1903; 
Catherine  Purves  Logan,  born  2nd  March 
1872  (marr.  20th  Jan.  1898,  William 
M'Dowall  Selby,  M.B.,  C.M.,  Port  William); 
Stenhouse,  born  12th  Nov.  1875,  died  10th 
Jan.  1880 ;  William  Sibbald,  M.D.,  born  8th 
March  1881.— [Vide  Memorial  Sketch  of 
John.  A.  Robertson,  M.D.,  by  the  Hon. 
Lord  Low,  1904.] 


1906     •^••D-  ',  ord.  (assistant  and  successor) 

17th  Aug.   1906;    trans,    to  Steven 

Memorial  Church,  Bellahouston,  Glasgow, 

21st  Feb.  1911. 




HUGH  PARK  REID,  born  Chalmer- 
1911  stone'  Stai1''  Ayrshire,  17th  May 
1871,  son  of  Hugh  R.  and  Mary 
Young ;  educated  at  Ayr  Academy  and 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Ayr  May  1896 ;  assistant  at  Muirkirk,  and 
at  St  Vincent's  and  Sandyford  parishes, 
Glasgow  ;  ord.  1st  Sept.  1901  ;  min.  of  St 
Andrew's  Church,  Alexandria,  Egypt ;  acted 
as  consular  chaplain ;  res.  in  1910 ;  adra.  to 
this  charge  (assistant  and  successor)  9th 
June  1911.  Marr.  10th  Sept,  1901,  Martha, 
daugh.  of  Henry  MacRostie,  Kirkcolm,  and 
has  issue  —  Hugh  Alexander  Calderwood, 
born  12th  April  1903;  Ronald  Park,  born 
1st  May  1908;  Kathleen  Mary,  born  29th 
Jan.  1914. 


[Of  the  church  consecrated  by  David  de 
Bernham  on  2nd  April  1  243,  only  a  small 
fragment  is  now  standing.  The  site  is  a 
grassy  knowe  close  to  the  farm  steading 
of  Hilton,  and  about  a  mile  east  of  Whit- 
some.  The  parish  was  united  to  Whitsome 
by  the  Lords  Commissioners  of  Teinds, 
19th  June  1734.  It  included  the  lands  of 
Otterburn,  which  later  were  annexed  to 
Longformacus.  The  parish  was  in  the 
Presb.  of  Duns  from  22nd  Oct.  1707  to  Oct. 

JOHN  LIGHTBODY,  reader  from  1576 
1576  to  1585. 

ANDREW    WINCHESTER,  reader  at 

Upsetlington    [Ladykirk]    in    1570; 

min.  at  Fish  wick  in  1574;  returned 

to   Upsetlington  in  1576  ;  trans,  and  adm. 

about   1585  ;    died    24th    Oct.    1598.      He 

granted  a  lease  of   the  teind  sheaves  to 

James   Home  of   Wedderburn.     He    marr. 

Beatrix    Forman,  who  survived  him,  and 

had    issue  —  George.  —  [  Wodrow    Miscell.  ; 

Rey.  Assig.  ;  Milne  Home  MSS.,  57.] 

JAMES    HOME,    second    son    of    Sir 
-David  HL  of  Wedderburn  ;  adm.  5th 
Dec.   1609;   still  min.  in  1634.     He 
marr.    (1)    before    1597,   Isabel    (dead    by 


1605),  daugh.  of  Patrick  Home  of  Pol- 
warth,  and  widow  of  Thomas  Cranstoun  of 
Corsbie,  Legerwood  :  (2)  Jean,  sister  of 
David  Cockburn  in  Goffrarig,  and  had 
issue— David,  min.  of  Ladykirk ;  James ; 
also  a  natural  son,  John,  who  witnessed  a 
deed  in  1620.— [AV/.  of  Assi'j. ;  Ihmnatyne 
Miscell. ;  Reg.  of  Deeds,  cccclxxii.,  169 ; 
Milne  Home  J/A',5'.,  88.] 

DANIEL     DOUGLAS,    min.     1650    to 
1650     1662.     See  below. 


GEORGE     HOLIWELL,    M.A. ;     coll. 
16th  Oct.  1662;   trans,  to  Polwarth 

in  1664.— [Reg.  of  Collat.} 

JOHN    HEPBURN,    M.A. ;    ord.    and 
coll.     28th     Oct.     1664;     trans,     to 
Earlston  in  1673.— [Reg.  Sec.    Sig.  ; 
Reg.  Collat.'} 


WILLIAM  METHVEN,  M.A. ;  ord.  and 
coll.   25th    March    1675 ;     trans,    to 
1675     Fogo  in  1682.-[AVr/.  of  Collat.} 


SIMON   WYLD,  mentioned  as  min.   in 
1683  ;  trans,  to  Wauchope  after  14th 

Oct.  1684. 

JOHN  HOME  of  Broomhouse,  Edrom, 
min.  in  1689  ;  deprived  by  the  Act  of 
Parliament  25th  April  1690,  restoring 
Presbyterian  mins.  He  opened  a  meeting 
house  at  Coldingham,  and  with  John  Home 
of  Kelloe,  min.  of  Greenlaw,  and  other 
outed  mins.,  carried  on  Episcopal  services 
there,  also  at  Eyemouth  and  Ay  ton,  and 
latterly  at  Prenderguest.  He  died  at 
Whitfield,  15th  May  1717,  and  was  buried 
at  Edrom.— [MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689  ;  Duns 
Presb.  and  Coldingham,  Sess.  Regs.} 

DANIEL  DOUGLAS,  born  1619,  eldest 

son  of  John  D.,  min.  of  Crail ;  M.A. 

(St  Andrews  1644) ;  adm.  after  24th 

Feb.   1650.     He  joined    the  Protesters   in 

1651,  and  was  deprived  on   or  before  the 

establishment  of  Episcopacy  in  1662.    He 

preached  much  at  conventicles,  and  baptized 




and  married  in  the  district.  For  a  time 
he  resided  in  Holland,  but  was  restored  by 
the  Act  of  Parliament  25th  April  1690.  He 
died  24th  July  1705.  He  is  said  to  have 
been  "a  simple  man  as  to  the  world,  yet  of 
more  learning  and  ingenuity  than  most." 
The  local  saying,  however,  is,  "  Like  Daniel 
Douglas,  more  plain  than  pleasant.'"''  In  his 
old  age,  the  Presb.  rebuked  him  more  than 
once  for  his  unsuitable  language  in  the 
pulpit.  He  marr.  Margaret,  sister  of  James 
Hutcheson,  min.  of  Killellan  [Houston], 
and  bad  issue— Mary.— [Fife  >Sas.,  xix.,  34  ; 
Pittenweem  Hess,  and  Dalkeitk  Fresh.  Keys.; 
Livingston's  Life ;  Wodrow's  /fist.  :  Inq. 
Ret.  Je  Tut.,  1143;  Tombst.  :  Scot.  Fresb. 

Eloq. ;   Brown's  Covenanters  of  the  Merse, 
184  ;  Berwick  Sas.,  i.,  96.] 

ROBERT  CUNNINGHAM,  called  min. 

1706  in  1700.— [6'.  R.  Sas.,  xc.,  295.] 

WILLIAM    WILSON,  schoolmaster  at 

1707  Stichill ;   licen.   by    Presb.   of  Kelso 
2nd  March  1701  ;  called  13th  March, 

and  ord.  4th  Sept,  1707;  died  unraarr.  3rd 
May  1731,  aged  68. 

( JEOliUE  HUME,  pres.  by  Robert  John- 
1732     stone  °f  Hilton,  and  ord.  16th  March 
1732;  trans,  to  Whittingehame  21st 
April  1736. 


[Proposed  to  be  erected  by  the  General  Assembly,  April  1581,  but  in  1593  the  parishes 
of  Kelso,  Linton,  Makerstoun,  Morebattle,  Mow,  Roxburgh,  Sprouston,  and  Yetholm 
were  still  in  the  Presb.  of  Jedburgh,  while  those  of  Ednam,  Home,  Nenthorn,  and  Stichill 
were  in  that  of  Duns.  The  Register  begins  19th  Oct.  1609.  There  are  blanks  from  12th 
.Dec.  1648  to  1st  May  1649  ;  2nd  April  1661  to  28th  Oct.  1662 ;  and  16th  Oct.  1683  to  17th 
March  1691.] 


[King  Edgar,  who  reigned  from  1097  to 
1107,  granted  the  lands  now  forming  this 
parish  to  Thor,  an  Englishman.  Thor 
built  a  church  dedicated  to  St  Cuthbert, 
and,  with  the  king's  consent,  endowed  it 
with  a  ploughgate  of  land.  This  is  the 
earliest  recorded  case  of  the  erection  of 
a  parish  in  Scotland.  There  was  here  a 
hospital  of  St  Leonard,  known  as  Ednam 

JOHN    BROWN,  last    of    the    Roman 
incumbents.   He  probably  conformed. 


— [Reg.  Sec.  Sig.,  ii.,  40.] 

THOMAS  AITKIN,  reader  in  1574.    In 
1576  Makerstoun  and  Nenthorn  were 
in   his    charge ;    trans,    to    Yetholm 
in  1579. 


ROBERT  RYNDE  [RH1ND],  min.  in 
1579     1579  ;  trans,  to  Mertoun  about  1580. 


DUNCAN  WALKER,  reader  at  Borth- 
wick  from  1576  to  1580;  min.  here 
in  1585.  In  1593,  Bassendean  [West- 
ruther],  Nenthorn,  and  Gordon  were  in  the 
charge,  Makerstoun  being  excluded ;  pres. 
to  the  vicarage  of  Nenthorn  by  James 
VI.  before  24th  May  1594;  died  previous 
to  17th  May  1599.— [Reg.  Assig. ;  Dalkeith 
PrcKl.  Reg.  •  Calderwood's  Hist,,  iv.,  604.] 


THOMAS   PORTEOUS,  min.  in  1599  ; 

pres.  to  the  vicarage  by  James  VI. 

before  30th  March  1602  ;  died  in  May 
1617.  He  marr.  Agnes  Crichton  (who  sur 
vived  him,  and  marr.  secondly,  John  Rich 
ardson,  merchant  burgess  of  Edinburgh), 
and  had  issue — Andrew  ;  John,  apprenticed 
to  Thomas  Douglas,  hatmaker,  Edinburgh, 
1st  Oct.  1634  ;  James  ;  Janet ;  Agnes. — 
[Edin.  Inhib.,  xix.,  104  ;  Reg.  Assig. ;  Reg. 
Sec.  Sig.  ',  Haddington  and  Jedburgh  Presb. 

JOHN  CLAPPERTON  of  Neatoune, 
1617  born  1595;  son  of  John  C.,  min.  of 
Lennel  [Coldstream] ;  M.A.  (Edin 
burgh,  22nd  July  1615) ;  pres.  by  James  VI. 
17th  May  1617.  He  was  called  before  the 
Court  of  High  Commission  in  1620.  Per 
mission  was  given  him  by  the  Archbishop 
of  St  Andrews  to  leave  his  Presb.  [Duns] 
and  join  that  of  Kelso,  llth  July  1620.  He 
was  dep.  after  29th  Sept.  1639  and  before 
2nd  Sept.  1641,  and  died  before  24th  Aug. 
1655  [according  to  another  account,  in  1651.] 
He  marr.  Jean  Stirling,  and  left  issue— John, 
min.  of  Yarrow ;  George  of  Wyliecleuch. — 
[Reg.  Sec.  Sig.;  Lander  Tests.;  Stat.  Reports, 
1627  ;  Baillie's  Lett. ;  Inq.  Ret.  Gen.,  1097.] 

JOHN  SOMERVILLE,  son  of  James, 

1639     second    son    of    James,    fifth    Lord 

Somerville ;   M.A.  (Edinburgh,  25th 

July  1624);  became  schoolmaster  of  More- 




battle;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Lanark  before 
27th  Feb.  1627;  ord.  (at  Kelso)  5th,  and 
adm.  8th  Oct.  1639.  He  joined  the  Pro 
testers  in  1651,  was  dep.  by  the  Synod  in 
Oct.  1660.  and  was  still  alive  20th  Feb. 
1666.  He  acquired  property  in  Teviotdale, 
and  marr.  Margaret  Knox,  who  was  allowed 
the  vacant  stipend,  20th  Nov.  1660,  and  had 
issue — James,  student  at  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh,  drowned  while  bathing  in  the  Water 
of  Leith  ;  Robert,  alive  in  1679.— [Her/.  Sec. 
Sifj. ;  Livingston's  Life  :  Wodrow's  Hist. ; 
Mem.  of  the  Somervilles,  i.,  440  ;  Scots  Peer 
age,  viii.,  22.] 

ROBERT  YOUNG,  tutor  to  Alexander, 

Lord    Coldingham,    son    of    James 

Home  of  Cowdenknowes,  third  Earl 

of  Home ;   pres.  by  Charles  II.  8th  July. 

and  adm.  before  18th  Dec.  1661  ;  died  April 

1668.— [Min.-book  Key.  Prir.  Seal,  v.] 

ADAM    PEACOCK,    M.A.  ;    pres.    by 
Charles  II.  21st  Oct.  1668  ;  ord.  after 
27th  April,  and  adm.  27th  May  1669  ; 
trans,  to  Morebattle  llth  Jan.  1683. 



WILLIAM  SPEED,  son  of  George  S., 
min.  of  Aberlour  ;  M.A.  (King's  Col 
lege,  Aberdeen,  1656) ;  schoolmaster 
of  Elgin,  1656-61 ;  passed  trials  before  the 
Presb.  of  Elgin,  and  recommended  to  the 
Bishop  for  license  4th  Nov.  1663 ;  ord.  at 
Elgin  17th  Aug.,  and  adm.  to  Botriphnie 
24th  Aug.  1664  ;  pres.  by  Charles  II.  10th 
Jan.,  trans.,  coll.,  and  inst.  20th  Feb.  1633  ; 
deprived  by  the  Privy  Council  3rd  Sept. 
1689,  for  neither  reading  the  Proclamation 
of  the  Estates  nor  praying  for  William  and 
Mary,  but  praying  for  James  VII.  He  sub 
sequently  resided  at  Netherbyres,  Ayton, 
where  he  died  before  23rd  April  1706.  He 
marr.  Magdalen  Craw,  and  had  an  only 
daugh.,  Margaret  (marr.  George  Craw  of 
Netherbyres). — [Min.-book  Reg.  Priv.  Seal, 
v. ;  Lander  Tests. ;  Peterkin's  Constitution 
of  the  Church  ;  MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689.] 

THOMAS  THOMSON,  M.A. ;  ord.  12th 

1692     *^u^  1(^2  >  trans%  to  Southdean  6th 
Nov.  1700. 

WILLIAM  BAXTER,  M.A.  ;  called  6th 
17Q2     Nov.    1701  ;    ord.    12th    Feb.    1702  ; 
trans,  to  Sprouston  2nd  Aug.  1722. 

THOMAS  POLLOK,  son  of  Allan  P., 
1723  Porti°ner  °f  Craigton,  and  Elspeth, 
daugh.  of  Thomas  Paton  of  Craigton  ; 
M.A.  (Glasgow,  7th  July  1715);  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Paisley  1st  May  1718  ;  pres.  by 
George  II.  5th  Jan.,  and  ord.  21st 
June  1723;  died  16th  May  1764,  aged 
about  69.  He  marr.  2nd  Sept.  1724,  Alison 
Mason,  who  died  29th  July  1788,  and  had 
issue  —  Allan  ;  James  ;  Isobel  ;  John  ;  Jean  ; 
George,  born  14th  Jan.  1732  ;  Thomas, 
D.D.,  vicar  of  Grittleton,  Wilts,  born  25th 
Jan.  1736,  died  29th  Sept.  1801  ;  Alison, 
born  17th  July  1740  ;  Elizabeth,  born  6th 
July  1743;  Mary,  born  14th  June  1750. 
Publication  —  A  Synod  Sermon,  to  ivhich  is 
added  a  Discourse  on  the  Happiness  of  G'od. 
(Edinburgh,  1734).—  [Acts  of  Ass.,  1723.] 

DAVID  DICKSON,  son  of  George  D. 
17eg  and  Catherine  Hamilton,  Whitehill, 
Earlston  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Kelso 
1st  June  1742;  pres.  by  George  III.  26th 
Oct.  1764;  ord.  21st  March  1765;  died  un- 
marr.  3rd  June  1795,  in  his  75th  year. 
Publication—  Account  of  the  Parish  (Sin 
clair's  Stat.  Ace.,  xi.).  —  [T 

ROBERT  ROBERTSON,  licen.  by 
17Q6  Presb.  of  Kelso  6th  Oct.  1772  ;  ord. 
min.  of  Pottergate  Presbyterian 
Church,  Alnwick,  1774;  pres.  by  George 
III.  30th  July  1795,  and  adm.  15th  March 
1796;  died  27th  Feb.  1819,  in  his  77th 
year.  He  marr.  26th  Sept.  1781,  Margaret 
Wilkinson,  and  had  issue  —  Margaret,  born 
17th  July  1782  ;  Alexander,  born  19th  Nov. 

JOSEPH  THOMSON,  pres.  by  George, 
Prince  Regent,  21st  March,  and  ord. 
3rd  Aug.  1819  ;  trans,  to  Morebattle 
30th  May  1844. 

WILLIAM  LAMB,  born  Hawick,  10th 
Sept.  1814,  son  of  Walter  L.  ;  edu 
cated  at  Edinburgh  High  School 

and  Univ.  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh  ; 

preacher  at  Caerlanrig;    pres.    by  Queen 




Victoria  17th  Aug.,  and  ord.  14th  Nov. 
1844  :  clerk  of  Presb.  1846-77  :  died  10th 
Aug.  1877.  He  marr.  28th  Jan.  1869, 
Christian  Archibald  MacDongall,  daugh. 
of  Joseph  Yair,  niin.  of  Eckforcl,  and  had 
issue  —  Helen  Josephine,  born  19th  Nov. 
1869  ;  Walter,  min.  of  Lander,  Christian 
Mary,  born  6th  July  1*73  ;  William,  born 
9th  March  1874  :  George,  born  8th  Dec. 
1875:  John  Yair,  born  23rd  March  1877. 


JOHN  BURLEIGH,  born  Glasgow  8th 

'^-y  ^r>1'  son  °^  J°nn  B.  and  Helen 
Borland  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Glas 
gow  :  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Glasgow  13th 
June  1877  ;  assistant  at  Maxwell  Parish, 
Glasgow  ;  ord.  14th  March  1878  ;  clerk  of 
Presb.  1900:  clerk  of  Synod  1911.  Man'. 
•2nd  Feb.  1892,  Agnes  Ann,  daugh.  of  Thomas 
Henderson,  farmer,  Boon  and  Shidlaw, 
and  Jessie  Stewart,  and  has  issue  —  John 
Henderson  Seaforth,  M.A.,  Lieut.  K.O.S.B., 
born  19th  May  1894  ;  Thomas  Huntlywood, 
R.A.M.C.,  born  30th  Sept.  1895.  Publica 
tion  —  Ednam  and  Its  Indwell  erx  (Glasgow, 

KELSO,     MAXWELL,     AND     ST 
JAMES'S,  ROXBURGH,  onii  u- 

[AV.w.—  The  church  was  dedicated  to  St 
Mary.  Prior  to  the  Pie-formation  it  belonged 
to  the  Abbey  of  Kelso.  About  1648,  the 
abbey,  which  had  suffered  considerably  at 
the  hands  of  Hertford  during  his  invasion 
of  Scotland  in  1515,  was  put  into  repair 
and  fitted  up  as  the  parish  church.  Tt  con 
tinued  to  be  so  used  until  1773,  when  the 
present  curiously  shaped  octagonal  church 
was  erected. 

Maxwell.—  The  church  of  Maxwell,  dedi 
cated  to  St  Michael,  was  situated  near 
the  junction  of  Tweed  and  Teviot.  It 
was  named,  from  the  pool  on  the  Tweed 
there,  Maccus'  Wheel  (Anglo-Saxon  wiel,  a 
pool).  No  trace  of  the  church  exists,  but 
a  number  of  tombstones,  brought  from 
its  churchyard,  are  deposited  in  an  open 
space  within  the  policies  of  Springwood 
Park.  At  Harlawe,  near  the  head  of  the 

Burn  of  Wooden  in  the  parish  of  Maxwell, 
there  was  a  chapel  of  St  Thomas  the 
Martyr.  In  1180  this  was  given  by  Herbert 
of  Maxwell  to  the  parish  church  of  Max 
well.  Afterwards  it  passed  into  the  hands 
of  the  Abbey  of  Kelso.  The  English 
destroyed  it  in  1545. 

AV  James''*,  Ro,rhur<jh.  —  This  was  the 
parish  of  the  Royal  Burgh  of  Roxburgh. 
The  church  was  dedicated  on  17th  April 
1 134.  It  belonged  to  the  Abbey  of  Kelso. 
The  English  ruined  the  church  in  1425. 
The  church  was  soon  rebuilt,  but  was 
utterly  destroyed,  along  with  the  towns 
of  Roxburgh  and  Kelso,  during  the  invasion 
of  1545.  Its  site  was  on  the  Tweed  at  the 
place  called  St  James's  Green,  where  St 
James's  Fair  has  continued  to  be  held  on 
or  about  the  saint's  day.  There  remain 
only  the  foundations  of  a  large  church 
with  aisles  and  columns.  The  hospital  of 
Fairnington,  within  the  parish  of  St  James, 
is  mentioned  as  early  as  1186.] 

ADAM  CLERK,  exhorter  here  and  at 
1569  Nisbet. 

PAUL  KNOX,  possibly  son  of  William  K., 
1574  merchant,  Prestonpans,  a  brother  of 
the  Reformer;  M.A.  (St  Andrews 
1571);  min.  in  1574,  when  Ednam,  Maker- 
stoun,  and  Nenthorn  were  in  the  charge. 
He  was  still  min.  1st  May  1575.— [Rey. 
Axs/t/.-,  Wodrow  MisceU.  ;  Knox;s  Works 
(preface),  vi.  ;  M'Crie's  Kno.>\  ii.  :  Haig's 
1  fist  or  i  /  of  Kelso.'} 

JOHN  HOWIE  [HOWIESON],  min.  in 

1576     1576.     He  had  charge  of  Sprouston, 

Maxwell,  and  Lempitlaw,  instead  of 

the   parishes  mentioned  above  :    trans,   to 

Cambuslung  before  1580.— [Key.  Assiy.] 

1678     to  1580.—  [Reg.  Assir,.] 

WILLIAM  BALFOUR,  son  and  heir  of 
158g  William  B.,  citizen  of  St  Andrews  : 
min.  in  1585 ;  app.  by  the  Privy 
Council  6th  March  1589  a  commissioner 
for  the  preservation  of  true  religion  in 
Roxburghshire  ;  trans,  to  Maxwell  in  1590, 




when  Sprouston  and  Lempitlaw  were  also 
in  the  charge,  but  returned  in  1591 ;  pres. 
to  the  vicarage  of  Maxwell  by  James  VI. 
2nd  Feb.  and  4th  May  1G04 ;  died  before 
15th  Nov.  1605.  He  marr.,  and  had  issue 
—John,  served  heir,  12th  July  1615,  pro 
bably  rain,  of  Linton.— [Reg.  of  Deeds,  xlv., 
277  ;  Key.  Assig. ;  Calderwood's  Hist.,  iv., 
604  ;  Wodrow  Miscell. ;  Book?,  of  the  Kirk  ; 
Inq.  Ret.  Edin.,  353.] 

JAMES  KNOX,  son  of  William  K.,  min. 
of    Cockpen,  was    probably    grand- 
nephew  of  the  Reformer,  and  nephew 
of    Paul  K.,  min.   in   1574;    M.A.   (Edin 
burgh)  ;  regent  in  the  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ; 
adm.  here  in   1605  (Maxwell  being  also  in 
the  charge,  to  the  vicarage  of  which  he  was 
pres.  by  James  VI.  15th  Nov.  1605) ;  pres. 
to  the   vicarage  of   Kelso  25th  May  1609, 
and  again  22nd  April  1610.     He  was  app. 
constant   Moderator   of  Presbytery  by  the 
Assembly  at  Linlithgow  in  1606,  and   the 
Presb.  were  ordered  by  the  Privy  Council, 
17th   Jan.   following,  to   acknowledge  him 
as  such   within   twenty-four  hours,   under 
pain     of    rebellion.       This     was    at     first 
resisted,    but    afterwards     accepted.       He 
was  a  member  of  Assembly,  1610  and  1618. 
He  dem.   before   24th   June,   and   died   in 
Aug.  1633,  aged   about  58.     He  used  as  a 
dwelling-place  vaults  in  the  ruined  abbey, 
one  as   a   hall    and    kitchen,  another  as  a 
bedchamber  and   closet,     He   marr.   about 
1605,  Martha  Borthwick,  and  had  issue- 
Robert,  his  successor;   Martha,  bapt.  31st 
May   1608 ;   James,  bapt.   4th   Nov.   1611  ; 
Elizabeth,  bapt.  12th  Sept.  1612  ;  William, 
born  1614;  Rachel,  bapt.   2nd  June  1616; 
Agnes,  bapt.   7th    Oct.    1617 ;    Jean,  bapt. 
16th  Dec.  1618;    Alexander,  bapt.  1619.— 
[Calderwood's  Hist.,  vi.,  658  ;  Haig's  Hist, 
of  Kelso ;  Beg.  Assig.  ;  Privy  Comic.  Reg. ; 
Booke  of  the  Kirk  ;  Bannatyne  Miscell.,  iii. ; 
Crawford's  Knox  Genealogy.] 

ROBERT  KNOX,  bapt,  30th  Dec.  1606, 
eldest  son  of  preceding  ;  M.A.  (Edin- 
1633  burgh,  23rd  July  1625) ;  while  living 
at  Cranstoun  he  was  adm.  to  the  Exercise 
at  Dalkeith  8th  Dec.  1631  ;  pres.  by 
Charles  I.  24th  June,  and  adm.  by  John, 
Bishop  of  Caithness,  30th  July  1633.  He 

preached  before  Parliament  8th  Aug.,  and 
before  the  King  12th  Sept.  1641 ;  was  a 
member  of  Assembly,  1643,  1644,  1646-8; 
was  imprisoned  in  1654  for  naming  Charles 
II.  in  his  prayers  ;  died  at  Edinburgh,  15th 
May  1658.  He  marr.  (1)  March  1638,  Mar 
garet,  daugh.  of  John  Ker  of  Lochtour  : 
(2)  15th  June  1643,  Elizabeth,  second 
daugh.  of  Sir  John  Murray  of  Philiphaugh, 
Bart. ;  she,  "  in  consideration  of  her  hus 
band's  suffer  ings  for  his  affection  and  loyalty 
to  his  sovereign,"  obtained  an  Act  of  Parlia 
ment,  22nd  March  1661,  conferring  on  her 
and  her  children  the  stipend  vacant  after 
his  death.  By  her  he  had  issue — Robert ; 
John ;  Joan.— [Reg.  Sec.  Sig. ;  Old  Dec., 
iii. ;  Sasines,  xxvii. ;  Edin.  Reg.  (Bur.)  ; 
Lament's  Diary  ;  Douglas's  Baronage  ;  Acts 
of  Ass.  and  Parl.,  vii.  ;  Baillie's  Lett.  ; 
Balfour's  Hist.  Works,  ii. ;  Inq.  Ret.  fre/i., 
2949  ;  KHOJC  Genealogy, .] 

RICHARD    WADDELL,  M.A. ;    trans, 
from  Stenton,  and   adm.  14th    May 
1660  ;  trans,  to  St  Mungo's,  Glasgow, 
28th  March  1682. 


JAMES  LORIMER,  M.A.  ;  coll.  before 
10th,  and  inst,  17th  April  1683; 
D  D  (gt  Andrews,  29th  July  1683)  ; 

pres.   to   Professorship  of    Divinity   at  St 

Andrews  22nd  May  1686  (</.><.). 



JAMES  GRAY,  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  20th 
March  1671);  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Haddington  in  1679;  adm.  to  Second 
Charge,  Haddington,  20th  Jan.  1681  ; 
deprived  by  the  Test  Act  in  1681  ;  adm. 
here  before  5th  June  1687 ;  deprived  by 
the  Privy  Council  3rd  Sept.  1689,  for 
neither  reading  the  Proclamation  of  the 
Estates  nor  praying  for  William  and  Mary, 
but  for  King  James.  James  Gray,  min.  of 
Inncrleithen,  was  probably  his  son.— [Peter- 
kin's  Constitut.  of  the  Church ;  MS.  Ace.  of 
Min.,  1689  ;  Monro's  Apology  for  the  Church 
of  Scotland ;  Haig's  Hist,  of  Kelso.] 

[JOHN  DICKSON,  M.A. ;   formerly  of 
Rutherglen,  officiated  in  a  meeting 
house  here  after  the  Toleration  1687. 
He  returned  to  Rutherglen  25th  April  1690.] 





WILLIAM  JACK,  sometime  min.  at 
16g5  Clapham,  London;  jidm.  min.  of 
P.iggar  2Sth  April  1692  :  called  Nov. 
1694  :  trans,  and  adm.  24th  Jan.  1695  : 
died  apparently  unman1.,  after  Oct.  1699  • 
[Haig's  /fitt.] 

JAMES  RAMSAY,  born  1072,  probably 
1707     of  the  family  of  Ramsay  of  Edington  ; 
M.A.  (St  Andrews,  23rd  July  1G87)  : 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Duns  and  Chirnside  1st 
Xov.    1692  :    ord.    to    Eyemouth   9th    May 
1693:    called    5th    Sept.   1700;    trans,   and 
adm.  24th  Sept,  1707.     In  1714  he  was  one 
of    the    deputation   sent    by    the    General 
Assembly    to    congratulate    George    T.    on 
his   succession    to   the   throne.       In    1715. 
and  again    in   1745,  he   used  his  influence 
with     the    people     to     oppose    the    Jaco 
bite   army.     He   was  Dean  of   the   Chapel 
Hoyal  6th  March  1716,  but  was  deprived  in 
1726  on  a  change  of  Government.     He  was 
Moderator   of    Assembly    llth    May   1738, 
and  again  14th   May   1741  ;  died    FATHEI: 
OF  THE  CHUKCII,  3rd  July  1749.    At  the 
meeting  of  Commission,  7th  Xov.  1 706,  he 
moved    a   protest    against    the   sitting    of 
bishops   in  the  United   Parliament,  which 
was   carried    by  a   majority   of   59   to    17. 
The  closing  address  of  his  second  moderator- 
ship  was   contained  in  a  single  sentence  : 
'It   is   with   pleasure   I  can  observe  that 
the  affairs  of  this  Assembly  have,  by  the 
good  hand  of  God  upon  us,  been  managed 
with  great  decency  and  remarkable  unan 
imity."     He   was  a  man   of  great   natural 
gifts,  of  a  sturdy  bodily   frame,  of   much 
shrewd  common  sense  together  with  a  great 
deal  of  humour.     He   was  in  the  habit  of 
walking  to  Edinburgh   to  the  Assembly. 
He   marr.   (1)  before  1695,  Alison,  claugh. 
of  William   Nisbet,   merchant,  Eyemouth, 
and  had  issue— Jean  (marr.  14th  Oct.  1727, 
William   Hume,  younger  of    Scotshouse)  • 
(2)  3rd  July  1731,  Margaret  (died  28th  Nov. 
1768),  daugh.   of  Archibald  Borthwick  of 
Sauchnell,  and  widow  of  John  Lauder,  min. 
of  Eccles,  and  had  issue— Elizabeth  (marr. 
Robert  Park,  min.  of  Foulden).     Publica 
tions—  Letter  from  a  Gentleman  to  a  Member 
of  Parliament  concerning  Toleration  (Edin 
burgh,  1703)  ;  Remark  upon  the  Cane  of  the 

Episcopal  Clergy  and  those  of  the  Episco 
palian  P-vsuaswn  (Edinburgh,  1703); 
Toleration'*  Fence,  Removed  (Edinburgh, 
1703):  An  Examination  of  Three  Prelati- 
cal  /'inttji/tfcf*  (Edinburgh,  1703).-  [Vett. 
AY;/.  ,Vas.,  Ixviii ,  107  ;  Boston's  Memoir*  : 
Witherspoon's  Ecclesiastical  Charact<  /•- 
isticK  :  Ocl,tert  ;/,•<•  J/,SX  :  Wod row's  Anal.  : 
Haig's  Ifitt.  of  Keho  :  Morren's  Antiah: 
Tait's  lloi-iler  C//»rc/i  A//V.  i.] 

CORNELITS  LUX  DIE,  born  nth  Aug. 
1750     ^lfi>  third  son  of  Archibald  L.,  min. 
of  Saltoun  :  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Had- 
dington  5th  Feb.    1745:   pres.   by  Robert, 
Duke   of  Roxburghe,   in    Oct.    1749 :    ord. 
4th  July  1750  ;  died  17th  Jan.  1«00.     "His 
primitive  integrity,  universal  benevolence, 
and  the  gentleness  and   simplicity   of  his 
character  endeared   him   to   all   classes   of 
the    community.'''      He    marr.    27th    Aug. 
1762,  Mary  (died  1st  May   1801,  aged  68), 
daugh.   of  William    Ronald    of    Williams- 
craig.    Provost    of    Linlithgow,    and     had 
issue— Mary,   born    13th   Jan.   1761   (marr. 
16th   July   1784,  John   Wood,  min.   of   the 
Presbyterian   Church,   Crookham) ;   Archi 
bald,  born   15th  July   1765,  died  at  Xice, 
23rd  Jan.  1789  :  Jean,  born  l*th  May  1767  ; 
Margaret,  born  25th  Jan.  1769,  died  12th 
June  1787;  Rachel,  born   27th  Xov.  1770, 
died  14th  Xov.  1771:  William,  born  19th 
July   1772,   died    8th   Jan.    1774;    Robert, 
min.     of     this     parish  :     Elizabeth,     born 
26th   April    1776,   died    22nd    Feb.    1795; 
Marion,    born    llth   Aug.    1777,    died     4th 
Feb.  1786 ;  Catherine,  born  16th  May  1779, 
died  l84I.—[Tombst.;  Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace., 
x. ;    Haig's  I  Tint,  of  KeJxo  :    Mason's  Keho 

LESLIE  MOODIE,  trans,  from  Xewton  ; 

isoo    pres>  by  Jonn'  Duke  °f  Roxburghe, 
25th  Feb.,  and  adm.  14th  Aug.  1800  ; 
trans,  to  Inveresk  27th  June  1806. 

ROBERT  LUXDIE,  born  4th  July  1774, 
1807  son  of  ComeKus  L.,  min.  in  1750; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh; 
ord.  to  Gordon  26th  March  1801 ;  pres.  by 
the  three  rival  claimants  to  the  dukedom 
of  Roxburghe,  viz.,  John  Bellenden  Ker, 




25th,  Walter  Ker  of  Littledean,  29th, 
and  Sir  James  Norcliffe  Innes,  Bart., 
30th  Aug.  1806;  trans,  and  adm.  26th 
March  1807  ;  died  (in  his  garden,  with 
Bonnet's  Christian's  Orator//  in  his  hand, 
open  at  the  close  of  "  Meditations  on 
Heaven")  16th  April  1832.  He  marr.  27th 
April  1813,  Mary,  youngest  daugh.  of 
George  Grey  of  West  Orel  and  Milfield, 
and  Mary  Burn  (she  survived  him,  and 
marr.  secondly,  Henry  Duncan,  D.D.,  min. 
of  Ruth  well),  and  Lad  issue— Mary,  author 
of  the  hymn  "  Jesus,  Tender  Shepherd,  hear 
me,;;  born  26th  April  1814  (marr.  llth  -July 
1836,  William  Wallace  Duncan,  min.  of 
Cleish).  died  5th  Jan.  1840  [vide  Menunr 
of  Mary  Lundie  Duncan,  by  her  Mother]; 
Cornelius,  railway  engineer  and  director, 
born  29th  May  1815,  died  at  Cardiff,  12th 
Feb.  1908  ;  Susanna  Isabella,  born  6th  May 
1817,  died  14th  Aug.  1826;  Jane  Catherine, 
born  1st  Dec.  1821  (marr.  Horatius  Bonar, 
D.D.,  min.  of  the  North  Church,  Kelso) ; 
George  Archibald,  missionary  in  Samoa, 
born  31st  Dec.  1819,  died  Sept.  1841  [vide 
Missionary/  Life  in  Samoa,  as  exhibited  in 
the  Journals  of  G.  A.  Limdie,  edited  by  his 
Mother];  Robert  Henry,  D.D.,  min.  of 
Fairfield  Presbyterian  Church,  Liverpool, 
Moderator  (1884)  of  Presb.  Church  of 
England,  born  5th  Xov.  1824,  died  20th  Jan. 
1895.  Publications — Gleanings  of  Pastoral 
Addresses  (Edinburgh,  1832) ;  Character  of 
the  Rev.  T.  8.  Hardie  ;  Report  of  the  Proceed 
ings  and  Delate  in  the  General  Assembly 
respecting  the  Election  of  Mr  Leslie  to  the 
Mathematical  Chair  (Edinburgh,  1805) ; 
articles  in  The  Edinburgh  Encyclopaedia. — 
[Baird's  and  Hunter's  Funeral  Sermons ; 
Gleanings  ;  Haig's  Hist. ;  Lady  Hall's  Dr 
Duncan  of  Ruthv'ell ,~] 


1832     ^••A-  '>  Pres-  by"  James  Henry  Robert, 

Duke  of  Roxburghe,  and  his  curators, 

28th  July,  and  adm.  27th  Sept.  1832  ;  trans. 

to  West  Parish,  Greenock,  23rd  Nov.  1843. 

JAMES    SMITH,    born    Glasgow   1804, 

1844     e^est  son  °f  William  S. ;   educated 

at  Univ.  of  Glasgow,  and  Theological 

Hall  of  the  Relief  Church  ;  ord.  min.  of 

the  Relief  Congregation,  Campbeltown, 
26th  Aug.  1829.  Joined  the  Church  of 
Scotland  in  1835  ;  adm.  min.  of  Chalmers 
Parish,  Glasgow,  26th  March  1840;  trans, 
and  adm.  to  Borthwick  19th  Nov.  1841  ; 
pres.  by  James  Henry,  Duke  of  Roxburghe  ; 
trans,  and  adm.  28th  March  1844;  died 
at  Glenearn,  Perthshire,  23rd  Oct.  1879. 
He  marr.  (1)  20th  Oct.  1829,  Agnes  (died 
30th  Jan.  1845),  daugh.  of  John  Fyfe, 
Glasgow,  and  had  issue — William  Henry, 
born  10th  April  1832,  died  17th  April  1848  ; 
Agnes  Bowie,  born  6th  May  1834  (marr. 
Charles  Maclean  of  Glenearn),  died  5th 
June  1879 ;  James,  born  5th  April  1836, 
died  at  Aleppo,  17th  Nov.  1857;  John 
Fyfe,  born  26th  Feb.  1838,  died  at  Tangiers, 
8th  July  1858;  Emily  Dewar,  died  25th 
April  1857,  aged  15:  (2)  13th  Nov.  1846, 
Margaret  (died  s.p.  14th  Jan.  1848),  daugh. 
of  John  Swinton  of  Swinton,  advocate,  and 
Mary  Anne  Hepburne  of  Clerkington  :  (3) 
30th  Nov.  1864,  Mary  Ann  Gosset  who  died 
17th  Oct.  1877.  Publication— An  Exposi 
tion  of  the  Principles  of  the  Relief  Church 
and  of  the  Proceedings  of  the  Relief  Synod, 
in  the  Campleltoivn  Case  (Edinburgh,  1837) 
[one  of  the  most  important  law  cases  which 
ever  occurred  affecting  Dissenters]. — [The 
Wheat  and  the  Chaff,  24  ;  Struthers'  History 
of  the  Relief  Church  ;  Small's  History  of 
U.P.  Congregations,  ii,,  187.] 

B.D. ;  trans,  from  North  Parish, 
Greenock,  and  adm.  (assistant  and 
successor)  10th  Sept,  1874 ;  trans,  to 
Maxwell  Parish,  Glasgow,  7th  June  1877. 

DAVID    HUNTER,    M.A.,   B.D. ;    ord. 
1878     (assistant  and   successor)   23rd  Jan. 
1878 ;    trans,   to    St    Mary's   Parish, 
Partick,  5th  Oct.  1882. 


born  Montrose,  18th  Aug.  1856,  son 
of  Thomas  N.,  shipowner,  and  Jane, 
daugh.  of  William  Adam  Smith,  min.  of 
Towie ;  educated  at  Montrose  Academy, 
Aberdeen  Grammar  School,  Aberdeen  and 
Edinburgh  Univs. ;  M.A.  (Aberdeen  1876) ; 
Hcen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  1879  ;  assist- 




ant  at  Xewington,  Edinburgh,  and  Park 
Parish,  Glasgow;  ord.  8th  March  1883; 
died  7th  April  191(5.  He  inarr.  4th  March 
1884,  Sara,  daugh.  of  \Yilliam  tVEstcrre 
Pioberts,  merchant,  Glasgow,  and  had  issue 
Thomas  Disney  Cordon,  .solicitor,  born 
1st  July  1885;  Annie  Evelyn,  born  7th 
April  1887  :  William  d'Esterre,  born  19th 
June  1888:  Charles  John,  born  Oth  Xov. 


translated    from    the    parish   of    St 
Serf,  Edinburgh  (</.>.'.),  and  adm.  21st 
Sept.  191(5. 


[A  church,  built  and  endowed  largely  by 
the  munificence  of  James  Nisbet,  publisher, 
London  (a  native  of  Spylaw,  Kelso),  was 
opened  on  2Gth  Xov.  1837.  The  Free 
Church  retained  possession  of  the  building 
from  1843  to  1865.  Disjoined  from  the 
parish  of  Kelso,  and  erected  into  a  parish 
quoad  sacra,  1868.] 

HOEATIUS  BOXAE,  born  Edinburgh, 
1837  19th  Dec.  1808,  seventh  son  of  James 
B.,  second  solicitor  of  Excise,  and 
Marjory  Pyott  or  Maitland,  daugh.  of 
James  Pyott,  bailie  of  Montrose  ;  educated 
at  High  School  and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh,  23rd  April 
1833;  assistant  at  St  John's  Parish,  Leith  ; 
app.  by  the  managers,  and  ord.  to  this 
charge  30th  Xov.  1837.  Joined  the  Free 
Church  ;  min.  of  Kelso  Free  Church  1843  ; 
D.D.  (King's  College,  Aberdeen,  9th  April 
1853);  trans,  to  Chalmers  Memorial  Free 
Church,  Grange,  Edinburgh,  7th  June  1866  ; 
Moderator  of  the  Free  Church  1883;  died 
31st  July  1889.  A  popular  evangelical 
preacher,  and  a  notable  writer  of  hymns 
which  arc  used  in  Christian  worship  all 
over  the  world.  Some  of  his  books  had  a 
large  circulation  :  of  God's  Way  of  Peace, 
no  fewer  than  285,000  copies  were  sold. 
He  marr.  16th  Aug.  1843,  Jane  Catherine 
(died  3rd  Dec.  1884),  third  daugh.  of  Kobert 
Lundie,  min.  of  Kelso,  and  had  issue  — 

Mary  Lundie,  born  14th  June  1844  (marr. 
29th  Aug.  1876,  George  Theophilus  Dodds, 
M'All  Mission,  Paris) ;  James,  born  25th 
May,  died  19th  July  1847  ;  Marjory  Emily 
Jane,  born  29th  Aug.  1849,  died  28th  June 
1850 ;  Christian  Cornelia,  born  10th  Oct. 
1852,  died  17th  July  1869;  Lucy  Jane, 
born  22nd  Sept.  1854,  died  20th  Aug.  1858  ; 
Eliza  Maitland,  born  10th  Sept.  1857  ; 
Horatius  Xinian,  sometime  min.  of  U.F. 
Church,  Saltoun,  born  2nd  April  1860 ; 
Emily  Florence,  born  26th  Dec.  1861 
(marr.  2nd  Aug.  1894,  Duncan  Clark  Mac- 
Xicol,  min.  of  Stockbridge  U.F.  Church, 
Edinburgh) ;  Henry  Kobert,  born  17th  Dec. 
1865,  died  26th  March  1869.  Publications— 
The  Night  of  Weeping  (London,  1845)  ;  The 
Stor;/  of  G  race  (London,  1847) ;  Prophetical 
Landmarks  (London,  1847) ;  The  Coming 
and  Kingdom  of  the  Lord  Jesus  Christ 
(Kelso,  1849) ;  The  Morning  of  Joy  (London, 
1850) ;  Man  :  His  Religion  and  His  World 
(London,  1851) ;  A  Stranger  Here  (London, 
1852);  The  Eternal  Day  (London,  1854); 
The  Desert  of  Sinai  (London,  1857)  ; 
Hymns  of  Faitli  and  Hope  (translated 
into  French),  3  vols.  (London,  1857,  1861, 
1866) ;  The  Land  of  Promise — a  Spring 
Journey  from  Beersheha  to  Sidon  (London, 
1858);  God's  Way  of  Peace  (French, 
German,  and  Gaelic  translations  ;  London, 
1862) ;  Fifty-two  Short  Sermons  for  Family 
Reading  (London,  1863) ;  God's  Way  of 
Hall  ness  (London,  1864) ;  Lyra  Consola- 
tionis  (London,  1865) ;  Days  and  Nights  in 
the  East  (London,  1866) ;  Catechisms  of  the 
Scottish  Reformation  (London,  1866);  Light 
and  Truth  :  Bible  Thoughts  and  Themes,  5 
vols.  (London,  1868-72) ;  Life  of  Rev.  John 
Milne  of  Perth  (London,  1869) ;  Lays  of  the 
Holy  Land  (London,  1870);  The  Song  of 
the  New  Creation  (London,  1872) ;  The 
Everlasting  Righteousness  (London,  1873) ; 
The  Christ  of  God  (London,  1874);  The 
Old  Gospel  (London,  1874);  Earth's 
Morning  (London,  1875) ;  The  Rent  Veil 
(London,  1875) ;  Words  to  Winners  of 
Souls  (London,  1877) ;  My  Old  Letters  (an 
autobiographical  poem;  London,  1877); 
Hymns  of  the  Nativity  (London,  1879) ; 
The  White  Fields  of  France  (London, 
1879) ;  Communion  Hymns  (London, 



1881)  ;  Memoir  of  G.  T.  Dodds  of  Pans 
(London,  1884)  ;  Until  the  Day  Break 
(London,  1890)  ;  and  many  other  smaller 
books,  with  a  large  number  of  tracts,  of 
which  the  most  notable  was  the  ;'  Kelso  :; 
series  (1846).  He  edited  The  Presbyterian, 
Review,  The  Quarterly  Journal  of  Prophecy, 
The  Christian  Treasury,  and  The  Border 
Watch.  —  [Horatius  Bonar,  D.D.  :  a  Memo 
rial  (1890),  has  a  complete  Bonar  bibli 
ography  ;  Introduction  to  Hymns  by 
Horatius  Bonar,  selected  and  arranged 
by  H.  N.  Bonar  (1904);  Julian's  Diet. 
of  Hymnolog;/  ;  Diet.  J\Tat.  Bioij.;  The 
Scotsman,  19th  Dec.  1908.] 

PETEE  M'KERRON,  born  Aberlour, 
1865  12th  Aug.  1832,  son  of  Peter  M'K., 
farmer,  Craighead,  Aberlour  ;  edu 
cated  at  Univs.  of  Aberdeen  and  Edin 
burgh  ;  M.A.  (King's  College,  Aberdeen, 
1854);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh 
1859  ;  sometime  teacher  in  Portobello  ; 
ord.  27th  April  1865  ;  died  20th  Aug. 
1890.  He  marr.  26th  Aug.  1862,  Annie, 
daugh.  of  David  Denholm,  Carberry  Mains, 
Midlothian,  and  had  issue  —  David  Den- 
holm,  M.A.,  min.  of  Maxton  ;  Peter,  born 
12th  July  1865,  died  21st  March  1911  ; 
Janet  Steed  man,  born  10th  April  1867 
(marr.  1st  Aug.  1903,  Alexander  Munro)  ; 
Isabella  Gordon,  born  5th  June  1869  (marr. 
3rd  Sept.  1891,  John  Stuart  Thomson); 
Robert  Gordon,  M.A.,  I.C.S.,  born  31st 
May  1871  ;  James  Steedman,  born  24th 
Aug.  1873,  died  19th  Jan.  1904  ;  Helen 
Kate,  born  8th  Aug.  1875,  died  1st  Jan. 
1895  ;  Annie  Elizabeth  Mary,  born  15th 
Feb.  1877  (marr.  27th  Jan.  1915,  Archi 
bald  Dunbar)  ;  George  Grant,  M.A., 
LL.B.,  born  13th  Jan.  1879  ;  Agnes  Jane, 
born  14th  May  1882,  died  20th  Dec. 

1891     SON,  ord.  12th  March  1891  ;  trans. 
to  St  Paul's  Parish,  Leith,  23rd  Nov. 

WILLIAM    M'CALLUM,    M.A.  ;    ord. 
1899     m~h  May  1899  ;  trans,  and  adm.  to 
Makerstoun,  19th  Sept.  1916. 


[The  church  of  Linton  can  be  traced 
back  to  1127,  when  Blahan,  "Presbyter  of 
Linton,"  was  present  at  a  meeting  of  the 
clergy  of  England  and  Scotland  for  the 
consecration  of  Robert,  Bishop  of  St 
Andrews.  Edward,  "parson  of  Linton," 
figures  in  1160;  and  Patrick,  "parson  of 
Linton,"  witnesses  a  Melrose  charter  in 
Alexander  IF.'s  reign.  Over  the  door  of 
the  ancient  church  is  sculptured  the  figure 
of  a  mounted  knight  in  combat  with  a 
dragon.  This  is  deemed  a  representation 
of  St  Michael,  or  possibly  of  St  George. 
Prior  to  the  Reformation,  Linton  was  an 
independent  rectory,  the  patronage  being 
vested  in  the  Lords  Somerville.  At  Hose- 
law,  in  the  upper  end  of  the  parish,  close 
to  the  English  Border,  stood  a  chapel 
dedicated  to  St  Machuit.  It  belonged 
to  the  Abbey  of  Kelso.  The  chapel 
ruins,  encircled  by  a  small  burial-ground, 
were  still  visible  in  the  eighteenth 
century.  Almost  on  the  old  site  a 
modern  chapel  of  Hoseiaw  was  erected 
by  public  subscription  in  1906,  as  a 
memorial  of  the  Very  Rev.  Thomas  Leish- 
man,  D.D.] 

THOMAS    M  OF  FAT,    probably    an 
old    priest  ;    reader,    Nov.    1571     to 



THOMAS    SOMERVILLE,    as    parson 

and    vicar,    with    consent    of    Hew, 

Lord   Somerville,  let  the  glebe  and 

kirklands    to   Walter   Ker    of    Littledean, 

in      June      1586.  —  [Laiii'j     Charters,     p. 


JOHN    BALFOUR,   M.A.,  probably    a 

son   of  William  B.,  min.  of   Kelso  ; 

pres.    by    the    Presb.   jure   devoluto 

15th,  and  inst.  29th  March  1610.     He  held 

Yetholm  in  conjunction,  where,  apparently, 

he  resided.     "  He  taught  not  at  the  kirk  of 

Linton,  because  it  was  altogether  ruinous." 

He  dem.  in  April  1616  (vide  Yetholm).— 

\_Booke  of  the  Kirk.} 





ROBERT  KER,  prcs.  by  Sir  Robert  Ker, 
probably  of  the  Hirsel ;  first  appears 
at  Kelso  on  2nd  Feb.  1G19,  bearing  a 
letter  from  Archbishop  Spottiswood  to  the 
Presb.,  desiring  them  to  send  R.  K.  "to 
Linton  to  teach."  He  was  aclm.  (at  Peebles) 
in  Sept.  of  that  year.  In  1621  he  was  accused 
of  marrying  James,  eldest  son  of  Arch 
bishop  Law,  to  Margaret  Haitlie  of  Meller- 
stain,  in  Smailholm  Church,  without  pro 
clamation  of  banns.  "As  the  Archbishop  had 
a  double  interest  in  the  affair,  the  Presb. 
wrote  to  ask  his  advice,  and,  in  reply,  the 
prelate  sent  a  judicious  letter,  which  buried 
the  matter  ::  (LeishmaiVs  Linton).  He  died 
between  16th  March  and  18th  May  1658. 
He  marr.  Agnes  Arrat,  and  had  issue — 
Jane  (marr.  John  Ker  of  Lochinches) ; 
Isobel.—  [Melrose  Presb.  RefjJ\ 


ROBERT    BO  YD,    son    of    Robert   B. 

of    Cranberries,    Kilwinning ;    M.A. 

(Glasgow  1644);  chaplain  to  James, 
Earl  of  Home;  called  25th  July,  and 
adm.  22nd  Sept.  1658;  deprived  in  1662; 
ministered  under  indulgence  at  West  Kil- 
bride.  In  1684,  refusing  to  give  a  bond 
that  he  would  not  minister  anywhere  in 
Scotland,  he  was  imprisoned,  and  after 
wards  "  confined  to  a  house  in  Edinburgh." 
He  returned  to  Linton  in  1690. 

JOHN    BROWN,    M.A.;     trans,    from 

1664     Tinwald;  Pres.  by  William,  Earl  of 

Lothian  ;  coll.  before  30th  Aug.,  and 

inst.  6th  Sept.  1664  ;  trans,  to  Westerkirk 

in  1683. 

JOHX  WILKIE,  pres.  10th  July,  ord. 
1683  after  29th  Aug.,  and  inst.  19th  Sept. 
1683.  Refusing  to  pray  for  William 
and  Mary,  he  was  deprived  17th  Sept. 
1689.  He  settled  in  Kelso,  where  he 
ministered  to  a  congregation  of  Xonjurors. 
— [Peterkin's  Constit.  of  the  Church  ;  J/,s'. 
Ace.  of  Miii.,  1689.] 

ROBERT  BOYI),  M.A.,  above  noticed  ; 

1690     restored  by  Act  of  Parliament  25th 

April  1690 ;  dem.  on  account  of  age 

llth  May  1697.     "He  was  a  very  knowing 

man,  and  of  great  experience  in  matters  of 

discipline."  He  marr.  Elizabeth  Stirling. 
—[(Mas.  Com.  Dec.,  22nd  April  1691 ;  Reg. 
Gen.  Ass.,  1690 ;  Oil  Dec.,  i. ;  Wodrow's 

WALTER  DOUGLAS,  born  1673, 
1698  vounoer  son  °f  Douglas  of  Bonjed- 
ward  ;  Keen,  by  Presb.  of  Middlebie  ; 
called  20th  July,  and  ord.  15th  Sept.  1698  ; 
died  between  7th  Nov.  and  5th  Dec.  1727. 
He  marr.,  and  had  issue — Elizabeth  ;  Isobel 
(marr.  Charles  Douglas,  min.  of  Cavers) ; 
Willielmina  (marr.  Dr  John  Tait,  physician, 
Dalkeith).  The  pediment  of  D.'s  tomb 
stone,  bearing  the  family  arms  and  motto — 
Honor  et  Amor — now  forms  a  tympanum 
to  the  vestry  door  of  the  church.  Publi 
cation — Eleven  Sacramental  Sermons  (Edin- 
!  burgh,  1725). 

GEORGE  HALL,  born  1680,  son  of 
1728  Robert  Hall  of  Haughhead,  and 
grandson  of  Henry  Hall,  the  Coven- 
;  anter ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  26th  June  1699) ; 
chaplain  to  Pringle  of  Torsonce ;  Keen,  by 
Presb.  of  Earlston  8th  Aug.  1706;  chaplain 
to  Thomas,  Earl  of  Haddington ;  ord.  to 
Abbotrule  23rd  Sept.  1714;  pres.  by  James 
Murray  of  Cherrytrees  ;  trans,  and  adm.  24th 
Oct.  1728  ;  died  30th  Nov.  1740.  He  marr. 
17th  July  1716,  Emily  (died  at  Edinburgh, 
1768),  daugh.  of  Andrew  Duncan,  Scone, 
and  had  issue— Patrick  ;  Gilbert ;  Robert, 
bursar  of  the  Presb.  ;  Jean  (marr.  April 
1748,  Colin  Campbell,  writer,  Edinburgh). 
Publication— Practical  Sermons  on  Several 
Subjects  (Edinburgh,  1732). 

JAMES  TURNBULL,  born  Sprouston, 
174g  1718 ;  liccn.  by  pres.  of  Kelso  7th 
Sept.  1742  ;  pres.  by  John  Pi  ingle  of 
Haining,  Senator  of  the  College  of  Justice, 
and  ord.  20th  July  1743;  clerk  of  Presb.; 
|  died  13th  Oct.  1780.  He  marr.  (1)  31st 
Aug.  1752,  Rebecca  (died  25th  March  1753, 
aged  20),  daugh.  of  Andrew  Ker  Read  [Reid], 
portioner  of  Hoselaw  :  (2)  1st  Jan.  1759, 
Cecilia  Rutherford,  who  died  at  London, 
1795,  and  had  issue— Frances,  born  5th 
Nov.  1759,  died  7th  Oct.  1764;  Robert, 
born  18th  April  1761  ;  Sarah,  born  1st 
July  1763;  Thomas,  born  27th  Jan.  1766; 
William,  born  20th  Sept.,  died  13th  Oct. 




1768;    Cecilia,    born    29th    July    1771.- 
[Tombst. ;  Pedigree  of  Ker-Reid,  15.] 

ANDREW  OGILVIE,  born  20th  Juno 

1781     1732)  fourteentn  cllild  of  ^illiam  O-> 
tenant    of    Broadhaugh.  on  Teviot ; 

liccn.  })y  Presb.  of  Langholm  5th  Sept. 
1758 ;  ord.  by  the  Northumberland  Classis 
min.  of  Groatmarket  Meeting-house,  New- 
castle-on-Tyne,  14th  Oct.  1759  ;  pres.  by 
John  Pringle  of  Clifton,  and  adm.  31st 
July  1781  :  died  15th  Jan.  1805.  He 
marr.  9th  Nov.  17G7,  Alice  Lomax,  who 
died  12th  Jan.  1808,  and  had  issue- 
Eleanor,  born  31st  Jan.  1709  :  Jane,  born 
25th  Aug.  1770;  Margaret,  born  31st 
March  1772 ;  William,  born  24th  Jan. 
1775 ;  Joseph,  born  14th  May  1778  ;  John, 
born  7th  Feb.  1782.  Publication— Account 
of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  iii.).— 
[Historical  Memorials  of  Presbyterianism 
in  Neivcastie-upon-Tyne,  74.] 


WILLIAM  FAICHNEY,  born  2nd  Sept. 
1764,  son  of  William  F.,  Mu thill  ; 
Keen,  by  Presb.  of  Auchterarder  1st 
May  1792  ;  assistant  at  Ednam  1794  ;  pres. 
by  Mark  Pringle  of  Clifton,  and  ord.  19th 
Sept.  1805  ;  died  unmarr.  5th  Dec.  1854. 


THOMAS  LEISHMAN,  born  7th  May 
1825,  eldest  son  of  Matthew  L.,  D.D., 
min.  of  Govan,  a  collateral  descend 
ant  of  William  L.,  Principal  of  Glasgow 
University ;  educated  at  High  School  and 
Univ.  of  Glasgow;  M.A.  (1843);  liccn.  by 
Presb.  of  Glasgow  7th  Feb.  1847  ;  assist 
ant  at  Greenock ;  ord.  to  Collace  1st 
July  1852 ;  pres.  by  Robert  Kerr  Elliot 
of  Harwood  and  Clifton;  trans,  and  adm. 
7th  June  1855 ;  D.D.  (Glasgow  1871)  ;  one 
of  the  founders  of  the  Scottish  Church 
Society  in  1892 ;  Lecturer  on  Pastoral 
Theology  in  the  Scottish  Universities, 
1895-7 ;  Robert  Lee  Lecturer  in  1897 ; 
Moderator  of  Assembly  in  1898 ;  res.  3rd 
May  1904;  died  at  Edinburgh,  13th  July 
1904.  A.  K.  H.  B.  spoke  of  him  as 
"  the  ideal  country  parson,  learned,  devout, 
peace-loving,  pretty  close  to  the  first 
meridian  of  clergyman  and  gentleman." 
He  marr.  25th  March  1857,  his  cousin, 

Christina  Balmanno  (died  25th  June  1868, 
aged  36),  daugh.  of  Matthew  Fleming,  and 
had  issue  —  Matthew  William  Fleming, 
in  West  Australia,  born  8th  June  1859 ; 
Thomas  Arthur,  M.D.,  Brechin,  born  8th 
Sept.  1860  ;  James  Fleming,  his  successor  ; 
Robert  Fleming,  in  South  Australia,  born 
31st  Oct.  1862  ;  Jane  Elizabeth  Fleming, 
born  1st  June  1864  (marr.  Charles  James 
Cowan,  min.  of  Morebattle) ;  Christina 
Matilda  Fleming,  born  24th  Dec.  1865 
(marr.  10th  Oct.  1893,  John  Robert  Donald, 
C.A.,  Glasgow) ;  Charles  Ross,  in  West  Aus 
tralia,  born  19th  Jan.  1868.  Publications 
—  Joint  editor  (with  George  Washington 
Sprott,  D.D.)  of  Book  of  Common  Order 
and  Westminster  Director  ;i  (Edinburgh, 
1868) ;  A  Critical  Account  of  the  Various 
Theories  of  the  Sacrament  of  Baptism 
(Edinburgh,  1871);  May  the  Kirk  keep 
Paschc  and  Yule  ?  (Edinburgh,  1875) ;  The 
Ritual  of  the  Church  of  Scotland  (vol.  v. 
of  Robert  Herbert  Story's  The  Church 
of  Scotland  Past  and  Present ;  1890) ; 
Moulding  of  the  Scottish  Reformation  (Lee 
Lecture ;  Edinburgh,  1897) ;  The  West- 
muster  Directory,  new  ed.  (Edinburgh, 
1901) ;  The  Church  of  Scotland  as  She  Was, 
and  as  She  Is  [Macleod  Memorial  Lecture] 
(Edinburgh,  1903).— [Harder  Magazine,  iii. ; 
Blacku'oods  May.,  Nov.  1897 ;  New  Lit 
urgies  of  the  Scottish  Kirk  ;  Sprott's 
Funeral  Sermon  :  Trans.  Scot.  Ecclcs.  Soc., 
iii.,  90  ;  Diet.  Nat.  Bioy.] 

12th  Sept,  1861,  third  son  of  pre 
ceding  ;  educated  at  Edinburgh 
Academy  and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  M.A. 
(1884);  liccn.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  3rd 
June  1885 ;  assistant  at  Moulin,  West 
Church  of  St  Nicolas,  Aberdeen ;  army 
chaplain  at  Colchester  ;  ord.  (assistant  and 
successor)  7th  March  1895.  Marr.  7th  Feb. 
1900,  his  cousin,  Jane,  daugh.  of  William 
Leishman,  M.D.,  Professor  of  Midwifery, 
Univ.  of  Glasgow,  and  has  issue — Thomas 
Linton,  born  8th  Dec.  1900 ;  Augusta 
Drevar  Fleming,  born  llth  Dec.  1903; 
Christina  Balmanno  Michaelson,  born  14th, 
died  21st  Nov.  1907.  Publications—"  His 
torical  Notes  on  Church  and  Barony  of 




Linton  in  Teviotdale ::  (Hist,  of  ]>crwick- 
shire  Nat.  Club,  xviii.) ;  A  Son  of  Knox, 
mid  other  Studies,  Antiquarian  and  fiio- 
graj)Jdcal  (Glasgow,  1909);  Re-union  — 
Adequate  S<-cnriti/  for  tlte  Continual  nee  of 
the  Ministi't/,  <i  Necessary  Requirement  for 
the  Church  of  Scotland  (Edinburgh,  1909) ; 
"  The  Campanology  of  the  Eastern  Borders  :; 
(Hist.  Bcr.Nat.  Club,  xxi.,  1911). 


[A  church  existed  in  the  middle  of  the 
twelfth  century,  when  Walter  Corbet,  who 
then  possessed  the  barony,  gave  to  the 
monks  of  Kelso  "  the  church  of  Malkariston 
with  the  tithes  thereof.'1  The  present  build 
ing  dates  from  1807.] 

1567  as  min.  in  1567.  He  died  in  1584. 

1574  min.  from  10th  June  1574  to  1578. 

.JAMES  IMTIlEIlFOi;!),  min.  in  1579 
1579  to  1586. 

WILLIAM    PATOX,     M.A,;     min.    in 
1588     1588J   trans,   to  -Orwell  about  22nd 
March  1592.—  [Reg.  Assig.} 

JOHN  SMYTH,  mentioned  as  min.  in 
1607  1607.-[7J.  C.  Reg.,  vii.3  453.] 

JAMES  WILKIE,  a  native  of  Mid- 
1612  lothian  ;  M.A.  (St  Andrews  1592) ; 
pres.  to  the  vicarage  by  James  VI. 
26th  Dec.  1612 ;  died  in  1634.  He  had  a 
son,  James.— O'CH..  Reg.  Sas.,  Ivi.,  104  ;  Reg. 
Assig.  :  Reg.  Sec.  Sig.] 

WILLIAM  TURNBULL  of  Hornshole, 
1685  son  of  Thomas  T.  of  Minto;  M.A. 
(Edinburgh,  29th  July  1626);  pres. 
by  Charles  I.  15th  Jan.  1635;  was  a 
member  of  Assembly  in  1645;  appointed 
chaplain  to  a  regiment  of  horse  in  1646; 
died  before  Oct.  1667,  aged  about  61. 
He  marr.,  and  had  issue— William,  min. 
of  Eckford ;  Robert,  apprenticed  to  James 
Stewart,  merchant,  Edinburgh,  17th  Sept. 
1662.— [Reg.  Sec.  Sig.;  Wodrow's  Hint. :  Acts 
of  AM.  :  Acts  of  Part.,  v.] 


1667  bur£h  1641)-:  was  on  the  Exercise 
at  Kelso  in  1645  ;  adm.  to  Callander 
24th  June  1651  ;  trans,  and  coll.  before  8th, 
and  inst.  and  adm.  24th  Oct.  1667  ;  still 
min.  4th  April  1 682.  He  marr.,  and  had  issue 
—John,  entered  burgess  and  guild-brother 
of  Edinburgh  8th  Sept,  1680;  Thomas, 
recommended  to  the  Archbishop  21st  March 
1676,  for  license.— [Edin.  Guild  Reg.} 

GEORGE  HOWIE,  M.A.  (Edinburgh 
1682  16~1)^  formerly  in  a  charge  in 
England;  pres.  by  Robert,  Earl  of 
Roxburghe,  and  inst.  Sept.  1082.  Fn  1088 
lie  was  pres.  to  the  Grammar  School  of 
Tranent  by  George,  Earl  of  Winton,  but 
because  of  complaints,  the  min.  of  that 
parish  refused  consent  till  a  certificate  of 
character  should  be  received.  This  was 
produced  30th  Sept.  1088,  "certifying  to 
all  concerned  that  George  Howie,  late  min. 
at  Makerstoun,  removed  from  the  diocese 
of  Glasgow  free  of  any  church  censure,  17th 
Sept.  1088.  -Jo.  GLASGOW."  He  is  styled 
indweller  in  Seton  in  1092.  He  marr. 
Christian  Holywell.— [Edin.  Sns.,  xlix.,423.] 

1692  kurgh  1059);  schoolmaster  of  Colin- 
ton  in  1601  ;  licen.  by  George,  Bishop 
of  Edinburgh,  18th  Feb.  1003;  min.  of 
Wamphray  in  1003,  of  Athelstaneford  in 
1005 ;  deprived  for  refusing  the  Test  in 
1681 ;  restored  to  the  ministry,  and  adm. 
to  this  charge  in  1692;  dem.  (on  account 
of  age)  Oth  Sept.  1715;  died  in  1718,  in 
his  79th  year.  He  marr.  (cont.  13th  July 
1664),  Janet,  daugh.  of  John  Johnstone  of 
Wamphray;  and  had  issue— Janet  (marr. 
Archibald  Douglas,  min.  at  Saltoun.— [Reg. 
of  Deeds,  Durie,  30th  Jan.  1680  ;  Tombst.} 

SAMUEL  BROWN,  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
1715  Jedburgh  25th  Jan  1710;  chaplain 
to  Charles,  sixth  Earl  of  Lauderdale  ; 
pres.  by  John,  Duke  of  Roxburghe,  and 
ord.  20th  Dec.  1715;  went  to  Perth  to  be 
cut  for  stone  5th  Oct.  1721 ;  died  between 
3rd  Aug.  and  7th  Sept.  1725.  He  marr. 
(pro.  26th  July  1724)  Christian,  daugh.  of 
James  Marshall,  writer,  Edinburgh;  she 
survived  him,  and  marr.  secondly,  29th  Aug. 
1726,  John  Montgomery,  min.  of  Stewarton. 




WILLIAM  WALKER,  son  of  Alexander 
W.  of  Slipperfield,  min.  of  Kirkurd  ; 
M.A.  (Edinburgh,  9th  April  1713); 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Peebles  31st  Aug.  1720 ; 
pres.  by  John,  Duke  of  Koxburghe,  and 
ord.  20th  July  17  20;  he  was  suspended  by 
the  Synod  of  Lothian  and  Tweeddale  sine 
die  5th  Nov.  1741 ;  they  authorised  the 
Presb.  of  Peebles,  5th  Nov.  1744,  to  recall 
the  sentence  if  they  should  see  cause,  and 
this  was  probably  done.  He  died  1st  Aug. 
1759,  aged  about  GG.  He  marr.  Christian 
Fiddes,  who  died  s.p.  25th  Jan.  1773. 

THOMAS  MACDOUGAL,  licen.  by  the 
Scots  Presb.  in  London,  and  adm. 
as  a  probationer  by  Presb.  of  Kelso 
7th  Nov.  1759  ;  pres.  by  the  Commissioner 
for  John,  Duke  of  Roxburghe,  and  ord. 
17th  April  17GO;  died  20th  June  1784, 
aged  52.  He  marr.  18th  Jan.  1703,  Ann 
(died  at  Kelso,  5th  Jan.  1810),  daugh.  of 
Edward  Inglis,  druggist,  Edinburgh,  and 
had  issue — David  Dundas,  born  20th  June 
1704 ;  Ann,  born  9th  Jan.  1700 ;  Edward, 
born  19th  Dec.  1707  ;  John,  born  19th 
Feb.  1771 ;  Margaret,  born  2nd  May 
1774  ;  William,  born  8th  May  1777,  died 
at  Antigua,  llth  Feb.  1825;  Catherine, 
born  18th  June  1779:  Inglis  (a  daugh.), 
born  25th  May  1783. 

JAMES  RICHARDSON,  one  of  the 
masters  in  George  Watson's  Hospital, 
Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edin 
burgh  30th  July  1755 ;  ord.  by  the  North 
umberland  Classis  10th  Aug.  1750  min.  of 
the  Wall  Knoll  Meeting-house,  Newcastle  ; 
pres.  by  John,  Duke  of  Roxburghe,  Gth 
Nov.  1784 ;  adm.  14th  June  1785 ;  died 
15th  May  1800.  He  marr.  5th  Sept.  1780, 
Janet  Trotter,  who  died  4th  April  1799,  and 
had  issue — an  only  child,  Betty,  born  3rd 
Aug.  1788.  Publication— Account  of  the 
Parish  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  in.). 

DAVID  HOGARTH,  a  native  of  Ber- 
1807  wickshire  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Duns 
1st  July  1800 ;  pres.  by  the  three 
rival  claimants  to  the  dukedom  of  Rox 
burghe,  Sir  James  Norcliffe  Innes,  30th 
Aug.,  Walter  Ker  of  Littledean,  7th,  and 
John  Bellenden  Ker,  llth  Oct.  1800;  ord. 


7th  May  1807;  died  14th  Aug.  1844.  He 
was  a  good  scholar,  and  even  in  the  last 
years  of  his  life,  though  almost  blind,  was 
deeply  engaged  in  the  study  of  the  Greek 
Septuagint,  and  in  a  version  of  the  New 
Testament  in  German.  He  marr.  13th 
Dec.  1810,  Janet  (died  5th  June  1838), 
daugh.  of  Robert  Nichol  of  Edenbank, 
and  had  issue— Elizabeth  Jean,  born  13th 
Oct.  1811  ;  Margaret,  born  1st  Feb.  1814, 
died  27th  Nov.  1831  ;  Christian,  born  4th 
Jan.  1810;  George,  born  9th  April  1821, 
died  17th  Sept,  1825;  George,  born  14th 
Sept.  1827,  vicar  of  Barton-on-Humber, 
Lincolnshire,  1858-79  ;  rector  of  Harston, 
Leicester,  1879-1889;  died  4th  July  1902. 
Publication— Account  of  the  Parish  (Neio 
Stat.  Ace.,  iii.). 

ANDREW  MACKIE,  born  Bowton, 
1844  Cumnock,  1806,  son  of  John  M., 
farmer,  and  Mary  Kay;  educated  at 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Ayr  ;  assistant  at  Hownam ;  ord.  26th 
Dec.  1844;  died  llth  April  1809.  .He 
marr.  4th  April  1848,  Elizabeth  Grace 
(died  14th  June  1876),  daugh.  of  Richard 
Hewat,  farmer,  Bassendean,  and  had  issue 
—John,  surgeon,  R.N.,  born  15th  Feb. 
1849,  died  at  Bombay,  2nd  March  1892; 
Andrew,  born  12th  Feb.  1851 ;  Hyndmer 
Eleanor,  born  22nd  April  1854;  George 
Richard,  born  llth  May  1860. 

JOHN  DAWSON,  born  Fife,  10th  July 
1833,  son  of  James  D.,  maltster ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  St  Andrews  ; 
assistant  at  Greenside,  Edinburgh  ;  ord.  to 
Stobhill  22nd  Sept.,  and  app.  to  a  Bengal 
chaplaincy  29th  Dec.  1859;  adm.  min.  of 
Dunnichen,  6th  Dec,  1866  ;  pres.  by  James, 
Duke  of  Roxburghe;  trans,  and  adm.  9th 
Sept.  1869 ;  died  1st  Dec.  1879.  He  marr. 
14th  Feb.  1800,  Marion  Milne  (born  Gth 
Jan.  1834,  died  30th  April  1905),  daugh.  of 
William  Davidson,  ironmonger,  Edinburgh, 
and  had  issue— Elizabeth  Walker,  born  10th 
August  1805 ;  Marion  Milne,  born  25th  Feb. 
1808;  Agnes,  born  25th  June  1809;  John, 
born  22nd  Dec.  1870;  Margaret  Noble, 
born  22nd  Nov.  1872;  two  sons  and  a 
daugh.,  who  died  young. 




PHILIP  BAINBRIDGE,  born  Romald- 
kirk,  Yorkshire,  17th  March  1847,  son 
of  William  B.  and  Susannah  Tarn ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Linlithgow  in  1878 ;  assistant  at 
Dalserf;  ord.  23rd  June  1880:  died  16th 
April  1916.  He  marr.  1st  July  1880,  Eliza 
beth,  rlaugh.  of  Matthew  M'Lintock,  Sla- 
mannan,  and  had  issue — Marion,  born  25th 
July  1881  ;  William,  M.B.,  Cli.B.,  born  llth 
Oct.  1882  ;  Matthew  M'Lintock,  L.R.C.P.E., 
born  21st  Sept.  1884  ;  Philip  George,  medical 
student,  born  12th  May  1880:  Susannah, 
born  13th  Xov.  1888,  died  14th  Sept.  1889. 

W I L  L  I  A  M  M <  C  A  L  L  U  M,  born 
1916  Monzievaird,  26th  April  1871,  son  of 
William  M.  and  Jessie  Patterson  ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  St  Andrews;  M.A. 
(1891) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Auchterarder 
2nd  May  1894  ;  assistant  at  Muthill,  and 
at  St  Mary's,  Dumfries;  ord.  to  North 
Parish,  Kelso,  llth  May  1899  ;  trans,  and 
adm.  19th  Sept.  1916.  Marr.  1st  June 
1900,  Mary,  daugh.  of  John  Gillespie  of 
Beckfoot,  Annan,  and  has  issue— Elizabeth 
Elliot  Patterson. 


[The  church  of  Morebattle  was  dedicated 
to  St  Lawrence,  whose  holy  well  is  close 
by.  The  Archdeacon  of  Teviotdale  dwelt 
of  old  at  Morebattle,  In  the  Inquest  of  | 
Earl  David  (1115-24)  there  is  mention  of 
the  church  of  Morebattle  with  a  carucate 
of  land  belonging  to  the  See  of  Glasgow. 
At  the  north-west  end  of  the  parish,  on  a 
height  above  the  Kale  Water,  the  founda 
tions  of  the  old  church  can  be  traced.  A 
new  church  was  built  in  1757:  a  chancel 
and  vestry  were  added  in  1899.  In  the 
seventh  century  a  chapel  at  Clifton  in 
this  parish  was  given  to  St  Cuthbert  by 
King  Oswy  of  Northumbria.  There  was 
another  chapel  at  Whitton.] 

ROBERT  KEB,  removed  from  Mow  and 

1582     t0°k   Up   his    residencc   here   about 

1582.     He  was  pres.  to  the  vicarage 

by  James  VI.  20th  Feb.   1607  :   dem.  30th 

Nov.  im.—[Jlooke  of  the  Kirk-  ;  AV/.  Assiy.  ; 
Calclerwood's  Hist.  :  Wo<lron<  MiscelL] 

THOMAS  MOIR,  second  son  of  William 

1610  ^'    of    Abergeldie,    Aberdeenshire  : 
pres.   by   Robert,   Lord    Roxburghe, 

Nov.  1(509;  adm.  15th  Feb.  1610;  pres.  by 
;  James  VI.  (Mow  being  united)  16th  Dec. 

1611  ;  died  after  4th  June  1633.     He  marr. 
Isobel   Ker,   probably   daugh.  of   his    pre 
decessor.     She  survived  him,  and  had  issue 
—William,  of   Otterburn,  who  was  served 
heir  29th  Oct.  1639  ;  John,  apprenticed  to 
John    Binny,    merchant,   Edinburgh,   10th 
Feb.  1630  ;  Thomas,  apprenticed  to  Patrick 
Hepburn,  apothecary,  Edinburgh,  20th  Feb. 

1633  ;  Isabel  (marr.  William  Wemyss,  min. 
of  Roxburgh).—  [Key.  AVc.  8i<j.  :  Kn<j.  7iV/., 
i.,    290  ;    JIKJ.    Ret.    (,'<>n.,    2457  ;     Acts  'of 
Par!.,  iii.] 

WILLIAM   PENMAN,  son  of  William 

1634  P-'  min>   of   Crichton:    M.A.  (Edin 
burgh,   27th   July   1622);    licen.   by 

Presb.  of  Dalkeith  12th  Aug.  1624:  chap 
lain  to  Lady  Drummond  ;  pres.  by  Robert, 
Earl  of  Roxburghe,  Nov.  1633  ;  adm.  and 
inst.  7th  Sept,  1634;  Avas  a  member  of 
the  Glasgow  Assembly  in  1638,  and  of  the 
Commissions,  1646-8;  died  Feb.  1668,  aged 
about  66.  He  marr.  about  29th  May  1629, 
Elizabeth,  daugh.  of  Andrew  Sturgeon  of 
Torrorie,  and  sister  of  Mrs  Anna  Aber- 
crombie,  servitrix  to  the  Princess  of 
Orange.  She  survived  her  husband,  and 
was  charged  Avith  dilapidating  his  estate, 
and  other  misdemeanours.  He  had  issue  — 
William,  died  s.p.  in  1686  ;  Elizabeth  (marr. 
12th  Nov.  1685,  Robert  Ramsay,  min.  of 
Prestonpans).—  [Edin.  Sas.,  i.,  32;  P.  C. 
Decreets,  14th  Jan.  1686  ;  Reg.  Old  Dec.  ; 
Dal/i-eith,  Perth,  and  Jedhuryh  Presb. 
Re<js.  ;  Edin.  (Marr.}  and  Test.  Regs.  ; 
Wodrow's  and  Stevenson's  1  lists.  :  Acts  of 
Ass.  ;  Inq.  Ret.  Gen.,  6798.] 


WILLIAM     GALBRAITH    of    Drum- 

cbaI)Pe11'  M-A-;  trans-  from  Chirn- 
side  ;  pres.  by  William,  Earl  of  Rox 

burghe,  1st  Sept.,  coll.  before  3rd,  and  adm. 

and  inst.  24th  Nov.   1668:   trans,  to  Jed- 

burgh  20th  Sept.  1682. 





ADAM  PEACOCK,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
18th  July  1664);  ord.  to  Ednam  in 
1609 ;  trans,  and  coll.  before  2nd, 
and  inst.  llth  Jan.  1683  ;  dep.  by  the  Com 
mission  of  Assembly  1st  Jan.  1695  for 
negligence,  neglect  of  family  worship,  etc. 
He  opened  a  meeting-house  in  Stirling 
towards  the  end  of  Aug.  1703,  where  he 
was  interrupted  in  the  course  of  preaching 
by  Bailie  John  Allan  and  others,  and  im 
prisoned  for  "  intruding  upon  their  church.'''' 
On  being  liberated  at  the  order  of  James, 
Earl  of  Seafield,  Lord  High  Chancellor,  he 
raised  a  process  for  wrongous  imprison 
ment  before  the  Court  of  Session,  who 
assoilzied  the  magistrates  5th  Jan.  1704. 
He  appealed  to  Parliament,  but  further 
proceedings  do  not  appear.  He  removed 
to  Edinburgh,  where  he  was  convicted 
before  the  Lords  of  Justiciary,  22nd  June 
1717,  of  not  praying  for  George  I.,  in 
terms  of  the  Act  of  Toleration,  and  was 
inhibited  from  any  ministerial  functions  for 
three  years.  He  died  7th  July  1721,  aged 
about  78.  He  marr.,  and  had  issue — 
Margaret ;  Jean  (marr.,  cont.  dated  15th 
July  1731,  Robert  Smith,  writer,  Edin 
burgh)  ;  Marion.— [AVf/.  of  Decreed,  Dal- 
rymple,  6th  Feb.  1752  :  Ednam  ties.*.  Ren.  : 
Edin.  Re<j.  (Bur.);  Fountainhall's  Dec., 
ii. ;  Rule's  Sec.  Vindication;  J/,s'.  Ace.  of 
Min,,  1689.] 

[WILLIAM  VEITCH,  M.A.,  Covenanter: 
1688  having  ned  from  Scotland,  returned 
at  the  Toleration.  He  was  called 
to  this  parish,  and  ministered  at  Whitton 
Chapel  from  April  1688  to  1690,  when  he 
was  adm.  to  Peebles.] 

JOHN  SIMSON,a  native  of  the  county  ; 
169?  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  llth  July  1687) ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Kelso  3rd  July 
1694;  ord.  to  Yetholm  27th  Sept.  1694: 
called  19th  May,  and  adm.  24th  Nov. 
1697;  died  2nd  March  1723,  in  his  56th 
year.  His  friend  Thomas  Boston,  min.  of 
Ettrick,  describes  him  as  "  a  serious,  good 
man,  pathetic,  zealous,  and  popular  as  a 
preacher,  with  substantial  sermons,  having 
a  ready  gift,  concerned  to  gain  souls,  blessed 
with  a  great  measure  of  his  Master's  coun 
tenance,  and  most  acceptable  to  the  people." 

VOL.  II. 

He  marr.  10th  June  1696,  Anna  Baxter, 
Liberton,  who  died  30th  Oct.  1712,  aged  52, 
and  had  issue — James,  min.  of  Wilton ; 
Andrew;  Jean.  —  [Libeyfon  Sess.  Rea.  ; 
Boston's  Mem.  :  Tombst.  :  Brown's  d'ospel 

JAMES  CHRISTIE,  M.A.  (Edinburgh 
1725  1705)  :  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Kelso  27th 
March  1712  :  ord.  to  Simprin  19th 
j  March  1717:  pros,  by  John,  Duke  of  Rox- 
burghe,  Sept.  1723  :  trans,  and  adm.  (at 
Linton,  on  account  of  opposition,  mobbing 
having  taken  place  twice  during  the  steps 
towards  his  settlement)  4th  March  1725. 
His  manse  was  destroyed  by  fire  8th  Jan. 
1727,  when  four  volumes  of  the  Synod 
Register  were  burnt.  He  died  16th  March 
1739,  in  his  52nd  year.  He  marr.  12th 
Nov.  1719,  Sarah,  daugh.  of  Gilbert  Laurie, 
min.  of  Hutton,  and  had  issue — Gilbert ; 
Sarah  ;  Andrew  ;  James  :  Matthew;  Helen. 
— \_Ifnt1on  .Vo'x.  Rc<j.  :  Acts  of  Ass.,  1725; 
7'om/ixt.  :  Wodrow's  L'o/'ilcsj>.'\ 

ANDREW  CHATTO,  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
174Q  Kelso  6th  Sept,  1737  ;  pres.  by  John, 
Duke  of  Roxburghc,  Sept.  1739  : 
ord.  20th  March  1740;  died  20th  June 
1770,  in  his  55th  year.  He  marr.  29th  Sept. 
1747,  Agnes  Tennant  of  Handaxwood,  who 
died  6th  March  1769,  and  had  issue — John, 
W.S.  apprentice  1766,  born  15th  Nov.  1749  ; 
Isobel,  born  26th  Jan.  1751  ;  Alexander, 
born  25th  March  1752;  Christian,  born  7th 
Aug.  1753;  William,  born  7th  May  1757; 
Agnes,  born  8th  Oct.  1760  (marr.  John 
Rutherford  of  Mossburnford) ;  Margaret, 
born  26th  April  1762  ;  Mary,  born  1st  Dec. 
1763;  Andrew,  born  21st  Aug.  1765,  died 
!  3rd  March  1766.— [Carlyle's  A-utob.] 

WILLIAM   SIMPSON,  pres.  by  John, 

|   1771     Duke  of  Roxburghe,  llth  July  1770  ; 

ord.  Ibth  April  1771  ;  pres.  to  Tol- 

booth  Parish,  Edinburgh,  July  1784.     This 

presentation   was  withdrawn,  and    he   was 

trans,  to  Lady  Tester's  Parish,  Edinburgh, 

9th  June  1785. 

JAMES  RICHARDSON,  licen.  by  Presb. 

1786     of   Kelso   1st  April   1755 ;    ord.  by 

it,  15th'  April  1762,  as   assistant  in 

a    Presbyterian    congregation    at    Sunder- 





land,  whence  he  removed  to  Yorkshire  ; 
adm.  to  Oxnam  8th  Nov.  1764;  pros,  by 
John,  Duke  of  Roxburghe,  Aug.  1785; 
trans,  and  adm.  6th  July  1786;  died  8th 
Feb.  1807,  in  his  76th  year.  He  marr. 
26th  Nov.  1764,  Jean  (died  April  1823), 
daugh.  of  Andrew  Ker  of  Under  Chatto, 
and  had  issue  —  John,  born  28th  July 
1765  ;  Kerr,  born  4th  Feb.  1767  ;  William, 
born  20th  Jan.  1768,  died  25th  July  1774  ; 
Henry,  born  16th  Oct.  1769;  Charles, 
born  2nd  Jan.  1773,  died  3rd  July  1775  ; 
Cicely,  born  22nd  May  1774 ;  Tsobel, 
born  10th  May  1776  (marr.  4th  Oct.  1808, 
William  Middleton,  lieut.  Forfar  Militia).— 

180?  Sir  James  Norcliffe  Innes,  Bart.,  22nd 
Dec.  1806,  and  by  Walter  Ker  of 
Littledean,  20th  Jan.  1807  ;  ord.  (assistant 
and  successor)  8th  Oct.  following;  trans, 
to  Cordon  5th  May  1814. 

WALTER  MORISON,  born  6th  April 
1778,  son  of  David  M.,  min.  of  the 
Associate  Antiburgher  congregation 
at  Morebattle,  and  Margaret  Inglis  ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  29th  Jan.  1806; 
ord.  to  Cordon  24th  Sept.  1807 ;  pres.  by 
James,  Duke  of  Roxburghe,  and  adm.  12th 
May  1814;  died  29th  Jan.  1844.  The 
churches  of  father  and  son  were  within 
a  stone-cast.  Both  ministers  respected 
each  other's  opinions,  though  it  is  on 
record  that  M.'s  mother  submitted  to  an 
admonition  from  her  husband's  session  for 
having  on  one  occasion  heard  her  son 
preach  in  the  parish  church.  He  marr. 
Margaret  Sutherland,  who  died  1865-6,  and 
had  issue — David,  born  4th  Jan.  1806,  died 
23rd  July  1842 ;  John,  born  18th  Feb.  1808 ; 
Walter,  born  1st  July  1809;  William,  born 
9th  Feb.  1811  ;  James,  born  21st  Jan.  1815, 
died  24th  March  1815 ;  James,  born  14th 
March  1816 ;  Alexander,  born  15th  June 
1818,  died  3rd  Oct.  1821  ;  Thomas,  born 
29th  Sept.  1820,  died  13th  Sept.  1821  ; 
Alexander,  born  26th  Oct.  1823 ;  Thomas, 
min.  of  Methil,  born  29th  April  1825. 
Publications — Account  of  the  Parish  (Neiu 
Stat.  Ace.,  iii.) ;  Articles  in  the  Edinburgh 

JOSEPH  THOMSON,  born  18th  Jan. 

1844      1793'    S°n     °f     J°lin    T''     town'clerk 

of  Jedburgh;  educated  at  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh 
5th  Oct.  1814 ;  assistant  at  Caerlanrig ; 
ord.  to  Ednam  3rd  Aug.  1819;  trans,  and 
adm.  30th  May  1844  ;  died  16th  Aug.  1855. 
He  marr.  (1)  29th  July  1823,  Margaret 
Hunter  (died  s.p.  7th  Aug.  1844,  aged  43), 
daugh.  of  Thomas  Samuel  Hardie,  D.D., 
min.  of  Ashkirk  :  (2)  15th  Aug.  1848,  Eliza 
beth  Frances  (died  s.p.  28th  July  1884), 
daugh.  of  Charles  Robson,  Lurdenlaw, 
Sprouston,  and  widow  of  Dr  Maitland, 
New  Abbot,  Devonshire.  Publications— 
Sermons  (Kelso,  1856);  Account  of  the 
Parish  of  Ednam  (New  Stat.  Ace.,  iii.). 

JOHN  CLEN,  born  Glasgow,  6th  July 

1856  1829'  only  son  °f  George  G>>  mcr" 
chant,  and  Margaret  Scales ;  edu 
cated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow  and  at  Halle ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Islay  29th  Nov.  1854  ; 
pres.  by  James,  Duke  of  Roxburghe,  3rd 
Nov.  1855;  ord.  6th  March  1856;  died  at 
Portsmouth,  4th  July  1876.  He  marr.  25th 
March  1856,  Jean  (died  2nd  April  1882), 
only  daugh.  of  James  Napier,  engineer, 
Glasgow,  and  had  issue — Ninian,  M.A., 
C.A.,  Glasgow,  born  8th  Jan.  1857,  died 
29th  July  1912;  James,  M.A.,  writer, 
Glasgow,  born  8th  Oct.  1858  ;  Mary,  born 
14th  June  1860  ;  Bowie,  born  3rd  Nov. 
1861  (marr.  William  Stuart  Pettigrew, 
manufacturer,  Glasgow)  ;  Lawrence,  ship 
owner,  Glasgow,  born  12th  July  1863 ; 
William,  shipbroker,  Glasgow,  born  27th 
Sept.  1866,  died  21st  Oct.  1911. 


DAVID  PAUL,  M.A. ;  ord.  (assistant 
and  successor)  29th  July  1869 ; 
trans,  to  Roxburgh  8th  Feb.  1876. 

CHARLES  JAMES  COWAN,  born  9th 
Dec.  1850,  son  of  Samuel  C.,  min.  of 
Kelton  ;  educated  at  Univs.  of  Glas 
gow  and  Edinburgh  ;  M.A.  (Glasgow  1869), 
|  B.D.  (Edinburgh  1873) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
|  Kirkcudbright  3rd  Dec.  1873 ;  assistant  at 
St  Stephen's,  Edinburgh ;  ord.  19th  July 
1876.     Marr.  (1)  10th  Jan.  1877,  Margaret 
Anne    (died    25th    Jan.    1881),  daugh.  of 
William    Welsh,    C.E.,    Enrick,    Kirkcud- 




bright,  and  had  issue  —  Samuel  Hunter, 
Major  R.E.,  born  21st  April  1878  :  (2)  16th 
Aug.  1899,  Jane  Elizabeth  Fleming,  daugh. 
of  Thomas  Leishman,  D.D.,  min.  of  Linton. 


[As  early  as  1157  the  church  of  Mow 
belonged  to  the  Abbey  of  Kelso.  It  is 
said  to  have  been  dedicated  to  St  Helen, 
but  on  somewhat  scanty  evidence.  Before 
16th  Dec.  1635  Morebattle  and  Mow  were 


ROBERT   KER,  trans,   from    Mertoun  : 

pres-  '^  JRmes  ^  I-  -:}rd  Jan-  1579. 

In  1580  Linton,  Hownam,  and  More- 
battle  were  in  the  charge.  He  took  up  his 
residence  at  Morebattle  about  1582.—  [AY'/. 

ROBERT   MARTIN,   MA.:    pres.    by 
James  VI.  6th  July,  and  adm.  after 
23rd   Sept.    1617:   trans,  to   Ettrick 
in  1618.—  [Re<j.  Sec.  ,SYf/.] 



[Early  in  the  twelfth  century  there  was 
at  Nenthorn  a  chapel  of  the  parish  of 
Ednam.  There  was  another  at  Xewton 
Don.  The  ancient  parochical  name,  written 
Nathansthyrne,  was  probably  Xechtans- 
thorn.  About  1 160  Xenthorn  and  Xewton 
Don  both  belonged  to  the  Priory  of  Colcl- 
ingham.  In  1316  William  of  Lamberton, 
Bishop  of  St  Andrews,  granted  them  to  the 
Abbey  of  Kelso,  in  exchange  for  Cranstoun 
and  Preston  in  Midlothian.  Bishop  David 
de  Bernham  died  here  about  1252.  The 
foundations  of  the  ancient  church  of  Xen 
thorn  can  still  be  traced  in  the  centre  of 
the  churchyard.  A  church  was  erected  in 
1802  a  short  distance  from  the  original 
site.  The  chapel  of  Xewton  probably  stood 
where  there  is  now  the  old  burial-place  of 
the  Dons  of  Xewton  Don.  The  united 
parish,  disjoined  from  the  Presb.  of  Lauder, 
was  annexed  to  the  Presb.  of  Kelso,  28th 
May  1776.] 

WILLIAM   ORMISTOX,  called  before 
the   Privy   Council   in    1569,  appar 
ently   as    a    non conforming    priest, 
was  reader  in  1574.     \_Rey.  8ec.  Siy.,  ii.,  40.] 

1579  THOMAS  DAVIDSOX,  reader. 

1580  THOMAS  RAXDELSOX,  reader. 

DUNCAN  WALKER,  min.  of  Ednam  ; 

1594     Pres>  to  ^ie  Vicara8e  by  James  VI. 
before  24th  May  1594,  but  continued 
to  reside  at  Ednam. 

JOHN  SPOTTISWOOD,  younger  son 
15gg  of  David  S.  of  that  ilk  :  appears  as 
min.  of  Bolton  in  1576,  of  Lesma- 
hagow  in  1578,  of  Cramond  in  1580,  of 
Mordingtou  in  1581  :  was  on  the  Exercise 
at  Edinburgh  in  1596  ;  pres.  to  the  vicarage 
by  James  VI.  17th  May  1599  ;  died  before 
30th  Aug.  1611.  His  wife  was  a  Haitlie 
of  Mellerstain.  Shu  survived  him. — \_Re<j. 
Assiy.'jEdin.  and  lladdimjton  J'rcsli.  Reys. ; 
M'Crie's  JAV/vYfr,  ii.] 

ANDREW  KIXXEAR,  from  Presb.  of 
1611  ^eiSle  :  ^'--^  (St  Andrews,  22nd 
•July  1608) ;  pres.  by  James  VI.  30th 
Aug.  1611  ;  passed  trials  before  the  Presb. 
of  Melrose,  and  recommended  to  the  Arch 
bishop  for  ordination  5th  Dec.  1611.  He 
was  still  min.  13th  Feb.  1648.  He  marr. 
Margaret  Ker  (alive  6th  Aug.  1667,  when 
she  petitioned  the  Synod  for  charity), 
and  had  issue  —  James  and  Andrew.  — 
[Re<j.  of  Deeds,  dlviii.,  148,  1643;  AY,'/. 
Ass.  ;  tito'H'  >sVs,s.  Jlf<f.  :  /iannati/ne  Miscell., 

JAMES  FLETCHER,  probably  a  native 
1660  of  Dundee  ;  M.A.  (St  Andrews,  20th 
July  1650) :  adm.  2nd  Feb.  1660 ; 
deprived  by  Act  of  Parliament  llth  June, 
and  Decreet  of  the  Privy  Council  1st  Oct. 
1662.  He  returned  in  1669.— [Wod row's 
I  fist .  ;  Re<j.  Old  Dec.] 


1664     ^aws>'^e'  residing  in  Kelso ;  passed 

trials    before  this   Presb.,  and   was 

recommended  for  license  to  the  Archbishop, 

17th   March    1663.      He  was  proposed  for 



Tundergarth,  but  preferred  Xenthorn,  and 
was  ord.  and  coll.  10th  June  1664.— [Kelso 
Presb.  and  Stow  Sess.  Regs.  :  Key.  Coll at. .] 

JAMES  FLETCHER,  MA.,  above 
noticed  ;  indulged  by  the  Privy 
Council  2nd  Sept.  TGG9.  On  31st 
July  1673  he  was  fined  for  not  observing 
the  anniversary  of  the  Restoration  ;  de 
prived  at  Circuit  Court  at  Duns  in  1684, 
being  then  the  only  indulged  min.  in  the 
counties  of  Berwick,  Roxburgh,  Peebles, 
and  Selkirk.  He  died  at  St  Leonard's 
Hospital,  Ednam,  in  1690,  aged  about  60. 
Besides  other  legacies,  he  left  to  the  mins. 
and  sessions  of  Dundee,  "  for  the  poor  of 
the  town,  the  fifth  part  of  Provost  Parker's 
Land,  with  1000  merks,  and  my  whole 
books  to  William  Brown  and  Robert  Stark, 
preachers  of  the  Gospel,  and  John  Craig, 
writer,  Edinburgh,  to  be  equally  divided, 
except  my  great  Inglis  Bible,  with  half 
a  dozen  of  practical  pieces,  to  Thomas 
Auchinleck,  which  he  shall  choose."  He 
marr.  Margaret  Bower,  who  survived  him, 
and  had  a  claugh.  (marr.  Thomas  Auch 
inleck,  apothecary  in  Duns).  —  [Wodrow's 
Hist. ;  Chirnside  Presb.  and  Dundee  Sess. 
Regs. ;  Tablet  of  Dundee  Mortifications.] 


ROBERT  CALDER,  bom  in  Moray- 
shire,  probably  at  Elgin,  1658.  He 
matriculated  at  the  Univ.  and  King's 
College,  Aberdeen,  1674 ;  graduated  in  1678  ; 
min.  of  this  parish  in  1689.  Deprived  by 
the  Privy  Council,  3rd  Sept.  that  year, 
for  not  reading  the  Proclamation  declaring 
William  and  Mary  king  and  queen,  and 
for  praying  for  King  James.  From  2nd 
March  1693  to  8th  Jan.  1694,  according  to 
his  own  account,  he  was  imprisoned  in  Edin 
burgh  Tolbooth,  for  having  exercised  his 
ministerial  functions.  On  being  liberated 
he  went  to  Aberdeen,  where  he  officiated  in 
his  own  house,  using  the  Book  of  Common 
Prayer.  On  the  order  to  shut  up  all  Epis 
copal  chapels  in  Scotland  he  was  compelled 
to  quit  Aberdeen,  and  for  a  time  resided 
in  Elgin,  where  he  preached.  On  Good 
Friday,  1707,  he  was  summoned  before  the 
Privy  Council  for  a  proposed  observance 
of  the  Lord's  Supper  on  Easter  Day.  Not 

complying,  he  was  ordered  to  leave  Elgin, 
and  threatened  with  banishment  should  he 
return  within  twelve  miles  of  the  city.  He 
settled  in  Edinburgh,  where  he  ministered 
to  a  congregation  in  Toddrick's  Wynd,  and 
died  28th  May  1723.  He  marr.  Grace 
Toward,  who  after  his  deprivation  sup 
ported  herself  by  conducting  a  school 
in  Edinburgh.  Publications  —  He  is  the 
reputed  author  of  Scotch  Presbyterian 
Eloquence  Displayed  (London,  1693).  His 
other  works  comprise  : — Three  single  Ser 
mons  (Aberdeen,  1701  ;  Edinburgh,  1708) ; 
Reasons  for  a  Toleration  of  the  Episcopal 
Clergy  (Edinburgh,  1703)  ;  The  Divine 
Right  of  Episcopacy  (Edinburgh,  1705); 
Tlie  Lav'f ulness  and  Expediency  of  Set 
Forms  of  Prayer  (Edinburgh,  1706);  The 
Genuine  Epistles  of  Ignatius,  translated  bi/ 
Dr  Wake,  with  a  Vindication  of  them  by 
Du  J'in,  and  a  Short  Answer  to  Mr  William 
Jameson's  Nazianzeni  Querela,  where  he 
Impugns  the  Authority  of  the  foresaid 
Epistles  (Edinburgh,  1708) ;  The  Lawful 
ness  and,  Necessity  of  Observing  the  Anni 
versary  Fasts  and  Festivals  of  the  Church 
(Edinburgh,  1710) ;  A  Letter  to  James 
Hog  of  Carnock  (Edinburgh,  1710) ;  The 
Countryman's  Idea  of  a  Gospel  Minister 
(Edinburgh,  1711) ;  The  Nail  Struck  on 
the  Head,  or,  An  Indictment  drawn  vp 
against  Mr  Anderson,  Incumbent  at  Dum 
barton  (Edinburgh,  1712);  Remarks  on 
Dialogue  I.  respecting  the  Oath  of  Abjura 
tion  (1712);  Miscellany  Numbers  [forty  in 
all],  relating  to  the  Controversy  about  the 
Book  of  Common  Prayer,  Episcopal  Govern 
ment,  the  Power  of  the  Church  in  ordering 
Rites  and  Ceremonies,  etc.  (Edinburgh, 
1713);  The  Spirit  of  Slander  exemplified 
in  a  scandalous  Pamphlet  called  the  Jacobite 
Cause  (Edinburgh,  1714);  The  Priesthood 
of  the  Old  and  New  Testament  by  Suc 
cession,  two  parts  (Edinburgh,  1716-17)  ; 
"Verses  on  King  James's  Death"  (Anal. 
Scot.,  i.) ;  "  Roundell  on  the  Death  of  Mr 
Williamson,  and  Answer  thereto  "  (Scottish 
Pasquils,  i.) ;  The  Anti  Counter  -  Querist 
Counter  -  queried  (n.d.) ;  Queries  to  the 
Presbyterians  (n.d.). — [J/*S'.  Ace.  of  Min., 
1689  ;  Edin.  Reg.  (Bur.} ;  Kirkton's  Hist. ; 
Peterkin's  Constitut.  of  the  Church ;  Diet. 




Nat.    Biog.  ;    Story's   William    Carstares ; 
Craven's  Episcopal  Church  in  J/ora?/.] 

WILLIAM  BROWN,  born  1642,  son  of 
David  B.  of  Park,  Earlston  ;  edu 
cated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  M.A. 

(19th  July  1661) ;   called   Dec.   1691  ;   ord. 

12th  May  1692;   died  unmarr.   17th  Nov. 

that  year. — [Tombst.  on.   ivall  of  Earlston 


JAMES    KER    of    Crookedshaws,  born 
1696     1671 ;   M.A.   (Edinburgh,   18th   July 

1692) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Kelso  23rd  j 
April   1695;    ord.   30th   April    1696;    died 
26th   Jan.    1754.      He   marr.   before    1714,  | 
Sophia   (died    5th    May   1759),   daugh.    of 
John  Veitch,  min.  of  Westruther,  and  had 
issue  —  Abraham,  his   successor  ;   William, 
farmer,   Clerkington  ;    Janet. — [  Westruther 
Sess.  Reg. ;  Louder  Tests. ;  Tombst.] 

ABRAHAM  KER,  born  1714,  elder  son 
1754  °^  Preceding  ',  educated  at  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Kelso  3rd  April  1739;  pres.  by  George 
III.  25th  March,  and  ord.  10th  Sept.  1754; 
died  unmarr.  24th  March  1793.  Publica 
tion  —  Account  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's 
Stat.  Ace..,  vi.). 

GAVIN  WALLACE,  born  25th  Feb. 
-,___  1750,  son  of  Archibald  W.,  min.  of 
the  Wester  Meeting-house,  Wooler ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow ;  M.A.  (1768) ; 
licen.  by  the  Northumberland  Classis,  and  j 
ord.  to  Lowick  14th  March  1781 ;  pres.  by 
George  III.  8th  May,  and  adm.  to  this 
charge  19th  Sept.  1793 ;  died  19th  Jan. 
1834.  He  marr.  5th  Sept.  1781,  Anne 
Bradshaw,  who  died  26th  June  1811,  and 
had  issue  —  Jean,  born  10th  Aug.  1782; 
Archibald,  born  25th  Aug.  1787,  died 
2nd  Oct.  1794  ;  Dorothy,  born  27th  May 
1790 ;  Ebenezer  Bradshaw,  min.  of  Barr, 
born  19th  June  1792;  Gershoma  Hannah, 
born  19th  Sept.  1793  (marr.  her  father's 

JOHN  GIFFORD,  born  Dunragit,  Glen- 
luce,   7th   Jan.  1795,  second   son   of 
James    G.,  farmer,  and  Jane    Dal- 
rymple ;   educated  at  Univ.   of  Glasgow ; 

licen.  by  Presb.  of  Stranraer  9th  Aug.  1820 ; 
pres.  by  William  IV.,  and  ord.  (assistant 
and  successor)  2nd  Oct.  1832  ;  died  28th 
June  1854.  He  marr.  1832,  Gershoma 
Hannah  (died  at  Togher  House,  Holly- 
mount,  Co.  Mayo,  1st  July  1875),  daugh. 
of  his  predecessor,  and  had  issue — Anne 
Bradshaw,  born  10th  Feb.  1835,  died  un 
marr.  16th  Dec.  1911  ;  Jane  Dalrymple 
Dorothy,  born  llth  Sept.  1836  (marr.  27th 
June  1865,  Allan  Kirkwood  Algie  of  Togher 
House),  died  14th  Oct.  1911 ;  James  Gavin, 
farmer,  born  25th  July  1837,  died  at  Ti 
Awamutu,  Auckland,  N.Z.,  27th  May  1901. 
Publication — Account  of  the  Parish  (ATew 
Stat.  Ace.,  ii.). 

1855    GRAHAM,    ord.    13th    Feb.    1855; 
trans,  to  Maxton  12th  Oct.  1865. 

JOHN  BARCLAY,  ord.  1st  March  1866  ; 
trans,  to  Old  Kilpatrick  19th  Sept. 

HENRY  GREY  GRAHAM,  brother  of 
above  min.  in  1855  ;  ord.  12th  March 
1868  ;  trans,  to  Hyndland  Chapel-of- 
Ease,  Glasgow,  31st  Oct.  1884. 

DAVID  ANDERSON,  born  Glasgow, 
22nd  April  1848,  son  of  Alexander 
A.,  manufacturer ;  educated  at 
Univ.  of  Glasgow,  and  at  Tubingen  and 
Bonn ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dumbarton  7th 
June  1881  ;  missionary  at  Guisachan ; 
assistant  at  Longforgan  and  at  Selkirk ; 
ord.  21st  April  1885  ;  res.  21st  May  1900. 
He  marr.  14th  Sept.  1887,  Emma  Louisa, 
daugh.  of  Robert  Hutchison,  merchant, 
Kirkcaldy,  and  has  issue  —  Alexander 
Frederick  Berenbruch,  architect,  lieut. 
Royal  Scots,  born  22nd  July  1888  ;  Joanna, 
born  29th  Dec.  1890. 

GEORGE     HISLOP     YOUNG,     born 
Sanquhar,   21st   June   1863,   son    of 
William  Y.,  schoolmaster,  and  Cathe 
rine    Hume    Finlay ;     educated    at    High 
School   and    Univ.    of    Edinburgh ;    M.A. 
(1884) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dalkeith  1887  ; 
assistant  at  Maxwelltown  and  at  Peebles  ; 
ord.  20th  Sept.  1900.     Marr.  6th  Feb.  1901, 




Isabella  Kennedy,  daugh.  of  John  Wilson 
and  Isabella  Smith,  and  has  issue — Isabella 
Kennedy,  born  19th  March  1902. 


[Between  1153  and  1160  Malcolm  IV. 
granted  ''to  the  Church  of  St  Mungo  of 
Glasgow  and  to  Bishop  Herbert  and  his 
successors,  the  Church  of  Auld  Roxburgh 
with  all  its  appurtenances  in  the  chapels 
and  parishes,  in  lands  and  waters,  in 
meadows  and  pastures,  as  Ascellin  the 
Archdeacon  held  it  in  the  time  of  King 
David."  A  church  erected  in  1752  has 
undergone  various  alterations.  The  old 
church  was  dedicated  to  the  Holy  Sepulchre. 
.)  ust  outside  the  royal  burgh  of  Roxburgh 
and  in  this  parish,  stood  St  Peter's  Priory 
of  the  Grey  Friars.  About  a  mile  off, 
also  in  this  parish,  was  St  Magdalene's 

TH  UXE]  (primus),  of  Creich  and 
Nether  Rires,  Fife,  second  son  of 
Robert  B.  of  Creich,  Master  of  the  House 
hold  to  Mary,  Queen  of  Scots,  and  Joanna 
Ivenwall  or  Gryssoner,  maid  of  honour  to 
the  Queen  Dowager,  Mary  of  Lorraine 
[his  sister,  Mary  Beaton,  was  one  of  the 
"  four  Marys  "] ;  became  min.  of  this  parish 
about  1569,  on  the  deprivation  of  Sir  John 
Ker  (last  of  the  Roman  incumbents),  who 
did  not  conform.  In  1579  he  succeeded  his 
brother  David  in  the  family  estates,  clem., 
and  retired  to  Creich.  He  died  about  1618. 
He  marr.  (1)  1573,  Helen  Leslie  (died 
June  1577),  heiress  of  Kinnaird,  widow 
of  James  Barroun,  merchant,  Edinburgh, 
by  whom  he  had  two  daughs.,  who  died 
unmarr.  :  (2)  cont.  5th  April  1578,  Mar 
garet  (died  Sept.  1636),  daugh.  of  David 
Wemyss  of  Wemyss,  and  had  issue — David, 
seventh  Laird  of  Creich ;  John  ;  Robert ; 
Archibald  ;  Margaret  (marr.,  cont.  22nd 
April  1598,  William  Fernie,  younger,  of 
Wester  Fernie) ;  Elizabeth  (marr.,  cont. 
4th,  6th,  and  10th  Feb.  1604,  David,  Vis- 
(•ount  Stormont),  died  21st  Jan.  1658 : 

Catherine  (marr.  James  Forbes,  portioner 
of  Kilmany) ;  Helen.  —  [Reg.  Assig. ;  St 
Andrew*  Tests.;  Reg.  Mag.  Sig.,  vi.,  1998; 
Reg.  Sec.  Sig.,  ii.,  40  ;  Hist.  Berwick.  Nat. 
Club,  xvi.,  383  ;  Macfarlane's  Gen.  Coll.  : 
Scots  Peerage.] 

JAMES  BEATON  (secundm),  third  son 
1579  of  JOHN  B.  of  Balfour  (nephew  of 
Cardinal  Beaton),  and  Agnes  An- 
struther ;  probably  min.  of  Glencairn  in 
1574  ;  pres.  by  James  VI.  22nd  Oct.  1579  : 
member  of  Assembly  in  1606,  and  then 
styled  "old."  He  died  probably  in  1607. 
He  marr.  Isobel  Gilray,  who  died  20th  Jan. 
1600,  and  had  issue. — [Calderwood's  Hist., 
vi.,  626  ;  Reg.  Assig. ;  Knox's  Works,  ii.; 
Piooke  of  the  Kirk  ;  Wood's  East  Neuk  of 
Fife  :  Hist.  Berwick.  Xat.  C!i<b,  xvi.,  389.] 


WILLIAM  WEMYSS,  was  appointed  by 
the  Presb.  of  Jedburgh  to  be  ord.  at 
Eccles  3rd  March  1607,  but  that  was 
not  done,  "  be  reason  that  the  parochiners 
withstood  his  admission."  He  was  adm. 
to  this  charge  after  4th  Oct.  1608.  He 
signed  the  Protestation  for  the  Liberties 
of  the  Kirk  27th  June  1617  ;  still  min. 
7th  Oct.  1634.  He  marr.  29th  May  1606, 
Isobel  Hewat.  and  had  issue  —  William, 
his  successor,  min.  in  1641  ;  Jean,  bapt. 
22nd  Jan.  1607  ;  Isobel.—  [Jedburgh  and 
Melrose  Presb.  Regs.  ;  Edin.  Reg.  (Marr. 
(nut  Bapt.);  Reg.  Assig.  ;  Orig.  Lett.,  ii.] 

1635  burgh,  26th  July  1634)  ;  dep.  before 
22nd  Oct.  1639,  and  left  the  country 
before  5th  May  1640.  He  had  £50  voted 
by  Parliament,  21st  June  1661,  "  on  account 
of  his  loyalty."  —  [Acts  of  Parl  ..  vi.] 


WILLIAM  WEMYSS,  born  1606,  son  of 

william    w->  min-   in    1608;    M-A. 

(Edinburgh,  21st  July  1632);  pres. 
by  Robert,  Earl  of  Roxburghe,  and  ord. 
23rd  March  1641  ;  chaplain  to  the  Earl  of 
Roxburghe's  Regiment  in  England  ;  died 
17th  March  1658.  He  marr.  Isobel,  daugh. 
of  Thomas  Moir,  min.  of  Morebattle,  who 
survived  him,  and  had  issue  —  William,  men 
tioned  as  eldest  son  in  1655.  —  [Tombst.] 




TON],  son  of  Andrew  H.,  smith, 
burgess  of  Edinburgh  ;  M.A.  (Edin 
burgh,  15th  July  1641);  probably  deprived 
of  his  license,  but  restored  by  Presb.  of 
Edinburgh  14th  June  1654;  chaplain  to  I 
William,  Earl  of  Roxburghe ;  called  22nd 
Aug.  1658  ;  adm.  13th  June  1660.  He  peti 
tioned  Parliament  to  confirm  the  Presby 
tery's  resolution  to  allow  ,him  the  stipend 
from  the  date  of  his  coll.,  which  was  granted 
3rd  April  1661.  He  conformed  to  Episco 
pacy,  and  was  inst.  after  6th  Dec.  1664  ; 
died  between  7th  Nov.  1671  and  6th  Feb. 
1672.  He  marr.  2nd  April  1663,  Margaret 
Haliburton,  who  was  buried  at  Greyfriars, 
Edinburgh,  23rd  Feb.  1697,  and  had  issue— 
Marion.— [Acts  and  Dec.,  Dal.,  xxi.,  10th 
Nov.  1666  ;  Acts  of  Parl,,  vii. ;  Edin.  Reg. 

JOHN  DALGLEISH,  pres.  by  William, 
Earl  of  Roxburghe,  March  1672  ;  ord. 
by  Robert  Leighton,  Archbishop  of 
Glasgow  (the  Presb.  concurring),  26th 
March  1673.  "The  benefice  being  too 
small,  he  was  obliged  to  follow  another 
employment  and  leave  his  cure,  much 
regretted  by  the  people."  He  went  to 
Queensferry,  but  returned  in  1690.— 
[Ing.  Ret.  den.,  5933;  Dunbar  Pre&l). 

JOHN  KER,  son  of  Alexander  K., 
min.  of  Grange;  M.A.  (Marischal 
College,  Aberdeen,  1677);  school 
master  of  Grange,  1677-9 ;  coll.  before 
3rd,  and  inst.  10th  April  1683.  He  was 
accused  before  the  Privy  Council,  26th 
Sept.  1689,  of  only  partly  reading  the 
Royal  Proclamation,  and  of  praying  for 
James  VII.  He  was  acquitted,  and  prob 
ably  retired  from  the  parish.— [MS.  Ace. 
of  Min.,  1689  ;  Peterkin's  Constitut.  of  the 

JOHN     DALGLEISH,     M.A.,     above 

noticed;    trans,    from    Queensferry, 

and  adm.  4th  Nov.  1690;   trans,  to 

Old  Machar  in  1696,  but  not  settled  ;  trans. 

to  Dundee  27th  Aug.  1700.—  [Acts  of  Ass., 


(Edinburgh  1677) ;  ord.  to  Colvend 
4th  Oct.  1692;  called  in  1701; 
trans,  and  adm.  23rd  July  1702 ;  deprived 
for  Jacobitism  14th  Aug.  1717.  The 
charge  of  disloyalty  is  stated  to  have 
arisen  from  his  drinking  the  Chevalier's 
health  at  Kelso,  in  company  of  the  Jaco 
bite  troops,  doing  so  from  no  bad  inten 
tion,  but  merely  to  please  Mackintosh, 
the  commander,  and  to  recover  a  horse 
which  the  soldiers  had  stolen  from  him. 
The  Countess  of  Roxburghe  gave  him  a 
cottage  at  Cessford,  where  he  resided  for 
a  time.  On  27th  Aug.  1729  he  was  adm. 
min.  of  Dawyck,  where  he  died  unmarr. 
22nd  Feb.  1742.— [Acts  of  Ass.,  1717,  1723; 
Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  xix.] 

JOHN  POLLOCK,  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Glasgow  29th  Jan.  1701 ;  ord.  to 
Glencairn  26th  May  1704.  He 
marched  to  Stirling  in  1715  in  support  of 
the  Hanoverian  cause ;  pres.  by  John, 
Duke  of  Roxburghe,  and  by  the  Presb. 
jure  devoluto  1st  April,  trans,  and  adm. 
24th  June  1718;  died  unmarr.  12th  Aug. 
1734.  Publication— An  Answer  to  the  first 
part  of  Humble  Pleadings,  or  a  Vindication 
of  the  Church  of  Scotland  from  the  Unjust 
Aspertions  of  Mr  Heplurn  [min.  of  Urr] 
ami  his  Party  (Dumfries  [Rae  Press],  1717). 
— [Nisbet's  Heraldry,  ii. ;  Sinclair's  Stat. 
Ace.,  xix.] 

ROBERT  HOGG,  a  native  of  the 
parish;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Kelso 
5th  Dec.  1732;  pres.  by  John, 
Duke  of  Roxburghe,  and  ord.  llth  June 
1735;  died  2nd  Feb.  1781,  in  his  77th 
year.  He  marr.  31st  Dec.  1743,  Mary 
Home,  who  died  8th  March  1810,  and  had 
issue— Isobel,  born  17th  Oct.  1744  (marr. 
26th  Dec.  1765,  Robert  Mein,  portioner  of 
Roxburgh);  Alexander,  born  llth  May 
1746,  died  14th  June  1774;  Elizabeth, 
born  21st  Oct.  1748  (marr.  1st  July  1768, 
Andrew  Leadhouse,  Roxburgh) ;  Charlotte, 
born  23rd  July  1750  (marr.  12th  Jan.  1773, 
William  Brown,  merchant,  London) ;  Mary, 
born  6th  July  1752;  Christian,  born  19th 
Jan.  1755,  died  4th  Aug.  1834 ;  Veronica, 
born  19th  March  1757,  died  1st  Oct.  1821. 



ANDREW  BELL,  born  1755:  educated 
1781  at  Univ-  of  St  Andrews;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Jedburgh  23rd  Aug.  1779  ; 
pre.s.  by  John,  ])uke  of  Hoxburghe.  and 
ord.  29th  Xov.  1781  ;  died  29th  April  1819. 
He  man-.  3rd  Sept.  1789,  Janet  Cairns, 
who  died  26th  June  1818,  aged  63.  and 
had  issue— Alison,  born  15th  June  1790  : 
George  Cranstoun,  born  18th  Xov.  1791, 
died  16th  Feb.  1793:  Isobel,  born  3rd 
Sept.  1793:  George  Cranstoun,  born 
13th  Feb.  1795:  William,  born  24th  July 
1796;  John,  born  15th  Oct.  1798;  Agnes, 
born  5th  July  1800.— [Tomlxt.'] 

JAMES  HOPE,  born  Dumfriesshire, 
1819  l787-:  licen-  l)y  presb.  of  Annan 
4th  May  1814;  pres.  by  James. 
Duke  of  Roxburghe,  4th  June,  and  ord. 
23rd  Sept,  1819:  died  7th  March  1843. 
He  marr.  15th  Dec.  1835,  Marion  (died  at 
Linlithgow,  8th  July  1849),  daugh.  of  James 
Young,  min.  of  Eckford,  and  had  issue- 
Marion,  born  21st  Jan.  1838  :  John,  born 
21st  Dec.  1839  :  James,  born  18th  March 
1841  ;  Margaret,  born  29th  July  1842. 
Publication— Account  of  the  Parish  LVw 
Mat.  Ace.,  iii.).—[Tombst.] 

WILLIAM  LEE,  pres.  by  James,  Duke 
1843  of  Roxburghe,  8th  April,  and  ord. 
29th  June  1843  ;  dem.  on  appoint 
ment  as  Professor  of  Ecclesiastical  His 
tory  in  the  Univ.  of  Glasgow,  1st  June 

DAVID    PAUL,   M.A.  :    trans,    from 

1876     M°rebattle,    and     adm.    8th    Feb. 

1876 ;  trans,  to  Robertson  Memorial 

(Grange)    Parish,    Edinburgh,    15th    July 


1897  born  Hillsborough,  Co.  Down,  23rd 
May  1856,  son  of  William  Mathers  ; 
educated  at  Queen's  College,  Belfast' 
B.A.  (1877),  LL.B.  (1879),  LL.D.  (1880) 
M.A.  (1882),  and  Edinburgh  Univ. ;  licen' 
by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  17th  June  1884  ; 
assistant  at  Newington  and  at  St  Cuth- 
bert's,  Edinburgh;  ord.  25th  Feb.  1897 
Marr.  8th  Dec.  1903,  Annie,  daugh.  of 
James  Beveridge. 


[Sproiiston. — The  church  of  Sprou.ston, 
dedicated  to  St  Michael,  was  given  by 
King  David  I.  to  the  monks  of  Kelso 
early  in  the  twelfth  century.  In  1781  the 
church  was  rebuilt  on  the  old  site. 

Lempitlaw  \v&8  granted  in  1122,  with  all 
its  lands  and  pertinents,  to  the  House  of 
the  Holy  Trinity  at  Soltra.  The  date  of 
its  union  with  Sprouston  is  unknown.  No 
trace  now  remains  of  a  proprietary  chapel 
which  once  existed  at  Hadden.] 

1574    ANDREW  HATSTIE,  reader. 

ROBERT  YOUNG,  reader,  1576  to 
1576  1580. 

1605  of  An(ll'ew  S.,  min.  of  Dalkeith ; 
M.A.  (St  Andrews  1602);  pres.  by 
James  VI.  16th  March  1605  ;  a  member  of 
the  Glasgow  Assembly  in  1638  ;  died  before 
Oct.  1656,  aged  about  73.  He  marr.  (name 
unknown),  and  had  issue  —  James,  his 
successor  ;  Robert,  collector  of  Midlothian  ; 
Mary  (marr.  (1),  cont.  17th  May  1650, 
Hugh  Binning,  min.  of  Covan;  (2)  James 
Gordon,  min.  of  Comber,  Co.  Down.)— 
[_G.  7i'.  Horning^  nth  March  1674  ;  TiV/. 
Assif/. ;  Reg.  Olfl  Dec.  :  Stevenson's  Hist., 
Baillie's  Lett.} 

JAMES    SIMSON,   son    of    preceding: 
1645     adni-  (^league)   Aug.    1645;    trans! 
to  Airth  28th  May  1648,  but  was  not 
settled  there  until  1650. 

SAMUEL  ROW,  son  of  Archibald  R., 
1655  min>  of  Stobo;  M.A.  (Edinburgh 
1629) ;  obtained  a  charge  in  Ireland  ; 
adm.  to  Second  Charge,  Dunfermline,  in 
1638  ;  trans,  to  Kirkmabreck  in  1640  ;  adm. 
irrespective  of  the  Presb.  by  the  Protesters 
[Livingston  of  Ancrum,  Somerville  of 
Ednam,  Jamieson  of  Swinton,  Ramsay  of 
Mordington,  Douglas  of  Hilton,  Rutherford 
of  Eccles,  and  Simson  of  Airth],  all  of  whom 
were  either  under  censure  or  in  process 
before  the  Synod,  13th  Dec.  1655.  The 
Presb.  protested,  and  produced  evidence  of 




undue  influence  by  masters  over  servants, 
"  overawing  and  terrifying  them ;;  into 
subscribing  the  call.  R.  was  deprived  by 
the  Synod,  and  the  charge  declared  vacant. 
He  died  at  Edinburgh,  June  1GG5,  aged 
about  56.  He  marr.  (1)  28th  Feb.  1639, 
Margaret,  claugh.  of  James  Howburne  [or 
Cockburn],  at  the  Common  of  Fossoway, 
and  had  issue — Mary,  born  16th  Nov.  1639  ; 
James,  apprentice  to  William  Ramsay, 
merchant,  Edinburgh,  18th  May  1658 ; 
Margaret :  (2)  Margaret  (buried  in  Grey- 
friars,  Edinburgh,  13th  Feb.  1673),  daugh. 
of  William  Row,  min.  of  Forgandenny,  and 
had  issue  —  Thomas. — [D unferml ine  and 
Torryburn  Sess.  Regs.  :  Edin.  Reg.  (Bur.) ; 
Livingston's  Characteristics  ;  Baillie's  Lett.  ; 
Acts  of  Parl.,  vii. ;  Wodrow's  Hist.  :  Moray 
Inventory  J\ 

THOMAS  INGLIS,  M.A.  (Glasgow 
1642) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Lanark  ; 
ord.  to  Second  Charge,  Linlithgow, 
26th  April  1648 ;  trans,  to  Whittinge- 
hame  May  1654 ;  pros,  by  Charles  II.  13th 
July,  and  adm.  between  18th  and  25th 
Sept.  1661 ;  had  confirmation  of  Thurston 
with  Thomas  Dalrymple,  apothecary,  Edin 
burgh,  10th  Dec.  1672 ;  died  between  3rd 
Oct.  1683  and  16th  Oct.  1685.  He  marr. 
Elizabeth  Whyte,  who  survived  him,  and 
had  issue  —  Thomas,  apothecary,  Kelso  ; 
Jean  ;  Agnes. — [D unbar  Presb.  Key. ;  Edin. 
Sas.,  xxi. ;  Guild,  Counc.,  and  Test.  Regs., 
Peebles;  Min.-book  Rrg.  Prit'i/  Seal,  v. ; 
Wodrow's  Hist.] 



GEORGE  BARCLAY,  M.A.  (King's 
College,  Aberdeen,  July  1673) ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Dalkeith ;  mentioned 
as  min.  here  in  1689 ;  deprived  by  the 
Privy  Council  3rd  Sept.  1689,  for  not 
reading  the  Proclamation  of  the  Estates, 
and  for  praying  for  James  VII.  The  Edin 
burgh  Town  Council  passed  Acts  in  his 
favour  25th  March  1691  and  3rd  Feb. 
1693.  He  died  at  Edinburgh,  13th  Jan. 
1712,  aged  about  58.  He  marr.  (name  un 
known),  and  had  issue— George,  merchant, 
Bath  ;  William,  optician,  Edinburgh.  — 
[Peterkin's  Constitut.  of  the  Church ;  MS. 
Ace.  of  Min.,  1689 ;  Edin.  Tests. ;  Edin. 
Counc.  Reg. ;  Edin.  Reg.  Bur.}.} 


appears  as  a  witness  to  baptisms  at 
1691  .Tedburgh  in  1673  and  1674,  and  as 
master  of  Jedburgh  Grammar  School, 
probably  from  1672  to  1682.  He  held  a 
charge  (unidentified)  within  the  bounds 
of  Jedburgh  Presb.,  from  which  he  was 
trans,  and  adm.  to  this  parish,  28th  May 

1691.  He  was  a  member  of  Assembly  in 

1692,  and  got  100  merks  from   the  Town 
Council  of  Edinburgh  8th  July  1692  ;  died 
between  19th  Oct.  and  3rd  Dec.  1702.     He 
marr.,  and  had  issue — John,  D.D.,  min.  of 
Earlston,  Principal  of  the  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh. —  [Edin.    Counc.    Reg.;    Reg.    G'c/i. 
Ass.,   1692 ;   Watson's  JeJInirgJi    Grammar 

NINIAN  HOME  of  Billie,  born  5th 
Dec.  1670,  son  of  Abraham  H., 
tenant  of  Billieshill  (descended  from 
William  H.  of  St  Leonard's),  and  Isobel 
Trotter.  He  graduated  M.A.  at  Edinburgh 
Univ.,  and  became  schoolmaster  of  Fogo 
and  of  Preston.  Licen.  by  Presb.  of  Duns 
7th  April  1696,  he  was  min.  of  Bunkle  in 
the  same  year.  In  1701  he  Avas  deputed 
by  the  Synod  to  aid  in  forming  a  Society 
for  the  improvement  of  the  manners  of  the 
people.  He  was  called  to  this  charge  4th 
July,  and  adm.  29th  Nov.  1704.  Deposed 
for  various  offences  9th  July  1716,  and 
reponed  in  October  following ;  he  was 
again  dep.  for  Jacobitism  14th  March 
1718.  He  died  in  Covenant  Close,  Edin 
burgh,  17th  Dec.  1744.  In  the  matter  of 
finance  he  is  said  to  have  been  most  suc 
cessful,  and  this  is  shown  by  a  list  of 
debts  due  to  him  at  the  time  of  his  death. 
He  acquired  the  estates  of  Billie  and  Lint- 
hill,  and  to  him  was  due  a  retrieval  of 
the  fortunes  of  the  Wedderburn  family. 
George  Home  of  Wedderburn  joined  the 
Rebellion  of  1715,  and  was  attainted,  his 
estates  going  to  the  Crown.  Ninian  Home 
bought  up  the  claims  against  George  H., 
and  in  1725  granted  a  disposition  of  the 
lands  in  favour  of  his  family.  He  marr.  (1) 
7th  Nov.  1700,  Margaret,  daugh.  of  James 
Daes,  advocate,  of  Cowdenknowes,  Earlston, 
and  had  issue — James  of  Billie,  born  1701, 
died  4th  April  1724  ;  Abraham,  born  1702  ; 
Abraham,  born  1704;  Charles,  born  1705, 




all  died  young ;  Margaret,  born  12th  July 
1706  (marr.  Alexander  Home  of  Mander- 
ston),  and  was  dead  by  1737;  Alexander 
of  Jardinefield,  born  20th  June  1709,  died 
at  Branxton,  20th  March  1709;  George, 
born  8th  Sept.  1714,  was  wounded  at 
Fontenoy,  and  died  in  England,  1745. 
[Ninian  Home  wished  his  son  Alexander 
to  marry  the  eldest  daugh.  of  George  Home 
of  Wedderburn,  but  he  refused,  and  marr. 
instead  her  younger  sister  Tsobel.  His 
father  then  gave  him  the  estate  of  Jardine 
field,  and  dismissed  him  from  his  presence.] 
(2)  (cont.  21st  April  1725),  Margaret  Home, 
the  lady  his  son  had  previously  refused  to 
marry.  By  her  he  had  issue— Ninian,  born 
18th  March  1724,  died  s.p.  13th  April  1740; 
Patrick  of  Billie  and  Wedderburn,  M.P.  for 
Berwickshire,  born  22nd  May  1728,  died 
s.p.  at  London,  19th  Dec.  1808;  Isobel, 
born  21st  March  1730,  died  unmarr.  at 
London,  1753  ;  Abraham,  born  22nd  March 
1731,  died  s.p.  at  Edinburgh,  April  1753; 
General  David  of  Caldra  and  Wedderburn, 
born  30th  Dec.  1732,  died  s.p.  30th  Dec. 
1809 ;  Jean  of  Wedderburn,  born  20th 
May  1734,  died  at  Paxton,  9th  Dec.  1812; 
Andrew,  born  12th  Sept.  1735,  died  1st 
June  1740;  Thomas,  captain  Royal  Scots 
Fusiliers,  born  24th  Jan.  1737,  died  6th 
May  1802;  Margaret,  born  2nd  March 
1738,  died  young;  Elizabeth,  born  27th 
March  1739,  died  April  1789;  Abraham, 
born  20th  Feb.  1744,  died  young.  Ninian 
Home's  widow  was  brutally  attacked  by  her 
butler,  Norman  Ross,  at  Linthill  House, 
near  Eyemouth,  13th  Aug.  1751,  and  died 
within  three  days.  She  was  buried  in  the 
ancient  Norman  apse  of  Bunkle  Church. — 
[Oxnam  Churchyard  ;  Chirnside  Presb.  and 
Bunkle  Sess.  Regs. ;  Lander  Tests. ;  Edin. 
Re<j.  (Bur.} ;  Reg.  Gen.  Ass.,  1718  ;  Boston's 
Memoirs ;  Milne  Home  Papers,  p.  10 ; 
Thomson's  Coldingham  ;  Hist.  Berwickshire 
Nat.  Club  ;  Henderson's  Popular  Rhymes 
of  Berwickshire  ;  Memoirs  of  an  Aristocrat.] 

GEORGE  LOGAN,  M.A. ;  trans,  from 
Lauder ;  pres.  by  John,  Duke  of 
Roxburghe,  16th  Oct.  1718 ;  adm. 

22nd   Jan.   1719 ;    trans,   to   Dunbar    24th 

Jan.  1722. 

WILLIAM  BAXTER,  M.A.  (Edinburgh 

1722  1697) ;  licen-  bv  Presb-  °f  Kelso  9th 
April  1700;  ord.  to  Ednam  12th 
Feb.  1702  ;  pres.  by  John,  Duke  of  Rox 
burghe,  and  adm.  2nd  Aug.  1722 ;  died 
3rd  Feb.  1735,  aged  about  58. 

CHARLES    BAXTER,    parish    school 
master;    licen.    by  Presb.  of  Kelso 
1st  June  1731 ;  pres.  by  John,  Duke 
of    Roxburghe,   and   ord.   9th    Oct.    1735; 
died    21st   March    1742.      He   marr.    Mar 
garet    (died    10th    June    1771),   daugh.   of 
William   Erskine,   and   had    issue  —  Eliza 
beth  ;    Catherine    (marr.,    pro.    12th    July 
1761,  William  Cheape,  manufacturer,  Edin 
burgh)  ;  William ;  Charles. 

ROBERT     TURNBULL,     bapt.     21st 

1742  ^a^  1^14'  son  °^  George  T.,  min. 
of  Tynninghame ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Dalkeith  6th  July,  pres.  by  Robert, 
Duke  of  Roxburghe,  and  ord.  23rd  Dec. 
1742  ;  died  unmarr.  29th  June  1801.  Pub 
lication — Account  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's 
Stat.  Ace.,  i.,  xxi.). — [Tynninghame  Sess. 

ANDREW  THOMSON,  pres.  by  John, 

1802   Duke  of  Roxburghe>  24th  J^y 1801  > 

ord.  llth  March  1802  ;  trans,  to  East 
Parish,  Perth,  31st  March  1808. 

[DAVID  (afterwards  Sir  DAVID, 
LL.D.)  BREWSTER,  son  of  James  B., 
rector  of  the  Grammar  School  of  Jed- 
burgh  ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  12th  April 
1800) ;  was  pres.  by  Sir  James  Norcliffe 
Innes  Ker,  Bart.,  20th  Sept.  1808.  A  com 
peting  presentation  was  made  by  the 
Duchess  of  Roxburghe  and  General  Ker 
in  favour  of  Ninian  Trotter,  and  Brewster 
withdrew,  "  on  account  of  the  anxiety  and 
expense  of  asserting  his  rights,  and  the  pain 
and  discomfort  of  keeping  the  parish  so 
long  unsupplied  "  (Home  Life  of  Sir  David 
Breivster,  68).] 

NINIAN    TROTTER,  born    1777,    son 
180g     of    George    T.,    Kerchesters;    licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Kelso  22nd  June  1802; 
pres.   by  the   Dowager  Duchess  of    Rox 
burghe,  and  her  husband,  John  Tollemache, 




12th  Aug.,  and  by  General  Walter  Ker  of 
Littledean  1st  Oct.  1808,  and  by  Sir  James 
Norcliffe  Innes  Ker,  Bart.,  Aug.  1809  ;  ord. 
28th  Sept,  1809  :  died  (of  Asiatic  cholera) 
12th  Oct.  1832.  He  was  unmarr. 

JOHN   SYM.   pres.   by  Mary,   Duchess 

1833     ^owaoer   °f   Roxburghe,  26th   Nov. 

1832  ;  ord.  6th  June  1833  ;  trans,  to 

Old  Greyfriars,  Edinburgh,  25th  Sept.  1834. 

GEORGE  CRAIG,  born  Glasgow,  8th 
July  1805,  fifth  son  of  John  C., 
merchant,  and  Agnes  Wright ;  edu 
cated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow  ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Glasgow  8th  Nov.  1832 ;  pres.  by  Mary, 
Duchess  Dowager  of  Roxburghe,  and  her 
husband,  24th  Oct.  1834  ;  ord.  15th  Jan. 
1835.  Joined  the  Free  Church ;  min.  of 
Sprouston  Free  Church  (now  St  John's 
U.F.  Church,  Kelso)  in  1843 ;  lived  much 
abroad  after  1861,  on  account  of  his  health, 
and  died  10th  Feb.  1866.  He  marr.  2nd 
Oct.  1844,  Margaret  M'Culloch  (died  19th 
Nov.  1865),  daugh.  of  James  Morrison,  and 
had  issue— Janet  Harvey,  born  6th  Aug. 
1845,  died  unmarr.  10th  Jan.  1913 ;  Agnes 
Marion,  born  6th  Feb.  1847  (marr.  as  his 
first  wife,  Andrew  Harper,  D.D.,  Principal 
of  St  Andrew's  College,  Univ.  of  Sydney), 
died  22nd  July  1885  ;  John  Thomas,  M.A., 
Principal  of  Toorak  College,  Melbourne, 
born  13th  Sept.  1848,  died  1st  Sept.  1902; 
Margaret  M'Culloch  Morrison,  born  13th 
March  1850 ;  James  Morrison,  born  9th 
March  1852,  died  25th  Dec.  1871 ;  Isabella 
Christina,  born  20th  Jan.  1855,  died 
2nd  Sept,  1872.  Publications— The  Pro 
ceedings  of  the  late  General  Assembly 
regarding  the  Auchterarder  Case,  Con 
sidered  and  Defended  (Glasgow,  1839) ; 
Sermon  at  opening  of  North  Parish 
Church  [Kelso]  (Edinburgh,  1838);  Ac 
count  of  the  Parish  (New  Stat.  Ace.,  iii.) ; 
Memoir,  prefixed  to  Sym's  Discourses. — 
[Vide  Discourses  and  Letters  to  his  Con 
gregation,  with  Memoir,  ed.  by  Andrew 
Cunningham  (Kelso,  1867).] 


1843     k°rn  Belford,  Northumberland,  1806, 

son  of  Robert  B.  and  Mary  Orange  ; 

educated  at  Univs.    of    St  Andrews  and 

Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh 
26th  April  1832;  ord.  min.  of  Stamford- 

I  ham  Presbyterian  Congregation  21st  Aug. 

!  1833  ;   adm.  to   Larkhall   26th  July  1838  ; 

'.  trans,  to  Auldfield  (now  Pollokshaws)  24th 

:  Sept,  1840  ;  trans,  and  adm.  21st  Sept.  1843  ; 
died  at  Strathpeffer,  27th  Aug.  1880.  He 
was  widely  known  as  a  pomologist,  and  as  an 
authority  in  horticultural  matters  generally. 
He  marr.  17th  March  1845,  Mary  Weather- 
stone,  who  died  20th  Oct.  1849,  and  had 
issue — Robert,  sheep  farmer,  Queensland, 
born  14th  March  1846,  died  30th  Nov. 
1899  ;  William,  sheep  farmer,  Queensland, 
born  5th  Sept.  1847,  died  3rd  Jan.  1888; 
Thomas,  sheep  farmer,  Queensland,  born 
20th  Oct.  1849.— [Henderson's  Folk-lore  of 
the  Northern  Comities,  and  J/y  Life  as  an 
Angler  ;  Hist,  of  BenvicTcshire  Naturalists' 
Club,  1880.] 

endy  Schoolhouse,  Perthshire,  2nd 
Feb.  1853,  son  of  Charles  R.,  school 
master,  and  Mary  Ann  Dawson  ;  educated 
at  Madras  College  and  Univ.  of  St  Andrews, 
and  at  Leipzig  ;  M.A.  (St  Andrews  1873)  ; 
tutor  in  the  family  of  James  Anthony 
Froude,  1874-5  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dunkeld 
May  1877 ;  assistant  at  Dunning ;  B.D. 
(St  Andrews  1877);  ord.  (assistant)  at 
Arbroath  ttth  Jan.  1879;  trans,  and  adm. 
27th  Jan.  1881 ;  died  unmarr.  21st  Sept. 
1890.  Mr  Froude  spoke  of  him  as  one 
who  had  "  kept  his  head  clear  and  steady 
amidst  the  controversies  of  the  age  —  as 
one  who  was  true  in  heart  to  the  great 
traditions  of  Scotland/'"  Publication  — 
Essays  and  Sermons  [with  a  Memoir  by 
his  brother,  James  Robertson,  D.D.,  min. 
of  Whittingehame]  (Edinburgh,  1892). 


JOHN  AGNEW  FINDLAY,  M.A. ;  ord. 
19th  March  1891 ;  trans,  to  St  Mary's 
Parish,  Edinburgh,  4th  April  1901. 

igol  23rd  March  1871,  younger  son  of 
James  F.,  min.  of  Blair- Atholl ;  edu 
cated  at  Edinburgh  Univ. ;  M.A.  (1891) ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dunkeld  26th  April  1898  ; 
assistant  at  Tron  Parish,  Edinburgh ;  ord. 
26th  Sept.  1901.  He  marr.  4th  June  1903, 




Janet  Helen,  daugh.  of  John  Alison,  D.D., 
min.  of  Newington,  Edinburgh,  and  has 
issue — Margaret  Jean  Denholm,  born  19th 
Aug.  1905  ;  Katlierine  Mary,  born  25th 
.March  1911  ;  Dora  Denhohn,  born  Kith 
Feb.  1913.  Publication— Sweet  Peas :  How 
to  f,'  r/n"  the  1'erfect  Wover  (London,  1910). 


[In  the  twelfth  century  the  church  of 
Stiehill  belonged  to  the  Priory  of  Colding- 
ham.  Part  of  an  old  wall  near  the  east 
end  of  the  present  building  is  believed  to 
be  the  remains  of  an  older  church.  The 
bell,  cast  by  Michael  Burgerhuys,  is  dated 

WILLIAM  HUDE  [HOOD],  reader  in 
1567  1567  :  deprived  1st  May  1577. 

JOHN  FAIRBATRN,  reader,  1578  to 
1578  1591. 

JAMES  FRENCH,  M.A. ;   trans,  from 
16Q5     Hume  ;  pres.  by  James  VI.  6th  March 
1605  [vide  Hume]. 

DAVID  COURTNEY,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
1613  30th  July  1601) ;  pres.  by  James  VI. 
31st  May  1613,  and  adm.  shortly 
afterwards ;  died  29th  April  1655,  in  his 
84th  year.  He  marr.  (cont.  3rd  Jan.  1609) 
Margaret,  daugh.  of  John  M'Call,  gardener 
at  Thirlestane  Castle,  and  had  issue — John, 
min.  of  Bolton  ;  Sarah  ;  Elizabeth  (marr.  her 
father's  successor) :  Francis,  M.A. ;  Thomas, 
min.  of  Mertoun. — [Reg.  of  Deeds,  clxxxi., 
179  ;  Reg.  of  Deeds,  Mack.,  10th  Jan.  1671 ; 
Reg.  Assig. ;  Stat.  Reports,  1627  ;  Gunn's 
Stichill,  11.] 

DAVID  STARK,  M.A.  (St  Andrews 
1648  1631)  >  ord-  (Assistant  and  successor) 
Sept.  1648.  Conforming  to  Episco 
pacy,  he  was  pres.  by  Charles  II.  llth  Sept. 
1662;  dem.  1st  May  1683;  died  March 
1685,  aged  about  74.  He  marr.  30th  Jan. 
1649,  Elizabeth  Courtney,  daugh.  of  his 
predecessor,  "  who  with  her  husband  had 
sasine  of  an  annual  rent  of  £92  furth  of 
the  kirk  lands  of  Hume,  llth  Nov.  1661, 
of  which  resignation  was  made  14th  Nov. 
1672."  He  had  issue — Margaret,  bapt.  1st 

Jan.  1650  ;  David,  bapt.  16th  Nov.  1651  ; 
Robert,  M.A.,  bapt.  5th  Sept.  1654,  prob- 
1  ably  the  min.  of  Stenton  who  had  property 
in  this  parish.  —  [</.  R.  InJdb.,  17th  June 
1667  :  Xc>>'  d<  n.  Reg.  fixities,  ii.  ;  Jfin-.- 
loolc  Reg.  Privy  Seal,  v.  ;  Wodrow's  Jfist.] 

ANDREW  DARLING,  of  the  family  of 
1683  ^'  °^  Appletreeleaves,  Galashiels  ; 
M.A.  (Edinburgh  1670);  pres.  by 
Charles  II.  10th  April  1683,  and  ord.  after 
1st  May  same  year  ;  deprived  by  the  Privy 
Council,  29th  Aug.  1689,  for  not  reading 
the  Proclamation  of  the  Estates,  nor  pray 
ing  for  William  and  Mary.  He  was  dep. 
by  Presb.  of  Earlston  for  drunkenness 
13th  May  1692.  He  died  3rd  August  1735, 
aged  86.  He  marr.  Agnes  Inglis,  who  died 
25th  March  1721,  aged  ^.—[Earlston  Presb. 
Reg.  ;  Min.-book  Reg.  Privy  Seal,  v.  ;  Hall's 
G'alasfiiels,  156.] 

JOHN    GLEN,   ord.   30th    June    1691; 
I   16gi     member  of  Assembly  in  1692  ;   died 
May  1718.—  [Reg.  Gen.  Ass.,  1692.] 

JOHN"  GLEN,  son  of  preceding;  pres. 
^7  the  Presb.  jure  devoluto  2nd  Dec. 
1718;  ord.  5th  March  1719;  trans. 
to  New  Greyfriars,  Edinburgh,  14th  Dec. 


ALEXANDER  HOME,  bapt.  17th  Aug. 

1707,  eldest  son  of  George  H.,  min. 

of  Chirnside  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Chirnside 
27th  July  1731  ;  pres.  by  George  II.  10th 
April  1733,  and  by  William,  Earl  of  Home; 
ord.  1st  Jan.  1734  ;  died  in  May  1742.  He 
marr.  17th  Sept.  1736,  Agnes,  daugh.  of  John 
Ewing  of  Craigton,  W.S.  (she  marr.  (2)  Nov. 
1756,  Edward  Inglis,  druggist,  Edinburgh), 
and  had  issue—  George,  bapt.  Sept.  1737, 
died  young;  Margaret,  bapt.  15th  April 
1739  (marr.  6th  May  1759,  William  Camp 
bell,  min.  of  Lilliesleaf)  ;  George,  bapt.  1st 
Feb.  1741  ;  John,  bapt.  14th  Feb.  1742. 
[Lander  Tests.] 

GEORGE  RIDPATH,  born  about  1717, 

1743     eldest  son  of  George  R.,  min.  of  Lady- 

kirk  ;    educated   at   Univ.   of  Edin 

burgh;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Chirnside  27th 

May  1740;  pres.  by  George  II.  20th  July 




1742,  and  by  William,  Earl  of  Home  ;  ord. 
16th  Feb.  1743  ;  died  31st  Jan.  1772.  He 
marr.  6th  Sept.  1764,  Wilhelmina  [or  Ann] 
Dawson,  Kelso,  who  died  10th  April  1810, 
and  had  issue— Christian,  born  12th  Dec. 
1766;  George,  born  25th  May  1769  ;  Ann, 
born  31st  Dec.  1770.  Publications— Chris 
tian  Liberty  opposed  to  Popish  Superstition 
and  Slavery,  a  sermon  (Edinburgh,  1751).  | 
In  1764  he  published  proposals  for  printing  j 
by  subscription  the  History  and  Antiquities 
of  Berwickshire  and  part  of  Roxburghshire, 
as  well  as  Northumberland  and  DurJiam, 
as  far  as  Bamborough  and  Alnwick.  He 
afterwards  enlarged  his  plan,  and  left  in 
manuscript  The  Border  History  of  England 
and  Scotland  deduced  from  the  earliest 
Times  to  the  Union  of  the  two  Crowns. 
This  appeared  after  his  death  (London, 
1776),  and  was  reissued  in  1808,  1810,  and 
I818.—[Tomlst.;  Carlyle's  Autob.  ;  Diet. 
Nat.  Biog.} 

ANDREW  SCOTT,  born  1743  :  licen.  by 
177g  Presb.  of  Chirnside  30th  Sept,  1766  ; 
assistant  at  Westruther ;  pres.  by 
George  III.  18th  July  1772  ;  ord.  4th  Feb. 
1773  ;  died  12th  Nov.  1826.  He  marr.  20th 
Jan.  1779,  Eleonora  (died  llth  Xov.  1828), 
daugh.  of  John  Cranstoun,  min.  of  Ancrum, 
and  had  issue— John,  born  23rd  Oct.  1779  ; 
Adam,  born  12th  Aug.  1781  ;  Agnes,  born 
23rd  April  1783  ;  Ann,  born  6th  July  1784, 
died  24th  June  1821 ;  Janet,  born  30th  Sept. 
1785  (marr.  David  William  Gordon,  min. 
of  Earlston);  Gilchrist,  born  9th  Sept. 
1787 ;  Andrew,  born  27th  May  1789 ; 
Cranstoun,  born  8th  April,  died  28th  April 
1793;  Helen  Cranstoun,  born  4th  Aug. 
1795.  Publication— Account  of  the  Parish 
(Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  iii.). 

JAMES  PATERSON,  pres.  by  George 
IV.,  and  ord.  (assistant  and  successor) 
26th  Nov.  1822  ;  trans,  to  Gordon  9th 
Sept.  1824. 

PETER  BUCHANAN,  born  1797,  sixth 

son    of     John     B.,    farmer,     Trean, 

Callander,  and  brother  of  Professor 

Robert  B.,  Glasgow  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 

Glasgow ;    licen.  by  Presb.  of   Lauder  7th 

May  1822 ;  pres.  by  George  IV.,  and  ord. 
2nd  Aug.  1827 ;  died  18th  April  1848. 
Having  a  strong  sympathy  with  the 
Jacobites  and  their  traditions,  he  is  said 
to  have  evaded  taking  the  Oath  of  Abjura 
tion  at  his  ordination.  He  marr.  12th  Aug. 
1830,  Christian  (died  4th  Oct.  1884),  daugh. 
of  John  Gray,  Heriotsh'eld,  Kelso,  and 
sister  of  George  Gray,  D.I).,  Professor  of 
Hebrew,  Univ.  of  Glasgow,  and  had  issue 
—John,  born  24th  May  1831  ;  George 
Gray,  born  28th  Feb.  1833 ;  Agnes  Mary. 
Publication — Account  of  the  Parish  (Sew 
Stat.  Ace.,  iii.). 

DUGALD   MACALISTER,  born  Bute, 


farmer,  and  Isabella  Duncan:  edu 
cated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow  ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Dunoon  5th  Nov.  1844  ;  pres.  by  Queen 
Victoria,  and  ord.  (assistant  and  successor) 
9th  June  1846;  died  28th  Dec.  1877.  He 
marr.  6th  Aug.  1851,  Dorothy  (died  12th 
March  1898,  aged  72),  daugh.  of  George 
Turnbull,  Dunkirk  Park,  Perthshire,  and 
had  issue  —  Robert  Denoon,  born  llth 
May  1852;  Dora,  born  llth  Jan.  1857 
(marr.  22nd  April  1885,  George  William 
Constable,  factor,  Traquair);  George 
Norman,  born  8th  Oct.  1863,  died  23rd 
May  1915. 

GEORGE  GUNN,  born  Edinburgh,  3rd 
June  1851,  son  of  George  G.,  sub 
editor,  Edinburgh  Evening  Courant, 
and  Margaret  Bryce ;  educated  at  High 
School  and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  M.A. 
(1872) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  1876  ; 
assistant  at  St  Stephen's,  Edinburgh  ;  ord. 
20th  June  1878 ;  chaplain  of  Grand  Lodge 
of  Freemasons  1893-95 ;  clerk  of  Presb. 
1896-1900;  secretary  of  the  Berwickshire 
Naturalists'  Club  1896  -  1900 ;  died  un- 
marr.  12th  Jan.  1900.  Publications— The 
Early  History  of  Stichill,  The  Church  of 
Hume,  etc.  (Alnwick,  1901);  Records  of 
the  Baron  Court  of  Stitchill,  1655-1807 
(Scottish  Hist.  Soc.,  1905);  contributions 
to  History  of  the  Berwickshire  Naturalists' 
Club.— [Memoir  by  his  brother,  Clement 
Bryce  Gunn,  M.D.,  in  first  -  mentioned 



TULLOCH,  born  Greenock,  23rd 
1900  Dec.  1872,  eldest  son  of  William 
Weir  T.,  D.D.,  min.  of  North  Parish, 
Greenock,  afterwards  of  Maxwell  Parish, 
Glasgow ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow ; 
M.A.  (1894),  B.I).  (1897) ;  Keen,  by  Presb. 
of  Glasgow  1897  ;  assistant  at  Barony 
Parish,  Glasgow;  ord.  14th  June  1900; 
trans,  to1  Second  Charge,  Hamilton,  1916. 
Marr.  llth  June  1903,  Janet  Richmond, 
eldest  daugh.  of  David  Macdonald,  Glas 
gow,  and  has  issue — John  Lancelot  Hill, 
born  23rd  April  1904  ;  Janet  Margaret 
llichmond,  born  22nd  March  1906;  Mar 
garet  Hill  and  Elizabeth  Anne  (twins), 
born  15th  Feb.  1910. 


[St  Nicholas  wa,s  titular  of  the  church 
of  Hume,  which  was  dedicated  by  Bishop 
Robert  of  St  Andrews  in  1147.  The  pro- 
Reformation  building  belonged  to  the 
monks  of  Kelso,  and  consisted  of  nave  and 
chancel  about  78  feet  long  by  21  feet 
broad.  Humous  in  1673,  it  is  now  repre 
sented  by  little  more  than  grass-grown 
mounds.  The  parish  was  united  to  Stichill 
in  1640.  There  was  a  chapel  in  this  parish 
at  Wedderlie.] 

CHARLES  HOME,  reader  and  chaplain 
1567  at  Halyburton,  1567  to  1585. 


ROBERT  FRENCH,  trans,  from  Eccles 
— Stichill,  Gordon,  Eccles,  and  Green- 
law  being  also  in  the  charge  ;  pres. 

to    Legerwood    before     18th    May     1591  ; 

returned  to  Eccles  in  1595. — [Rfj.  Assiy.  ; 

Eooke  of  the  Kirk.] 

JAMES  FRENCH,  MA.  (St  Andrews 

1595).     In  1596  he   was   min.   here, 

and  had  charge  also  of  Stichill  and 

Ednam ;  pres.  to  the  vicarage  of  Stichill 

by  James  VI.  6th  March  1605,  and  to  the 

parsonage  and  vicarage  here  1st  Aug.  1611. 

He    was    still    min.   8th    July    1613,    but 

ordered  to  "cease  from  teaching  at  Hume 

under  pain  of  deposition."    In  the  Records 

of  Lincoln's  Inn,  reference  is  made  to  "a 

poor  distressed  Scottish  minister,  Mr 
James  French,  who  is  lately  fallen  blind 
and  utterly  disabled  any  longer  to  exercise 
his  office."  He  petitioned  for  relief,  and 
was  given  twenty  shillings. — [Rfj.  Assi<j.~\ 


[The  earliest  notice  of  a  church  at  Yet- 
holm  is  about  the  year  1233,  when  Nicholas 
de  Geynevim  was  rector.  At  that  period 
the  cure  belonged  to  the  church  of  Glas 
gow.  In  1406  William  de  Haw  din  [Hadden], 
"  laird  of  Kirkyethame,"  gave  to  the  monks 
of  Kelso  the  right  of  advowson.  From  them 
it  passed  to  Patrick,  Earl  of  Both  well,  then 
to  the  Buccleuch  family,  and  finally  to  the 
Wauchopes  of  Niddrie.  A  church,  still 
thatched  with  heather  in  1836,  was  removed 
when  the  present  building  was  erected. 
Its  bell,  cast  by  Michael  Burgerhuys  (1643), 
is  still  in  use.  A  chapel  in  this  parish, 
beside  a  burn  which  forms  the  march  with 
England,  was  dedicated  to  St  Ethelreda.] 

1567    JAMES  WILLIAMSON,  reader. 
1574    THOMAS  TURNER,  reader. 

WILLIAM  TAIT,  reader  from  1576  to 
1576  1579. 

THOMAS  AITKIN,   reader  at  Ednam 
1574;   min.  there  in  1576;   pres.  by 
1579     James    VI.    8th    Feb.    1577;    adm. 
1579  :  deprived  after  1585. — [Rty.  Ass-iy.] 

ADAM  DOUGLAS,  pres.  in  1594.  See 
1594  Crailing. 

M.A. ;  trans,  from  Broughton,  and 
adm.  about  1595.— [Reg.  Assig.] 

JOHN  BALFOUR,  M.A.  (St  Andrews 

1591) ;    one  of  the   masters  in  the 

High  School  of  Edinburgh,  18th  May 

1597  to  7th  Jan.  1598  ;  pres.  by  James  VI. 

24th  March  1604,  also  to   Mow   2nd  Jan. 

1607  ;  he  signed  a  protestation  to  the  King 

and   Parliament  for  the  Liberties   of  the 

Kirk,  24th  June  1617  :  died  between  27th 




Aug.  1633  and  18th  Feb.  1634.  He  marr. 
in  1618  (after  some  scandal)  a  lady  whose 
name  is  unknown. — [Steven's  High  School  ; 
Reg.  Assig. ;  Orig.  Lett.,  ii. ;  Morrison's 
Dec.,  xvii.] 

FRANCIS  HERVIE,  M.A.  (St  Andrews 
1619);  adm.  to  Chanonry  prior  to 
17th  Jan.  1630;  pres.  by  Charles  I. 
18th  Feb.  1634,  and  adm.  soon  after.  He 
had  a  process  raised  against  him  in  1638, 
for  celebrating  an  irregular  marriage  be 
tween  a  son  of  Patrick,  Archbishop  of 
Glasgow,  and  a  daugh.  of  William,  Lord 
Blantyre ;  was  dep.  before  16th  July  1639, 
"  for  erecting  an  altar  with  rails,  beating 
violently  one  of  his  parishioners,  con 
tempt  of  the  Presb.,  and  declining  the 
Gen.  Assembly  1638. :;  He  was  ordered 
by  the  Committee  of  Estates  to  remove  out 
of  the  kingdom,  and  asked  "ane  pass  for 
himself,  wife,  and  children  to  that  effect." 
The  Estates  granted  him,  13th  Jan.  1645,  a 
pass  "  conform  to  the  act  of  the  Com 
mittee,  either  by  sea  or  land,  as  occasion 
may  best  offer,  without  trouble  or  im 
pediment  to  them  thereanent."  He  marr. 
Elspeth  Lunane. — [Wodrow  MSS. ;  Acts  of 
Par/.,  vi.,  part  L,  289 ;  Stevenson's  Hist.  ; 
Inverness  Sasines,  iv.,  107.] 


JOHN  DOUGLAS,  M.A. ;  pres.  by 
Francis,  Earl  of  Buccleuch,  and  his 
trustees  Feb.  1639,  and  by  William, 
Earl  of  Lothian,  that  month  ;  ord.  23rd 
April  following,  and  inst.  end  of  May ; 
was  a  member  of  Commission  of  Assembly 
in  1649 ;  trans,  to  Crailing  2nd  April 


JOHN  CLAPPERTON,  M.A. ;  adm.  in 
1662;   trans,   to   Yarrow   after  13th 

Feb.  1666. 


burgh  1659);  min.  of  Graitney  in 
1666  ;  app.  by  Alexander,  Archbishop 
of  Glasgow,  13th  March,  to  exercise  the 
ministry  till  it  be  ascertained  who  is 
patron  (a  dispute  having  arisen  between 
William,  Earl  of  Lothian,  and  Wauchope 
of  Niddrie) ;  coll.  before  4th,  and  inst.  25th 

Sept.  following ;  deprived  by  the  Privy 
Council,  12th  Sept.  1689,  for  not  reading 
the  Proclamation  of  the  Estates,  nor  pray 
ing  for  William  and  Mary,  but  for  James 
VIL,  and  not  observing  the  Thanksgiving. 
He  was  inst.  to  the  curacy  of  Almvick  in 
1692;  died  14th  April  1694,  aged  about 
56. — [Peterkin's  Constitut.  of  the  Church ; 
MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689 ;  Hutchinson's 
NortJiumberland,  i. ;  Toml>st.~\ 

JAMES  NOBLE,    M.A.  ;    adm.    before 
1690     16th   Oct.    1690;   trans,   to  Eckford 
4th  April  1694. 

JOHN    SIMSON,    M.A.;  called    31st 

1694     ^n°-'    anc*    ord-    27th  Sept.    1694 ; 

trans,     to    Morebattle  24th     Nov. 

ROBERT  COLVILLE,  born  1677  ;  M.A. 
169Q  (Edinburgh  1691) ;  became  school 
master  of  Jedburgh ;  licen.  by  that 
Presb.  14th  Aug.  1695  ;  ord.  to  Annan  prior 
to  15th  Dec.  1696 ;  called  30th  Jan.,  trans, 
and  adm.  26th  Oct.  1699;  suspended  for 
drinking  in  taverns  in  1717,  and  again  in 
1727;  died  between  2nd  Feb.  and  2nd 
March  1731.  He  marr.  Agnes  Scott,  and 
had  issue — Margaret ;  William  ;  Francis  ; 
Robert ;  Walter. 

JOSEPH  LECK,  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  7th 
April  1718)  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Duns 
4th  Jan.  1726;  called  17th  June; 
pres.  by  the  Commissioners  for  Andrew 
Wauchope  of  Niddrie,  and  ord.  23rd  Sept. 
1731 ;  died  1st  Sept,  1785,  aged  about  87. 
He  marr.  16th  March  1733,  Ann  Scott, 
Sprouston,  who  died  25th  Dec.  1761,  and 
had  issue— Henry,  born  24th  June  1736, 
died  10th  Aug.  1767  ;  Susan,  born  9th  July 
1742  (marr.  5th  July  1770,  Henry  Ainslie, 
Town-clerk  of  Jedburgh  and  Sheriff-clerk 
of  Roxburghshire) ;  Jean ;  William ; 
Thomas.  —  [Tomhst.  ;  Blackwood1*  Maga 
zine,  1818.] 

WILLIAM  BLACKIE,  tutor  and  chap- 
lain  at  Niddrie ;  pres.  by  Andrew 
Wauchope    of    Niddrie    llth    Nov. 
1785;  ord.  4th  May  1786;  died  23rd  Dec. 




1828,  in  Ids  79th  year.  Among  his  books 
was  a  manuscript  copy  of  James  Melville's 
Sonnets,  which  he  gifted  to  the  Advocates' 
Library  in  18:2:2.  He  niarr.  2nd  Sept.  1788, 
Margaret  Oliver,  who  died  at  Venchen,  5th 
July  1*  12,  aged  83,  and  had  issue— William, 
tenant  in  Iloselaw  Mains,  born  4th  Feb. 
179:5.  died  2t!tli  Sept.  1818:  Betty,  born 
29th  Nov.  1803  (marr.  .Ian.  1827,  John 
Robertson),  died  Aug.  1831.  Publication— 
Account  <>!'  the  Parish  (Sinclair's  Sfuf. 
Ace.,  xix.).— [1'omtist.] 


JOILX  BAIRD,  born  17th  Feb.  1799, 
eldest  son  of  James  B.,  min.  of 
Swinton ;  educated  at  Whitsome 
and  Kelso  schools,  and  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh  :  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dalkeith  25th 
March  1823.  Tn  1825  he  was  a  preacher  in 
Ireland  under  the  auspices  of  the  Irish 
Evangelical  Society.  Pres.  by  the  Trustees 
of  Andrew  Wauchope  of  Niddrie,  he  was 
ord.  to  this  charge  18th  June  1829;  died 
29th  Nov.  18(51.  He  was  well  known  as  a 
botanist  and  geologist,  was  one  of  the 
founders  of  the  Berwickshire  Naturalists' 
Club,  and  its  President  in  1837.  He 
laboured  earnestly  for  the  good  of  the 
gypsies,  who  had  long  been  settled  at  Kirk 
Yetholm.  The  work  was  done  in  connec 
tion  with  a  society  formed  in  Edinburgh 
for  the  "  Reformation  of  the  Gypsies  in 
Scotland,"  and  it  met  with  a  considerable 
amount  of  success.  He  marr.  (1)  llth  June 
1833,  Margaret  (born  14th  Feb.  1813,  died 
13th  Sept.  1837),  claugh.  of  Robert  Oliver 
of  Blakelaw,  and  had  issue  —  Margaret 
Richardson,  born  llth  Aug.  1834,  died  10th 
June  1845  ;  Sarah  Nichols,  born  8th  Oct. 
1836,  died  26th  June  1846  :  (2)  14th  Nov. 
1849,  Elizabeth  (died  at  Hanover,  Ger- 
many,  28th  April  1872,  aged  50),  (laugh, 
of  Nathaniel  Hughes,  Wexford,  and  had 
issue — Anna  Margaret  Elizabeth,  born  31st 
Jan.  1852,  died  23rd  Oct.  1868;  James 
Oliver,  born  26th  March  1853,  died  at 
Hanover,  Germany,  25th  Jan.  1872 ; 
Nathaniel  Hughes  John,  born  20th  Aug. 
1855  ;  Sarah  Mary,  born  4th  Sept.  1860. 
Publications  —  "On  the  Geology  of  the 
Rock  of  Gibraltar  and  adjacent  Country  " 
{Ed  in-.  I'hilox.  Jouru.,  vii.) ;  ''On  the  Rocks 

in  the  Neighbourhood  of  St  John's,  New 
foundland  ;;  (Memoirs  of  the  Wernerian 

|  Society,  iv. ;  Philosophical  Magazine,  Ix.  ; 
trans,  into  French  in  Ferussac's  Bulletin, 

•  xvi.,  1829);  "Sermon  preached  after  the 
death  of  the  Rev.  Robert  Lundie  "  (Lundie's 
Pastoral  Addresses) ;  'Hie  Scottish  Gypsies' 
Advocate  (Edinburgh,  1839) ;  Account  of  the 
Parish,  and  General  Observations  on  the 

1  County  (NfH'  Stat.  Ace.,  iii.). — [See  Memoir 
of  John  Jiaird,  by  his  brother  William 

;  Baird,  M.D.  (London,  1862) ;  George  Smith's 
I've  been  a  Gypsying  ;  Hist.  Berwick,  Nat. 
Club,  1861;  Kelso  Chronicle,  Dec.  1861; 
Diet.  Nat. 


ADAM  DAVIDSON,  born  Torbeckhill, 
Middlebie,  30th  March  1830,  son  of 
Thomas  D.  and  Janet  Carlyle ;  edu 
cated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;   M.A.  (21st 
April  1855);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh 
!  25th  Jan.  1860  ;  ord.  17th  July  1862;  died 
4th   Feb.  1908.     He  marr.  10th  Feb.  1863, 
I  Mary  Dobie  (died  26th  Nov.  1907),  claugh. 
!  of    James    Little,   farmer,   Corriehill,   and 
|  had  issue — Janet  Carlyle,   bom  12th  May 
1864,  (marr.   27th  Aug.   1890,  James  Mill, 
,  M.A.,   lecturer   on   Latin,   Univ.   of  Edin- 
|  burgh) ;  James  Little,  M.A.,  M.D.,  D.S.O., 
i  lieut.  -  colonel     I. M.S.,     born     27th     Nov. 

1898  ("hisgow,  nth  April  1858,  son  of 
Andrew  M.  and  Margaret  Carrick ; 
educated  at  Church  of  Scotland  Normal 
School  and  Ujniv.  of  Glasgow ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Glasgow  16th  March  1881 ;  assist 
ant  at  St  George's  Parish,  Paisley ;  ord.  to 
Howwood  Chapel  13th  May  1883;  adm. 
to  Wellington  Chapel  (afterwards  St  Mar 
garet's),  Hawick,  3rd  Nov.  1886;  adm.  first 
min.  of  St  Margaret's  Parish,  Hawick,  llth 
June  1896;  trans,  and  adm.  (assistant  and 
successor)  18th  Feb.  1898  ;  died  at  Millport, 
27th  Sept.  1915.  He  marr.  (1)  10th  March 
1887,  Margaret  Walker  (died  s.p.  3rd  May 
1894),  daugh.  of  Thomas  M'Queen :  (2) 
llth  Dec.  1901,  Johanna,  daugh.  of  John 
Bonthron,  and  had  issue — William  Bon- 
thron  Carrick,  born  23rd  Jan.  1903 ;  John 
Bonthron,  born  23rd  July  1906. 


JA]\[ES  WEDDERSPOON,  born  Dun 
ning,  6th   Aug.  1868,  son  of   James 

Sarah   Alexandrina    Caldwell   Bayne,  and 
has  issue — Agnes   Grant,  born   17th  Nov. 

W.,  schoolmaster  of  Croy,  and  Eliza-  1901 ;  Elizabeth  Bayne,  born  7th  July  1903, 
beth  Bayne ;  educated  at  Croy  School,  died  5th  April  1904 ;  James,  born  2nd 
Inverness-shire,  and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  March  1905 ;  Ena  Bayne,  born  23rd  Aug. 
M.A.  (1890),  B.D.  (1893)  :  licen.  by  Presb.  1907 ;  Jeanie  Westwood,  born  8th  Feb. 
of  Nairn  2nd  May  1893 ;  assistant  at  1910 ;  Catherine  Welsh,  born  5th  Oct. 
Auldearn  and  St  Paul's  Parish,  Glasgow;  1913,  died  5th  Feb.  1914.  Publications— 
ord.  to  Newmill  28th  Sept.  1896;  trans,  to  Jacob's  Ladder  (a  Masonic  sermon)  (Alex- 
Alexandria  6th  Sept.  1905  :  trans,  and  adm.  ;  andria  1908) ;  The  Vision  of  Citizenship 
7th  March  1916.  Marr.  12th  Oct.  1900,  ,  (Alexandria  1911). 

VOL.   II. 



[There  was  already  a  church  at  Ancrum 
in  11 10.  At  Malta  Walls  on  the  farm  of 
Copland,  in  the  parish,  the  Order  of  St 
John  of  Jerusalem,  called  the  Knights  of 
Malta,  had  a  preceptory.  A  new  church 
was  built  at  Ancrum  village  in  1889.] 

JAMES    THORNTON,   received    £238 
(Scots)  as  his  pension  from  Martin 
mas  1559  to  Whitsunday   1500,  and 
£90  for  his  duties  during  the  four  months 
after  the   Queen   Regent's   death.      He   is 
styled   Chantor   of   Moray   and   parson   of 
Ancrum,    20th    Sept.    1573.  —  [Treasurer's 
Accounts,  xi.,   95 ;    Wigtoivn  Invent.  Scot. 
Hist.  Soc.,  812.] 


WILLIAM  JOHNSTON,  a  priest  of  the 
Roman  Church,  conformed  and  be 
came  reader  in  1509  ;  dep.  Nov.  1572. 

GEORGE     JOHNSTON,    probably 
brother  of  preceding;  adm.  to  Foul- 
den   at  Lammas   1572 ;    trans,    and 
adm.  here  Nov.  same  year.     In  1574  Rox 
burgh,   Eckford,    Bedrule,  and    Abbotrule 
were   in   the   charge.      He   complained   to 
the   Assembly,  1578,  that  Hector   Douglas 
had  been  collated  to  his  benefice.     At  the 
Assemblies  of   1581  and   1580  he  was  ap 
pointed  one  of  those  who  were  to  arrange 
Presbyteries.    In   1585  he  refused  to  sub 
scribe  the  Articles  drawn  up  by  Secretary 
Sir    John    Maitland.      He   was    trans,    to 
Crailing  before    1580,   but    returned    here 
after  28th  May  1588.     In  1589  he  was  one 
of  those  appointed   by  the  Privy  Council 
to  see  that  the  Bond  against  Papists  was 
signed  by  the  people.    In  1008  he  declined 
the  authority  of  a  Visitor  appointed  by  the 


Assembly  1002,  and  was  deprived  by  the 
Court  of  High  Commission,  29th  June 
1022,  for  not  conforming  to  the  Articles 
of  Assembly  1018.  He  was  then  ordered 
to  go  into  ward  in  Annandale  when  in  his 
73rd  year.  He  was  alive  in  1031.  He 
marr.  Elizabeth  Crichton,  and  had  issue- 
George,  min.  of  Orphir;  Robert.  —  [Key. 
Mag.  Sig.;  Laing  Charters,  1590;  Reg. 
Min.  Assig.  et  Sec.  Sig. ;  Edin.  Presb.  Key. ; 
Booke  of  the  Kirk  ;  Wodrow  Miscell. ; 
CalderwoocFs  Hist.,  iii.,  404.] 

HECTOR  DOUGLAS,  coll.  by  James, 

Archbishop  of  Glasgow,  before  24th 

April  1578,  when  the  above-noticed 

complaint    was    made    to    the    Assembly. 

Deprived  in  October  following  as  "  unmeet 

and  unable  for  the  office  and  function  of 

the  ministry."     He   is   mentioned   as  min. 

12th    April    1582.  —  {Booke   of   the   Kirk; 

Calderwood's  Hist.,  iii.,  431  ;  Keg.  Assig.'] 

WILLIAM  BENNET  of  Grubet;  M.A. 

(Edinburgh,  30th  July  1014);  pres. 

by  James  VI.  25th  July  1022.  He 
was  a  member  of  the  Commission  for  main 
taining  Church  Discipline  21st  Oct.  1034. 
As  Laird  of  Grubet  he  took  part  in  the 
election  of  a  commissioner  from  the  county 
to  the  Convention  of  Estates.  The  As 
sembly,  10th  Aug.  1043,  found  this  to  be 
incompatible  with  the  ministerial  calling, 
and  recommended  him  to  desist  from  all 
civil  courts  and  meetings.  U  e  died  between 
3rd  Feb.  and  1st  Sept.  1047,  aged  about  54. 
He  marr.  after  29th  Jan.  1041,  Margaret, 
eldest  daugh.  of  William  Eliott  of  Stobs, 
and  had  issue  —  William  of  Grubet  and 
Wideopen.  His  widow  marr.  James  Scott 
of  Bonnington.— [G.  R.  Sas.,  xliv.,  420; 
Keg.  Sec.  Sig. ;  Stevenson's  Hist. ;  Banna- 



MiscelL,  iii. ;  Mai-timid  MiscelL,  iii. ; 
Baillie's  Letters  ;  Inq.  Ret.  Rorbwgh,  195 — 
de  Tut.,  58  ;  Jeffrey's  Hist,  of  Roxburgh 
shire,  iii.,  305.] 

JOHN  LIVINGSTON,  born  Monya- 
1648  broch  [Kilsyth],  21st  June  1603. 
He  was  the  son  of  William  L.,  min. 
of  Kilsyth,  and  afterwards  of  Lanark, 
said  to  be  a  descendant  of  the  fifth 
Lord  Livingston.  His  mother  was  Agnes, 
daugh.  of  Alexander  Livingston,  portioner, 
Falkirk,  brother  of  the  Laird  of  Belstane. 
He  was  educated  at  the  Grammar  School 
of  Stirling,  and  graduated  M.A.  at  the 
Univ.  of  Glasgow  in  1621.  Against  his 
father's  wish,  he  preferred  to  enter  the 
ministry  rather  than  adopt  the  life  of  a 
country  gentleman.  He  studied  theology 
at  St  Andrews,  and  was  licensed  in  1625. 
For  a  time  he  assisted  the  minister  of 
Torphichen,  and  was  afterwards  chaplain 
to  the  Countess  of  Wigtown  at  Cumber- 
nauld.  While  engaged  in  the  latter  capa 
city  he  took  part  in  the  memorable  revival 
at  the  Kirk  of  Shotts.  He  declined  pre 
sentations  to  several  parishes,  chiefly  on 
account  of  his  reluctance  to  obey  the 
Articles  of  Perth.  In  1630  he  went  to 
Ireland,  on  the  invitation  of  Viscount 
Clandeboye,  and  became  minister  oi>  Kil- 
linchy,  Co.  Down,  being  ordained  by  Andrew 
Knox.  Bishop  of  Kaphoe,  and  a  company  of 
Scottish  ministers  who  had  taken  up  a 
kind  of  middle  position  between  Presby- 
terianism  and  Prelacy.  In  1631  he  was 
suspended  for  nonconformity,  but  was  soon 
reinstated  through  the  friendly  offices  of 
Archbishop  Ussher.  On  4th  May  1632  he 
was  deposed  and  excommunicated  for  the 
same  cause.  Having  resolved  to  emigrate 
to  America,  he  left  Ireland  in  Sept.  1636, 
along  with  a  number  of  his  parishioners 
and  other  Scottish  and  English  Puritans — 
140  in  all.  They  sailed  for  New  England 
in  the  Eayle  \Ving,  but  through  contrary 
winds  were  obliged  to  return  home.  In 
1638  he  signed  the  National  Covenant,  and 
was  commissioned  to  proceed  to  London 
with  copies  of  it  for  supporters  of  the  Scot 
tish  cause  at  Court.  On  5th  July  1638  he 
was  admitted  minister  of  Stranraer,  where 

he  remained  for  ten  years.  It  is  recorded 
that  his  half-yearly  communions  there  were 
attended  by  as  many  as  five  hundred  of 
his  old  parishioners  of  Killinchy.  In  1640 
he  was  chaplain  of  the  Earl  of  Cassillis's 
Regiment  in  England,  and  wrote  an  account 
of  the  skirmish  at  Newburn,  which  he  had 
witnessed.  When  minister  of  Stranraer  he 
frequently  crossed  to  Ulster,  and  officiated 
i  to  the  Scottish  troops  quartered  there.  In 
|  1648  the  Commission  of  Assembly  sent  him 
!  to  dissuade  those  troops  from  joining  with 
the  army  of  the  "Engagement,"  but  his 
mission  was  a  failure.  On  13th  July 
1647,  William,  Earl  of  Lothian,  presented 
Livingston  to  this  parish,  and  he  was 
adm.  and  inst.  25th  April  1648.  He  was 
a  member  of  the  Commission  of  Assembly 
in  1649.  Next  year  he  was  one  of  those 
appointed  to  negotiate  with  Charles  II., 
at  Breda,  as  to  the  terms  on  which  he 
should  receive  the  Crown.  While  the  royal 
ships  were  lying  at  anchor  off  Speymouth, 
Livingston  obtained  the  King's  oath  of 
fidelity  to  the  Covenants.  He  did  not, 
however,  trust  Charles,  and  soon  after 
wards  he  identified  himself  with  those  who 
opposed  the  coronation  and  the  conduct 
of  the  government.  He  was  asked  by  the 
General  Assembly  of  1650  to  write  a  His 
tory  of  the  Church  of  Scotland  from  1638, 
but  this  was  never  completed.  In  Oct. 
1651  he  was  chosen  Moderator  of  a  general 
meeting  of  the  Protesters.  He  preached 
before  Cromwell  in  London  in  1654,  and 
was  authorised  by  the  Protector  to  re 
commend  candidates  for  vacant  parishes. 
Between  1655  and  1659  he  declined  calls 
to  Antrim,  to  his  former  charge  at  Kil 
linchy,  and  to  Glasgow.  He  was  summoned 
before  the  Privy  Council  llth  Dec.  1662, 
and,  refusing  to  take  the  Oath  of  Allegi 
ance,  was  banished.  He  went  to  Rotterdam 
in  April  1663,  where  he  .spent  his  last 
years  in  almost  constant  study,  and  in  the 
preparation  of  a  Latin  version  of  the  Scrip 
tures  which  was  never  published.  He  died 
9th  Aug.  1672.  He  is  described  as  having 
been  "  modest  in  manner,  sweet  in  temper, 
of  retired  and  contemplative  habits ;  so 
that,  though  he  joined  the  more  extreme 
Presbyterians,  in  his  moderation  he  deeply 




lamented  the  division  that  had  torn  the 
Church  asunder.  He  marr.  (in  St  Cuthbert's 
Church,  Edinburgh)  23rd  June  1635,  Janet 
(died  at  Rotterdam,  1693),  eldest  daugh. 
of  Bartholomew  Fleming,  an  Edinburgh 
merchant,  and  Marion  Hamilton,  and  had 
issue— John,  born  30th  June  1636,  died  8th 
Jan.  1639 ;  William,  merchant  in  Edin 
burgh,  born  7th  Jan.  1638,  buried  12th 
June  1700;  Bartholomew,  born  3rd  Sept. 
1639,  died  24th  Sept,  1641  ;  Agnes,  born 
20th  Sept.  1640,  died  17th  Oct.  1641  ; 
Marion,  born  10th  Oct.  1642  (marr.  John 
Scott,  min.  of  Hawick) ;  Janet,  born  28th 
Sept.  1643  (marr.  Andrew  Russell,  merchant, 
Rotterdam),  died  Aug.  1696 ;  John,  born 
20th  Aug.  1644,  died  Oct.  1645;  Agnes, 
born  18th  Aug.  1645  (marr.  David  Cleland, 
surgeon);  James,  merchant,  Edinburgh,  born 
22d  Sept,  1646,  died  1700;  Johanna,  born 
Sept,  died  Oct.  1647;  Barbara,  born  21st 
June  1649  (marr.  James  Miller,  merchant); 
John,  born  29th  Jan.,  died  12th  Oct.  1652  ; 
Andrew,  born  Aug.  1653,  died  7th  Feb. 
1655  ;  Robert,  ancestor  of  the  Livingstons 
of  Livingston  Manor,  New  York,  born  13th 
Dec.  1654,  died  April  1725  ;  Elizabeth,  born 
7th  Jan.  1 657,  died  31st  Oct.  1666.  Original 
portraits  of  John  Livingston  and  his  wife 
are  at  Gosford,  East  Lothian,  and  Mony- 
musk,  Aberdeenshire,  and  others  were  in  the 
possession  of  Mrs  Ralston  Crosby,  New 
York.  Publications — A  Letter  to  his  Paroch 
(Leith,  1663);  A  Brief  Historical  Relation 
of  the  Life  of  Mr  John  Livingston  (Glasgow, 
1754  ;  Edinburgh,  1848  ;  edited  by  Thomas 
Houston) ;  Memorable  Characteristics  and 
Remarkable  Passages  of  Divine  Providence 
exemplified  in  the  Lives  of  a  considerable 
number  of  the  most  Eminent  Divines  and 
Private  Christians  n.'ho  lived  in  Scotland 
during  the  first  century  after  the  Reforma 
tion  (Glasgow,  1754).  These,  with  other 
Letters  and  Papers  of  Livingston,  were 
edited  by  William  King  Tweedie  for  the 
Wodrow  Society  (Select  Biographies,  vol.  i., 
Edinburgh,  1845. — [Lament's,  Brodie's,  and 
Nicoll's  Diaries ;  Kirkton's,  Beattie's,  and 
Wodrow's  Hists. ;  Reg.  Old  Dec. ;  Acts  of 
Parl.,  vi.  ;  Acts  of  Ass.,  1649,  1704;  Reid's 
Ireland,  i.,  124;  Blair's  Autob. ;  Fleming's 
Fulfilling  of  Scripture  ;  Steven's  Hist,  of 

the  Scots  Church,  Rotterdam  ;  Edinburgh 
Christian  Instructor,  xxiii. ;  Anton's 
Kilsyth ;  The  Border  Magazine,  1907; 
Diet.  Nat.  Biog. ;  The  Livingstons  of 

JAMES  SCOTT,  son  of  Walter  S.  in 
Catslack;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  22nd 
665  July  1615);  adm.  to  Kirkton  in 
1616 ;  trans,  to  Tongland  prior  to  1634 ; 
refusing  to  sign  the  Covenant,  he  was  dep. 
by  a  Committee  of  General  Assembly  in 
1639  ;  inst.  to  rectory  of  Ford,  Northumber 
land,  llth  Dec.  1660 ;  his  deposition  was 
annulled  by  James,  Bishop  of  Galloway, 
before  25th  Oct.  1664 ;  he  was  inst.  to  this 
charge  6th  Nov.  1665.  A  tumult  arose  at 
his  settlement,  for  which,  by  sentence  of  the 
Court  of  High  Commission,  two  brothers, 
Turnbulls  of  Ashieburn,  both  fathers  of 
families,  were  transported  to  Virginia,  their 
sister,  a  married  woman,  being  whipped 
through  the  streets  of  Jedburgh,  while  four 
boys  were  whipped  through  Edinburgh, 
branded  in  the  face,  and  sold  as  slaves  to 
Barbados.  He  died  on  Friday  before  Whit 
sunday  1679.  He  marr.  Margaret,  daugh. 
of  Gavin  Maxwell,  min.  of  Borgue,  and  had 
issue— James,  apprenticed  to  John  Scott, 
senior,  merchant,  Edinburgh,  2nd  Aug.  1648. 
He  was  allowed  half  of  the  stipend,  1680. 
—[Dumfries  Sas.,  iii.,  275  ;  P.  C.  Reg.,  vi., 
422 ;  Wodrow's  Hist.,  i.,  393 ;  The  Border 
Magazine,  1908  ;  Naphtali  ;  Reg.  Old  Dec. ; 
Morrison's  Diet.,  xviii.] 

WILLIAM    STIRLING,    son    of    John 
S.,  min.  of  Baldernock  ;  M.A.  (Glas 
gow7)  ;    adm.    to    Balfron    in    1645  ; 
trans,  to  Drymen  in  1663;  trans,  to  Tron 
Parish,   Glasgow,   1665 ;   pres.   by    Arthur, 
Archbishop  of  Glasgow,  jure  devoluto,  coll. 
27th  April,  and  inst.  13th  May  1680 ;  died 
Dec.  1685.    He  marr.  Helenor  Baillie,  who 
survived  him. — \G.  R.  Homings,  14th  Dec. 
1689 ;  Peebles  Tests.] 

ROBERT  BENNET,  M.A.  (St  Andrews, 
20th  July  1650) ;  adm.  (assistant  and 
1687  successor)  at  Colinton  28th  Sept. 
1659 ;  deprived  Nov.  1681.  He  entered  on 
this  charge  in  1687  ;  died  before  4th  June 
1709.  He  marr.  Magdalen,  daugh.  of  Adam 




Cunningham,  Commissary  of  Dumfries,  and 
had  issue— Adam,  M.D.;  Alison  (marr.  12th 
Sept.  1706,  Sir  George  Wardlaw  of  Pit- 
reavie,  Bart.);  Mary,— [Wodrow's  Hist.; 
Inq.  Ret.  Fife,  101  ;  Edin.  Sas.,  xxvi.,  303, 


JOHN  CRANSTOUN,  probably  of  the 
Crailing  family ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
22nd  May  1685);  ord.  to  Crailing 
20th  Jan.  1692 ;  called  25th  Nov.  1703 ; 
trans,  and  adm.  2nd  March  1704;  died 
FATHER  OF  THE  CHUKCH,  17th  Oct.  1748, 
aged  84.  He  marr.  (1)  a  lady  whose  name 
has  not  been  ascertained,  and  had  issue — 
William,  M.D.,  friend  and  correspondent 
of  James  Thomson,  author  of  The  Seasons  ; 
John,  his  successor ;  Andrew,  an  officer  in 
the  Life  Guards ;  a  daugh.  (marr.  Duniel 
M'Kay,  min.  of  Jedburgh) ;  Anne  (marr. 
James  Simpson,  rnin.  of  Wilton) :  (2)  29th 
April  1714,  Jean  Turnbull,  who  died  30th 
Oct.  1760,  and  had  issue  — Helen  (marr. 
1736,  William  Ker,  Kelso).  —  [Scots  Mag., 
lix. ;  Sir  Harris  Nicolas's  Memoir  of 

JOHN  CRANSTOUN,  born  1705,  son 
of  preceding ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
1783  Jedburgh  1st  July  1730;  pres.  by 
John  Scott  of  Ancrum,  Dec.  1732 ;  ord. 
(assistant  and  successor)  21st  March  1733  ; 
died  7th  Jan.  1790.  During  the  first  fifty 
years  of  his  ministry  he  was  never  pre 
vented  by  illness  from  performing  his  duty. 
He  marr.  9th  March  1743,  Anne  (died 
14th  Oct.  1795,  aged  78),  only  daugh.  of 
John  Gilchrist,  min.  of  Bedrule,  and  had 
issue— Anne,  born  5th  Feb.  1744,  died 
unmarr.  22nd  Dec.  1788 ;  John,  captain, 
East  Indian  merchant  service,  born  19th 
Feb.  1745,  died  6th  May  1788;  Andrew, 
born  28th  June  1746,  died  5th  Sept.  1776 ; 
William,  born  26th  June  1747 ;  Robert, 
born  10th  April  1749,  died  4th  Feb.  1751  ; 
Eleanora,  born  21st  Jan.  1751  (marr. 
Andrew  Scott,  min.  of  Stichill) ;  Gideon, 
born  5th  Jan.  1753,  died  16th  Feb.  1782 ; 
James,  born  12th  Oct.  1754  ;  George,  born 
29th  Feb.  1756;  Janet,  born  7th  May 
1757 ;  Daniel,  born  13th  April  1760,  died 
8th  Nov.  1778.— [Tombst.] 

JAMES    OLIVER,  pres.    by   Sir  John 
Scott    of  Ancrum,   Bart.,  6th   May 
1790;    ord.    14th   July   1791;   trans, 
to  Corstorphine  5th  July  1792. 

THOMAS  CAMPBELL,  son  of  George 
C.  of  Baltullo,  Fife,  and  brother  of 
George  C.,  D.D.,  min.  of  Cupar, 
was  uncle  of  Lord  Chancellor  Campbell  ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  St  Andrews  ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Cupar  9th  May  1786;  ord. 
by  Presb.  of  Abertarff  2nd  May  1787, 
missionary  at  Glengarry ;  assistant  at  St 
Andrew's  Parish,  Edinburgh ;  pres.  by  Sir 
John  Scott  of  Ancrum,  Bart.,  27th  June, 
and  adm.  26th  Sept.  1793  ;  D.D.  (Glasgow, 
May  1810);  died  12th  Feb.  1832.  He 
marr.  22nd  April  1795,  Mary  (died  9th 
April  1810),  daugh.  of  John  Hunter,  min. 
of  Stoneykirk,  and  had  issue — Margaret, 
born  7th  Jan.  1797  ;  George,  born  26th 
Oct.  1798,  died  7th  Aug.  1817  ;  John,  Chief 
Registrar  of  Court  of  Bankruptcy,  born 
1st  April  1801,  died  2nd  Oct.  1858  ;  Archi 
bald  Blair,  D.D.,  min.  of  Kilwinning,  born 
14th  Nov.  1802  ;  Madeline,  born  19th  April 
1805  (marr.  James  Robb  Grant,  min.  of 
Buittle);  Jane,  born  16th  Sept.  1807 
(marr.  Dr  Dunlop,  R.N.) ;  Mary,  born  15th 
May  1809  (marr.  Samuel  Cowan,  min.  of 

JOHN  PATON,  born  21st  April  1804, 
son  of  John  P.,  min.  of  Lasswade ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dalkeith  2nd  Oct.  1827  ; 
ord.  to  Lasswade  19th  March  1830  ;  pres. 
by  Sir  William  Scott  of  Ancrum,  Bart. ; 
trans,  and  adm.  7th  Sept.  1832 ;  died  Cth 
May  1870.  He  marr.  6th  July  1830, 
his  cousin,  Mary  (died  17th  Feb.  1879), 
daugh.  of  James  Paton  of  Crailing,  and 
had  issue— John,  banker,  New  York,  born 
26th  May  1831,  died  30th  March  1908; 
Christian  Mary,  born  22nd  June  1833,  died 
3rd  March  1915 ;  Edward,  merchant,  Per- 
nambuco,  Brazil,  born  5th  Dec.  1834  ;  James 
Robert,  in  Canada,  bom  1st  June  1839. 

JAMES    PATTERSON,  born   Torthor- 

wald,     llth     April     1840,     son     of 

William    P.    and    Jean    Robertson; 

educated     at     Edinburgh     Univ.;     M.A. 



(1862),  B.I).  (1805):  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Jedburgh  in  1805  ;  assistant  at  Castleton  ; 
cml.  15th  Dei-.  IS70;  died  28tli  Dec.  1900. 
lie  inarr.  (itli  -Inly  1871,  Susan  Crow  (died 
6th  July  liSDO),  daugb.  of  James  Noble, 
min.  of  St  Madoes,  and  had  issue— William, 
architect,  born  17th  -July  1872;  Margaret 
Crow,  born  3()th  Jan.  1874  ;  Norman,  M.B., 
Ch.B.,  F.R.C.S.,  London,  born  27th  June 
1877;  James,  Vice-Consul,  Bordeaux,  born 
27th  Feb.  1*79. 

WILLIAM  GRACIE,  born  Dundee,  4th 
19Q7  Feb.  1800,  son  of  William  G.  :  edu 
cated  at  Univ.  College,  Dundee,  and 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh;  M.A.  (1890);  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Dundee  6th  May  1896  ;  assist 
ant  at  Fortingall,  East  Parish  (Perth),  and 
West  St  Giles  (Edinburgh)  :  ord.  20th  June 


[Previous  to  the  Reformation  the  church 
belonged  to  the  Abbey  of  Jedburgh.  The 
parish  was  in  the  Presb.  of  Melrose,  but 
was  annexed  to  Ancrum  6th  Feb.  1684.] 

1574     El ) WA 1 !  I )  1  )ICKSOX,  reader. 

JAMES  JOHNSTON,  reader,  1576  to 
1576  1580. 

ROBERT  HAMILTON,  reader,  1585  to 
1585  1586. 

PATRICK    URQUHART,    M.A.,    min. 

1593  in    1593,  Lindean  also  being  in  the 
charge  ;  trans,  to  Eckford  in  1600. 

WILLIAM  HENRIESON,  called  "  par- 

1594  sou  °^  I.angnewton,"  19th  May  1594. 
His  daugh.  Agnes  marr.  James  Wat 
son,  Dalkeith.— [Re;/,  of  Deeds,  xlviii.,  237  ; 
ccccliv.,  443.] 

JOHN  JOHNSTON,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 

1Q07     1st  Aug.    1590);   min.  of  Nisbet  in 

1593 ;   adm.  before   6th   Jan.    1607 ; 

died  between    22nd    and   29th   Dec.    that 

year.    He  marr.,  and  had  issue— William, 

apprenticed   to    Robert    Keith,   merchant, 
Edinburgh,  8th  Sept,  1624. 

JAMES  ROBERTSON,  adm.  19th  April 
1609  1G09-:  (lesilx'(l  translation,  12th  Nov. 
1616,  because  of  his  "  mean  provision 
and  uncertaintie  of  the  same."  This  the 
Presb.  could  not  give  "  without  advyse  of 
the  Synod,  meantime  they  cannot  refuse 
ane  testimonial  of  his  honest  and  guid 
behaviour  amang  them  since  he  came  :;  ; 
trans,  to  Cranstoun  27th  Jan.  1617. 

WILLIAM    JAMESON,    M.A.  ;     adm. 
1617     (at  Peebles)  29th  April  1617  :  trans. 
to  Jedburgh  24th  June  1640. 

JOHN  COLT,  adm.  between  25th  Jan. 
1642  anc^  8t^  k-  1642  conf°rme(l  to 

Episcopacy  ;    trans,  to   Roberton   in 


JAMES  ADAMSON,  M.A.  :  trans,  from 
Pettinain,  and  adm.  in  1677  ;  trans. 

to  Ettrick  in  or  shortly  after  1684. 


[The  parish  of  Abbotrule  or  Rule  Hervey 
was  united  to  Bedrule,  but  in  1777  was 
disjoined  and  divided  between  Hobkirk 
and  Southdean.  In  1914  a  handsome  new 
church  was  built  here  by  Sir  Robert  Usher 
of  Wells,  Bart.] 

JOHN  TURNBULL,  reader,  1576  to 
1576  1578. 

GEORGE  TURNBULL,  reader,  1579 
1579  to  1580. 

ALEXANDER    TAIT,    vicar-pensioner 
and    reader    at    Traquair,    1567    to 

lOOO  1  -. 

1580  ;  adm.  about  1585  ;  deprived, 
and  resided  afterwards  at  Traquair  ;  was 
ordered  to  demit  this  charge  6th  April 
1591,  but  is  still  mentioned  7th  Oct.  1595. 
—  [Reg.  Min.  ;  Reg,  Assig.  ;  Edin.  Presb. 
Reg.  ;  PhilipJiawjli  Writs.] 


WILLIAM  GALBRAITH,  formerly  at 
Penicuik  }     mentioned    as     min.    in 
1599  ;    he   had    a    son   John.  —  [ 
Assig.  :  Edin.  Reg.  (Bapt.).} 





JOSEPH  TENNENT  of  Listonsliiells, 
son  of  James  T.  of  Cairns,  Mid- 
Calcler  ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  10th  Aug. 
1595);  adm.  in  1599  to  Traquair;  adm. 
here  about  1601  ;  removed  to  Abbotrule 
in  1605,  but  returned  in  1609 ;  was  again 
settled  at  Abbotrule,  and  returned  here  a 
second  time  ;  "  sett  a  tack  of  the  teandes 
to  Mr  James  Lausone,  of  Cairnmuir,  for 
his  lyff-time,;;  27th  July  1632  (which  was 
ratified  by  Parliament  17th  Nov.  1641); 
probably  died  unmarr.  before  llth  May 
1633,  aged  about  58.  His  brother,  John  T. 
of  Cairns,  was  served  heir  to  Listonshiells 
and  to  a  tenement  in  Edinburgh.— [Reg. 
Assig. ;  Inq.  Ret.  Edin,,  724,  817  ;  Act*  of 
Part.,  v.,  464.] 

DAVID  FOULIS,  pres.  by  John,  first 
Earl  of  Traquair,  and  adm.  30th  Oct. 
1633  ;  trans,  to  Oxnam  in  1634. 

HENRY  PIERSON,  M.A.  (St  Andrews 

1619) ;  inst.    Sept.    1635 ;    dep.  Jan. 

1639;   he  petitioned  the   Assembly, 

which,   29th    Aug.,    remitted    him    to   the 

Synod.    He  died  unmarr.  before  26th  Jan. 

1654,   aged    about    54,   his  brother  James 

being   executor.— [Edin.  Tests. ;  Peterkin's 


HENRY  ELLIOT  [ELIOTT],  son  of 
William  E.,  M.D.,  Provost  of  Peebles, 
cadet  of  Stobs ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
23rd  July  1631);  pres.  by  the  Presb.  jure 
devoluto  llth  Dec.  1639;  adm.  and  inst. 
3rd  June  1640;  died  between  22nd  June 
and  10th  Aug.  1653,  aged  about  42.  He 
marr.  Elizabeth  Douglas,  who  along  with 
seven  children  (of  whom  Adam  was  the 
third  son)  survived  him,  and  petitioned 
Parliament  in  1662,  showing  how  he  "  suf 
fered  so  much  persecution  and  affliction  for 
maintaining  and  defending  his  Majesty's 
interest  and  prerogatives  in  the  pulpit 
both  at  home  and  abroad,  publickly  pray 
ing  for  and  maintaining  his  Majesty's  forces 
at  the  expedition  1648,  that  he  was  driven 
from  his  charge,  and  lived  in  a  most  de 
jected,  miserable,  sad,  and  downcast  con 
dition,  and  that  had  it  not  been  for  the 
charity  of  some  faithful,  loyal,  and  well 

wishing  Christians  they  had  quite  famished 
and  been  never  able  to  have  subsisted. " 
On  the  report  of  a  committee,  Parliament, 
8th  July,  allowed  £100  sterling  out  of  the 
vacant  stipends.— [Nisbet's  /ft/-.,  i. ;  Acts  of 
Pat-I.,  vii.,  Api>.  87.] 

HUGH  SCOTT,  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  26th 
July  1649) ;  called  22nd  Nov.  1657  ; 
adm.  17th  March  1658 ;  deprived  by 
Act  of  Parliament  llth  June,  and  Decreet 
of  Privy  Council  1st  Oct.  1662  ;  indulged  at 
Oxnam  in  1672.— [Wod row's  Hi*t. ;  Connell 
<n  Tithes,  iii.] 

JAMES  ADAMSON,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
9th  July  1656) ;  became  schoolmaster 
of  Colinton  about  1656;  ord.  24th 
April  1663  to  Carriden ;  trans,  and  inst. 
7th  Sept.  1664;  deprived  by  the  Privy 
Council  29th  Aug.  1689,  for  neither  reading 
the  Proclamation  of  the  Estates  nor  pray 
ing  for  William  and  Mary,  but  for  King- 
James.  He  marr.  (1)  before  1671,  Helen 
Hamilton:  (2)  28th  Dec.  1680,  Esther 
Scougall,  and  had  issue— Janet  (marr.  28th 
Dec.  1705,  Thomas  Porteous).  —  \_Rey.  of 
Deeds,  Mack.,  10th  June  1673 ;  Edin.  Reg. 
(Marr.) ;  MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689 ;  Peter- 
kin's  Constitution  of  the  Church.'} 

JAMES  BORLAND,  M.A.  (Glasgow 
1670) ;  schoolmaster  and  session- 
clerk  of  Mauchline  llth  Nov.  1673, 
which  post  he  relinquished  before  4th  Jan. 
1680 ;  assistant  at  Galashiels ;  adm.  23rd 
July  1690 ;  was  a  member  of  Assembly  in 
1692;  died  2nd  May  1713,  aged  68.  He 
marr.  Marianne  Stevenson,  who  died  aged 
66,  leaving  £100  to  the  poor  of  the  parish. 
Their  daugh.  Margaret  marr.  26th  Dec. 
1699,  Benjamin  Haistie,  gardener,  St 
Ninians. — [Sess.  and  Mauchline  Sess.  Regs. ; 
Edin,  Reg.  (Marr.);  Tonibst. ;  Reg.  Gen. 
Ass. ;  Old  Dec.,  i. ;  Scot.  Presb.  Eloq.] 

JOHN  GILCHRIST,  a  native  of  Dum 
fries ;   pres.  by  John  Ker  of  Cavers 
Aug.    1713;     ord.    3rd    Feb.    1714; 
he  dissented  from   the   Act   of    Assembly 
15th  May  1740,  deposing  the  eight  Seceders. 
He  died  8th  May  1746.    His  only  daugh., 




Anne,  marr.  John  Cranstoun,  min.  of  An- 
crum.— [7?<v/.  (Jen.  Ass.,  1740.] 

GEORGE  DICKSON,  son  of  (Jeorge  D. 
1748  and  Catherine  Hamilton,  Whitelrill, 
Earlston  ;  called  27th  May  1747  ;  orcl. 
16th  March  1748  ;  his  right  to  cut  down  trees 
on  the  glebe  was  questioned  by  the  heritors, 
but  he  obtained  a  decision  in  his  favour 
from  Lord  Ordinary  Drummore,  30th  July 
1754 ;  he  strenuously  opposed  the  severing 
of  Abbotrule  from  Bedrule  in  1777  ;  died 
30th  June  1787.  He  marr.  (1)  20th  June 
1755,  Agnes  (died  18th  Feb.  1760),  daugh. 
of  Robert  Howison  of  Orchard,  and  had 
issue  —  William,  born  15th  April  1756; 
Robert,  born  6th  March  1757,  died  2nd 
May  1759  ;  Margaret,  born  10th  June  1758  ; 
Catherine,  born  2nd  Feb.  1760  :  (2)  17th 
May  1762,  Anne  Buckholm,  who  died  15th 
Dec.  1784,  and  had  issue  — Agnes,  born 
30th  March  1763:  John,  born  24th  July 
1764,  died  28th  March  1771;  George, 
born  15th  June  1766;  Mary,  born  14th 
Nov  1768;  John,  born  26th  Aug.  1771; 
Anne,  born  18th  June  1775 ;  Sir  David 
James  Hamilton,  M.D.,  Inspector  of 
Hospitals,  born  20th  Jan.  1780,  died  at 
Plymouth,  2nd  Jan.  1850.  —  [Tombst.  • 
"The  Religious  Experiences  of  Catherine 
Hamilton'"  (Trans.  f la  wick  ArchcroL  Soc , 

WILLIAM  BROWN,  was  a  teacher 
1788  successively  in  France,  in  a  school 
near  London,  and  in  Geo.  Watson's 
Hospital,  Edinburgh;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Edinburgh  30th  Jan.  1782  ;  tutor  in  the 
family  of  Sir  John  Steuart  of  Allanbank ; 
pres.  by  Joseph  Hume  of  Ninewells  19th 
July  1787;  ord.  7th  May  1788;  died  23rd 
May  1836.  He  marr.  2nd  June  1813, 
Janet  (died  1st  Aug.  1839),  eldest  daugh. 
of  Archibald  Henderson,  Mackside,  and 
had  issue— Janet,  born  24th  Feb.  1814; 
Alison  Cockburn,  born  29th  Feb.  1816; 
Robert  Rutherford,  born  14th  April  1818 ; 
Archibald  Henderson,  born  3rd  July  1820. 
Publications— The  Pronouncing  Testament 
(Edinburgh,  1796);  Account  of  the  Parish 
(Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  xv.).— [Trans,  ffawick 
l.  Soc.,  1864.] 

ARCHIBALD    CRAIG,    born  Colding- 

1832     ham,    178],   son   of    an    agricultural 

labourer  (who  as  a  boy  was  living  on 

I  a  farm  near  the  battlefield  of  Prestonpans 
the  day  the  battle  was  fought  in  1745); 

|  educated   at    Univ.   of    Edinburgh :    MA. 

:  (7th  Nov.  1810);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Chirn- 
side  29th  Dec.  1812  ;  pres.  by  David  Hume 
of  Ninewells,  Baron  of  Exchequer,  and 
ord.  (assistant  and  successor)  23rd  Nov. 
1832  ;  died  unmarr.  6th  May  1876.  Pub 
lications — A  Monody  to  the  Memory  of 
Joseph  Ihime,  Advocate  (1819) ;  Introduc 
tion  to  Greek  Accentuation  (Edinburgh, 
1832) ;  The  Argonautics  of  Apollonius 
Rhodius,  translated,  into  English  Verse, 
2627  lines  (Preface  by  John  Thomson, 
min.  of  St  John's,  Hawick  :  Kelso,  1876, 
posthumous) ;  Account  of  the  Parish  (New 
Stat.  Ace.,  iii.).  He  left  in  MS.  "Notes 
critical  and  explanatory  on  the  first  three 
books  of  Apollonius  " ;  an  Essay  on  the 
"Argonautics"';  and  emendations  for  a 
proposed  second  edition  of  his  work  on 
Greek  Accentuation.  —  [Trans.  Hawick 
Archceol.  Soc.,  1877 ;  Hist.  JJer.  Hat. 
Chtb,  xviii.] 

JOHN  STEVENSON,  born  Eccles, 
1875  Berwickshire,  26tn  Aug.  1846,  son 
of  John  8.,  schoolmaster ;  educated 
at  Eccles  School  and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ; 
MA.  (1865) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Duns  in  1869; 
assistant  to  preceding ;  ord.  (assistant  and 
successor)  23rd  July  1875  ;  clerk  of  Presb.  in 
1891.  Marr.  (1)  27th  July  1881,  Christina 
(died  18th  June  1891),  daugh.  of  Walter 
Laing,  Denholmhill,  and  has  issue— Mar 
garet  Scott,  born  25th  Sept.  1883  (marr. 
9th  June  1915,  Thomas  William  Brockie) ; 
Mary  Farmer,  born  15th  Feb.  1886  (marr! 
John  B.  Forsyth);  John,  M.B.,  Ch.B., 
captain  R.A.M.C.,  born  1st  March  1889  : 
(2)  24th  April  1894,  Christina  Govanlock, 
daugh.  of  John  Turnbull,  Priestrig,  and 
Mary  Scott. 


[Mention  of  the  church  of  Cavers  is  made 
in  the  Inquisitio  of  David  I.  in  1116;   it 

was   then   the   property  of  the  church   of 





Glasgow.  In  1358  William,  first  Earl  of 
Douglas,  granted  to  the  monks  of  Melrose 
"  the  whole  right  of  advowson  of  the 
Church  of  Great  Cavers,"  with  all  its 
pertinents.  A  church  erected  in  1663  is 
still  standing.  A  new  church  was  Imilt  in 
1822.  Teviothead  was  disjoined  from  this 
parish  in  1850.] 

1574    WILLIAM  SLEWMAN,  reader. 

PATRICK   DUNBAR,   reader,   1576   to 
1576     1578. 

1679     reader.  1579  to  1580. 

WILLIAM  CLERK,  M.A.  ;  min.  in  1599  ; 
pres.  to  the  vicarage  by  James  VI. 
8th  June  1601 ;  trans,  to  Wilton  that 
year. — [Key.  Assig.:  Booke  of  the  Kirk.] 

WALTER  M'GILL,  M.A.  (St  Andrews 
1593)  ;  min.  in  1606,  having  in  charge 
also  Kirk  ton,  to  the  parsonage  and 
vicarage  of  which  he  was  pres.  by  James  VI. 
24th  May  that  year  ;  pres.  to  the  vicarage 
of  Cavers  by  James  VI.  8th  May  1609. 
He  was  aged  and  infirm,  and  required 
an  assistant  15th  June  1642,  but  preached 
at  the  Presbyterial  visitation  of  his  parish 
30th  July  1645.  He  died  10th  March  1651, 
and  was  said  to  have  reached  his  107th 
year.  He  marr.  Lilias  Barton,  who  died 
July  1671,  and  had  issue  —  James,  men 
tioned  in  1642,  died  before  1651,  when 
Walter  M'Gill,  min.  of  Wigtown,  was  next 
of  kin  :  Samuel,  min.  of  Trailflat. — [Prot. 
Bk.,  James  Logan,  ii.,  68  ;  Edin.  Tests. ; 
Reg.  Assifj. ;  Reg.  Sec.  Sir/.] 

JAMES  DOUGLAS,  M.A.  (St  Andrews, 
11  th  May  1637) ;  adm.  (assistant  and 
successor)  30th  June  1647  ',  still  min. 
6th  April  1658. 

JAMES  GILLON,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
15th  July  1650);  min.  in  1658'; 
deprived  by  Act  of  Parliament  llth 
June,  and  Decreet  of  Privy  Council  1st 
Oct.  1662.  He  retired  to  Edinburgh,  and 
lived  privately,  but  having  gone  to  Currie 
on  account  of  his  health,  he  was  seized 
by  a  party  of  soldiers  and  taken  to  Edin 
burgh,  2nd  Aug.  1668.  Next  day  he  was 



summoned  before  the  Privy  Council  and 
dismissed,  but  the  harsh  treatment  he  had 
received  occasioned  his  death,  5th  Aug. 
1668,  aged  about  39.  He  was  unmarr.— 
[Edin.  Tests.  :  Edin.  Reg.  (Bw\}  :  KirktoiVs 
and  Wodrow's  Hists."\ 

ARCHIBALD  DOUGLAS,  M.A. ;  tran.s. 
from  Douglas;  inst.  22nd  June  1664  ; 


trans,  to  Newton  24th  Sept.  1673. 

THOMAS  SOMERVILLE,  sou  of  James, 
second  son  of  Sir  James  S.  of  Carn- 
1674  busnethan  ;  M.A.  (St  Andrews,  28th 
July  1666) ;  pres.  by  Robert,  Archbishop  of 
Glasgow,  jure  devoluto,  15th  May,  and  ord. 
17th  Sept.  1674;  inst.  18th  Aug.  1675. 
It  is  on  record  that  when  the  Presb.  went 
to  Cavers  that  day  "  they  found  the  church 
and  churchyard  doors  fast  shut,  quhenvpon 
they  sent  the  Presb.  officer  to  Sir  William 
Douglas  his  house  to  demand  the  keyes, 
bot  he  could  get  accesse  neither  to  Sir 
William  nor  his  lady,  only  mett  with  their 
daughter,  whose  answer  was  that  no  keyes 
was  to  be  had  there,  so  that  the  brethren 
were  necessitat,  without  preaching  and 
ordinar  solemnities,  to  give  Mr  Thomas 
institution  at  the  kirk-stile,  likeas  they  did 
at  the  manse  and  gleib  by  delivering  earth 
and  stone  according  to  usual  custome.  It 
was  ordered  that  a  letter  should  be  written 
to  Archbishop  Burnet  to  acquent  his  Grace 
of  this  affront  put  on  the  Presb.  in  shutting 
up  the  church  and  churchyard  doors,  and 
when  they  came  to  execut  his  Grace's  com 
mands  that  a  number  of  women  were  con- 
veened  in  the  churchyard  with  their  laps 
full  of  stons,  as  a  guard  to  keep  us  out  of 
church  and  churchyard,  and  beside  that 
some  women  rail'd  on  us,  calling  us  soul 
murderers  and  the  divel's  servants,  which 
letter  was  drawn  and  subscribit  to  give  to 
the  Archbishop."  S.  was  deprived  by  the 
Privy  Council,  29th  Aug.  1689,  for  neither 
reading  the  Proclamation  of  the  Estates 
nor  praying  for  William  and  Mary.  He 
continued  in  residence  till  1693,  when  he 
retired  to  Hawick,  where  he  ministered 
to  Episcopalians  in  his  own  lodgings  till 
his  death  in  the  prime  of  life.  He  marr. 
-  Burnside,  and  had  a  son,  William, 
min.  of  Hawick,  and  two  daughs.,  of  whom 




Dorothea  marr.  8th  Dec.  1710,  William 
Madden,  one  of  the  masters  of  the  High 
School.  Edinburgh. —  [J/.S'.  Lett,  of  Dr 
Somerville  ;  MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689  ;  Peter- 
kin's  Constitution  of  the  Church  ;  Somer- 
ville's  Life  :  Memor/e  of  the  Somervilles,  ii.] 

ROBERT  BELL,  M.A. ;  ord.  14th  Feb. 

1694  ;   trans,   to  Crailing  30th  Nov. 
1694     ,„„ 

HUGH  KENNEDY,  born  1698,  in  north 
of  Ireland,  of  Scottish  parents ;  M.A. 
1723  (Glasgow,  9th  March  1714) ;  became 
chaplain  in  family  of  Archibald  Douglas  of 
Cavers ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh  5th 
Oct.  1720;  ord.  to  Torthorwald  7th  Sept. 
1721  ;  pres.  by  Arch.  Douglas  of  Cavers 
in  1722;  adm.  13th  Nov.  1723;  trans,  to 
Rotterdam  25th  May  1737  ;  D.D.  (Marischal 
College  and  Univ.,  Aberdeen,  1762);  died 
3rd  Nov.  1764.  The  Consistory  of  Rotter 
dam  recorded  this  :  "As  a  theologian  Dr  K. 
stood  high  and  was  frequently  consulted  by 
his  brethren  in  the  ministry,  both  Dutch  as 
well  as  English,  and  by  private  Christians  ; 
all  of  whom  gave  great  deference  to  his 
opinions."'  He  marr.  16th  March  1722, 
Margaret  (died  in  1746),  second  sister  of 
Walter  Scott  of  Crumhaugh,  and  had  issue 
—William,  M.A.,  Professor  of  Greek  in 
Marischal  College,  Aberdeen,  died  14th 
Nov.  1782 ;  Walter,  planter  in  Surinam, 
died  in  London  1777  ;  Anne  (marr.  Alex. 
Livingston,  Provost  of  Aberdeen,  and 
merchant  in  Rotterdam) ;  Rachel  (marr. 
5th  Jan.  1722,  William  Fraser  of  Fraser- 
field) ;  Beatrix  (marr.  Captain  Bradshaw) ; 
and  a  son  who  died  young.  Publications — 
Sermon  at  opening  of  the  Synod  (Edinburgh, 
1732);  Discourse  concerning  the  Nature, 
Author,  Means,  and  Manner  of  Conversion- 
(1743) ;  Sermons  in  the  Dutch  Language 
(which  have  not  appeared  in  English  ;  Rot 
terdam,  1748) ;  A  Short  Account  of  the  Rise 
and  Progress  of  a  remarkable  Work  of  Grace 
in  the  United  Netherlands  (London,  1752) ; 
Essay  in  Dutch  prefixed  to  the  Translation 
of  Boston's  Covenant  of  Grace  (Leyden, 
1741) ;  Preface  to  Halyburton's  Great  Con 
cern  of  Salvation. —  [Steven's  Scott.  Ch., 
Rotterd.,  196;  Douglas's  Peer.,  ii.,  474; 
Carlyle's  Autob.] 

CHARLES  DOUGLAS,  licen.  by  Presb. 

1738      °f   Jedkurgh   lst   ^Iarch   1738>    Pres> 

by  Arch.  Douglas  of  Cavers  1st  May, 
and  ord.  16th  Aug.  1738;  died  1st  Dec. 
1745.  He  marr.  Isobel  (died  at  Dalkeith, 
Jan.  1748),  daugh.  of  Walter  Douglas,  min. 
of  Linton,  and  had  issue— Andrew,  born 
10th  Nov.  1735  ;  Walter  born  14th  June 
1737;  Archibald,  born  4th  May  1739;  Isa 
bella,  born  21st  Sept.  1740  (marr.  Jan. 
1759,  James  Newbigging,  writer,  Edin 
burgh);  William,  born  3rd  March  1742; 
Charles,  born  5th  Aug.  lite— [Forfeited 
Est.  Papers,  Grade.  >i  Ext.] 

THOMAS  SCOTT,  M.A. ;  pres.  by 
William  Douglas  of  Cavers  April 
1746;  ord.  17th  April  1747;  trans. 

to  Second  Charge,  South  Leith,  12th  Nov. 


THOMAS  ELLIOT,  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Jedburgh  3rd  Aug.  1757;  ord.  to 
Kirkton  12th  May  1758;  pres.  by 
Arch.  Douglas  of  Cavers  2nd  June,  trans, 
and  adm.  23rd  Nov.  1763 ;  died  15th  Feb. 
1808,  in  his  77th  year.  He  possessed  con 
siderable  attainments  as  a  mathematician 
and  astronomer.  Thomas  Chalmers,  D.D., 
began  his  ministerial  life  as  E.'s  assistant 
1799-1800.  He  marr.  4th  June  1760,  Anne 
(died  17th  Feb.  1761),  daugh.  of  William 
Elliot  of  Bewlie,  and  Isobel  Scott  of 
Sin  ton,  and  had  issue  —  William,  born 
15th  Feb.  1761.  Publications— Account  of 
the  Parish  (Sinclair's  St-at.  Ace.,  xvii.) ; 
"New  and  Improved  Method  of  Taking 
Observations  at  Sea"  (Trans.  Roy.  Soc., 
Edinburgh).— [Hanna's  Life  of  Chalmers  ; 
Somerville;s  Life.] 

JAMES  STRACHAN,  born  28th  Feb. 
1783,  son  of  William  S.,  min.  of 
Coulter  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Biggar  27th 
Aug.  1805 ;  assistant  to  preceding  min. ; 
pres.  by  George  Douglas  of  Cavers  2nd 
Jan.,  and  ord.  28th  April  1809 ;  died  22nd 
June  1840.  He  marr.  24th  Aug.  1819, 
Jean  (died  13th  March  1891,  aged  93), 
daugh.  of  David  Brown,  min.  of  Crailing, 
and  had  issue— William,  H.M.  Stationery 
Office,  London,  born  22nd  June  1820,  died 




30th  Sept.  1897  ;  Janet  Dawson,  born  12th 
Sept.  1821  ;  David,  born  23rd  April  1823 ; 
a  daugh.,  horn  19th,  died  22nd  May  1825; 
James,  an  officer  in  the  army,  born  5th 
Sept.  1831 ;  Elizabeth  Howison,  born  27th 
Dec.  1833:  Robert,  born  20th  Dec.  1835.— 
[Stevenson's  Fun.  Serm.] 

AVILLTAM  GRANT,  born  Jedburgh, 
14th  May  1811,  son  of  Lewis  Grant 
of  the  family  of  Auchernack,  and 
Isabella  Veitch  of  Inchbonny  ;  educated 
at  George  Watson's  Hospital,  Edinburgh, 
and  Edinburgh  Univ. ;  schoolmaster  at 
Minto ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh  ;  ord. 
assistant  13th  May  1840:  died  26th  Sept. 
1853.  He  marr.  25th  Aug.  1840,  Jane 
(died  15th  Jan.  1880),  daugh.  of  James 
Dickson  of  Mauricewood,  and  had  issue 
—Isabella,  born  4th  Aug.  1841  (marr.  llth 
June  1879,  William  Robertson,  D.D.,  min. 
of  Coltness),  died  17th  Aug.  1904;  Lewis, 
born  19th,  died  30th  Dec.  1842;  Lewis, 
engineer,  Kirkcaldy,  born  24th  July  1844, 
died  10th  Jan.  1916 ;  Jane  Dickson,  born 
13th  April  1846  (marr.  31st  July  1866, 
Robert  Michael  Ballantyne,  author  of  The 
Youn-fj  Fur  7'raders,  The  Cornl  Island, 
and  many  other  tales  for  boys):  James, 
M.E.,  C.M.,  born  21st  Dec.  1847,  died  in 
Tasmania,  13th  Jan.  1872  ;  William,  timber 
merchant,  and  Master  of  the  Merchant 
Company  of  Edinburgh,  1905-7.  born  16th 
Dec.  1849,  died  5th  Aug.  1911. 

Liverpool,  5th  Feb.  1831,  only  son 
1854  of  Alexander  M.,  mariner,  Greenock  ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow ;  ord.  12th 
May  1854  ;  died  18th  April  1866.  He  marr. 
2nd  Aug.  1859,  Jane  Carfin  (died  22nd  Jan. 
1893),  daugh.  of  William  Elliot,  Hawick. 
She  marr.  (2)  1st  Aug.  1868,  David  Duncan, 

Aug.   1828,  son   of  John   D.,   wood- 
forester,   Mintlaw,  and   Ann   Ross ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  sometime 
teacher  in  the  Royal  Caledonian  School, 
London ;     assistant    at    Melrose    and    at 
Bedrule ;   ord.   14th  Nov.  1866 ;  died  un- 
marr.  9th  April  1876. 

1876  WATSON,  born  Methven,  4th  Sept. 
1843,  son  of  George  Bruce  W., 
formerly  min.  of  the  United  Associate 
Synod  at  Methven,  afterwards  min.  of  the 
Church  of  Scotland,  and  chaplain  to  the 
Forces  at  Chatham,  and  Jane  Scoular  ; 
educated  at  High  School  and  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh;  M.A.  (1874),  B.D.  (1874); 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  1874  ;  ord. 
to  Logic  (Dundee)  19th  March  1874  ;  trans, 
and  adm.  30th  Nov.  1876.  Marr.  27th  Aug. 
1879,  Elizabeth,  daugh.  of  John  Whitson 
Fleming,  and  has  issue — Dorothea  Margaret 
Fleming,  born  30th  May  1883  ;  Mabel  Jane, 
born  13th  May  1886  (marr.  18th  Oct.  1916, 
John  James  Scott  Thomson,  M.A.). 


[Crailing  belonged  to  the  Abbey  of  Jed 
burgh.  Within  the  parish  were  two  hos 
pitals,  Crailing  Spital  at  Monteviot  in  the 
south,  and  Spital  Rule  in  the  extreme 

GEORGE  JOHNSTON,  trans,  from 
Ancrum  and  adm.  in  1586,  when 
Nisbet  and  Ancrum  also  were  in 

the     charge.      He     returned     to    Ancrum 

after     28th     May     1588.  —  [Reg.     Assig. ; 

E.fcheq.  Buik  :  Bnoke  of  tJic  Kirk  ;  Calder- 

wood's  Hist.] 

ADAM  DOUGLAS,  son  of  William  D. ; 

M.A.   (St  Andrews  1582);   min.  in 

1588,  when  Eckford  also  was  under 

his  care  ;  pres.  to  Yetholin  by  James  VI. 

before  15th  May  1594,  but  continued  here 

and  died  probably  unmarr.,  Dec.  1604,  aged 

about  43.     His  heirs  were  his  four  sisters — 

Janet ;  Margaret ;  Isobel ;   Helen. — [0.  R. 

Inhib.,  viii.,  12  ;  Edin.  Test*. ;  Reg.  Azsiy.  ; 

Kef/.  Pres.  (Cavt.).~\ 

ably  adm.  in  1605;  trans,  to  Pen- 
caitland  15th  Dec.  1641. 

THOMAS  WILKIE,  born   about  1592, 

son  of  Thomas  W.,  min.  of  Lillies- 

leaf ;  M.A.  (St  Andrews  1614);  pres. 

by  James  VI.  30th  Jan.,  and  adm.  before 




28th  Sept,  1621.  He  was  a  member  of 
Assembly,  1638,  1644,  1646,  1648,  and  was 
appointed  to  attend  the  Earl  of  Lothian's 
Regiment  in  1645.  He  died  between  14th 
Oct.  1657  and  6th  April  1658.  He  marr. 
a  lady  who  .survived  him,  and  had  issue 
—John,  served  heir  3rd  July  1666,  and 
15th  Dec.  1674 ;.  William,  apprentice  to 
William  Bruce,  skinner,  12th  Oct.  1664. 
--[Test.  Reg.  (Gfasi/.')  :  Rey.  Sec.  Sig.  ;  Inq. 
Ret.  Edin.,  1215— et  den.,  5006  ;  Morrison's 
Diet.,  xvii.  ;  Baillie's  Letters  :  Acts  of  Ass.] 

JOHN    DOUGLAS,  brother  of  George 
D.    of    Bonjedward ;     M.A.    (Edin 
burgh  1635) ;  had  a  testimonial  from 
Fresb.  of  Jedburgh  22nd  Aug.  1638;  ord. 
to   Yetholm    23rd   April   1639  :    called    in 
Feb.,   and  adm.   after  2nd  April  1661  ;  he 
conformed    to    Episcopacy,    and    died    in 
1671,  aged  about  56. — [Kelso  Fresh.  Re<j.  : 
Wodrow's  Hist.  :  Reg.  Sec.  Sig.~\ 

16?2  burgh,  27th  July  1663);  licen.  by 
George,  Bishop  of  Edinburgh,  22nd 
June  1666  ;  ord.  to  Edinburgh  Castle  22nd 
Oct.  1668  ;  pres.  by  Charles  II.  15th  Aug., 
and  inst.  18th  Sept.  1672 ;  died  between 
23rd  April  and  14th  Aug.  1683,  aged  about 
40.  He  marr.  April  1673,  Elizabeth  Crans- 
toun,  probably  of  the  Crailing  family,  and 
had  issue — William,  served  heir  26th  March 
1695.— [Reg.  Sec.  Si</.  :  Peebles,  Tests.  :  Inq. 
Ret,  Gen,,  7572.] 

CHARLES  ROSS,  probably  of  the  family 
of  Ross  of  Insch  (as  he  was  witness 
to  the  baptism  of  a  child  of  Alex 
ander  R.,  Professor  of  Divinity  in  the 
Univ.  of  Glasgow,  along  with  Arthur,  the 
Archbishop,  4th  Dec.  1683) ;  studied  at 
Marischal  College,  Aberdeen,  1675-9  ;  pres. 
by  Charles  II.  in  March,  and  inst.  16th 
April  1684  ;  deprived  by  the  Privy  Council 
Oct.  1689,  for  neither  reading  the  Pro 
clamation  issued  by  the  Estates  nor  pray 
ing  for  William  and  Mary,  and  for  not 
observing  the  Fast.  He  died  6th  Aug. 
1711,  in  his  51st  year.- — [Glasgow  Rey. 
(Bapt.);  Edin.  Reg.  (Bur.);  MS.  Ace.  'of 
Min.,  1689;  Peterkin's  Constitution  of  the 
Ch  nrch .] 


JOHN  CRANSTOUN,  M.A. ;  ord.  1st 
Jan.    1692 ;    trans,   to    Ancrum   2nd 

March  1704. 

WILLIAM  GUSTHART,  M.A.  ;  called 
17Q8     13th  May,  and  adm.  10th  June  1708  ; 
trans,  to  Tolbooth  Parish,  Edinburgh, 
22nd  Jan.  1721. 

ROBERT  BELL,  born  1670,  son  of  John 
?  .  B.,  min.  of  Smailholm  ;  M.A.  (Edin 
burgh,  7th  May  1689);  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Earlston  12th  Oct.  1693;  ord. 
14th  Feb.  1694  to  Cavers  ;  called  by  the 
Presb.  jure  devoluto  1st  Sept.  ;  trans,  and 
adm.  30th  Nov.  1721  ;  one  of  His  Majesty's 
Chaplains  in  Ordinary  for  Scotland  20th 
Dec.  1734,  but  deprived  by  a  political 
change  in  1744.  He  died  FATHER  OP  THE 
CHURCH,  9th  May  1755.  He  marr.  Anne 
Kennedy,  and  had  issue  —  John,  min.  of 
Gordon.—  [Steven's  Scott,  Ck.,  Rotterd.,  173.] 


ROBERT  DEANS,  son  of  Alexander  D., 
m*n-  °^  Birse  }  licen-  by  Presb.  of 
Irvine  llth  Sept.  1750;  pres.  by 
George  II.  23rd  Oct.  1755  ;  ord.  18th  March 
1756  ;  died  13th  Dec.  1788.  He  marr.  15th 
April  1765,  Elizabeth  (died  23rd  Nov.  1801, 
aged  84),  daugh.  of  Archibald  Smith,  Glas 
gow.  —  [Tomhst,] 

DAVID  BROWN,  born  1st  June  1757, 
son  of  David  B.,  Auchtertool  ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Kirkcaldy  15th  June 
1785  ;  pres.  by  George  III.  6th  April,  and 
ord.  24th  Sept.  1789;  died  llth  Oct.  1828. 
He  marr.  3rd  Feb.  1795,  Janet  (died  Edin 
burgh,  4th  June  1846,  aged  78),  daugh.  of 
William  Dawson  of  Graden,  an  eminent 
agriculturist,  and  had  issue  —  Christian, 
born  8th  May  1796  ;  Jean,  born  29th 
Nov.  1797  (marr.  James  Strachan,  min.  of 
Cavers)  ;  David,  W.S.,  born  8th  May  1799  ; 
Janet,  born  7th  July  1801  ;  William  Daw- 
son,  licentiate  of  the  Church  of  Scotland, 
born  19th  Oct.  1802,  died  at  Montreal,  1st 
Sept,  1875  ;  Elizabeth,  born  23rd  Dec.  1803 
(marr.  Robert  Strachan,  London)  ;  Mar 
garet,  born  30th  Nov.  1805,  died  7th  May 
1807  ;  Mary,  born  17th  March  1807  ; 
Peter,  printer,  Edinburgh,  born  15th  Sept. 
1808;  John,  born  8th  Oct.  1810.  Publica- 



tion — Account    of    the    Parish    (Sinclair's 
Stat.  Ace.,  ii.). — [Auchtertool  Sess.  Rey.~\ 

ANDREW  MILROY  of  Forthsidc, 
Stirling,  born  Edinburgh,  25th  July 
1801,  son  of  David  M.  ;  educated  at 
High  School  and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  26th  Aug. 
1824;  ord.  30th  July  1829.  Joined  the 
Free  Church  ;  min.  of  Crailing  Free  Church 
in  1843  ;  trans,  to  Tron  Free  Church,  Edin 
burgh,  llth  April  1844  ;  died  3rd  May  1873. 
He  marr.  3rd  Nov.  1829,  Margaret  (died 
2nd  Jan.  1877),  daugh.  of  James  Bryce  of 
Wcodhall,  and  had  issue  —  David,  M.D., 
surgeon,  30th  Regiment,  served  in  the 
Crimea,  1854,  born  16th  Dec.  1831,  died  at 
Bermuda,  3rd  Sept.  1 864  ;  Catherine  Young, 
born  19th  Oct.  1833  (marr.  Aug.  1867, 
John  Fleming,  min.  of  Tron  Free  Church, 
Edinburgh),  died  4th  July  1911:  Janet 
Wallace,  born  18th  Feb.  1837  (marr.  8th 
Dec.  1863,  William  Richard  Curie,  C.E., 
Delhi,  India),  died  Jan.  1892 ;.  Andrew 
Wallace  of  Forthside,  M.A.  (Oxon.  1869), 
Professor  of  Latin,  Queen's  College,  London 
(1870-7),  Reader  of  the  Rolls  Chapel 
(1874-9),  Professor  of  Church  History, 
Queen's  College,  London  (1887-98),  vicar  of 
Carisbrooke,  I.W.,  born  29th  Aug.  1841,  died 
at  Marseilles,  3rd  March  1902.  Publication 
— Account  of  the  Parish  (New  Stat.  Ace., 
iii.). — [Memorials  of  a  Quiet  Ministry:  being 
the  Life  and  Letters  of  Andreiv  Milroi/,  by 
his  son,  A.  W.  Milroy  (London,  1876.)] 

ADAM    CUNNINGHAM,    born    1806, 

son  of  Charles  C.,  and  great-grandson 

of  Alexander  C.,  min.   of  Ettrick  ; 

educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by 

Presb.  of  Selkirk  28th  June  1831  ;  ord.  to 

Eskdalemuir   12th   May   1836;   trans,   and 

adm.  28th  Sept.  1843;  died  unmarr.   llth 

Sept.  1887. 

TON,  born  Aberdeen,  7th  Dec.  1858, 
son  of  James  M.  and  Isabella  Moir  ; 
educated  at  Univ.    of   Edinburgh;    M.A. 
(1884) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  1887  ; 
assistant  at  Dalbeattie ;  ord.  22nd  March 
1888;    chaplain   to  the    British   Forces i  in 
Crete,  1907-8. 


[Previous  to  the  Reformation  the  church 
belonged  to  the  Abbey  of  Jedburgh.  The 
parish  was  united  to  Crailing,  9th  July  1606. 
A  petition  of  the  parishioners  to  Parlia 
ment,  28th  June  1633,  that  the  church  of 
the  united  parishes  might  be  removed  to 
Nisbet,  was  remitted  to  the  Lords  Com 
missioners  of  Teinds  "  to  determine  thairin 
as  they  think  fitt  and  expedient."] 

JOHN  KER,  reader  here  and  at  Crailing 
1574  in  1574, 

HENRY  LIVINGSTON,  reader,  1576 
1576  to  1578. 

1579  reader.  1579  to  1580. 


JOHN  JOHNSTON,  M.A. ;  min.  in 
1593.  In  1594  Wilton  also  was  under 
his  care,  but  was  removed  from  his 
charge  in  1595,  when  Abbotrule  and  Bed- 
rule  were  added  instead,  which  arrangement 
remained  till  1599 ;  trans,  to  Langnewton 
before  6th  Jan.  1607.— [Key.  Assicj.~\ 


HECTOR  RAE,  M.A. ;  adm.  8th  Sept. 
1608 ;  trans,  to  Hownam  30th  Aug. 



[This  parish  belonged  to  the  Abbey  of 
Jedburgh.  At  Caverton,  in  the  parish,  was 
a  chapel  founded  by  Walter  Ker  of  Cess- 
ford,  and  confirmed  by  a  charter  of  James 
IV.  in  1500.] 

ROBERT    RICHARDSON,     vicar     of 
Eckford    in     1556 ;     archdeacon    of 
Teviotdale   in   1567  :    died   in   1571. 
— [Knox,  Hist.,  i.,  373.] 


1572     JOHN  CLERK,  reader,  1572  to  1591. 

ANDREW    CLAYHILLS,    trans,  from 

Jedburgh;  pres.  to  the  vicarage  by 

James  VI.  previous  to   30th  April 

1593 ;  trans,  to  Monilieth  16th  June  1598. 



PATRICK  URQUHART,  M.A.  ;  trans. 

1600     *rom     Langnewton  ;     pres.     to     the 

vicarage    by    James    VI.   8th    Feb. 

1600;  trans,  to  Lindean  [Galashiels]  before 

13th  March  1605. 

JOHN  BOYLE,  M.A.  (Eclin.,  28th  July 

1596)      Though  afflicted  with  blind- 
1608  ,. 

ness,   he  was   nom.   for   a   proposed 

Second  Charge  at  Jedburgh  in  1601  ;  adin. 
liere  5th  May  1608  ;  preached  for  the  last 
time  in  this  charge  13th  Sept.  160!)  :  dep. 
for  immoral  conduct  llth  Jan.  1010.— 
[Calderwood's  /fist.,  vi.,  24,  712.] 

Thomas  A.  of  Glencorse,  and  Jean 
Straiten,  was  brother  of  John  A.,  min. 
of  Jedburgh:  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  28th  July 
1596)  ;  Keen,  by  Fresh,  of  Edinburgh  31st 
Dec.  1600  ;  adm.  to  Durisdeer  before  20th 
May  1601  :  trans,  to  Hawick  that  year  ; 
trans,  and  adm.  22nd  Feb.  1010.  He  was 
summoned  before  the  Court  of  High  Com 
mission,  10th  Jan.  and  28th  June  1622,  for 
not  complying  with  the  ordinances  of  the 
Assembly  in  1618.  Through  the  inter 
cession  of  his  brother,  who  had  become 
Bishop  of  Caithness,  the  case  was  delayed 
till  9th  July  following,  when  it  was  passed 
over.  He  died  after  28th  Oct.  1640,  aged 
about  64.  He  niarr.  12th  Oct.  1603, 
Beatrix  Criche  ;  Daniel  A.,  his  nephew, 
was  served  heir  9th  June  lG4:l.--[Edin. 
Rey.  (Marr.)  ;  Re<j.  Assiy.  ;  Calderwood's 
Ih'xf.,  vii.,  549  :  Imj.  Pet.  Gen.,  2576.] 

ROBERT  MARTIN,  M.A.  (St  Andrews, 


23rd  Sept.  1617  ;   trans,   to   Ettrick 

5th  May  1618;  pres.  by  Charles  I.  2nd 
Jan.,  trans,  and  adm.  23rd  June  1641.  He 
refused  to  conform  to  Episcopacy,  and  died 
12th  Aug.  1665,  aged  about  73.  He  marr. 
(cont.  22nd  May  1624)  Marion,  daugh.  of 
Walter  Scott  of  Gamescleugh,  and  had 
issue  —  Rachel  (marr.  Alexander  Faterson). 
—  [Rey.  of  Deeds,  ccclxxiii.,  55  ;  /'.  R.  <S'a,v., 
I'ccbles  '.  Rey.  .Str.  Siy.  ;  To 


WILLIAM  TURNBULL,  son  of  William 
T.,  min.  of  Makerstoun  ;  M.A.  (Edin 
burgh,  30th  July  1646) ;  passed  trials 
before  the  Presb.  of  Jedburgh,  and  had  a 

testimonial  4th  July  1665  for  license ; 
pres.  by  Charles  II.  9th  Nov.,  coll.  in  Dec. 
1665  :  inst.  10th  Jan.  1666  ;  probably  died 
between  3rd  Jan.  and  4th  April  1677,  aged 
about  50.  He  marr.  (name  unknown),  and 
had  issue — John,  M.A. — [G .  R.  Hominy*, 
18th  July  1670  ;  Min. -book  Key,  I'/'iri/ 

burgh,  30th  June  1658):  chaplain 
to  John  Mow  of  Mow;  licen.  by 
Fresb.  of  Kelso  26th  June  1660;  adm.  to 
Borgue  in  1664  ;  trans,  to  Tarbolton  in  1666; 
pres.  by  Charles  II.  18th  Dec.  1677  ;  trans, 
and  coll.  in  April,  and  inst.  8th  May  1678  ; 
deprived  by  the  Privy  Council,  4th  Sept. 
1689,  for  neither  reading  the  Proclamation 
of  the  Estates  nor  praying  for  William  and 
Mary,  but  for  the  restoration  of  James 
VII.  He  died  8th  April  1696,  aged  about 
58,  and  was  buried  the  following  day  in 
Greyfriars.  Edinburgh.  —  [Min.-book  Rey. 
Prii'tj  Seal,  Edin.  AV;/.  (lhn\) ;  MS.  Ace. 
of  Min.,  1689;  Peterkin's  Constitution  of 
I  In-  C/itor/t.] 

JAMES  NOBLE,  M.A,  (Edinburgh,  :>th 

Aug.  1679;  ord.  in  1688  as  min.  of  a 

Presbyterian  congregation  at    Bran- 

ton  ;  adm.  to  Yetholm  before  16th  Oct.  1690; 

called  in  Nov.  1693  ;  trans,  and  adm.  4th 

April    1694 ;   died  17th   Aug.    1739,   in  his 

|  83rd  year.     He  marr.  1694,  Grace  Hutton, 

who  died  12th  Sept.  1772,  aged  70,  and  had 

issue — Agnes  (marr.  her  father's  successor) ; 

William  ;  Gabriel ;  Edward  ;  James  ;  Grace. 

— [J\eho  Presb.   and    Yf-tholm   tiess.   Rey. ; 


JOHN  JOHNSTON,  schoolmaster  at 
Eyemouth  :  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Chirnside  29th  Sept.  1719;  called 
23rd  Sept.  1730  :  ord.  (assistant  and 
successor)  25th  Feb.  1731  :  he  dissented 
from  the  Act  deposing  the  eight  Seceders, 
15th  May  1740;  died  21st  Oct.  1754,  in  his 
64th  year.  He  marr.  13th  July  1731,  Agnes 
Noble,  daugh.  of  his  predecessor  :  she  died 
llth  Sept.  1757,  aged  62,  leaving  issue- 
Jean,  born  29th  Oct.  1735  ;  James.— [Kelso 
Rec.,  7th  Oct.  1718  ;  Tombst. ;  Rey.  Gen. 
Ass.,  1740;  Morren's  Ann.] 





WILLIAM  PATON,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
18th  March  1742) ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Dalkeith  30th  April  1745 ;  pres. 
by  George  II.  17th  Feb.,  and  ord.  27th 
Aug.  1755  ;  died  6th  May  1807,  in  his  87th 
year.  He  rnarr.  llth  April  1759,  Sarah 
(died  19th  Jan.  1819,  aged  89),  daugh.  of 
James  Nasrnyth,  min.  of  Dalmeny,  and 
had  issue — an  only  daugh.,  Marion,  born 
27th  Jan.  1760,  died  3rd  Dec.  1820.  Publi 
cation — Account  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's 
Stat.  /Ice.,  viii.). — [Dalmeny  *  R<-<j. ; 

JAMES  YOUNG,  born  1774,  son  of 
Peter  Y.,  Bedrule  ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
807  of  Jedburgh  7th  April  1802  ;  pres.  by 
(leorge  III.  5th  June,  and  ord.  24th  Sept. 
1807  ;  died  9th  March  1822.  He  marr.  21st 
July  1809,  Marion  (died  at  Edinburgh,  7th 
Aug.  1857,  aged  75),  eldest  daugh.  of  James 
Hume,  schoolmaster  of  Lasswade,  and  had 
issue — Margaret  Simpson,  born  19th  Oct. 
1811;  Euphemia,  born  15th  Jan.  1813; 
Peter,  colonial  surgeon,  Hong-Kong,  born 
23rd  March  1814 ;  Marion,  born  23rd  Sept. 
1815  (marr.  James  Hope,  min.  of  Rox 
burgh)  ;  Beatrix  Laiirg,  born  3rd  March 
1818 ;  James  Hume,  M.D.,  first  medical 
missionary  of  the  Presbyterian  Church  of 
England,  at  Amoy,  China,  born  llth  Oct. 
1819,  died  at  Musselburgh,  llth  Feb.  1855  ; 
Janet,  born  28th  Feb.  1821.— [Tomh*t.~\ 

GEORGE  GRAY,  pres.  by  George  IV., 
and  ord.  19th  Sept.  1822  ;  trans,  to 
Maybole  18th  Sept.  1828. 

JOSEPH  YAIR,  born  2nd  Sept.  1798, 
eldest  son  of  David  Y.,  writer, 
Glasgow,  and  Janet  Patterson  ;  edu 
cated  at  Grammar  School  and  Univ.  of 
Glasgow  ;  M.A.  (1820) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Glasgow  25th  June  1824  ;  pres.  by  George 
IV.,  and  ord.  7th  May  1829;  died  25th 
April  1892.  He  marr.  12th  Dec.  1836, 
Helen  Blair  (born  llth  July  1819,  died 
27th  Jan.  1889),  daugh.  of  Archibald 
M'Dougall,  Cessford,  and  had  issue  — 
Christian  Archibald  M'Dougall,  born  16th 
July  1838  (marr.  William  Lamb,  min.  of 
Ednam) ;  David  William,  min.  of  Firth, 
born  28th  Aug.  1840;  Janet  Elizabeth 

Colquhoun,  born  27th  July  1842,  died 
24th  May  1856 ;  Archibald  M'Dougall, 
custom  -  house  officer,  New  York,  born 
30th  Dec.  1843,  died  6th  July  1909  ; 
Helen  Blair  M'Dougall,  born  2nd  March 
1846  (marr.  Patrick,  eldest  son  of  James 
Chrystal,  D.D.,  LL.D.,  min.  of  Auchin- 
leck) ;  Elizabeth  Colquhoun,  born  25th 
Jan.  1848,  died  unmarr.  18th  Feb.  1890; 
Joseph,  accountant,  Canada,  born  20th 
Jan.  1850 ;  Agnes  Archibald  M'Dougall, 
bora  27th  Dec.  1851  :  John  Macltae,  M.D., 
born  9th  Dec.  1854,  died  31st  May  1903. 
Publication— Account  of  the  Parish  (Xen< 
M>if.  Ace.,  iii.). 

ROBERT  GILLESPIE,  born  South 
1892  Glassmount,  Kinghorn,  7th  Sept. 
1862,  son  of  John  G.  and  Barbara 
\V:uldell  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  St 
Andrews;  M.A.  (1882),  B.D.  (1885);  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Kirkcaldy  1890 ;  assistant  at 
St  M ungo's,  Glasgow  ;  ord.  28th  Sept.  1892  ; 
died  unmarr.  14th  Nov.  1896. 

18g7  5th  Oct.  1867,  son  of  Alexander 
M.,  D.D.,  min.  of  Houston,  Ren 
frewshire  ;  educated  at  Houston  School 
and  Univ.  of  Glasgow;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Paisley  1890 ;  assistant  at  St  Mary's 
Parish,  Edinburgh;  ord.  29th  April  1897. 
Marr.  2nd  Sept.  1897,  Isabella  Blyth, 
daugh.  of  Thomas  Dall,  C.A.,  Edinburgh, 
and  has  issue — Aileen  Mona  Dall,  born 
9th  Oct.  1898 ;  Anne  Catherine  Louise, 
born  29th  Nov.  1903. 


[A  church  was  built  at  Edgerston  in  1838. 
The  parish  was  disjoined  from  Jedburgh, 
Southdean,  and  Oxnam  in  July  1855.] 

JOHN  FERGUSSON,  born  Wallace- 
1855  town,  Dumfries,  1824,  son  of  David 
F.  and  Mary  Kerr;  educated  at 
Hutton  Hall  Academy,  and  Univs.  of 
Edinburgh  and  St  Andrews ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Edinburgh ;  assistant  at  Green- 
side  Parish,  Edinburgh ;  ord.  first  min.  of 
this  parish  13th  Sept.  1855 ;  clerk  of 




Prcsb.,  1863-91  ;  died  10th  Dec.  1891.  He 
marr.  29th  Aug.  1871,  Margaret,  daugh.  of 
Isaac  Richardson,  and  widow  of  Joseph 
Spence  Smith,  and  had  issue— David,  M.A., 
B.L.,  solicitor,  Dumfries,  born  12th  Sept. 
187-2  ;  Margaret  Isabella  lUchardson,  born 
23rd  Feb.  1877  ;  Maud  Mary,  born  12th 
Oct.  1879  (inarr.  20th  June  1906,  Xonnan 
Porteous,  C.E.,  lieut.  E.E.). 

THOMAS  CORDON,  born  30th  Nov. 
1841,  son  of  John  C.  of  Thrcave 
Mains,  min.  of  Twynholm ;  edu 
cated  at  Kirkcudbright  Academy  and 
Univ.  of  Glasgow:  M.A.  (1864),  B.D. 
(1879) :  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Kirkcudbright 
Aug.  I860;  assistant  at  Bothwell,  Scone, 
Twynholm,  Balmaghie,  Fenwick,  1866-77 ; 
at  Saughtree  Mission,  Castleton,  Edgerston, 
Kirkcolm,  Paisley  (Middle  Parish),  1877-90  : 
ord.  to  Demerara  22nd  March  1888:  adm. 
to  this  charge  31st  March  1892.  Marr. 
3rd  Dec.  1895,  Adelaide,  daugh.  of  James 
Dobie,  surgeon-dentist,  Paisley.  Publica 
tions — The  Scottish  Reformation  Movement 
in  the  Sixteenth  Century  (Edinburgh,  1883) ; 
Ci-erd.  (oaf.  Civilisation— their  Alliance  in 
(he  Experience  of  Ifistori/  (London,  1905). 


[There  was  a  church  here  in  1183,  when 
"  Henry  the  parson "  was  witness  to  a 
charter  of  land  in  the  territory  of  Hawick, 
The  names  of  parson,  chaplain,  and  vicar 
of  the  kirk  of  Hawick  occur  in  documents 
of  the  twelfth  century.  The  church  was 
dedicated  to  St  Mary,  by  Adam,  Bishop 
of  Caithness,  29th  May  1214.  In  1844  a 
new  church  for  the  parish  was  erected  at 
the  expense  of  Walter  Francis,  Duke  of 
Buccleuch,  the  old  building  becoming  the 
church  of  the  quoad  sacra,  parish  of  St 
Mary  erected  in  1866.] 

HENRY  SCOTT,  reader  in  1574.— [£e</. 
1574  Assiy.] 

WILLIAM    AUCHMOUTIE,    min.    in 
1574.    when     Cavers,     Hassendean, 


Kirkton,   and   Wilton   were   in    the 
charge.     He  was  still  min.  in   1591.— [-Key. 

Assig. ;     ttookc    of    the    Kirl- ;    Wodrow's 

JOHN  SANDILANDS,  M.A.,  styled 
"parson  of  Hawick,"  1563:  died  at 
Edinburgh,  21st  May  l583.—[Compt 

of  Sub-Collector  of  Thirds,  Jut.  Keg.  :  Edin. 


WILLIAM  FOWLER,  born  c.  1560,  son 
of    Wm.    F.,    merchant    burgess    of 
Edinburgh  :   attended   St   Leonard's 
College,    St    Andrews,    1573-4    and    1578; 
M.A.  :  studied  law  at  Paris  in  1580,  where 
he   suti'ered   persecution   from   his   Roman 
Catholic  countrymen.     A  similar  fate  befell 
him  at  Rome.     On  his  return  to  Scotland  he 
published   An  Ansicer   to   the   Calumnious 
Letter  and  Erroneous  Propositimtns  of  an 
A/toxtaf  named  M.  Jo.  Hammiltonn  (Edin 
burgh  :  Robert  Lekprewick,  1581),  dedicated 
to  Francis,  Earl  of  Bothwell.     During  part 
of  1583  and  1584  he  was  in  London,  where 
he  acted  as  a  spy  on  Esme,  Duke  of  Lennox, 
and  the  French  faction.     To  James  VI.'s 
Essaycs,  of  a  Prentise  (1584)  he  contributed 
a     commendatory    sonnet.      In     1585,    as 
"  Minister  of  O  ::  (;;  O  "  apparently  =  blank), 
he  was  paid  two-thirds  of  the  parsonage  of 
i  Hawick.   the   above    William    Auchmoutie 
\  drawing  the   other   third.     In   June   1586, 
Fowler,  described  as  "of  Hawik,"  is  men 
tioned  as  being  in  the  train  of  the  Earl  of 
Bothwell,  who  is  known  to  have  presented 
him  to  that  rectory  and  vicarage.    "  William 
Fowler,  persoun  of  Hawik,"  accompanied  the 
ambassador,  Sir  Peter  Young,  to  Denmark 
in  May  1589,  and  took  part  in  the  negotia 
tions  which  led  to  the  marriage  of  James 
VI.  and  Princess  Anne.     He  was  appointed 
Master  of  Requests  and  Secretary-Depute  to 
the  Queen  in  Nov.  1589,  and  eventually  her 
secretary.    In  Feb.  1594  he  received  from  the 
Crown  a  grant  of  its  third  of  the  parsonage 
of  Hawick.     He  accompanied  Queen  Anne 
to  England  in  1603,  and  died  in  May  1612. 
His  eldest  son,  Ludovic,  was  "Portioner  of 
liestalrig."      Publications  —  Fowler   was   a 
somewhat  prolific  writer,  but  little  appeared 
in  print  during  his   lifetime.     Two  MSS., 
containing  his  The  Tarantula  of  Love  and 
a   verse   translation   of   Petrarch's   Trionfi, 
were    presented    by   his   nephew,    William 




Drummond  of  Hawthornden,  to  the  Uni 
versity  of  Edinburgli  in  1627.  The  Haw 
thornden  MSS.  in  the  Museum  of  Xational 
Antiquities,  Edinburgh,  include,  among 
various  pieces  of  his  in  prose  and  verse, 
an  almost  complete  translation  of  Machia- 
vellrs  Prince.  Fowlers  work  illustrates 
the  literary  influences,  more  particularly 
Italian,  which  prevailed  at  the  court  of 
James  VI. — [Edin.  Unir.  Lain;/  J/,s>',,  494  ; 
David  Laing  in  ArcJtwolorjia  Scotica,  iv., 
70  ;  T.  Graves  Law,  Catholic  Tractates,  pp. 
xlii.-iv.  (Scot.  Text  Soc.) ;  I  fist.  MSS.  Com. 
Rpts.,  /faf field  MSS.,  xii.,  450 ;  Cal.  Scot. 
Paper*,  vi,,  passim  ;  Cal.  Scot.  Papers,  viii., 
4:>2  ;  /'.  C.  Reg.,  2nd  ser.,  iv.,  520;  Edin. 
Burgh  R<-<'o,\lx,  iv.,  543-4  ;  Reg.  Sec.  Sit/., 
Ixvi.,  f.  78;  ibid.,  Ixvii.,  f.  59;  Fowler's 
Works,  ed.  Henry  \V.  Meikle,  D.Litt.  (Scot, 
Text  Soc.,  1914);  A.  F.  Westcott's  JTei» 
Poems  of  James  I.  of  England;  Irving's 
Hist,  of  Scot.  Poetnj  :  Masson's  Drummond 
of  Hawthornden ;  E.  T.  Bradley's  Arabella 

THOMAS  ABERNETHY,  M.A.;  trans. 
1601     ^rom    Durisdeer,    and    adm.     1001  ; 
trans,  to  Eckford  22nd  Feb.  1610. 

ADAM  SCOTT,  son  of  Walter  S.,  mer- 
1612  chant  burgess  of  Edinburgh;  M.A. 
(Edinburgh,  25th  July  1607);  min. 
of  Minto  in  1608;  pres.  by  Walter,  Lord 
Scott  of  Buccleuch  27th  Aug.  1612 ;  trans, 
and  adm.  soon  after  ;  still  min.  7th  Dec. 
1623  ;  died  before  20th  April  1625.— [Prof. 
Bk.  of  John  Hay,  viii.,  166  :  Edin.  Re<j. 
(Bapt.)  ;  Reg.  Assiy.] 

11 0  B  E 11 T  C  U  N  N I X  ( i  H  A  M  E,  M.A. 
1625  (Glasgow  1608);  on  the  recommenda 
tion  of  the  Principal  and  regents  of 
Edinburgh  Univ.  he  was  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Haddington,  8th  Sept.  1617;  pres.  by 
Walter,  Earl  of  Buccleuch,  and  adm.  here 
20th  April  1625.  He  was  a  member  of 
Assembly  in  1638,  and  of  the  Commission 
in  1647;  died  after  8th  Oct.  1656.  His 
signature  is  attached  to  the  copy  of  the 
National  Covenant  preserved  at  Cavers. 
He  marr.  Margaret  Shaw,  and  had  issue 
—Patrick,  min.  of  Kirkton ;  Thomas ; 
James;  Alexander;  Francis,  apprenticed 
VOL.  II. 

to  John  Rankine,  merchant,  Edinburgh, 
25th  Feb.  1663  ;  Catherine  ;  Anna.— [Had- 
dinyton  Presb.  Re<j. ;  P.  C.  Raj.,  2nd  ser., 

iv.,  520.] 

JOHN  SCOTT,  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  15th 
July  1650);  tutor  in  the  family  of 
Gilbert  Eliott  of  Stobs  ;  called  8th 
Feb.  and  adm.  29th  July  1657  ;  deprived  by 
Act  of  Parliament  llth  June,  and  Deereet  of 
Privy  Council  1st  Oct.  1662.  He  frequently 
officiated  at  conventicles,  and  was  instru 
mental  in  the  escape  to  London,  in  1681, 
of  Archibald,  Earl  of  Argyll,  who  was 
afterwards  beheaded.  "  When  the  Earl 
mounted  a  horse  prepared  for  him,  the 
min.  of  Hawick  advised  him  to  ride  on 
without  ever  slackening  bridle  till  he 
should  arrive  at  Torwoodlee,  and  gave  him 
a  verbal  token  by  which  he  would  be 
received/'  He  survived  the  Revolution,  but 
did  not  return  to  his  parish.  He  marr.  (!) 
28th  Sept.  1658,  Marion  (died  July  1661, 
aged  19),  daugh.  of  John  Livingston,  min. 
of  Aucrum  :  (2)  Elizabeth  Anderson,  who 
was  buried  in  Greyfriars,  Edinburgh,  26th 
March  1698. — [Edin..  Tests. ;  Edin.  Reg. 
(Bur.);  Wodrow's  /list.,  i.,  326;  Living 
ston's  Life;  Inq.  Ret.  (Jen.,  7970;  The 
Covenanters  of  Teviotdale,  47.] 

1663  ^U1'S^  I64") }  schoolmaster  of  Lesma- 
hagow  1653 :  adm.  (assistant)  at 
Roberton  before  1st  June  1655 ;  trans. 
1656  to  Bathgate ;  pres.  in  June,  and  inst. 
before  2nd  Aug.  1663 ;  died  between  20th 
March  and  10th  May  1667,  aged  about  40. 
He  marr.  llth  Sept.  1666,  Margaret  Cun 
ningham,  who  survived  him,  and  marr.  (2) 
(pro.  24th  Nov.  1670)  Robert  Richardson, 
writer,  Edinburgh.  — [(/.  R.  Inhib.,  28th 
May  1675  ;  Edin.  Marr.  Re</.'\ 

JOHN  LANGLANDS,  born  1633,  said 
1667  to  be  son  of  John  L.,  miri.  of  Wilton  ; 
M.A.  (Edinburgh,  31st  July  1662); 
licen.  by  George,  Bishop  of  Edinburgh,  3rd 
Oct.  1666;  pres.  in  July,  and  inst.  23rd 
Oct.  1667;  deprived  by  the  Privy  Council, 
4th  Sept.  1689,  for  neither  reading  the  Pro 
clamation  of  the  Estates  nor  praying  for 
William  and  Mary.  He  removed  to  Aln- 





wick,  where  lie  died  24th  May  1707.  He 
marr.  Margaret  Kutherfurd,  and  had  issue 
—  Robert;  John;  Margaret;  Alison;  Mar 
garet.—  [Rey.  Collat. ;  Edin.  Reg.  (Bur.} ; 
MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689  ;  Peterkin's  Con 
stitution  of  the  Church  ;  Paper  by  Sir  J. 
A.  H.  Murray,  LL.D.,  in  Trans.  Hawick 
Archaol.  Soc.,  1863]. 

ALEXANDER  OllllOCK,  born  1652,  son 
of  Alexander  O.  of  Orrock,  Fife,  by 
his  wife,  Elizabeth,  sister  of  Sir  John 
Wemyss  of  Bogie.     On  15th  Feb.  1665  he 
entered  St  Salvator's  College,  St  Andrews, 
where  he  graduated  M.A.  25th  July  1668. 
We  do  not  know  how  or  where  he  spent  the 
next  nineteen  years,  but  in  1687  he  was 
licen.  by  the  Presb.  of  St  Andrews.     From 
the  first,  Orrock  was  a  determined  opponent 
of    Episcopacy,    conspicuously   identifying 
himself  with   the    views    and    conduct  of 
Alexander  Hamilton  of  Kinkel,  St  Andrews. 
Both   men   were  more  than  once  arrested 
and  lodged  in  the  Edinburgh  Tolbooth,  and 
Orrock  was  inhibited  from  preaching.     On 
being  liberated,   he    persisted    in    preach 
ing  at  Dundee  and  St  Andrews,  but  was 
seized   by   order  of    Archbishop  Ross :    a 
strong  attempt  at  rescue  was  made,  Orrock !s 
friend   Hamilton   "beating  off  some   who 
laid  violent  hands"  on    him.    After    the 
Revolution   he   was   called   to  the  Second 
Charge  of  St  Andrews,  but  the  Synod,  7th 
April   1691,   refused    to   settle   him   there. 
On  23rd  Sept.  of  the  same  year  he  was 
admitted  to  this  charge.    He  was  a  member 
of  Assembly  in  1692.     He  declined  calls  to 
Peebles,  Muthill,  and  Kelso.     In  1705   he 
complained  to  the  Assembly  of  certain  Acts 
of   Synod  as  being  needlessly  severe   and 
oppressive.    Although  not  a  member  of  the 
Court,  he   attempted  to   speak,  but  was 
refused  a   hearing.     He    was    stopped    by 
the  Moderator   (Principal   Carstares),   and 
by  the  Lord  High  Commissioner  (William, 
Marquess  of  Annandale),  and  left  the  As 
sembly  only   on   a   peremptory  command. 
A  protest  against  the  Assembly's  proceed 
ings  was  made  to  Parliament  by  Fletcher 
of  Saltoun,  but  being  coldly  received,  was 
departed  from.     Fletcher  pleaded  for  a  re 
conciliation,  which  was  afterwards  effected. 
Orrock  died  unmarr.,  23rd  April  1711  [the 

date  1st  May  1711,  on  memorial  tablets  in 
St  Mary's  and  HaAvick  Parish  churches, 
is  an  error].  He  left  9000  merks  for  the 
endowment  of  a  grammar  school,  a  be 
quest  still  in  use  as  the  Orrock  Bursary, 
and  worth  about  £60.  For  the  poor  of  the 
parish  he  left  1600  merks;  and  to  the  church, 
four  silver  communion  cups  and  a  baptismal 
basin ;  while  to  his  successors  in  office  he 
bequeathed  his  library.  Publication- 
Address  to  the  General  Assembly,  1705, 
against  the  Tyrannical  Imposition  of  the 
8 i/nod  of  Merse  and  Teriotdale. — [A'.  S. 
Record  and  Baptismal  Font  Inscription ; 
Kelso  Presb.  ;  Reg.  Syn,  Fife ;  Boston's 
Memoirs  ;  Fountainhall's  Diary  ;  Wodrow's 
JfSS.  \  Scot.  Presb.  Elo<j. ;  Reg.  Gen.  Ass., 
1692 ;  Charters'  Sermons,  ii. ;  Wilson's 
Hist,  of  Hawick ;  Tombst.  ;  Murray's  Hist. 
of  Hawick ;  Vernon's  "  Alexander  Orrock  " 
(Trans.  Hawick  Arch.  Soc.,  1909).] 

ROBERT  CUNNINGHAM,  born  1668, 
son  of  Patrick  C.,  min.  of  Kirkton  ; 
M.A.  (Edinburgh,  30th  May  1689); 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Selkirk  27th  Sept.  1693  ; 
ord.  to  Wilton  18th  April  1694  ;  called  8th 
Nov.  1711  ;  trans,  and  adm.  4th  June  1712  ; 
died  5th  Aug.  1722.  He  marr.  (cont.  18th 
and  23rd  Aug.  1699),  Marjory,  second 
daugh.  of  William  Ker  of  Sunderland  Hall, 
and  had  issue— Robert ;  Alexander  ;  Janet 
(marr.  Henry  Erskine,  min.  of  Roberton). 
—[Roxburgh  Sas.,  vii.,  94;  Roberton  Sess. 
Reg. ; Vernon's  "Alexander Orrock" (Trans. 
Hawid-  Arch.  AV.,  1909).] 

CHARLES  TELFER,  born  1693,  son  of 
Charles  T.,  bailie  of  Edinburgh,  and 
captain  of  the  Trained  Band  ;  M.A. 
(Edinburgh,  17th  April  1712);  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Edinburgh  (though  at  first  un 
willing  to  sign  the  Confession  of  Faith) 
3rd  June  1719  ;  assistant  to  preceding  min., 
10th  Sept.  1721 ;  pres.  by  Anne,  Duchess  of 
Buccleuch  and  Monmouth,  Nov.  1722;  ord. 
13th  Jan.  1723.  He  preached  before  the 
Lord  High  Commissioner,  24th  May  1730 
(from  Eccl.  vii.  10),  and  next  day  he  was 
called  before  the  Committee  on  Overtures 
for  certain  comparisons  which  he  had  used, 
but  was  dismissed  without  censure.  He  died 
between  24th  June  and  7th  July  1731.  He 




marr.  8th  July  1727,  Katherine  Elliot, 
widow  of  David  Laing  of  Westerkirk, 
Hawick.  She  was  alive  in  1746.  —  [Wod- 
row's  Anal,  and  Corresp.] 


WILLIAM  SOMERVILLE,  born  1691, 

son  °^  Th°mas  *">•)  min-  of  Cavers  : 
M.A.  (Edinburgh,  9th  April  1707): 
tutor  in  the  family  of  Alexander,  fourth 
Lord  Elibank  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Duns 
6th  Oct.  1719,  "and  soon  after  became  an 
inmate  in  the  family  of  James,  Lord  Somer- 
ville,  in  whose  house  he  remained,  managing 
his  Lordship's  business  affairs  till  the  time 
of  his  ordination  "j  called  17th  Nov.  1731  : 
ord.  29th  March  1732  ;  died  8th  Feb.  1757. 
He  marr.  (1)  19th  Oct.  1732,  Janet  (died 
10th  June  1749),  daugh.  of  John  Grierson, 
min.  of  Queensferry,  and  had  issue  —  Agnes, 
born  26th  June  1735:  Helen,  born  14th 
Aug.  1736:  Thomas,  D.D.,  min.  of  Jed- 
burgh  :  Janet,  born  12th  Nov.  1745  :  (2) 
16th  July  1753,  Isabel  Scott  of  White- 
haugh,  who  died  1st  May  1759.  —  [Nisbet's 
Heraldry,  ii.  ;  Somerville's  J///  Own  Life 
and  Times  ;  Trans,  Hawick  Arch,  Soc.,  1862.] 

JAMES  LAURIE,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
1757  19th  March  1724);  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Duns  26th  Sept,  1732;  ord.  to 
Langton  8th  Jan.  1734  ;  pres.  by  the 
trustees  of  Henry,  Duke  of  Buccleuch, 
llth  May;  trans,  and  adm.  7th  Oct.  1757  : 
died  23rd  Dec.  1783,  aged  about  79.  He 
marr.  31st  July  1743,  Elizabeth  Foggo,  who 
died  22nd  March  1792,  and  had  issue  —  John, 
min.  of  Ewes,  born  10th  June  1744  ;  Mary, 
born  5th  July  1748  ;  Elizabeth,  born  30th 
Aug.  1751.—  [Carlyle's  Autob.] 

THOMAS  SHARP,  trans,  from  Ettrick  : 
pres.  by  Henry,  Duke  of  Buccleuch, 
22nd  April,  and  adm.  22nd  Oct.  1784  ; 
trans,  to  Corstorphine  15th  Oct.  1789. 

ROBERT  GILLAN,  born  7th  June  1761, 
1789  son  °^  R°kert  Cr.,  min-  of  Lessudden 
[St  Boswells]  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh  :  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh  ; 
ord.  to  Ettrick  llth  May  1787;  pres.  by 
Henry,  Duke  of  Buccleuch,  23rd  Oct.  ; 
trans,  and  adm.  30th  Dec.  1789  :  dem. 
7th  May  1800:  died  at  Edinburgh,  7th 
May  1824.  He  marr.  4th  April  1798, 

Marion  (died  at  Abbotshall,  21st  Nov. 
1845),  daugh.  of  William  Campbell,  min.  of 
Lilliesleaf,  and  had  issue — Robert,  D.D., 
min.  of  Inchinnan,  born  1st  Oct.  1799 ; 
William,  born  5th  Oct.  1800;  Margaret, 
born  13th  Feb.  1804;  Joseph,  born  20th 
July  1805  ;  Alexander  Murray,  born  20th 
June  1807;  Cauvin,  born  14th  May  1812; 
Agnes  Farquharson,  born  16th  Jan.  1815. 
Publications — An  Abridgement  of  the  Acts 
of  the  General  Assemblies  of  the  Church  of 
Scotland  from  the  Year  1638  to  1802  in 
clusive  (Hawick,  1803);  A  Short  View  of 
'Modern  Astronomy,  for  the  Use  of  Schools 
ami  Private  Classes  (Edinburgh,  1814).  He 
edited  The  Scottish  Pulpit :  A  Collection  of 
Sermons  by  Eminent  Clergymen  of  the  Church 
of  Scotland  (Edinburgh,  1823);  Account  of 
the  Parish  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  viii.). 

JAMES  ARKLE,  licen.  by  Presb.  of  St 
1800  Andrews  3rd  May  1786;  ord.  to 
Castleton  26th  April  1792  :  pres.  by 
Henry,  Duke  of  Buccleuch,  5th  Sept.,  and 
adm.  19th  Dec.  1800;  died  unmarr.  16th 
March  1823,  in  his  64th  year.  Publica 
tions — Sermon  preached  in  the  Church  of 
Ilmi'li-k,  Dec.  5,  1805,  a  Daij  appointed 
for  National  Thanksgiving  (Hawick, 
1806);  Account  of  Castleton  (Sinclair's 
Stat.  Ace.,  xvi.). 

•JOHN     COCHRANE,   born    4th    Jan. 

1823  1789'  son  °^  '^m  ^''  farmer>  Easter 
Lilliesleaf ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Selkirk  6th 
Aug.  1811;  assistant  at  Lilliesleaf;  min. 
of  a  Presbyterian  congregation  at  Falstone, 
Northumberland  ;  adm.  to  the  Scots  Church, 
North  Shields  (in  succession  to  his  uncle, 
Walter  Knox),  29th  May  1817;  pres.  by 
the  trustees  of  Walter  Francis,  Duke  of 
Buccleuch  and  Queensberry,  4th  June,  and 
adm.  12th  Sept.  1823;  died  12th  Sept.  1832. 
He  marr.  30th  July  1816,  Jessie  Elizabeth 
(died  llth  Nov.  1868),  daugh.  of  Thomas 
Knox,  farmer,  Firth,  Lilliesleaf,  and  Bar 
bara  Turnbull,  and  sister  of  William  Knox, 
the  poet,  and  had  issue — Barbara,  born  8th 
March  1817,  died  llth  Jan.  1894  (marr. 
14th  Sept,  1836,  Robert  Laidlaw  Lang, 
writer,  Edinburgh,  and  was  mother  of  Peter 
Redford  Scott  Lang,  Professor  of  Mathe- 



matics,  Univ.  of  St  Andrews);  Jessie 
Knox,  born  1819,  died  5th  Feb.  1882  ;  Jane 
Ayres,  born  20tli  April  1820,  died  6th  Jan. 
J  891. —[William  Knox's  Poems.] 

1833  Edinburgh,  19th  Jan.  1802,  son  of 
James  W.,  gumnaker,  and  Janet 
Clapporton ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  20th 
Oct.  1825  ;  ord.  (assistant  and  successor) 
to  Burntisland  25th  Oct.  1827 ;  pros,  by 
Walter  Francis,  Duke  of  Buccleuch  and 
Queensberry,  in  March,  trans,  and  adm. 
10th  May  1833.  He  was  pres.  to  Galashiels 
Dec.  1840,  but  translation  was  refused  by 
the  Presb.  He  joined  the  Free  Church  ; 
min.  of  Hawick  Free  Church  in  1844  ;  died 
9th  Feb.  1870.  He  marr.  9th  Sept.  1834, 
Isabella  (died  25th  Oct.  1859),  daugh.  of 
James  Nisbet,  bookseller,  London,  and  had 
issue — James  Nisbet,  born  17th  Dec.  1835, 
died  9th  Jan.  1836 ;  Jeanetta  Nisbet,  born 
13th  July  1838,  died  at  Kelso,  28th  Oct. 
1852  ;  Wilhelmina  Hepburn,  born  14th  July 
1840  (marr.  John  Macgregor,  min.  of  the 
Free  Church,  Hawick),  died  25th  Sept. 
1869 ;  James  Nisbet,  min.  of  the  Presby 
terian  Church  of  England,  Torquay,  born 
30th  Jan.  1842  ;  Isabella  Duncan,  born  23rd 
March  1844 ;  Catherine  Nisbet,  born  12th 
May  1846,  died  14th  Dec.  1913 ;  Hamilton 
Gordon,  captain  African  Mail  S.S.  Co., 
born  26th  Sept.  1848 ;  Alexander  Duff 
Leadbetter,  bookseller,  Edinburgh,  born 
22nd  Aug.  1850 ;  Amy  Jeannetta,  born 
31st  March  1853,  died  2nd  May  1907.  Pub 
lications — "  The  Death  of  the  Righteous  " 
(Protestant  Pulpit,  Edinburgh,  1830) ;  The 
Church  built  by  Human  Agency  (London, 
1831) ;  The  Seven  Churches  of  Asia  (London, 
1842) ;  Reasons  for  Concurring  in  the 
Resolutions  of  Convocation  (London,  1843) ; 
Pastoral  Recollections  (First  Series,  London, 
1843  ;  Second  Series,  Edinburgh,  1854 ; 
Third  Series,  Edinburgh,  1864)  ;  Testimonies 
in  favour  of  the  Principles  and  Procedure 
of  the  Free  Church  of  /Scotland  (Edinburgh, 
1844) ;  The  Chariot  of  Israel  and  the 
Horsemen  thereof  (Edinburgh,  1847) ;  The 
Railway  Guide  (Edinburgh,  1849);  Statis 
tics  having  References  to  the  Ravages  of 
Cholera  in  the  Toivn  and  Neighbourhood  of 

Hawick  in  1849  (Hawick,  1850) ;  A  Pastor's 
Let/act/  [extracts  from  the  MSS.  of  the  Rev. 
Robert    Nichol,    Galashiels],    (Edinburgh, 
'  1864);  Jewels  for  the  Crown  of  Glory  (Edin 
burgh,  1864);  Attitudes  and  Aspects  of  the 
!   Divine  Redeemer  (Edinburgh,  1864) ;  Com- 
i  munion  Services  according  to  the  Presbyterian 
I   Form  (Edinburgh,  1865) ;  Wai/marks  for  the 
Guiding  of  Little  Feet  (Edinburgh,  1866) ; 
Lessons  from  the  Life  of  the  late  James  Nisbet 
(Edinburgh,  1867);  Farewell  Addresses  (Edin 
burgh,  1870) ;  Account  of  the  Parish  (New 
Stat.  Ace.,   in.). — [Jjorder  Almanac,   1871  ; 
Sinton;s  Hawick  Bibliography.] 

JOHN   MACRAE,  born   Glasgow,   25th 
Jan.  1815,  eldest  son   of  James  M., 
shoemaker,    Glasgow- ;    educated    at 
Univ.   of    Glasgow ;    Keen,    by    Presb.   of 
Glasgow;    ord.    28th     Sept.     1843;     D.D. 
(Glasgow  1864);   died  8th  Jan.  1892.     He 
was  Founder  of  the   Church  of   Scotland 
Mission  at  Blantyre,  British  Central  Africa. 
He  marr.  24th  Jan.  1844,  Margaret  (died  s.j>. 
14th  March  1882),  daugh.  of  Archibald  Mac- 
Lachlan,  Seabank,  Helensburgh.     Publica 
tions—  Sermons    (Hawick,    1851);    Sermon 
i  for  the  National  Fast  (Edinburgh,  1854) ; 
P  The  Scripture  Law  of  Marriage  (Hawick, 
!   1861  ;    2nd    ed.,    1862) ;     Sermon    on    the 
Completion    of   the   Fortieth    Year    of   his 
Ministry  (Hawick,  1883) ;    Sermon  on   the 
Death    of    the    Duke    of    JJuccleuch     and 
Queensberry  (Hawick,   1884) ;    Sermon   on 
the    Death     of    H.R.H.    Prince    Leopold 
(Hawick,  1884) ;   Sermon  on   the  Life  and 
Character    of    General    Gordon    (Hawick, 
1885) ;  Sermon  on  Disestablishment  and  Re 
ligious  Equality  (Hawick,  1885) ;  Funeral 
Sermon  on  the  Life  and  Character  of  the 
Rev.   James  Steivart,  Minister   of    Wilton 
(Hawick,  1886) ;   Sermon  on  the  Life  and 
I  Character   of  Her    Gracious  Majesty    the 
\  Queen  [Victoria]  (Hawick,  1887).— [Pulpit 
Memorial   of   the   Life  and   Character  of 
the    late    Rev.    John    MacRae,    D.D.,   by 
John  Mair,  D.D.  (Hawick,  1892) ;  Sinton's 
Haivick  Bibliography.] 

DAVID  CATHELS,  born  Arbroath,  24th 

Dec.    1853,    son    of     John    C.    and 

Katharine     Boath ;      educated     at 

Dundee  schools  and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ; 



M.A.  (1878);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh 
in  1881  ;  assistant  at  Hawick  ;  ord.  to  Kirk- 
ton  22nd  Feb.  1882  ;  trans,  and  aclm.  18th 
May  1892.  In  1913-14  he  visited  the  Church 
of  Scotland  Mission  at  Ichang,  China,  as  a 
deputy  of  the  Foreign  Mission  Committee. 
Marr.  (1)  25th  Dec.  1879,  Mildred  Mar 
garet  (died  15th  Oct.  1901),  daugh.  of  Peter 
Gardner,  and  has  issue — Katherine  Stewart, 
born  18th  Xov.  1880;  Mildred  Margaret 
Lindsay,  M.B.,  C.M.,  born  9th  Oct.  1882  ; 
John  Howard  Crawford,  born  23rd  March 
1884  ;  Jean  Gardner,  M.B.,  C.M.,  born  llth 
June  1885  ;  Louis  Patrick,  born  8th  April 
1887  :  (2)  1st  Sept.  1904,  Margaret  Agnes, 
daugh.  of  John  Hewat,  Edinburgh.  Publi 
cations — Ourselves  and  Our  Times,  a  Guild 
Sermon  (Hawick,  1887);  Christian  J fan- 
hood  (Hawick,  1889) ;  Landmarks  :  a 
Common- Riding  Sermon  (Hawick,  1895); 
Honour  the  King,  a  sermon  (Hawick,  1897) ; 
The  Reformation  and  John  Kno.c  (Hawick, 

ST  JOHN'S,  HAWICK  (Q.&). 

[Disjoined  from  the  parish  of  Hawick 
and  the  quoad  sacra  parish  of  St  Mary, 
and  erected  into  a  parish  quoad  sacra  by 
Decreet  of  the  Court  of  Teinds,  17th  May 

JOHN    THOMSON,    born     Over-Rox- 

issi  bur§'n> 31st  May  1823> son  of  William 

T.  and  Margaret  Shiel ;  educated 
at  Ancrum  School  and  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Kelso  in  1854 ; 
assistant  at  Selkirk ;  ord.  to  St  Mary's 
Chapel-of-Ease,  llth  May  1860 ;  res.  22nd 
Oct.  1879 ;  adm.  to  this  charge  14th 
March  1881  ;  died  20th  April  1889.  He 
marr.  17th  March  1801,  Mary  Ann,  daugh. 
of  James  Scott  of  Allanshaws  and  Mary 
Brown,  and  had  issue  —  Margaret  Shiel, 
born  4th  March  1863  (marr.  8th  June 
1882,  Robert  Grierson  Laidlaw,  Hazelwood, 
Hawick) ;  Mary  Brown,  born  12th  Oct. 
1864,  died  31st  May  1865 ;  Mary  Scott, 
born  24th  April  1868,  died  next  day ;  and 
three  others,  who  also  died  in  infancy. 
His  widow  marr.  secondly,  21st  July  1890, 
William  Ludovic  Mair,  Sheriff-Substitute 
of  Lanarkshire,  and  died  20th  Feb. 

1891.  Publications— Address  to  Ploughmen 
(Hawick,  1866);  The  Art  of  Weaving 
Spiritualised  (Hawick,  1869) ;  Voices  from 
the  Plough  (Hawick,  1869);  History  of 
Peter  Plough  (Hawick,  1872);  Life  of 
William  Thomson  (Kelso,  1875;  2nd  ed., 
1879);  Alexander  Hope,  a  Hawick  Story, 
2  parts  (Hawick,  1878-9);  Life,  of  James 
Scott  of  Allanshaws  (Kelso,  1879) ;  The  Art 
of  Plowing  Spiritualised  (Hawick,  n.d.) ; 
Sermon,  Isaiah  ii.  10  (Hawick,  n.d.);  [by 
Mrs  Thomson]  Speeches  delivered  on  Differ 
ent  Occasions  (Hawick,  1882).  —  [Sinton's 
Hawick  Bibliography. 


licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  1888 
assistant  at  St  Clement's,  Dundee 

ord.  15th  Oct.  1889;   res.  21st  Feb.  1894 

died  unmarr.,  28th  Sept.  1897. 

WILLIAM  BROWN,  M.A.,  B.D. ;  ord. 
21st  Aug.  1894 ;   trans,  to  Campsie 


27th  March  1902. 


B.D. ;  ord.  3rd  Sept.  1902  ;  trans,  to 

Lanark  17th  Nov.  1905. 


WILLIAM  LINDSAY,  M.A. ;  ord.  3rd 
May  1906;  trans,  to  Newbattle  17th 

June  1913. 



25th  Feb.  1882,  son  of  William  D., 
min.  of  Kilmarnock ;  educated  at 
Kilinarnock  Academy,  Univs.  of  Glasgow 
and  Edinburgh;  M.A.  (Glasgow  1907), 
B.D.  (Edinburgh  1910) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Irvine  in  1910 ;  assistant  at  Dalziel  and  at 
St  Mungo's,  Glasgow  ;  ord.  llth  Nov.  1913. 
Marr.  14th  April  1914,  Jessie  Fletcher, 
M.A.,  daugh.  of  John  Lamb,  min.  of  West 
Kilbride,  and  has  issue— Fiona,  born  8th 
Nov.  1915. 


[The  church  built  in  1763  was  the  parish 
church  of  Hawick  till  1844.  Disjoined  from 
the  parish  of  Hawick,  and  erected  into  a 
parish  by  Decreet  of  the  Court  of  Teinds, 
14th  March  I860.] 


JOHN    THOMSON,    ord.     llth     May 

I860      186°  ''    FeS'   22ntl   °Ct<   1879  >    1)ecamc 

min.    of    St    John's,    Hawick,    14th 
March  1881. 

STEWART  BURNS,  born  Dundee,  25th 
May  1855,  son  of  William  B.  and 
Marjory  (tray  :  educated  at  High 
School,  Dundee,  and  Univ.  of  St  Andrews  ; 
M.A.  (1874);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  St 
Andrews  in  1878 ;  assistant  at  Portmoak, 
and  at  Lady  Yester:s,  Edinburgh :  ord. 
18th  March  1880.  Marr.  10th  Feb.  1886, 
Elizabeth  Carruthers  Murray,  and  has 
issue — Jannet  Murray  Dow,  born  19th  Oct. 
1888 ;  Marjory  Gray,  born  30th  Dec.  1889, 
died  8th  Jan.  1890. 


[The  church  was  built  in  1886.  The  parish 
was  disjoined  from  Wilton,  and  erected  by 
Decreet  of  the  Court  of  Teinds,  29th  May 

3rd  Nov.  1886 ;  became  first  min.  of 
the  parish  29th  May  1896  :  trans,  to 
Yetholm  17th  Feb.  1898. 

CHARLES  BROWNLIE,  born  Glasgow, 
1898  4th  Nov.  1865,  son  of  John  B.,  en 
gineer,  and  Agnes  Dyer ;  educated 
at  Univ.  of  Glasgow;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Paisley  1893;  ord.  to  Laurieston  Chapel, 
Falkirk,  24th  June  1896;  adm.  here  3rd 
May  1898;  died  14th  Sept.  1904.  He 
rnarr.  30th  Aug.  1898,  Mary  Jackson,  who 
died  s.j).  2nd  Oct.  1904. 

1905  k°rn  Aghadoey,  Co.  Down,  26th 
Aug.  1867 ;  educated  at  Queen's  and 
Assembly's  Colleges,  Belfast;  B.A.  (1888), 
LL.B.  (Royal  Univ.  of  Ireland  1890) ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Banb ridge  in  1892 ;  ord.  to 
Mullingar  by  Presb.  of  Athlone  25th  Oct. 
1895;  trans,  and  adm.  15th  Feb.  1905. 
Marr.  llth  July  1899,  Marion,  daugh.  of 
Richard  Jones,  and  has  issue  —  William 
Donald  Hamilton,  born  15th  Aug.  1901 ; 
Richard  Denis  Millar,  born  5th  May  1905. 



[Ifobkirk,  called  of  old  Hopekirk,  be 
longed  to  the  Abbey  of  Jedburgh.  The 
church  was  restored  in  1914. 

Abbot  rule,  joined  for  a  time  to  Bedrule. 
This  parish  was  severed  from  it  in  1777. 
A  large  portion  of  Abbotrule  was  then 
annexed  to  Southdean,  and  the  remainder 
was  united  to  Hobkirk.  Till  the  middle 
of  the  twelfth  century  the  name  of  the 
parish  was  Rule  Hervey.  It  was  then 
granted  to  the  Abbey  of  Jedburgh,  and 
thenceforward  called  Abbotrule.] 

JOHN  DOUGLAS,  pres.  to  the  vicarage 
1576  by  James  VI.  21st  March  1576. 

GEORGE  DOUGLAS,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 

1608      25t'k  >Tll^y  1599)  '>  preS-  t0   ^1G  v^cal'- 
age  by  James  VI.  29th  May  1602 ; 

min.  of  Southdean  in  1607  ;  trans,  and  adm. 
in  1608 ;  died  between  4th  Jan.  and  1st 
March  1609,  aged  about  30.— [Reg.  Axsi'/.] 

160Q  Andrews  1597)  ;  adm.  to  Soutra  8th 
Oct.  1605 ;  pres.  to  the  vicarage  by 
James  VI.  1st  March  1609 ;  trans,  and 
inst.  28th  April  1609;  died  between  18th 
Jan.  and  29th  July  1626,  aged  about  49. 
He  marr.  Janet  Sinclair  (buried  in  Grey- 
friars,  Edinburgh,  29th  Aug.  1667),  widow 
of  .James  Bryden,  and  had  issue — John, 
apprentice  to  James  Corsbie,  tailor,  Edin 
burgh,  22nd  July  1629.  Thomas,  min.  of 
Slamannan,  was  probably  a  son. — [Reg.  Sec. 
Sig.  ;  Reg.  Assig. ;  Edin.  Reg.  (Bur.).'] 

WILLIAM  WEIR,  nephew  of  John  W., 
1626  indweller  in  Edinburgh  ;  M.A.  (Edin 
burgh,  30th  July  1606);  adm.  to 
Southdean  15th  Jan.  1610;  pres.  to  the 
vicarage  by  Charles  I.  29th  July  1626 ; 
trans,  and  adm.  25th  Oct.  1626  ;  died  26th 
Sept.  1651.  He  marr.,  and  had  issue — 
James;  Margaret  (marr.  Thomas  Wilson, 
portioner  of  Dryburgh). — [Reg.  of  Deeds, 
ccxv.,  297 ;  G.  R.  Sets.,  lii.,  255 ;  Kelso 
Prfal.  Reg.  :  Reg.  Sec.  Sig.  :  Tombst.} 




JAMES  DOUGLAS,  born  1625,  son  of 
William  D.  of  Bonjedward ;  M.A. 
(Edinburgh,  15th  April  1645);  called 
15th  Feb.,  adm.  and  inst.  15th  Dec.  1652  : 
died  29th  May  1665.  He  marr.  Jean 
Martin,  who  survived  him,  and  had  issue- 
William  of  Plewlancls  and  Newhall,  served 
heir  16th  Nov.  1669  ;  Robert,  apprentice  to 
James  Brown,  apothecary,  Edinburgh,  1st 
Jan.  1679.— [Edin.  Guild  Reg.  ;  Inq.  Ret. 
Roxburgh,  247  ;  Wodrow's  Hist.  ;  Tombst.] 

JOHN     AIXSLIE,     M.A. ;     pres.     by 
Charles   II.  ;   coll.   after   30th   Aug., 
and  inst.  2nd  Nov.  1665;  trans,  to 
Oxnam  21st  Sept.  1682. 

JOHN  LIDDEL,  M.A.  (Glasgow,  16th 
July  1674) ;  got  a  testimonial  for 
license  from  the  Presb.  of  Glasgow 
23rd  Feb.  1681  ;  pres.  by  Charles  II.,  30th 
Sept.  1682  ;  inst.  3rd  April  1683 ;  deprived 
by  the  Privy  Council,  8th  Sept.  1689,  for 
neither  reading  the  Proclamation  of  the 
Estates  nor  praying  for  William  and  Mary. 
He  was  officiating  as  a  min.  at  Brechin 
26th  Oct.  1698.— [Reg.  Sec.  Sir/.  ;  Glasgow 
Presb.  Reg.;  MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689; 
Peterkin's  Constitution  of  the  Church.] 

NICOL  EDGAR,  born  27th  July  1658, 
son  of  John  E.  of  Wedderlie  and 
Elspeth  Edgar;  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
1677) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Earlston  9th  Feb. 
1693  ;  ord.  28th  Sept.  1694  ;  died  31st  May 
1724.  He  marr.  Susanna  (died  30th  June 
1713,  aged  52),  daugh.  of  John  Veitch,  min. 
of  Westruther,  and  had  issue— Susanna ; 
Elizabeth  (marr.,  pro.  7th  Jan.  1739,  Robert 
Blyth,  wright,  Calton,  Edinburgh);  John, 
buried  16th  Jan.  1715,  aged  17.—  [Genea 
logical  Collections  concerning  the  Scottish 
House  of  Edgar.] 

ROBERT  RICCALTOUN,  born  at  Earls- 
haugh,  parish  of  Jedburgh,  1691  ; 
educated  at  the  Grammar  School  of 

Jedburgh   and    Univ.    of    Edinburgh,  but 

did   not    take    the    Divinity    curriculum  ; 

licen.  by  Presb.  of  Kelso  5th  March  1717  ; 

called  to  Mertoun  in  1718,  but  not  settled  ; 

assistant  at  Bowden  ;  pres.   by  the  Presb. 

jure  devoluto    19th   Aug.,    and    ord.    24th 

Sept.   1725;    died    17th    Sept.    1769.     He 


marr.  4th  Aug.  1724,  Anne  (died  4th  Oct. 
1764),  daugh.  of  Henry  Scott,  farmer, 
Palacehill,  and  had  issue  —  John,  his 
successor;  Margaret,  born  1st  Aug.  1731 
(marr.  llth  Dec.  1759,  William  Armstrong, 
schoolmaster  of  the  parish  ;  she  was  mother 
of  Major-general  Adam  A.,  in  the  service 
of  the  Czar  of  Russia,  and  grandmother  of 
Lieut. -general  Robert  Lindsay  A.,  Master 
of  the  Mint  at  St  Petersburg) ;  Anne ; 
Helen  (marr.  25th  Dec.  1751,  James 
Murray,  min.  at  Hailstone,  Northum 
berland);  Elizabeth  (marr.  12th  Sept. 
1767,  Samuel  Irvine,  schoolmaster  at 
Wilton).  Publications— 77<e  Politick  Dis- 
putant  (Edinburgh,  1722);  A  Sober  Enquiry 
into  the  Grounds  of  the  present  Differ 
ences  in  the  Church  of  Scotland  (n.p., 
1723);  "Letters  to  a  Friend"  (Edinburgh 
Christian  Instructor,  vi.) ;  An  Enquiry 
into  the  Spirit  and  Tendency  of  [Sande- 
man's]  Letters  on  [Hervey's]  Theron  and 
Aspasio,  with  a  View  of  the  Law  of 
Nature  and  an  Enquiry  into  [Sandeman's] 
Letters  on  the  Law  of  Nature  (anon.  ; 
London,  1762);  The  Works  of  R.  R.,  3 
vols.  (Edinburgh,  1771-2).  Of  Riccaltoun's 
poem,  "A  Winter's  Day,"  printed  in 
Savage's  Miscellany,  1726,  and  afterwards 
in  The  Gentleman's  Magazine,  May  1740, 
James  Thomson,  author  of  The  Seasons, 
said— "Nature  delights  me  in  every  form  : 
I  am  just  now  painting  her  in  her  most 
lugubrious  dress.  Mr  Riccaltoun's  poem 
on  '  Winter,'  which  I  still  have,  first  put 
the  design  into  my  head.  In  it  are  some 
masterly  strokes  that  awakened  me.''- 
[Newton's  Works,  xii. ;  Morel's  James 
Thomson,  sa  vie  et  ses  oeuvres,  18 ;  Somer- 
ville's  Life  and  Times  ;  Acts  of  Ass.,  1718; 
Diet.  Nat.  Biog. ;  The  Border  Magazine, 

JOHN    RICCALTOUN,  the    only  son 
of  preceding;  licen.  by  the  Presby 
terian    Classis    in    Northumberland 
22nd    Feb.    1749;     ord.    17th    May    1755 
min.   of    a    Presbyterian    congregation    at 
North    Shields;     chaplain    at    Caerlanrig 
[Teviothead]    in    1765;    pres.    by    George 
III.   17th  April,   and  adm.  (assistant   and 
successor)  4th  Dec.   1765 ;   died  9th  April 
1800.      He   marr.   7th    June    1780,   Helen 



Irvine  (died  22nd  March  1827),  and  had 
issue  —  Janet,  born  12th  April  1781  :  Robert, 
Iiorn  17th  Feb.  1783:  Ann,  born  26th 
April  1785  :  William,  born  ir.tli  March 
1787  :  Patrick,  born  10th  July  1789  ;  John, 
licentiate  of  the  Church  of  Scotland, 
born  25th  Sept.  1791  ;  James  Thomas, 
born  30th  March  1794:  Adam,  born  22nd 
Sept.  1797.  Publications  —  Edited  Work* 
of  his  father,  3  vols.  (Edinburgh,  1771-2); 
Account  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's  St«t. 
Ace.,  iii.). 

BENJAMIN  DICKISON,  licen.  by 
1800  I3resb-  °f  Kelso  7th  Sept.  1779  : 
ord.  to  Kirkton  21st  March  1787  ; 
pres.  by  George  III.  20th  May,  trans,  and 
adm.  15th  Oct.  1800;  died  20th  March 
1833,  in  his  79th  year.  He  marr.  3rd 
April  1792,  Jane  (died  .s.//.  24th  March  1824, 
aged  75),  daugh.  of  William  Scott  of 
Woll,  advocate,  and  Jean  Balfour  of  Broad- 
meadows.  Publication—  Account  of  Kirk- 
ton  (Sinclair's  Staf.  Ace.,  x.).—  [7 

JOHN  EWEN,  born  Hawick,  26th  April 
1834  1800'  sou  °f  Andrew  E.  and  Jane 
Peddle  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh  7th 
Aug.  1822  ;  assistant  at  Hawick,  refusing 
to  accept  of  remuneration  ;  sometime  a 
private  tutor  in  the  county  and  on  the 
Continent  ;  pres.  by  William  IV.  Sept. 
1833  ;  ord.  27th  June  1834  ;  clerk  of  Presb.  ; 
died  llth  Dec.  1875.  He  marr.  2nd  June 
1846,  Isabella  Yeaman  (died  22nd  July 
1898),  daugh.  of  James  Fitchie,  manufac 
turer,  Deanfield,  Meiglc,  and  had  issue— 
Anna  Jane,  born  21st  July  1847  (marr. 
George  Watson,  min.  of  Hownam)  ;  Eos- 
andra,  born  1st  July  1849  (marr.  Colonel 
Joicey  of  Newton  Hall,  Northumberland), 
died  6th  Feb.  1912  ;  John  Sangster,  stock 
broker,  born  29th  May  1851,  died  13th  Aug. 
1913  ;  Charles  Henry,  engineer,  born  7th 
July  1855,  died  31st  March  1909.  Publi 
cation—Account  of  the  Parish  (New  Stat. 
Ace.,  iii.). 


1876     1)0rn  Southend,  Campbeltown,  15th 

March    1827,    son    of    Dugald    M., 

factor,  and  Margaret,  daugh.  of  William 

Connell,  Lephenstrath  ;  educated  at  Dalin- 
tobar  School  and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Kintyre  :  missionary  at 
Crofthead  :  ord.  to  Quarter  Chapel  20th 
Feb.  1862  :  trans,  to  Beath,  Fife,  20th  Oct. 
1870;  trans,  and  adm.  15th  June  1876; 
died  15th  Feb.  1907.  He  marr.  9th  May 
1.865,  Mary  Georgina  (died  16th  Nov.  1900), 
daugh.  of  Dr  George  Welsh,  medical  mis 
sionary,  India,  and  widow  of  Captain 
Robert  Hoy,  and  had  issue— an  only  child, 
Georgina  Louisa,  born  13th  July  1866 
(marr.  2nd  July  1896,  Walter  Turnbnll, 
farmer,  Ha  r  tshaugh ). 

JOHN  GORDON,  born  24th  Dec.  1878, 

1907     son  °^  ^°^ln  *'•'  min-  °f  Grlasserton  ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow  :  M.A. 
(1902);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Wigtown  1905  : 
assistant  at  Galston  :  ord.  25th  July  1907. 


[Previous  to  the  Reformation  the  church 
belonged  to  the  Abbey  of  Jedburgh.  Part 
of  the  parish  was  annexed  to  Southdean 
by  the  Commissioners  of  Teinds,  2nd  May 
1777.  The  remainder  was  then  united  to 
Hobkirk.  The  bell  of  Abbotrule  Church 
is  preserved  at  Wauchope.  It  has  no 

PATRICK  BISHOP,  M.A.  ;  trans,  from 
1591     Minto  in  1591,  having  Beclrule,  Hob- 
kirk,   and   Minto   also   in   charge.— 
[/??;/.  Assi</.] 

JOHN  BONAR,  M.A.  :  min.  in  1593, 
1593  Cavers,  Hassendean,  Hawick,  Hob- 
kirk,  Minto,  and  Wilton  being  also 
in  the  charge,  and  he  perhaps  held  at  the 
same  time  the  benefice  of  North  Ronald- 
shay  ;  removed  to  Hassendean  in  1594. 

[TiV/.  Assig.] 

JOSEPH  TENNANT,  M.A.  :  trans,  from 
1605  Bedmle;  Pres-  by  James  VI.  31st 
Oct.  1605 ;  re-trans,  to  Bedrule  17th 
May  1609  ;  he  returned  here  ;  was  deprived 
before  24th  July  1621,  and  returned  again 
to  Bedrule.— [Reg.  Sec.  ,$%.] 



THOMAS     SINCLAIR,     M.A.    (Edin- 

1622      burgh'     2'")th     July    1G18);     preS>    by 
James    VF.    21st    July    16-21  :    adm.   \ 

after  21st    Jan.    1022;    clem,   before    15th  j 
July  1023,   "the  brethren  being   informed 
he  had  gone  to  London  with  the  Prior  of  i 
Coldingham's  children."—  [Reg.  .S'tr.  <S'?V/.] 

JAMES  KE1!  of  Grange,  in  the  parish, 
born  1001.  younger  son  of  Sir  John 
K.  of  Littledean,  and  Margaret 
Whytlaw  ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  14th  July 
1021)  ;  was  on  the  Exercise  in  the  Presb. 
6th  March  1623;  pres.  by  James  VI.  15th 
July  1623;  ord.  25th  Aug.  1624:  deprived 
in  1062,  and  confined  to  the  parish. 
Having  preached  to  a  large  congrega 
tion  assembled  at  (i  range,  14th  March 
1080,  he  was  libelled  before  the  Privy 
Council  6th  May  and  imprisoned,  but  was 
liberated  1st  Sept.,  giving  caution  to 
appear  when  called,  and  promising  to  hold 
no  further  conventicles  under  a  penalty  of 
5,000  merks.  He  survived  the  Revolution, 
and  was  restored  to  his  charge  by  Act  of 
Parliament  15th  April  1090,  but  does  not 
appear  to  have  resumed  work.  He  died 
in  1694  —  a  remarkable  instance  of  a  man 
having  been  seventy  years  in  the  ministry. 
During  the  days  of  persecution  he  was 
abused  and  scoffed  at  by  Adam  Urqii- 
hart  of  Meldrum,  commanding  a  party  of 
soldiers,  when  he  replied,  "  Sir,  I  was  a 
minister  before  you  had  a  being,  and  will 
be  one  when  you  are  gone,''1  which  came 
true.  His  wife  was  accused  of  witchcraft 
at  the  Presb.,  but  the  charge  was  shown  to 
be  unfounded.  He  marr.  Christian  Airth, 
and  had  issue  —  Tames  of  Grange  ;  Isabella 
and  Elizabeth,  both  dead  before  Dec.  1083  ; 
Euphame  ;  Andrew.  —  [Roxburgh  Sas.,  1637, 
iv.,  365  ;  Herald  and  Gen.,  vii.,  516  ;  Key. 
Her,  Si<j.  ;  Wodrow's  Hist,  iii.,  195  ;  Living 
ston's  Life  ;  Chambers's  Edin.  Journal,  ii.  ; 
Stewart's  Covenanters  of  Teviotdale,  159.] 


WALTER  MARTIN,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
13t^  June  1651);  schoolmaster  of 
Hawick,  1660-5  ;  recommended  for 
license  by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh  8th  March 
1665  ;  pres.  by  Charles  II.  1st,  coll.  and 
inst.  16th,  May  1666;  died  between  1st 
March  and  13th  June  1676,  aged  about  45. 


A  gift  of  his  bastardy  was  bestowed  on 
Barbara  Kinnear,  his  widow,  13th  July 
1070.— [Keg.  Sec.  ,SVf/.,  iii.,  74  :  Min. -book 
Ri-(l.  ZViV.  Seal.'] 

THOMAS    WILKIE,    M.A. ;    pres.    by 
Charles  II.  13th  June,  and  inst.  28th 
Sept.   1076  ;    trans,   to    Reith,   Ayr 
shire,  before  15th  June  1087. 

gow  1054);  ord.  min.  of  Temple  in 
1663;  trans,  to  Crichton  8th  Sept. 
1670  ;  deprived  for  not  taking  the  Test 
in  1081;  pres.  by  James  VII.  15th  June, 
and  inst,  20th  July  1087;  died  in  1090, 
aged  about  62.  He  marr.,  and  had  issue 
— Jean  ;  Elizabeth,  buried  in  Greyfriars, 
Edinburgh,  13th  Dec.  1090.  —  [Re<j.  Sec. 
Si<j.  :  M  hi. -book  Key.  Prh\  Sea? ;  Edin.  Key. 
(Jhir,);  Rule's  Sec.  Vindication-.  MS.  Ace. 
of  Min.,  1689.] 

THOMAS    HARVIE,    M.A.    (Glasgow 

1005);   was    a    min.    in   Ireland  for 

thirteen  years,  and  after  living  some 

time  in  England  attended  the  first  meeting 

of  mins.  in  the  Synod  of  Lothian  after  the 

Toleration,  Gth  July  1687.     He  officiated  in 

the  meeting  house  at  Rulewater  after  the 

Toleration.    The  date   of  his  death  is  not 

known. — [/'V/V;    and    Lothian    Si/ns.  ;    Acts 

of  Pai'l.,  ix.,  53.] 

1690    JAMES  KER,  above  mentioned. 

MUNGO    GIBSON,    ord.    15th    April 
1698     1698;  trans,  to  Sanquhar  Dec.  1713. 

GEORGE  HALL,  M.A. ;  pres.  by  Queen 
Anne    29th    March,    and    ord.   23rd 


Sept.  1714 ;  pres.  to  Lochmaben  in 
1722,  but  not  settled ;  trans,  to  Linton  in 
Teviotdale  2nd  Oct.  1728. 

WILLIAM  TURNBULL,  bapt.  8th  Aug. 

1703,  son  of  Adam  T.  Doorpool,  and 

Margaret  Turnbull ;  licen.  by  Presb. 

of    Jedburgh    7th    May   1729  ;    called    by 

Presb.  jure  devoluto  21st  Jan.,  and  ord.  10th 

April  1730  ;  died  unmarr.  Gth  April  1704. 

WILLIAM  SCOTT,  pres.  by  George  III. 
7th  Sept.  1704  ;  called  2nd  Nov.,  and 
adm.  26th  Dec.  1764.    He  removed 
to  Southdean  5th  Jan.  1785. 





[The  church  belonged  to  the  Abbey  of 
Jedburgh.  The  chapel  of  St  Mary  at  Raw- 
shaw,  in  the  parish,  belonged  to  the  Abbey 
of  Melrose.] 

JOHN  DAVIDSON,  reader,  1570  to 
1576  1578. 


1579    reader,  1579  and  1580. 

ANDREW    DOUGLAS,    M.A.    (Edin 
burgh    1595);    adm.    to    Southdean 

loOo      .  i  •  f 

in  1599 ;  pres.  to  the  vicarage  of 
Hownam  by  James  VI.  21st  June  1G05  ; 
died  between  19th  June  and  21st  Oct.  1607. 

HECTOR  RAE,  son  of  Hector  R., 
merchant  burgess  of  Edinburgh ; 
M.A.  (Edinburgh,  29th  July  1603); 
adm.  to  Nisbet  8th  Sept.  1608 ;  pres.  to 
the  vicarage  by  James  VI.  in  Feb.,  coll. 
lath  March,  and  adm.  30th  Aug.  1609; 
died  after  3rd  April  1639,  aged  about  56. 
He  signed  the  copy  of  the  National 
Covenant  which  is  preserved  at  Cavers. 
He  marr.  (cont.  15th  Sept.  1610)  Margaret, 
daugh.  of  John  Rutherford,  Sheriff-depute 
of  Roxburghshire. — [fiey.  of  Deed*,  cxciii., 

THOMAS  ABERNETHY  of  Glencorse, 
1640  son  °^  J°hn  A.  of  Glencorse,  was 
long  a  soldier  in  Germany,  and  was 
admitted  to  the  Roman  communion  by  an 
English  Jesuit  at  Florence.  He  became 
a  priest  and  a  member  of  the  Society  of 
Jesus.  After  an  absence  of  nine  years  he 
returned  to  Scotland,  and  was  employed 
in  Aberdeen,  Elgin,  and  Banff,  also  in 
Caithness ,  (where  he  resided  with  Lord 
Berriedale,  travelling  in  a  disguised  habit 
as  chamberlain  and  bailie  of  his  lands). 
He  was  six  years  "under  the  training  of 
a  worthy  minister/'  and  abjuring  Popery 
was  received  into  communion  in  the  Grey- 
friars  Church,  Edinburgh.  The  Presb. 
consulted  the  Synod  as  to  their  giving 
him  "  imposition  of  hands,"  24th  Aug. 
1638.  He  was  adm.  to  this  charge  29th 
April  1640,  and  pres.  by  the  Presb.  jure 

devoluto  30th  Sept.  following.  He  con 
formed  to  Episcopacy,  and  was  still  min. 
28th  April  1669.  He  marr.  Anna,  fourth 
daugh.  of  John  Rutherford  of  Hunthill  (by 
Alison  Ker,  daugh.  of  the  first  Lord  Jed- 
burgh),  and  sister  of  the  second,  third,  and 
fourth  Lords  Rutherford.  Lord  Balmerino 
records  having  walked  to  Leith  with  her 
in  1717,  when,  he  says,  she  was  104  ;  but 
this  must  be  a  mistake.  Publications — 
Abjuration  of  l^operie  (Edinburgh,  1638); 
Speech  wherein  is  discovered  the  V  ill  any  and 
Hellish  Plots  wrought  in  the  Pope's  Court 
against  our  Three  Kingdoms  (London,  1641); 
Account  of  the  Popish  Government  in  Scot 
land  (Wodrow'a  Hist.,  i.).— [Baillie's  Lett. ; 
Milne's  Melrose ;  Wodrow's  Hist. ;  Mackay's 
House  of  Mackay ',  Assembly  Reports,  1911, 
Case  of  the  Rev.  J.  A.  D.  J.  Macdonald, 
p.  1195.] 

JOHN   STIRLING,   M.A.,  formerly  of 

1669     Ijadv  Yester's,  Edinburgh  ;  indulged 

by   the    Privy    Council    30th    Sept. 

1669 ;  removed  to  Irvine  3rd  Aug.  1676.— 

I  [Wodrow's  Hist.  ;  Reg.  Sec.  Sig.~\ 

JAMES  KER  of  Grange,  M.A.,  formerly 

1672     °^  Abbotrule  >  indulged  by  the  Privy 

Council     3rd     Sept.     1672 ;     (it     is 

doubtful  whether  he  accepted  the  charge). 

— [Wodrow's  Hist.] 

MATTHEW  EWING,  M.A.  (Glasgow, 
loth  July  1673);  pres.  by  Charles 
II.  23rd  March;  coll.  17th  and  inst. 
23rd  May  1677;  deprived  by  the  Privy 
Council,  4th  Sept.  1689,  for  neither  reading 
the  Proclamation  of  the  Estates  nor  pray 
ing  for  William  and  Mary. — [Reg.  Sec.  Sig.; 
Min.-book  Reg.  Priv.  Seal;  MS.  Ace.  of 
Min.,  1689 ;  Peterkin's  Constitution  of  the 

JOHN  OVENS  [OWENS],  M.A.  (Edin- 
1691  kurgh,  17th  April  1639);  min. 
at  Stannerton,  Northumberland ; 
ejected  under  the  Act  of  Uniformity,  24th 
Aug.  1662,  after  which  he  preached  in  his 
own  and  other  private  houses.  He  was 
severely  fined  for  preaching  at  the  house  of 
a  Mr  Horsley,  and  imprisoned  at  New 
castle,  but  was  released  on  his  friends 



tendering  payment.  He  was  probably  ad 
mitted  here  about  1691,  but  as  he  was  now 
old  and  frail,  he  had  an  assistant  and  suc 
cessor  appointed  in  1695,  and  soon  after 
he  retired  again  to  England,  where  he 
died  after  6th  April  1698.  He  marr. 
Mary  Harbottle,  who  survived  him. — [P. 
('.  Decreta,  28th  July  1702  ;  Calamy's  Arc., 
v.,  and  Continiwttion,  ii.  ;  Covenanters  of 
Tcviottlnle,  188.] 

ROBERT  LIVER,  M.A. ;  ord.  (assistant 
and  successor)  14th  Nov.  1695  ; 
trans,  to  Mertoun  21st  April  1697. 

JOHN  STORIE,  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  13th 

1698  ^y  1695)  -:  ^cen-  ky  r"resk-  °f  Kelso 
3rd  June  1697  ;  ord.  (assistant  and 
successor)  6th  April  1698  :  died  unmarr. 
13th  Aug.  1699,  in  his  29th  year.  — 


JAMES  MACMICHEN,  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Earlston  14th  July  1692  ;  ord.  30th 
Aug.  1693  to  Ettrick  ;  called  25th 
Nov.  1702  :  adm.  27th  Jan.  following;  died 
5th  March  1712.  He  marr.  Janet  Shaw, 
who  survived  him,  and  marr.  (2)  1712, 
Patrick  Home  of  Foulshotlaw. — [Edrn.  AV/. 
(Bur.)  \  Boston's  Memoirs^ 

GEORGE  ELLIOT,   M.A.  (Edinburgh, 

29th  April  1701) ;  called  21st  March 

and  13th  May,   and    ord.    (assistant 

and  successor)  19th  Sept.  1711  ;  died  16th 

Oct.    1748,   in    his   72nd  year.     He    marr. 

19th    Jan.   1710,   Sarah   (died   in   London, 

1766),   daugh.    of    Hugh    Lind,    bailie    of 

Edinburgh,  and  had  issue — John ;  George 

Augustus  ;     Robert ;     James  ;     Margaret ; 

Sarah  :  Jane ;  Janet. — \Tombst,'\ 

JOHN  ROGERS,  assistant  at  Tranent 

1749     and  at  Selkirk  '>  Pres-  ky  ^*r  WiUiam 
Scott  of  Ancrum,  Bart.,  and  ord.  29th 
June  1749 ;  died  unmarr.  30th  July  1774.— 
[Morren's  Annals,  i.] 

JAMES    RUTHERFORD,    born    1746, 
son  of  Thomas  R.  of  Chatto ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Lauder  8th  May  1770; 
took  charge  of  the  Presbyterian  congrega 
tion  at  Deal  Mav  1773  ;  ord.  to  Deal  by  the 

Scots  Presb.  in  London  22nd  Sept.  1773  : 
pres.  by  John,  Duke  of  Roxburghe,  12th 
Jan.,  and  adm.  30th  March  1775  ;  died  9th 
Nov.  1830.  He  marr.  (1)  10th  Jan.  1778, 
Eleanor  Bell,  who  died  28th  Oct.  1782, 
and  had  issue— Margaret,  born  2nd  July 
1779  (marr.  -  -  Burns,  London),  and  died 
there;  Jean,  born  23rd  Nov.  1780  (marr. 
Joseph  Brown,  banker,  London),  died  in 
Guernsey  1850  ;  Grisell,  born  17th  March 
1782,  died  25th  March  1784  :  (2)  5th  April 
1785,  Agnes  (died  4th  Jan.  1843),  daugh.  of 
James  Barclay,  rector  of  the  Grammar  School 
of  Dalkeith,  and  had  issue — Elizabeth,  born 
1st  Feb.  1786  (marr.  19th  Nov.  1810,  Lieut. 
Thomson,  26th  Foot),  died  at  Kelso ; 
Hyndmer,  born  21st  July  1787  (marr.  14th 
Dec.  1812,  Richard  Hewat,  farmer,  Bassen- 
dean),  died  at  Selkirk,  4th  March  1856  ; 
Grisell,  born  23rd  Nov.  1788,  died  unmarr. 
1868;  James,  lieut.  94th  Foot,  captain 
Dumfries  Militia,  born  5th  Dec.  1789,  died 
at  Aberdeen,  2nd  Feb.  1875 ;  Agnes,  born 
6th  May  1791 ;  George  Baillie,  his  succes 
sor  ;  John,  barrack-master,  born  3rd  Oct. 
1793,  died  in  Wales ;  Eleanor,  born  7th 
May  1795,  died  at  Selkirk,  25th  Jan.  1875  ; 
David  Alexander,  merchant,  born  30th  Dec. 
1796,  died  1823.  Publication— Account  of 
the  Parish  (Sinclair's  Slat.  Ace.,  i.,  xxi.). 


born  15th  June  1792,  son  of  preced 
ing  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh 
2nd  Oct.  1816 ;  pres.  by  the  Ladies  Essex 
and  Mary  Ker  23rd  Dec.  1817  ;  ord.  (assist 
ant  and  successor)  10th  Sept.  1818;  died 
unmarr.  30th  Oct.  1864.  Publication- 
Account  of  the  Parish  (New  fitat.  Ace.,  iii.). 

GEORGE  WATSON,  born  Byrewalls, 
5  Gordon,  5th  April  1832,  son  of 
George  W.  and  Margaret  Macdougal ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Kelso  ;  assistant  at  Dumbarton, 
Langton,  Bunkle ;  ord.  10th  April  1865 ; 
died  8th  June  1913.  He  marr.  7th  Aug. 
1877,  Anna  Jane,  daugh.  of  John  Ewen, 
min.  of  Hobkirk,  and  had  issue — Isabella 
Yeaman  Ewen,  born  25th  Sept.  1878; 
George  John  Ewen,  W.S.,  born  15th  March 




18g7  born  Tain,  3rd  Nov.  1809,  .son  of 
William  Drunnnoml  M.,  Seaforth 
Highlanders;  educated  at  Tain  Academy 
and  Univ.  of  Aberdeen  ;  M..\.  (1891),  B.D. 
(1894);  licen.  by  of  Aberdeen  in 
189")  :  assistant  at  Forfar  :  ord.  (assistant 
and  successor)  18th  Nov.  1897.  Marr. 
29th  April  1898,  Marianne  Fyfe,  who  died 
•20th  April  1904,  and  had  issue— William 
Drummond,  born  3rd  June  1899;  Ian 
George,  born  13th  Feb.  1901  ;  Margharita 
Harriet  Blount.  born  27th  Au£.  1903. 


[Called  also  Jedworth  or  Jedart.  In  854, 
Ecgred,  Bishop  of  Lindisfarne,  built  here  a 
church  of  St  Mary.  A  chapel  with  the 
same  dedication  was  built  by  him  at 
Old  Jedart.  There  was  another  chapel  at 
Scraesburgh,  near  Hunthill.  St  Mary's 
Augustinian  Abbey  of  Jedburgh,  founded 
in  1118,  is  in  the  parish.  After  the  Refor 
mation  a  portion  of  the  Abbey  was  used  as 
the  parish  church.  In  1875  a  handsome 
new  church  was  built,  mainly  by  the  ninth 
Marquess  of  Lothian.  A  proposal  in  1001 
to  form  a  Second  Charge  in  Jedburgh  was 
not  carried  out.  (See  John  Boyle,  p.  110.)] 

1560  originally  a  baker  in  Dundee,  was 
an  early  convert  to  the  Reformed 
religion.  Though  but  imperfectly  edu 
cated,  he  began  to  instruct  the  people  in 
the  Scriptures,  and  spoke  so  eloquently  as 
to  become  obnoxious  to  the  Bishops  and 
the  Secret  Council,  who  issued  an  order 
for  his  arrest,  and  forbade  the  people  to 
listen  to  him  or  give  him  shelter  in  their 
houses.  He  was,  however,  protected  by 
Provost  Haliburton,  who  refused  to  hand 
him  over  to  the  Council  even  at  the  royal 
command.  He  was  called  before  the 
Justiciary  Court  at  Stirling,  10th  May 
1559,  accused  of  usurping  the  ministerial 
office,  and  of  performing  functions  for 
which  he  had  never  had  any  legal  status. 
Being  found  guilty,  he  was  declared 
fugitive.  M.  was  nominated  by  the  Lords 
of  the  Congregation  to  this  parish  about 

19th   July   1500,   and   was    a    member    of 
Assembly   that   same  year    and   the    year 
after.     In    1502   he   was  deposed   and  ex 
communicated    for   adultery,   John    Knox 
having  personally  investigated  the  charge 
made  against   him.     He   fled   to   England 
and  resumed  preaching.     On  the  25th  June 
1506  he  was  permitted  to  appear  before  the 
General  Assembly,  and  falling  on  his  knees 
he  burst  into  tears  and  desired  them,  for 
the  love  of  God,  to  receive  him  to  the  open 
expression  of  his  repentance.    The  form  of 
his  declaration  of  repentance  enjoined  by 
the  Assembly,  on  the   recommendation  of 
certain  of  the   brethren  appointed  to  con 
sider  the  matter,  was,  as  related  in  Knox's 
Ifi'story  : — "  That   he   should  present  him 
self   bare-foot  and    bare-head,   arrayed   in 
sackcloth,  at  the  principall  entry  of  Saint 
Gyles  Kirk,  in  Edinburgh,  at  seven  hours 
in  the  morning  upon  the  next  Wednesday, 
and  there  to  remain  the  space  of  an  hour, 
the  whole  people  beholding  him,  till   the 
prayer  was  made,  the  psalmes  sung,  and  the 
text  of   Scripture   was  read,  and   then  to 
|  come    into   the    place    appointed    for    the 
expression    of    repentance,   and   tarry   the 
time     of     sermon  ;     and    to    do    likewise 
the  next  Friday  following,  and  also  upon 
the  Sunday ;  and  then  in  the  face  of  the 
whole    church    to    declare   his   repentance 
with  his  owne  mouth.     The  same  forme  and 
manner    he   should    use    in    Jedwart   and 
|  Dundie ;   and  that  being  done,  to  present 
|  himself  again  at  the  next  General  Assembly 
i  following  in  winter,  Avhere   he   should  be 
|  received  to  the  Communion  of  the  Church." 
,  It   is   further   related  : — "  When    the    said 
\  Paul   had   received   the   said   ordnance  he 
1  took    it  very  grievously,    alleadging    that 
!  they  had  used  over-great  severity.     Never- 
1  theless  being  counselled  and  persuaded  by 
divers   notable  personages   he  began   well 
;  in  Edinburgh  to  proceed,  whereby  a  great 
|  number  were  moved   with   compassion   of 
his   state ;   and  likewise  in   Jedwart ;   but 
he   left  his   duty  in  Dundie,  and  passing 
again  into  England  the  matter,  not  without 
offence  to  many,  ceased "  (History,   ii.,   p. 
531).     Randolph    relating    the   scandal    to 
Cecil,  says,  "  He  has  escaped  into  England, 
or  was  drowned  in  crossing  the  ford  thither- 




ward."  —  [Knox's  Work*,  i.,  ii.  ;  Bookc  of  the 
Kirk  ;  Buchanani  Opera  ;  Keith's,  Spottis- 
wood's,  and  Calderwood's  Hists.  ;  Knox's 
History,  ii.  ;  Scott's  Reformers  ;  Hailes: 
Ann.,  ii.,  531  ;  Jervise's  Memorials  of  Angus 
and  the  Mearns;  Athenaeum,  26th  Dec.  1863, 
p.  884;  Watson's  Jedburgh  Abbey;  Diet. 
Nat.  Biog.  ;  Calendar  of  State  Papers.] 

ALEXANDER     FORRESTER,     trans. 
from   Liberton,  and   adm.   in   1566  ; 
trans,  to  Tranent  Feb.  1568.-  [/iV/. 

JOHN  YOUNG,  trans,  from  Duns  2nd 
1569     Aug.  1569  ;  trans,  to  Irvine  May  1570. 

PETER  [or  PATRICK]  CREECH,  form 
erly  of  North  Berwick  (q.v.):  adm.  at 
Lammas  in  1572,  but  probably  only 
as  a  temporary  appointment.  —  \_Reg.  Min.\ 



ANDREW  CLAYHILLS,  trans,  from 
Monifieth  about  1574,  when  Crail- 
ing,  Nisbet,  Oxnam,  and  Southdean 

were  all  in  the  charge  :   trans,  to  Eckford 

in  1593. 

JOHN  ABERNETHY,  son  of  Thomas 
A.  of  Glencorse,  and  Jean  Straiton, 
one  of  the  original  students  at  the 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh  under  Rollock  ;  M.A. 
(1587) ;  reader  in  1588 ;  adm.  min.  7th 
Aug.  1593.  He  was  a  member  of  Assembly 
in  1601,  1602,  1608,  and  1616.  He  signed 
the  Protest  against  the  introduction  of 
Episcopacy  1st  July  1606,  yet  when 
Constant  Moderators  were  set  up  he 
accepted  office  for  the  Presb.  of  Jedburgh, 
though  for  two  years  his  brethren  refused 
to  acknowledge  him.  In  1615  he  solicited 
appointment  to  the  Archbishopric  of  Glas 
gow  ;  was  made  D.D.,  a  member  of  the 
Court  of  High  Commission,  and  promoted 
to  the  See  of  Caithness,  7th  Dec.  1616.  It 
does  not  appear  that  he  ever  relinquished 
his  charge  at  Jedburgh  (Dr  Hew  Scott  says 
he  demittecl  before  15th  Sept.  1635),  for  in 
the  articles  given  in  to  the  Presb.  against 
James  Burnet  in  1639,  the  parishioners 
complain  of  his  [Burnet's]  "informal 
entrie,"  he  having  procured  "  a  presentation 
to  a  place  which  was  not  vacant,  but  served 
at  the  time  by  a  worthier  man,  Mr  John 

Abernethie,  who  had  neither  demitted  the 
same,  nor  was  deposed  therefrom."  By  the 
Glasgow  Assembly,  1638,  A.  was  deprived 
of  his  bishopric,  and  he  died  in  1639. 
He  marr.  (1)  (cont.  dated  27th  April  1600), 
Alison,  daugh.  of  Sir  David  Home  of  Fish- 
wick,  governor  of  Dumbarton  Castle,  and 
had  issue — John,  M.D. ;  Andrew,  depute- 
governor  of  Edinburgh  Castle ;  Margaret 
(marr.  -  -  Wauchope  of  Cakemuir ;  (2) 
Sir  William  Maxwell  of  Gribton)  :  (2)  (cont. 
dated  21st  Aug.  1606),  Isabella,  daugh.  of 
of  Patrick  Murray  of  Philiphaugh,  who 
survived  him,  and  had  issue— William,  min. 
of  Thurso ;  Anna  (marr.  James  Murray  of 
Overtoun) ;  Agnes  (marr.  William  Ker  of 
Newtown) ;  Barbara  (marr.  John  Ruther 
ford  of  Edgerston) ;  Elizabeth  (marr. 
William  Ker  of  Thankles) ;  Katharine,  died 
before  17th  March  1640.  Publications — A 
Christian  and  ILeavenly  Treatise  containing 
Phi/sickc  for  the  Son1  re/'i/  necessary  for 
all  that  would  enjoy  true  Soundness  of 
Mind  and  Peace  of  Conscience  (London, 
1615,  1622);  The  Duty  and  Dignity  of  a 
Christian  (London,  1620).—  [Reg.  of  Deeds, 
cccclxi.  272,  dxxxiv.  375,  viii.  713,  14th 
Nov.  1663  ;  Reg.  Mag.  Sig.,  ix.,  1436 ; 
Rutherfurd  Charters,  xi.,  23rd  Nov.  1638 ; 
|  Acts  and  Dec.,  cccxxxii.,  311;  Re<j.  Assig. ; 
Reg.  Sec.  Sig.  ;  Booke  of  the  Kirk ;  Row's 
Hist.,  425  ;  Calderwood's  Hist.,  vii.,  282  ; 
Keith's  Catalogue ;  Craven's  Diocese  of 
Caithness,  pp.  82-93.] 

son  of  William  B.  of  Barns,  parish 
of  Manor,  and  Margaret,  daugh.  of 
•  James  Stuart  of  Shillinglaw,  parish  of 
Traquair ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  27th  July 
1609) ;  adm.  min.  of  Lauder  17th  Feb. 
1615 ;  pres.  by  Charles  I.  15th  Sept.  1635 ; 
trans.,  coll.,  and  inst.  4th  Feb.  1636,  when 
Robert  Simson,  treasurer  of  the  burgh, 
protested  on  behalf  of  the  parishioners, 
"against  any  entrant  minister  being  im 
posed  upon  them  without  their  consent." 
He  was  dep.  in  April  1639.  He  marr. 
Katherine,  daugh.  of  George  Dundas  of 
of  that  ilk  by  Katherine,  eldest  daugh.  of 
Lawrence,  third  Lord  Oliphant,  and  had 
issue-— Alexander,  D.D.,  Archbishop  of  St 




Andrews  (7.''.);  John  ;  Robert,  M.I).,  Edin 
burgh,  died  28th  Sept.  16G3  ;  James.—  \_Rc<j. 
of  Deeds,  cccclxii.  102,  dxxxv.  333;  lie<j.  Sec. 
SI;/.-,  Edin.  Key.  (  )\  Peterkin's  Records', 
The  Burnetts  of  Burns,  20-21.] 


WILLIAM     JAMESON,    M.A.    (Edin- 

1)U1on>  31st  Jul>r  1G13).:  aclm.  to 
Langnewton  29th  April  1017  :  trans. 
and  adin.  2  1th  June  1040;  pres.  by  the 
Presb.  jure,  deroJulo  28th  Oct.  1010.  lie 
was  a  member  of  six  assemblies  before 
1(549,  and  that  of  1051.  Owing  to  failing- 
health  he  was  given  an  assistant,  10th 
March  1058.  He  died  before  8th  July  1001, 
aged  about  08.  lie  marr.,  and  had  issue  — 
•I  ohn,  inin.  of  Eccles.  —  [AV/.  Sec.  Si<j.:  Acts  of 
/  :  Baillie's  Letter*  ;  Peterkin's  Records.] 

PETER  EL  All  I.,  son  of  Peter  B.  (said  to 

1661  be  M'D-)-:  NLA-  (St  Andrews  1040); 
adm.  to  Second  Charge,  St  Cuth- 
bert's,  Edinburgh,  22nd  June  1053;  pres. 
by  Charles  II.  8th  July,  trans,  and  adm. 
Oct.  1001  ;  died  7th  May  1073.  He  marr. 
l!)th  Jan.  1054,  Mary  Hamilton  (alive  in 
1090),  and  had  issue  —  Jean  (marr.  John 
Hamilton,  min.  of  Old  Grey  friars,  Edin 
burgh);  Margaret.  —  [A'.  S.  Minute-.  Re<j. 
Sec.  Sig.  ;  Edin.  Reg.  (Marr.}  ;  Wodrow's 
I  list.  \  Sime's  West  Kirk.'] 

WILLIAM  HUME,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
19th  July  1661):  Keen,  by  George, 
Bishop  of  Edinburgh,  25th  Oct. 
1004  ;  adm.  to  Tinwald  about  1005  ;  pres. 
by  Charles  II.  20th  June,  trans,  and  inst. 
5th  Aug.  1074  ;  deprived  after  9th  Oct. 
1681,  for  refusing  the  Test.  —  LAV/.  Sec.  A'?V/.; 
Fountainhall's  Dec.] 

chapel  ;  M.A.  (Glasgow  1047)  ; 
called  to  Bothkennar  before  21st 
July  1054  ;  coll.  to  Chirnside  25th  Nov. 
1062  ;  trans,  to  Morebattle  24th  Nov.  1668  ; 
pres.  by  Charles  II.  22nd  July,  and  inst. 
20th  Sept.  1682  ;  deprived  by  the  Privy 
Council,  29th  Aug.  1689,  for  neither  read 
ing  the  Proclamation  of  the  Estates  nor 
praying  for  William  and  Mary,  but  for 
James  VII.  He  carried  off  the  Kirk 
Session  and  Presb.  Records,  the  latter  of 
which  were  recovered  from  his  grandson 



sixty  years  afterwards.  He  marr.  6th 
\  Oct.  1672,  Dorothea  Ker,  widow  of  William 
Moir  of  Otterburn.  She  purchased  the 
estate  of  Corbethouse.  —  [AV,'/.  Sec.  S /'</.; 
MS.  Ace.  of  Mi)i.,  1089  ;  Rule's  Sec.  Vindi 
cation- \  Morrison's  Diet.,  xviii.  ;  Peterkin's 
Constitution  of  the  ChurchJ] 


GABRIEL  SEMPLE:born  1032,  second 
son  °^  ^V  Bryce  S.  of  Cathcart, 
Sheriff  of  Renfrew  :  educated  at 
Hamilton  and  Univ.  of  GlasgOAv  :  M.A. 
(1053)  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Glasgow  in  1057  ; 
ord.  to  Kirkpatrick-Durham  20th  May 
1057;  deprived  by  Act  of  Parliament  llth 
June,  and  Decreet  of  Privy  Council  1st  Oct. 
1002.  It  is  said  he  offered,  if  his  people 
would  stand  by  him,  to  remain  and  brave 
the  terrors  of  the  Privy  Council,  but  that 
the  people  had  not  sufficient  courage.  He 
became  one  of  the  most  noted  of  the  field- 
preachers,  took  part  in  the  Pentland  Rising, 
and  went  on  itinerating  missions  to  Ireland 
and  the  north  of  England.  He  officiated 
at  Ford,  Northumberland,  during  the  ill- 
:  health  of  the  incumbent,  and  dispensed  the 
Communion  to  great  multitudes  of  people, 
many  of  whom  resorted  to  his  ministrations 
even  from  Scotland.  On  Oth  Feb.  1079  he 
was  declared  traitor,  and  a  reward  of  3000 
merks  was  offered  for  his  capture,  and  the 
proclamation  added  that  if  any  one  in 
pursuit  should  hurt  or  slay  him,  he  should 
not  be  called  in  question  for  the  deed,  but 
should  be  considered  to  have  done  his 
country  "good  and  acceptable  service." 
In  June  1081,  after  numerous  escapes,  he 
was  seized  in  the  house  of  his  nephew,  Sir 
Patrick  Hepburn,  at  Blackcastle,  near 
Cockburnspath,  and  committed  to  the 
Canongate  Tolbooth,  but  was  liberated 
three  months  later,  on  giving  bond  to  the 
amount  of  10,000  merks.  He  withdrew  to 
England,  where  he  remained  till  the  death 
of  Charles  II.  After  the  Revolution,  though 
restored  by  the  Act  of  Parliament,  he  did 
not  return  to  his  former  charge,  but  ac 
cepted  a  call  to  this  parish,  and  was  adm. 
29th  Oct.  1690.  He  wished  Thomas  Boston 
to  be  his  colleague.  Boston  paid  him  a 
visit,  heard  him  preach,  and  sums  up  his 
impressions  of  the  old  man  :  "  The  things 




he  insisted  on  were  common  and  ordinary, 
but  were  delivered  in  such  a  manner,  and 
such  power  accompanied  them,  that  I  was 
amazed,  and  they  went  out  through  me 
and  in  through  me,  so  that  I  said  in  my 
heart—'  Happy  are  those  that  hear  thy 
wisdom.'"  He  died  8th  Aug.  1700.  Two 
years'  stipend,  due  to  him  by  the  heritors 
of  Kirkpatrick-Durham  during  his  exile, 
he  devoted  to  the  maintenance  of  a  school 
master  in  the  parish,  but  this  was  never 
fully  paid.  He  marr.  (1)  Margaret,  daugh. 
of  Sir  Patrick  Murray  of  Blackcastle,  and 
had  issue — Samuel,  min.  of  Liberton  :  (2) 
Alison  (died  at  Ford),  daugh.  of  Sir  Walter 
Riddell  of  that  ilk,  and  had  issue— Janet 
(marr.,  cont.  23rd  April  1697,  Walter  Home 
of  Bassendean) :  (3)  Margaret,  daugh.  of 
Sir  Robert  Carr  of  Etal. — [Wodrow's  Hist., 
ii.  234,  iii.  267-9  ;  Douglas's  Baronage,  468  ; 
Boston's  Memoirs  ;  Act*  of  Parl.,  ix.  ; 
Memoir  of  William  Veitch  ;  Lee's  Memorial ; 
Book  of  Kirkpn.t  rick- Durham  ;  Stewart's 
Covenanters  of  Teviotdale,  77.] 

DANIEL  MACKAY,  a  cadet  of  the 
Reay  family  ;  educated  at  Glasgow 
Univ. ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Glasgow 
4th  March,  and  ord.  to  Fort  William 
20th  Dec.  1692  ;  trans,  to  Second  Charge, 
Inveraray,  4th  June  1699 ;  called  3rd,  and 
adm.  25th  Sept.  1707  ;  died  10th  Sept.  1731. 
He  gave  two  silver  Communion  cups  to 
the  parish.  He  marr.  a  daugh.  of  John 
Cranstoun,  min.  of  Ancrum,  and  had  issue 
— Anne  (marr.  as  his  second  wife,  31st 
July  1743,  John  Rutherford,  M.D.,  Professor 
of  Medicine  in  the  Univ.  of  Edinburgh). 

ravock ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Inverness  25th 

July    1715;    ord.    to    Rafford    19th    April 

1716 ;   trans,  to  Auldearn  12th  May  1726  ; 

trans,    to    Elgin    5th    May    1730;    called 

5th     Dec.    1733;     trans,    and    adm.    20th 

June   1734;    died    18th    Sept,    1755.      He 

marr.  3rd  Dec.  1724,  Mary  (died  15th  July 

1750),  sister  of  David  Dunbar  of  Dunphail, 

and    had    issue  —  Christian,    born     1726  ; 

I  James,  born  5th  May  1728  ;  William,  born 

'  30th  Jan.  1731  :  Margaret,  born  16th  Sept, 

|   1734 ;  John,  born  7th  March  1738.     Publi- 

i  cations  —  Great    Britain's    Joy    in    Cod's 

Salvation,    a    sermon   (Edinburgh,    1749); 

Sacramental  Sermons  (Edinburgh,  1771).— 

[Morrison's  Ann. ;    Somerville's    My   Own 

Life  and   Times  ;  Tart's  Two  Centuries  of 

Border  Church  Life.} 

JOHN  DOUGLAS,  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
175g  Perth  25th  June  1740  ;  adm.  to  Ken- 
more  23rd  March  1743 ;  pres.  by 
George  II.  2nd  June  1756 ;  trans,  but  not 
adm.  till  28th  July  1758;  died  16th  Nov. 
1768.  A  vigorous  opposition  to  his  settle 
ment  gave  rise  to  the  Relief  Church  at 
Jedburgh.  He  marr.  26th  April  1745, 
Beatrix  (died  20th  May  1754),  daugh.  of 

!  Walter  Ainslie,  min.  of  Lundie  and  Fowlis, 
and  had  issue  —  Robert,  D.D.,  min.  of 
Galashiels ;  Beatrix,  born  8th  Dec.  1749  ; 
Arabella,  born  23rd  Feb.  1751  (marr.  James 
Hay,  min.  of  Roberton) ;  Walter,  Deputy 

|  Adjutant-General,  born  20th  Feb.  1753, 
died  in  India.  —  [Scots  Mag.,  xviii.-xx. ; 
Morren's  Annals,  ii.,  82  ;  Somerville's  My 
Own  Life  and  Times,  170.] 

JAMES  ROWAT  [RUAT],  M.A. ;  licen. 
1732     ky  ^res1jl  °f  Arbroath  8th  Nov.  1704  ;  ; 
ord.  to  Dunlop  May  1709;  pres.  by  ; 
George  II.  25th  Feb.,  trans,  and  adm.  20th  '. 
Sept.    1732;    died  23rd    June    1733.      He  ; 
marr.,  and  had  issue — William,  Professor  j 
of    Oriental    Languages    (1751-2)    and    of 
Ecclesiastical  Hist.  (1752-62)  in  the  Univ.  \ 
of  Glasgow  ;  Jane. 

JAMES    WINCHESTER,    studied    at 
Marischal  College,  Aberdeen,   1704- 
1708  ;  schoolmaster  of  Alves    1707- 
1709;    chaplain    to    Hugh    Rose    of    Kil- 

JAMES    MACKNIGHT,    D.D. ;    trans. 

1769     ^rom  ^avbole  ;  pres.  by  George  III. 

25th  Jan.,  and  adm.  30th  Nov.  1769 ; 

trans,  to  Lady  Yester's  Parish,  Edinburgh, 

21st  July  1772. 

THOMAS    SOMERVILLE,   born    15th 

Feb.  1741,  son  of  William  S.,  inin. 

of  Hawick  ;  educated  at  Hawick  and 

at  the  school  of  Duns,  where  he  was  under 

the  care  of  his  relative,  Adam   Dickson, 

min.  of  the  parish,  and  at  Edinburgh  Univ., 

tutor  to  the  son  of  Commissioner  George 

Burges,  of  the  Excise,  Edinburgh,  1759-67  ; 




licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  28th  Nov. 
1764  ;  pres.  by  Sir  Gilbert  Elliot  of  Minto, 
Bart.,  to  the  parish  of  Minto,  and  ord.  24th 
April  1767.  He  was  pres.  to  this  charge 
by  George  HI.  27th  .July  1772;  adm. 
1st  July  1773;  D.D.  (St  Andrews,  17th 
July  178!));  chaplain  to  the  King  in  Scot 
land  in  1703:  declined  Chair  of  Church 
History  in  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  in  1798  ; 
received  a  yearly  pension  of  ,£100  out 
of  the  royal  exchequer :  died  FATHER 
OF  THE  CHURCH,  16th  May  1830.  He 
marr.  5th  -June  1770,  Martha  (died  17th 
Dec.  180!)),  daugh.  of  Samuel  Charters, 
Solicitor  of  Customs,  and  had  issue — 
William,  M.D.,  F.R.S.,  traveller,  Principal 
Inspector  of  the  Army  Medical  Board  in 
England,  physician  to  Chelsea  Hospital, 
born  22nd  April  1771  (marr.,  18th  May  1812, 
his  cousin.  Alary  Fairfax  [or  Greig],  the 
celebrated  scientific  writer  [vide  Personal 
Recollection*,  by  her  daugh.  Martha  :  Lon 
don,  1873]),  died  at  Florence,  26th  June 
1860;  Christian,  born  13th  Dec.  1772  (marr. 
Walter  Riddell,  Friar's  Glen),  died  20th 
Sept.  1864;  Samuel  Charters,  W.S.,  born 
27th  May  1776,  died  18th  June  1825; 
Janet,  born  13th  April  1780  (marr.  (1)  8th 
Dec.  1812  Joseph  Pringle  of  Ferney  Green, 
Westmoreland  :  (2)  Major-General  Henry 
Elliot  of  Rosebank),  died  14th  May  1863; 
Margaret,  born  5th  Dec.  1783 ;  Martha, 
born  16th  June  1785  (marr.  William  Ruther 
ford,  writer,  Jedburgh);  James  Burges, 
born  24th  May  1787,  died  8th  Aug.  1787. 
Publications — Candid  Thoughts  on  Ameri 
can  Independence  (London,  1780)  [which 
called  forth  a  reply  from  Tod  of  Kirklands, 
entitled  Consolatory  Thoughts  on  American 
Independence];  The  History  of  Political 
Transaction*  and  of  Parties  from  the 
Restoration  of  King  Charles  II.  to  the 
Death  of  Kiwi  William  III.  (London, 
1792)  ;  The  History  of  Great  Britain 
during  the  Reign  of  Queen  Anne  (London, 
1798);  Observations  on  the  Constitution 
and  Present  State  of  Britain  (Edinburgh, 
1793);  The  Effects  of  the  French  Re 
volution  with  Respect  to  the  Interest*  of 
Humanity,  Liberty,  Religion,  and  Morality 
(Edinburgh,  1793) ;  Five  single  Sermons 
(Kelso,  1792  :  Hawick,  1825)  ;  Sermons 

(Edinburgh,  1813):  My  Own  Life  and 
Times,  edited  by  William  Lee,  min.  of 
Roxburgh  (Edinburgh,  1861);  Sermon  V. 
(Scotch  Prearher,  ii.,  iii.)  ;  Accounts  of  Jed- 
burgh  and  of  Ancrum  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace., 
\.,  x.)  ;  Sermon  TIL  (Gillan's  Scot.  Pulpit); 
article  "Jedburgh"  (Edinburgh  Encylo- 
p«jdia).  —  [J///  Own  Life  and  Times  ;  Annual 
Biography  and  Obituary,  1831,  pp.  374-85  ; 
Anderson's  -  The  Scottish  Nation,  iii.,  49<i; 
The  At/tension,  1861,  657;  Diet.  X<it. 


JOHN  PURVES,  born  Rawburn,  Long- 

f°rmacus>  9tu  JUty  1800>  Son  °f  l'ete1' 

P.,  farmer,  and  Margaret,  daugh.  of 
John  Fairbairn,  Halyburton  ;  educated  at 
the  parish  schools  of  Ayton,  Yarrow,  and 
Lauder,  and  at  the  I  'niv.  of  Edinburgh  ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Lauder  in  1823; 
assistant  at  Logie  (Dunblane),  and  at 
Lady  Glenorchy's  Chapel,  Edinburgh;  ord. 
(assistant  and  successor)  at  Lady  Glen 
orchy's,  Edinburgh,  14th  April  1826  ;  pres. 
by  William  I\7.  in  Oct.,  trans,  and  adm. 
8th  Dec.  1830.  Joined  the  Free  Church  ; 
min.  of  Jedburgh  Free  Church  in  1843  ; 
LL.D.  (Edin.  1875);  died  18th  Oct.  1877. 
He  marr.  13th  March  1827,  Elizabeth  (died 
6th  June  1867),  daugh.  of  Archibald  Bonar, 
min.  of  Cramond,  and  had  tssue  —  Peter 
Charles,  min.  of  St  James'  U.F.  Church, 
Edinburgh,  born  4th  March  1828,  died.  14th 
Feb.  1914  ;  Anne  Bonar,  born  26th  May 
1829,  died  6th  April  1839  ;  Archibald  Bonar, 
born  24th  March  1831,  died  14th  April 
1832;  John  Archibald,  born  23rd  Jan. 
1833,  died  Oct.  1876  ;  Margaret,  born 
26th  Feb.,  and  died  2nd  March  1835  ; 
William,  born  9th  June  1836,  died  4th 
May  1849;  Margaret  Elizabeth,  born  8th 
May  1837,  died  Sept.  1851.  Publications 
—  Sermon  preached  before  S.P.C.A'.  (Edin 
burgh,  1832)  ;  Our  Danger  and  Duty, 
two  sermons  (Edinburgh,  1832)  ;  Sermons 
touching  some  Points  much  Controverted  at 
Present  (Edinburgh,  1846)  ;  Happiness,  its 
Elements  and  Means  (Edinburgh,  1852)  ; 
The  Sustentation  Fund,  a  speech  (Edin 
burgh,  1855)  ;  No  Condemnation  (Kelso, 
2nd  ed.,  1876);  Account  of  the  Parish 
(Net''  Stat.  Ace.,  iii.).  —  [Walker's  The 




Border  Pulpit,  64  :    The  Border  Almanac, 
1878  :  Tait's  Border  Church  Life,  i.,  329.] 

GEORGE  RITCHIE,  born  22nd   Sept, 


Tarbolton  :    educated    at    Univ.    of 

Glasgow  :  M.A.  (1827)  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Jedburgh  loth  Feb.  1832  :  ord.  to  St 
Boswells  7th  Aug.  1834;  trans,  and  acini. 
21st  Sept.  1843  ;  D.D.  (Edinburgh  1870)  : 
Moderator  of  the  General  Assembly,  19th 
May  1870  :  dem.  8th  Nov.  1876  :  died  at 
Edinburgh,  29th  May  1888.  He  marr.  20th 
March  1845,  Elizabeth  Bradfute  (died  8th 
Dec.  1904),  daugh.  of  John  Dudgeon,  Almond- 
hill,  Kirkliston,  and  had  issue  —  Margaret 
Elizabeth,  born  3rd  Oct.  1846  (marr.  (1) 
Thomas  Rogers,  inin.  of  the  West  Parish, 
Fraserburgh  :  (2)  Robert  Tenison  Braith- 
waite)  ;  David  George,  M.A.,  LL.D.,  tutor  of 
Balliol  College,  Oxford,  Professor  of  Logic 
and  Metaphysics,  St  Andrews  Univ.  (1894), 
editor  of  Early  Letters  of  Jane  Welsh 
Carli/le,  born  26th  Oct.  1853,  died  3rd 
Feb.  1903  ;  Elizabeth  Christian,  born  22nd 
March  1856  (marr.  llth  June  1884,  David 
Scott,  D.D.,  min.  of  Dakiel). 

DONALD     MACLEOD,     trans,     from 
1877     Maxwell  Parish,  Glasgow,  and  adm. 
3rd    May    1877  ;     trans,    to    Crown 
Court  Church,  London,  17th  May  1881. 

ROBERT     STEWART,     M.A,     B.D.  ; 
1881     trans-  from  North  Leith,  and  adm. 
15th  Dec.  1881  ;  trans,  to  New  Grey- 
friars,  Edinburgh,  8th  May  1890. 

ROBERT     HOWIE     FISHER,     M.A., 
18go     B.D.  ;    trans,   from   Skermorlie,  and 
adm.  20th  Nov.  1890  ;  trans,  to  West 
Parish,  Aberdeen,  19th  May  1896. 

1896     PATRICK,  M.A.,  B.D.  ;  trans,  from 
Dalbeattie,    and    adm.    22nd     Oct. 
1896;  trans,  to  Covan  29th  June  1899. 


1899     korn  15t^  ^e^-  1866>  son  °f  Thomas 

D.,    min.    of    Bolton;    educated    at 

George    Watson's    College    and    Univ.    of 

VOL.  II. 

Edinburgh;  M.A.  (1887),  B.D.  (1890); 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  in  1890 ;  ord. 
to  Longformacus  12th  July  1891 ;  trans,  to 
St  Bernard's  Parish,  Edinburgh,  22nd  Oct. 
1897 ;  trans,  and  adm.  7th  Dec.  1899. 
Marr.  24th  May  1898,  Lilian  Louise,  daugh. 
of  Walter  Landale,  Bhangalpore,  Bengal, 
India,  and  has  issue — Andrew  Alastair 
Landale,  born  4th  Feb.  1902;  Margaret 
Louise,  born  4th  Jan.  1905  ;  Ronald 
Thomas,  born  16th  Oct.  1909. 


[Before  the  Reformation   the   Parish   of 
Kirkton  was  a  Rectory.] 

GEORGE  DOUGLAS,  M.A.  :  pros,  to 
156g  the  parsonage  and  vicarage  by  James 
VF.  21st  Jan.  1569:  reader  in  1574; 
min.  in  1585  ;  died  before  2nd  Dec.  1615 
[his  name  does  not  appear  after  1585  in  the 
Books  of  Assignation].—  [Rey.  Assi'j.:  Wod- 
ron'  M^iscdl.,  i.,  376.] 

JOHN  WATSON,  son  of  Peter  W.,  min. 
°^  '^sk>  and  Christian  Stanehouse  ; 
adm.  before   14th  Jan.    1588.—  [AV/. 
f  Deeds,  xxx.,  282/>.] 


JAMES  SCOTT,  M.A.  ;  pres.  by  James 
1616     ^  ^  2nc^  ^ec>  1615  >  ac^m-  probably  in 


1616  :    trans,   to   Tongland   prior  to 


1620  rews  1G1°).:  Pres-  ljy  James  VI.  in 
May  1619.  The  Presb.,  29th  March 
1620,  referred  his  collation  and  admission 
to  the  Bishop  and  Synod.  He  was  a 
member  of  Assembly  in  1638.  He  was 
murdered  in  his  manse  a  day  or  two  after 
the  battle  of  Philiphaugh,  13th  Sept,  1645, 
by  some  followers  of  Montrose,  headed  by 
William  Murray,  brother  of  Patrick,  Earl 
of  Tullibardinc.  He  was  aged  about  56. 
He  marr.  Margaret  Lumsden,  who  survived 
him,  with  several  children.  They  were 
under  the  necessity  of  several  times  petition 
ing  Parliament  for  assistance.  A  daugh. 




marr.   Thomas   Turnbull   of   Tofts.  —  [Acts 
Parl. ;  Peterkin's  Records.] 

ANDREW   PRINGLE,  M.A.  :   pros,  by 
1646     ^le  ^res^-  J(n'e  devoluio  29th  July, 
and  acini.  19th  Aug.  1646  ;  trans,  to 
Castleton  3rd  April  1650. 

GAVIN  ELLIOT,  M.A,  (Edinburgh, 
1652  15th  April  164r>)  :  adin.  3rd  March 
1652  ;  deprived  by  Act  of  Parliament 
llth  June,  and  Decreet  of  Privy  Council 
1st  Oct.  1662-  died  before  23rd  May 
1678.  He  marr.,  and  had  issue — Robert 
and  William,  both  in  Borthwickbrae. 

ALEXANDER  FORREST,  son  of  Alex- 

1664  anc^er  F->  mm-  °f  Hassendean ; 
M.A.  (Edinburgh,  July  1642);  pres. 
by  Charles  II.  llth  Nov.,  and  inst.  22nd 
Dec.  1664  ;  died  in  April  1683,  aged  about 
61.  He  marr.  Anna  Douglas,  who  died 
in  Aug.  1681,  and  had  issue—  Archibald  ; 
Richard ;  William,  apprenticed  to  John 
Pringle,  tailor,  Edinburgh,  in  1691 ;  Mar 
garet  (marr.  30th  April  1702,  James  Merri- 
lees,  writer,  Edinburgh) ;  Anna. — [Reg.  /See. 
Sig. ;  Min.-look  Key.  Priv.  Seal ;  Edin. 
Guild  Reg. ;  Peebles  Tests.] 

ALEXANDER  BURNET,  trans,    from 

1684     Crossmichael ;   pres.   by  Charles  II. 

3rd  Oct.  1683,  and  inst.  17th  April 

1684  ;  trans,  to  Second  Charge,  Canongate, 

13th  Aug.  1685. 


son  of  Robert  C.,  min.  of  Hawick ; 
M.A.  (Edinburgh  1666);  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Jedburgh  4th  Feb.  1684 ;  orcl.  to 
Lochrutton  25th  April  1684  ;  pres.  by  James 
VII.  16th  Sept.  1686;  trans,  and  inst.  llth 
April  1687  ;  probably  outed  at  the  Revolu 
tion.  He  marr.  Marion  Turnbull,  and 
had  issue — Robert,  min.  of  Hawick  ;  John  ; 
William. — [Roxburgh  #as.,  vii.,  392  ;  Min.- 
look  Reg.  Priv.  Seal ;  Hawick  Sess.  Reg. ; 
MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689.] 

JOHN    DOUGLAS,   M.A.   (Edinburgh, 

1707     26th  June  1699) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 

Jedburgh   7th   March    1705;    called 

20th  July  1706;  ord.  1st  Jan.  1707;  died 

unmarr.  17th  Dec.  1750,  aged  about  71. 

ALEXANDER  GLEN,  pres.  by  George 
1751     II.  6th  June,  called  19th  July,  and 
ord.    25th     Sept.     1751  ;     trans,    to 
Galashiels  7th  Dec.  1757. 

THOMAS  ELLIOT,  pres.  by  George  III. 
1758     31st  Dec.  1757  ;  ord.  12th  May  1758  ; 
trans,  to  Cavers  23rd  Nov.  1763. 

JAMES    ERSKINE,    pres.    by    George 
1764     III.  28th  June  1763;  ord.  2nd  May 
1764  ;  trans,  to  Roberton  29th  July 


ALEXANDER  GORDON,  son  of  Alex 
ander  G.  of  Blairtown  ;  educated  at 
Marischal  College,  Aberdeen,  1748- 

52  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh  7th  Sept. 

1768 ;  pres.  by  George  III.  20th  Oct.  1774  ; 

ord.  1st  March  1775;  died  19th  Jan.  1785. 

He  marr.  27th  Jan.  1758,  Joan   Pirrie   [or 

Perrie],  who  died  s.^>.  1st  April  1793. 

JAMES     HAY,    trans,    from     Ettrick ; 
1785     pres.    by   George   III.    19th    March, 
and  adm.  23rd  Sept.  1785;  trans,  to 
Roberton  22nd  Sept.  1786. 

BENJAMIN     DICKISON,     pres.     by 
1787     George    III.    1st    Nov.    1786;    ord. 
21st  March  1787  ;  trans,  to  Hobkirk 
15th  Oct.  1800. 

JOHN  ELLIOT,  nephew  of  Thomas 
lgol  E.,  min.  of  Cavers ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Jedburgh  26th  July  1793  ;  assistant 
at  Cavers ;  pres.  by  George  III.  4th  Nov. 
1800;  ord.  28th  Jan.  1801  ;  died  1st  Sept. 
1817,  in  his  68th  year.  He  marr.  16th  June 
1786,  Jean  Armstrong,  who  died  26th  Feb. 
1828,  and  had  issue — Elizabeth,  born  18th 
June  1792 ;  Adam  and  Mary  (twins),  born 
22nd  April  1794;  Isobel,  born  2nd  Nov. 
1797.— [Tombst.] 

ADAM  LAIDLAW,  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
1818  Selkirk  13th  Nov.  1778;  ord.  by 
Presbyterian  Classis  of  Newcastle, 
15th  Nov.  1782.  as  min.  of  a  congregation 
at  South  Shields ;  trans,  to  St  James's, 
Silver  Street,  Newcastle,  Feb.  1784;  pres. 
to  Southdean  by  George  III.  18th  July 
1809,  but  not  settled  owing  to  a  com 
peting  presentation  ;  pres.  to  this  parish  by 




George,  Prince  Regent,  6th  Jan.,  and  adra. 
28th  Aug.  1818  ;  died  1st  April  1834,  in  his 
81st  year.  He  inarr.  8th  May  1780,  Mary 
Laidlaw,  who  died  27th  June  1849,  and  had 
issue— William,  born  llth  Feb.  1787  ;  Adam, 
born  5th  May  1788;  Thomas,  born  12th 
Nov.  1789;  John  Whitfield,  born  16th 
July  1791;  Robert,  born  22nd  June  1793; 
David,  born  6th  July  1798. 

cated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh  1st  Oct.  1823 ; 

pres.  by  William  IV.  ;  ord.  2nd  Sept.  1834  ; 

died   unmarr.   6th   May  1857,  in  his   64th 

year.     Publication — Account  of  the  Parish 

(Neiv  Slat.  Ace.,  iii.). 

GEORGE  HUNTER,  born  Earlston, 
1857  24th  July  1829,  son  of  James  H. 
and  Margaret  AVaugh  ;  educated  at 
Earlston  School  and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Earlston  3rd  Feb.  1852  ; 
assistant  at  Linton,  and  at  St  Mary's, 
Hawick;  ord.  14th  Aug.  1857;  died  23rd 
June  1881.  He  marr.  2nd  June  1858,  Ann 
Elizabeth  (died  s.j>.  21st  Dec.  1875),  sister 
of  William  Favey,  Earlston,  a  native  of 


DAVID    CATHELS,  M.A. ;    ord.  22nd 
Feb.   1882  ;   trans,   to  Hawick   18th 

May  1892. 

JOHN   STUART,  born  Fife-Keith,  5th 
Oct.  1865,  son  of  John  Macpherson 
S.  and  Elizabeth  Wright ;  educated 
at    Old    Aberdeen    Grammar   School   and 
Univ.    of    Aberdeen:    M.A.    (1887),    B.D. 
(1890):  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Aberdeen  6th  May 
1890 ;  assistant  at  St  Clement's  Parish,  Aber 
deen,  and  at  Selkirk  ;  ord.  27th  Sept.  1892  ; 
chaplain  at  Stobs  Military  Camp,  1903-12. 


[These  parishes  were  united  in  1690. 
Minto— K  church  built  close  to  Minto 
House  survived  till  1831.  Its  bell  is  pre 
served  at  Minto.  In  1831  a  new  church 
was  erected  on  another  site  at  the  village 
of  Minto.] 

WILLIAM  M'GOWAN  held  the  parson 
age  and  vicarage  in  1575,  but  did  not 
reside  here,  being  also  Commissary 
of  Wigtown.    He  was  ordered   to  remove 
to   Minto,  which  he  seems  to  have  done 
in  1585. 

EDAVARD   DICKSON,  reader,  1576  to 
1576     1578. 

1579     ROBERT  HAMILTON,  reader. 

PATRICK  BISHOP,  M.A.,  min.  in  1589  ; 
1589     trans,  to  Abbotrule  about  1590. 


min.  in  1601  :  trans,  to  Hassendean 
in  1602. 

JAMES  JOHNSTON,   M.A.  ;  pres.  by 

the   Presb.  jure  dcvoluto  8th   April 

1607  :  suspended  19th  Oct.  1607,  for 

having  been  absent  from  two  meetings  of 

Synod  ;   dep.  21st  Dec.   1608.     He  became 

min.  of  AVesterkirk  in  1611.—  [/'.  C.  Reg., 

viii.,  678  :  Melrose  I'resb.  Keg.} 

ADAM    SCOTT,    M.A.,   min.   in   1608; 
trans,    to    Hawick    in    1612.—  [Reg. 

.     ., 



SAMUEL    COCKBURN,   M.A.    (Edin- 

burgl1'     29th     July     160°)-;     adm"    to 

Kirkmichael,  Banffshire,  1601  ;  trans. 
and  adm.  in  1609  ;  died  before  5th  Aug.  1624. 
He  marr.,  and  had  issue—  Andrew  ;  Helen. 
—  [Reg.  Assig.  ;  Peebles  Presb.  Reg.} 

WILLIAM  WISHART,  M.A.  ;  trans. 
from  Fettercairn,  and  adm.  (assistant 
and  successor)  after  6th  Oct.  1613  ; 

retrans.  to  Fettercairn  after   10th  March 


AATILLIAM    MAXWELL,    born    1600; 

M.A.  (St  Andrews   1620):   pres.  in 

Dec.  1624;   adm.   20th   April   1625; 

pres.  to  St  Mary  of  the  Lowes  by  Charles 

I.  13th  Feb.  1641,  but  was  not  settled  ;  died 

8th  Jan.  1651.     He  marr.  Anna  Inglis,  who 

survived  him    with    four    children,   "who 

lament  his  loss,  and  desire  to  follow  his 

virtues."—  [Reg.  Sec.  Sig.  ;  Tombst.} 





JAMES  AIXSLIE,  MA.  (Edinburgh, 
1652  17th  April  1039);  called  llth  Jan., 
and  inst.  9th  Dec.  1052.  Objection 
was  taken  against  him  that  he  was  a  Free 
mason,  but  the  Assembly  decided  in  his 
favour.  The  Presb.  of  Kelso,  24th  Feb. 
1052,  declared  "  that  in  their  judgment 
there  is  neither  sin  nor  scandal  in  that 
word,  because  in  the  purest  times  of  this 
kirk,  masons  having  that  word  have  been 
ministers,  that  masons  and  men  having  that 
word  have  been  and  are  day  lie  in  our 
sessions,  and  many  professors  having  that 
word  are  daylie  admitted  to  the  ordinances." 
He  was  deprived  by  Act  of  Parliament  1 1  th 
June,  and  Decreet  of  the  Privy  Council  1st 
Oct.  1002,  and  was  min.  again  in  1090. — 
[AWso  l}resb.  Reg. ;  Wodrow's  Hist.,  i.,  320.] 

FRANCIS  SCOTT,  M.A. ;  pros,  by  John 
1664     Turnbull   of    Minto,   and   inst.   21st 
Dec.    1004 ;    trans,    to    Hassenclean 
25th  Dec.  1078. 

JAMES  KIRKWOOD,  born  near  Dun- 
bar  about  1050  ;  educated  at  Dunbar 
Grammar  School  and  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh  ;  M.A.  (1070) ;  recommended  for 
license  by  Presb.  of  Haddington  13th  July 
1070 ;  chaplain  to  Sir  John  Campbell  of 
Glenorchy,  afterwards  first  Earl  of  Bread- 
albane ;  assistant  at  Wemyss ;  pres.  by 
Walter  Riddell  of  Minto  25th  Feb. ;  coll. 
5th,  and  inst.  12th  May  1079 ;  deprived 
for  not  taking  the  Test  after  1st  Nov.  1081. 
He  was  probably  indiilged  at  Colmonell, 
1082-3.  In  1084,  through  his  friendship  with 
Gilbert  Burnet,  D.D.,  Bishop  of  Salisbury, 
he  was  inst.  to  the  rectory  of  Astwick, 
Bedfordshire,  from  which  he  wTas  ejected 
7th  Jan.  1702,  "for  neglect  in  not  abjuring 
according  to  the  statute  13  &  14  William 
III.;;  He  died  about  1708,  bequeathing  his 
books  and  manuscripts  to  the  Presb.  of 
Dunbar.  These  (through  the  generosity  of 
James  Curdie  Russell,  D.D.,  min.  of  Camp- 
beltown)  are  now  deposited  in  the  Library 
of  the  General  Assembly.  Along  with  the 
Hon.  Robert  Boyle  he  circulated  many 
copies  of  the  Gaelic  Scriptures  throughout 
the  Highlands,  and  spent  much  of  his  time 
in  the  promotion  of  parish  libraries. 
Publications — A  Discourse  of  the  Right 

Way  of  Improving  our  Time  (London, 
1092)  •  An  Overture  for  Founding  and 
Maintaining  Bibliothecks  in  every  Paroch 
throughout  the  Kingdom  (Edinburgh,  1099  ; 
reprinted  1889) ;  A  Copy  of  a  Letter  anent 
a  Project  for  erecting  a  Library  in  every 
Presbytery )  or  at  least  every  County  in  the 
Highlands  (n.d.) :  A  New  Family  Jtook,  or 
the  True  Interest  of  families  (1090  ;  2nd 
ed.,  1093).— [Birch's  Life  of  Bogle  ;  Library 
Chronicle,  1888,  p.  110;  Notes  and  Queries, 
3rd  ser.,  v.,  29  ;  Life  and  Work,  Dec.  1915 ; 
Assembly  Reports  (1910),  p.  802.] 

WILLIAM    WLSHART,    M.A.    (Edin- 

1682  1)U1"8'11  16"r;)  j  I)res-  ky  Thomas 
Rutherford  of  Minto,  and  inst.  2nd 
June  1082:  he  had  a  gift  of  the  forfeited 
estate  of  Alexander  Wishart,  merchant 
burgess  of  Glasgow,  from  Charles  II.,  Gth 
March  1085.  He  was  pres.  by  James  VII. 
to  Sprouston  25th  Feb.  1080,  but  was  not 
settled ;  deprived  by  Act  of  Parliament 
25th  April  1090.  He  marr.  Elizabeth 
Wishart,  who  died  before  1709,  and  had 
issue — Catherine  (marr.,  cont.  10th  March 
1709,  Ninian  Wishart,  in  Major-Gen.  George 
Hamilton's  Regiment).  —  {Reg.  of  Deeds, 
Mack.,  15th  April  1710;  Reg.  Sec.  8ig.; 
MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1089.] 

JAMES  AIXSLIE,  M.A.,  above  noticed ; 
1690  restored  by  Act  of  Parliament  25th 
April  1090  ;  died  10th  July  1702,  in 
his  95th  year.  He  marr.,  and  had  issue — 
a  daugh.  (marr.  John  Scott  of  Weens); 
Barbara  (marr.  John  Ritchie,  min.  in  1703). 
— [Tombst.] 

WALTER  AIXSLIE,  M.A.,  nephew  of 

1698     Precedmg ;    called     in    Nov.     1097 ; 

ord.   (assistant    and   successor)    2nd 

March  1098 ;  trans,  to  Lundie  and  Fowlis 

8th  May  1701. 

JOHN  RITCHIE,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
17Q3  28th  June  1097);  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Jedburgh  23rd  July  1701 ;  called 
by  the  Prosb.jure  devoluto  10th  Feb.,  and 
ord.  10th  May  1703;  died  llth  Nov. 
1744,  in  his  75th  year.  He  marr.  Barbara, 
daugh.  of  James  Ainslie,  min.  of  this  parish 




in  1690.     She  died  16th  March  1715,  aged 
45.—  To 

GEORGE  KAY,  M.A.  ;  trans,  from  Col- 
lessie  ;  pres.  by  Sir  Gilbert  Elliot  of 
Minto,  Bart.,  1st  Aug.,  and  adm. 

(assistant  and  successor)   23rd   Oct.   1741  ; 

trans,     to    Second     Charge,     Dysart,     8th 

Dec.  1743. 

GEORGE  BRUCE,  M.A.  ;  pres.  by  Sir- 
Gilbert  Elliot  of  Minto,  Bart.,  Oct. 
1744  ;  ord.  6th  Feb.  1745  :  trans,  to 
Dunbar  4th  July  1766. 

THOMAS  SOMERVILLE,  pres.  by  Sir 
Gilbert  Elliot   of   Minto,   Bart,,    in 
Dec.   1766  ;    ord.   24th    April   1767  ; 
trans,  to  Jedburgh  1st  July  1773. 


WILLIAM     BURN    [or    BURNS],    a 

native  of  Northumberland ;  some 
time  a  clergyman  of  the  Church  of 
England ;  adm.  min.  of  Pottergate  Presby 
terian  Church,  Almvick,  1769  ;  pres.  by  Sir 
Gilbert  Elliot  of  Minto,  Bart.,  6th  Nov. 
1773  ;  adm.  6th  April  1774  ;  D.D.  (Glasgow 
1786):  died  9th  Dec.  1826,  in  his  82nd 
year.  He  marr.  3rd  June  1771,  Margaret 
Ogle,  who  died  22nd  Feb.  1836,  and  had 
issue  —  Anne  Lockhart,  born  17th  April 
1772 ;  George  Percy,  born  10th  Nov.  1773, 
died  in  Dominica,  1800;  Margaret,  born 
2nd  April  1775;  Isabella,  born  29th  Nov. 
1776;  Anna  Maria,  born  1st  July  1778; 
John,  born  3rd  June  1780,  died  5th  Aug. 
1781 ;  John,  born  24th  Dec.  1781 ;  Robert, 
born  30th  Aug.  1783.  Publication— Ac 
count  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's  Mat.  Ace., 
xix.).—[Tombst. ;  'Bl&ir'aHist.Presb.Church, 
Almvick;  The  Border  Magazine,  Feb.  1904.] 

DAVID  AITKEN,  born  17th  Aug.  1796, 
son  of  Allan  A. ;  educated  at  Univ. 
of  Edinburgh;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Edinburgh  28th  March  1821  ;  spent  some 
time  in  study  on  the  Continent ;  pres.  by 
Gilbert,  Earl  of  Minto;  ord.  14th  Sept. 
1827  ;  D.D.  (Edinburgh,  8th  July  1843). 
He  declined  the  Chair  of  Divinity  and 
Ecclesiastical  History  in  the  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh  in  1843  ;  dem.  16th  Nov.  1864  ; 
died  27th  March  1875.  He  marr.  13th 

July  1836,  Elizabeth  (died  s.p.  5th  Oct. 
1869),  daugh.  of  David  Stodart  of  Easton. 
Publication— Account  of  the  Parish  (New 
Stat.  Ace.,  iii.). 

14th  Dec.  1839,  son  of  Peter  M., 
LL.D.,  min.  of  North  Berwick  ;  edu 
cated  at  Edinburgh  Academy  and  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh  ;  M.A.  (1864),  B.D.  (1865) ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Dunbar  ;  ord.  12th  April  1865  ; 
died  at  Davos  Platz,  Switzerland,  3rd  Jan. 
1893.  He  marr.  26th  April  1865,  Elizabeth 
Macdonald,  daugh.  of  Eaglesfield  Bradshaw 
Smith  of  Blackwood  House,  Dumfriesshire, 
and  had  issue— an  only  daugh.,  Elizabeth 
Philadelphia  Macdonald  Lockhart,  born 
8th  Aug.  1866  (marr.  13th  April  1893, 
William  Higgin,  Belfast). 

1878  Tillicoultry,  18th  Feb.  1847,  son  of 
AVilliam  G.  and  Isabella  Dawson  ; 
educated  at  Kinross  Public  School  and 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh;  M.A.  (1869),  B.D. 
(1872) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  in 
1872;  assistant  at  Bowden,  Lasswade,  and 
St  Mary's,  Partick ;  ord.  to  Milton  of 
Balgonie  28th  Dec.  1876 ;  trans,  and  adm. 
(assistant  and  successor)  19th  June  1878 ; 
Lecturer  on  Church  Music  to  the  Divinity 
students  of  the  Scottish  Univs.,  1912-14. 
Marr.  17th  June  1885,  Margaret  Rankin 
Smith,  and  has  issue  —  William,  B.A. 
(Cantab.),  merchant,  Japan,  born  2nd  April 
1886 ;  Isabella  Dawson,  born  30th  Sept. 
1887  ;  Elizabeth  Eleanor,  born  14th  April 
1889  ;  Alexander,  lieut.  K.O.S.B.,  born  3rd 
Nov.  1895.  Publications — One  of  the  com 
pilers  of  the  Scottish  Hymnal  (1885) ;  of 
The  Scottish  Anthem  Book  (1892);  of 
the  Church  Hymnary  (1898) ;  of  the  Scot 
tish  Mission  Hymnbook  (1912) ;  assisted 
in  the  selection  of  Hymns,  Ancient  and 
Modern,  ed.  by  Prof.  William  Henry  Monk 


[The  church,  dedicated  to  St  Mungo, 
belonged  to  the  Abbey  of  Melrose.  In 
1658  this  parish  was  joined  to  Roberton, 




but  was  disjoined  5th  July  1666.  About 
1690  part  of  Hassenclean  was  annexed  to 
Wilton,  and  the  rest  united  to  Minto. ] 

1574     JOHN  SCOTT,  reader. 

THOMAS   NEWBIE,   reader,   6th    Dec. 
1576     1576  to  1580. 

JOHN  BONAR,  M.A.  ;  trans,  from 
1594  Abbotrule,  and  adm.  in  1594,  Cavers, 
Kirkton,  and  Southdean  being  in  the 
the  charge.  Perhaps  he  held  also  the  bene 
fice  of  North  Ronaldshay ;  trans,  to  Qirthon 
about  1595.— \_Reg.  Assig.] 


JOHN  MADDER  [MATHER],  son  of 
William  M.  of  Langtown  :  M.A. 
(Edinburgh  1598);  adm.  to  Minto 
in  1601  ;  pres.  to  the  vicarage  by  James 
VI.  10th  July  1602 ;  dep.  for  various  mis 
demeanours  llth  Jan.  1609.  His  widow 
was  in  a  condition  of  poverty  15th  Nov. 
1642. — [Reg.  Assig.  ;  Keho  Presb.  Re<j.~\ 

ALLAN  LUNDIE,   M.A.  •   trans,  from 

1610  Lessudden  [St  Boswells] ;   pres.  by 
James    VI.    26th    May,    and    adm. 

before  19th  Dec.  1610 ;  trans,  to  Channel- 
kirk  after  llth  June  1611. 

JAMES  MITCHELSON,  M.A.,  son  of 

1611  ^onn  M.  °f  Currie ;  pres.  by  James 
VI.  8th   April  1611,  and  adm.  soon 

after ;  trans,  to  St  Bathans  [Tester]  in 
1613.  —  [Edin.  Sas.,  viii.,  104:  Dalkeith 
Presb.  Reg.] 

1Q18  in  the  parish;  M.A.  (St  Andrews 
1603);  adm.  to  Kailzie  in  1613; 
pres.  by  James  VI.  in  March,  and  adm. 
prior  to  21st  Oct.  1613.  He  signed  a  protest 
to  Parliament  in  favour  of  the  Liberties  of 
the  Kirk  27th  June  1617.  He  died  before 
13th  Jan.  1665,  when  the  Presb.  met  to  value 
the  church  and  manse,  in  order  that  the 
son  of  the  deceased  min.  might  have  pay 
ment  of  what  should  be  found  due.  He 
marr.  Margaret  Clark,  and  had  issue- 
William  of  Huntlaw,  served  heir  9th  May 
1665 ;  Alexander,  min.  of  Kirkton.— [G.  R. 
fnhib.,  16th  Feb.  1624;  Reg.  Assig.;  Mel- 

rose  Presb.  Reg. ;    Orig.  Paroch.    Scot.,   i. ; 
Inif.  Ret.  Roxburgh,  257.] 

WILLIAM  MUSCHET,  min.  of  Slains 

1664  'm  163"'  >  Pres'  ky  Charles  II.,  and 
hist.  30th  Dec.  1664;  died  between 
8th  May  and  4th  June  1678.  He  marr. 
(cont.  20th  Dec.  1648)  Christian,  daugh.  of 
William  Hay,  min.  of  Crimond,  and  had 
issue— Gilbert,  min.  of  Cumbernauld  ;  Mar 
garet  ;  William  (lame  of  his  right  hand, 
of  good  and  pious  disposition,  and  much 
inclined  to  follow  his  studies),  Presb.  bursar 
7th  Sept.  1670. — \8lains  Charters ;  Min.- 
book  Reg.  Prir.  Seal ;  Stair's  Dec.  ;  Morri 
son's  Diet.,  vi. ;  Reg.  Sec.  SigJ] 

FRANCIS  SCOTT,  probably  son  of 
1678  Francis  S.,  schoolmaster  of  the 
parish  ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  14th  July 
1659) ;  inst.  to  Minto  21st  Dec.  1664 ;  pres. 
by  Charles  II.  1st  Nov.,  and  inst.  25th  Dec 
1678  ;  deprived  by  Privy  Council,  29th  Aug. 
1689,  for  not  reading  the  Proclamation  of 
the  Estates,  and  for  continuing  to  pray  for 
James  VII.  after  his  abdication.  He  went 
to  Hawick,  where  he  died.  A  fragment  of 
his  tombstone  was  extant  in  1879.  He 
marr.  Elspeth  Buckholm,  and  had  issue- 
James  ;  Francis,  merchant,  Hawick ;  Mar 
garet  ;  Isobel.— [Reg.  Old  Dec.,  iii. ;  Reg.  Sec. 
Sig.;  Min. -book  Reg.  Priv.  Seal ;  Peterkin's 
Constitution  of  the  Church ;  Vernon's  The 
Parish  and  Kirk  of  ffassendean.] 


[From  1165  to  1560  Oxnam  belonged  to 
the  Abbey  of  Jedburgh.  There  were 
chapels  in  the  parish  at  Plenderleith  and 

JAMES  AINSLIE,  reader  from  1574  to 
1574  1580. 

WILLIAM  AINSLIE,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
159g     10th  Aug.  1595);  min.  in  1599;  dep. 
in  1604.— [Reg.  Assig.] 


1Q10    burgh,    30th  July    1597) ;    adm.    to 

Soutra  in  1599 ;  trans,  to  Aberdour 

in  1602;  adm.  (at  Jedburgh)  25th  March 




1610;  pres.  by  James  VI.  24th  Oct.  1612; 
died  before  10th  Sept.  1623.  He  marr. 
Elspeth  Borthwick  (alive  19th  Jan.  1656), 
and  had  issue  — David,  apprenticed  to 
Patrick  Forbes,  merchant,  Edinburgh, 
1,3th  Aug.  W23.—[Reg-A8sig.;  Kirkcaldy 
and  Dalkeith  Presb.  Regs.  ;  Stow  Sess.  Reg.] 

ANDREW    KIHKTON,    M.A.    (Edin 
burgh,   30th    June    1617);    pres.   by 
James   VI.   19th   Sept.    1623;    adm. 
(at  Jedburgh)  19th  May  1624  ;  died  between 
30th  April  and  15th  Dec.  1634,  aged  about 
37.    He  marr.  Elizabeth  Knox,  who  sur 
vived  him,  and  had  issue— John  ;  Thomas. 
-[Roxburgh    ,*««.,    iv.,     332;     Reg.    Sec. 

DAVID  FOULIS,  adm.  to  Bedrule  20th 
Oct.  1633;  pres.  by  Charles  I.  15th 
1634     Dec.   1634;    trans,    and    adm.   soon 
after;   dep.  April   1639  for  contumacy   in 
refusing  to  acknowledge   the  Glasgow  As 
sembly  of  1638.     In    1662  he  and  his  son 
John  petitioned  Parliament,  showing  how 
he  had  been  "  forced  to  abandon  Scotland 
merely    for    his    affection    to    the    Royal 
authority,  and  for  not  taking  the  Covenant, 
leaving  behind  seven  children  to  the  charity 
of  friends  :  being  necessitate  thereafter  to 
depart  the  three  kingdoms  because  of  some 
expressions  in   a   sermon   at  Hamburg   in 
1654,  against  Cromwell,  he  was  forced  to 
retire  to  a  private  corner  in  England,  where 
he  has  lived  in  a  most  miserable  condition, 
being  incapacitated  to  do  anything  either 
for  his  own   or  his  children's    livelihood.11 
On  the  report  of  a  committee,  Parliament 
allowed  him  £100  sterling  out  of  "the  readiest 
of  the  vacant  stipends."    He  is  described 
as  in  Paddington,  co.  Middlesex,  1663.     He 
marr.   (name    unknown),  and  had   issue- 
James,   apprenticed    to    Thomas  Fleming, 
merchant,     Edinburgh,     5th     July     1648; 
John  :    and   five  others.  —  [Reg.  of  Deeds, 
Mack.,  vii.,  524 ;  Peterkin's  Records ;  Acts 
of  Part.,  vii.] 

burgh,    1617;    M.A.    (St    Andrews, 
llth  May  1637);  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Haddington    25th    Sept.    1639;    adm.   and 

inst.  1st  July  1640;  pres.  by  the  Presb. 
jure  devoluto  28th  Oct.  following  ;  died  be 
tween  1st  May  and  18th  Sept.  1644.  He 
marr.  (cont.  18th  Aug.  1643)  Margaret, 
daugh.  of  Andrew  Riddell  of  that  ilk ;  she 
survived  him.  His  four  sisters  were  served 
heirs  3rd  June  1662.  Publication— "  Ane 
edifying  narration  of  the  sad,  sweet  exercise 
of  soul,  and  of  the  blessed  death  of  Dame 
Mary  Rutherford,  Lady  Hundalie,  and  Mary 
M'Kennell,  cusin  to  the  said  lady,  and  her 
attender  "  (Wodrow's  Anal.,  ii.).— [Inq.  Ret. 
(Jen.,  4583  :  Roxburgh  Sas.,  ii.,  i.  110.] 

JOHN  SCOTT,  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  25th 
July  1635) ;  chaplain  in  England  to 
the    regiment  of    William,  Earl  of 
Lothian,  15th  July  1642 ;  pres.  by  Charles 
I.    13th   Jan.    1645;    adm.   and  inst.   23rd 
April  following.    He  was  a  member  of  the 
Commission  of  Assembly  in  1649  ;  joined 
the  Protesters  in  1651 ;  app.  by  the  English 
Privy  Council,   8th  Aug.  1654,   a  commis 
sioner    to    authorise     admissions    to    the 
ministry  ;  visited  Ireland  in  1656,  and  was 
one    of    ten    ministers   who   congratulated 
Charles  II.  at  the  Restoration.    Immedi 
ately  afterwards  (23rd  Aug.  1660)   he  was 
imprisoned     in    Edinburgh     Castle,     and 
having   subscribed  the  Remonstrance,  had 
his  stipend  sequestrated  by  the  Committee 
of  Estates.     He  was  released  in  1661,  but 
refused    to    conform    to    Episcopacy,  and 
was   deprived   in   1662.     In   1664    he   was 
summoned    before    the    Court    of    High 
Commission    for   taking   part    in    a    com 
munion  service.     He  was   granted   indulg 
ence  in  his  own  charge,  3rd  Aug.  1669,  and 
was  afterwards    fined    heavily,    31st  July 
1673,  for  failing  to  observe  the  anniversary 
of  the   Restoration.     He   died   22nd   Nov. 
1681,  in  his  66th  year.     He'  marr.  Elizabeth 
Rae,'  who  was  buried  in  Greyfriars,  Edin 
burgh,  12th  Jan.  1687,  and  had  issue— Jean  ; 
Margaret  (marr.  John  Doull,  writer,  Edin 
burgh) ;    Elizabeth;    Barbara;    all    served 
heirs  31st  March  1698—  [Reg.  Peebles  Tests. ; 
Reg.  Sec.  Sig. ;  South  Leith  Session  Reg.  ; 
Nicoll's  and  Lament's  Diaries ;   Wodrow's 
Hist.,    i.,    222,     394;    Livingston's     Life; 
Reid's  Ireland,  ii.,  305  (where  he  is  errone 
ously  called  Smith) ;  /w/.  Set.  Gen.,  7962.] 



ROBERT    HUME,    M.A.    (Edinburgh, 




Keen,    by    Prcsb. 
of  Lanark  17th  April  1651  :  adm.  to 

son  of  Nmian  H.,  min.  of  Sprouston) 
lubhcations-Joint  author  of  preface  to 
Boston's  Crook  />,,  the  Lot  (Edinburgh 

"  ' 

*  »!/*  n    *.\ju I    ,    civ  I ill.    LU 

Crawfordjohn  in  1652  :  pros,  by  Charles  I].      1737) :    "Address   to 'th 
8th  March  ;  col  .  and  inst.  14th  May  1666  :      foi,l  s  Dying  T> 
still  mm.  30th  Dec   1668.— [AV//.  ,SV.     " 
Min.-book  Re<i.  1',-ir.  Seal  1 

Reader"  (Craw- 

t.:  Boston's 

1669     JOHN  SCOTT,  M.A.  (see  above). 

HUGH  SCOTT,  M.A.,  formerly  of  Bed- 

1672     rule  >  indulged  by  the  Privy  Council 

3rd  Sept.  1672  :  trans,  to  Galashiels 

1st  Dec.  that  year.—  [Brown's  ffixt.  of  t/te 

JOHN  AIXSLIE,  M.A.  (Edinburgh 
1682  1659)  >  Passed  trials  before  the  Presb. 
1st  Feb.  1665 ;  inst,  to  Hobkirk  2nd 
Aov.  1665;  pres.  22nd  July  1682:  trans 
and  inst,  21st  Sept.  1682  ;  dem.  in  1690  • 
died  in  1693,  aged  about  54. -[J//.,,  -book 
Reg.  Priv.  Sea/  :  MX.  Arr.  nf  MH.,  1689.] 

GEORGE  GUTHRIE,  called  to  Ban- 
1691  Oct-  1689;  trans,  and  adm.  after 
4th  Aug.  1691  ;  member  of  Assembly 
in  1692 ;  died  after  23rd  March  1698.  He 
marr.  Elizabeth  Tait,  who  survived  him  and 
had  issue-an  only  son,  William  ;  Margaret 
(marr.,  pro.  16th  Feb,  1718,  William  Brown 
of  Lmdsaylands).— [Gen.  Rfr,.  ,SV,,s>  cvii 
187;  EtUn.  R«j.  (Marr.).] 

ALEXANDER    GOLDEN,    born  1654  ; 
1700     son  of  Robert  C.,  min.  of  Bunkle  • 
M.A.  (Edinburgh  1675) ;  min.  of  the 
Iresbytenan  Church  at  Enniscorthy,  Ire 
land  ;    adm.    to    Bunkle    7th    Aug.    1690  • 
trans,  to  Duns  in  1693  ;  called  Sept    1699  • 
trans,  and  adm.  8th  May  1700;  died  29th 
June  1738     He  marr.  1687,  Janet  Hughes, 
who  died  June  1731,  aged  69,  and  had  issue 
-Cadwallader  [vide   Cadwallader  Golden, 
by  Alice  Mapelsden  Keys,  New  York  1906] 
M.D.,  botanist,  author,  Lieut-Governor  of 
New  York,  born  17th  Feb.  1688,  died  28th 
Sept.  1776;  [his  son  was  a  distinguished 
mathematician    and    natural    philosopher 

I  his    grandson  was  sometime    senator 

for  the  State  of  New  York  in   the   U  S 

Congress];    Ebenezer;    William,    died    in 

America ;  James,  min.  of  Whitsome ;  Eliza- 

3th  (marr.  James  Home  of  Billie,  eldest 

\VILLIAM  RUTHERFURD,  licen.  by 
1740  Pr^b.  of  Jedburgh  3rd  Jan.  1733  • 
assistant  at  Bowden  :  pros  by 
William,  Marquess  of  Lothian,  Dec  1738  • 
orcl  7th  May  1740;  died  14th  April  174s' 
in  his  45th  year.  He  marr.  8th  Dec  1744' 
Elizabeth  (died  13th  May  1787),  daugh.  of 
John  Fisher,  Housebyres,  and  had  issue- 
James  :  36hn.—[Tombst.] 

THOMAS  BOSTON,  the  younger,  born 
1749     3ra    April    1713,    youngest    son     of 
Thomas  B.,   min.   of  Ettrick-   edu 
cated    at    home    by  his  father  and'  elder 
brother,  afterwards  at  the  Grammar  School 
of  Hawick  and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  licen 
by  Presb.  of  Selkirk  1st  Aug.  1732,'  when 
he   was   a    little    over    nineteen    years    of 
age:    orcl.   to   Ettrick    4th   April    1733    at 
the    age    of    twenty:    pres.    by    William 
Marquess   of    Lothian;    trans,    and    adm 
10th    May   1749.     On   a   vacancy  at   Jed 
burgh    m    1755,    the    Town    Council,    the 
elders,  and  a  great  majority  of  the  people 
petitioned  the   Crown    to  appoint  Boston 
liis  was  refused.     A  secession  followed 
and  a  meeting-house  was  erected,  of  which 
)ston  was   inducted   first   min.  9th   Dec 
1757.    The  Assembly,  30th   May  1758   de 
clared  him  "  incapable  of  receiving  or  ac 
cepting  a  presentation,  and  all  ministers  of 
the  Church  were  prohibited  from  employ 
ing  ^him  to  preach  or  perform  any  mini 
sterial  office,  or  from  being  employed  by 
him."    The  bulk   of    the    parishioners    of 
Jedburgh  nocked  to  the  new  church,  and 
in  1761  there  was  formed  the  Presb.  of  Re 
lief  by  Boston,  Thomas  Gillespie  (formerly 
mm.   of  Carnock),  and  Thomas  Colier  of 
Colmsburgh,  Boston  being  the  first  Modera 
tor.    He  died   13th   Feb.    1767,    and    was 
buried    within    the    tower    of    Jedburgh 
Abbey.      He     marr.     26th     April      1738 
Elizabeth  (died  at  Dysart,  21st  June  1787)' 
daugh.  of  Michael  Anderson  of  Tushielaw 




and  of  Carter-hope,  Tweedsmuir,  and  had 

issue— Henrietta,  born  3rd  May  1739,  died 
young;  Thomas,  born  8th  May    1740,  died 
young;  Katherine,  born  15th  March  1741, 
died  young;    Henrietta,  born   10th    Aug. 
1742;   Thomas,  born  1st  March  1744,  died 
young ;  Michael,  min.  of  the  belief  Church, 
Falkirk,  born  14th  Oct.  1745,  died  5th  Feb. 
1785;    John,   born    27th   June    1747,   died 
young;   Katherine,  born  27th  March  1749 
(marr.  Alexander  Simpson,  M.D.,  licentiate 
of  the  Church  of  Scotland,  min.  successively 
of   the    Relief  congregations    at    Bellshill, 
Duns,  Pittenweem),  died  llth  Aug.  1823  ; 
Christian,   born    31st    March    1750  (marr. 
Tucker    Harris,    M.D.,  Charleston,   South 
Carolina),   died    10th   March   1818  ;    Eliza 
beth,   born   23rd   Aug.    1751,   died   young; 
Elizabeth,  born  7th  Aug.  1752  ;  Jane,  born 
19th  July  1753  (marr.  Robert  Paterson,  min. 
of  the  Relief  Church,  Largo,  afterwards  of 
Biggar),  died  8th  Jan.  1821  ;  Thomas,  born 
3rd    Nov.    1754 ;    John,    born    13th    May 
1756  ;  Margaret,  born  31st  Jan.  1758  (marr. 
William  Campbell,  licentiate  of  the  Church 
of    Scotland,  min.   of    the  Relief  Church, 
Dysart),  died  16th  May  1830.    Publications 
—Four  single  Sermons  (Edinburgh,  1745-62); 
Select  Discourses  on  a  Variety  of  Practical 
Subjects  (Glasgow,  1768);  Essays  on  Theo 
logical   Subjects  (1773);  Select   Sermons  by 
Thomas  Boston  ami  James  Baine,  Jf.A.,  with 
introductory  essay  by  N.  M'Michael,  D.D. 
(Edinburgh,    1850).  —  [Boston's    Memoirs  ; 
Boston's  A  General  Account  of  J/?/  Life  (ed. 
George  D.  Low,   1908);    Scots  Mag.,  xix., 
xx. ;   Somerville's   Life ;    Small's    Hist,   of 
U.P.  Congregations,  ii.,  259 ;  Tait's  Border 
Church   Life,   i.,  262;   Craig-Brown's   Sel 
kirkshire  ;  Grub's  Eccles.  Hist,  of  Scotland, 
iv.,  79 ;  Centenary  of  Boston  Church,  Jed- 
burgh  ;  Diet.  Nat.  BiogJ] 

1758     M.A. ;  pres.  by  George  II.  30th  June 
1758;   adm.  21st  Sept.   1758;   trans. 
to  South  Parish,  Dundee,  3rd  Aug.  1 763. 

'  JAMES    RICHARDSON,    min.    of    a 
17Q4     Presbyterian  congregation  in  York 
shire ;    pres.    by  George    III.    25th 
Aug.  1763,  and  by  William,  Marquess  of 

Lothian,  9th   Dec.   1763 ;    adm.    8th  Feb. 
1764  :  trans,  to  Morebattle  6th  July  178(5. 

JOHN  HUNTER,  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
1787  Selkirk  6th  March  1781  ;  pres.  by 
George  III.  19th  July,  and  by 
William  John,  Marquess  of  Lothian,  2nd 
Sept.  1786 ;  ord.  28th  Feb.  1787 ;  died 
unmarr.  15th  Jan.  1830,  in  his  76th  year. 
Publication — Account  of  the  Parish  (Sin 
clair's  Stat.  Ace.,  xi.). 

JAMES  AVIGHT,  born  Midlem,  Bowden. 
1830  1^8r>>  son  °f  George  \V. ;  educated 
at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Forfar  15th  June  1814  :  pres. 
by  George  IV.,  and  ord.  llth  June  1830; 
died  3rd  June  1859.  He  marr.  9th  March 
1826,  Mary  Leslie,  Jedburgh,  who  died  3rd 
Nov.  1867,  and  had  issue — George,  min.  of 
Wamphray  :  Mary  Ann  Leslie,  born  21st 
Nov.  1827  (marr.  1855,  Thomas  Robson 
Scott  of  Newton),  died  16th  Sept.  1897  : 
John  Rutherfurd,  architect,  Edinburgh, 
born  17th  June  1829.  Publication— Ac 
count  of  the  Parish  (Ifetf  Stat.  Ace.,  in.). 

I  WILLIAM  BURNIE,  born  Corric, 
1859  Dumfriesshire,  12th  Aug.  1834,  third 
son  of  William  B.,  farmer  ;  educated 
at  Corrie  School,  and  Univs.  of  Glasgow, 
Edinburgh,  and  St  Andrews ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Lochmaben  ;  ord.  5th  Oct.  1859 ; 
died  25th  July  1884.  He  marr.  14th  April 
1874,  Margaret  Anne,  daugh.  of  William 
Riddick,  Strandside,  Colvend,  and  had 
issue— Samuel  Riddick,  university  tutor, 
born  7th  Feb.  1875  ;  Isabella  Johnstone, 
born  26th  Dec.  1876  (marr.  2nd  Sept.  1895, 
Arthur  Francis,  M.D.);  Annie  Forrest, 
born  2nd  Sept.  1878;  William,  engineer, 
born  20th  April  1880;  Margaret  Helen, 
born  20th  Nov.  1881  (marr.  1st  Oct.  1902, 
Douglas  Wall,  M.D.);  Charles  Riddick, 
Shanghai  Constabulary,  born  4th  March 

PETER  BRYCE  GUNN,  born  Edin- 
1885  burgh,  29th  April  1859,  son  of  George 
G.,  assistant-editor  Edinburgh  Even 
ing  Courant,  and  Margaret  Bryce  ;  educated 
at  schools  in  Edinburgh  and  Univ.  there ; 
M.A.  (1880) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh 




in  1883 ;  assistant  at  Inveresk  ;  ord.  12th 
Feb.  1885.  Marr.  (1)  6th  Sept.  1887,  Mary 
Turner  (died  20th  Dec.  1888),  daugh.  of 
•lames  Simson,  Viewfield,  Melrose  :  (2)  28th 
April  1891,  Jessie,  daugh.  of  George  Turn- 
bull,  Hawick,  and  has  issue  —  ( 'onstance 
Mary,  born  5th  Feb.  1892 ;  Hilda  Agnes, 
born  20th  Nov.  189:? :  Peter  Bryce,  born 
2oth  Sept,  1905. 


[In  this  parish  are  the  remains  of  three 
ancient  churches  :  (1)  the  original  church 
of  the  parish,  built  in  the  twelfth  century, 
in  which  the  Scottish  chiefs  met  before  the 
battle  of  Otterburn  (1388);  (2)  a  church 
erected  in  1690  ;  and  (3)  a  chapel  at  Letham. 
A  new  church,  of  early  Gothic  design,  was 
opened  in  1876.  It  contains  a  window  to 
the  memory  of  James  Thomson,  author  of 
The  Seasons,  who  spent  his  boyhood  here. 
In  1777  a  part  of  Abbotrule  was  added  to 
this  parish.] 

1567     1567. 

LYLE,    M.A.,    exhorter    in 

JOHN  DOUGLAS,  reader  from  1574  to 
1574     1587. 

JOHN   SCOTT,   reader    from    1579    to 
1579      1580. 

WILLIAM  DOUGLAS,  M.A.  (Glasgow 
1580)  :  mentioned  as  min.  in  1585.  — 


[Jier/.  Assig.j 

ANDREW  DOUGLAS,  M.A.,  min.  in 
1599  ;  trans,  to  Hownam  in  1605. 
—  [Rey.  Assig.] 

GEORGE  DOUGLAS,   M.A.  ;  pres.  by 

later,  "  to  provide  another  kirk  for  him."— 
Keg.  Assi'ff.] 

WILLIAM  WEIR,  M.A.  ;  pres.  in  July, 
and    coll.     Dec.    1609;     adm.     18th 
Jan.    1610 ;    trans,    to    Hobkirk    in 
1626.— [Reg.  Astir/.] 


JAMES  FISHER,  adm.  6th  Sept.  1626  ; 
trans,  to  St  Mary  of  the  Lowes  in 

JOHN  DAVIDSON,  M.A.  (St  Andrews 

1628)  ;  pres.  in  April,  and  adm.  after 

21st  July  1635  ;  deprived  for  noncon 

formity  to  Episcopacy  4th  July  1666.     He 

marr.  Agnes   Mitchell,  who  died  4th  July 

1640,  aged  30.—  [Wodrow's  Hist] 

JOHN  DARNGAVEL,  M.A.  ;  pres.  by 
1667     James>    Marquess    of     Douglas,     in 
Aug.    1667,   and    adm.    soon    after; 
trans,  to  Prestonkirk  24th  March  1670. 

GEORGE  BAPTIE,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
19th  July  1661);  licen.  by  George, 
Bishop  of  Edinburgh,  21st-  Sept. 
1665  ;  ord.  by  Robert  Leighton,  Bishop  of 
Dunblane,  7th  Nov.  1670,  and  inst.  soon 
after.  In  Aug.  1676  he  complained  to  the 
Privy  Council  of  a  riot  directed  against 
him,  when  letters  were  issued  for  the 
arrest  of  those  engaged  therein.  He  died 
March  1688,  aged  about  47.  He  marr.,  and 
had  issue  —  Magdalene  (marr.  25th  Jan. 
1709,  Benjamin  M'Ewan,  apothecary,  Edin 
burgh)  ;  Elizabeth  (marr.  26th  Nov.  1718, 
David  Crockat,  wright,  burgess  of  Edin 
burgh).—  [7?<?f/.  Coll  at.  ;  Peebles  Tests.] 


THOMAS       RUTHERFORD,       M.A. 

(Edinburgh,    1st    Aug.     1683);    de 
prived  by    the   Privy    Council,   4th 
Sept.  1689,   for   neither  reading    the  Pro 
clamation  of  the  Estates  nor   praying  for 

,  Earl  of  Angus,  Dec.  1607,      William  and   Mary.— [MS.  Ace.   of  Min., 
having  also  charge   of    Hobkirk,  to      1689 ;     Peterkin's     Constitution     'of     the 

which  he  removed  in  1608. 

[JAMES    LOGAN,    M.A.    (Edinburgh, 

1Qog     22nd  Feb.  1602)  ;  pres.  by  the  Presb. 

jure  devoluto  5th  July  1609,  but  was 

not  settled,  the   Presb.  resolving,  a  week 


SAMUEL  JOHNSTONE,  M.A.,  min.  in 
1690  ;  pres.  to  Oxnam  1st  June  1699, 
but    not    settled    there  ;    trans,    to 
Dundee  6th  Sept.  1699. 




THOMAS  THOMSON,  born  Ednam, 
17  about  1666,  son  of  Andrew  T. 
(descended  from  the  family  of 
Rousland,  near  Kinneil),  gardener  to 
Andrew  Edmondstoune  of  Ednam  ;  edu 
cated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh;  M.A. 
(Aug.  1686);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Kelso 
17th  June  1691  ;  ord.  to  Ednam  12th 
July  1692 ;  trans,  and  adm.  6th  Xov. 
1700;  died  9th  Feb.  1716.  He  marr.  (pro. 
6th  Oct.  1693)  Beatrix  (died  at  Edinburgh, 
12th  May  1725),  of  Widehope  or  Wideopen 
(a  small  property  on  Kale  Water),  daugh.  of 
Alexander  Trotter  of  Fogo,  and  Margaret, 
daugh.  of  William  Home,  progenitor  of  the 
Bassendean  branch  of  that  family,  and  had 
issue — Andrew,  born  1695;  Alexander,  born 
1697  ;  Isobel,  born  1699  ;  James,  bursar  of 
the  Presb.,  student  in  arts  and  divinity  at 
Edinburgh  Univ.,  1715-24,  author  of  The 
Reasons,  born  7th  or  llth  Sept.  1700,  died 
27th  Aug.  1748 ;  Margaret ;  Mary  (marr. 
William  Craig,  merchant,  Edinburgh),  died 
1790  [her  son,  James  Craig,  architect, 
planned  the  New  Town  of  Edinburgh] ; 
Elizabeth  (marr.  16th  Dec.  1740,  Robert 
Bell,  min.  of  Avendale) ;  Jean  (marr.  Robert 
Thomson,  master  of  the  Grammar  School 
of  Lanark),  died  3rd  Sept.  1781  ;  John, 
amanuensis  to  his  brother,  the  poet,  died 
23rd  Sept.  1735.— [Edin.  Reg.  (Bur.);  Kirk- 
wood's  Plea  before  the  Kirk ;  Burleigh's 
Ednam  and  its  Indu'ellers  ;  G.  C.  Macaulay's 
James  Thomson ;  M.  Leon  Morel's  James 
Thomson,  sa  Vie  et  ses  (Euvres  (Paris, 
1895) ;  Diet.  Nat.  Biog. ;  Letter  in  The 
Times,  26th  March  1894  ;  The  Border  Maga 
zine,  1903  ;  Hist.  Ber.  Nat.  Club,  xxii.,  401.] 

[THOMAS  LAIK  [LECK],  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Jedburgh  7th  Feb.  1711;  pres. 
by  Archibald,  Duke  of  Douglas,  July  1716. 
The  parishioners  refused  to  sign  his  call, 
and  the  settlement  was  not  effected.  He 
became  min.  of  a  Presbyterian  congregation, 
Longf ramlington ,  Northumberland .  ] 

JOHN  INGLIS,  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
1718  Selkirk  2nd  Aug.  1711  ;  pres.  by 
Archibald,  Duke  of  Douglas,  and 
ord.  21st  Aug.  1718;  died  unmarr.  after 
6th  April  1743.  He  left  to  his  successors 
in  the  parish  a  library  of  119  volumes. 

JOHN  OLIVER,  born  1707,  youngest 
„  son  of  Thomas  O.,  tenant  in  South- 
dean  Mill ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Jed- 
burgh  3rd  Jan.  1733;  assistant  to  preced 
ing  min.:  pres.  by  Archibald,  Duke  of 
Douglas,  and  ord.  (assistant  and  successor) 
24th  Nov.  1736  ;  died  25th  Nov.  1755. 
He  marr.  29th  Oct.  1740,  Isobel  (died  in 
London,  21st  Nov.  1774),  daugh.  of  Edward 
Hall,  of  Whitelee,  Redesdale,  and  had  issue 
—Elizabeth,  born  25th  Oct.  1741 ;  Thomas, 
born  8th  Sept,  1743  :  Janet,  born  29th 
March  1746 ;  Edward,  born  1st  July  1754. 
—  [Ifist.  Ber.  Nat.  did,  (Ehdon  Lairds), 
xxii.,  221.] 

ROBERT  MUIRHEAD,  pros,  by  Archi- 

1756     bald,  Duke  of  Douglas,  and  ord.  25th 

Aug.   1756  ;  died  16th  Dec.  1784,  in 

his  78th  year.     He  marr.  22nd  Sept.  1779, 

Elizabeth  Ainslie,  who  died  20th  April  1800. 

WILLIAM  SCOTT,  born  23rd  July  1735, 
1*785  son  °^  ^Ta^er  S-  of  Nether  Bonchester, 
and  Helen  Turnbull ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Dalkeith  2nd  Dec.  1760  ;  ord.  by  the 
Presbyterian  Classis,  Newcastle,  6th  Oct. 
1762,  to  Ravingstondale ;  adm.  26th  Dec. 
1764  to  Abbotrule,  and  to  this  charge  5th 
Jan.  1785  ;  died  14th  May  1809.  He  marr. 
2nd  July  1766,  Sybil  (died  at  Edinburgh, 
7th  Feb.  1822),  daugh.  of  John  Henderson 
of  Lockholm,  Westmoreland,  and  had  issue 
— AValter,  born  15th  April  1767  ;  John,  born 
8th  March  1769;  Thomas,  born  29th  May 
1773;  Adam,  insurance  broker,  London, 
born  29th  June  1775,  assumed  the  name  of 
Elliot  [Scott-Elliot]  on  succeeding,  through 
his  wife,  to  the  estate  of  Arkleton,  died 
in  Edinburgh,  in  Dec.  1821  ;  Anne  Nancy, 
born  15th  July  1771  (marr.  (1)  -  -  Reid  : 
(2)  Charles  Baxter,  Edinburgh)  ;  William, 
born  27th  Sept.  1779 ;  Robert  Hewitson, 
born  13th  March  1785,  died  young.  Publi 
cation — Account  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's 
Stat.  Ace.,  xii.). — [Anna/s  of  a  Border 
Club,  231.] 

JOHN    RICHMOND,  born  21st    Aug. 
1784,  son  of  James  R.,  D.D.,  min.  of 
Irvine ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Glas 
gow  ;   Snell   Exhibitioner,  1804 ;   licen.  by 
Presb.   of  Irvine   1st  Aug.  1809;   pres.  by 




Archibald,  Lord  Douglas  (in  whose  family 
at  Douglas  Castle  he  had  been  tutor),  3rd 
Aug.  1809  ;  ord.  19th  April  1«10.  He 
retired  to  St  Andre \vs  in  1847,  and  sub 
sequently  to  Edinburgh,  where  he  died 
21st  Jan.  1854.  He  inarr.  28th  April  1825, 
Catherine  (died  25th  May  1887,  aged  89), 
daugh.  of  Captain  George  Mitchell  of 
Lord  Macdonald's  Fencibles,  and  had  issue 
—  Isabella  Georgina,  born  24th  Oct.  1828, 
died  unniarr.  IGth'  April  1894;  Margaret 
Cunningham,  born  4th  April  1831,  died 
unmarr.  19th  July  1894;  James,  Kippenross, 
Dunblane,  sheep  farmer  and  proprietor, 
Australia,  born  1st  Nov.  1834;  John,  born 
17th  May  183G,  died  25th  Feb.  1838; 
George  Mitchell,  lieut.  12th  Native  In 
fantry,  India,  born  20th  Xov.  1839,  killed 
in  action  near  Peshawar,  26th  Oct.  1863; 
Catherine,  died  in  infancy.  Publications — 
()'/(•  t<>  th<-  ^[cm'l|•i/  of  Thomson  [author  of 
Tin  Seasons],  in-  the-  Temple  of  the  Jfuses 
at  Dri/burt/h  Ahbei/  (Edinburgh,  1818);  A 
Sermon  on  fie/jufar  Attendance,  on  Divine 
Worship,  in  Connexion  with  the  Spirit  of 
the  Times  (Jedburgh,  1820);  Account  of 
the  Parish  (New  Sta-t.  Ace.,  Hi.).  He  left 
numerous  poems  in  a  MS.  book,  possessed 
by  his  son  James. — [AddisoiVs  The  Snell 
Exhibit-io-M,  Glasgow,  1901]. 

JOHN  MATE,  born  Paisley,  31st  March 
1847  1^22,  third  son  of  John  M.  ;  edu 
cated  at  Paisley  Grammar  School 
and  Univ.  of  Glasgow ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Paisley  in  1845 ;  ord.  (assistant  and 
successor)  18th  March  1847;  D.D.  (Glas 
gow  1887) :  died  27th  Jan.  1902.  He  marr. 
19th  July  1871,  Agnes  (died  s.p.  27th  Nov. 
1900),  daugh.  of  George  Grant,  Glasgow. 
She  founded  in  1885  the  George  Grant, 
Junior,  Bursary  in  the  Univ.  of  Glasgow. 
Publications — Memorial  Sermon  preached 
in  the  Old  Parish  Church  of  Southdean 
(1876) ;  Sermon  on  the.  Life  and  Character 
of  Jane  Grant  (Hawick,  1883);  Sermon  on 
the  Life  and  Character  of  James  Steu*art, 
Min.  of  Wilton  (Hawick,  1886) ;  Pulpit 
Memorial  of  the  Life  and  Character  of  the 
late  Rev.  John  MacRae,  D.D.,  Min.  of 
Ha  wick  (Hawick,  1892).  —  [The  Border 
Magazine,  April  1897.] 



19°2  '  trans-   to 
Charge,  Haddington,  4th  Oct.  1906. 

JOHN  RYRTK  S  PENCE,  born  Helens- 
1907  burgh  29th  Feb.  1880,  son  of  James 
S.  and  Jane  Ryrie  ;  educated  at 
Univ.  of  Glasgow;  M.A.  (1902),  B.D. 
(1905)  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Glasgow  in 
1905  ;  assistant  at  South  Leith  ;  ord.  22nd 
March  1907.  Marr.  9th  June  1901),  Janet, 
daugh.  of  James  Currie,  and  has  issue  — 
James,  born  13th  Aug.  1911. 


[There  was  a  chapel  at  Caerlanrig  from 
1715,  supplied  by  licentiates.  The  parish 
of  Teviothead  was  erected  quoad  omnia, 
20th  Feb.  1850,  consisting  of  the  southern 
part  of  Cavers.  It  includes  the  sites  of 
three  ancient  chapels  :  St  Mary's  at  Caer 
lanrig,  St  Cuthbert's  on  the  Slitrig  Water, 
and  the  Chapel  of  the  Cross.] 

1715    DAVID  GRAHAM. 
1721    JOHN   CHISHOLM. 

JOHN  LAURIE,  M.A.  (afterwards  of 
1738  Middlebie. 

ANDREW  WALKER  (afterwards  of 
1745  Ettrick). 

ROBERT  RUTHERFORD,  app.  12th 
1750  Oct.  1750  (afterwards  of  Castleton). 

PATRICK  KERR  (after  -  history  un- 
1757  known). 

JAMES  ERSKINE  (afterwards   of    St 

1763  Boswells). 

JOHN  RICCALTOUN  (afterwards   of 

1764  Hobkirk). 

CHARLES  PATON  (afterwards  of 
1780  Ettrick). 

JAMES  SANSON  (afterwards  of  Lead- 
1785  hills). 

THOMAS  DYCE,  son  of  William  D., 

1792     rector   °f    tne  Grammar  School  of 

Hawick ;    educated   at  St  Andrews 

Univ. ;  app.  in  1792.    He  is  described  as 




having  been  "a  man  of  some  learning, 
talent,  and  a  vast  amount  of  eccentricity." 
He  became  insane,  and  retired  to  Hawick, 
where  he  died.  His  wife,  a  Roman  Catholic 
lady,  died  in  1859,  aged  90.  —  [Trans. 
Hawick  Archajol.  Soc.,  1868.] 

ROBERT    S  H  A  W,  app.  July   1804  ; 
ord.  10th  June  1807  ;  (afterwards  of 
1804     Ewes). 

JOSEPH    THOMSON     (afterwards    of 
1817    Ednam). 

GAWIN  TURNBULL,  born  Brieryhill, 
Hawick,  1800 ;   died  at  Hawick,  1st 
March  1832.     Publication— A  Sermon 
on  Meekness  (Hawick,  1832). 


Sorbie,  Ewes,  Dumfriesshire,  23rd 
Sept.  1797,  son  of  Robert  R., 
shepherd,  and  Agnes  Scott.  He  was  a 
shepherd  until  his  19th  year,  when  he 
resolved  to  study  for  the  ministry  ;  edu 
cated  at  Biggar  School  and  Univs.  of  Edin 
burgh  and  St  Andrews  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Biggar  in  1830 ;  app.  to  Caerlanrig  Chapel 
in  1832.  In  1842  he  suffered  from  mental 
trouble,  and  relinquished  his  pastoral  work. 
He  died  at  Teviothead  Cottage,  30th  July 
1870.  As  author  of  "Scotland  Yet,"  and 
other  lyrics,  Riddell  occupies  a  notable 
place  among  Scottish  minor  poets.  He 
marr.  1833,  Eliza  (born  18th  July  1796,  died 
29th  May  1875),  daugh.  of  William  Clark, 
merchant,  Biggar,  and  had  issue— Walter 
Francis  Montagu  Douglas  Scott,  Hongkong 
and  Shanghai  Bank,  born  llth  July  1834, 
died  in  London,  4th  April  1877  ;  Robert, 
sheep  farmer,  Australia,  born  in  1836,  died 
in  1887 ;  William  Brown  Clark,  student, 
and  a  poet  of  some  promise,  born  16th  Dec. 
1836,  died  6th  July  1856  [vide  Rogers' 
Modern  Scottish  Minstrel].  Publications 
—  Stanzas  on  the  Death  of  Lord  Byron 
(Edinburgh,  1825) ;  Sonys  of  the  Ark  (Edin 
burgh,  1831) ;  The  Christian  Politician,  or 
the  Ri(jht  Way  of  Thinking  (Edinburgh, 
1844) ;  Poems,  Songs,  and  Miscellaneoiis 
Pieces  (Edinburgh,  1847);  "Biography  of 
the  Ettrick  Shepherd"  (Hogg's  Weekly 

Instructor,  1847);  "Store-Farming  in  the 
South  of  Scotland"  (Scottish  Agricultural. 
Journal,  1848-9);  "Foot-Rot  in  Sheep" 
(Highland  Soc.  Proc.) ;  translations  of  the 
Gospel  of  St  Matthew  and  the  Book  of 
Psalms  into  Lowland  Scottish  for  Prince 
Louis  Lucien  Bonaparte  (printed  privately, 
1855  and  1857) ;  contributions  to  Trans 
actions  of  Hawick  Archaeological  Society: 
"Account  of  Cavers'''  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.), 
He  left  in  MS.  "  Malcolm  of  Wharden  ;:  (a 
poem),  "Melvina  of  Eller,"  "The  Dutiful 
Daughter "  (a  drama,  in  five  acts),  and 
many  other  papers. — [Autobiography  and 
Memoir,  by  James  Brydon,  M.D.,  prefixed 
to  Poetical  Works ;  Memoir,  by  W.  S. 
Crockett,  in  Scotland  Yet,  and,  Other  J>m-,s 
(Centenary  edition) ;  Nodes  Ambrosiana' 
(March  1825);  Goodfellow's  Border  Biog 
raphy  ;  Centenary  Celebration ;  Masonic 
Celebration',  The  Poets  of  Dumfriesshire 
230;  Trans.  Jlawick  Ardia-il.  Soc.,  1«0«  : 
Diet.  Nat.  Biog.] 

WILLIAM    LAMB    (afterwards    of 
1843     Ednam). 

DANIEL  M'NEE  (afterwards  of  Hamil- 
1847     ^On'  Canada ;  returned  to  Scotland, 
and  died  in  Edinburgh  about  1860.) 

JAMES  DUNCAN,  born  Denholm,  23rd 
185Q  Jan.  1805,  son  of  James  D.,  min.  of 
the  Cameronian  Church  there,  and 
Isabella  Scott ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh  ;  ord.  first  min.  of  the  parish  24th 
July  1850;  dep.  27th  May  1853;  died  un- 
marr.  at  Denholm,  29th  Nov.  1861.  Publi 
cations — Catalogue  of  Coleoptcra  in  Ento- 
/nologia  Edinensis  (Edin.  1834);  vols.  i.  to 
vii.  of  Entomology  in  Jardine's  Naturalists' 
Librarn ;  Letter  to  Members  of  the  Church, 
and  Inhabitants  of  the  Parish  of  Teviot 
head  (Hawick,  1853).  He  assisted  Alex 
ander  Jeffrey  in  the  preparation  of  The 
History  and  Antiquities  of  Roxburghshire, 
writing  the  chapters  on  Geology,  Botany, 
and  Natural  History.  He  indexed  the 
Encyclopaedia  Britannica,  and  at  his 
death  had  in  preparation  a  Life  of  John 
Leyden.  —  [Hist.  Her.  Nat.  Club,  1863- 




ROBERT  YOUNG,  born  Covington, 
Lanarkshire,  son  of  James  Y.,  school 
master,  and  Margaret  Ferguson ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Lanark  ;  assistant  at  Selkirk  ; 
ord.  20th  Jan.  1854  ;  died  unmarr.,  26th 
May  1884.  Publications  -Episcopal  Ten 
dencies  (Edinburgh,  1864)  ;  Henry  Scott 
Rid  dell :  Notes  and  Reminiscences  (Hawick, 
1875) ;  On  the,  History  of  Education  in 
Scotland  (Hawick,  1879) ;  The  BuccleucJi, 
ISook,  with  special  reference,  to  Allanhaugh 
(Hawick,  n.d.). 

30th  Nov.  1827,  youngest  son  of 
Robert  C.,  D.D.,  min.  of  Johnstone 
in  Annandale ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 
Glasgow ;  ord.  to  Johnstone  19th  March 
1852;  res.  2nd  Oct.  1854;  chaplain  at 
Bombay,  1854-8:  adm.  to  Kirkpatrick- 
Juxta  13th  Oct.  1865  ;  res.  26th  Oct.  1876  ; 
resident  in  Edinburgh  without  a  charge, 
1876-84 ;  adm.  to  this  parish  5th  Sept. 
1884;  res.  6th  Jan.  1887;  died  in  Edin 
burgh,  5th  Jan.  1888.  He  marr.  16th  Sept. 
1859,  Helen  (died  26th  Sept.  1873),  second 
daugh.  of  James  Brown,  C.A.,  Edinburgh, 
and  Ann  M'Kerrell,  and  had  issue — Alice 
Mary,  born  23rd  Aug.  1860 ;  Annie  Edith, 
sometime  missionary  of  the  Free  Church 
at  Calcutta,  born  18th  Dec.  1862;  Robert 
Francis,  born  23rd  June  1864,  died  22nd 
May  1902;  Constance  Helen,  born  29th 
July  1865,  died  unmarr.  25th  Aug.  1884; 
Marion,  born  4th  Nov.  1867  (marr.  15th 
April  1891,  Colonel  Charles  Robert  Dyer, 
Middlesex  Regt.) ;  William,  born  14th 
Nov.  1868,  died  12th  May  1899. 

1887  WIDDIE,  born  Woodhead,  Penpont, 
31st  Jan.  1855,  son  of  John  D., 
farmer,  and  Agnes  Gordon;  educated  at 
Morton  School,  and  at  Bathgate,  and 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh;  M.A.  (1878);  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  in  1882 ;  assistant 
at  Dalziel  and  at  Hawick ;  ord.  10th  May 
1887.  Marr.  14th  June  1892,  Sophie 
Antoinette,  daugh.  of  Frederick  Henry 
Thorold,  Priestfield,  Hawick,  and  has  issue 
— Sophie  Agnes,  born  22nd  June  1893; 

John  Frederick,  born  4th  May  1895,  killed 
in  action  in  Flanders,  9th  May  1915;  Janet 
Crow,  born  28th  July  1896,  died  12th  Feb. 
1912;  Archibald  Hutton,  born  24th  July 
1898:  Dorothy  Mary,  born  14th  Sept. 
1900:  Henry  Thorold,  born  28th  Nov. 
1902 ;  Frances  Margaret,  born  7th  July 


[Previous  to  the  Reformation  the  Rectory 
of  Wilton  belonged  to  the  Archbishop  of 
Glasgow.  It  was  proposed  to  remove  the 
kirk  to  Borthwick  Water,  19th  June  1650. 
A  new  church  was  opened  24th  Nov.  1861. 
In  1908  this  was  wholly  remodelled  and 
enlarged  by  the  building  of  two  transepts 
and  a  chancel.  (Vide  Trans.  Scot.  Ecclesiol. 
>S'or.,  1910-11).] 

JOHN  LANGLANDS,  reader  from  1574 
to  1585 ;  dep.  from  the  parsonage 
and  vicarage  before  1590.  He  marr., 
and  had  issue — William,  served  heir  14th 
July  1612 ;  Bessie  (marr.  Adam,  brother 
of  William  Scott  of  Burnhead).— [d.  R. 
Inhib.,  24th  July  1624 ;  Reg.  Assig. ;  In<j. 
Ret.  Roxburgh,  336  ;  j\"eu>  Stat.  Ace.,  iii.] 

WILLIAM  CLERK,  M.A.  (Edinburgh 
1602  1595)  j  Pres- to  Cavers  8th  June  1601 ; 
pres.  to  this  charge  by  Sir  Walter 
Scott  of  Buccleuch  30th  Dec.  1601 ;  trans, 
and  adm.  in  1602;  declined  a  call  to 
Castleton  April  1607.  He  was  pres.  to 
Kirk  Borthwick,  and  was  desired  to  give 
half  of  the  stipend  to  Francis  Makgill  [a 
licentiate  of  the  Presb.,  afterwards  min. 
of  Kirkmichael],  10th  June  1612 ;  died 
before  30th  April  1641.  He  marr.  a  lady 
who  survived  him,  and  had  issue — Andrew  ; 
William,  admitted  burgess  of  Hawick,  1640. 
— [Reg.  Assig.  ;  Bannat-t/ne  Misccll.,  iii. ; 
Memories  of  Hawick,  145.] 

JOHN  LANGLANDS,  brother  of  Lang- 
164  lands  of  that  ilk  ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
26th  July  1634) ;  one  of  the  masters 
of  Edinburgh  High  School  13th  April  1638  ; 
pres.  by  Francis,  Earl  of  Buccleuch,  and 
adm.  30th  April  1641.  He  desired,  6th  July 




1642,  either  to  be  relieved  of  Kirk  Borth- 
wick,  or  that  he  might  have  a  stipend  out 
of  it.  Refusing  to  conform  to  Episcopacy, 
he  was  confined  to  the  parish  in  1662 ; 
had  sasine  of  the  lands  of  Haining  10th 
Jan.  1664.  He  is  still  referred  to  as  min. 
28th  April  1669 ;  was  probably  deprived 
on  account  of  the  Test,  and  died  before 
1690.  The  extent  of  Wilton  Globe  is  said 
to  be  owing  to  the  fact  that  his  brother 
granted  to  the  parish  eighty  acres  of  the 
land  known  as  Wilton  Mains.  He  marr., 
and  had  issue — George,  died  March  1689 ; 
James;  Anna  (marr.  Henry  Haswell,  Crail- 
ing) ;  Esther  (marr.  Adam  Scott  in  Gala- 
law) ;  Elizabeth  (marr.  William  Mackie, 
Dunbar)  :  Margaret  (marr.  William  Elphin- 
stone,  Hartshaugh) ;  Marion  (marr.  Walter 
Leathead,  portioner  of  Lilliesleaf) ;  Agnes 
(marr.  Robert  Elliot  of  Rig) :  Rebecca ; 
Janet ;  Walter  ;  Robert,  died  between  1665 
and  1668 ;  and  probably  John,  min.  of 
Hawick.  —  [(,'.  R.  Horning s,  31st  Dec. 
1668  ;  Peebles  Tests.  ;  New  <len.  Rerj,  Sets., 
vii. ;  Steven's  Higli,  School  Edinburgh; 
Wodrow's  Hist.  \  Inq.  Ret.  (Jen.,  7156, 
7574  ;  The  Family  of  Langlands  of  that 
Ilk  (Hawick  ArchseoL  Soc.,  1901).] 

JOHN  STEWART,  M.A.  (St  Andrews, 
1683  26th  July  1670);  pres.  by  Arthur, 
Archbishop  of  Glasgow  jure  devoluto 
in  Jan.,  and  inst.  28th  Feb.  1683,  and  also 
to  Kirk  Borthwick  28th  Feb.  1688  ;  deprived 
by  the  Privy  Council,  17th  Sept.  1689,  for 
neither  reading  the  Proclamation  of  the 
Estates  nor  praying  for  William  and  Mary. 
He  marr.  Margaret  Forbes,  alive  24th  Feb. 
1706,  recommended  for  charity  by  the  Kirk 
Sessions  of  Jedburgh  and  Arngask.— [Arn- 
gask  Sess.  Reg.  ;  Peterkin's  Constitution  of 
the  Church ;  MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689.] 

1694     orc*'     18tk    April    1694;     trans,    to 
Hawick  4th  June  1712. 

WILLIAM  CRAWFORD,  born  Kelso, 

1713     1682 ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  30th  April 

1700) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dalkeith  ; 

called   Nov.    1712;    ord.    13th   May   1713; 

died  15th  May  1737.     He  marr.  4th  March 

1716,  Helen  (died  14th  Feb.  1751),  daugh. 
of  John  Riddell  of  Muselee,  and  had  issue 
— David,  died  1720,  aged  2.  Publications 
— Christ  the  Power  of  God  and'  the  Wisdom 
of  G'od,  a  sermon  (Edinburgh,  1731) ;  .1 
Short  Manual  against  the  Infidelity  of 
this  Age  (Edinburgh,  1734);  Zioris  Trav 
eller,  or  the  Soul's  J'rogress  to  Heaven 
(Edinburgh,  1743);  Works  of  [W.  C.],  2 
vols.  (Edinburgh,  1748);  Dying  Thong  Ids 
(Hawick,  1814).  -  -  [Stark 's  IHog.  Diet.-, 
Tombst. ;  Sinton's  Hawick  Bibliography.] 

JAMES  SIMPSON,  born  1708,  son  of 
1738  J°nn  S.,  min.  of  Morebattlc  ;  edu 
cated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh  4th  May  1737  ;  pres. 
by  Francis,  Duke  of  Buccleuch,  28th  June 
1737 ;  ord.  22nd  Feb.  1738 ;  died  21st  Aug. 
1771.  He  marr.  1st  April  1743,  Anne  (died 
14th  Aug.  1782),  second  daugh.  of  John 
Cranstoun,  min.  of  Ancrum,  and  had  issue 
—William,  min.  of  the  Tron  Parish,  Edin 
burgh ;  John,  born  12th  Sept.  1745,  died 
16th  June  1747;  David  of  Teviotbank, 
born  24th  June  1747;  James,  born  14th 
June  1748;  Anne,  born  27th  Nov.  1749, 
died  24th  March  1751  ;  Andrew,  born  3rd 
May  1751,  died  8th  Nov.  1752 ;  John,  born 
29th  Sept.  1752.— [Tombst.] 


SAMUEL  CHARTERS  of  Luscar,  born 
1742,  eldest  son  of  Thomas  C.,  min. 
of  Inverkeithing,  and  Christian, 
daugh.  of  James  Wardlaw  of  Luscar ;  suc 
ceeded  his  grandmother,  Jean  Morris  or 
Wardlaw,  in  the  estate  of  Luscar  about 
1756  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow  ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  28th  Nov.  1764; 
resided  in  Rotterdam  for  some  time ;  ord. 
to  Kincardine-in-Menteith  12th  Jan.  1769  ; 
pres.  by  Henry,  Duke  of  Buccleuch,  Nov. 
1771  ;  trans,  and  adm.  19th  Feb.  1772 ; 
declined  the  Chair  of  Moral  Philosophy  at 
Glasgow,  in  succession  to  Adam  Smith  ; 
D.D.  (Glasgow,  4th  Dec.  1789);  died  18th 
June  1825.  "  Slow,  grave,  and  solemn  in  his 
manner,  though  delightful  and  instructive 
as  a  companion,  and  warm-hearted  as  a 
friend,  he  was  a  noble  specimen  of  an 
ecclesiastic  of  the  ancient  days,  whose 
chief  pleasure  was  to  instruct  and  elevate 




the  mind  of  his  hearers."  He  marr.  25th 
Aug.  1786,  Margaret,  claugh.  of  Robert 
Scott  of  Burnhead.  She  was  proprietrix 
of  the  estate  of  Crawhill  (now  Burngrove), 
and  at  her  death,  s.p.,  17th  Nov.  1815, 
she  left  her  husband  an  annuity  of 
£300.  Publications — Sermon  preached  lie- 
fore  t/te  S.P.C.K.  (Edinburgh,  1779):  A 
Senixm  on  Iiiteri'a^inii,  «nd  an  Instruction 
concerning  Oaths  (Hawick,  1785;  2nd  ed., 
that  year  ;  3rd  edition,  1786) ;  A  Sermon 
on  Af-m-s  (Edinburgh,  1788  ;  3rd  ed.,  1795); 
Sermon • -preached  before  the  Society  for  the 
Sons  <>f  the  Cler</>/  (Edinburgh,  1798); 
Sermons  and  Meditations  stilted  to  the 
Lord'*  Supper  (Hawick,  1807) ;  Sermons, 
a  new  edition  (Hawick,  1807);  Sermons, 
2  vols.  (Hawick,  1809;  new  edition,  1816); 
An  Historical  /Sermon  on  the  Revolution, 
1688  (Hawick,  1812);  Sermon  on  Uack- 
sUdiny  (Hawick,  1812);  Sermon  on-  the 
Duty  of  Makimj  a  Testament ;  to  which  ts 
added  the  Form  of  a,  Testament,  with  Direc 
tion?,  for  makimj  it  valid,  according  to  the 
Lav  of  Scotland  (Hawick,  1812) ;  An  Essay 
on  JiasJifulness,  anon.  (HaAvick,  1815);  A 
Sermon  on  Devout  Retirement  (Hawick, 
1825) ;  Sermon  II.  (Gillan's  Scottish 
Pulpit) ;  Account  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's 
titat.Acc.,  xv.).— [Somerville's  My  Own  Life 
and  Times,  and  Funeral  Sermon  ;  AYilson's 
//'/  trick  ;  Conolly's  Eminent  Jfen  of  Fife  ; 
The  Border  Treasury,  1874;  Hunter's 
Miscellany ;  Works  of  Dr  Chalmers,  xii., 
564;  Trans.  Hawick  Archceol.  Soc.,  1864; 
Sinton's  Hawick  Bibliography] 

DAVID   STEVENSON,  born  Glasgow, 

1826     14tl1  Sept>  1784'  son  of  David  S<  and 
Jean  Renton ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 

Glasgow ;  schoolmaster  of  West  Linton  in 
1810 ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Peebles  6th  Aug. 
1817  ;  pres.  by  Walter  Francis,  Duke 
of  Buccleuch  and  Queensberry,  and  his 
trustees,  4th  Nov.  1825;  orcl.  12th  May 
1826  ;  died  18th  April  1851.  He  marr.  5th 
April  1809,  Christian  (died  4th  Feb.  1875), 
daugh.  of  William  Taylor,  farmer,  Lass- 
wade,  and  had  issue — William,  merchant, 
born  4th  April  1810,  died  at  Fort  Wayne, 
U.S.A.,  March  1857;  Archibald  Forrester, 
surgeon,  born  25th  Aug.  1811,  died  29th 

July  1847:  Jane,  born  6th  April  1813 
(marr.  1840,  James  Farish.  merchant,  Mon 
treal),  died  12th  Sept,  1843:  Alexander, 
surgeon,  born  19th  Feb.  1815,  died  18th 
Jan.  1841  ;  Thomas,  H.M.  Customs,  born 
16th  June  1817,  died  4th  Feb.  1878  ;  James, 
merchant,  born  24th  May  1819,  died  23rd 
Sept.  1844 ;  Catherine,  died  in  infancy ; 
Anne,  born  26th  April  1821,  died  26th 
April  1891  ;  Christian  Buchanan,  born  7th 
Oct.  1823.  died  25th  June  1887:  Robert 
Dundas,  surgeon,  born  23rd  May  1827,  died 
21st  Feb.  1858:  Catherine  Forrester,  born 
31st  Jan.  1829,  died  19th  Dec.  1837 ; 
Charles  Findlater,  min.  of  Barry,  born 
23rd  April  1831  :  Ellen,  born  13th  March 
1833,  died  10th  Jan.  1852.  Publications— 
Two  Sermons  preached  on  the  Death  of 
the  Rev.  James  StracJian  [min.  of  Cavers] 
(Edinburgh,  1840);  Sermons  on  Important 
Subjects,  Doct i- in-«l  «nd-  Practical  (Edin 
burgh,  1841);  Account  of  the  Parish  (Xev 
Stat.  Ace.,  iii.). 

JAMES  STEWART,  born  Stirling,  30th 
Jan.  1821,  second  son  of  David  S. 
and  Janet  Galloway ;  educated  at 
Stirling  schools  and  Univ.  of  Glasgow ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Stirling ;  assistant  at 
Largs ;  ord.  to  St  Mary's,  Dumfries,  22nd 
March  1849 ;  trans,  and  adm.  25th  Sept. 
1851;  died  17th  Oct.  1886.  He  marr. 
22nd  May  1855,  Isabella  (died  28th  Oct. 
1908),  daugh.  of  James  Reid,  Wellfield, 
and  had  issue — Elizabeth  Whiteman,  born 
29th  March  1856;  Isabella  Reid,  born 
16th  June  1857 ;  David  Charles,  born  17th 
Jan.  1859 ;  James  Reid,  born  6th  Sept, 
1861 ;  Catherine,  born  llth  April  1863 ; 
John,  born  Dec.  1865 ;  Eleanora,  born 
Sept.  1869.  Publications— Wilton  Sabbath 
School  Hymnal  (Hawick,  1877) ;  Last 
Sermon  preached  in  Wilton  Church,  12th 
Sept.  1886  (Hawick,  1886).  —  [Funend 
Sermon  by  John  Mair,  D.D.] 

JOHN   RUDGE   WILSON,  born  Glas 
gow,  26th  Nov.  1856,  son  of  Thomas 
W.  and  Catherine  Mary  Relton  ;  edu 
cated  at  Academy  and  Univ.  of  Glasgow ; 
M.A.  (1876) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Glasgow  in 
1878  ;  assistant  at  Barony  Parish,  Glasgow  ; 




ord.  to  Morton  1st  July  18*79 ;  trans,  to 
Greenside  Parish,  Edinburgh,  10th  July 
1884  ;  trans,  and  adm.  18th  May  1887. 
Served  as  chaplain  to  the  Forces  in  the 
South  African  War,  1900  ;  mentioned  in 
Lord  Roberts's  despatches,  1901  ;  took 
charge  of  St  Andrew's  Church.  Simla, 
1905  ;  chaplain  K.O.S.B.  (T.I).),  1912  :  D.D. 
(Glasgow  1913).  Marr.  8th  Sept.  1903, 
Georgina  Underwood  Fiddes,  daugh.  of 
John  Fiddes  Wilson.  Publications  — 

Prophecy  and  Poetry:  a  Sermon  on  the 
Death  of  Lord  Tennyson,  (Hawick,  1892); 
Spiritual  Weapons  of  War  (Hawick,  1895)  ; 
The  Foundation  JKock  of  the  Church,  Synod 
sermon  (Hawick,  1896);  Patriotism,  a 
sermon  (Hawick,  1897);  Not  Peace,  but  a 
Sivord,  a  sermon  (Hawick,  1899) ;  Hardship 
and  Character,  a  sermon  (Hawick,  1904); 
The  Soldiers  of  the  Cross,  a  sermon 
(Hawick,  1907). 

VOL.  II. 



[Disjoined  from  the  Presbytery  of  Melrose  or  Selkirk,  and,  along  with  Gordon  and 
Smailholm  from  the  Presbytery  of  Kclso,  erected  by  George,  Archbishop  of  St  Andrews, 
in  1613  The  Presbytery  of  Melrose  sent  two  of  its  number,  29th  Aug.  1615,  to  wait  on 
the  succeeding  bishop,  "that  they  may  suit  for  the  returning  of  their  brother  of  Ersilton 
to  our  Presb  a-ain,"  but  without  effect.  The  seat  of  Presbytery  was  transferred  to 
Lauder  by  the  General  Assembly,  31st  May  1768,  but  was  restored  to  Earlston  in  1876. 
The  Kegister  begins  5th  March  1691.] 


[The  original  church  is  believed  to  have 
been  built  between  the  seventh  century  and 
the  ninth.  The  monks  of  Dryburgh  (circa 
1248)  claimed  that  it  was  the  mother  and 
parish  church  of  the  whole  of  Lauderdale. 
It  was  built  in  honour  of  St  Cuthbert,  and 
named  Childeschirche,  or  the  Child's  Kirk. 
Cuthbert  spent  part  of  his  boyhood  "on 
the  southern  slopes  of  the  Lammermoors 
which  surround  the  upper  part  of  the  vale 
of  the  Leader."  He  became  a  monk  of 
Melrose.  Hugh  de  Moreville  of  Lauder 
dale  gave  the  church  to  the  Abbey  of 
Dryburgh  in  the  twelfth  century,  and  it 
continued  under  that  Abbey  till  the  Refor 
mation.  It  was  consecrated  by  Bishop 
David  de  Bernham,  23rd  March  1241. 
There  were  chapels  in  the  parish  at  Glen- 
gelt  and  Carfrae.] 

NINIAN  BORTHWICK,  reader.— {Reg. 
1567     Min.] 

JOHN   GIBSON,  reader  from   1576  to 
1576     1584. 

of    Lauder,   which    charge    he    also 
held ;    pres.     to    this    vicarage    by 
James  VI.  15th  April  1586. 



ALLAN  LUNDIE,  M.A. ;   trans,   from 
Lessudden  [St  Boswells],  and  adm. 
after    llth    June     1611  ;     trans,    to 
Hutton  and  Fishwick  in  1614. 

FRANCIS  COLLAGE,  M.A. :   pres.  to 
the  vicarage  by  James  VI.  10th  Dec. 
1614  ;  adm.  17th  Sept.  1615  ;  trans, 
to  Gordon  in  1625. 

drews,  26th  July  1613);  pres.  by 
Charles  I.  4th  July  1625.  He  was 
a  member  of  Assembly  in  1638  ;  suspended 
July  1648,  and  dep.  in  1650  "  for  approving 
and  praying  in  public  for  the  army  in 
England  under  the  Duke  of  Hamilton." 
He  suffered  "great  miserie ;)  afterwards; 
was  restored  to  the  ministry  in  1659,  acted 
as  locum  tenens  at  Earlston  for  fifteen 
months,  and  had  an  Act  of  Parliament  in 
his  favour  2nd  July  1661.  He  returned  to 
this  charge  in  1662. 

DAVID  LIDDELL,  M.A.;  ord.  30th 
May  1650  ;  trans,  to  Barony  Parish, 
Glasgow,  after  25th  Sept.  1662. 

HENRY    COCKBURN,    M.A.,    above 

noticed ;  returned  in  1662,  and  died 
probably  in  1663.  He  marr.  Isobel 
Hutton,  and  had  issue— Laurence,  appren 
ticed  to  Andrew  Walker,  surgeon,  Edin 
burgh,  28th  July  1641 ;  Henry,  probably 





Provost  of  Haddington ;  James,  min.  of 
Pencaitland. — [Stow  Sess.  Rey.  ;  Edin.  Reg. 
(Bapt.) ;  Acts  of  Par/.,  vii. ;  Allan's  Hist. 
of  Channelkirk,  144-58.] 

WALTER  KEITH,  M.A.  (St  Andrews, 

1663  9t^  ^U^  1655)  '•  Pres>  by  David,  Lord 
Cardross,  14th  Oct.,  ord.  and  coll. 
20th  Nov.  1663;  died  March  1682,  aged 
about  47.  He  inarr.  26th  Jan.  1666, 
Margaret  Muschet,  and  had  issue — William, 
Presb.  bursar  in  1684,  and  afterwards  a 
probationer. — [(}.  R.  In/rib.,  5th  May  1676  ; 
Arbroath  J'resb.  Raj.  ;  d'ordon  and  Lander 
Sess.  Rcys.  ;  Laudei*  Tests.  ;  Rc'j.  Coll  at. 1 

WILLIAM   ARROTT,   M.A. ;    pres.  by 

1682     J°uu   I'eter    of    Chapel,    W.S.,   and 

adm.  31st  Aug.  1682  ;  received  into 

communion  by  the  Presb.  12th  Oct.  1691  ; 

trans,  to  Montrose  6th  Jan.  1697. 

[In  Dec.  1697  Patrick  Hume,  Earl  of 
Marchmont,  Lord  High  Chancellor  of  Scot 
land,  wrote  the  Presbytery  about  Charles 
Lindsay,  to  whom  a  call  had  been  signed, 
but  the  Presbytery  took  no  further  action 
at  that  time.  The  parish  continued  vacant 
for  five  years.] 

HENRY  HOME  of  Kelphope,  in  the 
1702  Pai'isn?  born  1675,  brother  of  George 
H.j  dyer,  Duns ;  educated  at  LTniv. 
of  Edinburgh;  M.A.  (13th  July  1695); 
assistant  at  Chirnside ;  called  21st  Aug. 
1701;  ord.  23rd  Sept.  1702;  died  19th 
June  1751.  He  marr.  2nd  Dec.  1703,  Jean 
Henryson  or  Henderson  of  Kirktonhill,  and 
had  issue— Jean  (marr.,  pro.  3rd  Nov. 
1734,  Archibald  Campbell,  merchant,  Edin 
burgh)  ;  Marion  (marr.  3rd  Sept.  1740, 
William  Eckford) ;  Anne ;  Catherine ; 
Helen;  George;  Robert. — [Lander  Tests.; 
Allan's  Channelkirk,] 

DAVID  SCOTT,  born  1710;  educated 
1752  at  ^  Andrews  Univ. ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  St  Andrews  21st  Dec. 
1737;  assistant  at  North  Leith ;  pres.  by 
James  Peter  of  Chapel ;  called  30th  Jan., 
and  ord.  7th  May  1752  ;  died  16th  April 
1792.  He  marr.  4th  March  1772,  Elizabeth 
Borthwick,  Newcastle,  who  died  30th  Aug. 

THOMAS    MURRAY    of    Heriotshall, 

1793  *n  ^ie  Par*sn'  born  31st  May  1759, 
son  of  Adam  M.,  min.  of  Eccles ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  app. 
teacher  in  George  Heriot's  Hospital,  Edin 
burgh,  4th  Nov.  1783  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Chirnside  27th  May  1784;  ord.  min.  of 
Cheviot  Street  Presb.  congregation,  Wooler, 
2nd  Feb.  1785 ;  res.,  and  became  assistant 
to  James  Scott,  min.  of  Perth,  July  1789  ; 
pres.  by  Hugh,  Earl  of  Marchmont,  18th 
Aug.  1792;  adm.  to  this  charge  26th  Feb. 
1793  ;  died  at  Edinburgh,  26th  Oct.  1808. 
He  marr.  a  lady  who  died  before  26th  Feb. 
1793,  and  had  issue  —  Adam,  merchant, 
Greenock,  born  27th  June  1783;  Anne, 
born  6th  May  1785  (marr.  7th  March  1813, 
Captain  O'Docherty,  25th  Foot) ;  Jean 
(twin),  born  6th  May  1785  (marr.  4th  Aug. 
1810,  Thomas  Megget,  W.S.).  Publication- 
Account  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace., 
xiii.). — [Steven's  Memoir  of  George  Ileriot ; 
Abbey  St  Bathans  /Sess.  Rey. ;  Epitaphs  in 
(J  i  'ey friars '  Ch  to  ~cJi  >/ai  ~d,  Edinb  m  v/A.  ] 

JOHN  BROWN,  born  1769;  ord.  (by 
1809  ^res^-  °f  Edinburgh)  min.  of  the 
Low  Meeting,  Berwick-upon-Tweed, 
9th  Nov.  1808 ;  pres.  by  John  Wauchope, 
trustee  on  the  Marchmont  Estate,  and  adm. 
26th  July  1809;  died  15th  June  1828.  He 
marr.  Philis  Moscrop,  who  died  4th  April 
1854,  aged  86.  and  had  issue — Isabella,  born 
25th  Feb.  1806,  died  5th  Dec.  1869. 

JAMES     RUTHERFORD,     licen.     by 

1828  Presb- of  Duns  31st  Mav 181G  > ord- 

(by  Presb.  of  Kelso)  min.  of  a 
Presb.  congregation  at  Whitby,  Yorkshire, 
14th  March  1820 ;  pres.  by  Sir  William 
Purves  Hume  Campbell,  Bart.,  of  March 
mont,  and  adm.  16th  Dec.  1828  ;  died  2nd 
Aug.  1862.  He  marr.  20th  Dec.  1827, 
Margaret  Clark,  who  died  30th  June  1837, 
aged  44,  and  had  issue — an  only  son,  Cor 
nelius  Clark,  born  22nd  April  1830,  died 
1905.  Publication — Account  of  the  Parish 
(Neio  Stat.  Ace.,  ii.). 

JAMES  WALKER,  born  9th  Aug.  1838, 

son   of    John    Hunter    W.,   min.   of 

Legerwood ;    educated   at  Greenlaw 

School  and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  licen.  by 




Presb.  of  Duns  10th  June  1862  ;  pres.  by 
Sir  Hugh  Hume  Campbell,  Bart.,  of  March- 
mont,  22nd  Sept.,  and  ord.  27th  Nov. 
1862 ;  res.  6th  Jan.  1885 ;  emigrated  to 
British  Columbia  and  engaged  in  farming. 
He  marr.  24th  April  1867,  Mary  Keddie, 
daugh.  of  John  Rutherford,  Rumbleton 
Law  ;  she  died  1900,  and  had  issue— Mary 
Louisa  Robertson,  born  21st  Jan.  1870 ; 
Elizabeth  Frances  Gordon,  born  21st  Dec. 
1872  ;  Margaret  Maud  Robertson,  born  27th 
Feb.  1874. 

JOSEPH   LOWE  [LOW],  born  in  the 
parish    of    Lundie,    1849;    educated 
at  Univ.  of   St  Andrews;   licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Dundee  3rd  July  1878  ;  assistant 
at  West  Parish,  Perth,  Loanhead,  Green- 
side,  and   St  Cuthbert's,  Edinburgh  ;   ord. 
7th  May  1885 ;   res.  10th  July  1891  ;   died 
21st  Feb.  1894.     He  marr.  28th  Aug.  1891, 
Agnes    Blair,    who    died    s.p.   5th    March 

ARCHIBALD  ALLAN,  born  Donibristle 
village,  Aberdour,  Fife,  14th  Feb. 
1852,  son  of  Alexander  A.  and  Jean 
Bowman ;  educated  at  Donibristle  School 
and  Univ.  of  St  Andrews;  M.A.  (April 
1889) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dunfermline  1st 
May  1889  ;  in  charge  of  St  Ninian's  Mission 
Church,  Arbroath,  Oct.  1889 ;  assistant  at 
Ladhope  Parish,  Galashiels  ;  ord.  23rd  Dec. 
1891.  Marr.  6th  Oct.  1897,  Jean  [author 
of  Poems  of  the  Hearth  (Dundee,  1889); 
Staff  and  &m?>  (Dundee,  1912) ;  Lost  and 
Found  :  A  Tale  of  the  Lammermoors  (Edin 
burgh,  n.d.)],  eldest  daugh.  of  Sinclair 
Christie  and  Mary  Key  Mackay,  Dundee, 
and  has  issue— Jean  Mary,  born  27th  Sept. 
1899.  Publications— The  Pool,  and  other 
Poem*  (Dumfermline,  1873) ;  Relation  of 
Tone  to  Character  (Arbroath,  1891);  The 
History  of  Channelkirk  (Edinburgh,  1900); 
The  Advent  of  the  Father  (Glasgow,  1907) ; 
Space  and  Personality  (Edinburgh,  1913).— 
[Modern  Scottish  Poets,  vol.  ii.] 


[The  church  was  originally  a  chapel  under 
Edrom.    Walter  de  Lindsay  granted  it  to 

the  monks  of  Kelso,  who,  in  1171,  exchanged 
it  with  the  Priory  of  Coldingham  for  the 
church  of  Gordon.  It  was  dedicated  by 
Bishop  David  de  Bernham,  20th  March 
1242.  A  handsome  new  church,  was  opened 
6th  July  1892.  A  hospital  existed  here  in 
very  early  times,  but  is  meagrely  mentioned 
in  ancient  records.  In  Earlston  a  yearly 
fair  is  held  on  St  Peter's  Day,  29th  June,] 

1573     reader  from  1st  Feb.  1573  to  1586. 

JAMES  DAES  [DEAS]  (Dr  Hew  Scott 
says  erroneously  that  Daes  was  min. 
of  St  Cuthbert's,  Edinburgh) ;  adm. 
29th  March  1586  ;  was  proposed  for  Kenno- 
way  9th  Aug.  same  year ;  officiated  for  a 
time  at  Anstruther  in  1588  ;  was  a  member 
of  Assembly,  1595  and  1602;  pres.  by 
James  VI.  20th  Aug.  1611  ;  called  before 
the  Court  of  High  Commission  2nd  March 
1620 ;  dem.  before  4th  Jan.  1633 ;  died 
before  20th  June  1643.  He  marr.  Isabel 
Young,  and  had  issue  — John,  his  heir; 
James,  his  successor;  Andrew;  Margaret 
(marr.,  cont.  llth  Feb.  1624,  William,  son 
of  William  Home  in  Home  ;  Anna  (marr. 
(1)  John  Trotter;  (2)  Robert  Golden,  min. 
of  Bunkle).— [Berwick  Sas.,  ii.,  81  ;  ibid., 
ill,  221;  G.  R.  Sas.,  xliii.,  42;  G.  R. 
Inhib.,  17th  March  1637;  Reg.  of  Deeds, 
dxviii.,  318 ;  Reg.  Assig.  ;  Reg.  Sec.  Sig. ; 
Edin.  Presb.  Reg.  ;  Anstruther  Sess.  Reg.  ; 
Booke  of  the  Kirk,  503;  Ing.  Ret.  Gen., 

JAMES  DAES  [DEAS],  second  son  of 
preceding;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  29th 
July  1626) ;  pres.  by  Charles  I.  4th 
Jan.  1633;  dep.  about  1659,  when  Henry 
Cockburn,  min.  of  Channelkirk,  took  charge 
as  locum  tenens  for  fifteen  months  by  ap 
pointment  of  Presb.  He  was  reponed 
before  22nd  March  1661,  and  an  Act  of 
Parliament  was  passed  in  his  favour.  He 
died  before  6th  June  1673.  He  marr. 
Mary  Home,  and  had  issue  — James  of 
Cowdenknowes,  advocate;  Alexander,  ap 
prenticed  to  James  M'Lurg,  merchant, 
Edinburgh,  18th  Dec.  1661 ;  John,  appren 
tice  merchant,  Edinburgh,  1663.— [Reg.  of 




Deeds,  dxviii.,  318;  G.  R.  Inhil.,  29th 
Nov.  1676 ;  Peterkin's  Records ;  Acts  of 
Par/.,  vii. ;  Stow  Hess.  Reg.  ;  Rerj.  Sec.  Siy. ; 
Rey.  Coll  at. 1 

JOHN  HEPBURN,  M.A.  (St  Andrews, 
1673  14th  July  1660);  Keen,  by  George, 
Bishop  of  Edinburgh,  25th  June 
1663  ;  ord.  to  Hilton  28th  Oct.  1664  ;  pres. 
by  Charles  II.  6th  June  1673:  deprived 
by  the  Privy  Council,  27th  Aug.  1689,  for 
neither  reading  the  Proclamation  of  the 
Estates  nor  praying  for  William  and  Mary. 
He  was  probably  the  John  Hepburn  who 
died  at  Craigsford,  Earlston,  in  1695, 
aged  about  55.  He  marr.,  and  had  issue 
—Roger,  advocate,  1692. — [It eg.  Sec.  Siy.  ; 
Min.-book  Rey.  Privy  Seal ;  Oldhamstocks 
Sess.  Rey. ;  Edin.  Rey.  (Bur.) ;  Morrison's 
Diet.,  xxviii. ;  Tombst. ;  Peterkin's  Con 
stitution  of  the  Church  ;  MS.  Ace.  of  Min., 

JOHN   ANDERSON,  M.A.;    ord.    4th 
1687     ^ct'    1G8>7  >    declared    nrin.    by    the 
Presb.  19th  May  1691  ;  trans,  to  St 
Cuthbert's,  Edinburgh,  1691. 

GEORGE  JOHNSTON,  born  1671,  son 
of  Patrick  J. ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh  ;  M.A.  (15th  June  1691) ; 
called  16th  Nov.  1693;  ord.  12th  March 
1694;  died  at  Edinburgh,  9th  Dec.  1701. 
He  marr.  a  lady  who  predeceased  him,  and 
had  issue — Patrick  ;  James  ;  George  ;  Mar 
garet,  bapt.  2nd  Feb.  1698  (marr.  James 
Stewart  of  Kincraigie) ;  Janet ;  Anna. — 
[Lauder  Tests. ;  Edin.  Rey.  (Bur.) ;  Rey. 
Old  Dec.] 


1704    0>r?'wlM6')  °f  Whitmuir   Hall,  called 

6th  April,  and  ord.  9th  Aug.  1704 ; 

trans,  to  Lady  Yester's  Parish,  Edinburgh, 

23rd  July  1730. 

JOHN  GOWDIE  (secund-us)  of  Maison- 
1730  -Dieu'  Kelso,  son  of  preceding,  bapt. 
27th  July  1707  ;  educated  at  Univ. 
of  Edinburgh ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Earlston 
23rd  Oct.  1728  ;  pres.  by  George  II.  13th 
July,  and  ord.  15th  Oct.  1730 ;  died  in 
London,  6th  June  1777.  He  marr.  16th 

Sept.  1737,  Katherine  Scott,  who  died  5th 
Feb.  1780,  and  had  issue — John,  born  4th 
March  1739,  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Earlston  5th 
Aug.  1760,  died  16th  May  1762  ;  Walter, 
surgeon  on  the  Bengal  Staff,  born  4th  Dec. 
1740,  died  in  India  ;  Sophia,  born  26th  June 
1742  (marr.  Andrew  Smith,  min.  of  Lang- 
ton) ;  Francis,  major-general  H.E.I.C.S., 
Madras  Establishment,  born  7th  Aug.  1747, 
died  12th  Sept.  1813 ;  Jean,  born  16th  May 
1750,  died  9th  April  1757.— [Vide  Infor 
mation  for  Mr  J.  G.  (re  Maison-Dieu 
succession),  1749-57.] 

1778  STONE],  a  native  of  Dumfriesshire, 
said  to  be  descended  from  the  John- 
stones  of  Annandale;  M.A.  (St  Andrews 
1760);  sometime  teacher  in  Banffshire ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Turriff  26th  Nov.  1766; 
tutor  at  Mellerstain ;  pres.  by  George  III. 
24th  June  1777 ;  ord.  5th  May  1778  ;  died 
13th  Sept.  1813.  For  the  last  seven  years  of 
his  life  he  was  incapable  of  performing  any 
of  the  duties  of  his  office,  and  only  with 
great  difficulty  was  an  assistant  and  suc 
cessor  appointed  in  1813.  He  marr.  3rd 
Nov.  1770,  Esther  Lauriston,  who  died  15th 
March  1821,  and  had  issue— Pringle,  born 
16th  March  1774,  died  5th  July  1798; 
Elizabeth,  born  12th  April  1775,  died  14th 
May  1784;  Robert,  born  13th  June  1779, 
died  1813  ;  George,  staff-surgeon  Connaught 
Rangers,  served  in  the  Peninsular  War,  born 
2nd  Nov.  1780,  died  at  Corfu,  Ionian 
Islands,  1833  ;  Andrew,  died  about  1840. 
Publication — Account  of  the  Parish  (Sin 
clair's  Stat.  Ace.,  iv.). 

1813  Haddington,  4th  Oct.  1752,  son  of 
John  S.  and  Elizabeth  Aitchison ; 
educated  at  Lauder  School,  and  Univs.  of 
Edinburgh  and  St  Andrews  ;  M.A.  (St  An 
drews  1775) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Lauder 
5th  April  1775;  tutor  at  Mellerstain; 
assistant  at  Tron  Parish,  Edinburgh ;  ord. 
to  Westruther  29th  Aug.  1782;  pres.  by 
George,  Prince  Regent,  July  1812 ;  trans, 
and  adm.  (assistant  and  successor)  1st  July 
1813  (after  appeal  to  the  General  As 
sembly)  ;  died  15th  March  1824.  He  marr. 
28th  Aug.  1786,  Katherine  (died  12th  Nov. 




1835),  daugli.  of  James  Barclay,  rector  of 
the  Grammar  School  of  Dalkeith,  and  had 
issue — Jean,  born  9th  July  1787,  died  Feb. 
1872:  John,  min.  of  Westruther;  James, 
born  1st  Nov.  1790,  died  18th  July  1813; 
William  ( Julian,  born  23rd  June  1792  :  Eliza, 
born  29th  Oct.  1794  ;  George  Andrew, 
licentiate  of  the  Church  of  Scotland,  born 
5th  Oct.  1797,  died  5th  Oct.  1820.  Publi 
cations — Sermons  (Edinburgh,  1825) ;  Ac 
count  of  Westruther  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace., 
vi.). — [Introduction  to  Sermons.'] 

1824  Montrose,  1st  April  1786,  son  of 
Charles  G.,  collector  of  excise  for 
Teviotdale  ;  educated  at  High  School  and 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh,  and  at  the  Selkirk 
Theological  Hall  under  Professor  Lawson  ; 
Keen,  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  ;  ord.  to 
Morebattle  8th  Oct.  1807  ;  trans,  to  Gordon 
5th  May  1814  ;  pres.  by  George  IV. ;  trans, 
and  adm.  15th  July  1824;  died  31st  Aug. 
1868.  His  person  was  handsome,  his  voice 
winning  and  commanding,  his  whole  bearing 
solemn  and  earnest.  He  was  said  to  be  the 
most  popular  preacher  in  the  south  of  Scot 
land.  He  niarr.  24th  July  1809,  Janet 
(died  22nd  March  1865,  aged  79),  daugh. 
of  Andrew  Scott,  min.  of  Stichill,  and  had 
issue— Margaret  Warwick,  born  19th  Sept. 
1810,  died  unmarr.  29th  Aug.  1867  ;  Charles, 
excise  officer,  born  16th  Jan.  1814,  died  16th 
Feb.  1891  ;  Andrew,  writer,  Earlston,  born 
16th  July  1815,  died  30th  March  1841  ; 
Ellen  Cranstoun,  born  20th  Oct.  1818,  died 
unmarr.  30th  Dec.  1890;  David,  born  llth 
Aug.  1820,  died  abroad  ;  Annie,  born  9th 
Oct.  1822  (marr.  Henry  [afterwards  Sir 
Henry]  Mitchell,  Mayor  of  Bradford),  died 
at  Edinburgh,  6th  May  1886  ;  Samuel  Mor 
ton,  born  4th  Nov.  1827,  died  12th  Aug.  j 
1836.  Publications— Christian  Benevolence: 
a  sermon  (Leith,  1818) ;  Sermons  (Leith. 
1823);  Account  of  the  Parish  (New  Stat. 
Ace.,  ii.).—[Tombst. ;  The  fiorder  Almanac, 

WILLIAM  MAIR,  born  Savoch,  Aber- 

1869     deenshire,    lst    APril    1830,  son    of 

James  M.,  M.A.,  schoolmaster  there, 

a  licentiate  of  the  Church  of  Scotland,  and 

Christian   Johnston ;   educated   at   Savoch 
Parish  School,  Aberdeen  Grammar  School, 
Marischal   College   and   Univ.,  Aberdeen  ; 
|  M.A.   (6th   April    1849):    licen.   by    Presb. 
of   Aberdeen  5th   July   1853 ;   assistant   at 
Montrose:  was  for  seven  years  compelled  to 
relinquish  work  owing  to  ill-health  :  ord.  to 
Lochgelly  24th  Oct.  1861  :  trans,  to  Ardoch 
6th  April    1865;   pres.  by   Queen  Victoria 
26th  Oct.  1868  ;   trans,  and  adm.  18th  Feb. 
1869;   D.D.   (Aberdeen    1885);    Moderator 
of  the  General  Assembly  20th  May  1897; 
res.   9th   June   1903.      By  his   ability  and 
energy    the    General   Assembly   Hall    and 
Library  were  enlarged,  and  adjoining  pro. 
perty  purchased  1893-4.    He  marr.  21st  Aug. 
1866,  Isabella,  daugh.  of  David  Edward  of 
Balruddery.      Publications— Our    Banners, 
a  sermon  (Earlston,  1871)  :  An  A^y////v/  into 
Certain  Questions  affecting  the  Administra 
tion,  of  the  Act  (1874)  on  the  Appointment 
of  Ministers  to  Parishes  'in  Scotland  (Edin 
burgh,  1877);   The  Elders'  Formula,  in  the 
Church   of  Scotland  (Edinburgh,  1880) ;  A 
Digest    of   Lairs    and     Decisions,    Ecclesi 
astical  and  Civil,  relating  to  the  Constitu 
tion,  Practice,  and  Ajt'airs  of  the  Church 
of   Scotland  (Edinburgh,    1887 ;    2nd    ed., 
1875;  3rd    ed.,  1904;   4th    ed.,  1914);   The 
Truth  about  the  Church  of  Scotland  (Edin 
burgh,     1891)  ;     Jurisdiction,     in     Matters 
Ecclesiastical  (Edinburgh,  1896) :  Loyal t ti 
the   Christ  our   King,   closing   address   to 
General     Assembly     (Edinburgh,     1897); 
Truth- Seeking,  sermon  preached  at  opening 
of   General   Assembly   (Edinburgh,    1898) ; 
A  New  Year's  Message,  being  a   Letter  to 
a     Friend    (Edinburgh,    1901):    Speaking 
(Edinburgh,  1900;  2nd  ed.,  1900;  3rd  ed., 
1901;   4th   ed.,    1908);    Churches  and  the 
Laid  (Edinburgh.  1904);  My  Young  Com 
municant  (Edinburgh,  1906  ;  frequently  re 
printed) ;  Biographical  Sketch  of  Alexander 
Gray,  D.D.,  min.  of  Avhterless  [in  Talks 
with,  our  Farm-sen  ant.'  (Edinburgh,  1906)]  ; 
The  Scottish  Chmchts,  two  papers  (Edin 
burgh,     1907);      The     Scottish     Churches: 
National  Religion  (^Edinburgh,  1907)  ;  The 
Scottish    Churches :    The    Hope   of    Union 
(Edinburgh,     1909);    My     Life    (London, 
1911);    The   Scottish   Churches:    External 
Relations  (Edinburgh.  1912)  :  The  Scottish 




Churches :  January  1914  (Edinburgh, 
1914);  The,  Scottish  Churches:  Januar;/ 
1915  (Edinburgh,  1915).— [My  Life.] 

1903  Drumgeith  Schoolhouse,  Dundee, 
25th  Dec.  1875,  son  of  James  K. 
and  Margaret  Yeaman ;  educated  at 
Morgan  Academy,  Dundee,  and  Univ.  of 
St  Andrews  ;  M.A.  (1897) ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Dundee  2nd  May  1900;  assistant  at 
Burntisland  and  at  St  Mary's  Parish, 
Edinburgh  ;  ord.  16th  Oct.  1903  ;  trans,  and 
adm.  to  Dirleton  17th  May  1915.  Marr. 
29th  Aug.  1912,  Nellie  Findlay,  daugh. 
of  William  Bathie,  and  has  issue — Norman 
William,  born  25th  Aug.  1913;  Mary 
Margaret,  born  24th  Oct.  1915. 

WALTER  DAVIDSON,  born  Sunnyside, 
parish  of  Cavers,  29th  Jan.  1875,  son 
of  William  D.  and  Mary  Douglas ; 
educated  at  the  parish  schools  of  Kirkton, 
Pleasants  (Oxnam),  and  Smailholm,  and  at 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh;  M.A.  (1913);  as 
a  certificated  teacher  taught  in  various 
schools  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh  in 
1914  ;  assistant  at  Tron  Parish,  Edinburgh  ; 
ord.  22nd  Sept.  1915.  Marr.  14th  April 
1906,  Rosetta  Ann,  daugh.  of  Lorenzo 
Padgett  and  Frances  Beaumont,  and  has 
issue  —  Lorenzo  Douglas,  born  17th  Sept. 
1907  ;  Frances  Mary,  born  17th  July  1910; 
William  Leslie  Beaumont,  born  30th  July 


[The  church  was  dedicated  to  St  Michael 
by  Bishop  David  de  Bernham  28th  March 
1242.  It  belonged  to  the  Abbey  of  Kelso. 
Near  the  church  is  the  Hare  Well.  In  a 
charter  of  Thomas  of  Gordon,  who  died  in 
1258,  it  is  called  the  Hare  Well  of  St 
Oswald,  who  was  perhaps  the  earlier  patron 
of  the  parish.  The  church  was  restored  in 
1897.  There  was  a  chapel  at  Huntlywood.] 

from  1574  to  1585.  He  claimed  pos 
session  of  the  vicarage  for  several 

years  previous   to   1573. — [Acts  and  Dec., 

1,  74.] 

THOMAS      STORIE,     removed     from 

Bassendean  in  1609  ;  was  a  member 

of  Assembly  in  1610 ;  dem.  in  1625. 

— \_Reg.  Sec.  Sig. ;  Reg.  Assig. ;  Old  Dec.,  i.] 

FRANCIS  COLLAGE,  "brother  to  Mr 

1625  Thomas  C-;!;  M-A-  (Edinburgh, 
28th  July  1610);  adm.  to  Channel- 
kirk  17th  Sept.  1615 ;  signed  Protestation 
for  the  Liberties  of  the  Kirk  27th  June 
1617 ;  pres.  by  Charles  I.  4th  July  1625 ; 
trans,  and  adm.  soon  afterwards  ;  died  in 
1647,  aged  about  57.  He  marr.  (cont.  15th 
May  1618)  Marion,  daugh.  of  William 
Muirhead,  burgess  of  Edinburgh,  and  had 
issue  —  Agnes.  —  [G.  R.  InJiib.,  1st  Aug. 
1620 ;  Reg.  of  Deeds,  cccix.,  91  ;  Reg.  Sec. 
Sig.;  Kelso  Presb.  Reg.;  Edin.  Reg.  (Bapt.) ; 
Sed.-book  of  Teinds.~\ 

NORMAN  LESLIE,  fourth  son 
of  John  L.  of  Kininvie ;  M.A. 
(King's  College,  Aberdeen,  1631); 
schoolmaster  of  Cullen,  1631-7 ;  was  on 
the  Exercise,  Presb.  of  St  Andrews,  18th 
Jan.  1643,  and  having  testimonials  from 
that  Presb.  and  the  Univ.,  desired  to  enter 
the  Exercise  at  Haddington  llth  Sept. 
1644.  The  parishioners  of  Saltoun,  12th 
March  1645,  wished  to  hear  him  with  a 
view  to  a  call,  but  the  Presb.  delayed 
their  request.  He  obtained  a  testimonial 
to  the  Presb.  of  Kirkcaldy  30th  Sept.  1646, 
and  was  on  the  Exercise  there  14th  of  the 
following  month.  He  was  pres.  to  Cumnock 
by  William,  Earl  of  Dumfries,  Jan.  1647, 
but  the  Presb.  of  Ayr  refused  concurrence. 
He  was  pres.  to  this  parish  by  Charles  I. 
17th  Aug.  1647 ;  died  unmarr.,  22nd  July 
1657,  aged  about  46.  He  left  his  library 
to  the  ministers  of  Saltoun.— [$£  Andrews, 
Iladdington,  Kirkcaldy,  Ayr,  and  Syn. 
(Kelso  Presb.)  Regs. ;  Reg.  Sec.  Sig. ;  Old 
Dec.,  ii.] 

JOHN    HARDIE,   son    of    Robert    H., 
burgess  and  guild-brother  of  Edin 
burgh  ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  May  1653); 
adm.  19th  May  1659 ;  deprived  by  Act  of 
Parliament  llth  June,  and  Decreet  of  Privy 
Council  1st  Oct.  1662.     He  was  summoned 
before  the  Privy  Council,  30th  July  1663, 
for  having  preached  after  deprivation,  and 



ordered  to  remove  within  fourteen  days 
with  his  family,  twenty  miles  distant  from 
the  parish,  and  was  prohibited  from  residing 
within  six  miles  of  a  cathedral  church, 
or  three  of  a  royal  burgh.  He  studied 
medicine  and  took  the  degree  of  M.D. 
Preaching  against  Popery  after  the  Tolera 
tion  in  1687,  he  was  tried  for  treason  13th 
Feb.  1688,  but  the  Lords  found  "the 
speeches  libelled  did  not  infer  the  pains 
in  the  indictment."  He  was  min.  again 
in  1690.— [Wodrow's  I  fist.,  i.,  372;  iv., 


M.A.    (Edinburgh    1637) ;    pres.    to 

Eyemouth  8th  Nov.  1647 ;  coll.  13th 

Oct.    1662,   and   pres.   by   Charles  II.   4th 

June  1663;   dem.  after  25th  April  1682.— 

[Syn.  (Dalkeith  Presb.)  Reg. ;  Lander  Tests. ; 

Min.-look  Reg.  Priv.  Heal ;  Raj.  Sec.  Sig.  : 

Reg.  Collat.] 

JOHN  FINDLAY,  pres.  by  Charles  II. 

8th     Sept.,     and     adm.     30th     Oct. 

1682 ;  died  in  1685.  He  marr.  14th 
Nov.  1683,  Alison  Hume,  and  had  issue 
—Margaret. — [Reg.  Sec.  Sig.] 

THOMAS  MABON,  M.A.  (Edinburgh 
168g  1675);  pres.  by  James  VII.  12th 
June,  and  ord.  25th  Sept.  1685 ; 
deprived  by  the  Privy  Council,  29th  Aug. 
1689,  for  failing  to  read  the  Proclamation 
of  the  Estates,  and  praying  for  King  James 
instead  of  William  and  Mary.  He  became 
schoolmaster  of  Lander,  and  died  12th  Feb. 
1711,  aged  58.  He  marr.  1st  Nov.  1685, 
Isobel  (died  1st  April  1708,  aged  54),  sister 
of  Alison  Hume,  wife  of  Alexander  Nicol- 
son,  min.  of  Bunkle  and  Preston,  and  had 
issue  —  John  ;  Thomas,  licentiate  of  the 
Church  of  Scotland  ;  Margaret ;  Grisell ; 
Alice  (marr.  1724,  Andrew  Baxter,  philo 
sophical  writer,  author  of  An  Enquiry  into 
the  Nature  of  the  Human  Soul),  died  1760. 
—[Reg.  Sec.  Sig. ;  Tombst.;  MS.  Ace.  of 
3 fin.,  1689 ;  Peterkin's  Constitution  of  the 
Church  ;  Edin.  Reg.  (Marr.).] 

JOHN  HARDIE,  M.D.,  noticed  above  ; 
1690     restored  by  Act  of  Parliament  25th 
April  1690;  was  a  member  of  As 
sembly  in  1692 ;  died  unmarr.  29th  Nov. 

1707,  aged  about  75.  "Though  a  staunch 
Presbyterian,  he  corresponded  with  Episco 
palian  ministers,  and  pressed  moderation 
towards  them." — [Loth-inn  Syn.  Reg.;  Ediu. 
Tests. ;  Reg.  Gen.  Ass.,  1692  ;  Old  Dec.,  ii.  ; 
I  fist,  of  Gen.  Ass.,  1690.] 

DAVID   BROWN,   M.A.  ;    trans,    from 

1708     Grreenlaw ;    called    23rd    Sept.,  and 

adm.    25th    Nov.    1708 ;     trans,     to 

Selkirk  5th  May  1726.— [Acts  of  Ass.,  1726.] 

JOHN  BELL,  son  of  Robert  B.,  min.  of 
17  7  Crailing;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Jed- 
burgh  19th  Sept.  1722 ;  pres.  by 
George  II.  31st  Aug.  1726;  ord.  13th 
April  1727;  died  10th  Dec.  1767.  He 
marr.  20th  June  1733,  Elizabeth  (died 
March  1788),  daugh.  of  John  Ewing  of 
Craigton,  W.S.,  and  had  issue  —  Robert, 
born  6th  May  1734,  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Earlston  6th  Sept.  1757,  took  orders  in  the 
Church  of  England,  thereby  acquiring  a 
property  in  terms  of  the  will  of  his 
paternal  grandfather,  and  afterwards  be 
came  a  chaplain  in  the  II. N. ;  John,  born 
24th  Nov.  1735 ;  Margaret,  born  29th  Dec. 
1737  (marr.  John  Bradfute,  min.  of  Dun- 
syre).— [New  St«t.  Ace.,  ii.] 

ALEXANDER  DUNCAN,  born  15th 
177Q  April  1745,  son  of  Alex.  D.,  D.D., 
min.  of  Smailholm  ;  M.A.  (St  An 
drews  1766);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Earlston 
14th  July,  and  pres.  by  George  III.  31st 
Dec.  1767  [Alex.,  Earl  of  Home,  having 
pres.  Thomas  Spankie,  afterwards  of  Falk 
land,  9th  April  1768,  and  raised  a  process 
of  declarator,  the  settlement  was  delayed 
till  the  Court  of  Session,  llth  July  1769, 
assoilzied  the  Crown];  ord.  5th  July  1770. 
Returning  from  the  communion  at  Channel- 
kirk  he  was  thrown  from  his  horse,  and 
found  dead  on  the  road  about  six  miles 
from  his  manse,  21st  July  1800.  He  was 
unmarr.  Publication  —  Account  of  the 
Parish  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  v.). — [Tombst.] 

ROBERT    LUNDIE,  pres.    by   George 
l          III.    12th    Aug.     1800;     ord.     26th 
March   1801 ;    trans,    to   Kelso  (his 
native  parish)  26th  March  1807. 



WALTER  MORISON,  pres.  by  George 

18Q7     III.    1st   April,  and  ord.  24th  Sept, 

1807 ;    trans,   (an    exchange   having 

been  arranged)  to   Morebattle   12th    May 


DAVID    WILLIAM   GORDON,   trans. 

from   Morebattle  ;   pres,  by  George, 

Prince  Regent,  26th  Feb.,  and  adm. 

5th   May    1814 ;    trans,   to  Earlston    15th 

July  1824. 

JAMES    PATERSON,  bapt.   9th    Oct. 

1785,  son  of  William  P.,  Ochiltree ; 

licen.  by  Presb.  of  Lander  3rd  Feb. 

1818;    ord.   to   Stichill    26th    Nov.    1822; 

pres.  by  George  IV.  10th  Aug.,  trans,  and 

adm.  9th  Sept.  1824 ;  died  23rd  Feb.  1855. 

He  marr.  4th  Oct.  1824,  Sarah  Purves,  who 

died   s.j>.   25th  July  1837.      Publication  - 

Account  of  the  Parish  (New  Stat.  Ace.,  ii.). 

WILLIAM  STOBBS,  born  Lothian 
1855  Bridge,  Dalkeith,  9th  May  1827, 
eldest  son  of  John  S.  and  Agnes 
Ormiston ;  educated  at  Lasswade  School 
and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh;  M.A.  (1849); 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dalkeith  llth  Feb. 
1851 ;  assistant  at  Penicuik  and  at  Abbots- 
hall  ;  pres.  by  Queen  Victoria  6th  June, 
and  ord.  16th  Aug.  1855  ;  died  unmarr.  30th 
April  1885.  Publications  —  Contributions 
to  History  of  Benoickshire  Naturalists* 
Chtb. — [Obituary  notice,  Hist.  JJer.  Nat. 
Club,  1886.] 

THOMAS    PORTEOUS,    M.A.,    B.D. ; 

1885      °rd'      24tl1     Sept<      188°  '      Clerk      °f 
Presb.,  1891-9  ;  trans,  to  St  James's 

Parish,  Edinburgh,  30th  March  1899. 

JOHN  RITCHIE,  born  Balinlass,  Gal- 
way,  Ireland,  4th  Oct.  1869,  son  of 
James  R.  and  Amelia  Moncrieff, 
daugh.  of  William  Berry  Shaw  Paterson, 
min.  of  Kilinaronock ;  educated  at  High 
School,  Stirling,  and  Univs.  of  Glasgow 
and  Edinburgh ;  M.A.  (Glasgow  1891) ; 
B.D.  (Edinburgh  1894);  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Dunfermline  8th  May  1894 ;  assistant 
at  St  Andrew's  Parish,  Dunfermline ;  ord. 
16th  Aug.  1899.  Publication— "Gordon'1 
(Hist.  BPT.  Nat.  Chtb,  1915). 



[The  church,  dedicated  to  St  Mary, 
belonged  to  the  Abbey  of  Dryburgh,  as 
did  also  St  Leonard's  Hospital  and  the 
Chapel  of  Kedslie,  both  in  the  parish.  At 
Thirlestane  there  was  a  priory  of  St  Martin. 
In  Lauder  fairs  were  held  on  St  Luke's 
and  St  Martin's  Days.] 


ANDREW  HOME,  vicar  in  1536,  when 
he  had  a  charter  from  the  Abbot 
of  Dryburgh  of  the  kirklands  of 
Lauder ;  min.  1560-7 ;  died  in  1568.  He 
was  one  of  the  Seven  Spears  of  Wedder- 
bnrn  who  with  their  father,  Sir  David 
Home,  fought  at  Flodden.  He  had  three 
natural  children — William  of  St  Leonard's  ; 
Andrew,  died  1562  ;  Margaret  (marr.  James 
Home  of  Prenderguest). — [Wedderburn 
J/XS'.  ;  Reg.  May.  Siff.,  iii.,  2332]. 

NINIAN  BORTHWICK,  min.  in  1567, 
7     Channelkirk  also  being  in  the  charge  ; 
trans,  to  Bassendean  prior  to  1574. 

WILLIAM    FRANK,    adm.    to    Soutra 
1567  :     min.    here    in     1574.— [Reg. 

.      -. 


JOHN   KNOX,   M.A. ;    min.    in    1576; 
1576     trans,  to  Melrose  about  1582. 


Andrews  1581)  ;  min.  here  in  1584 ; 
pres.  to  the  vicarage  of  Channelkirk 
by  James  VI.  15th  April  1586;  was  still 
min.  20th  July  1613.  He  marr.,  and  had 
issue— Andrew  ;  Elizabeth. — [Reg.  Assig. ; 
G.  R.  Inh-ib.,  7th  Aug.  1666.] 

JAMES  BURNET,  M.A. ;  adm.  17th 
Sept.  1615  ;  trans,  to  Jedburgh  in 

JAMES  GUTHRIE,  M.A. ;  ord.  in  1642  ; 
1642    trans,  to  Stirling  Nov.  1650. 

WILLIAM  JOHNSTONE,  M.A ;  min.  in 
1652  ;  trans,  to  Lennel  [Coldstream] 


in  1659. 



.  OF 

DAVID  FORRESTER,  M.A.  :   min.  in 

1659     ^59-    trans,   to  Longf  organ    before 

12th   Aug.   1684.     He   returned   and 

preached    his    farewell   sermon    26th    Oct. 


1685  M.A.  (St  Andrews,  26th  July  1670)  ; 
min.  of  St  Mungo  about  1676  ;  trans, 
to  Dalgety  in  1680;  trans,  to  Second 
Charge,  Canongate,  in  1682;  trans,  and 
inst.  16th  April  1685 ;  deprived  by  the 
Privy  Council,  9th  Aug.  1689,  for  neither 
reading  the  Proclamation  of  the  Estates 
nor  praying  for  William  and  Mary,  but  for 
the  late  King,  that  God  "would  give  him 
the  necks  of  his  enemies  and  the  hearts  of 
his  subjects."  In  1701  he  lived  at  the  head 
of  Patrick  StielFs  Close,  Edinburgh.  He 
marr.  Marion,  daugh.  of  James  Scott  of 
Bonnington,  and  had  issue  —  Charles.— 
[Edin.  Presb.  Retj.  ;  St  Ctithbert's  Sess. 
Jte</.;  MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689:  Peterkin's 
Constitution  of  the  Church.'] 

1693  (Edinburgh,  2nd  Aug.  1678);  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Dumfries ;  ord.  10th 
Aug.  1693;  dep.  23rd  Dec.  1697,  "for  false 
accusation,  drunkenness,  and  obscene  con 
versation,  of  which  he  had  been  guilty 
when  in  the  North/'  He  was  Presbytery 
clerk.  He  marr.  14th  July  1712,  Elizabeth, 
daugh.  of  Andrew  Ker,  surgeon,  Edinburgh. 
—[Edin.  Refj.  ;  MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689.] 

1700  burgh,  1681);  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Earlston  2nd  March,  and  called  13th 
July  1699;  ord.  23rd  Jan.  1700;  relin 
quished  his  pastoral  duties  "  on  account  of 
distress,"  about  1706.  The  date  of  his 
death  is  unknown. 

GEORGE  LOGAN,    M.A. ;    called    6th 
1707     Feb.,  and  ord.  8th  May  1707;  trans, 
to  Sprouston  22nd  Jan.  1719. 

THOMAS     PITCAIRN,     called      19th 

172Q     Nov.    1719 ;     pres.    by    Presb.   jure 

devoluto  and  ord.  29th  March  1720 ; 

trans,  to  St  Cuthbert's,  Edinburgh,   16th 

Oct.  1735. 

JAMES  LINDSAY,  called  25th  March, 
1736     and  ord.  19th  Aug.  1736;   trans,   to 
Dunbarney  20th  June  1746. 

ROBERT  FISHER,  called  24th  March, 
1747     and  ord.  22nd  Sept.  1747;  trans,  to 
Colinton  3rd  March  1753. 

JAMES  FORD  [FOORD],  born  1723; 
1753  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  14th  April  1743); 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  26th 
Nov.  1746 ;  ord.  by  the  Northumberland 
Presbyterian 'Classis  31st  July  1751,  min. 
at  Warnford,  Northumberland ;  pres.  by 
James,  Earl  of  Lauderdale,  and  adm.  27th 
Sept,  1753;  D.D.  (Edinburgh,  25th  Oct. 
1785) ;  died  23rd  Sept.  1810.  He  marr.  23rd 
June  1759,  Isobel  Kirkland,  Livingston, 
who  died  30th  Nov.  1792,  and  had  issue 
—Isobel,  born  3rd  April  1760,  died  16th 
Nov.  1828.  Publications—  The  Certain 
Damjer  of  Pervertiny  Divine  Truth  and 
Disregardiiuj  the  Jndyments  of  Heaven 
(Edinburgh,  1778) ;  Account  of  the  Parish 
(Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  i.).—[Tombst.] 

PETER    COSENS,    born     Forfarshire, 

1811  1780'  son  of  Peter  ^-  >  educated  at 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Edinburgh  24th  Sept.  1806 ; 
ord.  to  Torryburn  9th  May  1809;  pres. 
by  James,  Earl  of  Lauderdale ;  trans,  and 
adm.  27th  June  1811  ;  died  20th  Aug. 
1845.  He  marr.  24th  Feb.  1819,  Catherine 
(died  23rd  July  1877),  only  daugh.  of  Alex 
ander  Thomson,  min.  of  Carnock,  and  had 
issue— Susanna  Christian  Geddes,  born  8th 
Oct.  1821,  died  unmarr.  20th  April  1898 ; 
Peter,  born  4th  June  1823,  died  24th 
March  1824 ;  Alexander  Thomson,  min. 
of  Broughton  ;  John,  W.S.,  born  15th  April 
1827,  died  26th  Nov.  1857;  Anne,  born 
10th  April  1829  (marr.  Robert  Romanes  of 
Harryburn),  died  24th  Nov.  1902 ;  Peter, 
advocate,  born  26th  April  1831,  died  16th 
July  1881.  Publication — Account  of  the 
Parish  (New  Stat.  Ace.,  ii.).— [Tombst.] 

WILLIAM   SMITH,    pres.    by    James, 
184g     Earl  of  Lauderdale,  and  ord.  25th 
Dec.  1845 ;  trans,  to  Trinity  Parish, 
Edinburgh,  25th  Dec.  1857. 




DONALD  MACLEOD,  B.A. ;  prcs.  by 
James,     Earl    of    Lauderdale,    and 
ord.    18th    March    1858;    trans,    to 
Linlithgow  10th  July  1862. 


JAMES  MIDDLETON,  born  Aberdeen, 
20th  July  1834,  son  of  James  M.  and 
Eliza  Renny  ;  educated  at  Grammar 
School  and  King's  College,  Aberdeen,  and 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  M.A.  (Aberdeen  1856) ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Linlithgow  27th  July 
1858  ;  assistant  at  Old  Greyfriars,  Edin 
burgh,  Xewton-on-Ayr,  Coldstream,  Burnt- 
island,  Linlithgow  ;  pres.  by  Anthony,  Earl 
of  Lauderdale,  14th  July,  and  ord.  25th 
Sept.  1862;  died  26th  Dec.  1874.  He 
marr.  14th  July  1863,  Isabella  (died  6th 
Feb.  1884).  daugh.  of  William  Clyne,  Aber 
deen,  and  had  issue — James,  factor,  born 
12th  July  1864;  Mary  Clyne,  born  17th 
March  1866  (marr.  18th  Oct.  1911,  Neil 
M'Michael,  solicitor) ;  Margaret,  born  27th 
Oct.  1867  (marr.  27th  March  1896,  David 
Guthrie,  C.A.);  Melville  Walker,  engineer, 
born  llth  Nov.  1869 ;  William  Renny 
Watson,  engineer,  born  5th  March  1872 ; 
Arthur  Stanley,  min.  of  West  Parish, 
Cambuslang,  born  15th  April  1875. 

born  Methven,  4th  July  1841,  son  of 
George  Bruce  W.,  formerly  min.  of 
the  United  Associate  Synod  at  Methven, 
afterwards  min.  of  the  Church  of  Scotland, 
and  chaplain  to  the  Forces  at  Chatham,  and 
Jane  Secular  ;  educated  at  High  School  and 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh;  M.A.  (1874),  B.D. 
(1874).  During  his  university  course  he 
was  class  tutor  to  John  Stuart  Blackie, 
Professor  of  Greek ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Edinburgh ;  assistant  at  Lasswade,  St 
Giles,  Edinburgh,  and  the  Park  Parish, 
Glasgow ;  ord.  to  New  Rothesay  Parish, 
Bute,  8th  May  1874;  trans,  and  adm. 
29th  July  1875;  died  unmarr.  12th  July 

THOMAS  MARTIN,  born  Ponfeigh, 
1876  Carmichael,  Lanarkshire,  8th  April 
1845,  son  of  Thomas  M.  and  Agnes 
Hamilton  ;  educated  at  Glasgow  Univ.  and 
Tubingen  ;  M.A.  (1868) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Hamilton  in  1871 ;  assistant  at  St  Cuth- 

bert:s,  Edinburgh  ;  ord.  to  New  Rothesay 
14th  May  1872 ;  trans,  to  St  Paul's  Parish, 
Dundee,  26th  Feb.  1874 ;  trans,  and  adm. 
21st  Dec.  1876 ;  President  of  the  Berwick 
shire  Naturalists'  Club  in  1893;  died 
unmarr.  20th  Sept.  1904.  Publications— 
"  Social  and  Church  Life  in  Lander  "  [vide 
Latvtei;  n  Series  of  /'H/XTX  by  Robert 
Romanes  (privately  printed,  1903)] ;  Con 
tributions  to  History  of  the  Berwickshire 
^Ydtimdi'sts'  t'/ub. — {The  llorder  J/«;/<T-./V, 
March  1905.] 

WALTER  LAMB,  born  15th  Feb.  1871, 
son  of  William  L.,  min.  of  Ednam  ; 
educated  at  Dollar  Academy,  Univs. 
of  St  Andrews  and  Edinburgh  ;  M.A.  (1894), 
B.D.  (1898) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Cairston  in 
1898  ;  assistant  at  First  Charge,  Ayr,  1898- 
1900 ;  missionary  at  Dalwhinnie,  1900-2  ; 
assistant  at  Galashiels,  1902-4;  ord.  to 
Kirkwall  12th  May  1904  ;  trans,  and  adm. 
10th  March  1905  ;  died  unmarr.  15th  June 

WILLIAM  M'CONACHIE,  born  Aber- 
19Q6  lour,  8th  May  1864,  son  of  Charles 
M.  and  Penuel  Richardson  ;  educated 
at  Aberlour  and  Keith  schools,  and  Univ. 
of  Aberdeen ;  M.A.  (1885) ;  headmaster 
of  Guisachan  Public  School,  Inverness- 
shire,  1885-6,  of  Glenlivet  Public  School, 
1886-90;  B.D.  (Aberdeen  1893);  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Abernethy  in  1893;  assistant  at 
John  Knox's  Parish,  Aberdeen ;  ord.  to 
Guthrie  28th  Nov.  1893;  trans,  and  adm. 
16th  Nov.  1906.  Marr.  31st  Oct.  1906, 
Ellen  Mitchell,  daugh.  of  Andrew  Douglas, 
manufacturer,  Dundee.  Publications  — 
Close  to  Nature's  Heart  (Edinburgh,  1904); 
In  the  Lap  of  the  Lamtnermoors  (Edinburgh, 
1912) ;  "  Birds  of  Lauderdale  "  (Hist.  Jler. 
Nat.  Club,  xx.,  316).] 


[A  church  existed  here  in  the  early  part 
of  the  twelfth  century,  when  mention  is 
made  of  John,  "priest  of  Ledgaresude." 
About  the  same  period  the  church  passed 
into  the  possession  of  the  Abbey  of  Paisley, 




and  was  held  by  it  till  tbe  Reformation. 
Part  of  the  old  church  remains,  of  which  a 
finely-moulded  Xorman  arch  is  the  most 
prominent  feature.  The  church  was  restored 
in  1898.  There  was  a  hospital  of  St  Mary 
Magdalen  at  Morriston.] 

WILLIAM     CRAXSTOUX,    vicar    in 
1564      1564. 

ROBERT  PATERSON,  reader,  1574  to 
1574      1591. 

DAVID    FORSYTH,   trans,    from   Pol- 
1592     warth  j  Pres.  to  the   vicarage  before 
22nd  Oct.  1592  :  trans,  to  St  Boswells 
in  1593. 

GEORGE  BYRES,  son  of  Robert  B., 
1592  I)ur8'es-s  °f  Haddington ;  M.A.  (St 
Andrews  1587);  ord.  to  Bara  10th 
Sept.  1589;  trans,  and  adm.  after  4th  Oct. 
1592;  died  in  May  1640,  aged  about  73. 
He  had  issue — Thomas,  min.  here  in  1634. 
Robert.— [Berwick  Sas.,  iii.,  50  ;  Reg.  Asm/. ; 
Stat.  Reports,  1627 ;  Lander  Tests.  ;  New 
8tat.  Ace.,  ii.] 

THOMAS  CRAXSTOUX  of  Morriston, 

M.A.,  son  of  William  C.  of  Morriston, 

and  Sarah,  claugh.  of   Sir   John   C. 

of    that    ilk ;    brother    of    the    first   Lord 

Cranstoun  ;  styled  vicar  in  1601.     He  died 

in     1607,     leaving     issue  —  Alexander     of 


THOMAS  BYRES,  son  of  above  George 

1634  P>':  MlA>  (Edinblu'gQ.  29tn  July  l62^); 
coll.  in  1634  (probably  assistant  and 
successor) ;  on  23rd  March  1653,  a  process 
against  him  was  pending  before  the  Synod. 
He  was  probably  suspended,  but  was  min. 
again  in  1666. 

WILLIAM  CALDERWOOD,  a  relative 
of  David  C.,  the  Church  historian ; 
was  clerk  to  Sir  Adam  Hepburn, 
Senator  of  the  College  of  Justice,  from 
1648;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  26th  July  1649); 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Haddington  10th  Xov. 
1652;  adm.  12th  June  1655;  deprived 
by  Act  of  Parliament  llth  June,  and 
Decreet  of  Privy  Council  1st  Oct.  1662. 
He  frequently,  though  privately,  revisited 
the  parish,  and  was  rnin.  again  in  1689. 

THOMAS  BYRES,  M.A.,  noticed  above  ; 
16Q6  min.  in  1666;  died  Feb.  1682,  aged 
about  76.  He  had  issue — George 
min.  of  Lessudden  [St  Boswells] ;  Thomas  ; 
James ;  Robert ;  Joseph  ;  Alexander,  bapt. 
at  Melrose,  28th  Jan.  1670  ;  Margaret,  bapt. 
at  Melrose,  1st  Sept.  1672.— {Melrose  Par. 
Re<j.  ;  Reg.  Coll  at.  ;  Lander  Tests.'} 

GIDEOX  BROWX,  M.A. ;  ord.  and  coll. 
;  (assistant  and  successor)  8th  March 

1666  :  trans,  to  Smailholm  in  1676. 

WILLIAM  LAIXG,  M.A.  (Edinburgh 
1669) ;  licen.  by  Alexander,  Bishop  of 
Edinburgh,  9th  Sept.  1673  ;  pres.  by 
Andrew  Ker  of  Morriston,  with  consent  of 
his  trustees,  llth  Sept.  1676  ;  coll.  llth,  and 
inst.  (colleague  and  successor)  25th  Jan. 
Ki77  ;  deprived  by  Privy  Council  29th  Aug. 
1689,  for  neither  reading  the  Proclamation 
of  the  Estates  nor  praying  for  William  and 
Mary,  but  for  King  James.— [Reg.  Collat. ; 
MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689  ;  Peterkin's  Constitu 
tion  of  the  Church.~\ 


lg  noticed  above ;  returned  8th  Sept. 
1689  ;  restored  by  Act  of  Parliament 
25th  April  1690.  He  was  a  member  of 
Assembly  in  1692  ;  died  19th  June  1709, 
in  his  81st  year.  He  marr.  Jean,  sister  of 
Robert  Trotter,  M.D.,  Edinburgh.  She 
was  alive  in  1712.  —  {Milne  Home  MSS., 
242  ;  Haddington  Presb.  Reg. ;  Tombst.  ; 
Reg.  Gen.  Ass.,  1692.] 

JAMES  CAMPBELL,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
1711  30th  April  1700) ;  ord.  by  the  Presby 
terian  Classis  in  Cumberland,  10th 
Aug.  1709,  min.  of  a  congregation  at 
Branton,  Xorthumberland ;  called  31st 
July,  and  adm.  8th  Nov.  1711  ;  dep.  30th 
March  1714  for  various  offences.  He  was 
probably  reponed,  but  dem.  21st  Oct.  that 
year.  He  was  again  dep.  1st  Aug.  1718,  for 
drunkenness,  etc. — [Acts  of  Ass.,  1714.] 

THOMAS  OLD,  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  27th 
April  1705) ;  chaplain  to  Archibald 
Douglas  of  Cavers  ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Selkirk  15th  Sept.  1715  ;  pres.  by  Andrew 
Ker  of  Morriston  in  Oct.,  and  by  the  Presb. 




jure  devoluto  25th  Dec.  1716;  ord.  17th 
Jan.  1717 ;  died  1st  Sept.  1737,  in  his 
54th  year.  He  marr.  6th  June  1720, 
Margaret,  second  daugh.  of  John  Fullarton 
of  Auchenhay  (who  survived  him,  and  marr. 
secondly,  Alexander  Donaldson,  writer, 
Edinburgh),  and  had  issue— an  only  child, 
Jane  (marr.  Alexander  Fall,  carpenter  on 
board  the  Somerset).  —  [  Lander  Test*. ; 

burgh,  27th  Jan.  1722);  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Chirnside  25th  Feb.  1735  ; 

pres.  by  Andrew  Ker  of  Morriston,  and  ord. 

27th   July  1738:   died   unmarr.   3rd   April 


WILLIAM    GULL  AN,  son   of    Gabriel 

G.,  min.  of  Dryfesdale  ;  had  gift  of  a 

bursary  at  the  Univ.  of  Edinburgh 

from  the  Exchequer  26th  Feb.  1743  ;  licen. 

by  Presb.  of  Lochmaben  :    pres.  by  James 

Ker   of    Morriston    Oct.    1752  ;    ord.    17th 

May  1753;  died  unmarr.  llth  April  1792.— 

[Carlyle's  Autob.] 

ROBERT  SCOTT,  pres.  by  James  Ker 
of   Morriston  16th  Sept.   1792;  ord. 
9th  May  1793  ;  trans,  to  Coldstream 
3rd  July  1795. 

JAMES  BAIRD,  pres.  by  George  Ker  of 
Morriston  24th  July,  and  ord.  17th 
Sept.   1795;    trans,   to    Eccles   20th 
July  1797. 

JAMES  YOUNG,  licen.  by  the  Nor 
thumberland  Presbyterian  Classis 
14th  May,  and  ord.  min.  of  Kirkley, 
near  Morpeth,  28th  Aug.  1782;  adm.  to 
Glanton  12th  June  1786 ;  pres.  by  George 
Ker  of  Morriston,  and  adm.  6th  Dec.  1797  ; 
his  settlement  was  rescinded  by  the  General 
Assembly  25th  May  1798,  according  to  the 
law  of  the  Church,  owing  to  his  not  being 
qualified.  This  decision  so  affected  his 
spirits  that  he  died  at  Coldstream,  23rd 
Jan.  1799,  in  his  43rd  year.— [Northumber 
land  Presb.  Reg.;  Acts  o/  Ass.,  1798; 
Tombst.  ;  Hill's  Constitution  of  the 
Church ;  Hill's  Practice ;  Scot*  May.,  lx., 

HENRY  GARNOCK,  pres.  by  George 
Ker  of  Morriston  12th   Sept.   1798  ; 
ord.    14th    March    1799;    trans,    to 
Canongate.  Edinburgh,  25th  July  1811. 


GEORGE  CUPPLES,  pres.  by  Miss 
Ker  of  Morriston  Dec.  1.811  ;  ord. 
26th  March  1812  ;  clerk  of  Presb. 

1st  Sept.  1825  ;  trans,  to  Second  Charge, 

Stirling,  19th  Jan.  1834. 

JOHN  HUNTER   WALKER,  pres.  by 
Henry   Ker    Seyiner    of    Morriston ; 
ord.    17th     April     1834;     trans,     to 
Greenlaw  2nd  Aug.  1844. 

JAMES  MACNAIR,  pres.  by  Henry  Ker 
Seymer  of  Morriston,  and  ord.  19th 
Dec.  1844  :  trans,  to  Auchtermuchty 
1st  July  1853. 

JAMES  LANGWILL,  pres.  by   Henry 
Ker  Seymer  of   Morriston,  and  ord. 
8th    Sept.    1853 ;    trans,    to    Curric 
21st  Jan.  1859. 

ARCHIBALD  BROWN,  born  Tarbrax 
(now  Lawhead),  Carnwath,  29th  July 
1830,  son  of  Archibald  B.,  farmer, 
and  Margaret  Brown  ;  educated  at  Auchen- 
gray  and  Quothquan  Schools,  and  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Lanark 
30th  Aug.  1854;  assistant  at  Channelkirk 
1854-7 ;  ord.  missionary  at  Braemar  6th 
July  1858 ;  pres.  by  Henry  Ker  Seymer 
of  Morriston  5th  Feb.,  and  adm.  31st 
March  1859 ;  clerk  of  Presb.,  1864-79.  He 
marr.  13th  June  1860,  Helen  (died  s.p.  24th 
May  1864),  daugh.  of  William  White,  Black- 
castle,  Carnwath.  Publications— The  Need 
of  Patience,  a  sermon  (private  circulation, 
1867);  The  Sacred  Dramas  of  George 
Buchanan,  translated  into  English  Verse 
(Edinburgh,  1906). 

WILLIAM  RANKIN,  born  New  Carn- 
broe,  Lanarkshire,  6th  Oct.  1864,  son 
of  William  R.  and  Anne  Steel ;  edu 
cated    at  schools  of  Carnbroe   and    Coat- 
bridge,  High  School,  Glasgow,  and  Univs. 
of  Glasgow  and  St  Andrews  ;  M.A.  (Glasgow 
1887),  B.D.  (St  Andrews  1890);   licen.   by 
Presb.  of  Hamilton   in    1890  :   assistant  at 



Airdrie ;  ord.  (assistant  and  successor) 
29th  Oct.  1891;  died  unmarr.  1st  Feb. 

1899  Culsalmond  Schoolhouse,Insch,  Aber- 
deenshire,  10th  Jan.  1871,  son  of 
William  C.  and  Elizabeth  Walker ;  educated 
at  Culsalmond  School,  Grammar  School, 
and  Univ.  of  Aberdeen ;  M.A.  (1892), 
B.D.  (1895);  Keen,  by  Presb.  of  Aberdeen 
7th  May  1895  ;  assistant  at  North  Parish, 
Aberdeen ;  ord.  (assistant  and  successor) 
3rd  Aug.  1899;  clerk  of  Presb.  in  1904; 
chaplain  to  the  Forces  in  France  1916. 
Marr.  llth  April  1900,  Elizabeth  Farquhar, 
daugh.  of  William  Marshall  Philip,  min. 
of  Skene,  and  has  issue — William  Philip 
Legerwood,  born  16th  Jan.  1901 ;  Winifred 
Mary  Elizabeth,  born  16th  Nov.  1903 ;  John 
Austen  Percival,  born  22nd  Nov.  1905; 
Ruth  Evelyn  Philip,  born  1st  Aug.  1909. 


[Previous  to  the  Reformation  the  church, 
which  was  dedicated  to  St  Ninian  in  1241, 
belonged  to  the  Premonstratensian  Abbey 
of  Dryburgh,  in  the  parish.  It  was  re 
built  in  1658,  and  has  been  restored  of 
recent  years.  In  1296  there  was  a  hospital 
at  Mertoun.] 

ANDREW  HEGY  [HAIG],  probably  of 
1560     the  Bemersyde  family,  in  the  parish, 
vicar  in  1560. 

ROBERT  MYLNE,  reader  in  1574.- 
1574  [Reg.  Sec.  Sig.  ii.  40.] 

ROBERT  KER,  reader  at   Bowden  in 
1676     1574  ;  Maxton,  Lessudden,  and  Smail- 
holm  also  were  under  his  care ;  trans, 
to  Mow  about  23rd  Jan.  1579. 

ROBERT    RYNDE    [RHIND],    trans. 

1580     from    Ednam    in    1580;    trans,    to 

Foulis-Easter  in  1581.— [Reg.  Assig.] 

JAMES  MENZIES,  mentioned  as  min. 
1585  in  1585.— [Rtg.  Assig.} 


JOHN  SMYTH,  M.A.  :  trans,  from  Sel- 
1586     kirk  in  1586  '>  trans,  to  Maxton  about 

JOHN  HEPBURN,  M.A. ;   trans,  from 
1594     Glenholm  ;  pros,  to  the  vicarage  by 
James   VI.   before   25th   Jan.    1594; 
trans,  to  Cranshaws  in  1596. 

ALEXANDER  SIMSON,  son  of  Andrew 
1597  S.,  min.  of  Dalkeith;  studied  at 
Univ.  of  Glasgow;  M.A.  (1590); 
adm.  to  Muckhart  in  1591  ;  trans,  to  Alva 
and  Tillicoultry  in  1592;  trans,  and  adm. 
to  this  charge  in  1597;  it  was  proposed 
in  1602  to  translate  him  to  Tillicoultry, 
part  of  his  former  charge,  but  the  Presb. 
refused  concurrence.  When  preaching  in 
Edinburgh,  22nd  July  1621,  "he  spared 
neither  king,  bishop,  nor  minister."  He 
was  apprehended  the  following  day,  carried 
before  the  Privy  Council,  and  ordered  to  be 
confined  to  Dumbarton,  and  to  live  there 
at  his  own  expense.  He  was  released  2nd 
Oct.  following,  and  confined  to  his  own 
parish  10th  of  the  same  month.  He  dem. 
before  May  1632,  and  died  17th  July  1639, 
aged  about  69.  "  He  knew  and  cared  little 
about  earthly  things,  was  unwearied  in 
prayer,  and  constantly  occupied  with  the 
Bible."  He  marr.,  and  had  a  son  Andrew, 
who  though  apparently  a  min.  never  occu 
pied  a  pulpit  in  Scotland.  (He  was  the 
father  of  Andrew  S.,  min.  of  Kirkinner.) 
Publication  —  The  Destruction  of  Inbred 
Corruption,  or  the  Christian's  Warfare 
against  the  fiosome  Enemy  (London,  1644). 
— [Reg.  Assig. ;  Stirling  Presb.  Reg. ;  Calder- 
wood's  Hist.,  vii.,  470,  511  ;  Tambst.  within 
St  Modem's  Chapel,  Dri/burgh.  Abbey ; 
Livingston's  Charac.] 

JAMES   URQUHART,  M.A. ;  pres.  by 
1632     Cliarles   I-   20th    May   1632;    trans, 
to   Lindean    [Galashiels]   13th   May 

THOMAS  COURTNEY,  son  of  David 
1Q40     C.,  min.   of  Stichill ;    M.A.    (Edin 
burgh,  23rd  July  1636);   adm.  18th 
June  1640.    He  was  min.  at  Kirkandrews, 
in  England,  in  1661.     He  returned  to  this 




parish  later. — [Gunn's  Stichill ;  Reg.  Kelso 
Presb. ;  Neiv  Gen.  Reg.  Sas,,  ii.] 

JAMES  KIRKTON,  M.A. ;  trans,  from 
Second  Charge,  Lanark  ;  adm.  after 
25th  June  1657  ;  deprived  by  Act 
of  Parliament  llth  June,  and  Decreet  of 
Privy  Council  1st  Oct.  1662 ;  restored  in 


THOMAS  COURTNEY,  M.A.,  noticed 
above,  returned,  probably  only  as  a 
tolerated  min.  He  was  elected  to 
one  of  the  churches  by  the  Town  Council 
of  Edinburgh,  9th  Jan.  1663,  but  did  not 
accept.  He  was  min.  of  Ashkirk  in  1667. 
He  had  sasine  of  the  kirklands  of  Hume 
Nov.  1668.—  [Edin..  Counc.  Reg.  ;  Peebles 
Presb.  and  S>/n.  (Jedburgh  Presb.)  Regs.  ; 
New  Gen.  Reg.  Sas.,  xx.] 

JAMES  D  UNBAR,  M.A.  ;   trans,  from 

1667     ^atten  j   Pres>  by  Charles   II.    17th 

Nov.    1666;    coll.    21st   Jan.    1667; 

trans,    to    Abbey    St    Bathans    12th   Jan. 



ANDREW  MELDRUM,  son  of  Joshua 

^''  m*n'  °^  Trinity  Parish,  Edin 
burgh  ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh  1668)  ; 
licen.  by  George,  Bishop  of  Edinburgh, 
15th  March  1670  ;  pres.  by  Charles  II. 
16th  Sept.,  and  ord.  and  coll.  Nov.  1674  ; 
deprived  by  the  Act  of  Parliament,  25th 
April  1690,  restoring  the  Presbyterian 
ministers  ;  entered  burgess  and  guild- 
brother  of  Edinburgh  5th  Nov.  following  ; 
died  there,  20th  Dee.  1696,  aged  about  49. 
He  marr.  24th  Aug.  1675,  Anna  Gladstanes, 
who  died  23rd  May  1722,  and  had  issue  — 
Walter,  buried  in  Greyfriars,  Edinburgh, 
16th  Oct.  1695  ;  and  Joshua,  buried  there, 
22nd  Dec.  1697.—  [Reg.  Collat.  ;  Edin.  Guild 
Reg.  ;  Edin,  Reg.  (Marr.  and  JJur.)  ;  Min.- 
book  Reg.  Priv.  Seal;  MS.  Ace.  of  Min., 
1689  ;  Scot.  Presb.  Eloq.  ;  Kirkton's  Hist.] 

JAMES  KIRKTON,  M.A.,  noticed  above  ; 
16  restored  by  Act  of  Parliament  25th 
April  1690,  but  preached  only  two 
Sundays,  and  was  translated  to  Tolbooth 
Parish,  Edinburgh.  The  church  was  de 
clared  vacant  March  1691. 

JOHN  WALLACE  of  Monkcastle,  born 

about  1629  ;  eldest  son  of  Col.  James 

W.  of  Achans  ;    educ.  at  Univ.   of 

Glasgow  ;  M.A.  (1649)  ;  adm.  to  Largs  in- 

1658,   but    deprived    llth   June   1662;    in 

dulged  in   1672,  but  again  deprived    15th 

Feb.  1679  ;  returned  in  1687  ;  trans,  and  adm. 

to  this  charge  13th  May  1692;  died  14th 

Feb.  1693.    He  marr.  Jane  Hutchison. 

ROBERT    LIVER,    M.A.    (Edinburgh, 

1697     3rd   July   1693);    ord.    to   Hownam 

14th  Nov.  1695  ;   called   Dec.    1696  ; 

trans,  and  adm.  4th  May  1697  ;  dem.  20th 

June  1717. 

JAMES  INNES,  son  of  Robert  I.,  wine 
171g  merchant,  Leith  ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
llth  May  1704)  ;  first  rector  of  the 
Grammar  School  of  Hawick,  1710-18  ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh  5th  June  1717  ; 
pres.  by  Thomas  Haliburton  of  Newmains 
that  year;  ord.  18th  Sept.  1718;  died  1st 
July  1767.  He  marr.  20th  July  1726, 
Christian  (died  at  Edinburgh,  4th  Dec. 
1770),  daugh.  of  Robert  Munro  of  Coul, 
advocate,  and  had  issue  —  Mary  ;  Robert, 
M.D.,  born  24th  April  1730  ;  Captain 
Albert,  born  4th  Feb.  1732  ;  James,  min. 
of  Yester,  born  17th  June  1733  ;  Anne, 
born  6th  Dec.  1734,  died  4th  Dec.  1762.— 
[Hau'ick  Sess.  Reg.] 

JOHN  MARTIN,  pres.  by  AValter  Scott 
1768     °^  Harden,  and  ord.  28th  Sept.  1768  ; 
trans,  to  Spott  4th  March  1790. 

JAMES  DUNCAN,  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
7  Auchterarder  22nd  April,  pres.  by 
Walter  Scott  of  Harden  3rd  July, 
and  ord.  28th  Sept.  1790;  died  27th  Jan. 
1845,  in  his  82nd  year.  He  marr.  10th 
Feb.  1795,  Elizabeth  Laurie,  in  the  parish 
of  Smailholm,  who  died  at  Edinburgh,  8th 
Sept.  1868,  aged  95,  and  had  issue  —  James, 
licentiate  of  the  Church  of  Scotland,  born 
9th  Oct.  1796,  died  7th  Jan.  1822  ;  Isabella, 
born  9th  April  1798,  died  18th  May  1830  ; 
Sarah  Elizabeth,  born  4th  July  1799,  died 
27th  Dec.  1819  ;  Barbara,  born  27th  June 
1800,  died  15th  March  1819  ;  Thomas,  born 
9th  Oct.  1802,  died  26th  Jan.  1821  ;  Mary, 
born  4th  June  1806;  Elizabeth,  born  30th 
Dec.  1807,  died  1st  Aug.  1831  ;  Harriet, 



[I'liESB.  OF 

born  31st  Dec.  1811,  died  16th  May  1813. 
Publications — Account  of  the  Parish  (Sin 
clair's,  xiv.,  and  Xciv  Stat.  Ace.,  ii.) 

JOHN  GRIEVE,  a  native  of  Roxburgh 
shire  ;  pres.  by  Hugh,  Lord  Polwarth, 
27th  June,  and  adm.  4th  Sept.  1845  ; 
dep.  21st  May  1860.     He  became  a  school 
master  at  Greenhill,  Shotts,  and  died  19th 
June  1884.    He  marr.  7th  July  1861,  Agnes 
Dinwoodie,  who  died  29th  Aug.  1902,  leav 
ing  issue. 

WILLIAM   M'LEAN,  trans,  from  Ash- 
kirk,  and  adm.  1st  Nov.  I860;  clerk 
of    Presb.,   1863-4;    trans,    to   Pen- 
ninghame  7th  April  1864. 

ALEXANDER  M'LAREN,  born  Edin 
burgh,  3rd  July  1827,  son  of  David 
M.,  tailor,  Dunkeld,  and  Isabella 
Purves ;  educated  at  High  School  and 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  served  sometime  in 
the  office  of  a  W.S. ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Edinburgh  in  1854  :  ord.  to  Leslie,  Fife, 
1st  March  1855  ;  pres.  by  Hugh,  Lord  Pol 
warth  ;  trans,  and  adm.  16th  June  1864 ; 
clerk  of  Presb.,  1879-91 ;  died  24th  Oct. 
1891.  He  marr.  3rd  June  1891,  Agnes, 
daugh.  of  George  Frederick  Jones,  Kel- 
burne,  Fairlie.  Publication — edited  (with 
biographical  sketch)  Under  the  Shadoiv, 
sermons  by  William  M'Lean  [his  predeces 
sor]  (Edinburgh,  1881).  He  left  in  manu 
script  a  Commentary  on  the  Book  of  the 

born  Dyce,  Aberdeenshire,  29th  Nov. 
1843,  son  of  Alexander  D.  :  educated 
at  Univ.  of  Glasgow ;  student  missionary, 
Barony  Parish,  Glasgow ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Glasgow ;  ord.  to  the  Chapel-of-Ease 
(now  South  Parish),  Girvan,  20th  Feb. 
1873 ;  trans,  to  St  Vincent's  Parish,  Glas 
gow,  21st  Dec.  1881 ;  trans,  and  adm.  17th 
May  1892 ;  convener  of  Life  and  W^ork  Sub 
committee  on  Mission  -  weeks ;  died  llth 
Jan.  1908.  He  marr.  9th  July  1874,  Anna- 
bella  Gordon  (died  5th  Dec.  1909),  daugh. 
of  James  Robertson,  and  had  issue — Mary 
Gordon,  born  5th  April  1875  (marr.  19th 
Sept.  1907,  John  Donaldson  M'Callum, 

min.  of  Larkhall) :  George  Henry,  min. 
of  the  West  Parish,  Aberdeen;  Elizabeth 
Gray,  born  26th  Jan.  1878  (marr.  4th  Aug. 
1904,  James  Chrystal,  Bombay) ;  Edith 
Armstrong,  born  7th  May  1885. 

19Q8  Muirhead,  Shotts,  21st  May  1858, 
son  of  James  Manuel  of  Treesbanks  ; 
educated  at  Wilson's  Endowed  School, 
Shotts,  and  Univ.  of  Glasgow  ;  M.A.  (1880), 
B.D.  (1883);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Hamilton 
in  1883;  assistant  at  Larbert  and  Duni- 
pace ;  ord.  to  St  Stephen's  Chapel.  Perth, 
13th  May  1885;  adm.  to  St  Andrew's 
Parish,  Perth,  on  the  closing  of  Old  St 
Stephen's  Chapel,  30th  Sept.  that  year ; 
trans,  and  adm.  llth  June  1908.  Marr.  (1) 
7th  Aug.  1889,  Mary  Somerville  (died  s.p. 
14th  June  1891),  daugh.  of  Robert  Lindsay, 
merchant,  Coatbridge  :  (2)  7th  Dec.  1898, 
Agnes  Manuel,  youngest  daugh.  of  Joseph 
Stenhouse,  shipbuilder,  Dumbarton,  and 
has  issue — Agnes  Gilmour,  born  17th  July 
1901 ;  James,  born  10th  Jan.  1903  ;  Marian 
Gilmour,  born  3rd  Aug.  1906  ;  Dora  Grisell 
Baillie,  born  9th  Nov.  1910.  Publications 
— Eastern  Impressions  (Perth,  1907) ;  A 
Gladdening  River:  Twenty  -  Five  Years' 
Guild  Influence  amon<j  the  Himolayas 
(London,  1914). 


[The  church,  previous  to  the  Reformation, 
belonged  to  the  Abbey  of  Jedburgh.  There 
was  here  a  hospital  called  Smailholm 
Spital.  In  the  church  is  a  window  to  the 
memory  of  Sir  Walter  Scott,  who  spent 
part  of  his  boyhood  in  this  parish.] 

THOMAS  M'KENNA,  reader  from  1574 
1574  to  1576. 

JOHN  MAKENNOCH,  reader  from  1578 
1578  to  1580. 

GEORGE  HOME,  styled  vicar  in  1578. 
-[Feu   Charters   of   Kirklands,  ii., 



JOHN  KENNEDY,  probably  the  above 
1586     John  Makennoch,  reader  in  1586. 




DAVID  FOKSYTH,  min.  of  St  Bos- 
wells,  had  this  parish  also  in  his 
charge  in  1593  ;  pres.  to  the  vicarage 

by   James   VI.   before   July  1593   [ride  St 


ARCHIBALD  OSWALD,  M.A.  :  trans, 
from  Hutton,  and  adm.  in  1595 ; 
trans,  to  Tranent  that  year. 


JAMES  HUNTER,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
12th  Aug.  1591) ;  adm.  to  Borthwick 
in  1593  :  trans,  to  Skirling  in  1594 ; 
pres.  to  the  vicarage  by  James  VI.  1st  May 
1598  :  died  before  30th  Sept.  1629.  He 
marr.  30th  Aug.  1598,  Marion  Aikman 
(who  survived  him,  and  marr.  (2)  Thomas 
M'Dowall  in  Stodrig),  and  had  issue— Alex 
ander  in  Wranghame,  in  the  parish,  who 
was  served  heir  20th  July  1030:  Cleorge. 
— [fay.  May.  Sly.  •.  Re<j.  Assiy. ;  Key.  Sec. 
Siy.  ;  Edin.  Reg.  (Mu,rr.)'j  /»'/•  Rft-  ^'f«., 
1751  ;  Key.  of  Deeds,  cccxcvi.] 

JAMES  LOGAN,  M.A.  (Edinburgh.  27th 
July  1616) :  classical  master  in  the 
High  School,  Edinburgh,  12th  March 
1617:  pres.  by  Charles  I.  30th  Sept.  1629; 
was  a  member  of  the  Court  of  High  Com 
mission  21st  Oct.  1634 ;  dep.  before  21st 
Sept.  1641.  He  had  £100  sterling  allowed 
by  Parliament,  5th  July  1661,  as  some 
compensation  for  his  sufferings. — [Rey.  Sec. 
Siy.  '.  Baillie:s  Letter*  :  Maitland  Mi  well., 
ii. ;  Acts  of  P<irL,  vii. ;  Steven's  Edin. 
Ili'jli  School,  83.] 

164Q  burgh,  23rd  July  1631) ;  tutor  to  the 
Master  of  Cranstoun  ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Dalkeith  20th  Dec.  1638  ;  adm.  26th  May 
1640  :  pres.  by  Charles  I.  21st  Sept.  1641  ; 
he  was  appointed  by  the  Assembly,  4th 
June  1644,  to  accompany  the  Master  of 
Cranstoun's  Regiment  to  England ;  was 
a  member  of  Assemblies  1645-9  ;  confined 
to  his  parish  on  the  re-establishment  of 
Episcopacy  in  1662  ;  died  before  8th  March 
1671.  He  marr.,  and  had  issue — William, 
eldest  son,  served  heir  1673. — [Edin.  Sas., 
xviii.,  367 ;  Old  Dec.,  iii.  ;  Key.  Sec.  Siy. ; 
Jedburyh  Presb.  Re<j.  ;  Wodrow's  Hist.,  \., 
326  ;  Baillie's  Letters ;  Livingston's  Life  ; 

VOL.   II. 

Bannatyne  Miscdl.,  ii.  ;  Acts  of  Ass.  ;    In<[. 
Ret.  Gen.,  5653,  7904.] 

NINIAN    PATERSON,     M.A.  ;    trans. 
1671     from   Dalserf;  pres.   by  Charles  II. 
4th  July  1671  ;   trans,  to  Liberton 
14th  Oct.  1674. 

GIDEON  BROWN,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
1676  19th  July  1661);  licen.  by  George, 
Bishop  of  Edinburgh,  2nd  April 
1664:  ord.  to  Legerwood  8th  March  1666; 
pres.  by  Charles  II.  2nd  Jan.  1676,  and  adm. 
soon  after  ;  deprived  by  the  Privy  Council, 
26th  Sept.  1689,  for  neither  reading  the  Pro 
clamation  of  the  Estates  nor  praying  for 
William  and  Mary,  and  for  absenting  him 
self  from  church  on  the  day  appointed  for 
reading  the  Proclamation.  He  is  spoken 
of  as  a  "  violent  persecutor  ;:  of  the  Presby 
terians.  He  had  a  son,  Alexander,  periwig- 
maker  and  barber,  afterwards  servitor  to 
the  Duke  of  Queensberry.  —  [Consistorial 
J'rocessex,  Scot.  Rec.  Soc.,  No.  140; 
Min.-book  A'ey.  1'rir.  Seal  ;  MS.  Ace.  of 
Min.,  1689  :  Scot.  Presb.  Eloq.  ;  Rule's  Sec. 
Vindication  ;  Peterkin's  Constitution  of  the 

JOHN  BELL,  son  of  Robert  B.,  min.  of 

to  Ardrossan  after  1655  ;  deprived  by 
Act  of  Parliament  llth  June,  and  Decreet 
of  Privy  Council  1st  Oct.  1662;  indulged 
27th  July  1669  ;  returned  to  Ardrossan 
in  1687  ;  clem,  after  3rd  April  1688  ; 
restored  25th  April  1690;  adm.  to  this 
parish  12th  Oct.  1691  ;  died  Jan.  1702, 
aged  68,  leaving  a  son,  Robert,  min.  of 
Cavers.—  [Wodrow  MSS.] 

M.A.  (Edinburgh,  13th  July  1695); 
called  19th  Jan.,  and  ord.  6th  May 
1703;  died  June  1709,  aged  about  36.  He 
marr.  Mary,  daugh.  of  George  Bell  of  Bel- 
ford,  and  his  wife,  a  daugh.  of  Sir  Thomas 
Carre  of  Cavers,  and  stepsister  of  the  first 
Countess  of  Marchmont.  She  was  alive 
in  1730,  and  had  issue—  Mary,  bapt.  28th 
Feb.  1705  (marr.  Patrick  Hepburn,  min.  of 
Ayton)  ;  Isobel,  born  15th  Dec.  1706  (marr. 
William  Home,  min.  of  Fogo)  :  George 



bapt.    2nd    Feb.   1709.— \_Fogo   tiess.  Reg.  ; 


1710  kurgh, 29th  APril  1701);  licen-  by 

Presb.  of  Lauder  22nd  March  1709 ; 
called  12th  Jan.,  and  ord.  20th  July  1710  ; 
died  unmarr.  12th  May  1743,  aged  62. 

deen  1708,  son  of  Alexander  D., 
weaver  and  burgess ;  educated  at 
Marischal  College  and  Univ. ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Earlston  7th  Jan.  1735;  tutor  in 
the  family  of  Alexander,  second  Earl  of 
Marchmont ;  ord.  to  Traquair  12th  Sept. 
1738;  pros,  by  Grisell,  Lady  Murray  of 
Stanhope,  with  consent  of  her  mother, 
Lady  Grisell  Baillie,  1st  Aug.,  trans,  and 
adm.  24th  Nov.  1743 ;  D.D.  (Aberdeen 
1773);  died  29th  Sept,  1795.  He  was  Sir 
Walter  Scott's  minister  during  his  Smail- 
holm  boyhood.  He  is  described  in  the 
Introduction  to  the  third  canto  of  Marmion, 
as  * 

"  The  venerable  priest, 
Our  frequent  and  familiar  guest, 
Whoso  life  and  manners  well  could  paint 
Alike  the  student  and  the  saint," 

and  is  thought  to  be  the  prototype  of  "  Josiah 
Cargill"   in   tit  Ronan's    Well.     He    marr. 
2nd  Feb.  1744,  Helen  (died  10th  Jan.  1748, 
aged    36),    daugh.    of    William    Home    of 
Greenlaw  Castle,  factor  on  the  Mellerstain 
estate,  and  Anne,  daugh.  of  Sir  Alexander 
Purves  of  that  ilk,  and  had  issue— Alex 
ander,  min.  of  Gordon  ;  Agnes,  born  ISth 
Aug.    1746    (marr.,    pro.    19th    Oct.    1766, 
Thomas  Cleghorn,  Inspector-General  of  Im 
ports  and  Exports,  and  Dean  of  Guild  of 
Edinburgh),  died  4th  Dec.  1785 ;  William, 
colonel    H.E.I.C.S.,  born   31st    Dec.   1747, 
died  in  London,  1st  March  1830;   George 
(twin),  born    31st    Dec.    1747,  died    22nd 
March   1748.      Publications  —  A  Preventa- 
tive  against  the  Principles  of  Infidelity,  or 
the  Nature  and  Design  of  the   Christian 
Religion  and  the  Evidences  of  its   Truth 
and  Divine  Origin  (Edinburgh,  1774) ;  The 
Devout    Communicant's    Assistant    (Edin 
burgh,  1777;  Berwick,  1792);  The  Evidence 
of  the  Resurrection  of  Jesus  as  recorded  in 
the    New   Testament,    a    sermon    preached 

before  the  S.P.C.K.  (Edinburgh,  1783) ;  The 
History  of  the  Revolution,  1688  (Edinburgh, 
1790);  Account  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's 
Stat.  Ace.,  iii.).  He  left  in  manuscript  a 
Journal  of  the  Rebellion,  1745,  which  was 
not  published. — [Tomlst.  ;  Scots  Magazine, 
1796;  Lockhart's  Life  of  Scott;  W.  S. 
Crockett's  77/6  ticott  Originals  (portrait). 

THOMAS  CLEGHORN,  born  Edin- 
1796  burgh,  5th  Jan.  1777,  son  of  Thomas 
C.,  Inspector  -  General  of  Imports 
and  Exports  for  Scotland,  and  grandson 
of  preceding  min.  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dalkeith  5th 
July,  pres.  by  George  Baillie  of  Mellerstain 
4th  Aug.,  and  ord.  28th  Sept,  1796;  dem. 
1st  April  1845 ;  died  unmarr.  12th  April 
1847  ;  interred  in  St  Cuthbert's  Churchyard, 
Edinburgh.  Publication — Account  of  the 
Parish  (New  Stat.  Ace.,  iii.). 

DAVID  SWAN,  born  Banbeith,  Leven, 

1843  ^6'  1St  ^U*y  18°8'  S°n  °^  '^°^n  ^'' 
farmer ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh  ;  assistant  at  Smailholm  ;  pres.  by 
George  Baillie  of  Mellerstain  9th  Aug.,  and 
ord.  (assistant  and  successor)  28th  Sept. 
1843;  clerk  of  Presb.,  1843-63;  died  un 
marr.  12th  Sept.  1886. 

WILLIAM  LAMB  SIME,  born  Elgin, 
12th  Feb.  1855,  son  of  James  S. 
and  Annie  Bain  ;  educated  at  Elgin 
Academy,  Milne's  Institution,  Fochabers, 
Univs.  of  Aberdeen  and  Edinburgh,  and 
at  Marburg  ;  M.A.  (Aberdeen  1876) ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Elgin  14th  May  1879  ;  assistant 
at  Huntly,  Newbattle,  and  Smailholm ; 
ord.  16th  June  1887.  Publication— Scott, 
tit  Cuthbert,  Smailholm  Church,  and  Tower 
[book  of  the  Bazaar]  (Edinburgh,  1896). 


[The  church  was  dedicated  to  St  Mary. 
Here  was  the  southern  seat  of  the  Arch 
bishop  of  St  Andrews,  called  the  Stow 
of  Wedalc.  It  had  a  right  of  sanctuary. 
Beside  the  ruin  of  the  old  church  is  Our 
Lady's  Well.] 




WILLIAM  HESLOP,  reader  from  1574 
1574     to  1578. 

JAMES  MITCHELL,  brother  of  George 
158g  M.,  flour-miller,  burgess  of  Edin 
burgh:  mentioned  as  min.  in  1585; 
died  between  7th  Jan.  and  19th  July  1626. 
He  marr.  (1)  Marion,  daugh.  of  James 
M'Cartney,  who  died  before  1615,  and  had 
issue— John,  who  was  at  ( 'ourt  in  London 
in  1621  :  (2)  Elizabeth  Wright,  who  sur 
vived  him.— |Y/.  R.  In-hil.,  xvi.,  43  ;  ihld., 
19th  Nov.  1624;  !l,i<Lt  20th  May  1625  : 
Key.  Assiij.  ;  Ed  in.  Tests.  ;  Inq.  Ret.  de 
Tut.,  1306-10.] 

WILLIAM  MAXWELL,  M.A.  ;  adm.  in 
1628     1628  :  trans,  to  Dunbar  in  1635. 

1635  ljm'y'h>  27th  July  1022);  employed 
by  the  Town  Council  of  Edinburgh 
to  preach  in  the  vacant  pulpits  of  the  city 
previous  to  28th  Nov.  1634  ;  adrn.  23rd 
Aug.  1635 ;  suspended  by  Presb.  7th  April 
1639:  dep.  22nd  April  1639,  for  not 
acknowledging  the  General  Assembly  in 
1638,  and  desertion  of  his  charge.  He 
marr.  (cont.  18th  and  25th  Feb.  1636) 
Margaret,  youngest  daugh.  of  Sir  James 
Pringle  of  Galashiels,  and  had  issue  — 
Thomas. — [Jtey.  of  Deeds,  dxxiv.,  133  ;  Ediii. 
Coun<\  and  Ness.  Keys.  ;  }Vodron'  J/.SX] 

JOHN  CLELAND,  son  of  George  C., 
min.  of  Durisdeer ;  educated  at 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  M.A.  (22nd 
June  1633);  having  resided  within  its 
bounds  for  eleven  months,  he  got  a  testi 
monial  from  the  Presb.  of  Dalkeith  26th 
July  1638;  ord.  10th  Dec.  1640;  joined 
the  Protesters  in  1651  ;  died  Aug.  1665, 
aged  about  52.  He  marr.  Janet,  sister  of 
Archibald  Porteous,  min.  of  Oxnam,  and 
had  issue — James  ;  John  ;  Robert ;  Archi 
bald  ;  Janet ;  Margaret ;  Jean  ;  Christian  ; 
Elizabeth. — {Dalkeith  and  Jedburyh  Presl. 
Regs. ;  Edin.  Tests. ;  Wodrow;s  Hist. ;  Acts 
of  Par!.,  vii.] 

ROBERT    KAY,    on    the    Exercise    at 

1666     Stirling   26th   July   1627;    adm.    to 

Second   Charge,   Dumbarton,    1636; 

left   in    1643;    adm.  to   Dunfermline  16th 


Jan.  1645  ;  dem.  in  1665  ;  adm.  to  this 
charge  in  1666  ;  died  15th  May  1680.  He 
marr.  Barbara  Lindsay,  and  had  issue  — 
Robert  ;  Charles,  inin.  of  Second  Charge, 
South  Leith.  —  [Dtotfermline  Sess.  7iV/.] 

ANDREW  NAUGHLEY,  adm.  to  Kirk- 
168Q  mabreck  about  1674  ;  trans,  and  adm. 
llth  Aug.  1680;  deprived  by  the 
Privy  Council,  29th  Aug.  1689,  for  neither 
reading  the  Proclamation  of  the  Estates 
nor  praying  for  William  and  Mary,  but 
for  King  James.  He  became  curate  of 
Threlkeld,  Penrith,  4th  April  1698  ;  died 
there,  17th  April  1705.  He  marr.  Mary, 
daugh.  of  William  Burnett  of  Barns,  and 
Christian  Whitford,  and  had  issue  —  Alex 
ander,  his  successor  in  the  curacy,  ord. 
priest  19th  May  1706,  died  30th  April 
1756;  William;  James;  Margaret.  —  [J/X 
Ace.  of  Jfin.,  1689;  Peterkin's  Constitution 
of  the  Church:  Hutchinson's  Cumberland^ 
i.  ;  ThrdM<l 

HUGH  SCOTT,  M.A.  (Edinburgh  1649)  ; 

168g     adrn.  to   Bedrule   17th  March  1657; 

deprived   by  Parliament   and   Privy 

Council  llth  June  and  1st  Oct.  1662  ;  adm. 

j  to  Oxnam  in  1672  :  trans,  to  Galashiels  1st 

|  Dec.  1672  ;  trans,  and  adm.  to  this  charge 

;  in  1689.     He  was  a  member  of  Assembly  in 

\  1690,  and  died  before  4th  Nov.  that  year. 

He  marr.  Jean  Pringle,  who  died  at  Edin 

burgh  19th  July    1709,  aged  65,   and   had 

issue  —  David,  born  1676  ;  Hugh  ;  James  of 

Blackwater,  St  Fergus  ;  Helen  (marr.  23rd 

Nov.  1708,  Thomas  Waldie,  merchant,  Edin 

burgh).  —  \_Edin.    Tests.  ;    Banff  Sas.,   28th 

Dec.  1697.] 

JAMES  DOUGLAS,  son  of  Robert  D., 
1693  soaP-boiler.  Edinburgh  ;  called  25th 
Oct.  1692  ;  ord.  9th  Aug.  1693  ;  died 
22nd  March  1732.  He  marr.  Jean  Allan, 
who  died  at  Edinburgh,  19th  April  1741. 
She  presented  two  silver  communion  cups 
to  the  parish  27th  June  1736.  —  [Edin.  Re<j. 
(Bw.};  Edin.  Tests.] 

DAVID  DUNCAN,  born  Aberdeen  1702, 

1733     son    °^  Alexander    D.,   weaver   and 

burgess,  brother  of    Alexander    D., 

D.D.,   min.    of    Smailholm  ;    educated    at 

Marischal  College  and  Univ.  of  Aberdeen  ; 




licen.  by  Presb.  of  Biggar  18th  Feb.  1731  ; 
tutor  in  the  family  of  Sir  William  Baillie  | 
of  Lamington  ;  prcs.  by  George  II.  5th 
Sept,  1732;  ord.  2nd  Aug.  1733;  pros,  to 
Gladsmuir,  but  died  on  the  eve  of  his  in 
duction,  22nd  Oct.  1758.  He  marr.  (1) 
Nov.  1734,  Elizabeth,  daugh.  of  John  Ful- 
larton  of  Auchinhay  :  (2)  pro.  17th  June  ! 
1739,  Margaret  (died  before  llth  Jan.  1749), 
daugh.  of  James  Pringle,  brother  of  Sir 
John  P.  of  Stichill,  Bart.  :  (3)  29th  Jan. 
1752,  Janet  Buchanan,  who  died  30th  April 
1763.— [Edin.  Tests. ;  Acts  of  Ass.,  1733  : 

EGBERT  DAWSON,  had  gift  of  a 
bursary  at  the  Univ.  of  Edinburgh 
from  the  Exchequer  27th  Nov.  1747  : 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  29th  Nov. 
1752  ;  assistant  at  Saltoun  ;  pres.  by  George 
II.  9th  March,  and  ord.  25th  Sept.  1759; 
died  23rd  March  1809,  in  his  82nd  year. 
He  marr.  17th  Nov.  1767,  Mary  Aber- 
cromby,  who  died  1st  Feb.  1814,  and  had 
issue_William,  born  31st  Aug.  17G8  ;  Helen, 
born  10th  March  1770;  Jean,  born  19th 
June  1772  ;  Kebecca,  born  2nd  Feb.  1773, 
died  15th  July  1776  ;  Alexander,  surgeon, 
born  8th  May  1777.  Publication— Account 
of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  vii.). 

JOHN  CORMACK,  born  1776,  son  of 
William  G.,  blacksmith,  Edinburgh, 
which  occupation  he  also  followed 
for  a  time  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh 
(where  he  was  prizeman  for  the  best  essay) ; 
M.A.  (28th  Jan.  1803);  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Edinburgh  29th  Feb.  1804  ;  pres.  by  George 
III.  15th  May,  and  ord.  (assistant  and  suc 
cessor)  17th  Sept.  1807  ;  D.D.  (St  Andrews, 
12th  April  1828);  died  20th  Dec.  1840. 
He  took  much  interest  in  the  condition 
of  the  farm  servants  in  his  parish,  and 
formed  an  association  for  their  improve 
ment  and  welfare.  He  marr.  7th  April 
1814,  Helen  (died  at  Nairn,  28th  Sept. 
1848),  daugh.  of  John  Rose  of  Holme,  and 
had  issue— Sir  John  Rose,  M.D.,  medical 
writer,  distinguished  himself  at  the  Siege 
of  Paris  in  1871  [vide  Dirt.  Nat.  Biog.\ 
born  5th  Dec.  1815,  died  13th  May  1882; 
William,  born  30th  April  1817,  died  27th 

June  1818;  Jane  Ann,  born  16th  Feb. 
1819,  died  28th  Sept.  1836.  Publications 
— Sermon  at  opening  the  Synod  (Edinburgh, 
1810);  Account  of  the  Abolition  of  Female 
Infanticide  in  dvzentt  (London,  1815); 
Pastoral  Hints  to  the  Parishioners  (Edin 
burgh,  1823) ;  Inquiry  into  the  Doctrine  of 
Original  Sin  (Edinburgh,  1824);  Review  of lai  the  Clleadite  (Edinburgh,  1827); 
Association  for  the  Improvement  and  En 
couragement  of  Servants  in  the  Border 
Districts  (Edinburgh,  1827);  Illustrations 
of  Faith  (Edinburgh,  1839) ;  Memoir  of  the 
Rev.  William  Stark  [min.  of  Dirleton] 
(Stark's  Sermons) ;  contributions  to  the 
Edinburgh  Christian  Instructor;  trans 
lated  Fenelon's  Lives  of  the  Ancient  Philos 
ophers,  2  vols.  (London,  1803),  and  The 
Church  of  Home,  by  Cesar  Malan,  D.D. 
(London,  1840)  ;  On  Voluntari/  Church 
Association-,  Account  of  the  Parish  (New 
Stat.  Ace.,  i.). 


DAVID  WADDELL,  born  Gavinton, 
Berwickshire,  27th  June  1794,  son 
of  William  W.  and  Isobel  Trotter  ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  tutor  at 
Monte  Video  to  the  family  of  the  British 
Consul ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Duns  ;  mission 
ary  at  New  North  Parish,  Edinburgh,  and 
at  Stobhill ;  pres.  by  Queen  Victoria,  and 
ord.  14th  Sept.  1841 ;  died  unmarr.  5th  Jan. 
1873.  Publications — Articles  in  Chamlers's 
Journal,  and  other  publications,  on  his 
foreign  experiences  and  impressions. — [The 
Border  Almanac,  1874.] 

1873  M.A. ;  pres.  by  Queen  Victoria  4th 
April  1873;  trans,  from  Second 
Charge,  Montrose,  and  adin.  17th  July 
1873;  trans,  to  Tron  Parish,  Edinburgh, 
22nd  Sept.  1881. 

WILLIAM  WORKMAN,  born  in   Ire 
land,  13th  Aug.  1844,  son  of  William 
W.   and   Jane   Clark ;    educated   at 
Beith  School  and  Univ.  of  Glasgow  ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Irvine  ;  took  charge  of  Sandy- 
ford   Parish    Mission    (now  St    Clement's 
Parish),  Glasgow  ;  ord.  to  Fullarton,  Irvine, 
28th  Jan.  1875 ;   trans,  to  Second  Charge, 
Montrose,  28th  Jan.  1876;  trans,  and  ad  in. 




20th  April  1882 ;  died  8th  June  1910.  He 
marr.  19th  Aug.  1875,  Margaret,  daugh.  of 
George  Burrell,  shipowner,  Glasgow. 

Blairhall,  Scone,  5th  June  1870,  son 
of  John  W.  and  Euphemia  Wilkie  ; 
educated  at  Perth  Academy  and  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh,  M.A.  (1893),  B.D.  (llth  April 
1890),  and  at  Halle,  Berlin,  Paris  ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Dalkeith  in  1897  ;  assistant  at 
Morningside,  Edinburgh  :  ord.  to  Greenlaw, 
Paisley,  24th  April  1902  ;  trans,  to  Rose- 
mount,  Aberdeen,  2nd  April  1907  ;  trans, 
and  ad  in.  27th  Jan.  1911  ;  Hastic  Lecturer, 
Univ.  of  Glasgow,  19ir>.  Marr.  29th  July 
1902,  Marion  Miller,  daugh.  of  Thomas 
Grainger  Taylor.  Publications — The  Quebec 
Tercentenary  (Aberdeen,  1909)  ;  In  His 
Name  (London,  1914). 


[Previous  to  the  Reformation  the  church, 
dedicated  to  St  Mary,  belonged  to  the 
nunnery  of  Coldstream.  The  parish  was 
united  to  Gordon  in  1617,  but  again  dis 
joined.  Afterwards  the  Presb.  found  it 
expedient  that  the  kirk  of  Bassendean 
should  be  disunited  and  separated  from 
Gordon.  This  being  recommended  by  the 
Synod  also,  and  advised  by  the  General 
Assembly,  16th  June  1646,  the  parish  was 
disjoined  by  the  Commissioners  for  Planta 
tion  of  Kirks,  30th  June  1647,  and  "the 
parishioners,  or  some  of  the  best  affected, 
bigged  a  kirk  instead  of  that  which  was 
altogether  ruinous  and  fallen  down."  By 
Act  of  Parliament,  2nd  March  1649,  the 
kirk  was  ordered  to  be  transported  from 
Bassendean  to  Westruther.  In  the  parish 
were  the  chapel  of  Wedderlie  and  the 
White  Chapel  of  Spottiswood,  vide  The 
Border  Magazine,  Jan.  1903.] 

ANDREW  CURRIE,  styled  "vicar  of 
1669  Bassendean ;;  in  1569  and  in  1574. 

NINIAN    BORTHWICK,    trans,    from 
Lauder   in  1574,  having  Legerwood 
and   Earlston   also   under    his   care. 
He  was  still  min.  in  1578.— \_Rey.  Assig.} 



THOMAS  STORIE,  adm.  to  Foulden  in 
1576;  trans,  to  Hutton  about  1596, 
when  Gordon  also  was  under  his 

charge  ;  pres.  to  the  vicarage  by  James  VI. 

20th    Dec.    1598 ;   removed    to   Gordon  in 

1609.— \_Reg.  Assig. ] 

JOHN  VEITCH,  born  2nd  March  1620, 
son  of  John  V.,  min.  of  Roberton, 
Lanarkshire  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of 
Glasgow ;  M.A.  (1639)  ;  pres.  by  Charles 
II.  29th  Dec.  1647 ;  adm.  8th  May  1648. 
An  Act  of  Parliament  was  passed  in  his 
favour  2nd  July  1661,  but  its  terms  are  not 
known.  Refusing  to  conform  to  Episco 
pacy,  he  was  deprived  in  1662.  He  returned 
in  1680  under  the  Act  of  Indulgence,  but 
failing  to  compear  before  the  Privy  Council, 
he  was  declared  outlaw,  5th  Oct.  of  that 
year.  He  was  arrested,  and  suffered  great 
privations  in  the  Tolbooth  of  Edinburgh. 
He  was  again  deprived  in  1682,  and 
sentenced  to  a  further  term  of  imprison 
ment.  2nd  Aug.  1683.  He  was  released 
10th  Dec.  following,  and  returned  to  his 
I  charge,  but  on  4th  Sept.  1685  he  was 
seized  by  order  of  the  Lord  Chancellor 
[James  Drummond,  Earl  of  Perth],  and 
kept  in  prison  for  twenty  weeks.  In  1690 
he  was  restored,  and  was  a  member  of 
Assembly  in  1690  and  1692.  He  died  at 
Dalkeith,  on  his  return  from  the  Commis 
sion  of  Assembly,  16th  Dec.  1702,  and  was 
buried  there.  He  marr.  (1)  7th  Sept.  1652, 
Agnes,  daugh.  of  Alexander  Home,  third 
of  Bassendean,  and  Sybilla,  daugh.  of 
George  Broun  of  Colstoun ;  they  had 
sasine  of  lands  in  Bassendean  llth  July 
1659  :  (2)  Susanna  Dundas,  who  survived 
him,  and  had  issue— George,  writer,  Edin 
burgh  ;  Susanna  (marr.  Nicol  Edgar,  min. 
i  of  Hobkirk) ;  Sophia  (marr.  James  Ker, 
I  min.  of  Nenthorn).  Publication— A  De 
scription  of  Berwickshire,  or  the  Mers 
(Sibbald  MSS.,  Advocates'  Library;  vide 
Macfarlane's  Geographical  Selections,  iii., 
169-185,  Scot.  Hist.  Soc.,  1908).— [Wod- 
row's  Hist.,  iii.,  196 ;  Memoir  of  William 
Veitch  [his  brother];  Acts  of  Part.,  vii. ; 
Livingston's  Life;  Reg.  Gen.  Ass.,  1690, 
1692  ;  Reg.  Old  Dec.,  i.,  ii.,  iii. ;  Monteith's 
Theater  of  Mortality,  ii. ;  Edin.  and  Lander 




Test*  ;  Scot.  Fred).  Eloq. ;  Hist.  Berwick. 
Nat.  Club,  xviii.;  inscription  in  Veitch's 
Latin  Bible,  formerly  in  the  possession  of 
the  Rev.  Walter  Wood.] 


GEORGE  WILSON,  adm.  to  Killellan 
before  31st  Aug.  1065  ;  trans,  to 
Simprin  12th  Sept.  1072  ;  adm.  in 
1683;  pres.  by  Charles  II.  26th  March 
1684  ;  deprived  by  Act  of  Parliament  25th 
April  1690,  restoring  the  Presbyterian 
mins. — \_Kffj.  Sec.  Sig.  ',  Min.-book  Reg. 
Friv.  Seal  ;  MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689.] 

1690    JOHN  VEITCH,  M.A.  (see  above). 


WALTER  SCOTT,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
28th  June  1697);  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Dunbar  27th  Jan.  1703;  called 
15th  June,  and  ord.  21st  Sept.  1704  ;  died 
May  1737,  aged  about  60.  He  marr.  28th 
Feb.  1707,  Sophia  (died  1st  April  1771), 
claugh.  of  George  Home  of  Bassendean, 
and  Katherine  Pringle  of  Greenknowe, 
and  had  issue  —  Francis,  his  successor  ; 
Catherine ;  Agnes  (marr.  19th  Oct.  1730, 
Andrew  Gray,  wigmaker,  Edinburgh) ; 
Barbara  (marr.  6th  July  1746,  James 
Anderson,  one  of  the  masters  of  the 
High  School,  Edinburgh). — [Lander  Tests. ; 

FRANCIS  SCOTT,  bapt.  28th  Dec. 
1738  1"°^'  son  °f  preceding;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Earlston  5th  Sept.  1732; 
pres.  by  George  II.  30th  Sept.  1737  ;  ord. 
8th  May  1738;  died  12th  Nov.  1781.  He 
marr.  13th  Oct.  1743,  Barbara  Ker,  who 
died  at  Dalkeith,  s.j>.  6th  May  1782. 

WILLIAM    SHIELS,    M.A. ;    pres.    by 

1782     George    HI"    23r(i    N°v-    1781  >    ord- 
29th  Aug.  1782 ;  trans,  to   Earlston 
1st  July  1813. 

JOHN  SHIELS,  born  14th  April  1789, 

son  of  preceding ;  educated  at  Univ. 

of  Edinburgh ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 

Lauder  6th  Sept.  1811 ;  pres.  by  George, 

Prince  Regent,  and  ord.  23rd  Sept.  1813 ; 

died  unmarr.  at  Nice,  where  he  had  gone 

for  the  recovery  of  his  health,  llth  Feb. 


JOHN     BIRRELL,     M.A.  ;  pres.     by 

1819     ^eoi'8e>    Prince    Regent,  and    ord. 

23rd   Sept.    1819  ;   trans,  to   Second 

Charge,  Cupar-Fife,  28th  Sept.  1825. 


WILLIAM  FLEMING,  pres.  by  George 

IV-:  ord-  llth  May  1826;  D-D- 

(Glasgow,    April    1829)  :     trans,    to 
Old  Kilpatrick  4th  Aug.  182!). 

ROBERT    J  A  MIES  ON,   pros,    by 
George    IV.    Oct.    1829;    ord.   22nd 
April  1830  ;  clerk  to  the  Presb.  19th 
Dec.  1833  ;  trans,  to  Carrie  14th  Dec.  1837. 


WALTER  WOOD  of  Grangehill,  born 
Dundee  31st  Oct.  1812,  son  of  James 
W.,  M.D.,  afterwards  of  Edinburgh, 
and  Mary,  daugh.  of  Alexander  Wood  of 
Grangehill,  merchant  in  Elie  ;  educated  at 
Edinburgh  Academy  and  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh;  M.A.  (7th  April  1832);  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  St  Andrews  loth  June  1836; 
assistant  at  St  Mary's  Parish,  Edinburgh, 
and  at  Kilbride  ;  pres.  by  Queen  Victoria, 
and  ord.  3rd  May  1838.  Joined  the  Free 
Church  ;  min.  of  Westruther  Free  Church 
1843-45  ;  of  the  Free  Church,  Elie,  20th 
March  1845;  died  6th  March  1882.  He 
marr.  (1)  25th  Feb.  1845,  Agnes  (died 
s.p.  14th  April  1876),  daugh.  of  George 
Scott  of  Boundary  Bank,  Jedburgh  :  (2) 
20th  Sept.  1877,  Margaret,  daugh.  of  Alex 
ander  Broadfoot,  New  Zealand.  Publica 
tions — Present  Diity,  a  Pastoral  Address 
to  the  Parishioners  (Edinburgh,  1843) ; 
What  is  Tradition,  Worth  ?  a  sermon 
(Edinburgh,  1844)  ;  A  Vast  Difference 
(Edinburgh,  1845) ;  Memoir  of  Walter 
Pringle  of  Greenknowe  (Edinburgh,  1847) ; 
The  Last  Things,  an  Examination  of  the 
Doctrine  of  Scripture  concerning  the  Re 
surrection,  the  Second  Coming  of  Christ, 
and  the  Millennium  (London,  1851) ;  Letter 
to  the  Rev.  William  Blatch  on  Baptismal 
Regeneration  (Pittenweem,  1851) ;  The  East 
Neuk  of  Fife,  its  History  and  Antiquities 
(Edinburgh,  1862  ;  2nd  ed.,  1887  [edited  by 
his  nephew,  James  Wood  Brown,  M.A., 
min.  of  the  Free  Church  at  Gordon]) ; 
Reply  to  Bishop  Wordsworth's  Charges 
for  1865  and  1866  (Edinburgh,  1866).  He 
left  in  MS.  commentaries  on  the  Apoca- 




lypse  and  the  Prophecies  of  Zechariah. — 
[Conolly's  Eminent  Men  of  Fife ;  The 
Harder  Almanac,  1883 ;  East  Neuk  of 
Fife  [Memoir].] 


HENRY  TAYLOR,  born  Slamannan, 
31st  Dec.  1809,  son  of  Robert  T. 
and  Elizabeth  Robertson ;  educated 
at  Univs.  of  Glasgow  and  Edinburgh ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  26th  June  1839  ; 
assistant  at  Polmont  and  Greenock ;  ord. 
by  Presb.  of  Greenock  for  service  in  Canada 
20th  Oct.  1841 ;  min.  at  Missisquoi  Bay  and 
at  La  Prairie  1841-4 ;  adm.  to  this  charge 
16th  Feb.  1844  ;  D.D.  (Middleburg  College, 
Vermont,  U.S.A.,  15th  Sept.  1866);  died 
llth  Jan.  1896.  He  marr.  21st  Oct.  1841, 
Marion  (died  8th  Nov.  1885),  daugh.  of 
John  Gilchrist  and  Janet  Gray,  and  had 
issue — Janet  Gray,  born  22nd  July  1842 
(marr.  (1)  George  Nisbet,  farmer,  Flass ; 
(2)  William  Taylor,  Glasgow);  Elizabeth 
Robertson,  born  20th  Jan.  1845,  died  16th 
Nov.  1845  ;  Elizabeth  Robertson,  born  16th 
Oct.  1846 ;  Marion  Gilchrist,  born  10th 
Jan.  1849,  died  10th  May  1855  ;  Henrietta 
Jane,  born  4th  Aug.  1851,  died  14th 

Sept.  1867.  Publication  —  A  Letter  on 
Revivals  (1860). — [The  Horder  Almanac, 

JOHN  MUIRHEAD,  M.A.,  B.D. ;  ord. 
1896     24th    June    1896;    clerk    of    Presb. 
1899-1904;   trans,  to  Avendale  llth 
Feb.  1904. 

DAVID  SILVER,  born  Portlethen 
Schoolhouse,  Banchory  -  Devenick, 
7th  April  1864,  son  of  David  S. 
and  Margaret  Davidson  Allan ;  educated 
at  schools  of  St  Fillans,  Crieff,  and 
Comrie,  and  Univ.  of  Aberdeen ;  M.A. 
(1890);  Royal  Bounty  Missionary  at 
Struan  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Auchterarder 
in  1891  ;  ord.  (at  Struan)  to  St  George's, 
Grenada,  West  Indies,  2nd  Feb.  1897 ; 
res.  in  1902  ;  assistant  at  Selkirk  in  1903 ; 
adm.  19th  May  1904.  Marr.  16th  Feb. 
1897,  Georgina,  daugh.  of  George  Stephen 
and  Elizabeth  Thorn,  and  has  issue — 
George  James,  born  14th  Nov.  1897 ; 
Loveday  Murray  (twin),  born  14th  Nov. 
1897,  died  2nd  March  1898. 


[The  erection  of  this  Presbytery  was  undertaken  by  the  General  Assembly  in  April 
1581.  In  1613  a  number  of  its  parishes  were  incorporated  in  the  new  Presbytery  of 
Earlston  then  formed.  Melrose  was  made  the  Presbytery  seat,  and  so  remained  till 
1640,  when  it  was  again  changed  to  Selkirk.  The  only  remaining  Record  of  Melrose 
Presbytery  begins  6th  Jan.  1607,  and  terminates  12th  Jan.  1619;  another,  beginning 
1639  and  ending  1652,  has  been  lost.  Those  of  Selkirk  commence  10th  Feb.  1691.] 


[The  church  was  dedicated  to  St  Xinian, 
whose  holy  well  was  near.] 

JOHN  HAMILTON,  pres.  by  James  VI. 
1570     14th  Oct.  1570. 

1574    JOHN  SCOTT,  reader. 

THOMAS  CRANSTOUN,  trans,  from 
Liberton  ;  pres.  by  James  VI.  6th 
Jan.  1579.  Complaint  was  made  in 
the  Assembly,  Oct.  1580,  that  he  adminis 
tered  the  sacraments  without  examination 
and  outside  his  own  parish,  committing 
the  examination  of  the  people  to  readers, 
baptizing  privately,  celebrating  the  Com 
munion  at  Innerleithen  on  Easter  Day, 
etc.  He  was  retrans.  to  Liberton  after 
12th  April  1582.  —  [Reg.  Assig.  ;  Calder- 
wood's  Hist.,  iii.,  476] 

ROBERT  SCOTT,  son  of  Walter  S.  of 
15Q6     Headshaw  ;  pres.  by  James  VI.  15th 
April  1586.— [Reg.  Assif?.] 

ALEXANDER  JUSTICE,  pres.  to  Dron 
1604  before  24th  May  1593  ;  pres.  by 
James  VI.  5th  May  1604.  By  7th 
May  1611,  he  was  "under  disease,  and 
content  to  tak  order  anent  providing  his 
kirk  at  the  sight  of  the  mins.  of  Melrose, 
Earlston,  and  Stow."  He  died  before  20th 

July  1611.  He  marr.,  and  had  issue  —  an 
only  son,  Patrick.  —  [Reg.  Assig.  ;  Reg.  of 
Deeds,  cxciii.,  439.] 

1611  (^  Andrews  1601)  ;  produced  testi 
monials  from  the  Presb.  of  Hadding- 
ton  ;  was  pres.  by  John,  Archbishop  of 
Glasgow,  after  18th  June,  and  adm.  31st 
July  1611  ;  died  before  9th  March  1620. 
He  marr.  Agnes  Scott  (who  survived  him, 
and  marr.  (2)  James  Scott,  called  of  Whits- 
lade),  and  had  issue—  Jean  ;  Elizabeth.  — 
[Roxburgh  Inhih.,  6th  Feb.  1633;  Ediii. 
Com.  Dec.,  28th  March  1620.] 


ALEXANDER  REID,  adm.  before  6th 
^ec'  !619;  c^ec^  between  llth  May 
1645  and  Nov.  1649.  He  marr.  Janet 

Shaw,   and    had    issue  —  John  ;    William. 

apprenticed    to    George    Reid,    merchant, 

Edinburgh,     12th      April     1648.—  [Jfelrose. 

Sess.    Reg.  ;    Bannatyne     Mucell.  :     Edin. 

App.   Reg.  ;    Reg.  of  Dee/fs,  ccccxlvi.    251, 

dxxxv.  105.] 

1649  burgh,  July  1642);  adm.  between 
19th  Aug.  and  2nd  Nov.  1649  ; 
deprived  by  Act  of  Parliament  llth  June, 
and  Decreet  of  Privy  Council  1st  Oct. 
1662.  He  was  indulged  in  1679  and  1689. 





THOMAS  COURTNEY,  formerly  min. 
of  Mertoun  and  Kirkandrews-upon- 
Esk  in  England;  min.  in  1007. — 

.  R.  Iiiliib.,  17th  June  1667.] 


ARCHIBALD    INGLIS,    M.A.  ;    trans. 

1675     from   Lochmaben,  and  adtn.   before 

30th     Nov.     1675  ;     trans,     to     St 

Mungo's,  Glasgow,  after  16th  Oct.  1685.    - 

[AV.V.    ,SVv.    SI  [I.] 

1679     noticec*  •   granted   an   indulgence  by 

the  Privy  Council  18th  Dec.  1671). 
[Wodrow's  /fist.,  iii.,  156.] 

niCHARD  SCOTT,  third  son  of  George 
1685  ^'  °^  Sinton  and  Mary  Gladstanes 
of  Dod;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  30th 
June  1658) ;  adm.  to  Kirkbean  in  1675 ; 
trans,  and  adm.  after  16th  Oct.  1685; 
deprived  by  the  Privy  Council,  10th  Sept. 
1689,  for  neither  reading  the  Proclamation 
of  the  Estates  nor  praying  for  William  and 
Mary.  He  died  at  Edinburgh,  25th  May 
1722,  aged  81.  He  marr.  Katherine 
Crichton,  and  had  issue  —  Jean  (marr. 
(1)  28th  March  1706,  Alexander  Leslie, 
advocate  in  Aberdeen  ;  (2)  22nd  Nov.  1725, 
Alexander,  son  of  Alexander  Abercrombie 
of  Fetterneir).— [J/tf.  Ace.  of  J/m.,  1689  ; 
Eflin.  Re(j.  (Bur.}  ;  Lain;/  Charters,  2783.] 

1689  mentioned;  returned  in  1689;  died 
before  30th  July  1691.  He  marr., 
and  had  issue — Mary,  only  daugh.  (marr. 
13th  May  1691,  Gideon  Elliot,  surgeon 
apothecary,  burgess  of  Edinburgh). — [/'.  C. 
Deer  eta.] 

ROBERT  WYLLIE,  M.A. ;  trans,  from 
1691     Yarrow  ;   called   in  1690  ;   adm.  3rd 
April    1691  ;     trans,     to     Hamilton 
13th  May  1692. 

CHARLES  GORDON,  a  native  of 
1695  Aberdeenshire ;  M.A.  (Aberdeen, 
llth  July  1676);  adm.  to  Campvere 
in  1686;  trans,  to  Dalmeny  23rd  Sept. 
1691  ;  called  Nov.  1694  ;  trans,  and  adm. 
8th  Aug.  1695  ;  offered  the  Chair  of 

Divinity  in  King's  College,  Aberdeen,  20th 
Jan.  1698,  but  declined  ;  died  19th  April 
1710,  aged  about  54.  He  marr.  12th  June 
1690,  Rosina,  daugh.  of  George  Campbell, 
min.  of  Dumfries,  who  survived  him,  and 
had  issue — George;  James;  Christian. — 
[Dumfries  Jfarr.  Re<j.  ;  Edin.  Re<j.  (l>a/>t.); 
Boston's  Mem.-,  Wodrow's  Ann!.;  Arts  of 
Ass.,  1698  ;  Tombst.] 

ROBERT  LITHGOW,  born  1680, 
1711  y°unoest  son  of  Alexander  L.  of 
Drygrange,  and  Margaret,  daugh.  of 
Gavin  Elliot  of  Grange  ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
29th  April  1701) ;  chaplain  to  his  uncle, 
Sir  Gilbert  Elliot  of  Minto,  Bart.,  senator 
of  the  College  of  Justice ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Edinburgh  17th  Sept.  1707;  called  23rd 
Aug.  1710 ;  ord.  7th  March  1711 ;  died 
15th  Nov.  1729.  He  marr.  Isabella  (died 
at  Edinburgh,  Jan.  1740),  eldest  daugh.  of 
Robert  Langlands  of  that  ilk,  and  had 
issue  —  Robert.  —  \Edin.  Tests.  ;  Boston's 
Mem. :  Brown's  Gospel  Truth.] 


WALTER  STEWART  of  Barnhill,  son 
of  Bailie  Matthew  S.,  Newton  of 
Mearns ;  educated  at  Univs.  of 
Edinburgh  and  Leyden ;  pros,  by  Sir 
Gilbert  Elliot  of  Minto,  Bart.  ;  ord.  16th 
Oct.  1730;  died  15th  April  1762.  He 
marr.  (pro.  9th  Sept.  1750),  Mary  (died  at 
Edinburgh,  2nd  March  1793),  daugh.  of 
James  Duncanson  of  Garshake,  and  had 
issue — Mary,  born  4th  July  1751,  died 
Dec.  1802;  Matthew,  born  10th  Oct.  1752; 
Helen,  born  22nd  March  1754,  died  13th 
May  1815  ;  Margaret,  born  25th  Sept.  1755, 
died  22nd  Nov.  1755;  James,  born  llth 
Dec.  1756;  Isabella,  born  9th  May  1759. 
— [Wodrow's  Anal.  ;  Edin.  Chr.  Inst., 
xxv.  ;  Tombst.] 

1763  Howcleuch  and  Borthwickmains, 
born  5th  May  1720,  second  son  of 
John  H.,  M.D.,  Jedburgh,  and  Christian, 
daugh.  of  Simeon  Elliot  of  Swinsyde ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Dalkeith  llth  Oct.  1745;  ord. 
to  Castleton  23rd  Jan.  1751 ;  pres.  by  Sir 
Gilbert  Elliot  of  Minto,  trans,  and  adm. 




31st  March  1763;  died  28th  April  1797. 
He  marr.  19th  May  1749,  Elizabeth  (died 
5th  April  1784),  second  daugh.  of  Robert 
Elliot  of  Midlem  Mill,  and  probably  widow 
of  Charles  Paterson  of  Drygrange,  and  had 
issue  —  Kathcrine,  born  15th  Nov.  1752; 
John,  captain  H.E.I.C.S.,  born  17th  Sept. 
1754,  died  in  India,  last  male  representative 
of  the  family  of  Newmains  and  Mertoun ; 
Robert,  born  8th  Feb.  1757,  died  10th  Feb. 
1776;  Thomas,  born  22nd  Nov.  1760,  died 
27th  July  1765.  Publication — Account  of 
the  Parish  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  iii.). — \0riy. 
Paroch.  Scot.,  i. ;  Hist,  of  the  Ifaliburtons  ; 

1798  James  H.,  customhouse  officer, 
Leith,  and  nephew  of  Samuel 
Charters,  D.D.,  min.  of  Wilton ;  educated 
at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Edinburgh  26th  Nov.  1794  ;  orcl.  by  said 
Presb.,  27th  July  1796,  chaplain  to  the 
7th  Fencibles ;  pres.  by  Sir  Gilbert  Elliot 
of  Minto,  Bart.,  27th  Sept.  1797;  adm. 
21st  March  1798;  D.D.  (Edinburgh,  9th 
April  1805);  died  22nd  Sept,  1810.  He 
marr.  17th  April  1800,  Jean  (died  at  Edin 
burgh,  10th  June  1816),  daugh.  of  Alexander 
Colvill,  min.  of  Ormiston,  and  had  issue — 
Margaret  Hunter,  born  7th  April  1801 
(marr.  Joseph  Thomson,  min.  of  Ednam) ; 
James,  born  23rd  Feb.  1803  ;  Jean  Charters, 
born  15th  May  1805,  died  17th  March  1821 ; 
Thomas  Samuel,  born  5th  Sept.  1810. — Pub 
lications — Extracts  for  the  Use  of  Parish 
Schools  (Hawick,  1805  ;  2nd  ed.,  that  year)  ; 
Sermon*  (Hawick,  1811).  —  [Eraser's  Life 
of  Ralpli  Erskine ;  Edinburgh  Christian 
Instructor,  i. ;  Shaw's  Fnn.  Serm.;  Hunter's 

isil  Sept.  1777,  son  of  Gavin  H.,  tenant 
in  Black  wood,  Douglas  ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Lanark  2nd  Oct.  1799  ;  ord.  min. 
of  a  Presb.  congregation  at  Harbottle, 
Northumberland,  15th  Nov.  1809;  pres.  by 
the  Commissioners  for  Gilbert,  Lord  Minto, 
Oct.  1810 ;  adm.  7th  Aug.  1811  ;  clerk 
of  the  Presb. ;  died  5th  Jan.  1837.  He 
prepared  for  publication,  at  the  request 
of  the  Board  of  Agriculture,  a  volume 

of  Essays  on  Agriculture,  etc.,  but  the 
work  was  never  issued.  He  marr.  3rd 
Aug.  1809,  Mary  Hamilton  (died  20th 
Aug.  1831),  only  daugh.  of  James  Walker, 
Antigua,  and  had  issue — Joanna,  born  1st 
April  1810,  died  24th  June  1829;  Janet, 
born  30th  Dec.  1811,  died  23rd  April  1814  ; 
Gavin  William,  born  25th  June  1823. 

JOHN  EDMONDSTON,  born  1st  Jan. 
1801,  son  of  Thomas  E.,  ironmonger, 
Edinburgh,  and  Isobel  Howden ; 
educated  at  High  School  (dux  1815)  and 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Edinburgh  26th  Jan.  1825;  pres.  by 
Gilbert,  Earl  of  Minto;  ord.  21st  July 
1837.  Joined  the  Free  Church ;  min.  of 
Ashkirk  Free  Church  in  1843;  died  at 
Edinburgh,  8th  Dec.  1865.  He  marr.  4th 
Dec.  1842,  Janet  (died  17th  Sept.  1895), 
fourth  daugh.  of  William  Waddell,  Gavin- 
ton,  and  had  issue — Jessie  Trail],  born  2nd 
June  1844,  died  13th  Nov.  1870;  Thomas 
William,  farmer,  born  10th  Jan.  1846,  died 
5th  Aug.  1876  ;  Isabella  Howden,  bom  14th 
Aug.  1847  (marr.  William  Ross),  died  30th 
May  1905  ;  WilhelminaEuphemia,  born  9th 
Feb.  1850,  died  unmarr.  29th  Jan.  1893  ; 
Elizabeth,  born  20th  Dec.  1851  ;  Mary 
Margaret,  born  12th  Nov.  1853  (marr.  Dec. 
1893,  William  Ebenezer  White),  died  24th 
March  1905.  Publication — Edited  a  school 
edition  of  Paradise  Lost  and  Paradise 
Regained  (London,  1854) ;  assistant  editor 
of  Works  of  John  Owen,  D.D.  (Edinburgh, 

1843  as  a  probationer  for  many  years 
within  the  bounds  of  the  Presb.  of 
Perth  ;  pres.  by  Gilbert,  Earl  of  Minto,  15th 
July,  and  ord.  22nd  Sept.  1843 ;  dep.  10th 
Oct.  1854  ;  died  unmarr.  12th  Sept.  1869. 

WILLIAM   M'LEAN,  pres.  by  Gilbert, 
1855     Earl  of  Minto,  5th  Dec.  1854  ;   ord. 
29th  March  1855  ;  trans,  to  Mertoun 
1st  Nov.  1860. 


Edinburgh,  eldest  son  of  James  S. ; 

educated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow ;  ord. 

to     Fintry    1st    October    1840 :     pres.    by 




Gilbert  John,  Earl  of  Minto ;  trans,  and 
adm.  llth  April  1861 ;  died  27th  Oct.  1870. 
He  marr.  3rd  June  1841,  Hannah  Grierson, 
Bridgenorth,  who  died  x.p.  1st  July  1891. 

JOHN  CHALMERS,  born  Coltranie, 
1871  Auchtergaven,  Perthshire,  14th  Oct. 
1826,  son  of  James  C..  farmer,  and 
Jane  Gray  ;„  educated  at  Auchtergaven 
School  and  Univ.  of  St  Andrews ;  M.A. 
(1852);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  St  Andrews  in 
1857:  ord.  to  Newtyle  25th  March  1863; 
trans,  and  adm.  31st  May  1871  ;  died  30th 
April  1894.  He  marr.  (1)  30th  April  1863, 
Emily  Rose  (died  27th  March  1864),  daugh. 
of  Thomas  Mason,  vicar  of  Culpho,  Ipswich, 
and  had  issue — Walter  James  Mason,  born 
23rd  Feb.  1864,  died  Jan.  1910:  (2)  5th 
Dec.  1866,  Margaret,  daugh.  of  James 
Steele,  Ingliston,  Forfar,  and  had  issue — 
Rose  Margaret,  born  10th  Dec.  1867 
(marr.  18th  April  1911,  John  Watson 
Oastler,  min.  of  Forteviot) ;  Henry  William, 
marine  engineer,  born  20th  March  1869, 
died  30th  April  1910 ;  Louisa  Jane,  born 
19th  Aug.  1870  (marr.  3rd  Aug.  1898, 
Henry  Gibson  Anderson,  bank  manager, 
Buenos  Ayres) ;  Edward  Ernest,  rancher, 
Argentine,  born  22nd  March  1872  ;  Richard 
Mason,  architectural  draughtsman,  born 
25th  March  1874  ;  John  Steele,  in  South 
Africa,  born  1st  Jan.  1876  ;  Mary  Eliza 
beth,  born  30th  July  1877  ;  Susan  Agnes, 
born  8th  Aug.  1879 ;  Edith,  born  12th 
April  1881. 

JAMES  DAUN,  born  Whitehouse, 
1892  Aberlour,  13th  Aug.  1853,  son  of 
George  D.,  farmer ;  educated  at 
Edinkillie  School,  Elgin  Academy,  and 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  sometime  teacher  in 
Comrie  Public  School,  in  Merchant  Com 
pany  Schools,  Edinburgh,  and  tutor  at 
Floors  Castle,  Kelso ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Edinburgh  in  1887  ;  assistant  at  St  Aidan's, 
Edinburgh ;  ord.  (assistant  and  successor) 
1st  Nov.  1892. 


[The  parish  was  called  Bothenden  in 
1124.  The  church,  founded  by  the  monks 
of  Kelso,  was  probably  dedicated  to  St 

Bathan.  At  Holydean,  called  also  Ringan's 
Dean,  there  was  a  chapel  of  St  Ninian. 
The  church  of  Bowden  was  very  success 
fully  restored  in  1909.] 

1568  probably  son  or  grandson  of  Thomas 
D.  of  Maxpoffle,  in  the  parish,  and 
Janet  Oliphant ;  pres.  to  the  vicarage  by 
James  VI.  10th  Jan.  1567  ;  adm.  2nd  Feb. 
1568 ;  pres.  to  the  parsonage  of  Lilliesleaf 
by  the  King  22nd  Nov.  1571.  In  1574 
Lilliesleaf,  Langnewton,  and  Melrose  were 
also  under  his  care,  with  the  help  of  two 
readers.  He  died  FATHER  OF  THE  CHURCH 
in  1621.  He  marr.  and  had  issue — Andrew, 
his  successor. — [If eg.  Assiy.] 

ANDREW  DUNCANSON,  son  of  pre- 
1617  ceding,  served  heir  to  his  father  5th 
Dec.  1 629 ;  adm.  (assistant  and  suc 
cessor)  after  28th  Oct.  1617  ;  trans,  to  St 
Boswells  5th  May  1618.— [Inq.  Ret.  Rox 
burgh,  144.] 

JOHN   KNOX,   probably  son   of  John 

1621  ^''  m*n-  °^  ^e^rose  ,;  ^t-A.  (St  An 
drews  1613  or  1614) ;  pres.  by  James 
VI.  22nd  Nov.  1621,  and  was  then  Synod 
clerk.  He  was  a  member  of  Assembly  in 
1638,  of  Commissions  in  1646,  1648,  and 
was  still  min.  26th  July  1654.  He  marr. 
Margaret  Douglas,  and  had  issue — Henry, 
M.A.,  a  preacher  (who  attended  Charles  II. 
while  in  exile,  and  showed  promise  of 
ability ;  a  sum  was  put  on  his  head  by 
the  English ;  he  died  in  the  house  of  a 
friend  in  Edinburgh  while  Cromwell  was 
in  Scotland) ;  John,  min.  of  North  Leith. 
—[Wodrow  MS8.,  Advoc.  Lib.] 

HENRY  MUSCHET,  M.A.  (St  Andrews 
165g     1644);    died   26th    Oct.    1659,   aged 
about  36.— [Tombst.] 

JAMES  KNOX,  born  1630,  son  of 
1662  William  K.,  bookbinder,  Edinburgh, 
a  grand-nephew  of  the  Reformer ; 
M.A.  (Edinburgh,  15th  July  1650) ;  min. 
in  1662;  died  24th  Aug.  1680.  He  marr., 
and  had  issue  — Mary,  died  7th  March 
1686,  aged  7. — [Crawford's  Knox  Genealogy  ; 




Edin.   Reg.   (Bapt.) :    Tombst. ;    Inq.   Ret, 
Gen.,  7021.] 

HENRY  KNOX,  bapt.  9th  May  1641, 
1681  y°unSer  brother  of  preceding  ;  M.A. 
(Edinburgh,  18th  July  1664) ;  adm. 
to  Dunscore  about  1673,  and  to  this  charge 
about  1681.  In  1689  he  was  deprived  for 
neither  reading  the  Proclamation  of  the 
Estates  nor  praying  for  William  and  Mary. 
He  had  become  a  burgess  and  guild-brother 
of  Edinburgh  in  1678,  and  retired  to  that 
city,  where  he  became  a  bookseller,  and 
died  27th  Dec.  1716.  He  marr..  and  had 
issue — Robert,  buried  in  Greyfriars,  Edin 
burgh,  1st  June  1691;  Catherine  (marr. 
12th  Sept.  1717,  David  Thomson,  barber, 
Edinburgh) ;  Agnes,  buried  in  Greyfriars, 
llth  Oct.  1692;  a  son,  who  was  a  min.  in 
the  island  of  St  Christopher  in  the  West 
Indies.  —  \_Knox  Genealogy ;  MS.  Ace.  of 
Min.,  1689 ;  Edin.  Reg.  (Bur.) ;  Peterkin's 
Constitution  of  the  Church.] 

GEORGE     MILLIGAN,     called    Nov. 

1692     1^1  >   Orc^  ^  ^an"  1(>92;  trans,  to 
Moffat  after  24th  April  1695. 

ARCHIBALD  DEANS,  born  1668,  son 
1697  of  Henry  D.,  schoolmaster,  reader, 
and  session-clerk  of  Spott,  whom  he 
succeeded  in  these  offices,  27th  Jan.  1689 ; 
M.A.  (Edinburgh,  28th  June  1690);  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Dunbar  30th  Sept.  1696; 
assistant  at  North  Leith ;  ord.  23rd  Sept. 
1697;  died  4th  Feb.  1739.  He  marr.  Mary 
Stirling.  Publication — An  account  of  the 
last  words  of  Christian  Kerr,  who  dyed  at 
Edinburgh  on  the  4th  of  Feb.  1702,  in  the 
eleventh  year  of  her  age  (Edinburgh,  1702). 
— \Spott  Sess.  Reg. ;  Tombst. ;  Roxburgh 
Sas.,  vii.,  470.] 

JAMES  HUME,  born  1712;  licen.  by 
1742  P1'68^-  of  Kelso  4th  Nov.  1735 ; 
pres.  by  John.  Duke  of  Roxburghe, 
July  1739 ;  ord.  by  the  Synod  at  Kelso 
20th  April  1742.  His  settlement  was 
delayed  for  nearly  three  years  by  opposi 
tion  from  the  parishioners,  and  subsequent 
proceedings  in  the  Presb.  and  Synod.  He 
died  22nd  Jan.  1792.  He  marr.  2nd  Nov. 
1742,  Marion  Ormiston,  who  died  7th  Nov. 

1781,  and  had  issue— Andrew,  born  18th 
Aug.  1743,  died  31st  Oct.  1778;  William, 
born  14th  April  1745;  James,  born  7th 
May  1746;  Agnes,  born  4th  April  1747; 
John,  born  16th  June  1748;  Thomas,  born 
29th  Dec.  1749,  died  8th  Sept.  1756; 
George,  born  5th  Jan.  1751,  died  20th  July 
1781  ;  .Alexander,  born  12th  Aug.  1752, 
died  15th  April  1753;  Patrick,  born  28th 
April  1754;  Joseph,  born  2nd  Dec.  1755, 
died  26th  Jan.  1757.  —  [Tombst.;  Acts  of 
Ass.,  1740-2  ;  Morren's  Ann.,  i.j 

THOMAS  KIRKPATRICK,  a  native  of 
1792  Dumfriesshire ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Kelso  1st  April  1781  ;  pres.  by  John, 
Duke  of  Roxburghe  ;  ord.  20th  Sept.  1792  ; 
died  unniarr.  20th  May  1797,  aged  39.— 
[Tombst .] 

WILLIAM  BALFOUR,  born  1767,  prob- 
1795  ably  son  of  John  B.,  Perth  ;  educated 
at  Univ.  of  Glasgow ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Jedburgh  9th  Sept.  1791  ;  called 
1st  Oct.,  and  ord.  (assistant  and  successor) 
26th  Nov.  1795;  died  29th  Dec.  1828. 
He  marr.  17th  Sept.  1798,  Mary  Mein,  who 
died  31st  May  1852,  and  had  issue — John, 
born  25th  June  1799,  died  at  Boston,  U.S.A., 
15th  Aug.  1844;  Isabella,  born  20th  Jan. 
1801 ;  Robert,  born  2nd  Feb.  1803 ;  Mary 
Ann,  born  20th  May  1807  (marr.  John 
Fotheringham,  writer,  Peebles) ;  Harriet, 
born  22nd  June  1812  (marr.  James  Scott, 
M.D.,  Gilmerton,  died  12th  June  1867). 

THOMAS  JOLLY,  born  1st  Dec.  1795, 
1829  son  °^  Thomas  J.,  min.  of  Dunnet ; 
became  schoolmaster  of  Thurso  in 
1816 ;  educated  at  Univs.  of  Edinburgh 
and  Aberdeen ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Caith 
ness  27th  Nov.  1822;  ord.  to  Keiss  31st 
Dec.  1827  ;  pres.  by  the  Trustees  of  James 
Henry  Robert,  Duke  of  Roxburghe,  23rd 
Jan.  and  18th  Feb.,  and  adm.  4th  Aug. 
1829.  Joined  Free  Church,  and  became 
Free  Church  min.  at  Bowden  in  1843 ; 
died  30th  May  1859.  He  marr.  (1)  30th 
July  1828,  Anna  M'Kidd,  who  died  28th 
Sept.  1836,  and  had  issue — Sophia  Forsyth, 
born  6th  Oct.  1829,  died  19th  July  1842  ; 
Christian,  bora  2nd  Jan.  1831 ;  Anna,  born 
24th  May  1832,  died  23rd  March  1849; 


Catherine  and  Mary  (twins),  born  21st  July 
1833 ;  Thomas,  born  llth  March  1836 : 
(2)  30th  April  1839,  Elizabeth  Robertson, 
who  died  30th  Nov.  1859,  and  had  issue 
— Archibald,  born  22nd  April  1840,  min. 
of  Dunnet.  Publication — Account  of  the 
Parish  (Neiv  Stat.  Ace.,  iii.).  —  [Tombst. ; 
Beaton's  Ecclesiastical  Hist,  of  Caithness.] 


born  Inverness,  5th  Sept.  1814,  son 
of  William  A.,  min.  of  llhynie ; 
educated  at  Pihynie  School,  Grammar 
School,  and  Univ.  of  Aberdeen  ;  M.A. 
(King's  College  1834) ;  schoolmaster  at 
Gartly,  1834-40;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Alford  16th  Sept.  1840 ;  pres.  by  James 
Henry  Robert,  Duke  of  Roxburghe,  and 
ord.  16th  Feb.  1844  ;  D.D.  (Aberdeen  1873) ; 
died  14th  Jan.  1893.  He  marr.  30th  July 
1845,  Jane  Christian  Barbour  (died  llth 
Aug.  1897,  aged  75),  daugh.  of  Alexander 
Campbell,  min.  of  Croy  and  Dalcross,  and 
had  issue — an  only  child,  Francis  Patrick 
Fleetwood,  born  5th  Aug.  1846,  died  19th 
June  1856. 

ALFRED  MACFARLANE,  born  Airth, 
Stirlingshire,  28th  Oct.  1867,  son  of 
William  M.,  schoolmaster  :  educated 
at  Univ.  of  St  Andrews  ;  M.A.  (1887),  B.D. 
(1890) ;  assistant  at  Bowden  ;  ord.  (assistant 
and  successor)  9th  Sept.  1891 ;  dem.  18th 
May  1899,  and  settled  in  Canada.  Marr. 
14th  March  1894,  Marie,  daugh.  of  Morris 
Forsyth  Stuart,  army  and  navy  contractor, 
Edinburgh,  and  has  issue — William  Car- 
gill  Stuart,  lieut.  A.  and  S.  Highlanders, 
born  9th  May  1897,  killed  in  action  in 
France  27th  Aug.  1916;  Sheena  Margaret 
Stuart,  born  27th  May  1899. 

JOHN  BURR,  born  25th  April  1869,  son 
of  Peter  Lorimer  B.,  D.D.,  min.  of 
Lundie  and  Fowlis ;  educated  at 
Dundee  High  School  and  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh  ;  M.A.  (1891);  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Edinburgh  May  1894 ;  assistant  at  Oat- 
lands  Parish,  Glasgow,  1894-7,  and  at 
Hamilton,  1897-9;  ord.  27th  Sept.  1899; 
chaplain  Mediterranean  Expeditionary 
Force,  1915-16.  Marr.  26th  Sept.  1901, 
Catherine  Mary,  second  daugh.  of  Robert 

Knox.  Cambus,  Clackmannanshire,  and 
Agnes  Sime,  and  has  issue — Susan  Agnes, 
born  17th  Dec.  1902  ;  Robert  Knox 
Lorimer,  born  23rd  May  1904.  Publica 
tion — Bowden  Ckurck  Restoration  (1909). 

CAUDONFOOT  (#.£.). 

[A  chapel  was  opened  here  in  1863.  The 
parish  was  disjoined  tjuoad  s'icra  from 
Galashiels,  Innerleithen,  Selkirk,  Stow,  and 
Yarrow  in  1867.] 

11OBEHT  SMALL,  born  1825,  second 
1867  son  of  Peter  S.,  Coupar  -  Angus ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow  ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Glasgow  in  1854;  app.  by 
Alexander  Pringle  of  Whytbank  in  1863 ; 
ord.  first  min.  of  the  parish  llth  April 
1867;  died  unmarr.  25th  Nov.  1909.  He 
left  £600  for  the  improvement  of  Caddon- 
foot  Church. 

lglo  25th  March  1875,  son  of  John 
Scrimger,  D.D.,  Principal  of  the 
Presbyterian  College,  Montreal ;  educated 
at  M'Gill  Univ.,  Montreal;  B.A.  (1896); 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Montreal  in  1899  ; 
assistant  at  St  Cuthbert's,  Edinburgh ; 
ord.  27th  April  1910. 


[Ettrick. — The  church,  dedicated  to  St 
Mary,  belonged  to  the  Abbey  of  Melrose. 
There  was  a  chapel  at  the  Chapelhope. 

/jKcdeiich,  or  Rankilburn. — This  parish 
was  united  for  a  time  to  Yarrow,  but 
severed  in  1621.  It  was  joined  to  Ettrick 
in  1650.] 


JOHN  SCOTT,  exhorter  at  Selkirk,  had 
also  Ettrick  and  Rankilburn  in  his 

charge  in  1568. 

ROBERT  MARTIN,  M.A. ;  trans,  from 

1618     -M°w  -;   adm.   (at   Peebles)   5th   May 

1618  ;   was   a  member   of  Assembly 

in    1638 ;    trans,    to    Eckford    23rd    June 





1641  Hyndhope  (descended  from  the 
Earls  of  Glencairn) ;  MA.  (St  An 
drews  1631) :  pros,  by  Charles  I.  16th  April 
1641.  He  refused  to  conform  to  Episcopacy, 
and  retired  to  his  estate.  The  date  of  his 
death  is  unknown.  He  marr.  (name  un 
known),  and  had  issue — James  of  Hynd- 
hope,  born  in  1651,  County  Commissioner  in 
170-1,  died  in  1709  :  Alexander,  diplomatist 
and  historian,  British  Envoy  at  Venice 
(1715-20),  author  of  TTistori/  of  (treat 
Jh'itahi  from  tJie  Revolution  of  1688  to 
the  Accession  of  f,'eor;/e  J.  (translated  from 
the  Latin  manuscript  by  William  Thomson, 
LL.D.  ;  2  vols.,  London,  1787),  born  1654, 
died  at  London,  1737. — [JRf'J.  Sec.  tiiy.  ; 
Wodrow's  Anal.  :  Baillie's  Letters  ;  Irving's 
Scottish  Writers,  ii.,  234  .  Craig-Brown;s 
Selkirkshire  ;  Tancred's  Annals  of  a  Border 
Ciulj  ;  Diet.  Nat.  Jliotj.] 

JAMES  ADAMSON,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
27th  July  1663) ;  said  to  have  been 
a  native  of  Falkirk  ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Peebles  14th  Xov.  1667  ;  adm.  to  Pettinain 
after  14th  May  1668;  trans.  toLangnewton 
in  1677;  trans,  and  adm.  about  1684.  He 
was  accused  before  the  Privy  Council,  19th 
Sept.  1689,  of  neither  reading  the  Proclama 
tion  of  the  Estates  nor  praying  for  William 
and  Mary,  but  for  the  restoration  of  James 
VII. ;  of  not  observing  the  Fast,  but  allow 
ing  his  servants  to  work  on  that  day  ;  and 
of  harbouring  disaffected  persons.  These 
charges  were  found  not  proven,  and  he  was 
acquitted.  He  left  the  parish  in  1690, 
dem.  in  1693,  and  died  in  1694,  aged  about 
51.  He  marr.  Margaret  Colt,  who  survived 
him,  and  had  issue — Anne  (marr.  14th  Oct. 
1712,  John  Dove,  tailor,  Edinburgh). — [J//V. 
Ace.  of  Min.,  1689  ;  Ing.  Ret.  de  Tut.,  1122  ; 
Charity  Roll,  1700.] 

JAMES  MACMICHEX,  ord.  30th  Aug. 
1693 ;  trans,  to  Hownam  27th  Jan. 


THOMAS  BOSTOX,  born  Duns,  17th 
March  1676,  son  of  John  B.  (who 
suffered  imprisonment  in  the  cause 

of    nonconformity)    and    Alison    Trotter; 

educated  at  the  Grammar  School  of  Duns  ; 

was  employed  by  Alexander  Cockburn, 
notary:  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  9th  July  1694), 
his  whole  expenses  at  college  being 
£10,  14s.  7;id.  sterling;  became  school 
master  of  Gleiicairn  in  1695  ;  res.  8th  Feb. 
1696  ;  was  thereafter  tutor  to  young 
Andrew  Fletcher  of  Aberlady,  and  chaplain 
to  his  stepfather,  Colonel  James  Bruce  of 
Kennet;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Duns  and 
Chirnside  15th  June  1697:  officiated  in 
vacant  parishes  in  the  Presb.  of  Stirling 
in  1698:  ord.  to  Simprin  21st  Sept,  ](',!>!): 
clerk  of  Synod  in  1701  ;  called  by  the 
Presb,  jure  decoluto  24th  Jan.  1706;  adm. 
1st  May  1707,  the  day  of  the  Union  of 
Scotland  and  Kngland  :  died  20th  May 
1732.  He  and  eleven  others  gave  in  a 
Representation  and  Petition  to  the  General 
Assembly  of  1721  against  an  Act  passed 
in  the  previous  year  condemning  The 
Marrow  of  Modern  Divinity,  The  As 
sembly  of  1722  directed  that  the  ministers 
who  had  signed  the  Representation  should 
be  rebuked  by  the  Moderator.  That  was 
done,  and  a  protest  prepared  by  Boston 
was  not  received,  but  was  subsequently 
printed  by  the  protesters.  Boston's  own 
writings,  together  with  his  devout  life  and 
exemplary  pastoral  labours,  contributed 
greatly  to  the  popularity  of  the  doctrines 
contained  in  the  Marrow.  His  com 
munions  were  attended  by  crowds  from 
all  parts,  and  he  was  one  of  the  most 
influential  figures  in  the  Church  life  of 
his  time.  His  theology  was  essentially 
Calvinistic.  A  narrow  literalism  domin 
ated  his  interpretation  of  the  Scriptures, 
and  he  regarded  even  the  Hebrew  accents 
as  divinely  inspired.  He  marr.  17th  July 
1700,  Katherine  (died  4th  March  1737), 
fifth  daugh.  of  Robert  Brown  of  Barhill, 
Culross,  a  medical  practitioner,  and  had 
issue — Katharine,  born  24th  May  1701,  died 
in  1702  ;  John,  chamberlain  to  the  Duke 
of  Buccleuch  at  Langholm,  born  29th 
April  1702,  died  in  1757  [his  son  became 
an  admiral  of  the  British  Xavy ;  for  an 
interesting  notice  of  him,  vide  Memoir  of 
Caroline  Jlerschet];  Robert,  born  21st 
March  1704,  died  26th  Jan.  1705 ;  Jane, 
born  1st  Xov.  1705  (marr.  2nd  Dec.  1736, 
James  Russell  of  Ashiestiel),  died  in 

s  ELK  IKK] 



1765 ;  Ebenezer,  born  23rd  April  1707,  ! 
died  8th  Sept.  1707  ;  Ebenezer,  born  4th 
Aug.  1708,  died  10th  Oct.  1708  ;  Thomas,  I 
born  9th  Feb.  1710,  died  30th  April 
1712;  Alison,  born  8th  June  1711  (marr. 
James  Anderson,  farmer,  Altrive),  died 
in  I76o  ;  Thomas,  his  successor  in  the 
parish  ;  Katharine,  born  loth  July  1715, 
died  12th  March  1716.  Publications— 
The  Everlasting  Espousals  [sermon  on 
Hosea  ii.  19]  (1715  ;  frequently  reprinted) ; 
Reasons  for  .Refusing  the  Abjuration  Oath 
in  its  latest  Form  (1719)  :  Human  Nature 
in  its  Fourfo!<l  State  (Edinburgh,  1720; 
2nd  ed.,  1729  ;  numerous  reprints) ;  Q-ueru-s 
to  n  Friend/ 1/  Advise)'  (1722);  Marrof  of 
Modern  Divinity,  with  Notes  (1726) ; 
The  Mi/steri/  of  Christ  in  the  Form  of  n 
Servant  (1727).  Published  after  Boston's 
death — A  View  of  the  Covenant  of  Grace 
(Edinburgh,  1734 ;  often  reprinted) ;  The 
Crook  in.  the  Lot,  or  The  Sovereignty  and 
Wisdom  of  (rod  displayed  in  the  Afflictions  of 
Men ;  preface,  biographical  and  apprecia 
tive,  by  Alexander  Golden,  Gabriel  Wilson, 
and  Henry  Davidson  (Edinburgh,  1737 ; 
many  editions  ;  trans,  into  Welsh  and 
Gaelic) ;  Tractatus  Stigmologicus,  Ilebra'o- 
Biblicus  (Amsterdam,  1738) ;  Sermons  and 
Discourses,  2  vols.  (Edinburgh,  1753-76); 
An  Explication  of  the  first  part  of  the  As 
sembly's  Shorter  Catechism  (Edinburgh, 
1755);  Whole  Work*  (Edinburgh,  1767); 
A  Collection  of  Sermons  (Edinburgh,  1772) ; 
A  Viet"  of  the  Covenant  of  Works  (1772); 
The  Distinguishing  Characters  of  True 
Believers  (Edinburgh,  1773);  An  Illustra 
tion  of  the  Doctrines  of  the  Christian 
Religion,  3  vols.  (Edinburgh,  1773);  Ten. 
Fast  Sermons  (1773) ;  Whole  Works  (Dun 
dee,  1773);  Sermons,  3  vols.  (Edinburgh, 
1775) ;  Memoirs  of  the  Life,  Time,  and 
Writings  of  the  Reverend  and  Learned 
Thomas  Boston,  A.M.  (Edinburgh,  1776; 
Berwick,  1805  ;  Glasgow,  1899  ;  Edinburgh, 
1899  [edited  by  George  H.  Morrison]);  The 
Complete  Works,  edited  by  Samuel  M'Millan, 
12  vols.  (London,  1854). — [Memoirs ;  Acts 
of  Ass.,  1720,  1722 ;  Scots  May.,  xviii. ; 
Brown's  Gospel  Truth ;  Middleton's  Bio- 
graphia  Evangelica,  iv.,  254  ;  Irving's  Scot. 
Writers,  ii.  ;  Jean  L.  Watson's  The  Pastor 

of  Et  trick  ;  Dr  Andrew  Thomson's  Thomas 
Boston ;  Barnett's  Makers  of  the  Kirk ; 
Henderson's  Religious  Controversies  of 
Scotland ;  Morrison's  Introduction ;  Diet. 
Nat.  Biog. ;  A  General  Account  of  Mi/ 
Life,  lnj  Thomas  Boston,  A.M.,  Minister 
at  Simprin,  and  at  Ettrick  (London,  1908), 
edited  by  George  D.  Low,  M.A.,  has  a 
lengthy  bibliography  of  Boston's  writings, 
and  of  works  on  the  Marrow  controversy.] 

THOMAS  BOSTON,  son  of  preceding  : 
1733     Pres-  by  Francis,  Lord  Napier ;  ord. 
4th   April    1733 ;    trans,   to    Oxnam 
10th  May  1749. 

AND11EW  WALKER,  preacher  at  Caer- 
7        lanrig  Chapel   [Teviothead]  :    called 
18th  Jan.,  and  ord.  30th  May  1750  ; 
trans,  to  Canonbie  28th  March  1765. 

JOHN  ADAMS,  pres.  by  Francis,  Lord 
Napier,  19th  July,  and  ord.  25th 
Sept,  1765;  died  21st  May  1772. 
He  marr.  23rd  May  1768,  Margaret  Burns, 
Falkirk  (an  alliance  which  led  to  an  extra 
ordinary  protest  from  his  congregation,  the 
details  of  which  cover  five  pages  of  the 
kirk-session  minute-book).  She  died  at 
Falkirk,  3rd  May  1814,  and  had  issue — 
Mary  Johnston,  born  llth  Feb.  1769 ; 
Hester  [or  Esther],  born  26th  April  1771. 

HUBERT  POTTS,  a  native  of  Roxburgh- 
shire ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh 
2nd  Oct.  1754 ;  ord.  min.  of  a 
Presbyterian  congregation  at  Brampton, 
Cumberland,  16th  Oct.  1759 ;  pres.  by 
Francis,  Lord  Napier  ;  adm.  9th  Dec.  1772  ; 
dem.  9th  May  1780  ;  he  became  min.  of 
a  Presbyterian  congregation  at  Penrud- 
dock,  Cumberland ;  died  1st  Jan.  1806, 
aged  86.  He  marr.  13th  May  1779,  Eliza 
beth  Mennon,  who  died  3rd  Dec.  1831,  and 
had  issue — John,  born  20th  March  1780 ; 
George,  born  8th  Sept.  1781 ;  Robert,  born 
31st  Dec.  1783;  James,  born  llth  Jan. 
1786;  Adam,  born  llth  Aug.  1787. 

THOMAS    SHARP,   pres.    by    Francis, 
7        Lord  Napier,  Sept.  1780;  ord.  20th 
April    1781  ;  trans,  to  Hawick  22nd 
Oct.  1784. 




JAMES  HAY,  ord.  6th  May  178r,  :  trans. 
1785     to  Kirkton  23rd  Sept.  that  year. 

DAVID   GRANT,  min.  of   the  Presby- 
7        terian  Meeting-house,  Groat  Market, 

Newcastle,  14th  Nov.  1781  ;  pres.  by 
Francis,  Lord  Napier,  and  adm.  4th  May 
1786;  trans,  to  Ochiltree  14th  Dec.  that  year. 

ROBERT  GILL  AN,  pres.  by  Francis, 
Lord  Napier;  ord.  llth  May  1787; 
trans,  to  Hawick  30th  Dec.  1789. 

ROBERT    .RUSSELL,   M.A. ;   pres.    by 
Francis,  Lord  Napier,  5th  Feb.,  and 
ord.  (5th  -May  1790  :  trans,  to  Yarrow 
1st  Sept.  1791. 

CHARLES  PATON,  M.A.,  teacher  of 
a  school  at  Callander,  Perthshire  ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Deer  15th  Sept. 
1779 ;  preacher  at  Caerlanrig  Chapel 
[Teviothead] ;  pres.  by  Francis,  Lord 
Napier;  ord.  (late  at  night  in  a  bedroom 
at  Selkirk  manse,  in  presence  of  three 
members  of  the  Presb.,  a  severe  snow 
storm  having  prevented  all  access  to 
Ettrick)  8th  Dec.  1791 ;  died  unmarr. 
18th  Feb.  1818,  in  his  64th  year. 

JOHN  BENNET,  bom  10th  Aug.  1793, 
son  of  William  B.,  min.  of  Dudding- 
ston ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh  :  licen  by  Presb.  of  Brechin  3rd 
April  1816  ;  pres.  by  Francis,  Lord  Napier, 
6th  April,  and  ord.  7th  Aug.  1818;  died 
(of  typhus  fever,  caught  when  visiting  one 
of  his  people)  10th  Oct.  1822.  He  marr. 
6th  Feb.  1821,  Elizabeth  (died  13th  Oct. 
1884,  aged  89),  eldest  daugh.  of  William 
Singer,  D.D.,  min.  of  Kirkpatrick-Juxta, 
and  had  issue — William,  licentiate  of  the 
Free  Church,  poet,  editor  of  Lays  from 
Annandale  [vide  Echoes  of  the  Past  (Edin 
burgh,  1899)],  born  8th  Jan.  1822,  died  16th 
May  1899. —  [Edward's  Modern  Scottish 
Poets,  xii.] 

JAMES   SMITH,  born   1787 ;  licen.  by 

Presb.  of  Dumfries   4th  Dec.   1816  ; 

pres.  by  Francis,  Lord  Napier,  30th 

Dec.  1822  ;  ord.  28th  Aug.  1823  ;  died  while 

preparing   to   attend   a  meeting  of  Presb. 

at    Selkirk    16th    March    1858.     He    marr. 

3rd  June  1828,  Barbara  (died  at  Callander, 
24th  Oct.  1866).  daugh.  of  Walter  Paterson, 
stone  engraver,  Holm  of  Balmaclellan,  and 
Mary  Locke,  and  had  issue — Mary,  born 
10th  Oct.  1829  ;  John,  born  10th  June  1831. 
Publication — Account  of  the  Parish  (N<'n> 
8tat.  Ace.,  iii.). — [Tombst.] 

HENRY  DUNCAN,  ord.  9th  Sept.  1858  ; 
1858     trans,  to  Crichton  19th  Feb.  1864. 


JOHN  FALCONER,  born  Bogendollo, 
Fettercairn,  20th  July  1831,  eldest 
son  of  Alexander  F.,  farmer  :  edu 
cated  at  parish  school,  Fettercairn,  Univs.  of 
( llasgow  and  St  Andrews  ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Fordoun  in  1857  ;  missionary  at  Arden- 
tinny ;  ord.  to  North  Esk  24th  Nov.  1 8.')!)  ; 
trans,  and  adm.  16th  June  1864;  died  at 
Edinburgh,  18th  April  1911.  He  marr. 
15th  Oct.  1878,  Agnes  Davidson,  who  died 
.s./>.  5th  June  1906,  aged  64. 

ord.   (assistant   and   successor)   20th 
Dec.    1894;     trans,    to    Coats    10th 
Jan.  1907. 

ALEXANDER  HORN,  born  Kippen, 
19Q7  Stirlingshire,  10th  Feb.  1858,  son 
of  David  H.,  railway  engineer ; 
educated  at  Dollar  Academy  and  Univ. 
of  Edinburgh  ;  M.A.  (1878),  B.D.  (1882) ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  18th  May 
1882 ;  assistant  at  Greenside,  Edinburgh, 
etc. ;  Examiner  in  Theology  and  assistant 
to  Professor  of  Divinity,  Edinburgh  ;  ord. 
(assistant  and  successor)  22nd  Oct.  1907. 


[These  parishes  were  united  about  the 
13th  century.  The  church  was  removed 
from  Lindean  to  Galashiels  in  1622.  Until 
the  Reformation  Lindean  belonged  to  the 
Abbey  of  Kelso.  At  Galashiels  the  princi 
pal  services  are  conducted  in  the  handsome 
modern  church  of  St  Paul  (opened  23rd 
Nov.  1881),  instead  of  in  the  less  convenient 
parish  church.  There  was  a  fair  of  St  John 
the  Baptist  at  Galashiels.] 



WILLIAM  KER,  son  of  George  K.  of 
1569  Ijinton  ;  pres.  to  the  vicarage  by 
James  VI.  18th  Aug.  1569.  He  was 
deprived  before  llth  Nov.  1599,  but  is 
mentioned  as  Vicar  of  Lindean  7th  May 
1606.  He  was  ordered  by  the  Presb.  8th 
Sept.  1607  to  be  "  summoned  next  day," 
that  he  might  transfer  a  contract  betwixt 
him  and  William  Hogg  into  the  hands  of 
Patrick  Urquliart.  He  probably  became 
Bishop  of  Lismore  in  Ireland.  He  marr. 
Marion  Steill,  and  had  issue  —  James,  M.A. 
—  [Re<j.  Assiy.  ;  Exchequer  Built  ;  \Vodi-ow 
Miscell.  ;  Melrose  Reyal.  Rec.,  i.,  9  (Scot. 
Hist.  Sue.)  :  <;.  R.  Inhib.,  2nd  Jan.  1618.] 

WILLIAM  HOGG,  M.A.  ;  pres.  to  the 

1599     vicaraSe  by  James  VI.  1  1th  Xov.  1  599; 

trans,  to  Ayton  in  1601.  —  [Raj.  Assig.] 

PATRICK  URQrHART,  M.A.  (Eclin- 
1601  burgh,  12th  Aug.  1591);  aclm.  to 
Langnewton  in  1593  ;  min.  in  1601  ; 
pres.  to  the  vicarage  by  James  VI.  llth 
Sept.  1617;  he  was  still  min.  20th  April 
1627.—  [AV/.  ,SVr.  ,fy/."J 

JAMES  URQUHART,  probably  son  of 
1635  Preceding  ;  M.A  .  (Edinburgh,  26th 
July  1623);  pres.  to  Mertoun  20th 
May  1632  ;  trans,  and  adm.  (at  Glasgow) 
13th  May  1635;  died  in  1(550,  aged  about 
47.  He  had  "ane  tenement  of  land  in 
Canongate,"  for  the  infeftment  of  which 
he  compounded  with  the  city  of  Edinburgh, 
9th  March  1642.  He  marr.  Elizabeth, 
sister  of  John  Pringle  of  Cortilferrie,  and 
had  issue  —  George,  writer,  Edinburgh  ; 
Patrick  and  James,  apprentices  to  James 
Pollok,  merchant,  Edinburgh,  2nd  Aug. 
1654,  and  24th  July  1661.—  [Wodtw  J/.SX; 
Edin.  Counc.  Re<j.  ;  Lain;/  Charter*,  3058  ; 
-Edin.  Apprentice 


1Q48     M.A.  (Edinburgh,  July  1642);  adm. 

(colleague)  27th  Jan.  1648  ;  died  15th 

Nov.  1651,  aged  27.  —  [Jedburgh  Presb.  Re;/.  ; 


THOMAS  LOWIS,  M.A.  ;  min.  in  1654; 
1654    deprived  by  Act  of  Parliament  llth 
June,  and  Decreet  of  Privy  Council 
1st  Oct.  1662.     He  returned  in  1690. 

VOL.   II. 

THOMAS   WILKIE  of  Bewlie,   M.A. ; 
-__..     min.  in  1665;  trans,  to  North  Leith 


4th  Jan.  1672. 

HUGH  SCOTT,  M.A.,  formerly  of  Ox- 
1672     nam  ;  adm.  1st  Dec.  1672  ;  was  min. 
of  Stow  in  1688. 

JAMES     SCOTT,     M.A.     (Edinburgh, 

1689  "fck  April  1675  ;    min.  in   1689  ;   de 
prived   by   Act   of   Parliament   25th 

April  1690,  restoring  Presbyterian  rains.  ; 
died  at  Edinburgh,  17th  June  1715,  aged 
about  60.— [IAS'.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689.] 

THOMAS  LOWIS,  M.A.,  min.  in  1654, 

1690  restored  by  Act  of  Parliament  25th 
April   1690;   dem.  4th  March  1691; 

adm.  to  Innerleithen  3rd  March  1697. 


HUGH  CRAIG,  son  of  John  C.,  merchant 
burgess  of  Edinburgh  and  a  noted 
Covenanter;  became  a  merchant 
burgess  of  Edinburgh ;  studied  at  Univ. 
of  Glasgow,  and  was  ord.  15th  Dec.  1692  ; 
died  Feb.  1711.  He  marr.  (pro.  28th  April 
1687)  Christian  Galloway,  and  had  issue — 
Hugh  ;  Robert,  born  1689,  died  Nov.  1701  ; 
John,  born  19th  Sept.  1690,  died  22nd  Sept. 
1698;  Jean;  Francis,  licentiate  of  Presb. 
of  Selkirk;  Margaret  (marr.  June  1715, 
Thomas  Thomson,  min.  of  Auchtermuchty). 
A  notebook  in  Craig's  handwriting  is  in 
the  General  Register  House,  Edinburgh. — 
[Liidithgow  Presb.  and  Fife  tit/nod  Re<js. ; 
Wodrow's  Anal.;  Acts  of  Ass.,  1730; 
Boston's  Jfem.] 

HENRY  DAVIDSON,  born  1687,  son  of 
1714  a  oai'dener  or  farmer  in  the  parish 
of  Eckford ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  27th 
April  1705)  ;  Keen,  by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh 
5th  March  1712;  called  10th  Aug.,  and 
ord.  21st  Dec.  1714.  He  was  the  last 
survivor  of  the  Twelve  who  petitioned  the 
Assembly,  llth  May  1721,  against  the 
Act  condemning  the  Marrow  of  Modern 
Divinity.  About  1735,  he  discontinued  the 
observance  of  the  Communion  in  his  parish, 
and  frequently  went  down  to  Maxton  on 
Sunday  nights  to  join  in  the  Communion 
of  a  small  body  of  Glassites  there.  He 
expressed  a  willingness  to  resign  his  charge, 
but  his  people  would  not  hear  of  it,  and 
the  Presb.  being  equally  solicitous  that  he 





should  remain,  attending  only  to  those 
parts  of  his  office  he  felt  himself  at  liberty 
to  perform,  he  remained  min.  till  his  death, 
24th  Oct.  1756.  He  marr.  23rd  Feb.  1727, 
Katherine  (died  in  childbed,  6th  Feb. 
1728),  daugh.  of  Sir  James  Scott  of  Gala 
and  Eupliam  Douglas  of  Cavers.  Publica 
tions — The  fulness  of  the  Godhead  dwelling 
in  Christ,  a  sermon  ;  Dark  Providences  to 
le  admired,  not  curiously  pry'd  into,  two 
sermons ;  Letters  to  Christian  Friends 
[with  memoir,  probably  by  Robert  Douglas, 
D.D.]  (Edinburgh,  1811).— [Boston's  Mem. ; 
Scots  Mag.,  xviii. ;  Harder  Counties  Maga 
zine,  1881  :  Hall's  Galashiels,  197.] 

ALEXANDER     GLEN,     trans,      from 
Kirkton ;   pres.  by     Hugh   Scott   of 
Gala  8th  March,  and  adm.  7th  Dec. 
1757  ;  trans,  to  Dirleton  19th  Oct.  1769. 

ROBERT  DOUGLAS,  born  Kenmore, 
19th  July  1747,  son  of  John  D., 
min.  of  Kenmore,  afterwards  of 
Jedburgh  ;  educated  at  Marischal  College 
and  Univ.  of  Aberdeen;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Haddington  5th  Sept.  1769;  pres.  by 
Hugh  Scott  of  Gala  5th  March,  and  ord. 
19th  July  1770;  D.D.  (King's  College, 
Aberdeen,  1797) ;  died  15th  Nov.  1820.  By 
his  efforts  and  by  his  becoming  security  for 
the  capital  required,  the  manufactures  of 
the  then  small  village  of  Galashiels  were 
largely  founded  and  extended.  His  share 
in  thus  promoting  the  prosperity  of  Gala 
shiels  and  the  grateful  recognition  of  his 
people,  form  an  interesting  feature  in  the 
history  of  the  town.  He  has  been  termed 
the  Father  of  Galashiels.  It  was  from  him 
Sir  Walter  Scott  purchased  the  small  estate 
on  which  Abbotsford  was  built,  and  he 
was  the  minister  to  whom  the  thirteenth  of 
Paul's  Letters  to  his  Kimfolk  is  addressed, 
in  which  are  several  allusions  to  his 
intimacy  with  Sir  Walter.  He  marr.  4th 
June  1784,  Robina  (died  1st  Oct.  1837, 
aged  82),  daugh.  of  Edward  Lothian, 
jeweller,  Edinburgh,  and  had  issue — John, 
born  4th  April  1786,  died  llth  Oct.  1787; 
Edward  Lothian,  born  6th  July  1787,  died 
1st  Jan.  1789;  Helen,  born  18th  Sept.  1788 
(marr.  John  Thomson,  min.  of  Maxton) ; 
Beatrice,  born  18th  Oct.  1790,  died  28th 

Dec.  1850;  Robert,  born  27th  Feb.  1793. 
died  15th  Sept.  1809 ;  George,  merchant, 
Glasgow,  born  21st  Nov.  1794,  died  llth 
June  1846  ;  Arabella,  born  2nd  March  1798, 
died  27th  Jan.  1876.  Publications  —  On 
Oaths  and  the  Danger  of  Multiplying  them 
(1783);  A  General  View  of  the  Agriculture 
of  the  Counties  of  Roxburgh,  and  Selkirk 
(Edinburgh,  1798) ;  Account  of  the  Parish 
(Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  ii.). — [Lockhart's  Life 
of  Scott ;  The  Border  Treasury ;  Craig  - 
Brown's  Selkirkshire  and  Letters  and 
Memoir  of  Mrs  Alison  Rutherford ;  Hall's 
Hist,  of  Galashiels,  200  et  seq.  ;  Butler's 
Lindean  and  Galashiels.^ 

NATHANIEL    PATERSON,    pres.    by 

1821     J°nn  Scott  of  Gala  21st  Feb.,  and 

ord.   30th   Aug.   1821  ;    trans,    to    St 

Andrew's  Parish,  Glasgow,  20th  Feb.  1834. 

JAMES  VEITCH,  pres.  by  John  Scott 
of  Gala,  and  ord.  6th  Aug.  1834 ; 
trans,  to  Newbattle  2nd  Oct.  1840. 

1841  23rc^  April  1816,  son  of  Robert  P., 
min.  of  Wick ;  educated  at  Univ. 
of  Edinburgh ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Caith 
ness  28th  Nov.  1837 ;  pres.  by  Hugh  Scott 
of  Gala ;  ord.  14th  May  1841 ;  convener 
of  Army  and  Navy  Chaplains  Committee 
1863-88;  D.D.  (Edinburgh  1869) ;  convener 
of  Home  Mission  Committee,  1869-88  ;  dem. 
17th  Nov.  1870  ;  Moderator  of  Assembly 
in  1877;  convener  of  Business  Committee  of 
the  General  Assembly,  1879-87 ;  died  12th 
Jan.  1888.  As  a  young  minister  he  took  a 
prominent  part  in  the  measures  then  taken 
for  defending,  strengthening,  and  encourag 
ing  the  Church  of  Scotland,  which  had 
been  greatly  weakened  by  the  Secession  of 
1843.  He  was  successful  in  obtaining  from 
Government  the  recognition  of  the  claims 
of  Presbyterian  soldiers  and  sailors  to  the 
benefits  of  the  ministry  of  the  Church  of 
Scotland.  He  brought  to  the  Convenership 
of  the  Home  Mission  Scheme  administra 
tive  talents  of  a  high  order,  and  gave  his 
services  with  a  power,  courtesy,  and  tact 
which  were  universally  acknowledged.  He 
was  a  learned  Church  lawyer,  a  debater 
of  remarkable  readiness  and  vigour,  and 
leader  of  the  Assembly  for  many  years. 

s  ELK  IKK] 



A  fund  of  £1000  raised  in  his  memory, 
provides  a  grant  of  "  net  less  than  £12  and 
not  more  than  £20  as  an  extra  allow 
ance  towards  the  support  of  licentiates 
or  ministers  of  the  Church  of  Scotland 
labouring  as  missionaries,  but  not  as  parish 
ministers,  within  defined  districts  contain 
ing  populations  of  at  least  1000,  and  chiefly 
composed  of  the  poorer  classes.''1  His  por 
trait  is  in  the  offices  of  the  Church.  He 
marr.  9th  March  1852,  Margaret  Thomson 
(died  3rd  June  1905,  s.p.),  daugh.  of  James 
Pitcairn,  M.D.,  Edinburgh.  Publications 
-  -The  Church  and  her  Accuser  in  the  Far 
North  [a  severe  criticism  of  Sir  George 
Sinclair's  Six  Letters  on  the  Position  and 
Projects  of  the  Established  Church  of  Scot 
land,  especially  in  the  Northern  Counties] 
by  "  Investigator  :;  (Glasgow,  1850);  Fanati 
cism  in  tin-  North  (Edinburgh,  1882).— [The 
Scotsman,  13th  Jan.  1888:  The.  Border 
Almana^  1889;  Hall's  Galaskiels.] 

1871  born  Perth,  17th  May  1823,  son  of 
William  (!.,  banker,  and  Jessie 
Burn  ;  educated  at  Perth  Academy,  and 
Univs.  of  Edinburgh  and  St  Andrews  ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Perth  10th  June  1846; 
assistant  at  Dunning  ;  ord.  (assistant  and 
successor)  at  Dunning  27th  Sept.  1848 ; 
trans,  to  Blantyre  27th  Sept.  I860:  D.D. 
(St  Andrews  1867)  :  pres.  by  Hugh  Scott 
of  Gala  ;  trans,  and  adm.  20th  April  1871  ; 
Baird  Lecturer  in  1879  ;  Moderator  of  As 
sembly  23rd  May  1889  :  dem.  28th  June 
1892;  interim  Professor  of  Biblical  Criticism, 
Univ.  of  Aberdeen,  1896-7  :  LL.D.  (Aber 
deen  1897);  died  at  Edinburgh,  7th  Jan. 
1906.  He  attained  much  distinction  as  a 
commentator  and  New  Testament  scholar. 
He  marr.  23rd  Jan.  1867,  Elizabeth  (died 
21st  July  1914,  s.p.\  daugh.  of  Gavin  Lang, 
min.  of  Glasford.  Publications -.4  Treatise 
on,  the  Assurance  of  Salvation  (Edinburgh, 
1853  :  2nd  ed.)  ;  A  Treatise  on  Justifi 
cation  by  Faith  (Edinburgh,  1856);  The 
Primeval  World:  a  Treatise  on  the  Re 
lations  of  Geology  to  Theologi/  (Edinburgh, 
1859) ;  A  Treatise  on  the  Resurrection 
(London,  1862);  translation  of  Lechler 
and  Gerok's  Apostelgeschichte  (Edinburgh, 

1865) ;  Practical  Christianity  (Glasgow, 
1866);  Commentari/  on  the  Acts  of  the 
Aj)ost!es,2  vols.  (Edinburgh,  1870);  Intro 
duction  to  the  Pauline  Epistles  (Edinburgh, 
1874) ;  The  Messianic  Prophecies  (Baird 
Lecture,  1879) ;  translation  of  Liinemann's 
Thessalonicker  (Edinburgh,  1880) ;  edited 
Sermons  of  James  Veitch,  D.D.  (Edin 
burgh,  1880) ;  translation  of  Huther's 
James  and  Jude  (Edinburgh,  1881);  Life 
of  St  Paul  (Bible  Primer  Series ;  Edin 
burgh,  1881):  "Commentary  on  Epistle  of 
James ;:  (Schafi's  Popular  Bible  Com- 
ntentary,  1883) ;  Exegetical  Studies  (Edin 
burgh,  1884);  Introduction  to  the  CatJtoli<- 
Epistles  (Edinburgh,  1887);  "Com 
mentary  on  the  Thessalonians ;;  (Pulpit 
Commentari/;  London,  1887);  translation 
of  Meyer's  Apostelijeschichte  (Edinburgh, 
1887);  Closing  Address  of  Genera?  As 
sembly  (Edinburgh,  1889) ;  Introduction 
to  the  Johannine  Writings  (Edinburgh, 
1891);  Subjects  and,  Mode  of  JJaptisiu 
(Edinburgh,  1891);  Life  of  St  John  (Bible 
Primer  Series ;  Edinburgh,  1892) ;  Intro 
duction  to  the  Synoptic  Gospels  (Edinburgh, 
1895)  ;  Evening  Thoughts  (Edinburgh,  1900). 
— [Paton  J.  Gloag,  a  memoir,  by  Elizabeth 
;  S.  Gloag;  Life  and  Work,  July  1889  and 
Feb.  1906  ;  The  Scotsman,  10th  Jan.  1906 ; 
Diet.  Nat.  Bio;/.] 

DAVID  HUNTER,  born  Ayr,  1st  April 

1892     1851>  son  °f  Hugh  H. ;   educated  at 

Ayr  Academy   and   Univ.   of  Glas- 

i  gow,  and  at  Tubingen  and  Leipzig;  M.A. 

(Glasgow  1873),  B.D.  (Glasgow  1876) ;  licen. 

by  Presb.  of  Ayr  2nd  May  1877  ;  assistant  at 

St  Cuthbert's,  Edinburgh ;  ord.  (assistant 

j  and  successor)  at   Kelso   23rd   Jan.   1878  ; 

trans,  to  St  Mary's,  Partick,  5th  Oct.  1882  ; 

1  D.D.  (Glasgow  1892);  trans,  and  adm.  8th 

Dec.    1892 ;    Convener    of    Committee   on 

Probationers,    18961903;    died    20th    Feb. 

i  1907.     He  marr.  6th  Feb.  1878,  Mary  Anne 

(died  7th  March  1901),  daugh.  of  Edmund 

William  Jones,  and  had  issue— Hugh  Black- 

:  burn,  W.S.,  major  A.S.C.,  British  Expedi- 

:  tionary  Force,  France,  1914-16,  born  3rd  July 

j   1880.      Publications  —  Translated   Meyer's 

'  Pastoral  Epistles  (Edinburgh,  1881);  Reuss's 

|   TTistor;/  'of  the   Canon    of  Holy  Scripture 


(Edinburgh,  1884);  Meyer's  Second  Epistle 
to  the  Corinthians  (Edinburgh,  1891) ;  The 
Fiars  in  Scotland  (Church  Law  Society 
Paper;  Edinburgh,  1905). 

DUGALD  BUTLER,  born  Glasgow, 
19Q7  18th  Nov.  1862,  son  of  Dugald  B. ; 
educated  at  High  School  and  Univ. 
of  Glasgow ;  M.A.  (1883) ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Dunoon  in  1886;  assistant  at  New 
Kilpatrick ;  orcl.  to  Abernethy,  Perthshire, 
23rd  Sept.  1890;  trans,  to  Tron  Parish, 
Edinburgh,  10th  July  1902;  trans,  and 
adrn.  7th  Aug.  1907  ;  D.D.  (Glasgow  1907). 
Marr.  13th  April  1893,  Catherine  Barrie, 
eldest  daugh.  of  Sir  James  Marwick,  LL.D., 
town-clerk  of  Glasgow.  Publications— The 
Teaching  of  Emerson  (Newburgh-on-Tay, 
1892) ;  The  Ancient  Church  and  Parish 
of  Abernethy  (Edinburgh,  1897);  John 
Wesley  and  George  Whitefield  in  Scotland 
(Edinburgh,  1898);  Henri/  Scougal  and 
the  Oxford  Methodists  (Edinburgh,  1899); 
Scottish  Cathedrals  and  Abbeys  (Guild 
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1903);  Eternal  Elements  in  the  Christian 
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of  Edinburgh  (Edinburgh,  1906) ;  Thomas 
a  Kempis,  a  religious  study  (Edinburgh, 
1908) ;  Gothic  Architecture :  its  Christian 
Origin  and  Inspiration  (Edinburgh,  1910) ; 
Archbishop  Leighton's  Practice  of  the 
Presence  of  God,  with  introduction  (Edin 
burgh,  1911) ;  Unity,  Peace,  and  Charity : 
a  Tercentenary  Lecture  on  Archbishop 
Leighton  (Edinburgh,  1912);  Woman  and 
the  Church  in  Scottish  Histori/  (Edinburgh, 
1912) ;  George  Fox  in  Scotland  (Edinburgh, 
1913);  St  Cuthbert  (lona  Books  Series; 
Edinburgh,  1913) ;  St  Giles  (same  series ; 
Edinburgh,  1914) ;  Lindean  and  Galashiels 
(Galashiels,  1915). 

[This  parish  was  disjoined  from  Gala 
shiels  9th  Feb.  1874.     A  church  was  built 
in  1868  and  enlarged  in  1888.] 
second  son  of  John  S.,  writer,  Glas 
gow  ;    ord.  15th    Dec.    1870 ;    adm. 
first  min.  oi  the  parish  24th  March  1874; 

dem.  17th  July  1883.  Joined  the  Church  of 
Rome.  He  marr.,  and  had  issue.  Publica 
tion — TheChurch  of  Scotland  [from  a  Roman 
Catholic  Point  of  View]  (Paisley  1892). 

ord.    27th     Dec.     1883 ;     trans,     to 


Falkirk  2nd  Feb.  1899. 


ANDREW   MUTCH,   M.A.  :    ord.   12th 

:     trans-     t0 

Dec.  1902. 


FRANCIS  M'HARDY,  M.A.,  B.D.  ;  ord. 
15th  April  1903  ;  trans,  to  Midmar 

12th  Nov.  1908. 

WILLIAM  DICKSON,  born  Glenburn 
1909  ^Of  Antrim,  Ireland,  12th  March 
1867,  son  of  Paul  D. ;  educated  at 
Queen's  College,  Belfast ;  B.A.  (Royal 
University,  Ireland,  26th  Oct.  1894) ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Ahoghill  12th  May  1896; 
adm.  to  this  charge  14th  April  1909  ;  res. 
7th  June  1915;  died  at  Dundonald,  Ire 
land,  7th  May  1916.  Marr.  18th  June  1902, 
Edith  Jane  Hanna,  and  has  issue — Edna 
Jane  Caldwell,  born  4th  Aug.  1903,  died 
1904;  William  Stewart,  born  21st  June 
1906;  John  Hanna,  born  15th  Sept.  1909; 
died  5th  Jan.  1910 ;  Edith  Moyra,  born 
8th  May  1911. 


born  28th  Feb.  1888,  son  of  Henry 
Ritchie  Buchan,  min.  of  Kilbirnie ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow  ;  M.A.  (1910), 
B.D.  (1913);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Glasgow 
7th  May  1913;  assistant  at  St  Matthew's 
Parish,  Edinburgh;  ord.  15th  Sept.  1915; 
marr.  7th  Aug.  1916,  Janet  Pearson,  daugh. 
of  James  Cunningham,  Edinburgh. 


[A  church  was  built  here  in  1877.  The 
parish  was  disjoined  from  Selkirk,  12th 
Jan.  1885.] 

[ROBERT]  LUDOVIC  MAIR,  ord.  10th 
Jan.  1878 ;  trans,  to  Bunkle  and 
Preston  8th  Jan.  1880. 

JOHN  SHARPE,  born  Falkland,  Fife, 
17th  Jan.  1848,  son  of  Robert  S., 
manufacturing  agent;  educated  at 


Falkland  Parish  School  and  Univ.  of  St 
Andrews  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Cupar  June 
1878 ;  assistant  at  St  Cyrus ;  ord.  6th 
May  1880  ;  adm.  first  min.  of  the  parish 
12th  Jan.  1885  ;  clerk  of  Presb.  1898-1916  ; 
died  unmarr.  13th  July  1916.  Publica 
tion — Selkirk  :  Its  Clum-h,  It*  tic/tool,  and 
ItK  Presbyter;/  (Selkirk,  1914). 

1916  born  ArmaSn>  Ireland,  8th  July  1873, 
son  of  John  B. ;  educated  at  Armagh 
Academy  and  Univ.  of  Belfast ;  ord.  min. 
of  the  Congregational  Church,  Cleland, 
Lanarkshire,  4th  Sept,  1904  ;  adm.  to  Bath 
Street  Congregational  Church,  Dunfermline, 
10th  Nov.  1906.  Joined  the  Church  of 
Scotland  May  1914  ;  assistant  at  Sandbank, 
Callander,  High  Church,  Inverness  ;  ord. 
interim  min.  of  St  Stephen's  Parish,  Inver 
ness,  4th  May  1916  ;  adm.  to  this  charge 
12th  Dec.  1916.  Marr.  27th  April  1905, 
Elizabeth  Young,  daugh.  of  James  Brash, 


[There  was  an  ancient  chapel  here.  The 
parish  was  disjoined  quoad  omnia  from 
Yarrow,  25th  June  1851.] 

JOHN  SHARPS  GIBSON,  born  at 
Shaws,  in  the  parish,  9th  Nov.  1816, 
son  of  Thomas  G.  and  Jane  Sharpe, 
great-granddaughter  of  Thomas  Boston  ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Selkirk  2nd  March  1841  ;  pres. 
by  Queen  Victoria;  ord.  30th  Dec.  1851; 
died  13th  Nov.  1879.  He  marr.  27th  Aug. 
1853,  Gertrude  Bertha  Allison,  who  died 
s.p.  26th  Oct.  1872. 

HUGH  MACMILLAN,  born  Port 
William,  Wigtownshire,  23rd  March 
1842,  son  of  John  M.,  shipmaster, 
and  Rosanna  M'Guffie  ;  educated  at  Port 
AVilliam  Parish  School  and  Univ.  of  Glas 
gow  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Wigtown  in  1868 ; 
ord.  (assistant  and  successor)  25th  July 
1876.  Marr.  4th  June  1884,  Emily  Jane, 
daugh.  of  Thomas  Mitchell,  Kirkhope,  and 
has  issue — Rosanna  Elizabeth,  M.B.,  Ch.B., 
born  1st  Oct.  1888;  Hugh  Agnew,  M.B., 
Ch.B.,  born  25th  May  1890. 



[A  chapel  was  opened  here  16th  July 
1838.  The  parish  was  disjoined  from 
Melrose,  llth  July  1855.] 


1839      b°rn  °ld  Monkland>    22nd  Dec-  1810' 
son  of  John  F.,  merchant ;  educated 

at  Univ.  of  Glasgow ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Hamilton  ;  assistant  at  Kilmarnock ;  ord. 
13th  Sept.  1839.  Joined  the  Free  Church  ; 
min.  of  Ladhope  Free  Church  1843-45  ;  of 
the  Free  Church,  Ferry-Port-on-Craig,  in 
1845  ;  died  9th  July  1886.  He  marr.  1«41, 
Christina  (born  12th  Sept.  1817,  died  5th 
July  1896),  daugh.  of  William  Meek,  D.D., 
min.  of  Hamilton,  and  had  issue— John 
Meek,  born  1842,  died  1843;  Christina 
Croil,  born  29th  Oct.  1844  (marr.  1872, 
Robert  Paul,  min.  of  Free  Church,  Dollar), 
died  30th  Jan.  1906  ;  William  Meek,  min. 
of  St  Paul's  United  Free  Church,  Edin 
burgh,  born  4th  Sept.  1846,  killed  by  a  fall 
from  his  bicycle,  4th  May  1913 ;  John 
Meek,  born  1848,  died  1850;  Alexander 
Croil,  merchant,  London,  born  1850,  died 
1903;  Elisabeth  Jane,  born  1852;  Jessie 
Hetherington,  born  1854,  died  1864;  Robert 
Hill.  min.  of  Carnbee  United  Free  Church, 
1884-1907,  secretary  of  the  National  Bible 
Society  of  Scotland,  1907  :  born  1856.— 
[Hall's  Hist,  of  Ladhope  Free  Church.} 

JAMES  SMITH,  authorised  by  Presb. 
to  take  charge  of  the  district  of 
Ladhope,  17th  March  1846 ;  adm. 

first  min.  of  the  parish  7th  Feb.  1856  ;  trans. 

to  Greyfriars,  Aberdeen,  17th  Dec.  1857. 

ROBERT  BLACKSTOCK,  ord.  25th 
June  1858 ;  trans,  to  Lilliesleaf  4th 
Aug.  1881. 

ROBERT  BORLAND,  ord.  2nd  March 
1882  1882;  trans,  to  Yarrow  14th  June  1883. 


born     Caldow,     Balmaclellan,     13th 

Aug.    1847,   son    of   Adam    C.  and 

Margaret   Corson ;    educated   at   Univ.   of 

Edinburgh;  M.A.  (1869);  ord.  toLochrutton 

20th  Nov.  1879  ;  trans,  and  adm.  21st  Jan. 

1884  ;  dem.  26th  June  1900  ;  died  21st  July 

1914.     He  marr.  llth  Jan.  1881,  Jane  Mary 

Mason,  daugh.  of  Thomas  Patterson,  Kirk- 




[PllESB.  OF 

caldy,  and  had  issue -Edith  Mary,  horn 
31st  Dec.  1881 ;  Frances  Maud  Marguerite, 
born  4th  July  1885  (marr.  1st  Oct.  1908, 
Konrad  Gerhardt) ;  Elizabeth  Beveridge, 
born  28th  Jan.  1887:  William  Ramsay 
( 'orson,  I.C.S.,  born  7th  Oct.  1889. 

5th  Dec.  1900  ;  trans,  to  Rosemount 


Parish,  Aberdeen,  18th  Feb.  1914. 

JOHN  GEDDES  RITCHIE,  born  Pais- 

1914      ley'   26th   ^arcu    188f!'  son   °f  ^avid 

R.  and  Grace  Hunter  :  educated 
at  Univ.  of  Glasgow  :  M.A.  (1907),  B.D. 
(1911);  Keen,  by  Presb.  of  Paisley  in  1911  : 
assistant  at  St  Michael's  Parish,  Dumfries, 
and  Dean  Parish,  Edinburgh  :  ord.  16th 
July  1914  ;  chaplain  British  Expeditionary 
Force,  France,  1914-16  :  res.  1916. 


[The  church  of  Lilliesleaf  is  mentioned 
in  the  Inquisition  of  David,  1116  ;  Walter, 
"chaplain  of  Lillesclive,"  attested  in  1174 
at  Lin  ton,  a  grant  of  land  from  William  the 
Lion  to  William  de  Somerville.  In  1190 
the  parson  of  "  Lyllesclif  "  claimed  part  of 
the  lands  of  Botheldene  (Bowden) ;  and  in 
1296  John  of  Rutherford,  "parson"  here,  did 
fealty  to  Edward  I.  Up  to  the  Reformation 
the  church  belonged  to  the  See  of  Glasgow. 
There  was  a  chapel  at  Riddell.  An  apse 
was  added  to  the  church  in  1910  by  the 
Rev.  Arthur  Pollok  Sym.] 

1571     m*n<  °^  Bowden  (tf.v.) :  had  Lilliesleaf 
under  his  care,  1571-74. 

1574  1574-80. 

THOMAS  WILKIE,  a  relative  of  John 
8  Row  the  Reformer  ;  M.A.  (St  An 
drews  1583);  reader  in  1586;  min. 
in  1588  ;  pres.  to  the  parsonage  and  vicarage 
by  Robert,  Lord  Roxburghe,  before  2nd 
Feb.  1609.  He  admitted  the  gudewife  of 
Sinton,  Ashkirk,  to  the  communion,  "  she 
being  a  contemner  of  her  awin  min.  and 
of  her  awin  kirk."  The  Presb.,  19th  Sept. 
1615,  was  greatly  offended  and  rebuked  him 
for  so  doing,  declaring  "  if  he  do  so  again 

he  will  be  suspended  from  his  office/''  He 
was  still  min.  28th  Oct.  1638.  He  was 
probably  the  father  of  Thomas,  min.  of 
Crailing,  and  of  William  his  own  successor. 
— [Key.  of  Detnh,  ccxv.,  3  ;  ftf<j.  Ansiy.  ; 
Wodrow:s  St-lti-t  /!<<></.,  i.,  423.] 

WILLIAM  WILKIE,  probably  son  of 
1640  Preceding  :  M.A.  (St  Andrews  1614). 
He  was  interrupted  while  preaching 
at  Melrose,  30th  Aug.  1640,  by  the  entry  of 
English  soldiers  into  the  village.  Not  con 
forming  to  Episcopacy,  he  was  confined  to 
his  parish  in  1662. — [Melrose  tiess.  and  Jed- 
Imryh  Prefdi.  h'et/s.  ;  Wodrow:s  Hist.,  i.  326.] 

JOHN  CHISHOLME,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
1674  27th  July  1663):  licen.  by  George, 
Bishop  of  Edinburgh,  2nd  Oct.  1667  ; 
min.  in  1674  :  he  was  cited  before  the  Privy 
Council,  10th  Nov.  1681,  for  dissuading  the 
magistrates  of  Selkirk  from  taking  the  Test. 
Deprived  by  the  Privy  Council,  3rd  Sept. 
1689,  for  neither  reading  the  Proclamation 
of  the  Estates  nor  praying  for  William  and 
Mary,  but  for  James  VII.,  and  for  not  observ 
ing  the  thanksgiving.  He  died  at  Edin 
burgh,  12th  Feb.  1701,  aged  about  58.  He 
marr.,  and  had  issue — Robert,  schoolmaster 
of  Selkirk  ;  Eupham  (marr.  4th  Dec.  1716, 
James  Pringle,  writing-master,  Edinburgh  ; 
Esther  (marr.  (1)  19th  Sept.  1725,  Francis 
Toward,  merchant,  Edinburgh  :  (2)  10th 
Jan.  1731,  Thomas  Wilkie,  Edinburgh). — 
[Kirkton's  and  Wodrow's  Hists. ;  MS.  Ace. 
of  Min.,  1689 ;  Rule's  .SVc.  Vindication.  ; 
Edin.  Reg.  (Marr.).} 

MATTHEW  COUPER,  ord.  29th   Oct. 
lggi     1691  ;   trans,   to  Ochiltree,   but    not 
adm.  till  21st  Aug.  1695. 

WILLIAM  HUNTER  of  Union  Hall 
16y5  [now  Linthill],  born  1657 ;  M.A. 
(Edinburgh,  3rd  July  1693) ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Kelso  28th  Aug.  1694 ;  ord. 
2nd  May  1695  ;  he  was  one  of  the  Twelve 
who  gave  in  a  representation  to  the  General 
Assembly,  llth  May  1721,  against  the  Act 
which  condemned  the  Marrow  of  Modern 
Divinity.  He  died  13th  Nov.  1736.  He 
marr.  (1)  Alison,  daugh.  of  James  Hog, 
min.  of  Carnock,  and  had  issue  —  Alison 
(marr.  Adam  Milne,  min.  of  Melrose) :  (2) 




Margaret  Potts,  and  had  issue  —  William^ 
a  physician  ;  Margaret  of  Courthill  (marr. 
23rd  April  1740,  Thomas  Riddell  of  Camie- 
ston).  —  [$«>£s  Mag.,  xxviii.  ;  Tombst.  ; 
Boston's  Mem.  ;  Wodrow's  Anal.  ;  Roxburgh 
Sas.,  1710,  vii.,  393.] 


ROBERT    RIDDELL,  youngest  son  of 

Sir  Walter  R-  of  tliat  ilk'  Bart>  and 
Mary   Watt   of   Rosehill  ;    licen.   by 

Presb.  of  Selkirk  1st  Feb.  1732  :  pres.  by 
John,  Duke  of  Roxburghe,  and  ord.  23rd 
Sept.  1737;  died  12th  March  1760.  He  marr. 
12th  Feb.  1755,  Esther  (died  2nd  March 
1803),  daugh.  of  John  Riddell,  M.D., 
Granton,  son  of  Archibald  R.,  min.  of  Trinity 
Parish,  Edinburgh,  but  had  no  issue.  — 
[Douglas's  Bar.  ;  Playfair's  Fam.Antiq.,iii.] 

WILLIAM  CAMPBELL,  born  10th  Jan. 

176O  I"  37,  son  °^  ^  i^'am  C->  surveyor  of 
H.M.  Customs,  Kirkcaldy  ;  educated 
at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Edinburgh  25th  Oct.  1758  ;  ord.  4th  July 
1759  min.  of  the  Low  Meeting,  Benvick-on- 
Tweed  ;  pres.  by  John,  Duke  of  Roxburghe, 
and  adm.  IGth  Oct.  1760  ;  died  28th  Sept. 
1804.  He  marr.  6th  May  1759,  Margaret 
(died  at  Edinburgh,  18th  Nov.  1813),  only 
daugh.  of  Alexander  Home,  min.  of  Stichill, 
and  had  issue  —  Agnes,  born  1st  Feb.  1760 
(marr.  5th  June  1779,  William  Scott, 
solicitor,  Edinburgh)  ;.  William,  born  13th 
March  1762,  W.S.  apprentice  1777,  died 
31st  May  1781  ;  Alexander,  born  13th  Dec. 
1763  ;  Edward,  born  6th  July  1765,  died  in 
the  East  Indies,  1789  ;  Jean,  born  30th 
April  1767  (marr.  14th  May  1803,  Thomas 
Tod);  Robert,  captain  R.N.,  born  16th 
June  1768,  died  1815  ;  Margaret,  born  16th 
Jan.  1770  (marr.  14th  Aug.  1793,  William 
Farquharson,  M.D.,  Edinburgh);  David, 
born  24th  Dec.  1771,  died  23rd  Aug.  1794; 
Elizabeth,  born  14th  Oct.  1773,  died  3rd 
Sept.  1792  ;  George,  born  17th  April  1775, 
died  14th  Feb.  1776;  Marion,  born  20th 
Dec.  1776  (marr.  6th  April  1798,  Robert 
Gillan,  min.  of  Hawick)  ;  John,  min.  of 
Selkirk  ;  Jessie,  born  20th  Nov.  1779,  died 
27th  Feb.  1783;  William  Scott,  born  22nd 
Dec.  1781,  died  4th  April  1799.  Publica 
tion  —  Account  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's 
Stat.  Ace.,  mil.).—  [Tombst.] 

JAMES  STALKER,  son  of  John  S.,  Edin- 

killie:  M. A. (King's College, Aberdeen, 

1777) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Clmnonry 

6th  Jan.  1784  ;  ord.  18th  Oct.  1785,  assistant 

to  the  chaplain  of  Fort  George ;    pres.  by 

William,  Duke  of  Roxburghe,  4th  Oct.  1804; 

adm.   8th   May  1805 ;    died   unmarr.   23rd 

March  1816.—  [Tombst.] 

DAVID   BAXTER,  a  native  of  Leslie, 
Fife  :  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh 
28th  Nov.  1798 ;  ord.  to  Birnie  27th 
July  1809;  pres.  by  James,  Duke  of  Rox 
burghe,  in  Aug.,  trans,  and  adm.  10th  Oct. 
1816;  died  6th  May  1842.     He  marr.  19th 
Oct.  1812,  Ann  (died  14th  May  1848),  daugh. 
of  James  Campbell,  Edinburgh,   and   had 
issue — Margaret  Campbell,  born  llth  July 

1813  (marr.  Adam  Gourlay,  her  father's  suc 
cessor)  ;  Jemima  Xicolina,  born  20th  July 

1814  (marr.   William    King,    min.   of    the 
Presbyterian   Church   at   Nelson,   Ontario, 
Canada),  died  1887  ;  Maria  Anne,  born  13th 
Oct.  1815  (marr.  Alexander  Fraser,  banker, 
Edinburgh),  died  3rd  Feb.  1897  ;   Harriet, 
born  27th  Nov.  1816  (marr.  Joseph  French, 
chemist,  Australia),  died    15th  July  1890 ; 
John  David,  born  27th  Nov.  1819,  died  6th 
Oct.  1820 ;  Helen  Frances,  born  2nd  April 
1821  (marr.  E.  N.  Houston,  surgeon,  Aus 
tralia),  died  17th  Oct.  1902.     Publication- 
Account  of  the  Parish  (Neiv  Stat.  Ace.,  iii.). 

ADAM     GOURLAY,     born     Chesters, 

1842      Ancrum'     24th     DeC'     1800'     S0n     °f 
James    G.   and   Margaret   Redford ; 

educated  at  Ancrum  School  and  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Jedburgh 
1825  ;  assistant  at  Bedrule  and  Lilliesleaf  ; 
pres.  by  James  Henry  Robert,  Duke  of 
Roxburghe,  and  ord.  1st  Sept.  1842  ;  clerk 
of  Presb.  1st  Aug.  1843;  clerk  of  Synod 
25th  Oct.  1853  ;  died  12th  April  1881.  He 
marr.  20th  Nov.  1834,  Margaret  Campbell 
Baxter  (born  llth  July  1813,  died  16th  March 
1900),  daugh.  of  his  predecessor,  and  had 
issue — James,  insurance  clerk,  born  4th  Feb. 
1836,  died  29th  Aug.  1899  ;  Anne  Campbell, 
born  6th  Nov.  1837  (marr.  George  Alex 
ander,  farmer),  died  30th  Dec.  1885  ;  David 
Baxter,  farmer,  born  4th  April  1839,  died 
25th  Nov.  1913 ;  Margaret  Redford,  born 
12th  May  1846;  Maria  Nicolina,  born 



14th  July  1848,  died  3rd  June  1893; 
Adamina  Harriet,  born  29th  June  1852  ; 
Adam,  banker,  born  10th  Nov.  1854,  died 
21st  Jan.  1888;  Jane  Charles  Russell  Currie, 
born  22nd  Xov.  18D6  (marr.  Walter  Robert 

1881  michael,  Dumfriesshire,  27th  April 
1827,  son  of  Peter  B.  and  Margaret 
Oughterson;  educated  at  Kirkmichael 
School  and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  :  sometime 
schoolmaster  at  Brydekirk  :  licen.  byPresb. 
of  Lochmaben  18th  Aug.  1853;  ord.  to 
Ladhope  25th  June  1858;  trans,  and  adm. 
4th  Aug.  1881  ;  died  24th  Jan.  1888.  He 
marr.  26th  June  1866,  Joanna  (died  12th 
July  1916),  daugh.  of  Robert  Hall,  builder, 
Galashiels,  and  Flora  Sanderson,  and  had 
issue— Flora  Agnes,  born  20th  April  1867  : 
Margaret  Josephine  Oughterson,  born  8th 
Feb.  1869  (marr.  Thomas  Ovens,  Gala- 
shiels) ;  Joanna  Hall,  born  16th  Feb.  1871  ; 
Christian  Patricia,  born  9th  Feb.  1873 
(marr.  John  Crawford,  M.B.,  C.M.),  died 
5th  April  1904  ;  Agnes  Catherine  Hall,  born 
2nd  March  1875;  Robert  Patrick  Hall, 
L.R.C.P.,  Eskbank,  born  3rd  May  1878. 
Publications — Sermon  Against  Swearing 
(1872)  ;  The  Principles  and  Advantages  of  a 
National  Church  (1879) ;  Voluntaryism  and 
Establishment  (1879);  Memorial  Sermon 
for  William  Roberts  of  Netherby  (1879). 

ARTHUR  POLLOK  SYM,  born  Green- 
1888     bank)    near    Edinburgh,    14th   Aug. 

1862,  fifth  son  of  William  S.  and  Mary  j 
Thomson,  daugh.  of  James  Pitcairn,  M.D.  :  i 
educated  at  Mr  Baillie's  School,  Morning-  i 
side,  Craigmount  House  School,  and  Univ.  '' 
of  Edinburgh  ;    M.A.  (1881),  B.D.  (1884)  ;   i 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  June  1884;  | 
assistant  at  St  George's  Parish,  Edinburgh  ; 
ord.  12th  July  1888 ;  examiner  foi*  degrees 
in  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  1895-9  ;  secretary  of 
Ministers'  Pension  Fund  Committee  1907  : 
Clerk   of   Presb.    1916.    Marr.  llth    Sept. 
1900,  Caroline  Georgina,  youngest  daugh.  of 
William  Simson,  secretary  of  the  Bank  of 
Scotland.     Publications— Sermon  on   Tem 
perance  (Edinburgh,  1890) ;  St  Paul's  Last  i 
Letter  (Scottish  Women's  Bible  Study  Asso 
ciation,  1900);  A  Border  Synod  (Hawick, 

1902) ;  Suggestions  for  a  Pension  Scheme 
(Hawick,  1906) ;  The  Parish  of  Lilliesleaf 
(Selkirk,  1913);  Studies  in  the  Period 
of  Elijah  ami  Elishn  (Scottish  Women's 
Bible  Study  Association,  1915).  Contributor 
to  Hastings'  Dictionari/  of  Christ  and  tin- 
Vosjids  ;  editor  of  T/ic  Chit >•<•//  of  Scot/and 
Year  Hook  from  1914. 


[Maxton.—The  church  of  Maxton  was 
dedicated  to  St  Cuthbert.  Tt  belonged  to 
the  Abbey  of  Dryburgh. 

Rutherford.— There  was  here  a  hospital 
|  of  St  Magdalene.] 

Sri:    WILLIAM    AINSLTE,   adm.    7th 
1561     ^ePt-   ]561   to  the  vicarage  in  place 
of    Sir    William    Tailfeir.  —  [Laing 
Charters,  727  ;   Keg.  Sec.  Sig.,  ii.,  40.] 

WILLIAM  AINSLIE,  possibly  same  as 
1569  above,  reader  1569  to  1579. 

JOHN  SMYTH,  M.A.  (St  Andrews,  3rd 
1593  Dec.  1584) ;  adm.  to  Selkirk  in  1585  ; 
trans,  to  Mertoun  about  12th  Oct. 
1586;  adm.  to  this  charge  in  1593;  a 
member  of  Assembly  in  1602  :  was  app. 
with  two  others  for  visiting  the  kirks 
of  Nithsdale  and  Annandale.  In  1607  he 
was  called  before  the  Privy  Council  for 
acting  as  clerk  to  the  Synod  which  dis 
obeyed  the  Acts  of  Assembly  1606  regard 
ing  a  constant  Moderator,  and  was  charged 
to  enter  into  ward  at  Blackness  within  forty- 
eight  hours.  He  signed  the  Protest  for  the 
Liberties  of  the  Kirk  27th  June  1617  ;  was 
cited  before  the  Court  of  High  Commission 
in  1622,  but  through  the  intercession  of  a 
friend,  he  was  not  called.  He  died  before 
26th  May  1634,  aged  about  70.  He  be 
queathed  £72  for  the  use  of  the  parish. 
He  marr.,  and  had  issue— John.— [Pjooke  of 
the  Kirk,  503:  Reg.  Sec.  Sig.;  Melville's 
Antob.;  Livingston's  Charac.  :  G.  R.  Sns., 
xix.,  169.] 

PATRICK   LINDSAY,   M.A.    (St    An- 

1634     drews  1627) ;  pres.  by  Charles  I.  26th 

May  1634.     He  was  probably  dep.  in 

1639  for  heresy.— [Reg.  Sec.  Sig. ;  Peterkin's 

Records ;  Stevenson's  Hist.] 




Andrew  D.,  min.  of  St  Boswells ; 
M.A.  (Edinburgh,  23rd  July  1631): 
he  was  on  the  Exercise  at  Hacldington 
21st  Sept.  1636:  adm.  16th  July  1640; 
was  on  the  Commission  of  Assembly, 
1642,  1645,  1648,  and  1649.  Xot  conform 
ing  to  Episcopacy,  he  was  confined  to  his 
parish  in  1662,  where  he  died  before  1672. 
He  marr.,  and  had  issue — John;  Elizabeth: 
Anna  ;  Mary  ;  Janet. — [Haddington,  Jed- 
burgli,  and  Chirmide  Presb.  Regs.  :  Acts  of 
Ass.  :  Wodrow's  Hist.,  i.,  326  ;  Privy  Seal 
Enfj.  Reg.,  iv.,  155  ;  <!.  R.  Inhib.,  8th  Jan. 
1668,  15th  May  1671,  and  14th  Dec.  1676.] 

PATRICK  STRACHAX,  son  of  John  S., 
weaver  and  burgess.  Aberdeen  ;  M.A . 
(Marischal  College  1673) :  sometime 
clerk  to  the  Kirk -session  of  Foveran  ;  min. 
in  1683;  deprived  by  the  Privy  Council  in 
1689  for  neither  reading  the  Proclamation 
of  the  Estates  nor  praying  for  William 
and  Mary.  He  marr.  Barbara  Abernethy, 
who  survived  him,  and  had  issue  —  five 
children,  of  whom  Isabel  marr.  16th  Dec. 
1722,  Henry  Laing,  in  parish  of  Scoonie. 
—  [J/,S'.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689;  Peterkin's 
Constitution  of  the  Church  :  Linlithgcno 
Burgh  Reg.'] 

ROBERT   EDGAR,   was  a  min.  at  the 
general  meeting  of  Presbyterians  after 
the  Toleration  6th  July  1687  :  called 
Nov.,  and  adm.  10th  Dec.  1690  ;  died  13th 
Dec.    1713,   aged   88.      He   marr.   (1),   and 
had  issue— Gabriel,  bapt.  16th  July  1660; 
James,  bapt.  26th  Dec.  1661  :  (2)  25th  Oct. 
1692,    Jean     Stephenson,    sister-in-law    of 
James  Borland,  min.   of  Bedrule. — [Dum 
fries  Bapt.  and  Bur.  Regs. ;  Tombst.~\ 

GABRIEL  WILSON,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 

1709  28tl1  June  1697^  licen>  by  Presb. 
of  Kirkcudbright  llth  Xov.  1706; 
assistant  to  Gabriel  Semple,  min.  of  Jed- 
burgh,  and  in  this  parish  :  called  5th  Nov. 
1708 ;  ord.  (assistant  and  successor)  23rd 
Feb.  1709;  died  llth  Feb.  1750.  He  was 
a  close  friend  of  Thomas  Boston  the  elder, 
whose  funeral  sermon  he  preached.  Next 
to  Boston  himself,  no  man  did  more  to 
disseminate  the  doctrines  of  the  Marrou' 

of  Modern  Divinity.  He  was  one  of  the 
Twelve  who  signed  the  representation  to 
the  Assembly  against  the  Act  condemning 
the  Marrow,  and  in  1733  he  protested 
against  the  sentence  passed  on  the  four 
Seceders.  In  later  life  he  adopted  the 
views  of  the  Glassite  Church,  but  the 
Presb.  declined  to  interfere  with  his  teach 
ing.  He  marr.  Oct.  1709,  Rachel  Carson, 
who  survived  him,  and  had  issue — Andrew, 
M.D.,  London  ;  Jean  (marr.  George  Byres, 
min.  of  St  Boswells) ;  Ann  (marr.  George 
Ogilvie,  min.  in  Newcastle),  died  19th  May 
1801 ;  Rachel ;  Marion.  Publications — New 
Mode  of  Swearing  (1719) ;  "  Epistle  Recom 
mendatory  ;:  (Monrd's  Lett.  ;  Edinburgh, 
1719) ;  Letter  to  <t  Gentleman  at  Edinburgh 
concerning  the  Proceedings  of  the  Assembly 
1720,  with  Reference  unto  Doctrines  chiefly 
(1721) ;  The  Trust,  a  Sermon  at  the  opening 
of  the  Synod  (1723  ;  Hawick,  1785) ;  A  Speech 
without  Doors  (Hawick,  1785);  preface  to 
Divine  Meditations  by  a  Person  of  Honour. 
— [Acts  of  Ass.,  1723 ;  Boston's  Memoirs  : 
Wodrow's  Corresp.  and  Anal.  ;  Eraser's  Life 
of  Ralplt.  Erskine ;  Scots  Mag.,  xii.] 

WILLIAM  BROWX,  son  of  David  B, 
min.  of  Selkirk  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Selkirk  5th  April  1737  ;  pres.  by  Sir 
Alexander  Don  of  Xewton-Don,  Bart.,  Aug. 
1750  :  ord.  10th  April  1751  :  died  22nd  Jan. 
1770.  He  marr.  14th  June  1753,  Isabel 
Kirkwood,  Lessudden,  who  died  25th  July 
1768,  and  had  issue  — David,  born  24th 
March  1754;  James,  born  2nd  Feb.  1756; 
William,  surgeon,  Edinburgh,  born  14th 
Nov.  1757  ;  Andrew,  born  20th  Aug.  1760 ; 
Jean,  born  22nd  Jan.  1764  ;  John,  born 
20th  July  1768.  [Tombst.] 

DAVID  CLERK,  pres.  by  Sir  Alexander 
Don  of  Newton -Don,  Bart. ;  ord.  26th 
Sept.  1770  ;  "a  man  of  lively  manners 

and  of  great  wit :; :  died  unmarr.  13th  Jan. 


STEPHEN  OLIVER,  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Selkirk  1st  Oct.  1751 ;  ord.  to  Inner- 
leithen  llth  Sept.  1755;  pres.  by 
Sir  Alexander  Don  of  Newton-Don,  Bart., 
10th  May,  and  adm.  15th  Aug.  1776;  died 
24th  July  1803,  aged  89.  He  marr.  28th 
Oct.  1755,  Jean  (died  6th  Jan.  1802),  daugh. 




of  John  Douglas  of  Catchahill,  and  had 
issue— Mary,  born  27th  Aug.  1756  (marr. 
30th  Jan.  1788,  William  Purvis,  Broom- 
house)  ;  James,  born  16th  June  1758 ; 
Katharine,  born  4th  Feb.  17GO  (marr.  4th 
June  1788,  Alexander  Wight,  baker,  Edin 
burgh)  ;  John,  born  4th  Sept.  1761 ;  Anne, 
born  26th  Nov.  1763  (marr.  llth  Dec.  1799, 
George  Hambley,  merchant,  Kelso) ;  Eliza 
beth,  born  4th  June  1776.  Publication — 
Account  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace., 
in.). — [Tombst.] 

JOHN  HAINING,  Keen,  by  Presb.  of 
1804  Edinburgh,  27th  Feb.  1793;  ord.  to 
Dunsyre  19th  Sept.  1799;  pres.  by 
Sir  Alexander  Don  of  Newton-Don,  Bart., 
9th  Dec.  1803  :  trans,  and  adm.  16th  Aug. 
1804  ;  died  26th  April  1809.  He  marr.  2nd 
Oct.  1801,  Wilhelmina  Wilson,  who  died 
12th  Jan.  1841,  and  had  issue — Robert,  born 
14th  Aug.  1802  ;  James,  born  6th  May  1804  ; 
John,  born  20th  Feb.  1807  :  Alexander,  born 
12th  April  1809. 

JOHN  THOMSON,  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
181Q  Dalkeith  2nd  July  1799;  ord.  19th 
July  1810;  joint  Presb.  clerk  10th  May 
1831,  and  afterwards  Synod  clerk  ;  died  6th 
June  1865,  aged  89.  He  marr.  22nd  Feb. 
1816,  Helen  (died  14th  Feb.  1831),  eldest 
daugh.  of  Robert  Douglas,  D.D.,  min.  of 
Galashiels,  and  had  issue — David,  engineer, 
London,  born  15th  Nov.  1816;  Robert 
Douglas,  wine  merchant,  Edinburgh,  born 
22nd  Oct.  1817,  died  26th  Nov.  1910) ; 
Beatrix,  born  21st  Sept.  1818;  John,  born 
20th  Sept.  1821,  died  21st  Feb.  1832; 
George,  born  4th  Dec.  1822,  died  17th  Feb. 
1824 ;  Barbara,  born  20th  March  1828, 
died  6th  Aug.  1896;  Edward,  died  1st 
March  1861.  Publication— Account  of  the 
Parish  (New  Stat.  Ace.,  iii.). 

1865  GRAHAM,  born  30th  June  1830, 
son  of  Robert  Balfour  G.,  D.D., 
min.  of  North  Berwick  ;  educated  at  Univ. 
of  Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Hadding- 
ton  in  1854;  assistant  at  Channelkirk ; 
pres.  by  Charles  Balfour  of  Newton-Don ; 
ord.  to  Nenthorn  13th  Feb.  1855;  trans, 
and  adm.  12th  Oct.  1865;  died  at  Edin 

burgh,  3rd  March  1911.  He  had  fine 
musical  gifts,  composed  several  psalm 
tunes,  and  was  the  first  min.  in  Roxburgh 
shire  to  introduce  an  organ  into  his  church. 
He  marr.  17th  July  1855,  Margaret  Jane 
(died  22nd  Dec.  1891),  daugh.  of  James 
Ritchie,  wholesale  stationer,  Edinburgh, 
and  had  issue  —  Janet,  born  29th  May 
1856  (marr.  27th  April  1880,  James  Bain, 
merchant,  nephew  of  Sir  Andrew  Lusk, 
Bart.) ;  Christina  Laurie,  born  9th  May 
1858  (marr.  4th  May  1881,  James  Mackay, 
M.D);  Robert  Balfour,  M.D.,  Leven,  born 
25th  Aug.  1859  ;  James  Ritchie,  born  16th 
Feb.  1861  ;  Margaret  Jane,  born  15th  Feb. 
1863  ;  Manners  Hamilton,  fruit  rancher, 
U.S.A.,  born  3rd  Aug.  1866,  died  6th  Aug. 
1902  ;  Agnes  Tod,  born  23rd  Oct.  1867 
(marr.  Francis,  son  of  Sir  William  Turner, 
K.C.B.,  Principal  of  Edinburgh  University), 
died  15th  March  1903 ;  William  Archibald 
George,  printer,  Edinburgh,  born  25th  Oct. 
1870 ;  Helen  Robertson,  born  2nd  Aug. 
1872,  died  6th  Nov.  1904;  Henry  Grey, 
min.  of  Avendale,  born  8th  March  1874. 
Publication — Sermon  on  the  Death  of  Mrs 
Half  our  of  Newton -Don  (1862). 

1905  Carberry,  Inveresk,  16th  June  1863, 
son  of  Peter  M'K.,  min.  of  North 
Parish,  Kelso ;  educated  at  Kelso  High 
School  and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  M.A. 
(1885);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Kelso;  ord. 
(assistant  and  successor)  27th  Sept.  1905. 


[The  church  of  Melrose,  dedicated  to  St 
Cuthbert,  belonged  to  Melrose  Abbey.  In 
the  parish,  between  two  and  three  miles 
down  the  Tweed  from  the  parish  church, 
stood  the  ancient  abbey  of  Old  Melrose, 
founded  about  650.  It  was  at  first  a  cell 
of  St  Aidan's  Monastery  of  Lindisfarne. 
St  yEth  (or  Eata)  was  its  first  abbot. 
Following  him  were  St  Bosel  and  St 
Cuthbert.  The  later  Cistercian  Abbey  of 
St  Mary  at  Melrose  is  also  in  the  parish, 
and  near  the  church.  It  was  founded  by 
David  I.  in  1136,  its  site  being  then  called 




Fordel.    There  was  a  chapel  in  the  parish 
of  Melrose  at  Gattonside,  and  another  near  j 
Blainslic,  dedicated   to    St   Cuthbert,   and 
known  as  Childhills  Chapel.     There  were 
also   the   chapels  of   St  Cuthbert  at   Old 
Melrose,  St  Columba  at  Columslie,  and  St 
Mary  of  the  Park  at  Blain.slie.    At  Melrose  : 
there  were  the  Holy  Wells  of  St  Mary,  St 
William,  and  St  Dunstan.    St  Helen's  Well 
is  at  Darnick.    At  Columslie  (now  Colmslie) 
was  St  Colum's  Well.    In  the  Tweed  at  Old  | 
Melrose  is  a  rapid  of  the  stream  called  the  j 
Holy  Wheel.   A  fair  was  held  on  St  Martin's   i 

PONT],  younger  son  of  John   P.  of   | 
Shyresmill,  and  Catherine  Murray  of 
Tullibardine,  and  brother  of  Robert  P.,  min.   ! 
of  St  Cuthbert's  ;  educated  at  St  Leonard's  i 
College,  St  Andrews,  1550-4  ;  app.  by  the  i 
General    Assembly,    2nd    July    1562,    "  to  ; 
minister    the    word     and    sacraments    till  j 
next   Assembly "' ;    he    became,   30th   Dec.   i 
that  year,  chaplain  to  John,  Lord  Erskine, 
afterwards  Earl  of  Mar,  and  Regent.    The  ! 
brethren     appointed     in     Oct.     1581     for 
establishing  Presbyteries  were  enjoined  to  i 
co-operate  with  him  in   the  setting  up  of  \ 
such  within  the  diocese  of  Dunblane.    He  ' 
was   commissary   of   Dunblane    from    llth   i 
July  1598  to  2nd  July  1602,  and  died  on  i 
or  shortly  after  the  latter  date.    He  marr.  | 
Abigail  Strang,  who  survived  him,  but  left  no  | 
issue.— [Calderwood's  Hist.,  ii.,    186 ;    Inq. 
Ret.  d'en.,  113;  Hey.  of  Deed*,  cix.] 

JOHN  WATSON,  min.  in  1568.— [Acts 

1568  and  Dec.,  xlv.,  168.] 

JOHN  WILSON,  min.  in  1569.— [Reg.  of 

1569  Deeds,  ix.,  373.] 

THOMAS  HOLY  WELL,    reader,    1574 
1574      to  1586. 

JOHN  KNOX,  born  about  1555,  said  to 
have  been  son  of  William  K.,  min.  of 
Cockpen,  and  a  grand-nephew  of  the 
Reformer ;  M.A.  (St  Andrews  1575) ;  ord. 
to  Lauder  in   1576 ;   trans,   and   adm.  in 
1584.    He  was  a  member  of  at  least  four 
teen  General  Assemblies.    He  declined  to 

subscribe  the  Articles  of  Religion  pro 
mulgated  by  Maitland  of  Letlrington  ;  was 
Moderator  of  Synod  Oct.  1586 ;  a  com 
missioner  app.  by  the  Privy  Council,  6th 
March  1589,  for  the  preservation  of  religion 
within  the  sheriffdom  of  Edinburgh.  In 
1596  he  was  one  of  the  commissioners  for 
the  South,  who  were  directed  to  meet  daily 
with  the  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  to  consult 
as  to  the  means  to  be  taken  for  resisting 
the  measures  of  the  excommunicated  earls 
and  their  adherents.  In  the  Assembly  of 
1601  he  refused  to  vote  for  the  transla 
tion  of  ministers  recommended  by  the 
King,  and  having  declined  the  office  of 
constant  Moderator  of  Presb.  he  was  out 
lawed.  By  1608  he  was  once  more  in 
favour,  and  was  app.  Visitor  of  the  kirks 
throughout  Dumfriesshire.  He  was  a 
member  of  the  Falkland  Conference  4th 
May  1609.  He  led  the  resistance  to  the  re- 
establishment  of  Episcopacy,  and  vigorously 
opposed  the  Articles  of  Perth.  He  died  in 
1623.  He  marr.  Christian  Paterson,  who 
survived  him,  and  had  issue  —  Margaret 
(marr.  Thomas  Ker,  ancestor  of  Kippi- 
law). — {.Reg.  Assig. ;  Calderwood's  Hist.,  iv., 
v.,  vi.,  vii.  (see  General  Index) ;  Reg.  Sec. 
Sig. ;  Knox  Genealogy ;  Smith's  Icon,  ticot. ; 
Melville's  Autob. ;  Livingston's  Character 
istics  ;  Wade's  Hist,  of  Me? rose  ;  Diet.  Nat. 
]>iog.  ;  Roxburghe  Sas.,  iii.,  211.] 

drews,  22nd  July  1608).  He  was 
recommended  for  Ayr  by  the  Arch 
bishop  of  Glasgow  10th  March  1623,  but  a 
week  later  the  session  of  that  parish  agreed, 
"  after  they  had  convocated  the  haill  body 
of  the  town,"  to  send  a  commissioner  to  the 
archbishop  showing  "  that  he  was  not  meet 
to  be  minister  among  them."  Nevertheless 
he  was  pres.  by  James  VI.  10th  April,  but 
further  proceedings  are  not  on  record.  He 
became  min.  here  about  1627.  In  1634 
the  parish  consisted  of  an  area  of  seven 
miles  by  four,  with  about  two  thousand 
communicants ;  a  proposal  was  made  for 
a  collegiate  min.,  but  this  was  not  carried 
out.  He  was  dep.  llth  Dec.  1638,  probably 
on  account  of  his  prelatic  tendencies.  He 
died  in  1642,  aged  about  54.  He  marr. 




Agnes  Kennedy,  who  died  19th  Dec.  1666, 
and  had  issue  —  Marjory  (marr.  James 
Alison,  tailor,  Canongate) ;  Jean  (marr. 
Gilzean).  Publication  —  A  Satire, 
in  two  parts,  relating  to  Public  Affairs, 
1638-9,  is  assigned  to  him  (Scots  May., 
Ixix.,  117:  Maidment's  Scottish  Pasquils, 
Hi.);  "Epitaph  on  the  Earl  of  Strafford  ;; 
(Cleveland's  Poems  ;  Milne's  Description  of 
M rfl 'rose).  —  [Ayr  Sess.  ;  Canongate  Bur.; 
Acts  of  Parl.,  vii. ;  Bannatyne  Miscell., 
iii. ;  Stevenson's  Hist. ;  Wodrov  MS.  ; 
Diet.  Fat.  Biog. ;  Roxburghe  Sas.,  iv., 
407  ;  P.  C.  Deer  eta,  18th  Sept.  1672.] 

ALEXANDER  SCOTT,  probably  of  the 

1640  Scotts  of  Bahvearie ;   M.A.  (St  An 
drews,  16th   July  1620);   adm.  20th 

Feb.  1640;  died  before  23rd  Aug.  that 
year,  aged  about  40.  He  marr.,  and  had 
issue — Elizabeth  (marr.  John  Luckly,  bailie 
of  Cupar-Fife).— [Milne's  Descrip.} 

DAVID  FLETCHER,  M.A. ;  trans,  from 

1641  '^  Giles,  Edinburgh  ;  adm.  4th  Feb. 
1641  ;   became   Bishop   of   Argyll  in 

1662  (q.v.\ 


1665     drews,   28th   July   1656);    licen.   by 

Presb.    of    St    Andrews    5th     June 

1661;    ord.    to    Tynninghame    20th    Nov. 

1 663  ;  pres.  by  John,  Earl  of  Haddington  ; 
adm.  before  14th  Dec.  1665  ;  died  in  1689, 
aged  about  53.     He  marr.  (cont.  20th  Jan. 
and  10th  Feb.  1664),  Margaret,  daugh.  of 
Robert    Lauder,   min.    of   Whitekirk,   and 
had  issue— Christian,  bapt.  23rd  Feb.  1666; 
Robert,    bapt,     28th    May    1668;     Agnes, 
bapt.    llth   June    1670;    Alexander,   bapt. 
27th  Feb.  1674;   George,  bapt,  10th  Sept. 
1676 ;  Marion,  bapt.  2nd  May  1678  ;  James, 
bapt.  29th  July  1681  ;  Giles,  bapt.  8th  May 
1685.— [Reg.  of  Deeds,  Mack.,  Ixxxiv.,  10th 
Feb.     1669 ;      Tynninghame     and    Selkirk 
Regs?.  ;     Milne's    Descrip.  :    Mel  rose.     Par. 

ROBERT  WILSON,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 

16go     13th     June     1651);     attended     the 

General  Meeting    of    Presbyterians 

6th    July    1687;    adm.    9th    Sept.    1690; 

member  of  Assembly  in   1692 ;   died   5th 

March    1713,   aged    79.  —  [Lothian    Synod 
Reg. ;  Reg.  den.  Ass.,  1692.] 

ADAM  MILNE,  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  7th 
1?11  July  1698);  schoolmaster  at  Cold- 
stream  in  1698;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Chirnside  24th  Sept.  1706;  had  a  compet 
ing  call  from  Legerwood,  which  was  set 
aside  by  the  Assembly  5th  May  1710  ;  called 
26th  Jan.,  and  ord.  (assistant  and  successor) 
8th  May  1711  ;  died  8th  June  1747,  aged 
about  67.  He  marr.  March  1725,  Alison 
(died  Dec.  1771),  daugh.  of  William  Hunter, 
min.  of  Lilliesleaf,  and  had  issue — Margaret, 
bapt.  4th  May  1726,  died  young  ;  Elizabeth, 
bapt.  llth  July  1727,  died  young;  William, 
bapt.  13th  July  1729.  Publication  —  A 
Description  of  the  Parish  of  Mel  rose  in 
Answer  to  Mr  Maitland's  Queries  (Edin 
burgh,  1743).  —  [Tombst. ;  Acts  of  Ass.; 
Wade's  Jlfelrose.] 

JAMES  BROWN,  M.A. ;  pres.  by  Lady 
1748  Isabella  Scott  July  1747;  ord.  10th 
Feb.  1748.  He  got  a  bleachfield 
established  for  encouraging  linen  manu 
facture  in  the  parish ;  trans,  to  New 
Greyfriars,  Edinburgh,  9th  July  1767. 

1768  May  1738,  son  of  Alexander  M., 
min.  of  Little  Dunkeld ;  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Dunkeld  2nd  Sept.  1760 ;  assist 
ant  at  Alloa  ;  pres.  by  Henry,  Duke  of 
Buccleuch,  Oct.  1767  ;  ord.  2nd  March  1768. 
About  1785  he  was  charged  with  adultery, 
but  assoilzied  by  the  Presbytery.  He  ob 
tained  an  assistant  and  successor  in  1788. 
He  died  at  Hayfield,  Stirlingshire,  12th  Aug. 
1818.  He  marr.  1st  Nov.  1763,  Christian 
Turnbull,  who  died  1st  Feb.  1787,  and  had 
issue— Alexander,  born  10th  April  1765, 
died  24th  Nov.  1791 ;  John  Blackwood, 
born  29th  Dec.  1766,  died  22nd  Nov.  1804  ; 
Hector,  born  26th  June  1768,  died  in 
Jamaica,  llth  Sept.  1808;  Janet,  born  1st 
March  1770  (marr.  29th  Feb.  1792,  Alex 
ander  Lauder),  died  3rd  Oct.  1809  ;  Jean, 
born  7th  Oct.  1771  ;  George,  born  29th 
July  1773,  died  25th  May  1775;  Frederick, 
baker,  Edinburgh,  born  23rd  Dec.  1774; 
William,  born  23rd  June  1776,  died  llth 



March  1779;  George,  born  20th  April 
1778,  died  18th  June  1818 ;  Mary,  born 
8th  Feb.  1780,  died  19th  March  178G ; 
AVilliam,  born  24th  March  1782,  died  June 
1783;  Christian,  born  31st  Dec.  1783. 
Publication— Narrative  of  the  Rise,  Pro 
gress,  and  Conclusion  of  the  Process  against 
Mr  M.,  with  Remarks  (Hawick,  1785).— 
[Stirling  Presb.  Reg. ;  Scots  Mag.,  xlvi., 
xlvii.  ;  Tombst.] 

GEORGE  THOMSON,  born  1758  :  Keen. 

1788  by  Pre'sb- uf  1)un1jlane  4th  Ju]y 1786  > 

called  27th  March,  and  ord.  (assist 
ant  and  successor)  23rd  Oct.  1788.  An 
augmentation  of  stipend  having  been  asked 
by  the  senior  min.,  T.  put  in  a  claim 
stating  that  as  he  performed  the  whole  of 
the  pastoral  work,  his  case  should  be  con 
sidered  by  the  Court  in  granting  any  aug 
mentation.  The  Court  granted  him  the 
whole  augmentation,  6th  Dec.  1797.  Not 
withstanding  this  his  income  was  small, 
and  the  hardship  of  his  case  being  a  sub 
ject  of  public  comment,  the  Rev.  Dr  John 
ston  of  North  Leith  raised  a  subscription 
for  him,  which,  however,  T.  declined  with 
grateful  thanks  and  requested  that  the 
money  might  be  returned  to  the  donors. 
He  died  22nd  Nov.  1835.  He  marr.  8th 
June  1791,  Margaret  (died  llth  June  1813), 
daugh.  of  Robert  Gillan,  min.  of  St  Bos- 
wells,  and  had  issue  —  George,  born  7th 
March  1792,  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Selkirk  2nd 
April  1816,  died  at  Edinburgh,  7th  Jan. 
1838— (he  was  tutor  to  the  children  of  Sir 
Walter  Scott,  and  is  the  reputed  Original 
of  Dominie  Sampson) ;  Mary  Anna,  born 
16th  Sept.  1793  (marr.  23rd  Feb.  1821, 
Alexander  Burnet,  rector  of  the  United 
Schools,  Jedburgh) ;  Robert  Gillan,  writer, 
Melrose,  born  27th  March  1795,  died  23rd 
April  1844;  Joseph,  born  17th  Jan.  1797; 
Thomas,  student  of  divinity,  born  2nd  Jan. 
1800,  died  6th  July  1824 ;  Margaret,  born 
25th  Sept.  1801,  died  at  the  Nest,  Jedburgh, 
25th  Sept.  1847  ;  Jean,  born  14th  Feb.  1804, 
died  unmarr.  14th  May  1842.  Publication 
—Account  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's  Stat. 
Ace.,  ix.).— [Bower's  Description  of  Melrose 
Abbey;  Lockhart's  Life  of  Scott;  W.  S. 
Crockett's  The  Scott  Originals.] 

WILLIAM  MURRAY,  born  1797,  a 
native  of  Selkirkshire  ;  educated  at 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  tutor  in  family 
of  Major  Hope  Johnstone  ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Langholm ;  pres.  by  Walter  Francis, 
Duke  of  Buccleuch  and  Queensberry  ;  ord. 
10th  June  1836 ;  died  13th  Sept.  1865.  He 
marr.  (1)  30th  Dec.  1836,  Agnes  (died  6th 
June  1841),  sister  of  Adam  Cunningham, 
min.  of  Crailing,  and  had  issue — Andrew, 
born  llth  May  1839,  died  at  Burwood, 
N.S.W.,  8th  Feb.  1895  :  (2)  17th  Oct.  1848, 
Jessie  llussel  (died  3rd  June  1907),  second 
daugh.  of  John  Easton,  merchant,  Edin 


llth  Jan.  1826.  son  of  William  H., 
min.  of  Rattray ;  educated  at  Univ. 
of  St  Andrews;  M.A.  (1843);  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  St  Andrews ;  ord.  22nd  Aug. 
1845  (the  General  Assembly  having  sus 
tained  his  being  ordained  when  under  age) 
as  a  missionary  to  Calcutta  ;  app.  chaplain 
H.E.I. C.  in  1849,  and  was  min.  of  St 
Andrew's  Church,  Calcutta ;  adm.  to  this 
parish  8th  Feb.  1866 ;  convener  of  the 
Foreign  Mission  Committee  1872-82  ;  D.D. 
(St  Andrews  1865);  dem.  17th  May  1898; 
died  llth  Sept.  1899.  He  marr.  10th  Nov. 
1846,  Mary  (died  20th  April  1884),  daugh.  of 
Captain  Alexander  Knox,  and  had  issue- 
Mary  Sophia  Sarah,  born  21st  Oct.  1853 
(marr.  30th  Jan.  1890,  Alexander  Ferrier, 
M.A.,  Presidency  chaplain  at  Calcutta), 
died  at  Calcutta,  26th  April  1894.  Publica 
tions — The  Unchangeable  Saviour  (Edin. 
1869).  He  edited  for  some  years  a  Bengali 
paper  connected  with  missions. 

Alloa,  20th  Feb.  1867,  son  of  George 
T.,  supervisor  of  Inland  Revenue  ; 
educated  at  Alloa  Academy,  Brechin  High 
School,  Old  Aberdeen  Grammar  School,  and 
Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  M.A.  (1887) ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Stirling  6th  May  1890 ;  assist 
ant  at  Melrose;  ord.  27th  Sept.  1898. 
Marr.  28th  June  1899,  Isabella,  daugh.  of 
George  Gray,  artist,  and  Anne  Scott,  and 
has  issue— Dorothy  Anne  Scott,  born  24th 
Oct.  1900;  Cyril  George  Kay,  born  7th 



[I'liESB.  OF 

Jan.  1902  ;  Edith  Elizabeth  Mary,  born 
13th  Sept.  1904;  Robert  Edward  Gray, 
born  16th  May  1900. 


[The  church  was  removed  to  Roberton 
in  the  seventeenth  century.  There  was 
a  chapel  at  Borthwick  Brae.] 

.JOHN  COLT,  second  son  of  Adam  C., 
inin.  of  Inveresk  ;  Keen,  by  Presb.  of 
Dalkeith  22nd  Oct.  1635;  adm.  to 
Langnewton  between  25th  Jan.  and  8th 
Feb.  1642  ;  adm.  to  this  parish  about  1663. 
The  date  of  his  death  is  unknown.  He 
marr.  Margaret  Douglas,  who  survived 
him,  and  had  issue— John  ;  Rebecca  (marr. 
George  Cleland,  min.  of  Morton)  ;  Margaret. 
— [Charity  Roll,  1693.] 


THOMAS  SHIEL  [SHIELS],  probably 
168g     the  T.  S.  who  was  min.  at  Kirkbride, 
and  afterwards  at  Sanquhar  ;  min.  of 
this  parish  in  1689. 

ROBERT  SCOTT,  brother  of  William  S. 
1700  °^  Whitenaugh  ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
3rd  July  1693):  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Selkirk  8th  Sept,  1698  ;  called  24th  Dec. 
1699;  ord.  24th  April  1700;  died  21st 
Aug.  1727,  aged  53.  He  marr.  Janet 
Scott,  Hawick,  and  had  issue— Walter : 
Elizabeth;  Marion.  Publication— Twelve 
tiermous  preached  before  ami  after  the 
Celebration  of  the  Lord's  tiiqiper  (Edin 
burgh,  1729).— [Tombst.  ;  Boston's  Mem.'] 

HENRY  ERSKINE,  son  of  James  E.  of 
1728  ShielfieM,  and  Elizabeth,  daugh.  of 
Sir  John  Scott  of  Ancrum ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Kelso  3rd  April  1722;  pres. 
by  George  II.  29th  Dec.  1727  ;  called  29th 
Feb.,  and  ord.  3rd  May  1728  :  died  5th  Dec. 
1773,  aged  80.  He  marr.  21st  Aug.  1730, 
Janet  (died  1st  June  1766,  aged  64),  daugh. 
of  Robert  Cunninghame,  min.  of  Hawick, 
and  had  issue  —  James,  his  successor ; 
Marjory,  born  24th  Feb.  1734;  Robert, 
born  25th  March  1740. — [Tombst. \ 

JAMES  ERSKINE  of  Shielfield,  son  of 

1774     preceding  ;     trans,     from     Kirkton  ; 

pres.  by  George  III.    14th  Jan.,  and 

!  adm.  29th  July  1774;  trans,  to  Lessudden 

[St.  Hoswells]  llth  May  17S6. 

JAMES  HAY,  a  native  of  Banffshire ; 
1786  -^•^'  (King's  College,  Aberdeen, 
1772) ;  ord.  to  Ettrick  6th  May,  and 
trans,  to  Kirkton  23rd  Sept.  1785  ;  pres.  by 
George  III.  1st  July,  trans,  and  adm.  22nd 
Sept.  1786 ;  he  retired  in  1801  in  ill- 
health,  but  recovered,  and  resumed  duty 
in  1812,  when  his  assistant  and  successor 
was  trans,  to  Langholm:  died  17th  May 
1825,  aged  73.  He  marr.  26th  July  1785, 
Arabella  (died  6th  Feb.  1793),  daugh.  of 
John  Douglas,  min.  of  Jedburgh,  and  had 
issue— Beatrix,  born  28th  April  1786  (marr. 
John  Jamieson),  died  24th  Feb.  1845 ; 
William,  born  31st  May  1787;  Janet, 
born  10th  March  1790;  John,  born  24th 
June  1791,  died  6th  April  1806.  Publica 
tion — Account  of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's 
8tat.  Ace.,  xi.). — [Tombst.] 

WILLIAM    BERRY    SHAW,   pres.   by 
1801     ^eor8'e    HI- ;     ord.    (assistant     and 
successor)   25th    Nov.    1801  ;    trans, 
to  Langholm  6th  Nov.  1812. 

ALEXANDER  NIVISON,  born  23rd 
1826  April  1786,  son  of  Abraham  N.,  min. 
of  Middlebie  :  educated  at  LTniv.  of 
Edinburgh ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dalkeith 
26th  March  1811  ;  became  a  teacher  of 
Oriental  languages;  pres.  by  George  IV. 
14th  June  1825;  ord.  21st  April  1826; 
dem.  30th  Oct.  1844;  died  7th  Nov.  1861. 
He  marr.  6th  Sept.  1825,  Christina  Thom 
son,  Montrose  (died  30th  Oct.  1849),  and 
had  issue— Elizabeth  Broun,  born  17th  Oct. 
1826  (marr.  27th  June  1856,  James  Ogilvie, 
D.D.,  missionary  of  the  Church  of  Scot 
land  at  Calcutta),  died  at  Portobello,  15th 
Feb.  1911 ;  Alexander,  born  17th  July  1828, 
died  at  Melbourne,  1861  ;  Abraham,  S.S.C., 
Edinburgh,  born  25th  Dec.  1830,  died  7th 
Feb.  1897;  David  Thomson,  born  5th  Jan. 
1834,  died  at  Calcutta,  20th  Aug.  1867 ; 
Christina,  born  18th  Dec.  1835,  died  6th 
July  1851  ;  Euphemia  Duncan,  born  llth 




May  1838  (marr.  12th  June  1862,  William 
Stuart  Sutherland,  writer,  Edinburgh). 


born  Cash,  Strathmiglo,  Fife,  llth 
Oct.  1817,  son  of  Charles  Kinnear 
G.  and  Christian  Baxter;  M.A.  (St  Andrews 
1840)  ;  ord.  to  Garelochhead  25th  Oct.  1844; 
trans,  and  adm.  15th  Aug.  1845  :  died  30th 
June  1886.  He  marr.  20th  June  1877, 
Isabella  (died  3rd  June  1907),  daugh.  of 
Horatius  Blair,  writer,  Glasgow.  Publica 
tion-  -XermoH  [OH  the  Death  of  Allan  Eliott 
Lockhartof  Borthwickbrae]  (Hawick  1878). 

MERCER  HALL,  born  Galashiels,  13th 
Aug.    1855,   fifth    .son   of    John    H., 
builder,  and  Isabella  Matthew  ;  edu 
cated  at  Galashiels  Academy,  Abbey  Park 
School,  Univs.  of   St  Andrews  and  Edin 
burgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Selkirk  ;  assistant 
at  St  Mark's,  Dundee  ;  ord.  to  Careston, 
Forfarshire,  18th  March  1886;  trans,   and 
adm.  24th  Feb.  1887. 

AENEAS  EDE  M'INNES,  born  Bower, 
Caithness,    15th   Jan.    1861,    son    of 
Angus  M.,  schoolmaster,   and  Char 
lotte   Brown  :    educated   at   Bower   School 
and   Univ.   of    Edinburgh;    M.A.    (1884); 
licen.  by  Presb.   of  Caithness   June  1887  ; 
assistant  at    Selkirk  ;   ord.   (assistant   and 
successor)  16th  May  1894.     Marr.  22nd  June 
1904,  Kate,  daugh.  of  George  Spackman. 


[The  church  of  Lessudden,  dedicated  to 
St  Mary,  belonged  to  the  Abbey  of  Dry- 
burgh.  In  it  was  an  altar  of  St  Margaret 
the  Virgin,  and  near  the  church  was  St 
Margaret's  Croft.  In  1652  the  parish 
church  was  removed  from  Lessudden  to  St 
Bosel's  village,  where  it  took  the  place  of 
an  earlier  chapel  of  that  saint.  Near  this 
village  are  St  Boswell's  Well,  St  Boswell's 
Burn,  St  Boswell's  Lands,  and  St  Boswell's 
Green.  There  was  also  St  Cuthbert's  Well. 
On  the  Green  St  Boswell's  Fair  is  held  in 
summer.  The  spelling  Boswell  is  quite 

JOHN    TURNBULL,   reader  in   1576; 
1576    died  in  1585. 

THOMAS  MOFFAT,  perhaps  reader 
at  Linton  in  1571  ;  pres.  to  the 
vicarage  by  James  VI.  llth  Sept. 

1585  ;    deprived    prior   to    7th   April    1596 

for  non-residence. 

DAVID  FORSYTH,  reader  at  Coldin^- 

ham,  1571  ;  adm.  to  Bolton  in  1580 ; 

trans,  to  Polwarth  before  1585  ;  trans. 

to  Legerwood  in  1592  ;  trans,  and  adm.  in 

1593,  when  Smailholm  also  was  under  his 

charge;    died   llth   May   1594.     He  marr. 

Mary  Sanderson,  who  survived  him. — [Jtey. 


ALLAN  LUX  DIE,  M.A.  :  pres.  to  the 
vicarage  by  James  VI.  7th  April 
1596;  trans,  to  Hassendean  in  1610. 

DAVID  UNIS  [UNES,  UNS],  adm.  (by 
1Q13     the  Synod   at   Peebles)  April  1613  ; 
pres.  by  James  VI.  14th  June  1614  ; 
died  in  1618.— [Re<j.  8ec.  Si<j.  ;  Tombst.~\ 

ANDREW      DUNCANSON,     son     of 

Thomas  D.,  min.  of  Bowden  ;  adm. 

to   Bowden   after    28th    Oct.    1617  : 

trans,    and    adm.    (at    Peebles)    5th    May 

1618  ;  still  min.  14th  June  1654.     He  marr. 

Margaret  (died  between  5th  Jan.  1630  and 

6th  July  1631),  sister   of  William  Riddell 

of  Graitlaws,  and  had  issue — Andrew,  min. 

of  Maxton ;  Thomas,  apprentice  to  James 

Johnston, wright,  Edinburgh,  17th  Dec.  1628. 


JOHN  SOMERVILLE,  said  to  have 
been  descended  from  the  Somer- 
villes  of  Cambusnethan  ;  M.A.  (Edin 
burgh)  ;  min.  in  1662 ;  died  after  7th  Feb. 
1674.  He  marr.  Esther  Scougall,  who  sur 
vived  him, and  had  issue — Janet.— [Afernorie 
of  the  Somervil/es  ;  Mel  rose  Regality  Records 
(Scot.  Hist.  Soc.),  ii.,  361 ;  G.  R.  .S'as., 
xxix.,  11.] 

ROBERT  ELLIOT,  M.A.  (Edinburgh 
1676  1668);  min.  in  1676;  cited  before 
Privy  Council,  10th  Nov.  1681,  for 
dissuading  the  magistrates  of  Selkirk  from 
taking  the  Test ;  dep.  27th  Aug.  1690  for 
contumacy.— [MS.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689  ;  P.  C. 
Reg.,  3rd  ser.,  iv.,  667.] 





(Edinburgh  1070)  :  called  6th,  and 
ord.  30th  Oct.  1691  ;  died  llth  Feb. 
1696,  aged  about  46.  He  inarr.  Janet 
(Jorsan,  who  died  8th  March  1702.  — 
[Dumfries  Sens.  Rec."\ 

GEORGE  BYRES,  son  of  Thomas  B., 

„     min.    of    Legerwood  ;     educated    at 

Tniv.  of  Glasgow:   licen.  by  Presb. 

of  Selkirk  10th  March,  and  ord.  llth  Aug. 

1697  :  died  16th  Feb.  1730.     He  marr.  26th 

April  1698,  Catherine  [or  Lilias],  daugh.  of 

Mark  Gordon  in  Cabertie,  and  had  issue- 

George,  his  successor  ;  Lilias  (marr.  in  1724, 

James  Golden,  min.  of  Whitsojae).—  [Edin. 

Rey.  (J/arr.)  :  Boston's  Mem.  ;  Tombst.] 

GEORGE  BYRES,  son  of  preceding: 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Selkirk  1st  Dec. 
1724  :  pres.  by  Anne.  Duchess  of 
Buccleuch,  with  consent  of  John  Scott, 
younger,  of  Ancrum  ;  ord.  24th  Sept.  1730. 
Having  identified  himself  with  the  principles 
and  opinions  held  by  John  Glas,  founder 
of  the  sect  called  Glassites  in  Scotland  and 
Sandemanians  in  England,  he  dem.  7th 
Nov.  1738.  He  went  to  Edinburgh,  but 
afterwards  removed  to  Kippilaw  in  the 
parish  of  Bowden,  where  he  ministered  to 
a  small  body  of  Glassites.  He  marr.  16th 
Nov.  1732,  Jean,  daugh.  of  Gabriel  Wilson, 
min.  of  Maxton.  and  had  issue—  Helen. 
Publication  —  Pamphlet  in  Defence  of 
Sandeman's  Letters  on  Theron  and  Aspasia. 
—  [Maii-ton  Sess.  Rey.  :  Davidson's  Letters  ; 

JAMES     MASON,    pres.    by    Francis, 
7         Duke  of   Buccleuch,  and   ord.   20th 
Sept.   1739  ;    trans,   to  Yarrow    6th 
Nov.  1753. 

ROBERT  GILL  AN,  ord.   by  Presb.  of 

Stirling,    5th    July   1753,    collegiate 

min.  of  the  High  Meeting,  Berwick  - 

on-Tweed  ;    called   10th,    and    adm.    22nd 

April  1754  ;  died  5th  Aug.  1785.     He  marr. 

llth  Oct.  1757,  Mary  Ellies,  who  died  21st 

Jan.    1807,   and   had   issue  —  Thomas,  born 

24th   Dec.   1758  ;   Mary   Anne,  born   22nd 

Dec.    1759  ;    Robert,    min.    of    Hawick  ; 

Margaret,     born     4th     Oct.     1763     (marr. 

George  Thomson,  min.  of  Melrose) ;  John, 
born  22nd  Oct.  1767  :  Joseph,  born  20th 
Aug.  1769. 

•JAMES  ERSKINE,  seventh  of  Shiel- 
1786  field,  parish  of  Channelkirk,  bapt. 
28th  July  1731,  son  of  Henry  E., 
min.  of  Roberton  :  educated  at  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Selkirk  20th 
May  1757 ;  preacher  at  Caerlanrig  Chapel 
[Teviothead] ;  ord.  to  Kirkton  2nd  May 
1764  ;  trans,  to  Roberton  29th  July  1774  ; 
pres.  by  Henry,  Duke  of  Buccleuch,  23rd 
Jan.,  trans,  and  adm.  llth  May  1786  :  died 
27th  Oct.  1788.  He  marr.  2nd  Sept.  1768, 
Henrietta  (died  9th  Aug.  1818,  aged  79), 
daugh.  of  Charles  Scott  of  Goldielands,  and 
had  issue— Henry,  lieut.-colonel,  eighth  of 
Shielfield,  born  6th  Oct.  1769,  died  9th 
Nov.  1812  ;  Charles,  writer,  Melrose,  ninth 
of  Shielfield,  born  12th  Aug.  1770,  died 
26th  Jan.  1825  :  Patrick,  surgeon,  Edin 
burgh,  born  12th  March  1772  ;  Christian, 
born  20th  Aug.  1773  ;  Janet,  born  13th  Nov. 
1778,  died  5th  Jan.  1785  :  William  Ogilvy 
(twin),  licentiate  of  the  Church,  afterwards 
surveyor  of  taxes  at  Haddington. 


JOHN  SCADE,  ord.  7th  May  1789  ;  died 
2nd  Feb.  1810,  aged  60.  He  marr. 
20th  March  1809,  his  housekeeper, 
Helen  Marjoribanks,  out  of  gratitude  for 
her  kindness  and  in  order  that  she  might 
get  the  benefit  of  the  Widows'  Fund.  She 
died  without  issue,  6th  March  1853,  aged 
75.  Publication  —  Account  of  the  Parish 
(Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  x.). — [Tombst.] 


PETER  CRAW,  tutor  in  the  family  of 
Robert  Veitch  of  Hawthornbank ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Haddington  7th 
Sept.  1802;  pres.  by  Henry,  Duke  of 
Buccleuch,  19th  June,  and  ord.  20th  Sept. 
1810  ;  died  21st  March  1834,  aged  59.  He 
marr.  (1)  28th  Aug.  1811,  Margaret  (died 
13th  May  1813),  second  daugh.  of  Richard 
Brown  of  Wylam  :  (2)  8th  Nov.  1825, 
Elizabeth  (died  10th  Jan.  1835),  youngest 
daugh.  of  William  Dunbar,  Forres,  and 
had  issue — James,  born  15th  Jan.  1827. 
Publication — Account  of  the  Parish  (New 
Stat.  Ace.,  iii.). 




GEORGE  RITCHIE,   M.A. ;    pres.    by 
1834     Walter  Francis,  Duke  of  Buccleuch  ; 
ord.  7th  Aug.  1834  ;  trans,  to  Jed- 
burgh  21st  Sept.  1843. 

1844  tmain'  1800,  son  of  James  8.  ;  edu 
cated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  licen. 
by  of  Peebles ;  pres.  by  Walter, 
Duke  of  Buccleuch,  and  ord.  21st  June 
1844:  died  20th  Feb.  1865.  He  marr.  1st 
Dec.  1847,  Constantia  (died  8th  July  1875), 
daugh.  of  Joseph  Williamson,  Clerk  of 
Teinds,  and  had  issue — James,  born  21st 
June  1849,  went  to  Buenos  Ayres  ;  Joseph 
Williamson,  iron  merchant,  Glasgow,  born 
29th  Oct.  1850. 

1865     M.A.  ;   ord.   20th  July  1865  ;   trans. 
to  St  Paul's  Parish,  Greenock,  24th 
Dec.  1878. 

ROBERT  FISHER,  born  Dundee,  1st 
•79  March  1834,  son  of  George  F.  and 
Mary  Davidson  ;  educated  at  Univ. 
of  St  Andrews  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dundee 
in  1859  ;  tutor  at  Madras  College,  St  An 
drews,  and  headmaster  of  Meadowside 
Academy,  Dundee  :  ord.  to-Carnoustie  26th 
Jan.  1860  ;  trans,  and  adm.  17th  June  1879  ; 
died  at  \rentnor,  Isle  of  Wight,  18th  Feb. 
1901.  He  marr.  1st  July  1857,  Penelope 
Matthew  (died  5th  Nov.  1884),  daugh.  of 
William  White,  St  Andrews,  and  had  issue 
— William  White,  B.A.,  rector  of  Balling- 
hatn-eum-Bolstone,  Herefordshire,  born  18th 
April  1858 ;  Mary  Jane,  born  21st  April 
1859,  died  4th  April  1879 ;  Robert  George, 
teacher  of  music,  born  7th  Jan.  1861,  died 
17th  Nov.  1916  ;  Frederick  Alexander,  rail 
way  engineer,  Argentina,  born  18th  July 
1863  ;  Annie  Adamson  Forsyth,  born  20th 
Aug.  1864,  died  at  Cannes  8th  Dec.  1905; 
Eliza  Adamson,  born  10th  Jan.  1866 ; 
Thomas  Knox,  min.  of  the  Presbyterian 
Church  of  America,  born  20th  Jan.  1867, 
died  25th  Nov.  1910. 

B.D. ;  trans,  from  Slamannan  ;  adm. 
16th  July  1891  :   trans,   to  Titwood 
Parish,  Glasgow,  2nd  March  1897. 

VOL.   II. 

18g7  born  Glasgow,  3rd  April  1856,  son 
of  William  W. ;  educated  at  High 
School  and  Univ.  of  Glasgow  :  M.A.  (1879), 
B.D.  (1882):  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Glasgow 
14th  June  1882  ;  ord.  missionary  to  Madras 
(by  Presb.  of  Dumbarton)  21st  Aug. 
1883  :  adm.  to  Renton  18th  Oct.  1887 ; 
trans,  and  adm.  15th  July  1897.  Marr. 
12th  July  1888.  Elizabeth  Robertson  Steel, 
daugh.  of  Alexander  Fisher,  and  has  issue 
—William,  born  2nd  Oct.  1889,  died  17th 
March  1891  ;  Alexander  Fisher,  B.Sc., 
trooper  Lothians  and  Border  Horse,  born 
18th  Feb.  1892 ;  Henry  Steel,  born  23rd 
Sept.  1896;  Mary  Elizabeth  Cockburn, 
born  7th  March  1901. 


[Called  of  old  Shielkirk  or  Scheleskirk. 
The  church,  dedicated  to  St  Mary,  belonged 
to  the  Abbey  of  Kelso. 

In  the  twelfth  century  the  parish  church 
was  known  as  the  Abbot's  Kirk,  to  distin 
guish  it  from  the  King's  Kirk,  this  being 
the  name  given  to  the  new  Tironensian 
Monastery  of  St  John  founded  here  by 
David  I.  This  latter  foundation  was 
suppressed  in  1128,  and  its  revenues  given 
to  the  Abbey  of  Kelso  then  founded. 

Near  the  town,  and  within  the  parish, 
were  St  Helen's  Loch  and  St  Helen's 
Shaw.  Selkirk  had  a  fair  of  St  Laurence.] 

JOHN  SCOTT,  M.A. ;  exhorter  here, 
1568  and  at  Ettrick  and  Rankilburn. 

GEORGE  CUNNINGHAM,  reader  from 
1574  1574  to  1580. 


JOHN  SCOTT,  M.A.  above  noticed, 
is  mentioned  as  "  min.  at  Selkirk :> 
in  1576. 

MICHAEL    CRANSTOUN,   mentioned 
,  cor.     as  min.  in  1580  ;  trans,  to  Liberton 


prior  to  1585. 

JOHN  SMYTH,  M.A.,  :  min.  in  1585 ; 
St  Mary  of  the  Lowes,  Ettrick,  and 
Rankilburn  were  also  under  his 

care  in   1685 ;    trans,    to    Mertoun    about 

12th  Oct.  1586. 





JOHN  WELCH,  M.A. ;  min.  in   1589 ; 
1589    trans,  to  Kirkcudbright  in  1594. 

PATRICK  SHAW,  son  of  John  S.  and 
grandson  of  Sir  James  S.  of  Sauchie  ; 
M.A.  (Edinburgh,  12th  Aug.  1591); 
was  on  the  Exercise,  Presb.  of  Edinburgh, 
24th  July  1593 ;  pres.  by  James  VI.  to 
the  vicarage  of  Greenock  Nov.  1593 ;  min. 
of  this  charge  in  1596.  He  signed  the 
Protestation  for  the  Liberties  of  the  Kirk 
27th  June  1617  ;  was  a  member  of  Assembly 
in  1618  ;  dem.  before  4th  April  1634  ;  died 
before  25th  July  1646.  He  marr.,  and  had 
issue — John,  min.  here  in  1624 ;  Adam, 
died  1648 ;  James,  merchant  and  burgess 
of  Edinburgh,  apprenticed  to  David  M'Call, 
merchant,  Edinburgh,  14th  Oct.  1629 ; 
Marion  ;  Grizel  (marr.,  cont.  21st  May 
1640,  John,  son  of  John  Fletcher ;  mer 
chant  and  burgess  of  Edinburgh;  a 
daugh.  (marr.  James  Elliot).  —  [Douglas's 
Baronage ;  Reg.  Assig. ;  Reg.  Sec.  Sig. ; 
Edin.  Tests. ;  Inq.  Ret.  Gen.,  3162  ; 
Wodroiv  MSS. ;  Bannatyne  MisceU.,  iii. ; 
Reg.  of  Deeds,  dxlii.,  26.] 

THOMAS    WILKIE,    reader,    probably 
1627    afterwards  min.  of  Lilliesleaf. 

JOHN  SHAW,  eldest  son  of  Patrick  S., 
min.  in  1596;  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
23rd  July  1631);  pres.  by  Charles 
I.  4th  April  1634.  He  was  confined  to 
the  parish  in  1662,  and  accused  before 
the  Privy  Council,  14th  July  1663,  "of 
turbulent  and  seditious  carriage."  The 
parish  was  vacant  from  12th  Nov.  1664 
to  2nd  Feb.  1666.  He  marr.  (cont.  llth 
Aug.  1636),  Anna,  daugh.  of  Sir  John 
Murray  of  Philiphaugh,  who  had  sasine  with 
him  of  the  lands  of  Eastmains  of  Selkirk, 
called  St  Helen's  Shaw,  13th  Sept.  1661 ; 
and  had  issue  —  Patrick,  M.D.;  Gideon, 
apprentice  to  David  French,  bookseller, 
Edinburgh,  5th  Sept.  1660  ;  John  ;  James  ; 
Jean  (marr.  John  Pringle,  min.  of  Fogo).— 
[Douglas's  Baronage,  212 ;  Reg.  Sec.  Sig. ; 
Wodrow  MSS. ;  New  Gen.  Reg.  of  Sas.,  ii. ; 
Inq.  Ret.  Gen.,  3162,  3457,  7958.] 

JAMES    CRAIG,    M.A. ;    trans,    from 
Hoddam  ;  adm.  after  2nd  Feb.  1666  ; 


trans,  to  Tranent  6th  Oct.  1676. 

Andrews  1645) ;  adm.  to  Sorbie 
before  17th  May  1665 ;  trans,  in 

1678  ;  was  still  min.  3rd  Sept.  1682,  but  the 

date  of  his  death  is  unknown.     He   marr. 

(name  unknown),  and  had   issue — Robert ; 

Alexander,   served    heir    25th   July   1688 ; 

Jean    (marr.    Andrew     Mitchell,    min.    of 

Newbattle). — [Kelso  Sess.  Reg. ;   Inq.   Ret. 

Gen.,  6927.] 

JAMES  CANARIES  [probably  MAC- 
ANRIAS],  son  of  Thomas  C.,  min. 
of  Kinnaird ;  was  a  distinguished 
student  at  the  Univ.  of  St  Andrews 
previous  to  1659,  and  entered  on  trials  for 
license  before  the  Presb.  of  Perth  14th  Jan. 
1671,  but  went  to  Rome,  where  he  entered 
the  Roman  Church.  On  his  return  to 
Scotland  he  was  employed  as  a  teacher  in 
the  Presb.  of  St  Andrews  in  1681,  and 
petitioned  to  be  again  received  into  com 
munion  with  the  Reformed  Church.  The 
Presb.  admitted  him,  15th  Jan  1682,  after 
he  had  discoursed  at  great  length  on  the 
temptations  he  was  under  to  make  defec 
tion,  and  the  motives,  convictions,  and 
inducements  that  made  him  "nauseat" 
Romanism.  He  was  licen.  24th  Oct.  1683  ; 
pres.  by  James  VII.  20th  Feb.,  and  adm. 
before  29th  May  1685 ;  D.D.  (St  Andrews 
1686).  He  was  accused  before  the  Privy 
Council,  17th  Sept.  1689,  of  not  reading 
the  Proclamation  of  the  Estates  and  pray 
ing  that  God  would  restore  James  VII. 
These  charges  were  found  not  proven,  and 
he  was  acquitted ;  but  later  he  abandoned 
his  pastoral  work,  and  the  parish  was  de 
clared  vacant  23rd  Oct.  1691.  In  Jan. 
1692  he  was  one  of  a  considerable  number 
who  petitioned  the  General  Assembly  to 
be  received  into  communion,  but  without 
i  effect.  He  went  to  England  and  became 
;  rector  of  Abington,  Cambridgeshire,  where 
I  he  died.  He  marr.  Anne  Erskine,  second 
I  daugh.  of  James,  Earl  of  Buchan.  Publi 
cations — A  Discourse  representing  the  suf 
ficient  Manifestation  of  the  Will  of  God 
to  His  Church  in  all  its  several  Periods 
and  Dispensations  (Edinburgh,  1684) ; 
Rome's  Additions  to  Christianity  shoivn 
to  be  Inconsistent  with  the  True  Design  of 




so  Spiritual  a  Religion  (Edinburgh,  1686) ; 
A  tiermon  preached  at  Edinbwyh  on  the 
Anniversary  of  the  Martyrdom  of  King 
Charley  I.  (Edinburgh,  1689);  A  Scourge 
for  the  Presbyter's  Back.  —  [Wodrow's 
Anal,  and  Corresp.  ;  FountainhaU's  Diary ; 
Keith's  Catal. ;  J//V.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689  ; 
Shaw's  Moray  :  Doivjlas  Peerage,  {.] 

GEORGE    HOME,    M.A.  :    called    3rd 
1Q94     Aug.,    and    ord.    25th    Sept.    1694; 
trans,   to  Abbey    St    Bathans    28th 
Feb.  1699. 

WILLIAM  M'GHIE,  brother  of  James 
17oo  M.,  merchant,  Edinburgh  :  M.A. 
(Edinburgh,  26th  Aug.  1693) ;  called 
25th  Oct.  1699;  ord.  12th  Jan.  1700;  died 
30th  April  1725,  aged  about  52.  He  raarr. 
Aug.  1708,  Rachel  Dunbar,  who  died  at 
Edinburgh,  Xov.  1737,  and  had  issue- 
William  ;  Margaret ;  Elizabeth  (marr.,  pro. 
4th  March  1739,  Adolphus  Hay,  writer, 
Edinburgh).— [Edin.  Texts.;  Boston's  J/ew.] 

DAVID  BROWX,  M.A.  (Edinburgh 
1726  7th  July  1698) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Chirnside  31st  Oct.  1704  :  ord.  to 
Greenlaw  4th  June  1707  ;  trans,  to  Gordon 
25th  Nov.  1708;  pres.  by  John,  Duke  of 
Roxburghe,  Oct.  1725;  trans,  and  adm.  5th 
May  1726.  He  was  the  bearer  of  a  message 
from  the  Presb.  to  the  General  Assembly 
of  1733  that  the  four  brethren  [the  founders 
of  the  Secession  Church]  should  be  reponed 
to  their  charges.  He  died  12th  March  1753. 
He  marr.  (1)  (pro.  8th  Feb.  1708),  Christian 
Henderson,  widow  of  William  Archibald, 
writer,  Edinburgh,  and  had  issue— William, 
min.  of  Maxton  :  (2)  24th  Nov.  1738,  Janet 
Scott,  and  had  issue— Mary,  born  24th  Sept. 
1 739  (raarr.  Dec.  1 758,  Andrew  Wight,  far 
mer,  Ormiston) ;  David.— [Boston's  Mem.] 

WILLIAM  TROTTER,  licen.  by  Presb. 
1754  of  Earlston  4th  Nov.  1735  ;  assistant 
at  Kelso ;  pres.  to  Second  Charge, 
Culross,  1st  May  1747,  but  the  Presb. 
refused  to  appoint  him.  An  appeal 
followed  to  the  Court  of  Session,  who 
sustained  the  Patron's  right  to  the  stipend, 
26th  June  1751.  He  was  ord.,  15th  Sept. 

1749,  to  a  Presbyterian  congregation  at 
South  Shields  :  was  pres.  to  this  parish  by 
Robert,  Duke  of  Roxburghe,  Aug.  1753; 
adm.  23rd  July  1754;  died  4th  Sept.  1771. 
He  marr.  (1)  27th  Jan.  1755,  Elizabeth 
Mackill,  who  died  24th  Nov.  1763 :  (2) 
28th  Sept.  1764,  Janet  (died  at  Kelso,  19th 
Feb.  1804),  daugh.  of  John  Thomson,  feuar, 
Kelso.— [Acts  of  Ass.,  1748;  Scots  May., 
xiii. ;  Morren's  Ann.,  i.,  52.] 

THOMAS  ROBERTSON,  born  1736, 
1772  brother  of  James  R.,  min.  of  Ratho  ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dalkeith ;  pres. 
by  John,  Duke  of  Roxburghe,  18th  Nov. 
1771  •  ord.  8th  May  1772  ;  died  5th  Sept. 
1805.  He  marr.  18th  Jan.  1776,  Robina 
Lang,  Broomhill,  who  died  at  Edinburgh, 
.?./;.,  16th  Nov.  1812.  Publication— Account 
of  the  Parish  (Sinclair's  Sfat.  Ace.,  ii.).— 

JOHN  CAMPBELL,  born  4th  June 
1806  1"^8'  son  °^  William  C.,  min.  of 
Lilliesleaf ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Sel 
kirk  1st  April  1800 ;  pres.  by  James,  Duke 
of  Roxburghe,  1st  Oct.  1805  ;  ord.  18th  April 
1806;  died  at  Bridge  of  Allan,  23rd  April 
1857.  I  To  marr.  15th  Dec.  1809,  Jane 
(died  22nd  Nov.  1873),  daugh.  of  Richard 
SherrifF,  farmer,  Lugate,  Stow.  Publica 
tion  —  Account  of  the  Parish  (Xew  Stat, 
Ace.,  iii.). 

.JAMES  FARQUHARSON,  born  13th 
1857  Dec.  1832,  son  of  James  F.,  LL.D., 
min.  of  Alford  ;  educated  at  Clatt 
School,  Grammar  School  and  Marischal 
College,  Aberdeen  ;  M.A.  (1850) :  taught 
Natural  History  Class  in  Aberdeen  Univ. 
in  1852  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Aberdeen  May 
1854 ;  assistant  at  West  Parish,  Aberdeen, 
and  at  St  Luke's,  Edinburgh ;  pres.  by 
James  Henry  Robert,  Duke  of  Roxburghe  ; 
ord.  17th  Sept.  1857  ;  president  of  Berwick 
shire  Naturalists'  Club  in  1882;  clerk  of 
Presb.  1887-1899;  D.D.  (Aberdeen  1887); 
clerk  of  Synod  1889-1899  ;  died  at  Corstor- 
phine,  25th  April  1906.  He  marr.  llth 
Sept.  1860,  Martha,  daugh.  of  Alexander 
Hector,  writer,  Edinburgh,  and  had  issue- 
Margaret,  born  29th  June  1862;  Helen 
Taylor,  born  13th  July  1863,  died  9th 




Oct.  1863 ;  Agnes,  born  17th  June  1865  ; 
Mary  Helen,  born  22nd  July  1866,  died 
3rd  Dec.  1876.  Publications  —  Contribu 
tions  to  History  of  Eenvickshire  Naturalists' 
Club,  vols.  viii.,  ix.  ;  Presidential  Address, 
vol.  x. — [Obituary  notice,  Hist.  Ber.  Nat. 
Club,  vol.  xix.] 


GEORGE  LAWSON,  born  Kintore, 
Aberdeenshire,  19th  Aug.  1859,  son 
of  Francis  L.  ;  educated  at  parish 
schools  of  Kintore,  Echt,  Skene,  and  Kin- 
nellar,  Grammar  School  and  Univ.  of 
Aberdeen;  MA.  (1882);  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Aberdeen  5th  May  1885;  assistant  at 
West  Parish,  Aberdeen  ;  ord.  to  Forglen 
20th  Sept.  1888  ;  trans,  and  adm.  (assistant 
and  successor)  12th  Oct.  1899.  Marr.  12th 
Feb.  1890,  Annie  Strahan,  daugh.  of  John 
Black,  LL.D.,  Professor  of  Humanity  in 
Uriiv.  of  Aberdeen. 


[Called  of  old  St  Mary  of  the  Lowes 
and  St  Mary  of  the  Forest.  The  church, 
dedicated  to  St  Mary,  belonged  to  the 
Abbey  of  Dryburgh.  In  1640  it  was  re 
moved  eight  miles  down  the  water  of 
Yarrow  to  the  place  now  known  as  Yarrow 

There  were  ancient  chapels  at  Deuchar 
and  Kirkhope,  also  the  Chapel  and  Well  of 
St  Philip  at  the  Catslacknowe.  The  church 
of  Yarrow  was  restored  in  1906.] 

ALEXANDER    DOUGLAS,    pres.    by 
James  VI.  to  the  vicarage  pension 
ary  12th  Feb.  1577 ;  still  vicar  28th 
Dec.  1594.— [Reg.  of  Deeds,  xlviii.,  280.] 

JAMES  SCOTT,  MA.  (Edinburgh,  28th 
July  1599) ;  he  was  suspected  by  the 
Presb.,  4th  Oct.  1608,  "  of  being  our 
guid  an  companion  in  drinking  and  beir- 
ing  company  both  in  Edinburgh  and  at 
home,  as  negligent  in  discipline,  and  in 
using  of  his  buik,  and  preparing  of  his 
pepil.  The  brethern  commends  he  be  not 
offensive  in  tym  coming  or  else  they  will 
proceed  against  him."  He  was  also 
admonished  2nd  Sept.  1610,  having 

"  never  administered  the  communion,  and 
that  he  be  grave  in  his  behaviour."  He 
was  non-resident  13th  Nov.  1618,  and  as 
"it  cannot  be  mendit,  he  is  exhorted  to 
use  diligence,  and  to  find  the  nearest 
roume  for  remaining  among  his  people/' 
He  died  in  1634,  aged  about  55.  He 
marr.  and  had  issue  —  William.  —  [Reg. 
Assvj.  ;  Reg.  Sec.  Si<j.  ;  Rey.  of  Deeds, 
ccccxxxviii.,  56.] 

.JAMES   FISHER,   adm.   to   Southdean 
26th   Sept.    1626;   pres.   by   Charles 
I.    7th   Jan.    1635;   died   in   1640.— 
[Reg.  Sec.  Sig. ;  Old  Dec.,  ii.,  iii.] 

WILLIAM  ELLIOT,  brother  of  Thomas 
E.  in  Borthwickshiels  ;  MA.  (St  An 
drews,    llth   May   1637) ;    pres.    by 
Charles  I.  20th  Jan.,  and  adm.  16th  June 
1641 ;   not   conforming   to   Episcopacy,   he 
was   confined   to  his   parish   in    1662,  and 
j  was  granted  indulgence  in  1679  ;  died  Nov. 
1685,  aged    about   68.  —  [Reg.    Sec.    Sig. ; 
Jedburgh    Presb.    Reg. ;    Wodrow's    Hist., 
iii.,  156  ;  Livingston's  Life ;  Peebles  Tests.] 


JOHN  CLAPPERTON,  son  of  John  C., 
min.  of  Ednam ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
July  1642) ;  adm.  to  Yetholm  in 
1662  ;  pres.  by  Charles  II.  21st  Nov.  1665  ; 
trans,  and  adm.  after  13th  Feb.  1666 ;  died 
in  1679,  aged  about  57.  He  marr.  Margaret 
Learrnonth,  and  had  issue — Samuel,  dead 
in  1674  ;  John  ;  Richard  ;  Thomas  ;  James  ; 
Jean  ;  Margaret ;  Elizabeth.  —  [Min.-book 
Reg.  Sec.  Sig. ;  Kelso  and  Peebles  Presb. 
Regs.;  Inq.  Ret.  Gen.,  8103,  8104;  G.  R. 
Inhib.,  1st  Dec.  1674.] 

JAMES  MURRAY,  M.A.  (Glasgow  1665) ; 

adm.  to  Borgue  before  5th  Oct.  1669  ; 

pres.  by  Charles  II.  28th  June  1679  ; 
adm.  in  1680.  He  was  accused  before  the 
Privy  Council,  17th  Sept.  1689,  of  neither 
reading  the  Proclamation  of  the  Estates 
nor  praying  for  William  and  Mary,  but 
was  acquitted.  He  was  afterwards  outed 
by  the  rabble  3rd  July  1691.  He  marr., 
and  had  issue  —  Anne  (marr.  17th  Nov. 
1732,  James  Wight,  dyer,  Edinburgh).— 
Reg.  Sec.  Sig.] 




ROBERT    WYLLIE,    M.A. ;    ord.    (at 
1690     Whitehope)  5th  Feb.,   and  trans,  to 
Ashkirk  3rd  April  1690. 


JOHN  RUTHERFORD,  born  1641,  son 
of  John  R,,  tacksman  of  Grundis- 
nock,  and  Isabella  Ker  (descended 
from  the  Ferniherst  family);  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Selkirk  ;  master  of  the  Grammar 
School  of  Selkirk  about  1680;  ord.  30th 
Sept.  1691 ;  died  8th  May  1710.  He  marr. 
Christian,  grand -daugli.  of  John  Shaw, 
min.  of  Selkirk,  and  had  issue — Robert, 
died  aged  4  ;  John,  M.D.,  Professor  of 
the  Practice  of  Medicine  in  Univ.  of 
Edinburgh  (maternal  grandfather  of  Sir 
Walter  Scott),  born  1st  Aug.  1695,  died  8th 
March  1779  ;  Jean,  bapt.  5th  Sept.  1693 ; 
died  unmarr. ;  Anne  (marr.  William  Scott 
of  Whythaugh).  —  [Jlannatyne  Jfiscell.  ; 
Tombst. ;  Boston's  Memoirs ;  Lockhart's 
Life  of  Scott ;  Chambers^  Journal,  1902.] 

WILLIAM  BANNATYNE,  one  of  the 
1711  ^f°rning  Lecturers  in  Edinburgh ; 
called  4th  Oct.  1710;  ord.  25th 
April  1711  ;  died  17th  Jan.  1753.  He 
marr.  (1)  Dec.  1717,  Euphan,  daugh.  of 
James  Mure  of  Roddans,  Co.  Down : 
(2)  4th  Nov.  1742,  Isobel  (died  at  Glasgow, 
22nd  Jan.  1789,  aged  69),  daugh.  of  Archi 
bald  Lundie,  min.  of  Saltoun,  and  had 
issue — Archibald,  born  15th  March  1745 ; 
Jean,  born  16th  March  1746  (marr.  pro. 
13th  June  1788,  John  Agur,  brickmaker, 
Glasgow) ;  Robina.  born  16th  Oct.  1749. 

JAMES    MASON,   licen.   by    Presb.   of 

Kelso     2nd    March    1736;     ord.    to 

St  Boswells  20th  Sept.  1739 ;  called 

27th  June,  pres.  by  George  II.  13th  Feb., 

trans,  and  adm.  6th  Nov.  1753 ;  died  12th 

Jan.    1764.      He    marr.    26th    June    1744, 

Elizabeth   Kirkwood,   who  died  2nd  April 

1801,   and   had    issue — George,   born    10th 

April  1745  ;  Jean  and  Isabel  (twins),  born 

10th  Jan.  1747  ;  James,  born  16th  Nov.  1748. 

JAMES  LORIMER,  licen.  by  Presb.  of 

17Q5     Lanark    20th    Sept.    1738;    ord.    to 

Mouswald  2nd  May  1748 ;   pres.  by 

George   III.   23rd   Feb.   1764 ;    trans,   and 

adm.   6th    Feb.    1765 ;    D.D.    (Edinburgh, 

18th  July  1771);  died  21st  Nov.  1775. 
He  marr.  (1)  30th  June  1741,  Elizabeth 
Oswald,  who  died  19th  Oct.  1752,  and  had 
issue— Janet,  born  23rd  Nov.  1743,  died 
20th  Sept.  1746;  Helen,  born  3rd  Oct. 
1745,  died  24th  Sept.  1746  ;  Elizabeth,  born 
1st  Nov.  1746  (marr.,  pro.  29th  May  1768, 
William  Hunter,  merchant,  Dumfries) ; 
Oswald,  born  5th  Feb.  1748  :  (2)  21st  June 
1757,  Jean  (died  20th  Jan.  1781),  daugh.  of 
John  Sibbald,  writer,  and  widow  of  Stephen 
Paton,  min.  of  Newlands,  and  had  issue 
—James,  born  3rd  Sept.  1758.  Publication 
—  The  Duty  of  Hohliwj  the  Faith,  a  sermon 
(Edinburgh,  1773). 

ROBERT  CRAMOND,  born  1741  ;  edu 
cated  at  Univ.  of  Aberdeen  ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Kelso;  ord.  min.  of  a 
Presbyterian  congregation  at  Etal,  North 
umberland,  22nd  May  1765;  D.D.  (Mari- 
schal  College,  Aberdeen,  8th  Sept.  1774); 
pres.  by  George  III.  26th  Jan.,  and  adm. 
12th  June  1776 ;  died  14th  Feb.  1791.  He 
marr.  (1)  4th  June  1765,  Ann  Wood,  who 
died  7th  April  1767,  and  had  issue — Ann 
Alison,  born  17th  April  1766 :  (2)  6th 
Sept.  1769,  Isabella  Young,  and  had  issue- 
Margaret,  born  6th  Aug.  1770 ;  Jean,  born 
15th  June  1772  ;  Isabella  Liddel,  born  22nd 
Sept.  1775  (marr.  23rd  July  1802,  Richard 
Young,  brewer,  Edinburgh).  —  [Tombst. ; 
M'Guffie's  The  Priests  of  Etal.] 

ROBERT  RUSSELL,  born  West  Den- 
muir,  Fife,  1766,  son  of  James  R., 
farmer,  and  Isabella  Meldrum, 
brought  up  by  an  uncle,  James  Dall, 
farmer,  Priestfield,  Cults ;  educated 
privately,  and  at  Univs.  of  Edinburgh 
and  St  Andrews ;  M.A.  (St  Andrews 
1785);  tutor  in  the  families  of  Spottis- 
wood  of  Dunipace,  and  the  Hon.  Charles 
Napier  of  Merchiston  Hall,  Falkirk  ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Linlithgow  18th  June  1788; 
pres.  by  Francis,  Lord  Napier,  5th  Feb., 
and  ord.  to  Ettrick  6th  May  1790;  pres. 
by  George  III. ;  trans,  and  adm.  1st  Sept. 
1791 ;  chaplain  to  the  Lord  High  Com 
missioner  to  the  General  Assembly  1805-41 ; 
D.D.  (Edinburgh,  3rd  April  1811);  died 
FATHER  OF  THE  SYNOD,  18th  March  1847. 




During  his  incumbency  he  was  never  con 
fined  to  bed  for  an  entire  day ;  he  was 
only  two  Sundays  out  of  church,  and  no 
doctor  ever  prescribed  for  him  till  three 
days  before  his  death.  From  his  robust 
and  handsome  appearance  he  was  jocularly 
known  in  his  youth  as  "  the  beauty  of  holi 
ness.''  He  bequeathed  £100  for  religious 
instruction  of  the  young  in  the  parish. 
He  marr.  30th  Nov.  1803,  Agnes  (born 
30th  July  1771,  died  2nd  Oct.  1843), 
seventh  daugh.  of  Walter  Turnbull,  Firth, 
Roxburghshire,  and  had  issue— Dorothea, 
born  31st  Aug.  1804  (marr.  George  Ballan- 
tyne.  farmer,  Whitehope),  died  15th  Nov. 
1834  ;  James,  D.D.,  his  successor ;  Walter, 
born  12th  May  1811,  died  23rd  May  1842. 
Publications — Accounts  of  Ettrick  and  of 
Yarrow  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  iii.,  vii.). — 
[Conolly's  Eminent  Ifen  of  Fife-,  James 
Russell's  Reminiscences  of  Yarrow ;  Mrs 
Garden's  Memoir  of  James  IJoyg  :  Craig- 
Brown's  Selkirkshire.'} 

JAMES  RUSSELL,  born  1st  Dec. 
1841  1809,  son  of  preceding ;  educated  at 
Yarrow  School  and  Univ.  of  Edin 
burgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Selkirk  28th 
June  1831  ;  assistant  to  his  father  1831-41 ; 
ord.  (assistant  and  successor)  6th  July  1841  ; 
chaplain  to  the  Lord  High  Commissioner, 
1847-51,  1853-57,  1860-83;  D.D.  (Edin 
burgh  1878) ;  died  9th  Jan.  1883.  He  marr. 
4th  March  1851,  Janet  Margaret,  daugh.  of 
John  Shand,  W.S.,  Edinburgh,  and  had 
issue — Robert,  born  26th  Feb.  1852  ;  Isa 
bella  Lister,  born  10th  Sept.  1853,  died 
25th  Dec.  1859  :  John  Harvey  Shand, 
divinity  student,  born  3rd  March  1861, 
died  at  Lewinshope,  3rd  July  1884.  Pub 
lications  —  The  Sleep  of  the  Believer,  a 
sermon  (1857) ;  Reminiscences  of  Yarrow 
(Edinburgh,  1886  ;  2nd  ed.,  Selkirk,  1894)  ; 
Account  of  the  Parish  (New  Stat.  Ace.  of 
Scotland,  iii.).  —  [In  Memoriam,  private 
circulation,  1883 ;  supplementary  chapters 
in  Reminiscences,  1894.] 

ROBERT  BORLAND,  born  Dalserf, 
188S  20th  March  1849,  son  of  Robert  B. 
and  Margaret  Kissock  ;  educated  at 
Stonehouse  Parish  School  and  Univ.  of 
Glasgow  :  ord.  min.  of  the  Evangelical 
Union  congregation,  Langholm,  16th  Oct. 
I  1873  ;  min.  of  the  Evangelical  Union  con- 
1  gregation,  Kilmarnock,  1877.  Joined  the 
Church  of  Scotland  and  adm.  to  the  status 
of  a  licentiate  in  1880  ;  ord.  to  Ladhope 
2nd  March  1882 ;  trans,  and  adm.  14th 
June  1883:  D.D.  (Glasgow  1909):  died 
19th  June  1912.  He  marr.  13th  June  1882, 
Annie,  daugh.  of  Andrew  Haddon,  Honey- 
burn.  Publications — Ten  Days  in  Xoriraii 
(Kilmarnock,  1887);  Yarrow:  it*  Poetx 
ami  Poetry  (Dalbeattie,  1890;  2nd  ed., 
Galashiels,  1908);  A  Word  in  .SV« .so/?  (private 
circulation,  Selkirk,  1895);  Border  Raich 
and  Reivers  (Dalbeattie,  1898 ;  2nd  ed., 
1910) ;  edited  James  Hoyy,  the  Ettrick 
Shepherd  (Memorial  vol. ;  Selkirk,  1898) : 
"The  Ecclesiology  of  Yarrow"  (Trans. 
Scot.  Eccles.  Soc.,  1906);  "The  Religious 
i  Significance  of  Yarrow"  (The  Guide,  Feb. 
1906).  —  [  The  Bonier  Magazine,  May 


1912     PATRICK,    born     Hamilton,    18th 

March    1859,    son    of    Roger    K.    of 

|  Lagganlees  (grandson  of  Sir  James  Kirk- 
patrick  of  Closeburn,  fourth  baronet),  and 
Isabella  Margaret,  daugh.  of  Joseph 

i  Kirkpatrick  of  St  Cross,  Newport,  Isle 
of  Wight ;  educated  at  Academy  and 
Gilbertfiekl  House,  Hamilton,  and  Univ. 
of  Edinburgh;  M.A.  (1878),  B.D.  (1881); 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh;  assistant 
at  Langholm  and  Govan ;  ord.  to  Dal 
beattie  18th  Feb.  1886;  trans,  to  Jed- 
burgh  22nd  Oct.  1896 ;  trans,  to  Govan 
29th  June  1899  ;  trans,  and  adm.  22nd 
Nov.  1912.  Publication — The  Ministry  of 
Dr  John  Macleod  in  the  Parish  of  Govan 
[Macleod  Memorial  Lecture]  (Edinburgh, 


[THE  RECORDS  begin  14th  April  1691.] 


[The  General  Assembly  resolved  to  erect  this  Court  in  April  1581,  but  the  Presbytery 
does  not  appear  till  26th  Sept.  1638,  when  commissioners  were  elected  for  the  coming 
Assembly.  The  Presbytery  Register  commences  23rd  June  1701.  The  first  volume 
which  was  recovered  out  of  a  snuff-shop,  is  very  imperfect,  only  a  hundred  and 
eighteen  leaves  remaining  out  of  a  hundred  and  eighty-seven.  Blanks  occur  after 
wards  from  26th  May  1706  to  17th  March  1708,  from  30th  March  1718  to  4th  Nov. 
1730,  from  1st  July  1746  to  26th  Oct.  1747,  from  13th  April  to  3rd  Aug.  1773,  and 
from  7th  Aug.  1781  to  1st  Oct.  1782.] 


[These  parishes  were  united  in  1609.  On 
the  7th  of  July  1300,  Edward  I.  of  England, 
on  his  way  to  the  siege  of  Caerlaverock 
Castle,  made  offerings  at  the  altars  of  St 
Nicholas  and  St  Thomas  the  Martyr  in  the 
church  of  Applegarth.  St  Thomas  was 
the  Saint  of  the  day,  and  St  Nicholas  may 
have  been  the  patron  of  the  church.  There 
was  a  chapel  at  Dinwiddie,  in  the  parish  of 
Applegarth,  also  a  Well  of  St  Michael.  The 
church  of  Sibbaldbie  belonged  to  the  Abbey 
of  Jedburgh.] 



reader    and 


Parson  in  1585'  w^ 
Tundergarth   also   in   the 

[Reg.  Assig.] 

HUMPHREY  JARDINE,  min.  in  1607. 
1607     He  had  issue~  George.—  [P.  C.  Reg., 
viii.,    14  ;     Reg.    of    Deeds,    ccccvii., 
23rd  June  1628.] 

JOHN  YOUNG,  brother  of  James  Y., 

"baxter  at  the  West  Port  of   Edin 

burgh1';   MA.    (St   Andrews  1604); 

min.  in.   1608;   still   min.  25th  Jan.   1644. 


He  marr.  (name  unknown),  and  had  issue 
— John,  apprenticed  to  Thomas  Stainhouse, 
baker,  Edinburgh,  19th  Feb.  1623 ;  Grizell 
(marr.,  cont.  7th  Sept.  1646,  John  Fareis 
in  Sibbilbiesyde) ;  Elizabeth  (marr.  George 
Johnston  of  Girthhead).— [Reg.  of  Deeds, 
cccxxix.,  274 ;  Reg.  Assig. ;  Mid-Colder  Sess. 
Reg.  ;  Edin.  Apprentice  Reg. ;  Dumfries 
Sas.,  15th  Feb.  1639,  and  22nd  Aug.  1648.] 

1647  drews  1628) ;  min.  in  1647  ;  he  con 
formed  to  Episcopacy ;  died  12th 
Dec.  1678,  in  his  82nd  year.  He  marr. 
Mary  Cockburn,  who  died  Jan.  1679,  and 
had  issue — Alexander  ;  Thomas,  his  suc 
cessor.—  [Dumfries  Presb.  Reg. ;  Dumfries 
Tests. ;  Commis.  to  Ass.,  1648  ;  Tombst. ; 
Wodrow's  Hist.} 

THOMAS     THOMSON,  born    1653, 
younger    son    of    preceding;     M.A. 
(Edinburgh    1673);    became   school 
master  of  Alloa;  passed  trials  before  the 
Presb.   of  Stirling,  and  was  recommended 
for    license    6th    March    1678;    pres.    by 
Arthur,     Archbishop     of     Glasgow,     jure 
devoluto  in  1682.     He  was  outed  in  1689; 




(Hi-rl  24th  March  1698.  He  marr.  June 
1697,  Marion,  daugh.  of  John  Malcolm, 
min.  of  Holywood,  and  had  issue — Thomas. 
— [Dumfries  Tests. ;  Tomhst.  ;  Rule's  Sec. 
Vindication:  MS.  A<'<\  of  Min.,  1689: 
Morrison's  Dec.,  xii.] 

DUGALD  SIMPSON,  was  a  student  at 
16g4  the  Univ.  of  Glasgow  in  1682  ;  adm. 
Sept.  1694  ;  died  between  25th  April 
and  23rd  May  1704.  He  marr.  Jan.  1698, 
Jean,  daugh.  of  Alex.  Hutchison,  min.  of 
the  Canongate,  Edinburgh,  and  had  issue- 
Janet  (marr.  12th  April  1739,  John  Wallace, 
surgeon,  Edinburgh).— [Edin.  Re<j.  (Marr,).] 

DAVID  WIGHTMAN,  born  1680,  prob- 
17Q6  ably  son  of  Matthew  W.,  merchant 
burgess  of  Dumfries,  and  Elizabeth 
Irvine  ;  MA.  (Edinburgh,  17th  May  1699); 
ord.  to  Terregles  23rd  Sept.  1702 ;  called 
27th  Feb.,  also  on  5th  March,  and  adm. 
18th  April  1706  ;  died  1st  Feb.  1748.  He 
marr.  20th  Aug.  1706,  Marian  (died  llth 
Oct.  1762),  daugh.  of  John  Cannon  of 
Formiston.  Publication — Mr  Taylor's  Case 
Stated,  or  a  Just  Reply  to  a  book  entitled 
A  Vindication  of  Mr  John  Taylor,  Minister 
of  Wamfray  (Dumfries,  1718). — [Dumfries 
Reg.  (Marr.} ;  Wodrow's  Corresp.,  iii.] 

EDWARD  M'WHINNIE,  licen.  by 
Presb.  of  Lochmaben,  5th  April  1737; 
pres.  by  the  commissioner  for  Sir 
Alexander  Jardine  of  Applegarth  9th  and 
21st  June,  and  ord.  (assistant  and  successor) 
20th  Nov.  1746;  died  6th  Jan.  1776.  He 
marr.  7th  Aug.  1751,  Jean  Bell,  who  died 
30th  March  1799,  and  had  issue— William, 
born  15th  May,  died  1st  July  1752 ;  Janet, 
born  4th  Jan.  1754 ;  Richard,  born  1st 
June  1756  ;  Jean,  born  15th  May  1758,  died 
23rd  Aug.  1767  ;  John,  born  27th  April  1760, 
died  31st  Aug.  1767;  Sibella,  born  17th 
May  1764  ;  Margaret,  born  15th  June  1766  ; 
Jane,  born  9th  June  1768. 

ROBERT  LITTLE,  pres.  by  the  curator 
for  George,  Marquess  of  Annandale, 
June  1776 ;  ord.  27th  March  1777  : 
died  5th  Jan.  1803,  aged  58.  He  marr.  9th 
Dec.  1783,  Barbara  Anne  (died  at  Edin 
burgh,  15th  July  1823),  daugh.  of  Matthew 

Cleghorn,  min.  of  Dryfesdale,  and  had  issue 
—Margaret,  born  7th  Oct.  1784 ;  Matthew 
William,  born  2nd  Aug.  1786;  William 
Maxwell,  born  24th  July  1788;  Anne,  born 
15th,  died  24th  July  1790  ;  Eupham,  born 
19th  Jan.  1792.— [Tvtnbst.] 


1804     ^res'    ky    ^ir    WiUiam    Jardine    of 
Applegarth,  Bart,,  29th  Dec.    1803  ; 
ord.  12th  April  1804  ;   trans,  to   Dumfries 
(New  Church),  27th  Nov.  1806. 

WILLIAM  DUNBAR,  tutor  in  the 
1807  family  of  John  M'Neill  of  Colonsay  ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Dumfries  3rd 
Jan.  1804;  pres.  by  James,  Earl  of  Hope- 
toun,  and  by  Sir  William  Jardine  of 
Applegarth,  Bart.,  in  Jan.,  and  ord.  7th 
May  1807;  D.D.  (St  Andrews,  12th  Jan. 
1839) ;  died  6th  Dec.  1861,  in  his  82nd  year. 
He  marr.  15th  Jan.  1810,  Anne  (died  18th 
Dec.  1839),  fourth  daugh.  of  William  Burn- 
side,  D.D.,  min.  of  Dumfries,  and  had  issue 
— Anne  Hutton,  born  25th  Nov.  1810 ; 
Thomas,  student  of  medicine,  born  27th 
Nov.  1811,  died  at  Edinburgh,  17th  Jan. 
1829;  Janet,  born  23rd  May  1813;  William 
Burnside,  min.  of  Glencairn,  born  5th  April 
1815  ;  Mary  Taylor,  born  30th  March  1818  ; 
Robert,  born  14th  Sept.  1822.  Publica 
tions  —  The  Natural  History  of  Bees  in 
Jardine's  Naturalists'  Library,  xxxviii. 
(Edinburgh,  1840);  Account  of  the  Parish 
(New  Stat.  Ace.,  iv.). 

DAVID  LANDALE,  born  Lindifferon, 
1862  ^onimail)  Fife,  20th  Jan.  1831,  son 
of  David  L.  of  Pittachope,  Fife,  and 
Isobel  Russell ;  educated  at  High  School 
and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Cupar  8th  May  1855 ;  ord.  to  Auchter- 
gaven  10th  July  1856 ;  trans,  and  adm. 
19th  June  1862;  died  28th  March  1900. 
He  marr.  llth  Dec.  1862,  Margaret  Helen 
Hassels  (died  1898),  daugh.  of  Sir  William 
Jardine  of  Applegarth,  Bart.,  the  naturalist, 
and  Jane  Home,  daugh.  of  Daniel  Lizars, 
Edinburgh,  and  had  issue— Jane  Jardine, 
born  16th  Dec.  1865;  David,  partner  in 
Jardine,  Matheson,  &  Co.,  born  6th  Aug. 
1868;  Wellwood  Maxwell,  nun.  of  Straiton, 
born  24th  June  1870. 




GILCHKIST,  bora  Arthur's  Crag, 
Lanark,  19th  Feb.  1871,  son  of 
Andrew  G.  and  Janet  Graham  ;  educated 
at  Lanark  School  and  Univ.  of  Glasgow  ; 
M.A.  (1894),  B.D.  (1896);  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Lanark  May  1896  ;  assistant  at  St  Paul's, 
Glasgow,  and  at  Riccarton,  Kilmarnock  ; 
ord.  24th  Aug.  1900  :  chaplain,  British  Ex 
peditionary  Force,  France,  1914-16  (Military 
Cross).  Marr.  19th  Dec.  1900,  Agnes  Wilson, 
daugh.  of  Thomas  Mitchell  and  Agnes 
Wilson,  and  has  issue  —  Andrew  James 
Graham,  born  16th  Dec.  1901  ;  Agnes 
Wilson,  born  2nd  Feb.  1903,  died  19th  Aug. 
1914  :  Janet  Graham,  born  llth  Dec.  1905  ; 
Thomas  Mitchell,  born  13th  Nov.  1907  ; 
Mary  Minto  Mitchell  (twin),  born  13th 
Nov.  1907. 


[The  parishes  of  Meikle  and  Little  Dalt-on 
were  finally  united  in  1633.] 

JOHN     CUNNINGHAM,    reader     in 
1567     1567. 

HALBERT  WELSH,  reader  from  1576 
1676     to  1585. 

JOHN  HENRYSON,  M.A.  (St  Andrews 
1Q37  1617)  ;  min.  in  1637  ;  died  before 
8th  July  1674.  He  marr.  Elizabeth 
Rome,  who  died  4th  Jan.  1708,  and  had 
issue  —  James.  —  [Commis.  to  Ass.,  1638  ; 
Mouswald  Sess.  ;  Priv.  Seal  Eng.  Reg.,  i., 
185  ;  Dumfries  Reg.  (Deaths)  ;  P.  C.  Regs., 
3rd  series,  iv.,  612.] 

WILLIAM  BO  YD,  M.A.  (Glasgow  1632)  ; 
.  -?  min.  in  1657  ;  deprived  by  Act  of 
Parliament  llth  June,  and  Decreet 
of  Privy  Council  1st  Oct.  1662.  He  marr., 
and  had  issue  —  Hugh,  bapt.  24th  Dec.  1657. 
—  [Wodrow's  Hist.,  i.,  326  ;  Dumfries  Reg, 


JOHN  ROWAT,  held  a  bursary  in  the 

1665     Univ.  of  Glasgow  in   1657  ;  was  a 

student  of  theology  in  1664  ;  probably 

adm.  about  1665  ;  dem.  prior  to  the  Revolu 

tion.—  [J/S.  Ace.  of  Min.,  1689.] 

WILLIAM  MILNE,  M.A.  (King's  Col- 
^e&e'  Aberdeen,  1650)  ;  min.  in  Oct. 

HUGH  M'HENDRIE,  adm.  before  llth 
Oct.  1694  :  dep.  in  1696  "  for  irregu 
larities."  He  was  reponed  30th  Jan. 
1699,  upon  his  undertaking  to  be  subject 
to  the  judicatories  of  the  Church  ;  app.  3rd 
Feb.  following  to  supply  parishes  in  Angus 
or  Perth.  Again  dep.  by  the  Commission 
of  Assembly  in  1700,  for  irregular  and 
divisive  courses.  The  Assembly,  15th 
March  1703,  refused  to  annul  the  sentence 
of  the  Commission,  but  recommended  all 
Presbyteries  south  of  the  Tay  to  collect 
for  his  "present  necessity."  He  went  to 
England  and  took  orders  there.  Returning 
to  Scotland,  he  was  apprehended  in  Glasgow 
for  celebrating  an  irregular  marriage,  when 
he  declared  himself  to  belong  to  the  Episco 
pal  Communion. — [Acts  of  Ass.,  1695-1703  ; 
Wight  man's  Just  Reply. ~\ 

JOHN  CARLYLE,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
17og  28th  June  1697;  called  Oct.  1702; 
ord.  29th  April  1703  :  dem.  after 
1710.  He  was  curator  to  Alexander,  eldest 
son  of  James  Carlyle,  merchant,  Glasgow, 
1729  and  1730.— [Glasgow  Tests.] 

ROBERT  KIRKLAND,  educated  at 
Univ.  of  Glasgow  ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Glasgow  1st  June  1709  ;  ord.  by 

Presb.  of  London  before  16th  April  1712; 

adm.   before    llth    Oct.    1715;    dem.    5th 

Aug.  1740.    He  had  issue— Robert,  buried 

28th  May  1716. 

DAVID  IMRIE,  M.A.  ;  pres.  by  the 
trustees  of  John  Carruthers  of 
Holmains  16th  and  26th  Jan.,  and 

ord.  7th  May  1741 ;   trans,  to  St  Mungo 

20th  June  1751. 

JOHN  MARSHALL,  called  1st.  Feb., 
and  ord.  10th  May  1753;  trans,  to 
Tinwald  18th  March  1762. 

WILLIAM  BRYDEN,  born   1735,  fifth 
son  of  Thomas  B.,  merchant,  Glas 
gow  ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow  ; 
licen.  lay  Presb.  of  Annan  3rd  Feb.,  and 
pres.  by  John  Carruthers  of  Holmains  30th 





July  1762;  ord.  24th  March  1763;  D.D. 
(Edinburgh,  19th  March  1778).  In  1782 
a  libel  embodying  various  charges  was 
raised  against  him  by  the  heritors,  elders, 
and  heads  of  families,  which  caused  a  long 
litigation.  After  B.  had  made  certain 
admissions  in  regard  to  his  having  used 
irreverent  language,  the  Assembly  ordered 
him  to  be  admonished.  The  case  against 
him  "  charged  with  abandoned  profligacy  " 
was  published  in  two  vols.  2nd  Nov.  1782. 
He  died  llth  Aug.  1793.  He  marr.  7th  Aug. 
1 788,  Margaret  (died  1 7th  July  1828),  daugh. 
of  Thomas  Carmichael,  writer,  Biggar,  and 
had  issue— Thomas,  born  8th  May  1790. 
Publications — The  Cause  between  Patronage 
and  Popular  Election,  decided  in  the  Presb. 
of  Friesburgh  (Edinburgh,  1769)  [a  squib 
on  the  appointment  of  William  Wright  to 
New  Abbey] ;  Piety  to  God,  and  Loyalty 
to  the  King,  illustrated  and  enforced,  a 
discourse  (Edinburgh,  1778). — [Scots  Mag., 

WILLIAM  WIGHTMAN,  licen.  by 
1794  Presb-  of  Lanark  30th  March  1785; 
pres.  by  the  commissioner  for  Charles 
Buncombe,  younger,  of  Buncombe  Park, 
Yorkshire,  Roger  Pettiward,  and  John 
Gustavus  Le  Maitre,  proprietors  of  Hoi- 
mains,  llth  Bee.  1793  ;  ord.  8th  May  1794  ; 
died  31st  Oct.  1800,  aged  43.  He  marr. 
(1)  4th  Bee.  1794,  Jean  (died  29th  March 
1795),  eldest  daugh.  of  John  Newall  of 
Barskeoch :  (2)  25th  Bee.  1798,  Nicolas 
(died  23rd  Aug.  1847),  daugh.  of  Captain 
William  Benholm  of  Gullyhill,  but  had  no 

JAMES  CRIRIE,  M.A.,  born  Newabbey, 
1801  April  1^52.  After  the  death  of  his 
father  he  was  employed  as  a  cattle 
herd,  and  being  fond  of  reading,  was 
encouraged  by  William  Clarke,  min.  of 
Kirkgunzeon,  who  gave  him  books  and 
taught  him.  He  became  a  schoolmaster 
in  the  parish  of  Lochrutton  ;  master  of 
the  Grammar  School  of  Wigtown  May 
1777  ;  master  of  the  Grammar  School  of 
Kirkcudbright  Nov.  1781 ;  rector  of  the 
High  School  of  Leith  Nov.  1787  (where  he 
introduced  the  Monitorial  system) ;  and 
one  of  the  masters  in  the  High  School  of 

Edinburgh  18th  March  1795.  He  gradu 
ated  M.A.  at  Edinburgh  Univ.  16th  March 
1790,  and  was  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh 
30th  March  1791.  He  was  pres.  to  this 
parish  by  the  commissioner  for  the  pro 
prietors  of  Holmains  22nd  April,  and  ord. 
17th  Sept.  1801 ;  B.B.  (Edinburgh,  llth 
March  1802);  died  5th  Jan.  1835.  Being 
an  able  linguist  and  a  keen  antiquary, 
he  was  Latin  secretary  to  the  Society  of 
Antiquaries  of  Scotland  from  Bee.  1799 
to  Nov.  1815.  He  marr.  Janet  (died  s.p. 
20th  June  1844),  daugh.  of  James  Lennox, 
shoemaker,  Kirkcudbright.  Publication — 
Scottish  Scenery,  or  Sketches  in  Verse 
descriptive  of  Scenes  chiefly  in  the  Highlands 
(London,  1803). — [Steven's  High  School,  Ap 
pendix,  p.  100  ;  Archceol.  Scot.,  iii.] 

1823  ^  Presk-  of  Annan  7th  Bee.  1815; 
pres.  by  James  Charles  Macrae  of 
Holmains  4th  Bee.  1822 ;  ord.  (assistant 
and  successor)  31st  July  1823;  died  13th 
June  1853.  He  marr.  13th  Oct.  1823, 
Elizabeth  Ramsay,  who  died  24th  March 
1848,  and  had  issue — John,  born  13th 
Nov.  1824,  died  10th  Bee.  1843.  Publica 
tion — Account  of  the  Parish  (New  Stat. 
Ace.,  iv.). 


1853  deen,  5th  ^an-  181^>  son  °f  William 
S.  and  Sophia  Bavidson ;  educated 
at  Grammar  School  and  Marischal  College, 
and  Univ.  of  Aberdeen ;  M.A.  (1835) ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Beer  25th  Aug.  1841 ; 
ord.  to  the  New  Church,  Annan  [now 
Greenknowe],  24th  Bee.  1845 ;  res.  7th 
April  1847,  to  become  assistant  in  the 
New  Church,  Bumfries  [now  Greyfriars] ; 
adm.  to  this  parish  4th  Nov.  1853 ;  died 
12th  Sept.  1867.  He  marr.  (1)  3rd  March 
1856,  Anne  Ellen  M'Clellan,  who  died  20th 
Feb.  1861  :  (2)  30th  April  1863,  Annie 
Pringle  (died  6th  Nov.  1900),  daugh.  of 
William  Mackay,  Edinburgh,  and  Alison 
Kay,  and  had  issue — William  Alexander, 
min.  of  Bron,  born  12th  July  1865.  Publi 
cation — The  Doctrinal  Declaration  of  the 
Conference  of  the  Evangelical  Union  re 
viewed  and  brought  to  the  Test  of  Scripture 
(Edinburgh,  1862). 


born  29th  Oct.  1882,  killed  at  the  Darda 
nelles,  1st  Aug.  1915 ;  Netta  Forrest,  born 
3rd  Dec.  1885  ;  Rita  Mary,  born  28th  Nov. 
1888  (marr.  4th  Nov.  1909,  Cecil  Ernest 

JAMES  CLOW  BRYCE,  born  Inner- 
1868  Pen°ray,  Muthill,  Perthshire,  15th 
May  1836,  second  son  of  Donald 
B.,  farmer,  and  Janet  Clow  ;  educated  at 
Innerpetfray  School  and  Univ.  of  Glasgow  ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Irvine  in  1839 ;  ord.  to 
Kelvinhaugh  Parish,  Glasgow,  18th  Oct. 
1860  ;  trans,  to  Johnstone,  Dumfriesshire, 
26th  Dec.  1861  ;  trans,  and  adm.  13th  Feb. 
1868  ;  died  26th  Nov.  1869.  He  marr.  30th 
April  1867,  Agnes  Smith,  daugh.  of  John 
Campbell  Bryce,  min.  of  Ardrossan,  and 
had  issue — Marianne  Douglas  Johnstone, 
born  2nd  Feb.  1868  :  Janet,  born  20th 
March  1869. 


1870     born    Ayr>    30th    Jllly    1843)    S0n    °f 
James     P.,    M.D.,    surgeon     Black 

Watch,  and  Jemima,  daugh.  of  Colonel 
George  Aitken  of  Todhall,  Fife ;  educated 
at  Edinburgh  Academy  and  Univ.  ;  M.A. 
(1862),  B.D.  (1865);  licen.  by  Presb.  of 
Edinburgh  in  1865 ;  assistant  at  Stow, 
Tron  Parish  and  St  Giles,  Edinburgh ; 
ord.  12th  May  1870 ;  dem.  18th  May  1875, 
on  appointment  as  chaplain  at  Paris  ;  died 
at  Paris,  29th  April  1880.  He  marr.  24th 
Feb.  1873,  Alison  Barbara,  daugh.  of 
George  John  Lyon  Cruickshank  of  Trail- 
flat,  Dumfries,  and  had  issue — Mary,  born 
8th  Aug.  1876  (marr.  the  Rev.  James 
Alexander  Corry  Vully  de  Candole,  M.A., 
master  in  Ipswich  High  School);  Charles 
Edward,  M.A.,  vicar  of  St  James,  Alperton, 
Middlesex,  1909-12,  organising  secretary, 
Colonial  and  Continental  Church  Society, 
1916,  born  16th  April  1878.  Publication— 
An  Exposition  of  the  Lord's  Prayer  (Edin 
burgh,  1875). 

ROBERT  DONALDSON,  born  Kirk- 
1875  wall,  Orkney,  12th  March  1849,  son 
of  James  D.  and  Jessie  Forrest ;  edu 
cated  at  Univ.  of  Aberdeen ;  M.A.  (1869) ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  in  1873 ; 
assistant  at  St  Mary's  Parish,  Edinburgh ; 
ord.  24th  Sept.  1875.  He  marr.  7th  Feb. 
1876,  Rosa  Emma,  daugh.  of  Henry  Thomas 
Coventry  and  Mary  Ann  Walbourne,  and 
has  issue — Gertrude  Mary,  born  2nd  Oct. 
1880,  died  4th  Nov.  1888  ;  Robert  Coventry, 


[Meikle  and  Little  Dalton  were  first 
united  by  Parliament  in  1609,  but  this 
parish  was  joined  to  Mouswald  by  letter 
of  James  VI.  to  the  Privy  Council,  27th 
May  1615.  It  was  again  united  to  Meikle 
Dalton,  28th  June  1633.] 

JOHN  CARRUTHERS,  reader  from 
1567  1567  to  1585. 

WILLIAM  HAMILTON,  M.A. ;  trans. 

1611     ^rom  Rutnerglen  about  1611 ;  trans,  to 

Mouswald  in  terms  of  His  Majesty's 

letter  to  the  Privy  Council  in  1615. — [Reg. 

Assig. 1 


[The  church  of  Dryfesdale  was  dedicated 
to  St  Cuthbert,  In  1116  it  belonged  to  the 
See  of  Glasgow.  The  old  church  at  the 
Kirkhill  was  carried  away  by  a  flood  of  the 
river  Dryfe.  A  new  church,  built  in  1671, 
was  swept  off  also,  with  a  great  part  of  the 
churchyard.  The  church  was  then  built  in 
Lockerbie,  and  has  since  been  rebuilt  there. 

At  Beckton,  in  the  parish,  the  Knights 
Templars  had  a  chapel  of  St  Mary,  with 
chapel  lands.  There  was  also  a  chapel 
of  St  Michael  at  Hillside  of  Quaas.] 

ANDREW  JOHNSTONE,  reader  from 
1576  1576  to  1580. 

ALEXANDER  POWRIE,  son  of  William 

P.,    min.    of    Abercorn ;    M.A.    (St 

Andrews  1603) ;  pres.  by  James  VI. 

28th    May    1612;    died    before    26th    Dec. 

1616,   aged  about   33.      He  marr.   Marion 

Crawford,    who    survived    him,    and    had 

issue—  William.—  {Reg.  8ec.  8ig.  and  Assig.; 

Linlithgoiv   Sher.    Court   Book,   24th    Feb. 

and  8th  June  1632.] 




ROBERT  HERRIES  of  Hartwoocl  and 
Halldykes,  born  1582,  only  son  of 
William  H.,  merchant  burgess  of 
Edinburgh,  and  Katharine  Banks ;  M.A. 
(Edinburgh,  22nd  Feb.  1602);  was  a 
preacher  in  1615  ;  pres.  to  the  vicarage 
by  James  VI.  24th  Dec.  1616.  He  signed 
the  protest  in  favour  of  the  Liberties  of 
the  Kirk  27th  June  1617  ;  entered  burgess 
of  Edinburgh  17th  June  1629  ;  was  still 
in  the  charge  4th  July  1661  ;  died  10th 
May  1662.  He  marr.  10th  Sept.  1618, 
Janet  Mackison,  of  the  parish  of  South 
Leith,  and  had  issue — William  of  Hart- 
wood  ;  Robert  of  Halldykes ;  Margaret 
(marr.  circa  1658,  William  Herries  of  Cory- 
toun). — [Hey.  Xec.  Siy.  ;  Edin.  Bapt.  and 
fr'iitlcl ;  S.  Leitk  Mar.;  Dumfries  Tests.; 
Tomlst.  ;  Dumfries  Sets.,  vii.,  159.] 

GEORGE  BROWN,  M.A.  (St  Andrews, 
12th  June  1652) ;  licen.  by  George, 
Bishop  of  Edinburgh,  25th  March 
1666  ;  adm.  before  1678  ;  having  made  him 
self  obnoxious  by  his  zeal  in  prosecuting 
the  Presbyterians,  he  was  outed  at  the 
Revolution.  He  marr.  (1)  Mary  (died  before 
Jan.  1688),  daugh.  of  John  Brown,  min.  of 
Westerkirk  :  (2)  Elizabeth  Brown,  widow 
of  Robert  Scott,  writer,  Edinburgh,  who 
survived  him,  and  had  issue — Anne.  Pub 
lication — Toleration  Defended  (Edinburgh, 
1703).— \_R eg.  Coilat. ;  Rule's  Sec.  Vin/lica- 
tion;  Apology  for  the  Clergy  J\ 

SAMUEL    HALLIDAY,    M.A. ;    trans. 
from  Dunscore  ;  called  in  March,  and 
adm.  1st  June  1691  ;  trans,  to  New 
North  Parish,  Edinburgh,  Nov.  1693. 

JAMES  SHORT,  M.A.  (Edinburgh,  2nd 
July  1684);  ord.  before  llth  Oct. 
1698 ;  died  July  1730.  He  marr., 

and   had  issue — Elizabeth,   his  executrix ; 

Janet  (marr.  5th  June  1727.  John  Colville, 

glover,  Edinburgh). 

GABRIEL  GULLAN,  born  1693,  son  of 
William  G.,  min.  of  Ladykirk ;  ord. 
to  Wamphray  19th  Sept.  1717; 
called  19th  Jan.,  and  adm.  16th  March 
1731;  died  llth  April  1764.  He  marr. 
21st  Nov.  1717,  Elizabeth  Milligan,  who 
died  19th  June  1780,  and  had  issue — 
Grizell  (marr.  William  Scott,  min.  of 




Kirkpatrick  -  Juxta) ;  William,  min.  of 
Legerwood  ;  Margaret ;  Janet ;  George, 
died  4th  June  1748;  Thomas. — [Toml>st.~\ 

MATTHEW  CLEGHORN,  born  1711, 
son  of  John  C..  min.  of  Wemyss ; 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Kirkcaldy  17th 
March  1737  ;  ord.  to  Rousay  16th  Sept. 
1747;  trans,  to  St  Andrew's,  Orkney,  18th 
Aug.  1752;  pres.  by  George  III.  7th  Sept. 
1764;  adm.  18th  July  1765:  died  17th 
June  1781.  He  marr.  (1)  1726  (name  un 
known)  :  (2)  1749,  Euphemia  (died  at 
Edinburgh,  27th  Oct.  1809,  aged  83), 
daugh.  of  Robert  Graham,  great-grandson 
of  Bishop  Graham  of  Orkney,  and  had 
issue  —  John,  born  14th  Nov.  1749 ; 
Euphemia,  born  15th  Feb.  1751  (marr. 
Bryce  Little,  min.  of  Covington) ;  Janet, 
born  15th  July  1752,  died  24th  May 
1770;  Elizabeth,  born  13th  Oct.  1753 
(marr.,  pro.  20th  March  1782,  Alexander 
Keay,  brewer,  Edinburgh) ;  Jean,  born 
10th  June  1755,  died  14th  Nov.  1776; 
James,  born  31st  Aug.  1756 ;  Charlotte, 
born  25th  Dec.  1757,  died  4th  Feb.  1758; 
Barbara  Ann,  born  19th  March  1759  (marr. 
Robert  Little,  min.  of  Applegarth) ;  Robert, 
born  10th  Jan.  1764;  Margaret,  born  2nd 
July  1765;  George,  born  20th  Sept.  1768. 
— [Tombst.] 

THOMAS  HENDERSON,  licen.  by 
_  Presb.  of  Lochmaben  7th  Oct.  1777; 
pres.  by  George  III.  28th  Aug.  1781 ; 
ord.  28th  March  1782 ;  dep.  for  drunken 
ness  4th  April  1799,  which  sentence  was 
confirmed  by  the  Synod  17th  April,  and  by 
the  General  Assembly  4th  June  1799  ;  died 
1st  Nov.  1824.  He  marr.  9th  March  1795, 
Helen  Graham,  Dryfesdale,  and  had  issue 
— John,  born  4th  July  1796,  died  before 
4th  June  1799.  Publication— Account  of 
the  Parish  (Sinclair's  Stat.  Ace.,  iv.). 

JOHN  HENDERSON,  licen.  by  Presb. 
I7gg  of  Haddington  2nd  Sept.  1777 ;  ord. 
min.  at  Monkwearmouth ;  became 
chaplain  to  the  miners  at  Wanlockhead  in 
1794  ;  pres.  by  George  III.  7th  Sept.  ;  adm. 
7th  Nov.  1799  ;  died  16th  March  1833.  He 
marr.  (1)  22nd  July  1789,  Mary  (died  llth 
April  1793),  daugh.  of  John  Haly,  min.  of 
Clackmannan  :  (2)  14th  March  1794,  Martha 


Wilkin,  who  died  16th  Dec.  1846,  and  had 
issue  —  Catherine,  born  29th  April  1795 
(marr.  16th  Dec.  1821,  Alexander  Brown, 
teacher,  Applegarth) ;  Mary,  born  6th  May 
1797 ;  James,  lieut.  46th  Regt.  Native 
Infantry,  born  14th  May  1799,  died  at  Tala- 
verine,  Madras,  10th  May  1828 ;  Charles 
Douglas,  born  16th  Aug.  1801  ;  George, 
born  16th  Dec.  1803  ;  John,  born  7th  Oct. 
1806 ;  Isabella  Caldwell  (twin),  born  7th 
Oct.  1806  (marr.  21st  Aug.  1827,  William 
Alexander  Smith,  merchant,  Liverpool) ; 
William  Dunbar  Wilkin,  born  23rd  Aug. 
1809.  Publication — Account  of  the  Parish 
(New  fitat.  Ace.,  iv.). 

Stirling,  eldest  son  of  Robert  D., 
master  of  High  School,  Glasgow ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow  ;  M.A.  (1823); 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Glasgow  6th  Aug.  1827  ; 
ord.  to  Maxwelltown  21st  April  1831  ;  pres. 
by  William  IV.  in  July ;  adm.  7th  Nov. 
1833.  Joined  the  Free  Church:  min.  of 
Largs  Free  Church  1843-1863  ;  deserted  his 
charge  19th  Oct.  1863,  and  died  in  1864. 
He  marr.  (1)  1st  Sept.  1831,  Helen  Graham, 
daugh.  of  Robert  Hill,  W.S.,  and  had  issue 
—Robert  Hill,  born  3rd  Oct.  1832;  David 
Laurence,  born  5th  March  1834;  Laurence 
Hill,  born  26th  Jan.,  died  4th  Feb.  1836 ; 
James  Buchanan  (twin),  born  26th  Jan.,  died 
7th  Feb.  1836 ;  Thomas  James,  born  6th 
Feb.  1837  ;  John  William,  born  7th  Dec. 
1838  :  (2)  12th  Feb.  1850,  Jane  M'Crone 
(died  2nd  Nov.  1903),  and  had  issue— Sir 
James  M'Crone,  K.C.S.I.,  officiating  Lieut.- 
Governor  of  the  Panjab,  1911,  born  8th 
March  1854. 

Balyett,  Inch,  Wigtownshire,  1810, 
second  son  of  James  W.,  farmer,  and 

Agnes  Hill ;  educated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow  ; 

licen.   by   Presb.   of    Stranraer   24th   Aug. 

1831 ;   assistant   at  Kirkoswald  ;   ord.   2nd 

Nov.  1843  ;  clerk  of  Presb. ;  clerk  of  Synod; 

died  unmarr.  1st  Sept.  1887. 


1882     k°rn  Falkirk,  21st  May  1848,  son  of 

Archibald  J.  and   Barbara  Gibson ; 

educated  at  Falkirk  Grammar  School  and 

Univs.  of  Glasgow  and  Edinburgh ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Linlithgow  14th  Feb.  1876; 
assistant  at  St  Stephen's  Parish,  Glasgow, 
and  at  St  Giles,  Edinburgh  ;  ord.  (assistant 
and  successor)  4th  July  1882;  dem.  2nd 
Dec.  1913.  Marr.  (1)  16th  Aug.  1882,  Isa 
bella  (died  s.p.  15th  Jan.  1891),  daugh.  of 
William  Swanson  and  Janet  Brown  :  (2) 
29th  March  1899,  Agnes,  daugh.  of  Robert 
Anderson  and  Janet  Mackenzie. 

1914  Glasgow,  21st  Nov.  1888,  son  of 
Robert  P.  and  Lucinda  Crawford  ; 
educated  at  Hutcheson's  Grammar  School 
and  Univ.  of  Glasgow;  M.A.  (1909),  B.I). 
(1912) ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Hamilton  in 
1912 ;  assistant  at  Cambuslang  and  St 
Mungo's,  Glasgow ;  ord.  5th  May  1914. 
Marr.  20th  July  1914,  Elizabeth  Murray 
Peebles.  Publications  —  The  Presence  of 
Christ :  A  Stud;/  of  the  Lord's  Supper 
(Hamilton,  1913);  The  Four  Recruits 
[Verses]  (Dumfries,  1914). 


[Until  1193  Hutton  was  a  chapel  of 
Sibbaldbie.  These  parishes  were  united  in 
1609.  There  are  still  remains  of  the  old 
church  of  Corrie.] 

GEORGE  JOHNSTONE,  reader  at 
1576  Corrie  from  1576  to  1579. 

HERBERT     [called    SIR    HERBERT] 
RAYNING,    pres.    by    James    VI. 


4th  March  1586. 

GEORGE  PRYDE,  M.A.  (1600) ;  min. 
1615  in  1615;  deprived  "as  unqualified 
and  not  worthie  to  exercise  such 
an  calling."  The  Privy  Council,  4th  Nov. 
1624,  being  informed  by  James,  Archbishop 
of  Glasgow,  "  that  he  doth  notwithstand 
ing  to  the  offence  of  God,  contempt  of  the 
ordouris  of  the  Kirke,  and  scandall  of  the 
ministrie,  still  preach  and  minister  the 
sacraments  at  the  said  kirk,  ordanis  and 
commandis  James  Johnestoun  of  that  ilk, 
that  he  on  nawayes  sutler  nor  permit  the 



[PRES15.  OF 

said  George  to  preach  nor  to  minister  the 
sacramentis  at  the  said  kirk  at  ony  time 
heirafter,  quhilk  the  said  James  promeist 
to  do."  He  was  restored  to  this  charge 
previous  to  12th  Aug.  1632,  but  on  5th 
Feb.  1645  the  General  Assembly  authorised 
the  Presb.  to  resume  the  process  against 
him.  His  son,  George,  was  served  heir  to 
certain  lands  near  St  Andrews,  6th  Feb. 
1655. — [Orig.  Lett.,  ii. ;  Rey.  Assig. ;  Corn- 
miss,  fo  Ass.,  1638;  Mid -Colder  Sess. 
Reg.;  Acts  of  'Ass.,  145;  Peterkin's 
Records ;  Stevenson's  Hist. ;  Inq.  Ret. 
File,  843.] 

.JOHN  LAURIE,  M.A.,  probably  previ- 
ously     min.     of     Monkland ;      was 
recommended     by      the     Assembly 
28th   Aug.    1647 ;    adm.   previous    to   25th 
June   1650  ;    conformed   to  Episcopacy   in 
1662.      He  marr.  Janet   Burnet,  who  sur 
vived  him. — [Peterkin's  Records;  Wodrow's 
Hist.,  i.,  326;    <Y.  R.  Homings,  16th  Dec. 

THOMAS  KNIGHT,  mentioned  in  1679. 
1679     —[.Vuldlebie  1'resb.  Reg.] 


of  Fawside,  Berwickshire  ;  descended 
from  the  family  of  Struan ;  min.  of 
this  parish  in  1686,  and  outed  at  the 
Revolution.  In  1693  he  was  servitor  to 
the  Earl  of  Annandale,  and  a  merchant 
burgess  and  guild  brother  of  Edinburgh. 
He  marr.  (cont.  dated  6th  Aug.  1686) 
Margaret,  sixth  daugh.  of  Major  William 
Lyle  of  Bassendean,  and  had  issue — 
William  of  Hillhousefield,  writer,  Edin 
burgh,  ancestor  of  the  Ladykirk  family, 
born  1688,  died  April  1783;  Sophia,  born 
1689  (marr.  16th  Oct.  1705,  John  Philip, 
indweller  in  Edinburgh). — [Reg.  of  Deeds, 
Mack.,  21st  Sept.  1698  ;  G.  R.  Sas.,  Ixxxiii., 
436;  Edin.  Counc.  Reg.;  Ladykirk  Papers.] 

WALTER  MENZIES,  M.A.  (Edinburgh 

1692     1668) ;  ord<  before  12th  APril  1692  > 
dep.    for    immorality    April    1697 ; 

died  at  Edinburgh,  17th  March  1699,  aged 
about  51. — \Penpont  Presb.  Reg. ;  Grey- 
friars  Bur.;  Acts  of  /!.«.,  1698.] 

GEORGE  YOUNG,  born  1674,  son  of 
1702  I^trick  Y.  of  Auchenskeoch  ;  M.A. 
(St  Andrews,  6th  March  1696) ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Linlithgow  22nd  May  1700 ; 
ord.  7th  May  1702  :  died  14th  Feb.  1749. 
He  marr.  16th  June  1704,  Sophia  (died 
30th  Nov.  1760),  daugh.  of  John  Mein, 
min.  of  Westerkirk,  and  had  issue — John, 
died  23rd  Nov.  1746 ;  George ;  William, 
his  successor  ;  Christian  ;  Mary  ;  Henry  ; 
Elizabeth  ;  Sophia  ;  Margaret ;  Alison. — 
[Dumfries  Tests.  ;  Tomhst. ;  Murray's  (lalln- 

WILLIAM  YOUNG,  born  29th  Oct. 
1736  1710,  son  of  preceding;  pres.  by 
George,  Marquess  of  Annandale, 
and  ord.  (assistant  and  successor)  29th  Dec. 
1736;  died  29th  June  1761.  He  marr.  1st 
June  1750,  Agnes  (born  9th  Nov.  1722, 
died  llth  June  1809),  daugh.  of  Alexander 
Orr  of  Hazelside,  min.  of  Hoddam,  and 
had  issue — George,  born  6th  July  1752, 
died  llth  Sept.  1753;  Agnes,  born  3rd 
Sept,  1755  (marr.  Thomas  Hardy,  D.D., 
min.  of  New  North  Parish,  Edinburgh) ; 
Alexander  of  Harburn,  W.S.,  born  19th 
June  1757,  died  3rd  Dec.  1842,  ancestor 
of  the  family  of  Young-Herries  of  Spottes, 
parish  of  Urr.— [Tombst. ;  M'Call's  Some 
Old  Families.] 

GEORGE      BARCLAY,     trans,      from 

Wamphray ;    pres.   by    the    curator 

for  George,  Marquess  of  Annandale, 

12th  Nov.  1761 ;   adm.  24th  March   1762  ; 

trans,  to  Second  Charge,  Haddington,  17th 

July  1766. 

PATRICK  NISBET,  son  of  James  N., 
min.  of  Old  Kirk  Parish,  Edin 
burgh  ;  was  originally  a  merchant 
in  Glasgow ;  pres.  by  the  curator  for 
George,  Marquess  of  Annandale,  Dec. 
1766;  ord.  14th  May  1767;  D.D.  (King's 
College,  Aberdeen,  24th  Feb.  1776);  died 
2nd  Jan.  1803,  aged  81.  He  marr.  Janet 
(died  13th  April  1795,  aged  72),  daugh. 
of  William  Stirling,  surgeon,  Glasgow,  and 
had  issue  — Mary,  born  22nd  July  1754 
(rnarr.  Laurence  Dinwoodie,  Glasgow) ; 
James,  born  5th  Aug.  1755,  died  young; 
Elizabeth,  born  9th  Jan.  1757  (marr.  pro.  4th 


Nov.  1783,  John  Fisher,  wright,  Edinburgh); 
Margaret,  born  6th  Dec.  1762.  Publications 
—  Seasonable  Address  to  the  Citizens  of 
Glasgow  upon  the  present  important  question, 
Whether  the  Churches  of  that  City  shall 
continue  Free,  or  he  enslaved  with  Patronage 
(1762);  An  Abridgement  of  Ecclesiastical 
History  (Edinburgh,  1776). 

JACOB  WRIGHT,  pros,  by  James,  Earl 
1799  °^  Hopetoun,  19th  April,  and  ord. 
(assistant  and  successor)  12th  July 
1799  ;  died  in  London,  4th  Nov.  1845,  aged 
75.  He  marr.  30th  April  1804,  Jane  (died 
28th  April  1842),  daugh.  of  Robert  Hood, 
M.D.,  Newcastle-on-Tyne,  and  had  issue — 
John  Armstrong,  M.D.,born  7th  Feb.  1805  ; 
Robert,  surgeon,  born  4th  March  1806 ; 
Margaret,  born  6th  Jan.  1808  (marr.  17th 
March  1840,  William  Elliot,  surgeon) ; 
Elizabeth,  born  29th  Nov.  1810.  Publica 
tion — Account  of  the  Parish  (J^ew  Stat. 
Ace.,  iv.). 

1844  IJumplaburn,  Wamphray,  18th  Nov. 
1820,  son  of  Hopetoun  C.,  farmer  ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Glasgow  ;  B.A.  (1841) ; 
Keen,  by  Presb.  of  Lochmaben  in  1843; 
ord.  (assistant  and  successor)  18th  Oct. 
1844;  died  unmarr.  2nd  May  1875. 

THOMAS  RAIN,  born  Gaily  Mains, 
1875  Gatehouse-of-Fleet,  26th  Oct.  1845, 
son  of  John  R.  and  Agnes  Martin  ; 
educated  at  Hutton  Hall,  Caerlaverock, 
and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh;  M.A.  (1868); 
licen.  by  Presb.  of  Linlithgow  in  1872 ; 
assistant  at  Trinity  Parish,  Edinburgh, 
Carluke,  and  Anderston  Parish,  Glasgow  ; 
ord.  26th  Oct.  1875;  died  1st  May  1905. 
He  marr.  31st  Oct.  1876,  Margaret,  daugh. 
of  Mathew  Morton  and  Helen  Muir 
M'llwraith.  Publications — Two  Sermons  in 
Scotch  Sermons  (Edinburgh,  1880) ;  Broivn- 
ing  for  Beginners  (London,  1904). 

JOHN  CHARLES  MACK,  born  Esk- 
1903  bank,  21st  Aug.  1872, son  of  Alexander 
Watson  M.  and  Anne  Macdonald ; 
educated  at  Univ.  of  Edinburgh ;  M.A. 
(1895);  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh  in 
1899  ;  assistant  at  Bothwell  and  Greenside, 

Edinburgh ;  ord.  (assistant  and  successor) 
5th  June  1903.  Marr.  22nd  Sept.  1903, 
Agnes  Laurie,  daugh.  of  David  Pentland 
and  Elizabeth  Ogilvie  White,  and  has 
issue — Agnes  Pentland,  born  28th  Feb. 
1905 ;  Elizabeth  Ogilvie,  born  30th  April 
1906;  Alastair  Macdonald,  born  31st  Aug. 
1907;  Margaret  Muir,  born  29th  Oct. 
1908  ;  David  White,  born  6th  Sept,  1910 ; 
Isobel  Nichol,  born  llth  March  1912. 


[In  1674  part  of  Garrel  was  annexed  to 
Johnstone.  Part  of  Dungree  also  was 
added  in  the  seventeenth  century.] 

ADAM  WILKIE,  reader  from  1576  to 
1576  1580. 

WILLIAM  STRANG,  son  of  William  S., 

min.  of  Irvine  ;   M.A.  (St  Andrews, 

28th  July  1610) ;  min.  in  1615  ;  died 

before   12th  Feb.   1647,   when  his   brother 

John,    Principal    of    Glasgow    Univ.,   was 

served   heir.      He   marr.    20th    Aug.    1622, 

Catherine  (died   10th  June   1623),   daugh. 

of  John  Henderson,   merchant  burgess  of 

Edinburgh. — \_lteg.  Assig. ;  Commiss.  to  Ass., 

1638  ;  Edin.  Tests. ;  Inq.  Ret.  Gen,,  3234.] 

JOHN  MENZIES,  M.A.,  brother  of  the 

Laird  of  Culterallers ;  min.  in  1658. 

He  conformed  to  Episcopacy  in  1662, 

and   was   trans,  to   Caerlaverock   in   1670. 

—  [-Biyffw    Presb.    Reg.;     Fountainhall's 

Journal  (Scot.  Hist.  Soc.,  231).] 

THOMAS  WOOD,  M.A.,  son  of  Thomas 

W.,  bailie  of  Maybole ;  min.  about 

1670;   trans,   to   Cockpen   8th   Aug. 

l^]\.—[Keg.  of  Deeds,  Mack.,  20th  March 


min.  in  1673 ;  trans,  to  Kirkpatrick- 
Juxta  about  1682. 

JOSEPH    VALLANCE,   born   Boghall, 

Biggar,  son  of  William  V. ;  educated 

at  Biggar  School ;  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 

18th  July  1664) ;  min.  in  1682.    The  parish 

was   vacant   in    1689.— [/w/-  ^et-  ae   Tnt-> 




1087  ;  MS.  A'-<:  of  Min..  1689  :  Rule's  Sec. 

SAMUEL  TELFER,  M.A. :   called  6th 
°r(i'    Before     13tl1     Oct- 


1702  :    trans,   to    Kirkintilloch    17th 

Nov.  1709.— [Acts,  of  Ass.,  1704-9.] 

FRANCIS  LINDSAY,  M.A.  (Edinburgh, 
171O  "*(^1  April  1700) ;  became  chaplain 
to  Carmichael  of  Mauldslie ;  licen. 
by  Presb.  of  Lanark  19th  May  1708;  ord. 
about  10th  Oct.  1710;  still  in  the  charge 
13th  Feb.  1733.  He  marr.,  and  had  issue 
— Margaret  (marr.  8th  Dec.  1777,  James 
Clark,  glazier,  Canongate) ;  Anne  (marr. 
17th  July  1743,  William  M'Ghie,  writer, 

JAMES  M'EWEN,  having  supplied  Loch- 

,„„     maben     during    a    vacancy,    had    a 

half-year's  stipend  allowed  from  the 

Exchequer   27th   Nov.  1732;   pres.  by   the 

tutrix  for  George,  Marquess  of  Annandale, 

and  ord.  26th  Sept.  1733 ;  trans,  to  Moffat 

25th  April  1734. 

JOHN  NIMMO,  M.A.  (Edinburgh  29th 

George,  Marquess  of  Annandale, 
June,  and  ord.  12th  Sept.  1734;  he  was 
pres.  to  Moffat  by  the  commissioner  for 
George,  Marquess  of  Annandale,  19th  and 
26th  May  1742,  but  difficulties  occurred,  and 
the  parishioners  objecting  to  his  removal, 
translation  was  refused  by  Commission  of 
Assembly  9th  March  1743.  He  died  29th 
Sept.  1784,  in  his  79th  year.  He  marr. 
20th  Dec.  1743,  Marjory  (died  s.p.  4th  Nov. 
1787),  daugh.  and  co-heiress  of  William 
Johnston  of  Bearholm. — [Tomlst. ;  Morren's 
Ann.,  i.] 

WILLIAM  SIBBALD,  pres.  by  the 
curator  for  George,  Marquess  of 
Annandale,  16th  June,  and  ord. 

22nd  Dec.  1785  ;  trans,  to  Second  Charge, 

Haddington,  4th  Aug.  1808. 

ROBERT  COLVIN,  a  native  of   San- 

quhar,  tutor  in  the  family  of  Admiral 

Sir    W7illiam    Johnstone    Hope    of 

Annandale  ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Edinburgh 

25th    Sept.    1805;    D.I).    (King's   College, 

Aberdeen,  13th  May  1808) ;  pres.  by  James, 
Earl  of  Hopetoun,  1st  Sept.  1808 ;  ord. 
27th  April  1809  ;  died  4th  Sept.  1851,  aged 
73.  He  marr.  30th  Nov.  1809,  Marion 
(died  2nd  Sept.  185S,  aged  75),  daugh.  of 
Walter  Laidlaw,  Glenrath,  parish  of  Manor, 
and  Mary  Welsh  of  Mossfennan,  Peebles- 
shire,  and  had  issue — Robert,  born  19th 
Nov.  1810.  died  20th  Nov.  1824:  Walter 
Laidlaw,  D.D..  min.  of  Cramond  :  Mary 
Caroline,  born  and  died  26th  April  1814; 
Anne  Hope  Johnstone,  born  31st  March 
1815,  died  20th  March  1820:  Elizabeth 
Goldie,  born  26th  March  1817  (marr.  5th 
June  1843,  James  M'Naught  Fisher,  min. 
of  Swallow  Street  Church,  London) ;  Mary 
Hope  Johnstone,  born  9th  Feb.  1818  (marr. 
4th  June  1839,  Alexander  Vivian  Buttery, 
Monkland  Iron  and  Steel  Co.) ;  Anne,  born 
22nd  Sept,  1820  (marr.  William  Hanson) : 
\Villiam  of  Craigielands,  merchant,  Glasgow, 
born  21st  Feb.  1823,  died  20th  Sept.  1880; 
Jessie  Hunter,  born  30th  Jan.  1825;  Robert 
Francis,  his  successor.  Publications  — 
Sermon  IX.  (Church  of  Scotland  Pulpit, 
ii.) ;  Account  of  the  Parish  (New  Stat. 
Ace.,  iv.). 

19th   March    1852;    dem.   2nd    Oct. 

.  11* 

1854,  on  appointment  as  a  chaplain 
at  Bombay ;  [min.  of  Kirkpa trick- Juxta 
in  1865]. 


ord.     22nd     Feb.     1855  :    trans,     to 

Ormiston  19th  Sept.  1861. 


JAMES  CLOW  BRYCE,  ord.  26th  Dec. 
1861  :   trans,    to    Dalton   13th  Feb. 


ANDREW7  MACGREGOR,  born  Glas 
gow,  4th  Nov.  1834,  seventh  son  of 
Alexander  M.  (who  was  on  board 
the  Bellerophon  when  Napoleon  surrendered 
to  the  British  after  Waterloo)  and  Anne 
Palmer  ;  educated  at  Glasgow  schools  and 
Univ. ;  licen.  by  Presb.  of  Glasgow  9th 
May  1860 ;  assistant  at  Middle  Parish, 
Paisley ;  ord.  to  St  David;s,  Kirkintilloch, 
12th  April  1861  :  trans,  and  adm.  2,9th 
June  1868  ;  died  unmarr.  19th  Nov.  1897. 




STEPHEN  JOHN  HO  WIT,  born  Eddle- 
18gg  stem,  Peeblesshire,  19th  June  1863, 
son  of  Thomas  H.  and  Elizabeth 
Bertram ;  educated  at  Peebles  Academy 
and  Univ.  of  Edinburgh  ;  licen.  by  Presb. 
of  Peebles  12th  Nov.  1890:  assistant  at 
Middlebie  ;  ord.  26th  April  1898.  He  marr. 
4th  Oct.  1899,  Mary  Alice  1  )ormer,  daugh. 
of  Xathan  M'Cleary,  Lockerbie,  and  Mary 
Ann  Galloway.